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Benton County Cemeteries List
Benton County Genealogical Society

GNIS shows 104 cemeteries in Benton County
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BABER CEMETERY partial, HILL names only

CAPPS CEMETERY or Hubbs Cemetery BULLOCK CEMETERY Located on the N side of Sulphur Creek, Benton Co.
CROOKED CREEK CEMETERY  missing data added 4/1/2014  
  Edward Lindsey Cemetery, Big Sandy, Benton Co., .Located on Faxon Rd. about 1 mile E of Big Sandy.
FRY CEMETERY ELLIS FAMILY CEMETERY Ellis Ridge about four miles northwest of Holladay, Tennessee
  FLATWOODS CEMETERY bad link or Alternate Link
  Flowers Family Cemeteries (3) on same site One is located in the very west side of Benton County on Cotton ... only about 100 yards from the Carroll County line
  GREER CEMETERY Located 3 miles NW of Camden, Tenn.
  IRISH CEMETERY This abandoned cemetery is in the
woods near the mouth of Crooked Creek NE of Faxon, Tenn
MELTON CEMETERY MARK HATLEY CEMETERYThis abandoned cemetery is located on the headwaters of the E branch of Caney Branch of Birdsong Creek in the woods approx. two and one-half miles west from Coxburg, Tenn
PALESTINE CEMETERY Holladay, Benton County, TN MATLOCK CEMETERY Located in Benton Co. Tenn.
on Birdsong Exit of Highway 40 on Eagle Creek
  MT. VINCENT CEMETERY Located 3 miles N of Big Sandy on the New Hope Rd. Benton Co. Tenn. This cemetery is still in use today. No later dates were copied
  Mt. Zion Cemetery
  OAK HILL CHURCH CEMETERYLocated in Benton Co., Tn. S of Poplar Creek, on a gravel rd E of Dortch & Leegman Cemeteries
  Patsy Kline Crash Site Memorial
  Ramble Creek Cemetery 2.3 miles south of Big Sandy on Cedar Grove Road.
Rushing Creek Cemetery RUSHING: Bad Links
RUSHING SURNAMES in Various Cemeteries
St. Vinson Cemetery  Located 3 miles N of Big Sandy on the New Hope Rd. Benton Co. Tenn Tombstone Inscriptions from black cemeteries
Williams Grove Cemetery a black cemetery north of Camden.  


Arhold Cemetery 360354N 0880229W Camden
Arnold Cemetery 360343N 0880113W Camden
Baber Cemetery 355115N 0881015W Holladay
Baker Cemetery 355720N 0880139W Rockport
Baker Chapel Cemetery 361038N 0880659W Big Sandy
Beaton Cemetery 361604N 0880440W Poplar Creek
Berry Cemetery 360902N 0880115W Big Sandy
Bethlehem Cemetery 360344N 0880220W Camden Blanchard Cemetery 360637N 0880352W Camden
Bradley Cemetery 354959N 0875957W Daniels Landing
Brown Cemetery 355916N 0880421W Rockport
Bullock Cemetery 361117N 0875849W Harmon Creek
Byrd Cemetery 355605N 0875618W Hustburg
Calvary Cemetery 360417N 0880518W Camden
Camden Cemetery 360320N 0880628W Camden
Caney Fork Cemetery 355319N 0880531W Rockport
Capps Cemetery 355359N 0880240W Rockport
Cedar Grove Cemetery 360637N 0881139W Bruceton
Cedar Grove Cemetery 360919N 0880231W Big Sandy
Chalk Hill Cemetery 360351N 0880255W Camden
Cole Cemetery 360249N 0880257W Camden
Cooper Cemetery 361642N 0880247W Poplar Creek
Cowells Chapel Cemetery 360222N 0880652W Camden
Crooked Creek Cemetery 361625N 0875837W McKinnon
Crossroads Cemetery 360001N 0880852W Bruceton
Dalton Cemetery 355724N 0880257W Rockport
DePriest Cemetery 355519N 0875817W Hustburg Dortch Cemetery 361951N 0880433W Poplar Creek
Dry Branch Cemetery 355354N 0875929W Hustburg Eagle Creek Cemetery 355458N 0875900W Hustburg
Eastview Cemetery 360056N 0880459W Camden
Evans Cemetery 362117N 0880456W Poplar Creek
Farmer Cemetery 360914N 0875701W Harmon Creek
Flatwoods Cemetery 360729N 0880149W Camden Flatwoods Cemetery 360733N 0880153W Big Sandy
Flawoods Cemetery 355055N 0880515W Sugar Tree
Flowers Cemetery 355308N 0881029W Seventeen Creek
Ford Cemetery 355941N 0880340W Rockport
Fry Cemetery 355348N 0880130W Rockport
Gossett Cemetery 355421N 0880547W Rockport
Greer Cemetery 360654N 0880841W Bruceton
Hardin Cemetery 355944N 0880308W Rockport
Hatley Cemetery 355610N 0880358W Rockport
Hicks Cemetery 355304N 0881121W Seventeen Creek
Holladay Cemetery 355202N 0880909W Holladay
Hudson Cemetery 360530N 0880514W Camden
Hudson Cemetery 360803N 0880525W Big Sandy
Irish Cemetery 361615N 0875808W McKinnon
Jordan Cemetery 360106N 0880708W Camden
Lashlee Cemetery 360318N 0880450W Camden
Leegan Cemetery 361945N 0880441W Poplar Creek
Liberty Cemetery 355430N 0880716W Rockport
Liberty Cemetery 360551N 0880628W Camden
Liberty Cemetery 355601N 0880959W Seventeen Creek
Liberty Cemetery 362037N 0880422W Poplar Creek
Lindsey Cemetery 361556N 0875956W McKinnon Lindsey Cemetery 361424N 0880412W Big Sandy
Lowry Cemetery 361119N 0875808W Harmon Creek
Lupper Cemetery 355707N 0880213W Rockport
Maiden Cemetery 360355N 0880135W Camden
Malin Cemetery 355343N 0880341W Rockport
Manley Chapel Cemetery 355026N 0880021W Sugar Tree
Matlock Cemetery 355411N 0875940W Hustburg
Matthews Cemetery 355241N 0880703W Rockport Mitchell Cemetery 360211N 0880343W Camden
Morris Chapel Cemetery 360136N 0880348W Camden
Mount Carmel Cemetery 360336N 0881206W Bruceton
Mount Carmel Cemetery 361712N 0880216W Poplar Creek
Mount Vincent Cemetery 361618N 0880407W Poplar Creek
Mount Zion Cemetery 361042N 0880113W Big Sandy
Nowell Cemetery 355351N 0880923W Seventeen Creek
Nowell Cemetery 355550N 0880702W Rockport
Oak Hill Cemetery 361957N 0880352W Poplar Creek
Old Bethlehem Cemetery 360301N 0880139W Camden
Old Farmer Cemetery 360851N 0875604W Harmon Creek
Old Morgans Creek Cemetery 355027N 0880114W Sugar Tree Palestine Cemetery 355417N 0880800W Seventeen Creek
Pavatt Cemetery 355534N 0875620W Hustburg
Peebles Cemetery 355525N 0880037W Rockport
Phifer Cemetery 360935N 0875633W Harmon Creek
Pierce Cemetery 355934N 0880904W Seventeen Creek
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 355746N 0881213W Seventeen Creek Pleasant Hill Cemetery 360802N 0881006W Manleyville
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 361547N 0880320W Poplar Creek
Post Oak Cemetery 360425N 0880818W Bruceton
Ramble Creek Cemetery 361213N 0880441W Big Sandy
Robertson Cemetery 360259N 0880241W Camden
Rushing Cemetery 360821N 0880547W Big Sandy
Rushing Cemetery 361336N 0875809W Harmon Creek
Rushings Creek Cemetery 360835N 0880633W Big Sandy
Sandy Point Cemetery 360250N 0880958W Bruceton
Shiloh Cemetery 355735N 0880638W Rockport
Si Melton Cemetery 360815N 0875751W Harmon Creek
Stockdate Cemetery 361927N 0880103W Poplar Creek
Sugar Creek Cemetery 361308N 0880429W Big Sandy
Tippitt Cemetery 355316N 0880425W Rockport
Weatherly Cemetery 360844N 0880720W Big Sandy
Wheatley Cemetery 361111N 0875916W Harmon Creek
Willbanks Cemetery 355258N 0875940W Hustburg
Williams Grove Cemetery 360907N 0880842W Manleyville
Willow Cemetery 361517N 0880434W Poplar Creek
Wilson Cemetery 361704N 0875852W McKinnon
Wyly Cemetery 355928N 0880220W Rockport
Wynn Cemetery 361543N 0875837W McKinnon