Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #87
Johnson - Keith, S.
Misc. "J" Divorces

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] JOHNSON, JUDITH et al vs PATE, DAN D. Chancery 1866-1875

[NOTE: There is more on Judith Johnson's family on Reel #86. Her maiden name was McClelland, married Beverly Graves, then John Johnson and was divorced - mlj].

C & M REPORT: M. F. Bryant, [now] deceased was appointed guardian to defendant Margaret Graves, now wife of Dan D. Pate, qualified and gave bond in 1860, received from his ward's former guardian Milton Draper all the estate in the hands of former guardian being $318.35. M. F. Briant never made settlement [Copy of Settlement with C & M from 1 October 1860 through 22 April 1872 filmed].

M. F. Bryant died some time during the late war.

In the year 1864 Complainant Martha then the widow of said M. F. Bryant paid to defendant Margaret now Margaret Pate the sum of $15.00... which is a credit.

The remaining question is whether Complainant Judith Johnson is entitled to credit for raising and educating defendant Margaret.

Judith Johnson was allowed credit for medicines of $8.00 about the year 1859 from joint funds of Martha, Margaret and Plesant. Margaret was then nearly quite grown and Margaret's services as housekeeper for her mother &c were worth her expenses... worth the raising of her after her father's death.

Respectable witnesses state raising and educating a child from age two is worth much more than her services, but do not know the amount expended by Judith Johnson.

ANSWER of Judith Johnson to Bill of Complaint of A. M. Ferguson and A. H. Hoover. Ferguson was security for guardian bond of Bryant who is dead. Complainant Hoover became security of this defendant and complainant Ferguson in the Injunction bond. 27 May 1875.

ANSWER of Dan D. Pate and wife Margarette Pate to Bill by Judy Johnson, John Rollins and Martha Rollins [and] A. M. Ferguson.

Marion F. Bryant was appointed and qualified guardian of Respondent Margarette Pate. A. M. Ferguson and Jonas Flatt were the securities to Bond. Jonas Flatt was dead before suit was brought.

[Blank] dollars went to the hands of Marion F. Bryant [now] deceased to which respondent Margarette was entitled as one of the heirs of Bevley [sic] Graves deceased.

Complainant John Rollins since the death of said Guardian has intermarried with Complainant Martha Rollins.

Respondents state they know nothing about money having been loaned... require proof.

Respondent Margarett Pate states that her mother Judith Johnson did not expend money educating her, that her uncle Alferd Gibbs sent her to one school and paid for the same... balance was by the benefit of Free Schools... her Aunt Martha Gibbs and Aunt Martha McClelland furnished her with all the fine dressing she had except for $15 purchased by Martha Bryant a short time before she married D. D. Pate in the year 1864.

Respondent admits she lived with her mother Judy Johnson from the death of her father except the time she was off at school... from the time she was old enough she did cooking, weaving, carding, spinning... all the kinds that is usual to be done by femails [sic] in and about the house... that her husband Dan D. Pate is compatent [sic] to take charge [of her estate]... that he is a sober, industrious safe and provident man... 6 May 1867. /s/ Dan D. Pate, Margaret Pate

ANSWER of William H. Botts to Bill of Complaint of James Draper and James W. Draper in the case of Draper & Draper vs William H. Botts, Judith Johnson, Milton Draper and the Bank of Tennessee.

1st day of May 1858... an order and decree in the case of Milton Draper and Judith Johnson against Jubilee Wheeler and Martha Rogers and the Bank of Tennessee against the same parties... James Draper became purchaser at a price of $600, due in six months. 5 November 1869. [Note: May be more on this case elsewhere, and this portion, Notice to Sheriff and following Petition misfiled. - mlj].

PETITION: Orators James Draper and James W. Draper represent that May 1858 the lands of one Jubilee Wheeler were sold to satisfy the claim of Judith Johnson, Milton Draper and the Bank of Tennessee. 14 July 1866.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF of Jackson Co., Tennessee. Summon J. A. Montgomery, Executor of the Last Will & Testament of Jas Draper, deceased to appear 4th Monday in April and show cause why suit of Jas Draper, Jas W. Draper and Judith Johnson should not be revived against him.

DEPOSITIONS 9 August 1871:

Margaret Pate age 23. As soon as I was old enough I worked about the house, cooking, sewing, weaving, spinning. My mother Judith Johnson furnished my every day clothing until I got big enough to make it myself. My Aunts Margaret McClellan and Martha Gibbs furnished my Sunday clothing except one homespun dress.

Question: State whether your sister Martha Rollins... is friendly with you.

Answer: We speak, but she has quarreled with me...

I have been married about seven years... has not been friendly since a short time after I was married and I called on her for my money.

Ques: Was Martha Rollins the wife of your guardian M. F. Bryant in his lifetime?

Ans: She was.

Ques: State the claim... Martha and John Rollins her husband... has on your mother's land.

Ans: Do not know of such a claim.

Went to two or three free schools... situated on Flynn's Creek and Cumberland River... what is called White's Bend. Hamilton Montgomery was teacher; one term to David J. Murray; one term to ?Ad Draper. /s/ Margaret Pate

James E. Wheeler age about 57. Acquainted with Margaret Pate wife of Dan D. Pate from her early childhood, upwards of 20 years... knew her father Beverly Graves in his lifetime, lived within about 1 1/4 miles from Judith Johnson and have for twenty years. Margarett Pate lived with her mother from her father's death until she married.

It would take about $20 - $30 a year to board and clothe a girl like Margaret.

She was about two years old when her father died. Believe she's been married five or six years.

Think Milton Draper [former guardian] was in broken condition about the time he left home.

Margaret is very industrious and prudent, think her labor would be worth her board and clothing.

Judith Johnson owned a valuable farm from 1860 to the present time 9 August 1871. /s/ James E. Wheeler

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Suit is pending in Circuit Court between B. G. Moreland and wife as Plaintiffs and Judith Johnson as Defendant. Suggested in court defendant is dead, no one to administer on her estate. Pleasant Graves, Margaret Pate wife of Dan D. Pate are children and heirs at law of said deceased... Pleas Graves and Margarett Pate and husband Dan D. Pate to appear... show cause why suit should not be continued against them. 2nd Monday in May 1879.


William S. Johnson age 39. Known Judith Johnson and her children about sixteen years, since I moved to Flynn's Creek. Three years within one mile of her, six years about 1 1/2 mile, balance of the time up to now about three miles.

She in the Spring of 1855 when I first became acquainted had one Negro man a slave emancipated by the results of the war... he worked on the farm. /s/ Wm S. Johnson

George C. Darwin 58. Have known Judith Johnson some 30 years ever since she was married to Graves. Known Pate and wife since they were children. Live about 1 1/2 miles of Judith.

Beverly Graves, the father of Margarett Pate, died about 1846. She lived with her mother Judith Johnson 15 or 16 years before she was married.

Judith Johnson has no small children of her own living with her.

I think Marion F. Bryant died about the 1st of January 1862. My understanding was that he died in the army. He left the country and went in the army in the fall of 1861.

Ques: Did Judith Johnson obtain her property from her deceased husband Graves, the father of Margarett?

Ans: She did. /s/ G. C. Darwin

AFFIDAVIT: B. G. Moreland and wife C. J. Moreland make affidavit that the note by Judith Johnson for $135.95 dated [blank] January 1858 burned when the court house burned August 1872. Judith [her X mark] Johnson Wit: /s/ James Flatt DEPOSITIONS:

Martha Rollins about 25. I am a sister of Margaret Pate. Father died 11 Feby 1846. Margaret was born 17 Nov 1843. I lived with Mother after Father died something like 10-12 years.

Ques: State how long you stayed away from your mother's and if you went back to live again before Margret married.

Ans: Was gone something over twelve months and went back and stayed until Margaret married.

Ques: State if Milton Draper was guardian of Margaret and her brothers and sisters...

Ans: Milton Draper was guardian of Margaret, Cansada, Pleasant and myself. He paid to Cansada the oldest the share belonging to her. The balance he paid to Marion F. Bryant $131 and some cents. I live some five or six miles across the River from Margaret since she married.

Mother sent Margarett to school... think her teachers were Hamilton Montgomery, James Lawson, Gailbreath and others in White's Bend, used to be called Wheeler's school house.

Ques: What went with the horse your first husband M. F. Bryant got of Draper the guardian?

Ans: Capt. Samuel G. Slaughter bought it for $150.

In 1860 and 1861 my husband F. M. Bryant[*] lived in Jackson County part of the time and Macon County part of the time. In 1860 he lived between Salt Lick and War Trace. I administered on F. M. Bryant's estate... cattle and household goods and kitchen furniture...

...husband John R. Rollins bought land from Ransom R. White and sold to Lovelady.

Margaret was sent to Uncle Alfred Gibbs before she married to be company for my aunt while he was gone to Missouri. During the time she stayed with Aunt Gibbs she went to school some.

During the time of the war Dan D. Pate would ask me to settle [what was owed his wife] but there was no clerk to settle with.

Dan D. Pate came to the house... wanted the money due his wife. I told him I would settle if he would take a note I held on my mother. He wanted the cash. He went to her room... began to talk roughly about my husband M. F. Bryant... said he was dishonest...

I told him he had been lying about in the woods when my husband had been out fighting... I think I talked very rough to him till Mother told me to hush.

Ques: State if you were not very malicious toward Dan D. Pate.

Ans: I don't like him... I could not after the treatment he has given me and I never did like him because he was an old Yankie [sic] and I was a Rebel. /s/ Martha M. Rollins

[*Note: Sometimes this is F. M., sometimes M. F., sometimes spelled Briant and Bryant in the same document - mlj].

J. S. Bryant about 63 for Complainants. Have been acquainted with Margaret Pate, wife of Dan D. Pate 10-12 years and while she lived at her mother's, suppose I lived some six miles.

Ques: How are you related to the Complainants or any of them.?

Ans: Martha Rollins, the wife of John Rollins married my son before she married Rollins, and Doctor Ferguson married my niece.

Ques: Do you know Margarett's Aunt Martha Gibbs boarded and school her?

Ans: Don't know.

Ques: How is Rollins and wife, two of the complainants related to Margaret?

They are brother in law and sister.

Ques: Who lived with Margarett's mother other than Margarett?

Ans: Her Brother and Jonas Flatt except two negroes. /s/ Jno S. Bryant

CAUSE HEARD Tennessee Supreme Court 8 May 1875. No error in Jackson County Chancery except that part which made Complainant Judith Johnson's liability prior to that of other complainants.

Dan Pate and wife Margaret Pate to recover of Complainants Judith Johnson, John Rollins and wife Martha Rollins and A. M. Ferguson and A. H. Hoover and W. ?S. Johnson their sureties the sum of $590.31 plus $371.78 costs.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Order to sell land 10 August 1875 owned by Judith Johnson... whereas Dan D. Pate and wife vs Judith Johnson et al... land in 11th District Jackson County, Tennessee on waters of Flynn's Creek bounded north by Wm M. Ragland south by Flynn's Creek east by Alford Lee tract now claimed by Cora E. Craig, west by land of A. G. Rogers... sold to highest bidder A. M. Ferguson for $426.80 cash. 18 September 1875.

DEPOSITIONS for Complainant [All stated costs of bed and board for a girl such as Margaret would be $75 - $100 per year]:

Nancy Hall age 41. Knew Judith Johnson and her family and her daughter Margarett, the wife of Dan D. Pate 25 years or more, live 1 1/2 miles of her.

Ques: Has not your husband L. C. Hall... solicitor against Margaret and her husband Dan D. Pate talked about your evidence in this case.

Ans: He never did. I have raised two daughters to be grown. /s/ Nancy Hall

Susan Jones age 47. Known Judith and her family 25-26 years. Margarett... weakly when she was small and when I stayed there she could not do much work.

Ques: State if Judith Johnson did not hire you to weave and sew during the raising of Margaret?

Ans: She did.

Margaret is the youngest of Complainant's children by her first husband Beverly Graves. /s/ Nancy Hall

Margaret L. Richmond age 36.

Ques: State if you have raised several daughters and how much it would cost.

Ans: I have raised five daughters... guess that if dressed ordinarily a girl could earn her board after she was ten years old. /s/ M. L. Richmond

L. C. Hall about age 55. Lived 1 1/4 mile of Judith Johnson and family 25 years. I represent A. M. Ferguson, one of the securities to the guardian bond. /s/ L. C. Hall

Henry Richmond age 60. For a number of years, lived within 3 or 4 miles of Judith Johnson. Have raised several daughters. Not common to charge a daughter for raising. /s/ Henry Richmond

R. P. Brooks age 66. Known Judith since she was married, perhaps 30 years. Live within three miles of her. /s/ R. P. Brooks

NOTICE TO C & M: Judith Johnson not able to attend... bad health... lives six or seven miles from Gainesboro... son at home sick for some three or four weeks. Susan Jones a material witness... home sick. 21 August 1871. /s/ Jno P. Rawlings, Judith [X] Johnson

DEPOSITION: A. M. Ferguson age 51. Beverly Graves died 1846, was reputed father of Margarett Pate and Martha Rollins. I was the family physician for Judith Johnson for several years... have attended on Margaret.

I am a married man. I have no living children of my own.

I am security to M. F. Bryant and a party to this bill.

I lived about 2 1/2 miles of M. F. Bryant in his lifetime. M. F. Bryant was an own cousin to my wife.

I have raised three children, one girl and two boys and boarded several others.

Ques: State ages of the three children, two boys and one girl when they came to your house. Were they children of a deceased relative. State if Jonas Flatt is not dead.

Ans: Think one of the boys was 12 or 13. The other 10 or 11. They were my nephews. Their father was dead their mother was living.

The girl was a poor girl. Her father and mother both living.

I understand Jonas Flatt is dead. Do not know any estate he left. I am the only one mentioned in the bond that anything could be made...

The youngest boy stayed with me six or seven years. He was about sixteen when he left. The oldest [stayed] about eight years, and was about 22 when he left. The girl is yet with me. She has lived with me about ten years. She is I expect 20 or 21. /s/ A. M. Fergufon [Sic; old-style Fergusson - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Pleasant Graves of Jackson Co against Dan D. Pate and wife Margarette and A. M. Ferguson and John Rollins and wife Martha Rollins and Judith Johnson all of Jackson County, Tennessee.

Complainant Pleasant Graves states many years ago his father Beverly Graves died in Jackson County intestate leaving a widow Judith who afterwards married a man by the name of Johnson and her name is now Judith Johnson; also the following children besides complainant Pleasant Graves, to wit Martha first married Marion F. Bryant and after Bryant's death married defendant John Rollins, Canzada who married Beverly Moreland and Margaret a daughter married Dan D. Pate - four in all.

Sampson McClellan was appointed Administrator or Executor of his father's [Pleasant's father Beverly Graves] personal estate. There was a small sum paid over to Milton Draper (who is now dead) who was appointed guardian to all said children. Draper remained guardian some years, resigned and removed from the county handing over to his successor Marion F. Bryant as guardian $318 and cents due all three of the wards jointly and held it until he loaned it to Judith Johnson in whose care and custody all of said children except Martha who had married said Bryant and Canzada who had married said Moreland - or rather it seems he loaned that [part] due Pleasant Graves and Margarette Pate being then still minors living with their mother. Bryant died in 1861 or 1862 without having collected from defendant Judith. Said Judith told him frequently the last two or three years she would pay him, that the claim was just.

Some years ago Dan D. Pate commenced a suit, decree rendered 31 October 1873, affirmed first of May 1875 by the Supreme Court of Tennessee that the money was to be paid to Pate, he had not joined lawsuit, wants his part. Willing to pay his part of expense of suit.

Complainant states he is almost entirely illiterate, can read a little but cannot write, weak intellectually, ignorant of the law, was not aware of his loss of rights...

POVERTY OATH... lists some personal property, due to poverty cannot pay, affirms foregoing is true. 27 May 1875. Pleasant [his X] Graves

GUARDIAN APPOINTMENT, 1 October 1860, Marion F. Bryant appointed guardian of Pleasant Graves and Margaret Graves, minors... Justices W. A. McCue, Lewis Hix, Abraham Pharris, James M. Campbell, Thaxton Carter, John K. Fox, John A. Mathena, James W. Draper, J. J. Brown, Asa Johnson, Labin Loftis, John Cummins, S. A. Plumley, Franklin K. Kelly, J. J. Amonett, A. Clark, J. C. Gist, James McClennan, Henry Jackson.

GUARDIAN BOND for Marion F. Bryant. A. M. Ferguson and Jonas Flatt securities, $300. 1 October 1860. /s/ M. F. Bryant, A. M. Fergusson, Jonas Flatt

RECEIPT of Martha M. Bryant, Admx and widow of M. F. Bryant, deceased, $393.41... amount due me as one of the heirs of Bevely [sic] Graves, deceased... I received the whole amount due to me in a note of this day on Judy Johnson payable one day after date. October 10, 1865. Pleasant [his X] S. Graves

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Judy Johnson, John Rollins and wife Martha and Alexander M. Ferguson of Jackson Co. against Dan D. Pate, Margarett Pate of [blank] County, Tennessee.

Marion F. Bryant is dead.

Jonas Flatt is dead.

Judy Johnson is the mother of defendant Pate's wife. 6 July 1866. Judith [X] Johnson

[NEW] JOHNSON, L. D. vs JOHNSON, FANNIE Circuit 1889

[Note: L. D. Johnson is called "Rens" in some testimony, possibly named Lorenzo Dow Johnson for the Methodist evangelist - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of M. F. Johnson, now residing temporarily with her father in Overton County, Tennessee against L. D. Johnson, Andrew Chapman, H. W. Williams, J. T. Anderson and Joshua Chapman of Jackson Co., Tennessee. Married in Overton County, Tennessee 1879.

Alleges cruel and inhuman treatment spring and summer of 1887... assaulted, beat, accused her of adultery with Andrew Chapman...he has been guilty of adultery with divers lewd women... Frances Sutton in Jackson County, Zelph Peak, Mary Barnett. She filed for divorce, attached his property, he induced her to return. Asks for divorce, property be attached including one-half interest land in District 9 on Roaring River known as the William Johnson homestead whereon his father Wm Johnson lived and died, adjoins David Johnson, James Lynn and others. Also a judgment against Andrew Chapman stayed by Joshua Chapman for about $200, note on Daniel Johnson

Refuses to support, forced to subsist on... beneficence of her father Joseph Bilberry.

Daniel [?or David] N. Johnson is indebted to her husband L. D. Johnson, also H. W. Williams and J. T. Anderson... enjoin from paying. Asks divorce a mensa et thoro [legal separation] or avincula matrimoni [absolute divorce]. In the event of absolute divorce, asks her name be changed to Bilberry, her maiden name. They have no children. March 26, 1889. /s/ M. F. Johnson

ANSWER of Fannie Johnson to Bill of Complaint filed May 1888... were separated for a time in 1887, he falsely charged her with adultery... exposed her to the company of Andrew Chapman who is a lewd man... is informed and believes her husband had an understanding with Chapman that he Chapman would [compromise her virtue giving him grounds for divorce]. Her husband would go off from home for that purpose. Month of May 1888 he drove her from her home and said if she did not go to her father's he would kill her. 19 June 1888. /s/ M. F. Johnson

ANSWER of defendant L. D. Johnson. True they were married as stated, resided as stated. Denies cruel and inhuman treatment spring and summer 1887. She left so she could better carry on with Andy Chapman... he did accuse her of adultery... open and notorious, indictment pending against them for lewdness... Respondent did not feel responsible for support while she played the role of... harlot and was the familiar concubine of Andy Chapman. Denies adultery with Silph Peak or Mary Barnett. Does not know Mary Barnett, does know Silph Peak. Admits he was guilty of adultery with Fannie Sutton prior to the time Complainant filed her bill, but Complainant dismissed her bill and came back and lived with respondent as his wife.

True he hasn't supported her... believes that he that does the dancing should pay the fidler [sic]. May 17, 1889. L. D. [his X] Johnson

CAUSE HEARD at Cookeville, Tennessee upon notice and motion of L. D. Johnson to dissolve injunction. Fannie Johnson may have $100 out of the Chapman judgment. 18 May 1889.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Fannie Johnson. Were married in Overton County in 1879. Dated 26 Feby 1891. /s/ Fannie Johnson

AFFIDAVIT: Mrs. Fannie Johnson is not ready for trial at the present term for want of evidence of Thomas Cannon, Margaret Cannon, Jefferson Bilberry and Randolph Boles.

Monroe Sutton has been summoned as witness against affiant Martha Sutton.

Martha Cannon is the wife of Thomas Cannon and lives in Overton Co.

Jeff Bilberry is now crippled and wholly unable to come to court.

Needs evidence of Mrs. George Webb and Burton and James Webb.

Needs evidence of George Hannah [or ?Hammock], does not know where he is... his relations live in Overton and Jackson Counties. March 6, 1889. /s/ M. F. Johnson

DEPOSITION 13-15 January 1890.

Fannie Johnson age 28, wife of L. D. Johnson, am Joseph Bilberry's daughter, my parents live in Overton Co.

Husband kicked me, pitched me in back of the house. Once hit me with a horse whip. Was on his mule, called me to lay the fence down. One of the rails rolled off down the yard and he hit me. Came home drunk at night and I would put up his mules and wagon.

Offered to hire me to run off with Andy Chapman. Falsely accused me of being too intimate with Andy Chapman... nothing bad had occurred at that time.

Before the last separation, my husband said he would give me $250 to leave then raised it to $300. This was Christmas before our separation in April... lived at the Andy Chapman place. At final separation lived on the James Lynn place near uncle Dave Johnson's old place.

Once he offered to get Harrison Johnson's wife to make me a fine dress if I would run away with Andy Chapman. It was after this he rented Chapman's farm and moved to it and lived in Chapman's house. Chapman lived in Gainesboro at that time, kept stock there after we moved there and was there often.

Joe Loftis sometimes called Austin Joe Loftis married a sister of my husband, represented himself as being a good friend of mine... often came to see me for my husband, offered me $40 to leave and said there would be lies sworn against me... came to see me so many times I can't count. He said a writ was out for me and I would be put in jail... said if he was me he'd quit the racket and leave. I asked if it would cause my father and brother that was on the bond any trouble and he said it would not. He gave me $60 and said it was L. D. Johnson's money to leave on.

I signed a paper, but do not know what it was, did not know it was a bill to dismiss.

I left and went to my brother's in Illinois. Came back of my own accord for the purpose of facing law suits. Do not desire to dismiss my cross-bill.

I left for Illinois about the last days of last October.


I was to give deposition at my brother's in Illinois on the 6th of January inst. [1890]. G. W. Chapman brother of Andy came four days before deposition was to be taken, but she did not see them except from a distance. Wash Chapman paid her travel expenses to return to Tennessee. G. B. Murray and Joe Loftis went to Illinois to take deposition. She got back last Wednesday or Thursday. Been staying part of the time with Mrs. Angelina Chapman the mother of Joshua, G. W. and Andy Chapman and part of the time at Joshua Chapman's.

My brother came with me from Illinois and is at my father's. Another brother did not come.

Mrs. Angelina Chapman is an old widow lady and G. W. Chapman is unmarried.

When I went to Illinois my brother John carried me to Glasgow Kentucky and my uncle carried me to Illinois. Mother and father knew I left... objected.

After we married we moved to Texas and went to housekeeping the next winter after we married in February, lived there about twelve months and relocated to my father's, stayed there two or three years. From there we moved to Overton Harris' at the mouth of Sugar Creek in this county then went to the Wiley Gaw place on Roaring River in this county in the spring. The fall following we moved to his father's William Johnson's, were there three or four years then to Sam Johnson's. We went there in the spring and left about the next Christmas and from there to the James Lynn place near uncle Dave Johnson's. Next to Andy Chapman place the spring following, stayed until after Christmas then back to the James Lynn place near uncle Dave Johnson where we finally separated.

The first time my husband left me alone with Andy Chapman was when we lived at uncle Sam Johnson's and I objected. When we lived at uncle Dave Johnson's and I objected and when we lived at Andy Chapman's.

Ques: How is the character of Dan'l N. Johnson and his wife Alice Johnson and Calvin Scott and wife Nancy Scott.

Ans: Don't know Nancy, suppose it is good. The character of all is good.

Ques: Where were you living when Rens first tried to have you run off with Andy Chapman?

Ans: The Lynn place .

I know Mrs. May Chapman, the wife of Andy Chapman.

Ques: Did she come looking for him... you denied he was there... and she said he was, there's his hat on the stove... had a fight...

Ans: She would come get me to stay with her children. She had three, oldest about four or five years at that time.

Ques: Did Andy Chapman's wife file a bill charging adultery?

Ans: They said she did. If I committed adultery with Andy Chapman, prove it.

The first night I got back [together] with Rens we stayed at Amanda Overton's. We slept downstairs. Andy was there, he slept upstairs.

Sarah Terry, wife of Carroll Terry... character good.

Susie Maxwell, wife of ?Rus [or Rens] Maxwell... character good.

Joe Loftis told me Rens was guilty of adultery with Mary Barnett and Rens told me himself about Fannie Sutton. My brother that is now dead told me about the Zelph Peak matter.

Ques: Did you see Andy on the day Preacher John Lewis was buried at Perrine?

Ans: I did not.

Last time we lived at Andy Chapman's place Rens went off to Carroll Terry's and I wanted to go and he got mad and cursed me and went off and this was the first time I was guilty and it was because of my husband... two or three times after that.

Joe Loftis said that after L. D. Johnson lawed the Chapmans out of everything they had... we might get back together. /s/ M. F. Johnson

NOTICE to L. D. Johnson. You are notified that on 6 January 1890 I will give my deposition at the residence of Ed Bilberry in Moultry [sic; Moultrie] County, Illinois. 9 December 1889. /s/ Fannie Johnson

NOTICE to L. D. Johnson. You are notified that on 6 January 1890 I will give my deposition at the residence of Ed Bilberry in Moultry [sic; Moultrie] County, Illinois. 9 December 1889. /s/ Andrew Chapman

NOTICE to L. D. Johnson, 2 January 1891. Case of L. D. Johnson vs Andrew Chapman... Defense will be that you connived and procured adultery of wife... waited over one year to file... exposed wife Fanny to lewd and lascivious behavior.


[Note: Date on folder was 1880, but apparently began 1870 divorce action - mlj].

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Case of Milly Johnson vs James Johnson, land was ordered to be sold 7 June 1879, was sold, evict those in possession and put Joseph McHenry in possession... dividing ridge between waters of Martin's and Flynn's Creek on Mansell Spring branch bounded by Elmore Carrington, Josiah Brown and others... about 40 acres. 2nd Monday in March 1880.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Milly Johnson of Jackson County, Tennessee against James Johnson of parts unknown... perhaps State of Missouri. Married in Jackson County December 1862... she has been a resident of this state many years... He abandoned her and went to Kentucky, remained four or five years... has had lewd intercourse with wicked women, one Sarah Humphrey resides in Kentucky... Asks divorce, rights of single woman and for alimony a tract of land owned by James Johnson in the dividing ridge between Martin's and Flynn's Creeks [Also lists small amount of personal property. If there's a mention of maiden name or children's names, I did not find it - mlj]. August 4, 1870.

[NEW] JOHNSON, SAMUEL & others vs MORGAN, WASHINGTON & others 1858

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Samuel Johnson of Jackson Co., TN against John Johnson of Wilson Co, TN, Amanda Overton and husband William Overton, Ellen Loftis and husband Henry Loftis, Shada Ann Morgan and husband Marion, Asa Johnson, James M. Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Burton Johnson, Nancy Ann Johnson, Margarette E. Johnson, Angelina Chapman and husband Benjamin Chapman, Polly Young and husband Joshua Young, Hester Ann Whitaker and husband Price Whitaker, Elizabeth Lynn and husband David Lynn of Jackson Co., Sabrina Johnson, Margarette Johnson, Philena Hawkins and husband Joseph Hawkins, citizens of Overton Co., TN, Benjamin Johnson, Hester Ann Cardwell and husband ?Sunny [or Crump or Young] Cardwell, Governor Johnson, John Johnson, citizens of the State of Illinois and William Johnson of the State of Arkansas defendants.

Nimrod Johnson died intestate in Jackson Co., Orator appointed administrator of estate, which he has wound up and finally settled. Nimrod Johnson in his lifetime 25 January 1851 recovered judgment against defendant John Johnson for $98 and costs of about $.75. In May or June 1851 John Johnson paid $50, balance remains unpaid. John Johnson left the country in 1851 in insolvent circumstances and went to parts unknown to Orator... no means of collecting. The administrator charged himself with the amount in the inventory, marked it as a good debt and showed the amount as part of his distributive share, he being a son and heir... is entitled to same when collected... with interest, amounts to about $120 or more.

Orator will show that Daniel Johnson died in Jackson Co. July 1871 leaving defendants Margarette Johnson his widow and the defendant John Johnson, who is the judgment debtor herein described, with Amanda Overton, Philena Hawkins, Ellen Loftis, Shada Morgan, Elizabeth Lynn, Angelina Chapman, Asa Johnson, James M. Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Burton Johnson, Hester Ann Whitaker, Polly Young & Benjamin Johnson, Hester Ann Cardwell, Governor Johnson and John Johnson children of his deceased son David Johnson who died before said Daniel, and Nancy Ann Johnson and Margarette E. Johnson children of his deceased son Cross Johnson who also died before said Daniel his only heirs at law.

Defendants John Johnson son of David Johnson and Nancy A. Johnson, Margarette E. Johnson children of Cross Johnson are minors with no regular guardian known to Orator.

At the time of his death Daniel Johnson owned land in District 9 of Jackson Co., TN, 200 acres more or less on Roaring River bounded north by land of Thomas Smith, east by Price Whitaker, south by Amanda Overton and Rufus Allen, west by John M. Gipson.

Whether Daniel Johnson died intestate or not he will not say. [Blank] term 1871 an administrator was appointed... has sold part of land. If Daniel Johnson ever made a will it has not been probated.

John Johnson is a son and heir at law of said Daniel... entitled to 1/16 part of the personal estate and his undivided share is the only means of collecting payment... asks that he be enjoined from disposing of his interest.

Sabrina Johnson is the guardian of defendants Nancy A. Johnson and Margarette E. Johnson.

That David Johnson's administrator Asa Johnson be enjoined from paying said John Johnson... that it be attached and paid on judgment. 7 November 1871.


INDENTURE [DEED]: In consideration of $200 paid by Governor Johnson in his lifetime, I Francis Mabery of Jackson Co. transfer and convey to Samuel Johnson, William Johnson, Daniel [or David?] Johnson, John Reece [or Reed], Louisa Reece, Paul Anderson, Susannah Anderson, Washington Morgan, Polly Ann Morgan, Susannah Morgan, Marion Morgan, David [or Daniel?] Morgan, William Carroll Morgan, Vanburin Johnson, William Johnson, Benjamin T. Johnson, Polly Johnson, Clary Linch Johnson, Thomas L. Maberry, Elizabeth Maberry, William C. Morgan, Polly Morgan heirs at law of Nimrod Johnson now deceased and to their heirs... land in Jackson Co., Dist. 9 beginning at the corner of 50 acre survey in the name of Seth Mabrey Sen and in the south boundary line of Nimrod Johnson, deceased... with said boundary... to the top of a high ridge... survey of Samuel Johnson... being 30 acres more or less. Dated 9th [cannot read] 1857. Francis [his X] Mabry

[One witness to deed is Labin Loftis; cannot read the other - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Daniel Johnson, William Johnson, David Johnson, John Reed and wife Louisa Reed formerly Louisa Johnson, Paul Anderson and wife Susannah Anderson against

Washington Morgan, Polly Ann Morgan, Susannah Morgan, Marion Morgan, Daniel [or David] Morgan, Wm C. Morgan children of Austin H. Morgan who intermarried with Barbary Johnson who is now dead and who was a daughter of Nimrod Johnson, Thomas L. Mahany and wife Elizabeth Mahany formerly Elizabeth Johnson, William C. Morgan and wife Polly Morgan formerly Polly Johnson, Vanburen Johnson, Benjamin T. Johnson, William Johnson, Polly Ann Johnson and Clary Lynch Johnson children of Jacob Johnson who was a son of Nimrod Johnson deceased and who is now dead, Mary Johnson a daughter of Daniel Johnson who was a son of Nimrod Johnson deceased and who is now dead, and Susannah Johnson, widow of Nimrod Johnson deceased.

The complainants are all of Jackson Co., Tennessee. The children of Austin Morgan and wife Barbary Morgan are all minors, save Washington Morgan who is twenty-one years of age and Daniel [or David] Morgan citizens of Missouri. Thomas L. Mahany and wife reside in the State of Arkansas. William Morgan and wife are citizens of Missouri. [Looks like] "verbirer" and Benjamin T. Johnson are citizens or residents of the State of Missouri. William Johnson of Texas, Poly An [sic] and Clary Linch Johnson are residents of the State of Arkansas, Nancy Johnson of Jackson Co., TN.

Parties are the children and grand children whose parents are dead of Nimrod Johnson deceased. Nimrod Johnson died intestate in Jackson Co. about December 1856... owned following Negro slaves.

Newton about 26, Jane 34, Watson [or Waters] about 28, Louis about 14, Hannah about 12, Lafayette about ?six, ?Margaret about 5, Lid_ _y about 3, Sarah one year old...

Tracts of land in Jackson County, Tennessee, described in deed from [all deeds were filmed - mlj]:

James W. Lock, deed date 12 Feby 1848 about 50 acres.

Mounce Gore, deed date 7 April 1844, 100 acres.

John Buris [Burris] 21 May 1825, 60 acres.

Benjamin Johnson, deed date 26 Sept 1816, 50 acres.

James M. Henry, being a tract of about 18 acres together with vested remainder in dower of which Polly Henry conveyed to James M. Henry by deed 20 March 1853.

Foregoing parties [Complainants and defendants - mlj] are heirs and distributees of Nimrod Johnson deceased; that he left living a wife, left leaving no will; that land and negroes are not subject to partition. Widow is entitled to one-third.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Summons 4th Monday in April 1872 to bill of complaint of Samuel Johnson: Amanda Overton and husband William Overton, Ellen Loftis and husband Henry Loftis, Shada Ann Morgan and husband Marion Morgan, Asa Johnson, James M. Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Margarett E. Johnson, Angelina Chapman and husband Benjamin Chapman, Polly Young and husband Joshua Young, Hester Ann Whitaker and husband Price Whitaker, Elizabeth Lynn and husband David Lynn. Dated 4th Monday October 1871.

COMPROMISE AGREEMENT of Samuel Johnson against John Johnson. John Johnson agrees to pay $50 less $50 already paid... 20 April 1870.


ANSWER of Thomas A. Lancaster to Bill of Complaint of Alfred Jones and Bird S. Jones. Knows nothing of compromise. Judgment rendered November term 1841 in Circuit Court of Jackson Co. for $225. 19 Feby 1842 his co-defendant Alexander B. McNichols sold the judgment to John Conger who has since departed this life.

16 April 1842 the said John Conger sold the judgment to the mercantile firm of Costello and Brother.

23 April 1842 Costello & Brother sold judgment to this Defendant for $230.62 1/2, which sum Defendant paid in the currency of the State of Alabama.

True the Alabama currency was then somewhat depreciated... yet perfectly fair and honest transaction... no intent to defraud. 28 April 1843.

/s/ Wm B. Campbell, Sol. for Defendant /s/ Wm B. Whitley, J.P. for Smith Co., TN

PROSECUTION BOND: Alfred Jones, Bird S. Jones, and security Prettyman Jones to Alexander B.McNichol and Thomas Lancaster for $600 this 31 November 1842. Prettyman [his X mark] Jones [Others didn't sign or "X" - mlj].

DEPOSITIONS taken 1 October 1846, Buffalo Valley Meeting House in Jackson Co., testified on behalf of Plaintiffs that they were witnesses in the case of A. B. McNichols vs A. Jones & B. S. Jones and/or remembered the compromise unless otherwise indicated [No relationships given - mlj]:

William H. Richardson, age about 46. /s/ William H. Richardson

Charles R. Blair about 46. /s/ Charles R. Blair

Garland Anderson about 37, /s/ G. Anderson

Zachariah Kirkland about 32, /s/ Z. J. Kirkland

Joshua Bartlet about 35, /s/ Joshua Bartlett

Thomas Anderson about 28, /s/ Thomas Anderson

James R. Jones age 33. In the latter part of 1842 I let some Alabama money go at 18% discount and some at 20% discount. /s/ James R. Jones

COPY OF RECEIPT FOR JUDGMENT: 16 April 1842, /s/ John Conger


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Millard M. Jones against America Jones, both of Jackson Co. Married in Jackson Co. in 1876, together until the fall season of 1878, he was forced to abandon... believes her guilty of adultery with Alfred Rush and C. C. Mahanay... informed she is now pregnant as a result of illicit intercourse... has not cohabited with her since he learned of illicit intercourse with said Rush and Mahanay [Torn, water-marked; do not know if he signed - mlj].

SUMMONS TO APPEAR: America Jones on 2nd Monday in Jany 1882; another subpoena 2nd Monday in September 1881.

CUSTODY AGREEMENT of child Letha Lauretta Jones about age four. John Stout, grand father of the child, has raised her... better able to care for her. [No date on document]. /s/ Millard M. Jones, America Jones

BILL OF COMPLAINT of America J. Jones of Jackson Co., Tennessee against Millard M. Jones of Texas.

Married in Jackson Co. about ten years ago where she has resided ever since. Together two years, abandoned, has not provided for their child Aletha Lauretta Jones, about seven years old.

She has a few hogs and corn and a small patrimony left her by her father John Stout, who recently died. Complainant has possession, is the proper person to have custody, asks divorce. 7 December 1885.


Petitioner Ann Jones of Jackson Co. is the mother of David Jones, a minor. December term 1875 Franklin Richmond of Jackson Co. procured an order to apprentice said minor to him, Minute Docket Book B, page 139.

Said Franklin Richmond failed to comply with law... Brutally beat, whiped [sic] bruised, ill treated, neglected his education... all told only sent him to school about two or three weeks... treats the child worse than slaves were treated in the days of slavery... August 6, 1877. Ann [her X] Jones

COPY OF INDENTURE: David Jones age about 15, no father living, no property, no person will educate and maintain... apprenticed to Frank Richmond until age 21... will provide with Diet, clothing, teach or cause to be taught to read and write and cipher as far as the rule of three and at the expiration... give him a horse bridle and saddle and two suits clothing. August 6, 1877 [sic; I typed dates as written, do appear "off" - mlj].

ANSWER: Frank Richmond. Denies beating, ill treatment... has plenty of time yet to education.

CAUSE HEARD: Complaint not justified, she pay cost. August term 1875.

[NEW] JONES, B. C. & WIFE et al vs HOLLOWAY, J. S. & wife et al CO. 1894

SETTLEMENT REPORT of J. S. Holloway, guardian of Cleo & Lona Meadows, minor heirs of Laton Meadows, 7 January 1895... $55.00 has come to hands.

RECEIPT of B. C. Jones for tuition, books and clothing furnished, $8.00.

RECEIPT of Calvin Meadows in full for his distributive share March 5, 1895, $5.00 plus interest of 25 cents, total $5.25.

REPORT OF LAND SALE. Saturday December 29, 1894 at Court House door in Jackson County, Tennessee, old home place of Laton Meadows, deceased, land described in pleadings in the case of B. C. Jones and wife vs J. S. Holliway and wife, et al, sold on 4 Dec 1894 when J. F. Griffith became purchaser at $217.50.

CAUSE HEARD, B. C. Jones and wife Hattie Jones, J. F. Lee and wife Mollie Lee, Robt Meadows and Calvin Meadows against

J. S. Holliway and wife Nannie Holliway, Barnett Meadows, Cleo Meadows and Leona Meadows, minor defendant Barnett Meadows by guardian ad litem J. H. Stafford and minor defendants Cleo Meadows & Leona Meadows by their guardian ad litem J. S. Holliway... all right, title and interest that Complainants and Defendants had in land be divested out of complainants and defendants and in the purchaser James Griffith and his heirs.

DEPOSITIONS 24 November 1894:

J. B. Lundy age 40. Live 10th District, about one mile from land... about four or five years. Poor piece of flat woodland, yields about 2 1/2 barrels per acre, about 50 acres has been cleared but has grown up in sprouts, 200 acres in the whole. Best to sell and distribute proceeds. /s/ J. B. Lundy

Nathan Judd, live 10th District, know land that did belong to Layton Meadows, deceased. Nathan [his X] Judd

ANSWER of Lona and Cleo Meadows, heirs of Laton Meadows by their guardian J. S. Holloway to Bill of Complaint. Laton Meadows died intestate in Jackson County many years ago, left above parties as minor heirs.

[NEW] JONES, CLINTON & Others vs HAILE, JOSHUA & Others Chancery 1878

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Clinton Jones ["and William E. Jones" marked through - mlj] of Jackson Co, TN against

Elizabeth Thaxton and husband Alexander Thaxton, James W. Meadows, John Meadows, Artemissa Keith and husband William Keith, Iby Gipson and husband Tobias Gipson, Artemy Harris, Margaret Rush and husband James Rush, Martha Huff and husband Cullom Huff, Franklin Meadows commonly known as Duke Meadows, Elizabeth Allen and Thomas Allen all of Jackson County, TN and John Allen & Mariah Allen of Kentucky.

13 December 1873, one Charles Meadows commenced in Circuit Court of Jackson Co. an action of Ejectment against Charles Haile who was at that time a tenant of Elizabeth Thaxton... tract of land 11th District of Jackson Co... begin on Charles Meadows' southeast corner then up the point of a ridge northwardly towards the flat on the ridge, to include the flat, then north to Oswin Dow's line and with his line... 50 acres more or less. Reference here made to the certified copy of verdict of Ejectment.

May 29, 1877, the jury decided in favor of Plaintiffs.

While the action was pending, Charles Meadows died intestate in Jackson Co... an order executed upon all of said heirs of Charles Meadows, deceased to wit the Defendants hereto EXCEPT Elizabeth Thaxton and her husband Alexander Thaxton and Joshua Haile. The case was revived in the name of said heirs.

Joshua Haile procured an order illegally in Cookeville, Putnam County for rents for 1877 arising from the death of Charles Meadows to be assigned to Elizabeth Thaxton and her husband Alexander Thaxton.

Defendants except Joshua Haile and Elizabeth Thaxton and her husband are heirs of Charles Meadows deceased except husbands of married women.

Elizabeth Allen, Thomas Allen, John Allen and Mariah Allen are children of Malissa Allen, who was a daughter of said deceased and are minors without general guardian.

Orator Clinton Jones [blank] 1876 purchased from the said heirs Tobias Gipson and wife Iby Gipson, Cullom Huff and wife Martha Huff, John Meadows, Franklin Meadows alias Duke Meadows, William Keith and wife Artemessa Keith and Artemy Harris for a valuable consideration all their interest in land... including rent from date of purchase.

Orator William E. Jones charges that [blank] 1876 defendant James Rush and wife Margaret Rush sold him their interest including rent from date of purchase.

Orators aver they are entitled to rents and profits for years 1874, 5, 6, and 7. Joshua Haile illegally appropriated rents from those years. 14 January 1878.

/s/ Clinton Jones, W. E. Jones

PROSECUTION BOND of Clint Jones, with Frank Jones security dated Feby 2[?], 1878. B. F. [his X mark] Jones, /s/ Clinton Jones

ANSWER of Joshua Haile to Bill of Complaint of Clinton Jones. James W. Meadows and wife Elizabeth Meadows took possession of a portion of lands described, "it being that portion set in the disclaimer in said ejectment in 185 - [don't know if dash after 185 is supposed to denote unknown date or not - mlj] and occuppied [sic] the same until on the [blank] day of [blank] 1872 when they disagreed with each other and parted and the said Elizabeth filed her divorce bill."

Respondent was the solicitor of Complainant Elizabeth and procured a decree vesting all right title and interest of James M. Meadows to said land in Complainant Elizabeth and also dissolving the bonds of matrimony. Said Elizabeth having no means to pay placed said land in his charge... making him agent to rent out and control. Said Elizabeth not being in possession of same, Respondent placed Charles Haile in possession of same whereupon Charles Meadows brought the ejectment suit. This was in court three or four years before it was tried. Respondent rented the land for the years 187[blank] and 1872 to complainant Clinton Jones and said Jones gave his promissory note for $25 due Nov 15, 1877 for the rent for that year.

Respondent admits judgment in favor of the Plaintiffs, but the defendants Elizabeth Thaxton and her husband appealed to the Supreme Court of Tennessee on the first Monday in January 1878 [Remainder of case details legal maneuverings]. 23 Feby 1878.

[NEW] JONES, C. T. & wife vs PRICE, ELIJAH & KEITH, JAMES Chancery 1893

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Charles T. Jones and wife Susan A. Jones of Jackson Co. against Elijah Price of Jackson Co., TN and James Keith of Missouri.

John Keith departed life in Jackson Co., TN [blank] 187[blank] since the adoption of the Constitution of the State of Tennessee in 1870 leaving Serilda Keith his widow who died soon after her husband and a number of children over the age of twenty-one except Complainant Susan A. Jones and defendant James Keith both of whom were minors of tender years at the death of their father John Keith.

John Keith at death owned and resided on a tract in District 11 on the waters of Flynn's Creek bounded by lands of John Stout, Elijah Price and James M. Richmond and perhaps others... 25 acres, value less than $1000 including structures, thus exempt as homestead... descended to his widow Serilda for herself and minor children residing on the land.

After John Keith and his widow died, the children Susan Keith and James Keith were taken by relatives and raised and said land was taken possession of by one William Keith who lived there until 1884 when court proceedings of some older children of John Keith... land sold for distribution to defendant Elijah Price, sale confirmed January term 1885.

Said Susan and James being minors were entitled to homestead until age 21. Complainant Susan being only [figure written over; 18 changed to 19 or vice versa - mlj] the 1st day of August 1893.

Said James Keith is [blank] years of age. Susan Keith has married Complainant Charles T. Jones who joins her in this suit.

POVERTY OATH... due to poverty... unable to bear cost. 11 Aug 1893. /s/ C. T. Jones

ANSWER of Elijah Price to Bill of Complainant. True John and Serilda died, heirs included Sarah and James Keith who were represented by guardians, filed to sell land for distribution. Denies he has had the land since 1885... bought December 1885 from William Lawson. /s/ E. Price

[Note: Following is old case, probably misfiled here, does concern John Keith - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Leonidas McCarver of Jackson Co. against John Keith, Russell Kinnaird and Watson M. Cook of Jackson Co. and Thomas L. Bransford of Barren Co., Kentucky.

Defendant Keith indebted to him by judgment about $85.00 recovered by Edward Mercer May 1, 1848 for $11.99 and costs, and another in favor of Mercer dated 22 Feby 1851 for $30.60 and costs; another in name of your Orator for about $27.80 in costs...

Said Keith is insolvent... 3 July 1851 Keith executed a deed of trust to Watson M. Cook as Trustee for the benefit of defendants Kinnaird and Bransford... land on Flynn's Creek. July 16, 1852. /s/ Leonidas A. McCarver

[Note: Following returns to case of C. T. Jones & James Keith vs Price, etal - mlj].

DEPOSITIONS - Early Sept 1895:

James Denson age 45. Knew John and Serilda Keith. Serilda was my sister. Jno died about 1874 or 5. Serilda died June 1880. Known land since I was small, lived on it about a year with my sister after Jno Keith died. She continued to occupy with her children until her death. Serilda and John Keith had three children. The oldest Jim was born 1869, next was Alcis born about a year and a half after Jim, was small, about six or eight months when she died. Next and last was Susan born 1873 or 74. James [his X] Denson

C. T. Jones, am a complainant. From the best record I can find, my wife was born 1 August 1874. We married June 19, 1892. /s/ C. T. Jones

J. N. Carter, know land. It lies across a little hollow and is very steep and rocky, worth about $5 per acre. Live about two miles from it. /s/ J. N. Carter

James Lawson. Live about 2 1/2 miles from the land, and for six or seven years, one mile. Don't know if John Keith made a living for his family on the land. Bill Keith lived there a year or two and tended it, worked at other things - stone mason and preacher.

Ques: Did Bill Lawson your brother sell this land to Elijah Price?

Ans: He sold it to him for $50.00 and reserved the timber. James [his X] Lawson

E. Price, am a defendant. The house in which John Keith lived was not there when I bought it. I fenced it eight rails high, rented it to John Chaffin one year and Marion Wilmeth 3 or 4 years. Eliga [his X] Price

ADJOURNED to September 5, 1895.

Marion Wilmoth. I have known land about eight years, first rented it six years ago and lived on it three years... between 8 - 10 acres in cultivation. Paid 1/3 [of crop], got 3 or 4 bbls per acre. Since I left, Ab Allen's folks tended it one year and Jno Chaffin two years. Marion [his X] Wilmoth

Woody Denson age 82. Knew John and Serilda Keith, lived about 1 1/2 miles, don't remember when they died. Serilda left two children surviving her, James and Susan. Susan was 21 this last August, thing James is now about 24.

Jno Keith lived up the hollow above the place. Bill Keith was to get a part of the land for taking care of the old man and his family during their life but they split up... heard Bill left the place... don't know if Bill died on the land... Bill Keith has two widows living. Woody [his X] Denson

Byas [sic; Tobias] Keith. Knew John and Serilda Keith. Serilda left two children by John - Jim and Susan. Lived about one-half mile. I don't know that John Keith sold it to Wm Keith. Wm Keith is my father. My father moved to Kentucky and came back and died on that place. /s/ Tobias Keith

[Note: Page or pages of depositions appear to be missing, don't know who said what. Possibly John Chaffin and L. M. Cason - mlj].

Question: Where is Jim Keith

Ans:... Reckon in Missouri.

Ques: When did he leave?

Ans: [Missing - mlj].

[Top and signature missing - mlj]. Knew John and Serilda Keith. He's been dead 18 - 19 years, she died 4 or 5 years later.

[Top and signature missing - mlj]. Jim was about 4 or 5 when Jno Keith died, Susan younger... relatives come and got them when Serilda died.

Andy Skimmerhorn age 41. [Nothing new]. Andy [his X] Skimerhorn

[NEW] JONES, GEORGE, Admr of JONES, I. H., deceased County 1909

INVENTORY & SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY November 21, 1908. [Detailed list filmed, included item, purchaser, amount - mlj]. Purchasers were Em Jones, George Jones, Saley Hix, Bell Long, B. C. Jones, Mark Wilson, Comer Hix, Jas Bohanon, Louise Jones, Waid Long, B. McCanley, H. H. Flatt, Wesley McCoin, W. [A. or R.] McCoin, Alace Jones, Matt Hall. [B. C. Jones and Geo Jones bought books, no bible listed. Other items were household goods, farm tools - mlj].

SUPPLEMENTAL INVENTORY: Telephone box that belonged to deceased, $7.00; note on H. C. and H. Clark and J. K. Forkum of $14.

Sale and settlement recorded Administrator's Settlement Book "D", pages 323, 4 & 5 on December 23, 1908.

RECEIPT of A. E. M. Jones, part of the money allowed her by commissioners... her year's support [probably as widow - mlj].

RECEIPT OR PAID CHECK October 30, 1908, from O. M. White, medical services for deceased.

RECEIPT November [?] 1908, Cookeville Marble Works, $20.00.

FUNDS: To be divided between seven heirs equally of $56.36, being $8.05 each:

W. M. Jones
Sallie Hix
John Jones
Belle Jones
George Jones $8.06 retains as Administrator
Curtis Jones
B. C. Jones


I James Jones of Jackson County, Tennessee... weak of body... sound mind... disposing memory...

1st ... buried decent Christian... discretion of my Executrix... my soul I have committed to God...

2nd... all my lands... personal property of any description the property of my beloved wife Polly Jones to her and her heirs forever with the exception of my negro slaves and they are disposed of as hereafter in this will mentioned.

In the third place my will is that all my negroes except my negro man Edward of whom mentioned will be made hereafter in this my will whos [sic] names are Spencer Alcy Lanny Esther Charles David Nelson Dowe Martha Julia Hannah Mary John Pleasant Polly Jane and Ruth and their increase the property of my beloved wife Polly Jones... bequeath to her during her natural life... that she is not at liberty to convey them...

4th My will is that after the decease of ... Polly Jones above named be emancipated... cannot and must not in any event become the property of any person; after the decease of my wife Polly Jones.

5th my will is that my negro man slave Edward from this time have the liberty to follow any lawful occupation in the County of Jackson only, or in any county in which my said wife Polly shall reside after my decease and that so soon as he shall pay my wife Polly Jones the sum of Five hundred dollars including what he has already paid for his special use and benefit he the said negro man Edward be emancipated and free and that all lawful means be resorted to legally consumate [sic] his freedom and the said Edward upon my wife Polly's decease cannot and must not become the property of any other person whatsoever.

6th My will further is that all cash, money and all other possessions, estate, real, personal, or mixt [sic] which may hereafter become due to me or become mine in any way whatever be the property of my wife Polly Jones and the same is hereby bequeathed to her and her heirs forever, seventhly and lastly my beloved wife Polly Jones is by this last will & testament nominated constituted and appointed Executrix... all former wills... revoked... 4th day of May 1833... s/s/ James Jones

Witnesses: William Gailbreath, Thomas Murray, William Lock

PROVED: August Session 1833.

CLERK OF COURT CERTIFICATION: I certify this is a full and correct copy... 2nd September 1839.

[NEW] JONES, JAMES vs MORGAN, GEO H. & others Chancery 1873-1879

[Note: File folder reads Geo "W." Morgan; clearly Geo "H" - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of A. W. Draper and Geo H. Morgan to Bill of Complaint of James Jones by his guardian John Sneed...

A. W. Draper was appointed guardian of Daniel Hufhines after he Hufhines had been declared of unsound mind... a note came to his hands, recovered judgment November 1867, Bill of Complaint against Adam S. Hufhines as Principal and against Henry Sneed, administrator of Henry Jones, deceased, who was the security on the note.

The note was not executed by Adam S. Hufhines to his father Daniel... it was for the purchase of a slave. Daniel Hufhines was old and intended to discontinue housekeeping.

Respondent was present at the sale of the Negro slaves and bid for the negro that A. H. Hufhines purchased, Henry Jones became security. Respondent has been acquainted many years with said Henry Jones... does not believe he was drunk, but was likely a little in whiskey... denies he was sufficiently so as to be taken advantage of.

Henry Jones the father of Complainant James Jones died in the service of the Confederate States in the late rebellion in 1863 or 1864... judgment rendered against A. H. Hufhines as Principal and Henry Sneed as Administrator of Henry Jones in the year 1867... statute of limitations did not apply as courts were closed during the late war.

Respondent admits that James Jones was then and [is] now an idiot, that he was brought before the Court with his guardian John Sneed 15 August 1873.

DEPOSITIONS 7 January 1879, store house of Milton H. Draper at Highland, Tenn.

L. C. Hall age 80. Knew Daniel Hufhines and Henry Jones from 1846. Jones died in the Army in the year 1861. Most of the time he was under influence of liquor but have seen him sober both here and in the Army... When under the influence... very noisy and boisterous...

Garret W. Veach was James Jones' guardian before Henry Sneed was appointed. While Veach was guardian he employed me to file a bill to enjoin the judgment against Henry Sneed, the administrator of Henry Jones. Did not believe a defense of intoxication would be successful. /s/ L. C. Hall

ADJOURNED to 8 Jany 1879.

L. H. McCarver age 65. Knew Henry Jones the father of James Jones from 1835 to commencement of the War in 1860 or 1861.

Ques: Were you acquainted with the father, brothers and sister of Henry Jones, deceased father of James?

Ans: Near all of them... five I think, all are dead. I lived about two miles of the old man and the most of the children. There were James, Henry, John and Dick all Brothers and the old man Henry there [sic] father.

Ques: Please state whether or not the father and brothers of the said Henry Jones were of sound or unsound mind.

Ans: I don't think they were very sound minded.

Henry Jones father of James Jones has four or five children, all idiot but one and she was not of good mind. I don't think Henry Jones could count to a hundred... did not know the value of a one dollar bill from a five or ten. /s/ L. A. McCarver

A. M. Fergerson alias Doctor Fergerson age 57 [or 58; writeover - mlj]. Have been a practicing physician 32 - 33 years. Knew Henry Jones father of James Jones the lunatic from 1845 until 1861 or 2. Knew Daniel Hufhines from about 1845 until about 1865 his death.

Knew Henry Jones father of the lunatic's father and his name was Henry.

Henry's [Jr] brothers were James, Lewis and Richard. Didn't know the sister.

Henry Jun was the father of five children, all very weak minded, three of them are idiots. /s/ A. M. Fergufon [sic; old-style ss, as Fergusson - mlj]

ADJOURNED to 10 Jany 1879.

Joel Richardson about age 61. Knew the Jones family since I was a small boy, lived about a mile. Henry Jones Jun. died in the Army about 1862. Was raised with them, played with them. Henry Jones Jr. was a married man, had five or six children.

Was at the sale of Daniel Hufhines' negroes at the residence of old Daniel about 1 1/2 mile of Highland. Thomas Hufhines got two... were small. Adam Hufhines a boy and a girl. Frank Richmond a boy.

A. W. Draper or his brother John bid off the negro man but did not get him - went at $700 as I recollect. Dan'l Hufhines said the man was to stay there and work for him... my understanding from Daniel Hufhines on the day of sale that after his death the man was to go to the heirs of old James W. Draper, John and Asberry Draper who were grand children of Daniel Hufhines and heirs of James W. Draper.

Henry Jones was drunk on the day of the sale... if not I never saw a drunk man.

Henry Jones' [Jun] wife died three or four years after Henry Jones.

Children and grandchildren and heirs at law [of Daniel Hufhines] bought most of the property. /s/ Joel Richardson

Garrett W. Veach alias Esquire Veach, about age 75. Knew Henry Jones and Daniel Hufhines from about 1840 until Jones went in the rebel Army and Hufhines died. I had some blacksmith dealings with old man Henry Jones Sr. & Henry Jr. /s/ G. W. Veatch

CAUSE HEARD 22 March 1877. Complainant James Jones owes defendant George H. Morgan as administrator of Daniel Hufhines deceased the debt... judgment recovered 15 November 1867, sum of $1115.56... interest $624.71, total of $1740.27... lands of Complainant James Jones on War trace Creek near Highland where Henry Jones father of Complainant lived... Complainant's bill be dismissed and defendant Geo. H. Morgan recover...

PETITION of James Jones an idiot by guardian John Sneed against Geo H. Morgan and Asberry Draper, John P. Murray, J. N. Hix and W____ ?Hearne all of Jackson Co, TN. On May 11, 1872, filed original bill against Morgan & Draper alleging the father of Petitioner died intestate while in the army of the Confederate States. He did not die in Jackson Co. although he resided there. Henry Sneed administered on his estate, and although an honest man, he was poorly versed, not capable of administering, was over reached. Orator is an idiot of the lowest intellect. January term 1871 John Sneed was appointed guardian. Long before his appointment, on 15 November 1867, A. W. Draper who pretended to act as guardian for Daniel Hufhines... many years suffered Senile Dementia, recovered judgment against Adam Hufhines and Henry Jones. Records are all lost except the entry on minute docket... believe fraudulently prosecuted... believes it was an advancement. Daniel Hufhines did not attempt to collect when of sound mind... worn down by infirmities his guardian proceeded. A. S. Hufhines was discharged from the debt by taking bankruptcy law. The note was procured illegally, Henry Jones the father of James Jones was given to spells of intoxication. James Jones was an idiot with no guardian, could not protect his interest. Believes Chancery Court will rescue him from ruin and unjust judgment.

James Jones owned a tract by descent from his father Henry Jones in fee simple for more than seven years, thus barred from land being sold for debts of his father. 24 September 1877. /s/ Haile, Garrett & Haile John E. [his X mark] Sneed

DEPOSITIONS 9 February 1878:

L. H. McCarver age 65. The old man Henry was the father of James, Henry, John and Dick. Henry father of James was about my age. John died about 1838 or 40, the last one died about four years ago. /s/ L. H. McCarver

Joel Richardson age 65 [Nothing new]. /s/ Joel Richardson

John Sneed age 24. I am the guardian of James Jones, a Lunitic [sic]. Never gave authority for a compromise of the suit. John E. [his X] Sneed

Dr. A. M. Furgurson. Daniel Hufhines said the money was not to be paid [for the slaves] unless he needed it to live on and only the sons and sons in law were to buy the slaves. Henry Jones was very weak minded... drunk on the day of sale. /s/ A. M. Fergusson

G. W. Veach age 75. Daniel Hufhines said he did not intend the negroes to go out of the family. Henry Jones was inebriated at the sale, saw him next morning at Highland and he was still drinking. /s/ G. W. Veatch

[NEW] JONES, LEONADAS & Others vs BROOKS, R. P. Chancery 1872-1875

[Note: Entire case contained many misspellings. Spelling of names as written. More on the Rector family on Reel #83, Hood vs Rector - mlj].

DEPOSITIONS 7 April 1874.

T. J. Gailbreath age 57. I was not much acquainted with David M. Rector in his lifetime. I left this county in 1843 and returned 1846 and he left here in October or September in 1846 and went to the Mexican war.

He was inclined to drink...

Am acquainted with R. P. Brooks... rich and a man of good sense.

Jane Jones has a bad name... regarded as a lewd woman... never heard her charged of stealing or lying... good character for industry.

Would not give Sarah Rector, former widow of David M. Rector, full faith and credit [for truth]. /s/ Thos J. Gailbreath

Christaina Slone age 56. Was acquainted with David M. Rector some 4 - 6 years, from the time he came to Jackson Co. until he went to the Mexican War in 1846. D. M. Rector had two girls before he went to the Mexican War; oldest Poly Ann the youngest Christania named for me. When D. M. Rector went to the Mexican War Polly Ann was about five and Christane not quite one.

Sarah Rector the mother of David M. Rector died before he went to the Mexican war. R. P. Brooks was not in this county at the time Sarah Rector died nor at the time D. M. Rector went to the Mexican War he had gone to the south. R. P. Brooks was absent from this country five or six year.

Polly Ann Rector was born on the hill above R. P. Brooks spring. Christana was born on R. P. Brooks farm in a house near the river on the north side of the river in the first part of 1846.

I lived 1 1/2 mile from D. M. Rector before he went to the Mexican War. Christaine is 28 January last past. I know this by the record of my own child. I have a son born November 1847.

Ques: State if R. P. Brooks furnished Sarah Rector mother of David a house from the time he Brooks bought the negroes from David M. Rector until her death.

Ans: [Affirmative - mlj].

I heard David M. Rector say he sold the negroes to R. P. Brooks but was not to have possession until the death of his mother [Sarah Rector]. The negro woman's name was Cinda the boys was Reuben and Tom. Cinda's health was very bad January 1845... rheumatism in the shoulder and knee. Knew Cinda up to the war and after the war when Cinda left the country and was free.

January 1845 Cinda was not worth anything but expense... Reuben $300 and Tom $200.

David M. Rector when sober was a good trader... good worker in the blacksmith shop and forge, made good crops, man of good education.

I have been living in the State of Cantucky [sic; surely Kentucky] the last 2 1/2 years... came back to this state about three weeks ago in Jackson Co. Christaina [her X] Sloan

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Leonada Jones and wife Mary and Pinkney Gipson and wife Christina Gipson against Richard P. Brooks, all of Jackson County, Tennessee.

Complainants filed their original bill 16 June 1871 charging Brooks with [smear] three negroes belonging to Orators, to wit Reuben, Tom, Sidiny [sic; Cindy/Sindy]. Brooks as agent and guardian of Mary Jones and Christina Gipson... converted them to his own use... since filing they have found R. P. Brooks has some kind of bill of sale from their father David M. Rector ... believed obtained by fraud.

Richard P. Brooks was acting as attorney in fact for David M. Rector in defending a suit brought by Bryson Hood... believe bill of sale obtained while acting in this capacity. [No date].

DEPOSITIONS 14 August 1873:

Sarah Ray age 48. Knew David M. Rector and wife Sarah Rector and his mother Sarah Rector. His mother Sarah lived about one mile. They lived on the hill above R. P. Brooks spring, and then at Brooks ferry. Sarah Rector mother of David died at the ferry.

Sarah Rector the wife of D. M. Rector was at my house with her two little girls after D. M. Rector died... also after the death of Sarah Rector mother of D. M. Rector. The oldest was Poly Ann the youngest Christany. It has been fifteen years or more since I saw the children. Sarah [her X] Ray

Anny Sisco age 68. Lived one-half to one and one-half mile from Rectors. Christany is 26 or 27 years of age last June.

Ques: State how old your son Hubert is.

Ans: Hubard Sisco is 26 or 27 years last April he was born the 18 day of April the same year R. P. Brooks left the country. Hubert is two months older than Christana.

Sarah Rector mother of David has been dead about 27 years this coming October.

Ques: Was there a third child between Maryan and Christaina...

Ans: ...never heard of it. Anny [her X] Sisco

DEPOSITIONS 27 & 28 August 1873:

P. M. Ray age 58. Lived 1 - 1 1/2 mile from the Rectors in 1844 and 1845, left Spring 1846 and returned in the fall to the same place. Believe R. P. Brooks went South in 1845 or 1846, gone six years.

Ques: State if you sold a likely boy in the Spring 1845... how much did you get?

Ans: $300.

Ques: State if your brother Johnathan Ray sold a slave...

Ans: Yes, $250, we sold to R. P. Brooks. I was not a negro trader I never bot [sic] or sole [sic] but the one spake [sic] of in my life. /s/ Philip M. Ray

David Cox age 55. Know Sarah Rector, D. M. Recter's wife when I see her. I heard Peat Woods' wife say she believed that Peat was the father [of] Leatha the youngest child of Sarah Rector. From all I know of Sarah, I would give her credit on oath. /s/ David Cox

John J. Price age 44. David M. Rector would go on drinking sprees, drink two or three days then get sober and go to work. /s/ J. J. Price

James P. Howell age 44. Before David M. Rector went to the Mexican War I was living on the Cumberland River, what they call Lock's Branch. Before that I lived on the Nelson Sadler place. Lived there when Brooks left and went to Louisiana. Was there two years before Lock's Branch. Been 27 years since I moved to the Sadler place and D. M. Rector lived at Brooks Ferry. Sarah Rector had two children, the youngest eight to twelve months, just begun to crawl about.

I am a man of good health now, have not been heretofore. I was some while ago deranged by an over flow of the head in some way... it was eleven or twelve years ago for about six months. James [his X] P. Howell

Triphena Howell age 43. Knew D. M. Rector. They had two children before he went to the Mexican War. The youngest was born 28 years last January. Me and [my husband] moved to Sadler place 28 years last October. I remember when the youngest of Rector's children was born because it was just before I was married. The child was born in January and I married in October and I have been married 28 years next October. Trephinia [her X] Howell

George Kinnaird age 63. Knew David M. Rector 2 or 3 years before he went to the Mexican War. They had two children when he left. He never came back. The youngest was about a year old when he left. They were both born before R. P. Brooks left to go to Louisiana and before Rector's mother died.

Ques: State if his wife had any other children until she married Dick Barks.

Ans: She had no other til she married Barks. R. P. Brooks went to Louisiana September or October 1846 and returned in 1852.

D. M. Rector would not trade when drinking. George Allen tried to sell him a cow when drunk and he refused to trade with him.

Knew the slaves Cinda, Reuben and Tom in 1845. Cinda was afflicted with rheumatism. Reuben was 11 or 12 years old... a plow boy, and Tom was younger. They remained in possession of old Mrs. Rector as long as she lived. George [his X] Kinnaird.

DEPOSITIONS 24 April 1873:

William Kernal age 65. Acquainted with Rectors, lived 1 - 1 1/2 mile. Negroes Rube was about 15 and Tom about 6. Brooks left September 1846, old Sarah died October next. William [his X] Kernell

Jane Jones 38. R. P. Brooks bought Cinda, Rube and Tom in exchange for furnishing old Mrs. Rector a home and provisions until she died. After R. P. Brooks left, Mrs. Brooks furnished provisions.

David and his mother lived in the house together. I lived 1/2 - 3/4 mile. David's oldest was born on the hill the youngest at the ferry. Their mother's name was Sarah Rector - Sarah Taylor before she was married. Both were born before I had a child and my oldest is going on 26 years of age.

Ques: State if Christina is a doctor among children.

Ans: If she is a doctor I know nothing about it never heard of it.

I live on the land of R. P. Brooks close to his house. Moved there about five weeks ago.

Sally Rector is not entitled to full credit on oath. Jane [her X] Jones

Wm W. Holcum age 42. Know the land R. P. Brooks sold to D. M. Rector and Rector afterwards sold to Sadler and I own it now. I was about 18 years old when Brooks sold to Rector. /s/ W. W. Halcum

R. P. Brooks age 66. Purchased Cinda, Tom and Reuben from David M. Rector some few days before 13 Jany 1845, took a bill of sale, agreed to pay $500 and in addition to furnish his mother with a home and provisions to support her the balance of her lifetime and let the negroes remain in her possession until her death. Did not agree to furnish her with wearing apparel. Bill of sale 13 Jany 1845. David M. Rector had a reversion or remainder [interest in the negroes] after the death of his mother. I swapped a tract of land called the Cove tract worth $235, a horse at $80 or $85, paid Brison Hood $200 cash [at David's request], furnished his mother a home and support until I left in 1846 and she was then supported by my family. I was the agent of Sarah Rector the mother of David Rector in a suit between her and about the negroes.... My agency ended when that suit was compromised in 1843. /s/ R. P. Brooks

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Leonadas Jones and wife Mary Jones, Pinkney Gipson and wife Christina Gipson.

The father of Mary Ann Jones and Christina Gipson died in 1847 leaving them as minor children ages one and five. 13 June 1871

Leonardes [his X] Jones, Maryan [her X] Jones

Pinckney [his X] Gipson, Christany [her X] Gipson

DEPOSITIONS 24 April 1874:

Saunders Scisco, age 39.

Ques: State how many of your brothers and sisters has been witnesses in this suit.

Ans: But one that I know of.

Live about 13 miles of Defendant. Saunders [his X] Sciscoe

Thomas Smith age 72. [Nothing new]. Thos [his X] Smith

DEPOSITION 24 March 1873:

William Gore about age 49. D. M. Rector went in the Mexican War... same company that I did. He died while in that war... recollection it was the Spring 1848. /s/ Wm Gore.

DEPOSITION 21 October 1873:

Bryson Hood age 56. Became acquainted with David M. Rector in 1839. He lived at that time in Morgin [sic; Morgan] County in East Tennessee. If he had any property at that time I know nothing of it. He moved to Jackson County and I knew him there. He was the only heir to his mother's estate. I was a party to a suit that we was at law about... negroes Sindy, Rheubin, Eliza, Charles and Thom. I got Charles and $200 in money and the rest went to the other party. [Marked through "My first wife was the daughter of Sarah Rector and sister to David M. Rector...". Signature page missing - mlj].

DEPOSITION 30 July 1872:

Peter G. Cox. Knew David Rector...drunk when he could get liquor /s/ Peter G. Cox

DEPOSITION 14 April 1874:

Pinckney McCarver age 65. Knew David Rector. /s/ Pinckney McCarver

DEPOSITION 23 March 1873

Anny Jones age 54. Knew David M. Rector. Christana is about 25 and Polly An about 27. So far as I know Sarah Rector's character is good.

I was present when Christina was born and her father had gone to the war.

The report [gossip] said Sarah Rector widow of David M. married Barks. Saley Rector and Barks are living together as man and wife... recognized as such. I am the mother of Leonardas Jones. I have had nine children. I was never married. Ann [her X] Jones

DEPOSITIONS 16 August 1873:

Maryan Jones age 27. B. B. Washburn was our guardian. I don't know what date I was born on... married Lon Jones. Mary Ann [her X] Jones

James M. Allard age 47. [Nothing new - mlj].

Absolem Taylor age 65. I was not present when Christina was born. I think Mrs. Gipson was. I think she was born at Mother's. She lived in the Hancock Hollow near where the poor house is now... the south side of the river above the foot of the Town hill.

Ques: What relation are you to Polly Ann and Christine?

Ans: They are my sister's children. Absolem [his X mark] Taylor

DEPOSITION 3 September 1874:

B. B. Washburn, age 56. David M. Rector went in the Mexican War 1847, died 1847 according to reports of fellow soldiers.

I have seen the bill of sale of negroes. Sam E. Stone was a subscribing witness. Sam E. Stone is dead, I think he died prior to 1856.

I was the guardian of Polly Ann and Christina and remained so until they were of age. I understand when R. P. Brooks left Jackson County in 1845 he resided in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Am acquainted with Carroll A. Jones. He character is mixed... entitled to credit in a court of law but not as much as a man who is good in every respect. /s/ B. B. Washburn

Sarah Rector about age 55. I was the wife of David Rector at his death. We married about 27 years ago. Our oldest daughter Polly Ann Jones was born a year after we married on 25 January and was 26 last January. Christena is about two years younger. David stayed drunk a week at a time. Crop time, he would be sober three or four weeks at a time. He died in Mexico, I was told ariepelus [sic; Erysipelas, a streptococci infection of the skin - mlj] on the 15th March 184[7 changed to "8"]... left me with plenty to go on... good nag, cattle, hogs and corn. He was a blacksmith and made money, spent nearly as fast. My husband maintained the old lady Sarah Rector. She died before he left home. There were four negroes in litigation with Hood - Cynthia, Thom, Reubin and Eliza. R. P Brooks got Eliza for his trouble in the suit. Sarah [her X] Rector

Carline Baldwin 47. D. M. Rector died in 1848. He did most of his drinking in Gainesboro where I lived at the time. Carline [her X] Baldwin

DEPOSITIONS 30 August 1873 at the house of Charley Hufhines:

M. R. Chilcutt age 51. Have been a practicing physician 21 years [Testimony regarding effects of intoxicating liquors - mlj]. /s/ M. R. Chilcutt

Joseph Lock 39. I doctored Christana Rector for the thrush when she was a baby. They called her mother the widow Rector.

Ques: Is not Christina a doctor of the thrush among the children because she never saw her father?

Ans: I have heard that spoken of that she could cure the thrush because she never saw her father. Joseph [his X] Lock

DEPOSITION 12 October 1872 at her house in Jackson Co:

Betridge Sadler age 58. Knew David Rector, father of complainants from 1841 when he moved in the neighborhood until 1847 when he volunteered in the Mexican War. Do not know Complainants.

My husband Nelson Sadler is dead. I don't know anything about the sale of the negroes. /s/ Betridge Sadler

DEPOSITIONS 28 February 1873:

Carroll A. Jones age 47. David M. Rector hired me to [help] plow the corn, think it was in 1846. I live in Whites Bend on R. P. Brooks land, lived there about nine or ten months. /s/ C. A. Carroll

John W. Meadors age 50. David M. Rector came to Jackson County 1841, left to go to Mexican War in 1847 and never returned. /s/ John W. Medder

Woody Denson age 50. I was working at the Gaol keeping up a woodshop and D. M. Rector would come to where me and my father was working and try to get whiskey from us as we kept some there for our own use. W. C. [his X] Denson

James Denson age 60.

Ques: Did Sarah Rector the mother of complainants did or did not have twin children by Barks after Rector died? [Objected to by Complainants]

Ans: I do not know.

CAUSE HEARD, dismissed, no date.

[NEW] JONES, LUCINDA, Petition for Homestead & Dower; JONES, JAMES 1903

PETITION of Lucinda Jones, widow of James Jones. Land in 11th District:

Lot 1, 50 acres, value $1000, homestead.

Lot 3, one-third in value as dower, where Wade Jones now lives. Said James Jones land bounded east by Reece Jones and Thomas Hennessee, by Geo Darwin south and west and by Tom Draper on the north.

Commissioners M. D. Haile, W. A. Jones and T. Hennessee at November term 1903 assigned two land notes on Jim Wheeler for $125 and what corn she has on hand.

NOTICE to C. A. Jones and husband M. Jones, Dock Jones, Reece Jones, Wade Jones, Nettie Spurlock and her husband Johnson Spurlock, _____ Tom Jones, Janie Jones, Marcial Jones, Milton Jones, Claud Dow Jones, Earnie Jones, J____ Jones, Magie Jones, Tom Jones, Maggie Jones, Etter Bishop and husband [blank] Bishop, Beckie Allen and her husband James Allen, Alice Allen and her husband John Allen and Marion Allen.

Homestead to be laid off out of land of James Jones, deceased on 21 Oct 1903.

ANSWER of M. J. Dixon, guardian of Maggie Montgomery, S. T. Jones, Jane Jones, Will Jones, Milton Jones, James Jones, Marion Allen, Thomas Jones, Maggie Jones and Claudy Jones to Bill of Complaint filed by Wade Jones 14 November 1903. Does not know if best to sell land for distribution... Asks court to protect interest of wards. February 2, 1904. /s/ M. J. Dixon

ANSWER of Dock Jones, Etta Bishop and husband [blank] Bishop, Rebecca Allen and husband James Allen, Alice Allen and husband John Allen to Bill of Complaint of

Wade Jones of Jackson Co., Reese Jones, Dock Jones, Cathrine Jones and her husband Marion Jones, Nettie Spurlock and her husband Johnson Spurlock adults of Jackson Co. except Marion Jones of Putnam Co, Tennessee and Sydney T. Jones, Will Jones, Claudy Jones, Milton Jones, M. W. Jones, last seven minors, living Jackson Co., are children of John Jones, deceased, Thomas Jones and Maggie Jones also minors of Jackson Co., Marion Allen of Putnam Co., TN a minor, Maggie Montgomery and husband Nathan Montgomery of the State of Texas, Josie Gipson and husband Sam Gipson of the State of Arkansas, Etta Bishop and husband [blank] Bishop of Putnam Co., Rebecca Allen and husband James Allen of Clay Co., TN, Allice Allen and husband John Allen of Jackson Co., TN.

James W. Jones died in Jackson County, Tennessee May 1903, owned land in 11th District:

Home tract, Shakerag branch bounded north by John Jones and E. A. Brown; east by Rece Jones and Tom Hennessey; south by land of Brown or Gipson; west by John Jones heirs where he lived at his death and occupied more than forth years, being about 50 acres.

Tract bounded east by John Jones land, south by where Wade Jones lives, west by land of G. C. Darwin Sr., north by W. J. Reeves tract and Robert Prewitt and T. J. Draper... 80 acres.

These have been assigned to the widow Lucinda Jones as homestead.

Also another tract about 50 acres assigned to Lucinda as dower.

James W. Jones, deceased had the following ten children [numbering is mine - mlj]:

1. Wade Jones will receive 1/10.

2. Rece Jones will receive 1/10.

3. Dock Jones will receive 1/10.

4. Catharine Jones will receive 1/10.

5. Elijah Jones, a deceased son of James Jones. Elijah's only child is Maggie Montgomery. will receive 1/10.

6. Fannie Allen, a deceased daughter of James Jones. Fannie's only child Marion Allen, a minor, will receive 1/10.

7. Nettie Spurlock will receive 1/10.

8. Julia Jones, a deceased daughter of James Jones. Julia's children Thomas Jones and Maggie Jones, minors, will share 1/10 between them being 1/20 each.

9. John Jones a son of James is dead and left Sidney T. Jones, Jane Jones, Will Jones, M. W. Jones, Claudy Jones, Milton Jones and James Jones, will share 1/10 between them being 1/70 each.

10. Peggy Mahaney a deceased daughter of James Jones left Josie Gipson, Etta Bishop, Rebecca Allen and Allice Allen, will share 1/10 between them being 1/40 each.

CAUSE HEARD: WADE JONES vs RECE [sic; also sp "Reece and Reese" - mlj] JONES & others. The death of Rece Jones on 24 April 1904 was suggested and admitted in open court. Left Margaret Jones his widow and the following children his only heirs: Henry age 30, James F. 26, John S. 22, Weston 19, Herman 17, Sarah L. 15, Fannie 13, Tom 11.

REPORT OF SALE 13 June 1904: Tract known as Wade Jones tract, Wade Jones became purchaser.

Tract of 80 acres, S. T. Jones became the purchaser.

Home place of 50 acres, M. Y. Jones became the purchaser.

SETTLEMENT with H. M. Jones, Administrator of Lucinda Jones, deceased. 10 December 1924.

Receipt: Draper & Draper dated 3 November 1924 for coffin, total $85.00.

AUCTION OF PERSONAL PROPERTY October 21, 1924. Included items sold, each purchaser and sale price.

[NEW] JONES, MARY vs JONES, DAVID Circuit 1888

Mary Jones of Jackson County, Davie Jones of parts unknown. Married 18[blank]. Parents of two children, oldest Nannie H. about 5, Ida M. age 3. Defendant due to wild rectless[sic] and intemperate habits not fit to have custody... they are very poor but she is stout and able to work... asks divorce, custody, restored to rights of single woman. 27 September 1893. Mary [her X] Jones

CAUSE HEARD of Mary Jones of Jackson Co. against David Jones of the State of Kentucky. Married [blank] 1888, he left June 12, 1892. Decree granted, no date.

[NEW] JONES, MARY vs JONES, LON Circuit 1910

[Note: Date on folder 1901, all papers read 1910 - mlj].


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Mary Jones of Jackson Co. against Lon Jones, residence not known at this time. Married [blank] 1896 in Jackson Co. Defendant Lon Jones guilty of adultery with Fannie Stafford about March 1910. Abandoned her, taken Fannie Stafford and left. Had one child, Carry Jones now about eleven years of age, defendant not suitable... [Lists personal property - mlj]. 27 November 1910. /s/ Mary Jones

[NEW] JONES, MATTHEW vs McCARVER, PINKNEY et al Chancery 1887

ANSWER of H. Denton to Bill of Complaint of Matthew Jones. Many years ago, Manerva Wheeler filed Bill of Complainant against Hopkins Wheeler and others [Reel #124 - mlj]. Bills and cross-bills filed. Manerva died and left a son (perhaps named Leroy) her only heir. Suit was revived in Supreme Court [Tennessee] in his name. [Remainder of case is business-related, no relationships, as to whether a lawyer got Leroy's share by purchase or in payment of a fee - mlj].

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Matthew Jones purchased land, found it encumbered by lien for legal fees.


Both of Jackson Co. Married in Jackson Co. about March 1877. More than three years has elapsed since he abandoned... failed to provide or her or infant born July 1879, asks custody of child James Jackson. 8 Aug 1881. Didaim [her X] Jackson

[NEW] JACKSON, G. R. vs JACKSON, M. M. M. [Misc. Divorce] 1881

He and defendant were married in Jackson Co. 2 July 1879, together two months when Thomas Young came to their house for the purpose of separating him and wife. Thomas Young is step father of defendant. Alleges adultery with Thomas Young in August 1879 and before and after. Also alleges adultery with Roberson Jackson [blank] 1879. July 1881. /s/ G. R. Jackson

BILL OF COMPLAINT of G. R. Jackson against M. M. M. Jackson. Married 2 July 1879. Alleges adultery August 1879 at Complainant's house on Martin's Creek with Thomas Young, also with Marion Poter [sic; possibly Porter? - mlj] at the house of James Hopkins in August 1879. 9 November 1881.

OATH OF POVERTY: Unable to bear expense of this suit due to poverty, avers foregoing is true. G. R. [his X mark] Jackson

[NEW] JACKSON, JAMES vs JACKSON, JANE [Misc. Divorce] 1896

DECREE 11 March 1896. Plaintiff and Defendant married 1 March 1892, husband and wife until July 1893. Defendant abandoned Plaintiff, continued more than two whole years before filing. Plaintiff restored to rights of a single man. Recorded Minute Docket "J", page 338, 1896.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of James Jackson of Jackson Co. against Jane Jackson of Putnam Co. Married 1 March 1892 in Jackson Co. About the first of July 1893 Jane deserted him, said she would not live with him another minute, departed. 11 October 1895. /s/ J. M. Jackson

PROSECUTION BOND: Securities both signed: M. G. Smith, B. L. Birdwell


DEPOSITION 18 January 1890.

J. H. Davidson age 22. Defendant was guilty of lewdness about three years ago during the time she was living with her husband. It wer [sic] me.

Ques: State the places you and she were guilty of adultery.

Ans: At her house.. James Jackson was absent from home.

Ques: Did she come to where you were teaching school... ask what you were going to say? Who did you tell about it?

Ans: I told W. S. Jackson about it.

Ques: Did you not say at the house of Plaintiff's mother in her presence and in he presence of Jim's sister in law that you knew nothing wrong of the Defendant?

Ans: For the sake of peace I might have said it.

Ques: Did you not say the same at Larkin Johnson's in the presence of Mr. Goolsby & others?

Ans: "I do not remember saying it yet I do not that I did not say it for I worked for peace in talking about it. /s/ J. H. Davidson

W. S. Jackson age 21, live 12th District. Known Plaintiff and Defendant almost all my life. Defendant was guilty of adultery with me near her house. /s/ W. S. Jackson

DECREE GRANTED 4 September 1890.


PUBLICATION made Cookville Times... ordering defendant to appear 1st Monday in August 1869 to answer Defendant's bill and she having failed to make defence, allegations be taken for confessed. Complainant and defendant married in Jackson Co... sometime thereafter she abandoned him more than two whole years... bonds dissolved and he and B. B. Washburn and Henry Loftis his security pay costs. Entered Book "E" page 282.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of William Jackson of Jackson Co. and Elizabeth Jackson of Kentucky. Married 1858, together five years. Abandoned him in 1863... believes she is a resident of Kentucky. 22 May 1869. William [his X] Jackson


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Agatha Melvina Johnson against James Thomas Johnson, both of Jackson Co., TN. Married in Jackson Co. 16 July 1879, together two months, defendant left, refused to provide. Defendant committed adultery October 1881 at house of William Flynn with one Sarah Wheeler, a woman of ill fame... Asks divorce, rights of single woman restored, name changed to maiden name Mansel.

PROSECUTION BOND: Agatha Melvina Johnson and S. A. Mansel bound to J. T. Johnson. /s/ Agatha M. Johnson, S. A. Mansell

[NEW] JOHNSON, ANN vs JOHNSON, SIDNEY [Misc. Divorces] 1900

Ann Johnson of Jackson Co. and Sidney Johnson of parts unknown, a non-resident of Tennessee. Married 4 April 1897, together until September 16, 1899 when defendant left, has been gone since, have not heard from him. She was forced to look to her father for support. Before he left, he sold everything he had and what her father had given her and left her penniless. Child of the marriage now two years old named Burris. Asks divorce, name changed to her maiden name of Spivey. Ann [her X] Johnson

PROSECUTION BOND: August 20, 1900. B. C. [his X] Spivey

[NEW] JOHNSON, J. T. vs JOHNSON, ROXCILLA [Misc. Divorces] 1905

CAUSE HEARD: Defendant failed to appear, judgment for confessed, marital bonds dissolved. Security was J. M. Birdwell.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of J. T. Johnson of Jackson Co. against Roxciller Johnson of Overton County. Married in Overton Co. March, 1882. Sometime in 1900, defendant refused to live and cohabit with him. One day when Defendant had gone Turkey Hunting... came home and defendant had took his bed and moved it to a different room and said I am not going to live with you any more.

Has been a citizen of the State of Tennessee more than two whole years only away from the state while at work in order to make a living but never changed or intended to change his residence. 12 Jany 1905. /s/ J. T. Johnson


DECREE 15 May 1885. Publication made in "Upper Cumberland" published at Gainesboro, Jackson Co. four consecutive weeks. James Johnson a non-resident of Tennessee, failed to appear and make defence. Married in Jackson Co. about 20 January 1876... cruel and inhuman, forced to withdraw, he abandoned. He has been guilty of Larceny since their marriage. Asks her name changed to maiden name Josephine Dill.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Josephine Johnson of Jackson Co. against James Johnson of parts unknown to complainant. Married in Jackson Co. until 2 January 1876, together seven years with much tribulation... whipped... marks and scars... will probably carry to her grave. Were together until 1883... he was arrested on a State warrant charging Larceny, carried off to Livingston in Overton Co., bound over for said crime, broke jail and escaped custody... not seen or heard from by Complainant since... perhaps in the State of Texas evading process of court... asks divorce and name changed to maiden name Josephine Dill.

[NEW] JOHNSON, THOMAS vs JOHNSON, SUSAN [Misc. Divorces] 1875

[Note: This was not listed on the "Miscellaneous Divorces" at the beginning of this section, but was on the microfilm. Perhaps overlooked because it's an almost unreadable John P. Murray case. Did not discern a child of marriage or maiden name - mlj].

Thomas Johnson against Susan Johnson, both of Jackson Co where he resided for twenty years. They were married about three years ago or near that time... happily together for a while but she has forgot her duty... his wife abandoned him in Jackson County. Alleges adultery with one Ben ?Moreland and ?probably P[?ierce] Davis and has had a child by one of them.

Orator owns 150 acres of land bounded by ?Jo Brown Mrs. Mansell the lands of the late J____ Mansel said land is worth considerable... Asks divorce, rights of single man. 28 July 12875. Thomas [his X mark] Johnson

[NEW] JONES, FRANK vs JONES, ELISA [Misc. Divorces] 1907

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Frank Jones against Elisa Jones. Married 25 July 1906 in Jackson Co., together until April 1907 while living on the farm of Frank Richmond 11th District, on 16 April defendant committed adultery with one Walter Medows... believes guilty before and since... defendant admitted her guilt. Sept [?] 1907. /s/ J. F. Jones

[NEW] JONES, GEORGIE vs JONES, ALBERT [Miscellaneous Divorces] 1914

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Georgie Jones of Jackson Co. against Albert Jones a non-resident of Tennessee, residence unknown. Married 17 June 1906 in Jackson Co. where she resided since except four months when she moved with her husband to Smith County. Together two years, separated six years ago. During their time together he refused to provide, became addicted to liquor habit, drunk... abuse.

One child of the marriage a little girl age seven named Hazel. Since her separation she with this little girl have lived with her father... defendant has not contributed to support. 2 November 1914. /s/ Georgie Jones

[NEW] JONES, J. W. vs JONES, ETTA [Miscellaneous Divorces] 1908

BILL OF COMPLAINT: J. W. Jones of Jackson Co., TN against Etta Jones. Married 24 December 1905 in Jackson Co., together to 3 March 1906 when defendant abandoned him, never to return. 3 June 1908. /s/ J. W. Jones

DECREE: Defendant was served with process 22 July 1908 [did not say where served - mlj], failed to answer, judgment pro confesso, bonds of matrimony dissolved.

[NEW] JONES, MARTHA vs JONES, CARROLL Jr. [Misc. Div] 1880

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Martha Jones. Married in Jackson Co. [blank] December 1879. Together seven days... he abandoned her. Drove her to the home of her father's, left for parts unknown. She has been informed and believes that he is a worthless person, asks for divorce, name changed to Martha Riley her maiden name. 2 August 1880. Martha [her X] Riley

CAUSE HEARD 21 Sept 1880. Judgment pro confesso... defendant pay cost. Entered Minute Docket D, 21 Sept 1880.


DECREE 11 July 1891, entered M.D. "H", pages 62 & 3. She to have all property except horse replevied by M. [or W.] J. Julian.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Pearly Bell Julian of Jackson Co. and Columbus Julian of Putnam Co. Married July 1889... together a short time, abused, mistreated. They lived at her father's about two weeks after marriage, then they removed to Putnam Co. to their home. Defendant cursed her, told her to go to his father's that he had no further use for her there... she did go to his father upon that occasion.

Oratrix further charges... her child was only a few days old, he cursed and abused her, refused to furnish a person to draw the milk from her breast notwithstanding she was suffering very much [No other mention of a child or custody - mlj].

She went to the corn field to help him plow, he got mad because the oxen he was plowing run off and threw a rock and hit her. Lists personal property, asks attached and her name changed to maiden name of Terry. 6 March 1891. /s/ Pearly Belle Julian


CAUSE HEARD 7 Oct 1876, judgment pro confesso and proof. Married 6 July 1873 in Jackson Co. Summons to appear 4 Monday in October 1873, failed to appear and make defense.

ORDER TO ATTACH: Oxen and crop of corn on or about ?James Julian's.

BILL OF COMPLAINT Tennessee Julian against Benjamin Julian. Married in Jackson Co. 6 July 1873. Oratrix was 21 years old on the 17 [or 27; written over] May.

Tennessee since her birth never resided elsewhere. Both resided Jackson Co. at marriage. He willfully failed to provide... Oratrix had bad health... consequence of pregnancy since her marriage. Defendant since her conception has failed to provide. Believes he has had illicit intercourse with one ?CreeLe Jackson a lewd woman since their marriage. He has a growing crop of corn on the William ?Beale tract near the precinct of the 12th District. [Did not see maiden name or another mention of a child -mlj]. Tennessee [her X] Julian


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Alexander G. Keith against Elizabeth Henley, Mary Johnson and husband Benjamin Johnson and Jane Keith of the State of Illinois and Lydia Keen and her husband Martin VanBuren Keen and Matthew Beal of Jackson Co.

Complainant states his father James Keith in his lifetime purchased of defendant Matt Beal land in Jackson Co. on Pine Lick of Jennings Creek, about 25 acres, bounded by land of the ?Short heirs and Hiram Crabtree and perhaps others for $200, made part payment, signed notes.

5 July 1860 Matt Beal recovered judgment on said note of $99.45... Orator became security as Stayor.

Before the judgment was paid and about 31 December 1864 James Keith died intestate in Jackson Co.

5 July 1866 Orator was forced by execution to pay and did pay to Wm C. Purcell, Sheriff of Jackson Co... that as security of James Keith he has paid it and has a right to the land as he is advised, subrogated to the right of Beal as vendor.

There has been no administration on the estate of James Keith. Defendant Jane Keith is his widow and has never had Dower assigned.

Orator and defendants Elizabeth Henley, Lydia Keen and Mary Johnson are the only heirs at law and children of said James Keith. Defendant Elizabeth Henley is a widow her husband William H. Henley being dead.

Defendant Lydia Keen intermarried with Martin V. B. Keen and defendant Mary Johnson intermarried with defendant Benjamin Johnson. 11 Aug 1866. /s/ A. G. Keith

REPORT OF SALE: 3 August 1867 Alexander G. Keith became purchaser subject to widow's dower retaining a lien on land... $200.


CAUSE HEARD [Blank] Feby 1867: Alexander Keith and wife Elizabeth Keith, James Dodson and wife Isabella Dodson, John Procter and wife Polly Proctor, William H. Hancock and Lewis Hicks against

Samuel Stewart and wife Ann E. Stewart, David Ricker and wife Nancy Ricker, John J. Hancock, Zadock B. Roberts and wife Rebecca Roberts, James W. Hancock, Nancy F. Hancock, Juliann E. Hancock, Sarah R. Hancock and William A. Hancock and H. H. Dillard, guardian ad litem of said James W. Hancock, Nancy F. Hancock, Julia Ann E. Hancock, Sarah R. Hancock and William A. Hancock.

Report confirmed, title to land on head water of Martin's Creek... Jennings Creek... A. Keith's north boundary line... corner to John Procter be vested out of Complainants and Defendants, heirs at law of John Hancock, deceased and in the purchasers Alexander Keith and wife Elizabeth Keith being 36 acres.

Title to Lot 2 on Jennings Creek be divested out of Complainants and Defendants heirs at law of said John Hancock deceased and vested in purchasers James Dodson and wife Isabella Dodson, being 60 acres.

Title to Lot 1 on Jennings Creek about 74 acres including improvement where John Procter now lives divested out of Complainants and Defendants, heirs of John Hancock, deceased and in the purchaser Nancy Procter.

It appears to the court that Elizabeth Keith, Isabella Dodson and Polly Proctor are the only surviving children of John Hancock, with the children of deceased sons William Hancock and Edmund R. Hancock are the only heirs at law. The Clerk & Master will distribute funds as follows:

1/5 to Elizabeth Keith
1/5 to Isabella Dodson
1/5 to Polly Proctor
1/5 to children of William Hancock, deceased to wit:
William W. Hancock, Ann E. Stewart, Nancy Ricker, John J. Hancock, Rebecca H. Roberts.
1/5 to children of Edmund R. Hancock, deceased to wit:
James W. Hancock, Nancy F. Hancock, Julia Ann E. Hancock, Sarah R. Hancock and William A. Hancock.


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Arminta [here looks like Artamissa - mlj] against William Keith. Married in Jackson Co. 18[blank]. Three or four weeks ago, defendant began keeping company with one Eliza Walker a lewd woman... adultery with said Eliza Walker and perhaps other women that live about the house of Eliza Walker. Complainant has birthed four children since their marriage, two boys and two girls. One is married and living with complainant. The other three, James a boy about 17, Mary Elizabeth 13 and Margaret Isabel 15 are minors.

Lists personal property, asks it be attached. 17 Sept 1873. Artimenta [her X] Keith

[NEW] KEATH, MARIAH vs KEATH, JOHN B. Circuit 1885

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Mariah Keath filed bill for divorce against John B. Keath... attach [lists personal property]... she having taken the oath for poor persons, double the security to redeem. 2nd Monday Jany 1885.

COMPROMISE to alimony... all property mentioned as attached be property of Compt except the bay horse. 6 April 1885. John [his X] Keith, Mariah [her X] Keith.

DECREE: Defendant failed to appear, allegations taken for confessed. Married Jackson Co., TN [blank] 1860. Defendant guilty of adultery with Polly Carter... woman of bad character and chastity. Divorce from bed and board. Complainant and T. C. McNabb her security to pay costs.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Mariah Keath against John B. Keath. Married in Jackson Co. in 1860... defendant acquired passionate fondness for Polly Carter, is there every day sometimes two or three times a day, at night and on Sunday for the past two years. Issue of marriage are two boys and a girl. Of the boys one is ?age 21. F. M. and Wm H. are both about grown, defendant by his actions has driven them all from home. Lists personal property, asks it be attached. 26 March 1885. Mariah [her X] Keith


NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Martha Keith filed against Houston Keith and Marshall Brown for divorce... attach oxen in possession of Marshall Brown, three acres of corn on land of John Vinson and three acres of corn on land of Hampton Wade. 24 July 1883.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Martha Jane Keith against Hugh Keith. Married 16 May 1883 in Jackson Co. Upon marriage they lived with defendant's mother... suffered him to ill treat and abuse complainant. He ordered complainant to leave and never come back while she lived... left as commanded [blank] June 1883 but a short time after their marriage. 15 Sept 1885. Martha Jane [her X] Keith


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Nannie Keith against Tobias Keith and M. F. Spurlock, all of Jackson Co. She and Tobias Keith married in Jackson Co. March 1886 or 87, together as husband and wife until 9 April, 1892. Defendant abandoned, refused to provide. Guilty of lewd acts of adultery with Katie Finn a lewd woman on 9 April 1892 and divers other times.

One child a boy about age two, James Thomas Keith, asks custody and personal property be attached as alimony including a cow in the hands of M. F. Spurlock. 15 April 1892. Nannie [her X mark] Keith


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Paralee Keith against Hampton R. Keith, both of Jackson Co., TN. Married 1858, never happily... borne with his foibles and unkind treatment has become intolerable... yesterday beat and bruised her with a bridle... few days ago knocked her down with his clinched fist. He has been guilty of adultery with a lewd woman he has living on his place named Julia Tinsley. Lists personal property, asks it be attached.

Six children of their marriage, Albert about 14, Bettie 11, Florence 9, Laura 5, John 3, Emma Paralee 8 months. Defendant a man of bad morals, not suitable to have custody. /s/ Parilee Keith

[NEW] KEITH, REBECCA vs KEITH, SID Chancery 1880

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT of Rebecca Keith of Jackson Co. against Sidney Keith, now of parts unknown and J. M. Richmond of Jackson Co. Willful and malicious abandonment of more than two whole years still exists... has had to rely on her brother R. A. Cox for support.

Defendant has left the state since filing... no property except a small sum J. M. Richmond was owing defendant. 17 Sept 1882. /s/ Rebecca Keith

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Rebecca Keith against Sidney Keith and Jas M. Richmond. Married in Jackson Co. November 1877, together to 1 May 1880 when he abandoned her and children in poverty. Husband is a profligate... she had mules, wagon, household goods [more listed]. He traded off... swapped. Little left in her possession. Has some wages due him from defendant Richmond for the present season.

Complainant was the widow of Isaac Smith, deceased by whom she has ["four" marked through] three living children when she married Keith. There is no issue by said second marriage. She is several years older than said Keith... does not believe there is a chance of reconciliation. /s/ Rebecca Keith

[NEW] KEITH, SAM J. & others vs BIRDWELL, GEO W. & others Chan 1876

PROSECUTION BOND of James G. Cunningham and A. W. DeWhit to Alexander G. Keith and Mary Galaga [sic] this 4 July 1861.

C & M REPORT 13 May 1876. Corn mentioned in decree sold to Geo. W. Birdwell, highest bidder.

Tract of land sold to S. J. Keith... purchaser at $2000 he being the beneficiary in the sale only paid the sum of $75.00... land in Jackson Co. on Jennings Creek Dist. 13, being 50 acres bounded... Draper's south boundary line... center of Jennings Creek with its meanders.

PETITION of John F. Tinsley and wife Mary Tinsley, M. W. Gaines and Nancy Gaines, George W. Birdwell and Eliza Birdwell, Edmond Keith, Ibby Keith, Delphia Keith, Samuel J. Keith, Alexander Crawford, Haywood Crawford, Henry Sadler and Mary Ann Sadler all of Jackson Co. except Sam J. Keith of the State of Louisiana against

Elizabeth Keith of Jackson Co.

Alexander Keith departed life more than 12 months ago in Jackson Co. Petitioners are his children and heirs at law.

Alexander Crawford and Haywood Crawford and Mary Sadler are grand children, being offspring of Catherine Keith, deceased and her only children.

Other petitioners not children are husbands of married women.

Alexander Keith died seized and possessed of about 100 acres in Dist. 13, Jackson Co., Tennessee. Widow Elizabeth Keith is entitled to dower... never assigned. 29 Nov 1875.

DEED OF TRUST from Alexander Keith to Geo W. Birdwell 13 Sept 1866, to insure payment of debt. s/s Alexander Keith

Test: J. L. Mahaney, M. W. Gaines

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Samuel J. Keith of New Orleans, Louisiana and S. G. Gaines of Jackson County, Tennessee against

M. W. Gaines and wife Nancy Gaines, George W. Birdwell and wife Ibby Birdwell,

Edmund Keith, Ibby Keith, Alexander Crawford, Haywood Crawford, Henry Sadler and wife Mary Sadler, Elizabeth Keith widow of Alexander Keith, deceased all of Jackson County and John F. Tinsley and Mary Tinsley of Clay County, Tennessee.

S. G. Gaines is Administrator of Alexander Keith.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Hiram A. Crabtree, administrator of A. G. Keith, deceased and D. A. Keith widow and relict of A. G. Keith, deceased, Kit Keith and Alex Cornahan, June York and husband Venice York, Sam Jenkins and wife Ader Jenkins, Bedford Sisco and wife Dora Sisco against

S. G. Gaines, Clay Reeves, Wash Whitaker, Dr. John Quarles, Kittrell & Draper Merchants composed of W. A. Kittrell and W. R. Draper, Dr. S. B. Fowler, Dr. E. D. Gillock, B. A. Butler, Mc Hix and wife Lula Hix, Allice Keith, George Keith, J. Keith and Boliver Keith, last four minors without guardians, all of Jackson Co, Tennessee.

A. G. Keith died intestate [blank] April 1889. Complainant D. A. Keith is his widow and relict and balance of complainants except H. A. Crabtree and the defendants Mc Hix and wife Lula Hix, Allice Keith, George Keith, J. Keith, Boliver Keith are his heirs at law.

H. A. Crabtree was appointed administrator. First Monday in May 1899, was suggested and admitted estate was insolvent.

[Note: Those defendants not specified as descendants were likely owed money. mlj].

ANSWER of Alexander Keith and James Keith to Bill of Complaint of George Miles. About 1838 complainant sold to respondents and David Keith his lands in seven or eight different tracts, all adjoining except one - the whole containing about 375 acres. Also some personal property such as bee gums &c not all recollected. Daniel Keith agreed to give $100 in silver, a wagon, some guns... certain Daniel Keith paid every farthing.

It is true that about [smear] months after complainant left the country he moved back to this county and at his earnest solicitation respondents did [cannot read] the lands which they had bought before he removed... agreed to execute his promissory note.

[Remainder on this document indicated Alexander and James Keith were trying to be as accommodating as possible to George Miles; gave no relationships - mlj].










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