From Family Findings
Vol. VII, No. 3, July 1975, p. 23
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1975
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This abandoned cemetery is located on the headwaters of the E branch of Caney Branch of Birdsong Creek in the woods approx. two and one-half miles west from Coxburg, Tenn. Copied Oct 1972 by Col. & Mrs. John C. Brown, Eva, Tenn.


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Hatley, Mark, May 26, 1808-Jan 13, 1886

Mary C., wife of M. A. Hatley, Dec 30, 1847-Jan 22, 1910

Hatley, Rosetter, July 10, 1880-Apr 23, 1900

Eliza, wife of John Vickery, Nov 29, 1844-Oct 4, 1886

Nancy P., wife of Mark Hatley, Mar 2, 1815-Dec 1, 1886

Sarah A., wife of S. W. Luper, Jan 12, 1843-Apr 3, 1890

Infant son of T. S. & Jane Johnson, B. & D. Feb 1885

Hatley, M. A., Mar 25, 1841-____ (No death date was given but he died July 24, 1923 and was the last person to be buried here.) Masonic emblem

Mary B., wife of W. G. B. Lewis, June 15, 1849-July 2, 1891