Transcribed by Charles A. Reeves, Jr. from Putnam County, Tennessee Cemeteries by Maurine Ensor Patton and Doris Garrison Gilbert, 1995 (used with permission). The listings below only include the name and location of each cemetery; the book also lists those buried in each cemetery as of the date inventoried. Notes added to these listings since Ms. Patton's book was published are in brackets on the subject pages.

In order to keep the Web page sizes down to something reasonable, the cemetery list has been broken down into ten sections, listed alphabetically. Click on the links below to view the section desired.

Putnam County Cemeteries A-B
Putnam County Cemeteries M
Putnam County Cemeteries C-D
Putnam County Cemeteries N-R
Putnam County Cemeteries E-F
Putnam County Cemeteries S-T
Putnam County Cemeteries G-I
Putnam County Cemeteries U-Z
Putnam County Cemeteries J-L
Other Putnam County Cemeteries

Bettie Doyle contines to add cemetery surveys to the Putnam County records on the TnGenWeb Tennessee Records Repository.

Additional information on Putnam County cemeteries can be found in the Rootsweb archives, in files uploaded by Mitzi P. Freeman ( These are text files which can be downloaded via FTP).

Betty Stark ( has seven books on "Who's Who In Cemeteries" in Putnam County. The cemeteries covered are Stewart., Gentry, Rhea, Judd Church, Boiling Springs, Double Springs , and West. She also has another book, Guide to 248 Cemeteries In Putnam Co. TN. Contact Betty for more information on any of these books.

Betty Viola Stewart-Nabors-Stark
201 South Walnut Ave , Apt P3
Cookeville, TN 38501

Tamra Lee Peirce sent some photos of Campbell tombstones in the Rhea Cemetery.

Tennessee Cemetery & Burial Site Laws. The Early Days

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