DeRossette Family Photos - Submitted by Anna L Bertram (

Trish Swallows Carden has a lot of photos and other valuable information on her Family Tree site, including the following surnames that would be of interest to those doing research in Putnam County:

Allison, Ensor, Evans, Huddleston, Isbell, Jared, Maddux, Rafferty, Shanks, Sherrill, Starnes, and Swallows

Jim Walden sent these two photos of his family:

The first one is from about 1900 and is the Daniel Brown family. Martha was my grandmother. The names are: Daniel and Amanda Bohannon Brown sitting; standing are John, Sarah Jane (Sally), Lucinda, Martha, Elda, William Thomas (Tommy) and Edd spelled with two d's. Not in the picture was Martha's twin Mary, who was deceased.

The second photo is from about 1901 and is the Elijah Bumbalough family. Curtis was my grandfather. The names are: Seated: Elijah Wilburn (holding Ovella) and Rachel Pennington Bumbalough. Front row standing: Stella and Mary Etta. Back row: Curtis Dibrell, Laura Ann, Cassie B. and Mansfield. Not in picture: Martin Dillard and Arra Belle.

He also sent the following old photos of Cookeville and Putnam County, probably from the 1930s (some updated 6/28/09 with larger, higher resolution versions).

Bee Rock, Monterey, Cookeville Central High School, Cookeville Courthouse, Federal Building, Hwy 70 scene1, Hwy 70 scene2, Hwy 70 Bon-Air Mountain, Cookeville Street Scene1, Cookeville Street Scene2, Cookeville Street Scene3, and Cookeville Street Scene4.

T. S. Strahin sent several photos of the Anderson, Carr, and Strahin families.

Bryd C. Carr (b.2-15-1848 TN.)(d.12-5-1920 Putnam CO., TN.)(Spouses: Mary M. Lee; Sarah Ellen Roberts) with daughter, Oda V. Carr (b.1-29-1895 Putnam CO., TN.)(d.3-26-1939 TN.)(Spouse: Ewin P. Anderson)

Ewin Pertimon Anderson (b.1-5-1892 Putnam CO., TN.)(d.4-19-1954) (parents: Joe B. Anderson & Nancy J. Bennett)(Spouse: Oda Carr, married 5-31-1908 Putnam CO., TN.)(Spouse 2: Lonie Herren aft. 1939) Oda Carr (b.1-29-1895 Putnam CO., TN.)(d.3-26-1939)(Parents: Bryd Carr & Mary Lee)

Joe B. Anderson (b.10-10-1867 Putnam CO., TN.)(d.6-23-1918 Putnam CO., TN.)(Parents: Thomas Anderson & Mary A. Carr) (Spouse:Nancy J. Bennett) Nancy J. Bennett (b.12-2-1870 TN.)(d.6-18-1951 Putnam CO., TN.)(Parents: Golden Bransford Bennett & Amanda C. Warford)

John Carr (5-25-1875 Putnam CO., TN.)(d.5-11-1968 Smith CO., TN.)(Mother: Rilda Carr)(Rilda was shot by a stray bullet when John was young boy, father was said to be a Webb)(Spouse: Leona Carr) Leona Carr (b.6-13-1887 Putnam CO., TN.)(d.2-25-1973 Smith CO., TN.)(Parents: John "Pap Lash" Wesley Carr & Amanda Oaks) John Wesley Carr & Rilda Carr were siblings of Ira Carr & Mary Jane Lack.

Othel Carr (b.10-22-1908 Putnam CO., TN.)(d.6-8-1987 Carthage, Smith CO., TN.)(Parents: John Carr & Leona Carr)(Spouse: Levola Anderson, married 7-23-1933 Putnam CO., TN.) Levola Anderson(b.10-3-1916 Putnam CO., TN.)(d.10-13-1990 Parkview Hospital, Nashville, TN.)(Parents: Ewin Pertimon Anderson & Oda V. Carr)

Ewin Anderson.

Othel & Levola Anderson

Othel Carr & brother Ellis Carr. Ellis Carr (b.5-22-1904 Putnam CO., TN.)(d.10-18-1951 Detroit, Michigan)

John & Leona Carr

John Hinds ( provided the photos listed below. His great-great-grandfather, Simeon Hinds, was a doctor in Cookeville, Tennessee during the mid to late 1800's. He lived at Hilham, TN. He and his wife, Mary (Masters), had five children who grew up there. One of them,  Zina Theodore Hinds was a druggist in Cookeville.

James Hinds served as postmaster of Cookeville during both of President Cleveland's administrations. His sister Mary served as assistant postmaster of Cookeville throughout the two terms of her brother, James M. Hinds as postmaster.

- The Hinds drugstore with Dr.Simeon Hinds and 2 of his sons, Zina & James M. Hinds standing in front.

- A closeup of Dr.Simeon Hinds, Zina Theodore Hinds and James M. Hinds standing in front of Zina Hinds' Drugstore in Cookeville, Tennessee.

- Emma "Emily" S. Hinds (On steps with Mandolin), Mary E. (Masters) Hinds, wife of Dr. Simeon Hinds, and Mary Hinds (Far right). Emma & Mary are Mary E. Hinds' daughters. They are at their home in Hilham, Tennessee. Daughter, Mary never married & lived with her mother until her death. Emma married Elmore Burr James, Sr.

- A closeup of Mary E. Hinds.

- A closeup of Mary E. (Masters) Hinds..

- A close-up of Emma Hinds.

Photos of Putnam County from Old Postcards. These were gleaned off the Internet, so are of fairly low quality.


Bloomington Springs


Scenes from TPI: 1907 - Admin Bldg - Industrial Bldg - Science Bldg - West Hall

Cookeville Depot

Cookeville Post Office

Courthouse: #1 - #2 #3

This photo is from "InTheWoods" and they report:

This is Stephen Burton Caruthers in his blacksmith shop on Washington Avenue in 1922. This building was formally the first Church of Christ or Christian Church building in Cookeville. It was built in 1884 on land donated by Samuel G. Slaughter and his wife D. D. (young) Slaughter.

I say "Church of Christ or Christian Church" as I do not know for sure which name it went by in the early days.

He operated the Blacksmith shop and buggy repair shop at what is today Washington St. and Freeze Street until the coming of the motor driven carriage and as his business declined, he moved the business to Buck Mountain Road.

Sandra Parker sent the following two photos and comments/questions.

Can anyone help me identify this woman?  I think she is a Bell, perhaps Fina Perdue Bell, who was married to George Wesley Bell, or perhaps Thursey Rodgers Bell, his second wife, or even one of his daughters, Flora Bell McReynolds or Agnes Nevada "Vada" Bell Scarlett.  Or even help me identify from the style of dress, the time frame.  Fina is believed to be buried in Lovelady Cemetery and GW Bell is in Rodgers Cemetery with Thursey.

This is a photo of George Wesley Bell.  Don't know when it was taken, he is buried at Rodgers Cemetery.  He was a Union Soldier in the Civil War and died in1900. The date of birth on his tombstone is incorrect, he was born 1844. His first wife was Fina Perdue, his widow was Thursey Rodgers Bell.  I would love to hear from anyone who is descended from this line.

Their daughters were Flora Bell and Vada Bell who married a Roscoe Scarlett.

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