From Family Findings
Vol. VII, No. 3, July 1975, p. 21
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1975
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This abandoned cemetery is in the woods near the mouth of Crooked Creek NE of Faxon, Tenn. Copied by Col. & Mrs. John C. Brown, Eva, Tenn. Nov. 1972


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Harney, John, born in Roscommon Co. Ireland 1809-Apr 14, 1864
Harney, Rose, born in Roscommon Co. Ireland 1814-Mar 9, 1876
These two inscriptions are on a double marker, on opposite side is the following: "Now we are dead and in our graves this little stone will tell our names, when others are forgotten. Good by Father and Mother, your son Michel Harney."

Nichols, M. M., died Sept 27, 1864 (Hand carved on native stone)

Murphy, John, born in Killmurray Co. Cork Ireland, died Mar 18, 1899, Age 86 yrs

Murphy, Kate, born in Co. Cork, Ireland, died Feb 12, 1902

Murphy, Johanna, dau of John & Kate Murphy, Mar 23, 1868-Aug 8, 1885

Butler, Annie M., wife of J. M. Beaton, Dec 5, 1868-June 22, 1913

Beaton, J. M., May 15, 1867-____ no death date

Butler, William, Aug 3, 1905, age 79 yrs

Butler, James P., son of Wm. & Catherine Butler died May 10, 1883, age 32 yrs

Fitzsimmons, Henry, no dates

Fitzsimmons, Harry, Aug 8, 1885-May 18, 1920

Fitzsimmons, Mary A., Sept 2, 1857-Oct 28, 1925

Fitzsimmons, William, son of H. & M. A. Fitzsimmons, July 4, 1877-May 17, 1904

Fitzsimnmons, Charles S., son of H. & M. A. Fitzsimmons, June 6, 1893-May 7, 1894

Cosgroves, P. H., age 88 yrs (No dates)

Cosgroves, Catherine, age 77 yrs (No dates)

Fitxsimmons, Kate, dau of H. & M. A. Fitzsimmons, Dec 1, 1895-Dec 7, 1895

Greney, Frank, died Mar 3, 1875, age 47 yrs

Roach, James D., died at Paris, Tn. Apr 3, 1908, age 25 yrs

Butler, Ellen, wife of Patrick Roach, died Mar 16, 1893, age 50 yrs

Roach, May, dau of Pat & Ellen Roach, May 18, 1881-Mar 4, 1914

Roach, Agnes, dau of Pat & Ellen Roach, died May 12, 1910, age 27 yrs