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     Cooking in the south is slowly becoming a lost art.  Our ancestor's history can be told in food as well as in numbers and names in some dust covered book.  If we have a look at the food prepared in East Tennessee and compare it to the foods of Scotland, it's not hard to see where the roots of the Eastern part of our state were originated.

     Most of the meals prepared by our ancestors in the "Old South" reflect the history and economics of the region at that time.  The south was best known for cotton plantations made famous in books like Gone With The Wind.  These did exist but for the large part most rural southerners were sustanance farmers.  They made due with what they could grow and what plants and meats they could find in the wild.  This was in part because of their financial situation and in part because the areas were so isolated.

     The art of "Old Southern Cooking" is best summed up as this:
A good old southern cook like many of our grandmothers and great grandmothers could go into a kitchen and declare how there is no food in the house.  In an hour's time they can have food cooked for thirty people, all of it on the table and all still hot.
This is an art form that is rarely duplicated today even with modern conveniences like microwave ovens.

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