Summary of 2007 Changes To The
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29 Oct 2007 (additions, updates, and corrections)

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26 Jul 2007 (additions, updates, and corrections)

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14 Jun 2007 (additions, updates, and corrections)

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17 Apr 2007 (additions, updates, and corrections)

         Corrections, updates, and additions

o        Fixed the date corruption problem in the database and normalized all the date formats

         [For those of you who are interested:  the dates fields somehow acquired two different formats within the MySQL structure definition.  This caused dates to be served up in two different forms.  The PHP code I wrote was not expecting two forms so it really didn't know what to do with the second form though the code tried valiantly to transform the ISO date format into a dd Mmm YYYY format.  I have no idea how the date structure definition became corrupted because MySQL is not supposed to allow that to happen--it should be an impossible condition.]

o        I've also added a temporary fix that affects all visitors but was put in place to accommodate those of you who use Microsoft's IE browser.  Now, whenever you select the cemetery query page or the death records query page, your browser will now open a new window or tab (depending on your browser version) to display the query page and results.  You will notice the menu typically seen on the left of the screen will not display in this new window or tab.  I had to do this because Microsoft IE improperly handles session information passed between frames. Just close this new window to return to usual homepage that displays the menu. This technique will stay in play until I redesign the navigation structure for the website (i.e., remove the use of frames).  This will fix the problem some of you were having in not being able to search for cemeteries by name, not being able to log-in to add comments, and not being able to add comments even though you were able to login.

         Scott Co, Death Records (database total is now 13,792 records)

o        Added 438 obituaries (total is now 3,758)

o        Added 5 obituary pictures (total is now 75)

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28 Feb 2007 (additions, updates, and corrections)

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21 Jan 2007 (additions, updates, and corrections)

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