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Helenwood First Baptist Church Observes 100th Anniversary

On September 24, 2006, the congregation of the Helenwood Baptist Church celebrated its Homecoming, which was also the 100th Anniversary of the church. It was on December 22, 1906 that the Pine Creek Baptist Church sent a delegation consisting of the following to organize a Baptist church in Helenwood: Elder Richard Ellis, Moderator; Elder Truman Ellis, Committee; and L. D. West, Clerk. The following members with letters of recommendation became the charter members of the Helenwood Baptist Church: Ruth Wilder, Denton Owens, Alba Robbins, John Moore, Parazada Moore, L. D. West, and Arbana West.

Organizational Minutes, December 22, 1906

Devotional exercise was conducted by R. D. Ellis. Prayer was offered by T. M. Ellis.

R. D. Ellis was appointed chairman of the committee, and R. D. [L. D.?] West was appointed clerk.

The letters of those who desired to be constituted into a church were called for and the following brothers and sisters handed letters to wit: John Moore, Parazada Moore, Ruth Wilder, Denton Owens, Alba Robbins, L. D. West, and Arbana West.

The letters were read by the clerk and found right for constitution.

The committee read the Articles of Faith of the West Union Association, the Rules of Decorum, and the Church Covenant.

It was moved and seconded to receive the Articles of Faith, the Rules of Decorum and the Church Covenant.

The committee then set them apart as a church, possessing all rights, powers, and privileges belonging to a church of the United Baptist Faith and Order.

Moved and seconded that this church shall be known as the Helenwood United Baptist Church, and that it meet on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month.

Moved and seconded that a Pastor and Clerk be elected to serve the church for one year. This was done by a private teller. R. D. Ellis was elected Pastor, and L. D. West was elected clerk.

Moved to adjourn business for the night.

Members . . .
  • Ruth Wilder
  • Denton Owens
  • Alba Robbins
  • John Moore
  • Parazada Moore
  • L. D. West
  • Arbana West


Arbana West
Charter Member

L. D. West
Charter Member



Tillman Wright Tom Phillips George King Lawrence West
Luther Phillips Rex Martin R. S. Thomas Eddie Jeffers
Sterling Cross Lindsey Sexton Keifer Goad  
William (Bill) Allen George H. Sexton Julus Lewallen  
Kermit Carson Ernest Potter Floyd Terry' Roy Burress  
Ron Cornelius Allen Phillips Arnold Stephens  
Chuck West Johnny Watson    



Henry Marcum Isaac Lowe William Shoopman  
Tillman Wright Hobert Phillips Hubert Wright John M. Thompson
Dockie Keeton Clarence Jones Matthew Honeycutt  
Claude Jones James R. Strunk Luther Marlow Larry Chambers
Windell Cecil David West Frank West' Mike West  
Loyd Stephens Ervin Phillips Bobby Strunk  



L. D. West Bettie Reed Savannah Crain Margaret Chitwood
Tom Phillips Clarence Jones Price Ipock Allen Phillips
Arnold Stephens      


Church Pastors

R. D. Ellis

4 years

R. C. Ellis

2 years

T. M. Ellis

11 years

John Blevins

4 years

Sam Garrett

2 years

Joe Bowling

1 year

Roy Blevins

5 years

Virgil Cecil

37 years

Hobert Wright

1 year

Wheeler Blevins

1 year

Milford Cecil

10 years

Roger Cecil

22 years

Joe Bowling
Former Pastor

Roy Blevins
Former Pastor

Virgil Cecil
Former Pastor

Hobert Wright
Former Pastor

Milford Cecil
Former Pastor

Roger Cecil
Our Present Pastor
Who has served for the past 22 years

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