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Thelma Severine Tallasen Smith

Thelma Severine Tallasen Smith was born on August 14, 1907. Her parents were Tallas and Sylvia Evenson Tallasen of Nome, Alaska. She married Laurence Clifton (Star) Smith after coming to Tennessee with her sister, who had married John Slaven, a soldier stationed in Alaska.

The Smiths were the parents of seven children, four boys and three girls: Laurence Carlye Smith, Clara Jo Brown, Thomas Clifton Smith, Barbara Ann Walls, Alma Lucinda Partain, William Henry and Robert Lee Smith.

Thelma's elementary education came in the schools in Seward, Alaska. She had three years of high school in Alaska, and one year in the Oneida Independent School System. She received her college education at Tennessee Polytechnic Institute (now Tennessee Tech University) in Cookeville, where she earned a BS Degree in education.

She had 28 years of teaching experience in the Scott County and Oneida Independent School Systems, including a long tenure as a second grade teacher at Oneida Elementary.

She was an active member of the First United Methodist Church in Oneida. She was a member of United Methodist Church Women, Eastern Star No. 259, Oneida, and the Oneida Garden Club. Her hobbies were crocheting, reading, gardening, and some sewing and embroidering.

Thelma died on August 10, 1994 in Oneida and was buried in the Smith Family Cemetery alongside her husband, who passed away in 1949.

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