Pertaining to Monroe County, Tn.

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ANDERSON, Stephen & Tates
ANDERSON, William-transcript
BAIN, William -transcription
BEARFIELD, John Sidney & Nellie B.-transcription
BELCHER, Anderson Asberry "Berry"
BILLINGS, Bayless Winslow
BIVENS, Elias Calhoun
BIVENS, John Jackson
BLACK, John-transcription
BLAIR (C) 1812
BLAIR (C) 1844
BOYD, James-Blount Co., Tn-transcription
BRIGHT, James H. & Hattie Chambers
BROOKSHEAR, John W. & Martha Bluford
BROWN, John Wesley-transcription
BRUNNER, John Hamilton & Eliz. Key
CAMP, William B.
CARTER, Jackson-transcription
CARTER, William
CLEMMER, George S.
CLEMMER, Hugh Henry
DAILY, John Robert & Selina Dunn
DAVIS, Anderson C.
DENTON and Hicks Bible-includes Alfred Denton who married Dorcus Click
DICKEY & BROWDER - transcription
DUGGAN, John & Jemima Martin
DUGGAN, William
ELLIS / SPIVEY& News Clipping
FERRELL, Marshall H.
FIELD, Jesse-transcription
GARREN, Charles & Estella Hall
GAUT, Rufus
GIRDNER, Michael
HAIRE, Arthur E.-transcription
HALE, Alexander, Sr. & Harle families
HALL, James b. 1787
HALL, James b. 1760
HALL, William-b. 1767
HALL, William-b. 1796
HARLE, Baldwin
HARRILL, Absolom & Lydia
HAUN, Newton W.
HEFLIN, Leander F.-transcription
HICKS, Charles
HICKS, Isaac & George Wilson Hicks
HICKS, John S.-transcription
HICKS, Thomas Family Record
HUNT, John
HUNT, Thornton-family record
HUNT, Unknown
ISBELL, John Houston & Elizabeth (transcription)
ISBILL, Marion
ISBILL, Martin
ISBILL, McDaniel B.
JACKSON, Andrew & Jane Sloan
JACKSON, Stephen
JENKINS, James A. & Susan Brown
JONES, Samuel of Blount Co., Tn (abstract)
KENNY, Benjamin (abstract)
KINSER, Hubert (abstract)
KINSER, Jacob & TOPPINS-transcription
LATTIMORE, Daniel W. & Margaret McCall
LEE, Elijah-transcription
LEE, George Washington-transcription
LEE, Granville
LEE, Isaac Carroll
LEE, Pleasant Nicholas
LEE, Robert Taylor, Sr.
LEE, William born 1819
LEE, William, Sr.
LEE, William Carroll
LEE, William Melmurth.
LEE, William Robert
LESLIE, Thomas & Mary Harris
LINDNER, Frederic-transcription
LINDSEY, David Alexander
LONG, William & Manerva Roberts
LOVE, John & Margaret
LOWRY, David
LOWRY, William & Cochrans
LYNN, Hickson
MACKEY, William
MASON, John (abstract)
MASON, Rufus (abstract)
MAYES, James
MAYNARD, Jackson
MAYO, Blackmore H.-transcription
MAYO, Valentine
McCALL, John - transcription
McKEE, Thomas W.-abstract
McKEE, William M.-abstract
McKENZIE, Donald A. & Sarah
McMAHAN, Aaron & Caroline Green-Sevier Co., Tn
MILLER, Theodore C.
MILLSAPS, Grover Cleveland
MILLSAPS, John Ester-transcription
MINNIS, John & Nancy S. McCammon
MORGAN, John, Sr.-transcription
MORRISON, Pleasant & Martha STAPP-transcription
MORRISON, Thomas & Frances BEARD
MORRISON, Thomas Pleasant & Emily E. CLICK-transcription
MOSER, Phillip
MULLINS, Alford C. & Sarah Watts
MYERS, Samuel Lafayette
PARKS, William H. & Hester Ann Cook-transcription
PAYNE, Uriah Family Record
RAGAIN, Nathan
RAGAINS, William S.
RAGON, Daniel
REAGAN, Erasmus-transcription
REAGAN & LOVE -transcription
RHEA, William & Margaret Jane SMALLING-transcription
ROBERTS, William Marion
ROSE, Silas
SANDERS, John Henry
SHAFFER, William & Margaret Dorothy Jones
SHARP, Robert Parson Bible belonging To Frank P. & Ruth-transcription
SLOAN, Ellis
SLOAN, Robert Family History
SMITH, James Riley
SNIDER, George - transcription
SPIVEY, James Alfred-transcription
STEPHENS, James & Fidela includes Ghormley family
SUMMIT, Daniel
SUMMITT, Eusebius
TATE, Isaac
TATE, James A.
TAYLOR, Christopher
TAYLOR, Henderson N.
THOMAS, Henderson Caloway
THOMAS, Nathan
THOMAS, William Gillespie-abstract
THOMPSON, Thomas Jefferson
TORBETT, W.A. & Margaret Gibson
TURNER, James-transcription
UPTON, William includes Lowery
VINCENT, George W.-transcription
VINCENT / VANSENT, George Washington-transcription
WARD, William & Francis Ann Nealy-transcription
WEAR, Robert & Lucretia
WHITE, T. Edgar & Minnie Craig
WHITE, Thomas
WILLIAMS, Lorenzo D.
WILLIAMS, William V. & Arter B. Williams
WOODS, William Jackson
YATES, Samuel & Jane Millsaps
YOAKUM, Henderson & Mary
YOUNG, Edward B. & Julia Johnson
YOUNG, John B.
YOUNG, John Cosby & Mary


Submitted by:Linda May Spivey-Bjorklund
pages from a Bible that belonged to my great-great grandfather William Rhea who was married to Margaret Jane Smallings, both out of Monroe County.
On the front of the first page is says: presented to William and Margaret Rhea by William Riley Rhea, dated 1883.
On the second page it just lists William Rhea of Tellico Plains and Margaret Smallings of Tellico Plains as husband and wife.

The third page:
William Riley Rhea and Ella Jane McDaniel were married June 11th 1905- Tellico.
Lawrence Lee Rhea and Lucille Hope Burns were married jan. 30, 1937 Dalton, GA.
Franklin Mildard Rhea and Mary Ruth Trivet were married Dec. 9, 1934 Sweetwater, TN.

William Riley Rhea born Apr. 10, 1877
Ella Jane McDaniel born Jun 11, 1885
Gradan (possibly Grandson) Glenn Rhea born Jun 7, 1906
Lawrence Lee Rhea born May 1, 1907
Franklin Millard Rhea born Jul 18, 1909

Gradan (possibly Grandson) Glenn Rhea Jul 7, 1906

Lawrence Lee Rhea Jr. born May 4, 1946 at Etowah, Tennessee
Gloria Hope Rhea was born Feb. 4, 1947 at Tellico Plains, Tenn.
Lucille Hope Burns Rhea born Jul 9, 1910

Fourth Page:
says Mother side McDaniel & Stillwell
Marriage Dec. 15, 1867

Peter mcDaniel, Jun 16, 1848 (says grandparents)
Callie Stillwell Jun 15, 1849 (says grandparents)

John Martin McDaniel Mar 30, 1870
Nickles Marion McDaniel May 13, 1872
Andy Anslo McDaniel May 13, 1872
Henry McDaniel Mary 1875
Laura McDaniel Oct 13, 1876 (married Watson)
Riley McDaniel Dec. 9, 1878
Ollie McDaniel Jul 12, 1881 (married Rutherford)
Frank McDaniel Feb 10, 1882
Ella McDaniel Jun 11, 1885 (married Rhea)
Ida McDaniel May 13, 1890
Mattie McDaniel Feb 25, 1893 (married Holland)

Henry, Oct 19, 1875
Frank, Oct 10, 1884
John, Jun 28, 1894
Peter, Aug 27, 1906
Callie, Mar 1, 1924
Ida, Jan 1929
Andy, May 1957
Ollie, Jan 1946
Laura, Oct 1945

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GEORGE W. VINCENT BIBLE - This was the son of Houston Vincent b. ca 1824 and Julia Ann Clemmer. Houston Vincent died at sea in 1850 on his way to California. His wife Julia Ann Clemmer was the daughter of John Clemmer and Hannah Hoffman. George W. Vincent and family moved to Golden City, MO where he died in 1928.]

George W. Vincent of Eve Mills, Tenn and Mary E. Gay of Eve Mills
Marriage 29th of August 1867 at Lousa M. Gay by Rev. Solen McCroskey

George W. Vincent was born 25 day of June 1846, Sat.
Lenor C. Vincent issue of G. W. & M. E. Vincent was born Sat. Oct 24, 1868
Minnie H. Vincent born Sat. July 23, 1871
Corrie and Mary Washington Vincent was born Thurs. Dec 24, 1873
William Lorenzo Vincent was born June 25, 1877
Joseph Edgar Vincent was born Thurs. Nov 8, 1879
Ida Blanche Vincent was born Sat. 30 Day of June 1883
Anna Maye Helen Vincent was born Wednesday the 9th of Dec 1885
William Jay was born July 18, 1821 Died Aug 9th 1854
Louisa Melvina Mayo was born May 22nd 1822 and died Jan 16, 1898
Wm. Gay and Louisa Mayo was married March 20, 1847

Minnie H. Vincent and J. C. Surbugg was married 23 July 1891 by Rev. Stephens of The C. P. Church of Golden City, MO.

Cora Lee Vincent age 22 years and ________

Submitted by; Janelle Swearingen, Tulsa, OK

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Hester Ann Cook and William H. Parks {belongs to Reba Thompson of Monroe Co.}
Hester Ann was the daughter of Jacob Cook and Jane Taylor who lived in Monroe County.

Francis M. Cook Aug 22, 1828
Emily C. Cook Oct 25, 1830
Isabella Cook Dec 24, 1832
James H. Cook March 10, 1835
Edward C. Cook Feb 8, 1837
Margaret Cook March 3, 1840
Hester Ann Cook March 3, 1849
Mary J. Senter Blackman Feb 7, 1868
Jacob C. Newland Blackman Dec 7, 1869
Electia C. Blackman March 11, 1872
William Henry Parks Oct 12, 1848
Manda Jane Parks June 29, 1874
Charles Newman Parks June 29, 1874
Sydney Ann Parks Feb 14, 1884
James Patterson Parks Dec 1, 1911
Reba Belle Parks Sept 22, 1917
Margaret Glenn Parks Feb 4, 1925

W. H. Parks & Hester Ann Cook married Aug 14, 1873

Francis M. Cook April 9, 1830
Jacob Cook Oct 18, 1867
Jane Taylor Cook July 15, 1883
Martha C. Cook Feb 12, 1898
Isabella Lowery Nov 10, 1903
Edmon C. Cook Oct 1903
Margaret J. Blackman March 11 1908
Hester Ann Parks May 29, 1911
Charlie Newman Parks July 4, 1915
Manda Jane Parks May 7, 1932
W. H. Parks June 17, 1937
Sydney Ann Parks Feb 7, 1960

Submitted by; Janelle Swearingen, Tulsa, OK

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Bible Records of George Washington VINCENT who was born in Monroe County in 1822. He was the son of Hiram Vinsant and Mary Houston who were married in Greene County TN in 1821. The Bible currently belongs to Janelle Swearingen, Tulsa, OK

Page 1
Hiram Vinsant was born the
Mary Vinsant was born the
The birth and death of my Father and mother G. W. Vinsant

Deaths Hiram Vinsant dide may the 14th 1845 Mary Vinsant dide April the 26th 1845 William Vinsant Dide Febuary the 7th 1864 Age six years six months and Twenty eight days

Page 2
Houston Vinsant was born the
James Vinsant was born Oct the

Houston Vinsant Dide May the 1st 1850
James Vinsant Dide March the 14th 1853
Mary Malissa Vinsant Dide October the 18th 1858
Lorenzo Dow Vinsant Dide November the 4th 1858

Page 3
Mary Jane Vinsant was Born November the 21th 1849
James Lorenzo Vinsant was Born the 9th January 1854
William Vinsant was born the 7th July (1857)
Jacob Blair Vinsant was Born November the 9th 1859
Hiram Jefferson Vinsant was Born Jly the 23th 1864
Lizzy Lavina Vinsant was born May the 2d 18(65)

Page 4
George W. Vinsant was Born November 19th 1822
Emily C. Vinsant was Born October 25th 1830
Mary Jane Vincent was Born June
George W. Vinsant Emily Catherine Cook was maried February the 19th 1846

(On separate sheet found in the Bible)
Ma(ry) Vins(ant) was Born (Ju)ne
Margt Isabel Vinsant was Born the 21st of November
(Jam)es L. Vinsant was Born January the 9th 1854
William Vinsant was Born July the __th 1857
Jacob Blair Vinsant was Born the 9th 1859
Hiram Jefferson Vinsant was Born July the 23th 1862
Lizzie Liza Lavena Vinsant was Born May the 2 18(65)
Emily C. Vinsant was Emily C. Vinsant was Born October the 25 1830

(At the bottom of the paper the name Joseph appears. I have no record of anyone named Joseph either in this family or as a spouse so don't know what this means)
back of paper Ida Florence Vinsant was Born December the 28 1870
George Washington Vincent was born July the

Submitted by; Janelle Swearingen, Tulsa, OK

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Submitted by:Linda May Spivey-Bjorklund
this is a copy of what was in my great grandfather James Alfred Spivey's Bible.Up until I received this I did not know he had one (and it has not surfaced to date). It appears to have Notarized in 1941 in the County of Baker. This is what is on the paper.

James A. Spivey was born Dec. 29, 1864.
Mary E. Spivey was born Aug. 11, 1865
William F. Spivey was born Oct. 6, 1888.
George T. Spivey was born Feb. 28, 1890.
Luther A. Spivey was born Oct. 24, 1891.
Maggie B. Spivey was born Mar. 2, 1894.
James W. Spivey was born Sept. 11, 1896.
John H. S. Spivey was born May 6, 1899.
Harvey E. L. Spivey was born April 1, 1901.
Charlie L. ?. Spivey was born March 22, 1903.

} ss:
County of Baker }

THIS CERTIFIES that I have compared the foregoing copy of record of births as shown in the family James Alfred Spivey with the original thereof and that the same is a true and correct copy of the same and that from my examination of the same I believe said original record to be true and authentic.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 15th day of December, 1941.

Armaud H. Fuchs
My Commission Expires July 3, 1945.

Just for information (is not on this notarized piece of paper)
James A. Spivey is my great grandfather and son of Adniram and Evaline (Souther) Spivey out of NC and GA. James was born in Blairsville, GA. Mary E. Spivey is Mary Elizabeth Rhea, my great grandmother and daughter of William and Margaret Jane (Smalling) Rhea out of Tellico Plains, Tenn. Mary was born in Tellico Plains.
The following are my great uncles:
William F. is William Finley, born in Tellico Plains; m. Sarah Shelton in Tellico Plains, TN.
George T. is George Thurston, born in Tellico Plains;
Maggie B. is Maggie Beatrice, better known as "Beadie", b. Tellico Plains, TN; m. Fonds Allen Ellis, s/o John A. and Cordelia (Kilby) Ellis. Allen was born in Beaverdam, NC and raised in Tellico Plains until they left for Oregon.
James W. is James Wiley, b. in McGregor, TX (do not know the reason for them being there at the time)
John H. S. is John Henry (S unknown), b. Tellico Plains; m. Aurilla Larson from Baker City, Oregon.
Harvey E. L. is Harvey Ethridge (L unknown) b. Tellico Plains,; had several wives
Charlie L. ? is Charlies (do not know what L means, nor can I decipher the other letter following it); b. Tellico Plains; m. Grace Huggs d. 1936 I believe then Elizabeth Williams.
Luther A. is Luther Adniram my grandfather; b. Tellico Plains; m. Ora Lee Ellis, sister to Fonds Allen Ellis; d/o John and Cordelia (Kilby) Ellis. She was born in Unake, NC.; raised in Tellico Plains until they moved to Oregon.

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I have in my possession a Bible that was given to me by my 2nd cousin Katherine "Katy" Ellis-Dunn-Williams, daughter of Fonds Allen and Maggie Beatrice "Beadie" (Spivey) Ellis.
Submitted by; Linda Spivey-Bjorklund

FAMILY REGISTER - Parents' Names
Husband: Allen Ellis
Born: Mar. 18, 1890 at N.C.
Son of Mr. John Ellis and Mrs. Ellis
Wife: Beatrice Ellis
Born: Tellico Plains, Tenn. Mar. 2, 1894
Daughter of: Mr. J. Spivey and Mrs. Mary Spivey

BIRTHS- *note-ages beside names must have been age when written in Bible*
Thurston Ellis, born Aug. 17, 1911
Leola Ellis born July 3, 1913 age 16
John Ellis born Oct 25, 1915 age 13
Homer Ellis b. May 11, 1918 age 11 *note-would have been but died as infant*
Arnold Ellis b. Feb. 19, 1920 age 9 *note-would have been but died as infant*
Bobbie Ellis born Jan. 23 1922 age 7
Kathaleen Ellis born Nov 28 1927 age 15 mo
Allen Ellis, born Mar 18, 1890
Beatrice Ellis, b. Mar 2, 1894
Jacky Harold Ellis was born Jan 15, 1933

Allen Ellis was married to Beatrice Spivey May 15, 1910
Leola Ellis was married to Harold Nichols Oct. 14, 1930
Thurston Ellis was married to Georgia Turner Sep. 26, 1932
Kathleen Ellis was married to Clarence Dunn Dec. 20, 1942
Jackie Ellis was married to Emma Ackerman May 1955
John Ellis was married to Gertrude Hall Oct 26, 1935

Homer Ellis died Oct. 6, 1919
Arnold Ellis died Nov. 9, 1921
Leola Nichols died Mar. 23, 1934
Robert Ellis died May 17, 1942
Johnie Elliis died May 24, 1946
Rev. John Ellis died Nov. 2, 1955
Mary E. Spivey died Nov. 2, 1938
James A. Spivey died Feb. 11, 1950

That is all that is written in the Bible. It appears that possibly they had acquired the Bible around 1929 as that is when it appears the names, dates and incidents were written in it by Allen or Beatrice. They would have been living in Oregon at the time.

Another interesting article I found in her Bible was from the Baker City paper, no date
titled Our Men and Women In Service-50 Baker County men Killed in World War. I have the Original Document for his Purple Heart, but not the Medal itself. I also have the correspondence that had been sent to them upon his being declared Missing In Action. It is my understanding that he was part of what they called "the Death March". He was serving in the Philappines at the time. I also have his last letter saved by his mother while he was out on ship. The newspaper says, "Private Robert A. Ellis, son of Mrs. Allen Ellis of Mollala, previously reported missing in action and post-humously awarded the Purple Heart;" Allen and Beatrice never really ever recovered from this death. I'm not sure his body was ever recovered, but he does have a gravestone at the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Baker City, Oregon. His grandparents were John Allen and Cordelia (Kilby) Ellis of Monroe County, Tennessee.
Submitted by; Linda Spivey-Bjorklund

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Robert Parson Sharp Bible

The following Bible record is from a Bible (at the time copied), belonging to Ruth Sharp, widow of Frank P. Sharp, who resided in Monroe Co, not too far distant from Hopewell Baptist Church.

The land around Hopewell Bpt. Church was owned by sons of John Sharp and Polly Tullock Sharp ca 1840's and a few acres was called out in the deed for a "Baptist meeting house".

John Sharp married Polly Tullock 1810 in Blount Co where they lived until ca late 1830's; they are found in Monroe Co. 1840 census. John Sharp's will is found in Monroe Co, dated 1840.
Submitted by: Jean Sharp

Polly Tullock was the daughter of Magnus Tullock. See record below:

Parents' Names

Husband: Robert Parson Sharp
Born: October 10, 1861
Wife: Mollie Jennett Toomey
Born: February 28, 1874
Married: December 13, 1891

(written in) "children of Robert Parson Sharp"

Robert Sankey, Oct 10, 1893
Tom. Reed, May 3rd, 1895
Mollie Jeannett, Jan. 26, 1897
Horace Herman, Jan. 7th, 1899
Voss Guy, July 15th, 1900
Joseph Earl, Sept. 5th, 1901
Albert Letis, May 5th, 1904
Lora Elva, Feb. 15th, 1907
Virgil Grant, March 8, 1908
Frank Parson, Aug. 13th, 1913
(written in)"All born in Monroe County, Tennessee"


Robert Parson, Dec. 13, 1891
Robert Sankey, July 17th, 1921
Tom Reed, Nov. 21, 1920
Mollie Jeannett, May 15, 1915
Voss Guy, Dec. 3rd, 1921
Horace Herman, Nov. 23, 1923
Albert Letis, Jan. 1, 1927
Lora Elva, Nov. 11th, 1929
Joseph Earl, 9-10-31
Frank P. Sharp Feb. 29, 1936
Virgil G. Sharp, Feb. 28, 1936


Robert Parson Sharp, March 25, 1932
Mollie Jennett Sharp, Dec. 14, 1959
Lora Elva Smitherman (no date)
Nettie Webb, May 12, 1971
Horace Sharp 8-11-70
Guy Sharp 1-28-74
Thomas Reed Sharp 8-24-80
Robert Sankey Sharp 1-4-81
Albert Letis Sharp 2-13-82
Frank Parson Sharp 4-6-86

On the blank fly-leaf pages, Frank Parson Sharp wrote the following:

John Sharp, born February 17, 1780, my great granddad
Polly Tullock Sharp, born November 30th, 1785, great grandma
Joseph Sharp, born August 9th, 1822, granddad
Eliza Richards Sharp, born June 13th, 1829, grandma
Robert Parson Sharp, born Oct. 10th, 1861, father
Mollie Toomy Sharp, born February 18, 1874, mother
Frank Parson Sharp, born august 13th, 1913
Ruth Hitch Sharp, born March 29th, 1917

Signed-Frank Parson Sharp 12/6/72

Great granddad, John Sharp, May 6, 1840
Great grandma, Polly Sharp, Oct. 14, 1846
Granddad, Joseph Sharp, Sept. 30, 1862
Grandma, Eliza Sharp, June 18, 1915
Dad, Robert Parson Sharp, March 24, 1932
Mother, Mollie Toomy Sharp, Dec. 14, 1959

dated 12/6/72

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