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A post hamlet of Loudon co Tenn on the Little Tennessee River 7 miles S of Lenoir's Station It has a grist mill. (Source: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer, Or, Geographical Dictionary of, 1880 Volume 1)



The office at a small place known as Boston, in the Western part of London county, 10 miles from

Loudon courthouse, 6 from Philadelphia, its shipping point on the ET Va and Ga RR, and 83 northeast of Chattanooga. Polecat creek supplies water power for 2 grist mills in the vicinity, the only industries. There are two churches: Methodist and Baptist, and free and select schools. Wheat, corn, eggs, and poultry are the chief shipments. Mail semi-weekly postmaster Rev. ES Linberry

Business Directory

Bacon, NP general store

Burns, A blacksmith

Campbell, James general store

Cox, IH miller

Dyche, WH General store

Fooshee, J miller

Linberry, Rev ES



A post office in the northern part of Loudon, county 8 miles from London, the county seat, and 250 from Nashville by railroad. Mail semi weekly: AC Eaton postmaster

Business Directory

Amos, Rev PS (Baptist)

Eaton, RP physician

Elcary, Rev Harvey (Baptist)

Williams, Rev SM (Methodist)


a post village of Loudon co Tenn about 40 miles SW of Knox ville It has 2 churches The name of its post office is Erie. (Source: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer, Or, Geographical Dictionary, 1880 Volume 1)



A village and station on the ET Va & Ga RR, in London county, 6 miles from Loudon, 92 from Chattanooga, and 240 from Nashville by railroad. It was settled in 1798, and has a population of 500. Town creek supplies motive power for a cotton factory and flouring mill at this point. It is also the location of a Methodist church South and free school. The exports are flour, grain, and cotton yarns and batting. Telegraph, Western Union, Express Southern, daily. BB Lenoir postmaster

Business Directory

Lenoir, BB Physician

Lenoir, JP station agent

Lenoir Wm & Bro general store cotton factory and flouring mill

Lewis, M physician l

Ramsey, Thomas J express agent and treasurer Patterson Propeller Co

Ramsey, Wm L machinist



The county seat of Loudon county is beautifully situated on the south bank of the Tennessee river, at the head of steamboat navigation, and at the point of crossing of the ET Va & Ga RR, 28 miles from Knoxville, 84 by rail from Chattanooga, and 235 from Nashville. As a shipping point Loudon has the advantage of both rail and river, and is consequently the outlet for the products of a large section of country, wheat, corn, hogs, cattle, horses, mules, and sheep, with dairy products, and poultry finding their way to the Southern or eastern markets through this channel. The town has 8 general stores, 2 hotels, a weekly newspaper, a complement of churches of different denominations, and a high school, while the various industrial and mechanical pursuits are fairly represented. Population 1,000. Daily packet to Kingston 18 miles distant. Mail daily RM Magill, postmaster.

Business Directory

Bell, JJ nursery

Benton, Mrs LE millinery

Blair, ST physician

Blair & Rodgers Druggists

Bodenhammer, Rev DS Cum Presbyterian

Butler, JP saloon

Cassada, WH carpenter

Chambers & Pritchard lawyers

Clark, ES blacksmith

Cook, SB dentist

Cooper, WF watchmaker

Cureton, RM hotel

Danton Hambright & Co general store

Feathers, JW saloon

Folding, George blacksmith

Fountain, W carpenter

Ham, Mrs NJ Millinery

Hambright, BF general store

Hambright, O hotel

Hamilton, JF carpenter

Harrison, DF mayor

Harrison, JJ physician

Henderson, Rev PT (Baptist)

Houser, L T wagonmaker

Howard, A General Store

James & Deviny tinners

Julian VV C general store

Kline, Hugh shoemaker

Lane J V lawyer

Lee, AB tinsmith

McNeil, RA shoemaker

Mahoney, James general store

Mize, John S carpenter

Nelson, David R lawyer

Nelson, W C propr London Times

Olmsted, EB principal Loudon high school

Parshley, Stephen A lawyer

Pyatt, Rev W W (Methodist)

Renfro, H W druggist

Reynolds, Perry barber

Rodgers & Welcker lawyers

Shinpaugh, HH blacksmith

Stook, George E Grocer

The Loudon Times weekly, WC Nelson propr

Tipton QA station and express agent

Ward, A W nursery

West, J J general store

Woods, Thomas harness maker



A post office and station on the ET Va & Ga RR in Loudon county, 9 northeast of Loudon, the county town, southwest of Knoxville and 244 by rail from Nashville. Muddy creek a tributary the Tennessee river furnishes water power which is utilized at points by 2 saw and 3 grist mills. There are 2 churches and a country store in place. Exports corn, wheat, oats, and bacon. Mail daily Warham Easley postmaster.

Business Directory

Easley, Warham miller

Easley & Jones General Store

Grant, unknown miller

Stout, unknown miller


A town of about 300 inhabitants, in the southwestern part of London county, 6 miles from Loudon, the county seat, and 35 southwest of Knoxville, and on the E. T., Va. 8:Ga. R. R. There are 4 churches—-Methodist South, Episcopal, Presbyterian and Baptist — and a subscription and free school here. The surrounding country is rich and productive, and grain, hay, cattle and bacon are exported. Express Southern. Mail daily. D. R. Kennedy, postmaster.
Business Directory.
Ballard, J . T., general store.
Breeden, A. B., general store.
Cozart & Adkins, grain, flour, etc.
Jones, Daniel, general store.
Jones, E. 0., general store.
Jones, W. N. B., general store.
Kennedy, D. R., express agent.
Lenoir, W. G., teacher.
Martin, Rev. C. B., (Baptist).
Parker, H. H., mnfr
Phifer, John P., hotel.
Pyatt, Rev. W. W., (Methodist South).
Sparks, J . R., station agent.
Strother, Geo. E.
Tedford, Rev. C. E., (Presbyterian).
Woolford, W. L. C., rnnfr.



The postoffice at Stockton's Valley, a small place in the southwestern part of Loudon county, 8 miles from Loudon Court house, and 6 from Philadelphia station on the E T Va & Ga RR. It is 2 miles back from the Tennessee river, is surrounded by a good farming country, and markets corn, wheat, and live stock. Mail semi weekly WA Simpson postmaster

Business Directory

Bacon, NP General Store

Berry, FK physician

Burnett, Rev WC (Baptist)

Burns, Anderson blacksmith

Easter, JM blacksmith

McCune, John cooper

Walker, Rev EB (Baptist)

(Source: Tennessee State Gazetteer and Business Directory, R.L. Polk & Company, 1876)