Tolerably Accurate
An Intruders List, Cherokee Nation
~ 1797 ~

Transcribed by Helen Hewitt
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Cherokee Country

Addressee :
His Excellency Governor Sevier

Contents :

Persons Residing in the Cherokee Country,
not natives of the land 1797.

11 March 1797


My instructions from the Honorable the Secretary of War require that I report to you the names of all persons residing in the Cherokee country not natives of the land. For this purpose I have collected the following schedule of their names and employment which I am induced to believe is tolerably accurate.

John McDonaldScotchTrader & Spanish Agent
Daniel RossDoDo
John Rogers  Do
Thomas Harrison Blacksmith
William Woodward Do
James McBrideDoHireling
Richard Cross Taylor
William ThompsonIrishTrader
Thomas TanbridgeDoWho bears the worst of character
Richard Ratliff  Trader
Drury Spencer Hireling & cowboy
Alexander Campbell Trader
Hickman Henslee Hireling and idler
John Whizenhunt Trader
John Melton Do
William Smith Do
William Ratley Unknown
John LeGrand Cooper
John Levett Trader
Jack CivileNegroDo
Anthony CivileDoServant & Jack
Daniel McKoy Unknown
William Allen Old, Condemned as unfit for service
William Colson Unknown
Stepanus Sheppard Unknown
William Chambers Do
________Carter Do
William McDonald Do
Caldwell Eastridge Do
Miles Eastridge Late employed by Chisholm & Rogers
James Welch  
Eve Vann Unknown
Samuel Riely Trader
Clement Vann Unknown
Robert BrownScotchTrader licenced 1st Feby for 2 years
john FrancoisNegro frenchUnknown
Stephen at Levett'sSpanUnknown
Lucas at RogersSpanDo
Benjamin Harris Taylor and trader
Tonio Vance at HarrisSpanUnknown
John Wright Trader
Thomas Gegg EsquireEnglishA Magistrate under the territorial gov't
Tonio at Pine LogSpanUnknown, a troublesome bad character
Jacob HognerDutchStolen horse buyer do do do
John MeyersDoDo do
Christian RussellDoTrader
Bob Kilgore The worst of bad characters
Daniel LoveDutchdo do do
Ellis Harlin Trader, licenced 18th January for 2 years
Marmaduke Daniels Licensed hireling to Harlan
Caleb Starr do do do
Anthony Foreman Trader & idler
Murwood Timberlack Do
John McPherson None
Joseph Browner Licensed hireling to Brown
George Philips None and ranks high among the most worthless
John WelchDutchTrader
Benjamin HawkinsDutchTrader
Mitchel Sandwich Do
Stephen Graves Unknown
John ChristyDutchDo
John Gunter Trader
Peter, at GuntersSpannone
________ Jones None
John CameronScotchDo
Thomas Cordery Do
_______ Underwood None, Worn out of Service
Several Spaniards whose names I could not learn

The blanks in the second column are either Americans or unknown. Those whose characters are noted in the third column I have represented according to the best information I have been able to receive.

I am very respectfully,
your most obedient

Silas Dinsmoor

From Microfilm at Tennessee State Library & Archives

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