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When independence was declared on 4 Jul 1776, only East Tennessee was settled -- at that time a part of both Washington District, North Carolina, and Fincastle (later Washington County), Virginia (See Pre-1796 Tennessee), but Tennessee has been known as the Volunteer State since the 1780 Battle of King's Mountain when hundreds of Tennessee militiamen helped turn the tide of the Revolution in the South. In December of that same year, the only battle (as such) within the present-day boundaries of Tennessee was fought at Boyd's Creek, against the Cherokees, then-allies of the British. Although the Treaty of Paris was signed with Great Britain in 1783, the Indian Wars continued to rage in Tennessee and other American frontiers for another twelve years, until the 1795 signing of the Treaty of Greenville, a peace pact with British-allied Indians. In 1790, Tennessee became part of the Territory South of the Ohio River, and in 1796 was granted statehood.

After the War, hundreds more Revolutionary War veterans streamed into Tennessee, their total number unknown, but with over 2,200 known pensioners alone by 1835 (Federal Pension Rolls). Over 3,200 records have been added to the Tennesseans in the Revolutionary War database already, although most entries are still incomplete.

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