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Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith

Mr. Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith of Jackson has published seven genealogical miscellanies for Henderson County.  He wishes to share this information as widely as possible and has granted permission for these web pages to be created.  We thank Mr. Smith for his generosity.  Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2001


Mount Gilead Cumberland Presbyterian Church (1-4)
Older Chancery Court Records (5-28)
Resident of Lexington, Tennessee in the Year 1830 29 (29-30)
Earliest Listing of Members of the Methodist Church in Lexington (31-34)
Early Membership Lists of the Baptist Church in Lexington (34-42)
Selections About Henderson Countians in Jackson, Tennessee Newspapers, 1870s-1880s (43-48)
A Case In the West Tennessee Supreme Court, Jackson, Tennessee: Mitchell, Adm. of John McClure Versus Beal, Wilson, Harmon, Mcclellan (48-57)
Receipt Book Number One (58-85)
Being Wary of the Troublesome "4" (86-87)
The Piney Knobs (88)
Some Businesses Identified in Older Revenue Books (89-90)
A Human Casualty in the Lexington Tornado, March 13, 1913 [Autry] (90)
Additional Data Prom Several Previous Miscellanies:
Jones (91)
Darden (94)
Wilson (95)
Captains, War of 1812 (96)
Hefley-Long (96)
Henderson County Subjects in Long-Ago Acts of Tennessee (97)
Index (104-105)

NOTE: As the material on pages 63-85 is completely alphabetized the names there are not included in the end-index of this publication; it would have been needlessly redundant to have included this material in two indexes.


I am grateful for the assistance of several persons in the compiling of the material herein contained.

Among these persons are Brenda Kirk Fiddler whose works on Henderson County heritage are a lasting contribution to our history and genealogy; Bobbie Pierce, in the Henderson County Clerk and Master office for her records preservation efforts and constancy in assisting others in Henderson County heritage issues; Jack D. Wood and Robert D. Taylor, Jr., librarians, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library for their continued, seasoned research assistance; Dinah Bowman Harris, director, Henderson County Library for setting the environment for successful genealogical research in this library; Linda Ancell Fiedor for her continued assistance in the Tennessee Room collection of the Henderson County Library; David L. Donahue for his patience and expertise in putting Henderson County genealogical material "on line" for persons who use computers.

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