Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #83
Holleman - Hopkins, C.

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] HOLLEMAN, A. B. vs DUKE, A. A. Circuit 1872

PROSECUTION BOND: A. A. Duke & W. R. Stanton, $72, void if successful prosecution appeal. Duke owed Holleman $31.73 including interest, Holleman received judgment, Duke appealed, Holleman adjusted account, was settled. No relationships.

[NEW] HOLLEMAN, A. B., Administrator of PATE, HAMPTON County 1873

ESTATE SETTLEMENT: September term, 1873, Hampton Pate, deceased.

Included medical services of Paul Clay, invoice dated 20 Jan 1870, $103.23 plus interest.

FINAL SETTLEMENT: Sum in hands of A. B. Holleman, estate of Hampton Pate, deceased on 1st Dec 1874 was $98.54, to be loaned at 6% per annum interest to some good solvent person with good solvent securities.

SETTLEMENT: A. B. Holleman, guardian of S. L. Pate, O. H. Pate, E. B. Pate and H. L. Pate, minor heirs of Hampton Pate, deceased. Last settlement made 1 December 1882. This mentions inventory and sale of personal property of H. L. Pate, deceased. Sale took place [Purchasers/items sold not filmed] ?Jan 21, 1870 [Could be either Jan or Jun, but when it was June, usually not abbreviated - mlj].

SETTLEMENT: A. B. Holleman, Guardian of minor heirs of H. L. Pate: Emzire [sp Emziah one place] Pate, Octavus H. Pate, Elijah B. Pate and Hampton L. Pate. 1st Monday in January 1881.

INVOICE: J. S. Cornwell [Physician] to Hampton Pate, deceased. Account was for year 1868 [Hampton Pate could have been living when services performed - mlj]:

July 28, 1868, Lancing & dressing catarrh on wife ?finger, $2.00

Aug 4, 1868, Medicine & ____ for child and Lancing gums, 2.00

INVOICE: Dated November 1869, billed to Estate of Hampton Pate, deceased, to S. G. Slaughter for one cherry tree coffin, $12.00 less $1.00 credit for part of timber tree.


[Note: Several Guardian Settlements spanning several years. Minor children were S. Margaret Holleman, Valley Holleman, Susan Holleman, Cora Belle Holleman, Robert L. Holleman. The Settlement listing all four on the same document was January term 1879 - mlj].

INVENTORY & SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY: Roland Terry, Admr of W. L. Holleman, deceased, filed 2 July 1877 [Not filmed here].

BILL & CROSS BILL: A. B. Holleman vs C. J. Holleman

and C. J. Holleman vs A. B. Holleman & others

SYNOPSIS: Caroline Jane Holleman, widow of William L. Holleman, loaned A. B. Holleman and his son J. B. Holleman $982.10, $800 of which was used to buy a saw mill. James Hargis and James Pharris were securities. Alexander B. and his son J. B. "Bud" Holleman claimed she had agreed to take 50,000 ft of lumber worth $14 per thousand feet as at least part payment, which was lying on the banks of the Cumberland River. In the meantime there was a flood, some lumber was damaged. Caroline J. Holleman proved by testimony and depositions she only agreed collect the proceeds from the Hollemans after the lumber was sold in Nashville.


Mrs. C. J. Holleman. I wrote A. B. Holleman a note asking him to come see me at my house. He brought Bud with him, thinking I would believe him. I was living where I do now, something under a mile from A. B. Holleman. /s/ C. J. Holleman

N. T. Neeley. Know C. J. and A. B. Holleman, was present when they were at William R. Stanton's. /s/ N. T. Neeley

R. B. Montgomery. C. J. Holleman said something about making me her agent to receive money from A. B. and J. B. Holleman. /s/ R. B. Montgomery

Roland Terry. I am a brother in law to Mrs. C. J. Holleman. /s/ Roland Terry

Mrs. Fanny Stanton. A. B. Holleman and C. J. Holleman were at my house. He wanted her to take 50,000 feet of lumber then on the bank of the river for payment. She did not agree, he said she could have the proceeds when the lumber sold at Nashville. It was the 12th or 13th of January 1882. /s/ Fannie D. Stanton

W. R. Stanton. Was present part of the time when C. J. Holleman and A. B. Holleman met at my house in January 1882. He wanted to let her have lumber in part to liquidate a debt he owed her but she didn't want anything to do with the lumber. /s/ W. R. Stanton

CAUSES HEARD: 9 September 1887. A. B. Holleman vs Joel Cross, J. B. Holleman, James Hargis, James Pharris, C. J. Holleman and Leonard Huff

and C. J. Holleman vs A. B. Holleman, J. B. Holleman, James Hargis, James Pharris, Claudius Williamson and Pendleton Huff, Administrator of Leonard Huff, deceased.

Cross-bill of A. B. Holleman dismissed. C. J. Holleman is entitled to recover amount sued for in note as guardian of minor heirs of W. L. Holleman, deceased... $982.10 against A. B. Holleman and J. B. Holleman as Principals and James Hargis as Security and also John Cale and A. J. Pharris, Admr of James Pharris, deceased and Pendleton Huff and Claudius Williamson, Admr of Leonard Huff, deceased as Security, plus costs and interest.

DEPOSITIONS 21 June 1887:

T. J. Horn age 59. Know A. B. and J. B. Holleman. Worked for J. B. Holleman and Joel Cross in the sawmill business in 1881 on the Spring fork of Martin's Creek near J. M. Lee's in Jackson Co., and some in 1882. I was owner of the mill and sold it to J. B. Holleman, Joel Cross and L. E. Hawthorn for $800.00 and they moved it up here and commenced to run it. I came up here and put it up for them. /s/ T. J. Horn

E. V. Holleman, know parties to suit. Mrs. C. J. Holleman sent for my father to go to Mr. R. J. Montgomery's. He being very busy at the time, Pa sent me to ask what she wanted. She remarked that she wanted her money. I told her that Pa didn't have her money, that Mr. Cross had it. She said she didn't believe Mr. Cross had it - that if he did, he would pay it - that she'd trust Mr. Cross with anything. She said she believed Pa had received the money and paid it to Evans Fite & Porter in Nashville. /s/ E. V. Holleman

BILL OF COMPLAINT: A. B. Holoman vs Joel Cross, J. G. Holoman, James Hargis, James Pharris, C. J. Holoman and Leonard Huff. In February 1882 he was indebted to C. J. Holleman about $860, bearing date about [blank] May 1879.

ANSWER: Joel Cross to Bill of Complaint. Did not receive $14 per 1000 feet of lumber as some of it was damaged before it was delivered. Knows nothing of arrangement of A. B. Holleman, J. B. Holleman and C. J. Holleman. /s/ Joel Cross

DEPOSITIONS 12 August 1884.

A. B.Holleman [No age]. C. J. Holleman held notes on my son. /s/ A. B. Holleman

J. B. Holleman [No age]. Father is A. B. Holleman. /s/ J. B. Holleman

NOTE: $865.78 payable to C. J. Holleman, Guardian for W. L. Holleman heirs, with interest. Dated May 8, 1879. /s/ A. B. Holleman, J. B. Holleman [Principals] and by James Hargis, Security; Lenard [his X mark] Huff, Security

[NEW] C. J. HOLLEMAN, Guardian of HOLLEMAN, W. L. heirs 1879

[NOTE: This was not in a separate folder, but was included in above - mlj].

ANSWER: C. J. Holleman, guardian to Robert L. Holleman, Susan Holleman, Cora Holleman, Margaret Holleman and Valley Holleman, minor heirs at law of Wm L. Holleman, deceased to Bill of Complaint of Jas Wright as guardian of John W. Myers filed in Chancery 20 August 1879 against Respondent and others.

J. W. Wright is guardian to John W. Myers, and that John W. Myers is owner in fee of one-fourth interest in land described in bill, not one-third interest as charged.

John W. Myers and her wards hereinbefore named own three-fourths and John W. Myers one-fourth. Ages of her wards set out correctly. 27 September 1879.

ANSWER of M. B. Young, states he was appointed Solicitor to defend John W. Myers age 14. James W. Wright is general guardian. After inquiry, finds John W. Myers is owner of one-third interest, land not susceptible of partition. 23 September 1879.

REPORT: Cause of James W. Wright, Guardian of John W. Myers vs Robert Lee Holleman, et al. Land in District 5, Jackson Co., adjacent the town of Granville, about 70 acres; 40 tillable and 15 timber, balance rocky ridges and creek bed, not a spring on the whole place, but Martin's Creek runs through one corner... place has been going down for ten years, stables fallen down. Recommends property be sold and funds distributed. John W. Myers owns one-fourth and the heirs of W. L. Holleman the remainder. John W. Myers is a minor age 19 without means to complete education, contemplates making a lawyer of himself... now in Nashville clerking to get money to complete studies. Land bound by Martin's Creek and the village of Granville; Susan and Elizabeth Holleman place. December Special Term 1879.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: James Wright, guardian of John W. Myers of Overton Co. against Susan Holleman, Valley Holleman, Robert Lee Holleman, Margaret Holleman, Cora Holleman, their regular guardian Jane Holleman all of Jackson Co. and John W. Myers of Overton Co. Orator was appointed guardian for John W. Myers... John is the owner of one-third, known as the White Myers place. John W. Myers is 18, Robert Lee Holleman is 14, Ella Holleman 12, Cora Holleman 10, Susan Holleman 8, Valley Holleman 6.

[NOTE: Above was filed by John P. Murray, Sol. He, or someone in his office, has handwriting that is all but impossible to decipher. There could easily be something important I missed - mlj].

ANSWER: Jno W. Myers. Was age 19 on 3 July 1879. J. W. Wright is my guardian. 11 September 1879. /s/ Jno W. Myers

DEPOSITIONS 22 November 1879, regarding land value, 83 acres, $1250 - $1600; all signed: Roland Terry age 42, George R. Maddux, J. W. Smallwood

DEED: We, Henry Shures and wife Martha Shures have a fee simple interest in the remainder to take effect after the death of our father White Myers, who has a life estate. Land in District 15, 85 acres more or less... Granville to Gainesboro Road... waters of Martin's Creek.

We hereby sell and convey to Jane Holleman for the sum of $300. 19 November 1877. /s/ J. H. Schurer, Mattie O. Schurer

DEED: Sum of $1600 to me paid by William L. Hall, I, Peter A. Tittle sell to William L. Hall land in District 15, Jackson Co., south side of Cumberland River, tract being 85 acres... waters of Martin's Creek, Granville to Gainesboro Road, opposite Debow's & Kelly's Mill.

Also a tract about 13 acres... Begin L. M. Holleman's northeast corner... White Myers northwest corner being land White Myers purchased from C. E. Myers except one acre sold by White Myers to A. B. Holleman... to William L. Holleman and his heirs forever, and an undivided interest of two shares, to wit the shares of N. B. Myers and Samuel L. B. Myers after the termination of the life estate of White Myers... which is an undivided interest of one-half in said tract, there being only four shares in the same.

17 March 1872 ... wife of Peter A. Tittle join... /s/ Peter A. Tittle, Sarah [her X] Tittle Witnesses: C. M. Burton, G. D. Sadler

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Robert Lee Holleman, Susan Holleman, Cora Holleman, Margaret Holleman and Valley Holleman, minor heirs of Wm L. Holleman by guardian and next friend C. J. Holleman, and C. J. Holleman in her own right as widow of said deceased against

James W. Wright of Overton Co. and John W. Myers of Davidson Co.

On 6 January 1871 White Myers and then wife Martha P. Myers, being owner as tenant in Courtesy of a life estate in tract sold same to Peter A. Tittle, evidenced by deed that date, registered Book N pages 490-491. On 19 March 1872 Peter A. Tittle sold same and also an adjacent 13 acres to Wm L. Holleman.

Since the death of her husband she has purchased the remainder interest, the undivided one-fourth interest from Martha Shurer and husband Henry Shurer.

Oratrix Catherine J. Holleman is the widow of Wm L. Holleman. At the death of Wm L. Holleman, the life estate of White Myers by courtesy of his deceased wife descended to the children and heirs of said Wm L. Holleman.

White Myers is still living.

Despite all this, a bill was filed to sell by the guardian of John W. Myers, completely ignoring your Oratrix and her wards, or the life estate of White Myers. 14 December 1880. /s/ C. J. Holleman

DEPOSITIONS 9 October 1880:

James Hargis age 42; land value $1250. /s/

H. B. Smith age 42; land value $1400. /s/

White Myers age 55. I am John W. Myers' father. I lived on the land about 18 years. It is going down, deteriorating. John W. Myers is clerking in Nashville to get money for education. /s/ White Myers

COMPROMISE: John W. Myers was paid $300 for his interest in remainder.


[NOTE: This was in with the John J. Myers vs C. J. Holleman as Guardian papers, which in turn was mixed in with the Holleman vs Holleman lumber dispute - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: White Myers of Jackson Co. against James DeBo, Alferd Donaho, John J. Kelly & D. H. Armistead of same County and State.

Defendants are joint owners of a small tract of land in Jackson Co. in District 15 near Grandville [sic] adjoining land of White Myers on south and west, Elizabeth Holleman on the south, Cannon's heirs on the east and Matt McKinnely on north on which defendants have a grist and flowering mill, the Dam of which is built across Martin's Creek. Dam is now ten feet high, does not cause water to cover Complainant's land which is immediately above and adjacent to the mill tract. Complainant owns about 10 acres in cultivation which will flood if defendants raise height of dam. 13 Oct 1869.


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Frankie Holleman against George Holleman, both of Jackson Co. Married Allen Co., KY [blank] March 1890, together about four years seven months. Defendant about one month after marriage began to mistreat her, fails to provide. [Blank] October 1894, she began staying at W. C. Trousdale's, being provided for by him.

Defendant George Holleman has come there and cursed and abused her. Two children born during time complainant and defendant lived together, a girl and a boy. During the time she was confined with the youngest... nothing to eat but cornbread and sorghum except when her neighbors would bring her something. Defendant failed to clothe the children. Complainant had a bead [sic; probably bed] blanket her mother had given her, she had to cut it up for clothes for them. Asks divorce, name changed to maiden name of Frankie Wright. 12 June 1895. /s/ Frankie Holleman

[NEW] HOLLEMAN, H. W., Admr of FERRELL, A. A. County 1905 - 1907

DOWER LAID OFF: Commissioners appointed May term 1905 to lay off Homestead & Dower to Hannah Ferrell, widow of A. A. Ferrell, deceased... value $1000. Three lots in town of Granville, one-third the value & land in Foster hollow, 5th District. Begin Henderson Apple & Jay Sellors corner, __. H. Vantrease. Owned by A. A. Ferrell at death and not included, adjoins dower... stake in N. B. Myers line. 5 June 1905.

BILL OF ACCOUNT: Owed by A. A. Ferrell to Cooper & Brown, Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes & Groceries, Granville, Tennessee. Amounts charged include dates January 1904 through November 15, 1904.

YEAR'S SUPPORT: [No date] Commissioners assign year's support of $538 to H. H. Ferrell, widow of A. A. Ferrell, deceased.

GUARDIAN'S SETTLEMENT: H. S. Holleman, guardian of A. A. Ferrell, Jr., minor heir of A. A. Ferrell, deceased, notation "See Guardian's Book C page 13". Rent [received] on ward's land $69.20 plus interest.

GUARDIAN'S SETTLEMENT: Mrs. Hannah Hargis, Guardian of A. A. Ferrell, Jr., August term 1915.

[NEW] HOLLEMAN, ANN M., Admrx of HOLLEMAN, JOHN W. dec'd Co 1887

STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT: Medical Services of Shirley & Swope, 16 January through 22 December 1875.

INVOICES: Dated May 21, 1887, Burial Expense $0.75; Henry Petty for Coffin & Case May 31, 1887.

INVENTORY & SALE of personal property: May 12, 1887

[NEW] HOLLEMAN, J. G., Guardian of HOLLEMAN, Anna R. County 1914

Received from Modern Woodmen of America, insurance on Roy Holleman's life, $2000. Deposited Bank of Granville at 4% interest.

RECEIPT: $2000 of J. G. Holleman, guardian of Ann R. Holleman. Final Settlement 12 February 1915 going to Mrs. Hettie Holleman, mother of Anna R. Holleman, the said Anna R. Holleman having died about 12 October 1914, leaving no heir except her mother.



BILL OF COMPLAINT: Lewis M. Holleman against White Myers & Jefferson A. Thomas. In 1852 or thereabout Mark Holliman departed life intestate, left large real & personal estate. After dower was set apart to widow of $3500 and upwards besides town lots, about $1500 and upwards. Negroes sold for about $3300 - $3400, other personalty about $700, making about $9000.

Orator is one of the heirs and distributees of said Mark Holliman, deceased. White Myers & Jefferson A. Thomas are Administrators. Said Mark, orator's father, owed him about $109.70 for cattle, Bacon, rent &c, never settled with him [itemizes]. 25 August 1854. /s/ Lewis W. Holliman

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Elijah B. Holliman, Jefferson A. Thomas & Rebecca W. Thomas against

Hannah Holliman, Lewis E. Holliman, Benjamin C. Holliman, White Myers & wife Judia G. Myers, Saml S. Holliman, John M. Sherly & wife Louisa J. Sherly, Penelope Holliman, John W. Holliman of Jackson Co. and Robert S. Gilliland and wife Sally Gilliland of Alabama, Nathan Matthews & wife Nancy Matthews of Cannon Co., TN, Albert H. Ross and wife Susan Ross of Smith Co., TN, Oliver Richardson & wife Mary Richardson of Smith Co., TN, Martha Roberts, William Roberts & Jane Roberts of Smith Co. Tennessee, James G. Holliman of Arkansas, Amos Moore of Texas, William Carter and wife Eliza Carter formerly Eliza Moore and Ann Eliza Shoemaker of Louisiana.

Mark Holliman departed life in 1852 in Jackson Co. intestate, leaving Hannah Holliman his widow; Complainant Elijah B. Holliman & the wife of Complainant Jefferson A. Thomas and the other parties made defendants to Bill his only heirs at law. Each is entitled to a full share except Martha, William & Jane Roberts, being children of a deceased daughter Martha... one share amongst them; and Amos Moore, Eliza Carter and husband William Carter and said Ann Eliza Shoemake... one share amongst them, being children of another deceased daughter of said Mark, Elizabeth - said Ann Eliza Shoemake being an only child.

Said females are married as above set forth, all parties are of age except Roberts children and Ann Eliza Shoemaker, minors with no general guardian.

March term 1853, dower was laid off to widow Hannah Holliman, and the remainder was ordered sold. Land in Dist. 15, Jackson County, Tennessee, bounded by James Smith, Elijah B. Holleman, and by the Cumberland River being about 220 acres. 6 March 1855. /s/ Jefferson A. Thomas, Elijah B. Holleman

BOND: Elijah B. Holleman and Jefferson A. Thomas and Rebecca W. Thomas

TO: Hannah Holliman [widow];

Lewis M. Holliman,

Benjamin G. Holliman,

White Myers and Judia G. Myers,

Samuel S. Holliman,

John M. Sherly and Louisa J. Sherly,

Penelope Holliman,

John W. Holliman,

Robert S. Gilliland and Sally Gilliland,

Nathan Matthews and Nancy Matthews,

Albert Ross and Susan Ross,

Oliver Richardson and Mary Richardson,

Children of Martha Roberts being Martha Roberts, William Roberts, John Roberts;

Amos Moore, William Carter & wife Eliza Carter and Ann Eliza Shoemaker.


DEPOSITIONS 13 & 14 December 1883:

T. H. Butler. I am a defendant. James T. Quarles wrote the will of Henry Sadler, dec. I was Admr and brought suit against Henry Sadler and Garrett Sadler. /s/ T. H. Butler

JOINT & SEPARATE ANSWER of Henry Sadler, Betridge Sadler, Leucetia Sadler now Lucetta Washburn & husband Lafayette Washburn, Henry Sadler Jr. and Lee Sadler to Bill of Complaint against them and others by John Barksdale, A. B. Holleman and others.

Henry Sadler died testate about 13 December 1858 in Jackson Co. Jany term 1859, his Last Will & Testament was admitted to probate. 14 August 1872 Court house burned, impossible for Respondents to be totally accurate as to facts.

5 August 1853 Henry Sadler, testator, sold and conveyed to him by deed land alluded to in bill.

4 November Henry Sadler, the father of this Respondent executed and delivered a release of the original consideration. Respondent was the youngest child of his father. More than 40 years ago [his father] expressed his desire to convey land to Respondent... homestead where he lived for many years until about the month of Feby 1857 when he removed to house of Respondent Betridge Sadler...

death of Martha Sadler as hereinafter explained. On or about 5 July 1855 A. B. Holleman and W. P. Overstreet filed Bill against said testator Henry Sadler... wife Martha Sadler...

[Note: Above was John P. Murray's filing; almost impossible to read. There was something about someone dying of scrofula, which is tuberculosis affecting lymph glands, but could not find when I reread. Could easily be something I missed. This Answer was extracted from 13 pages - mlj].


I, John Overstreet of Overton County, Tennessee, being weak in body, sound mind...

1st Sole [sic] to God, Boddy [sic] to dust... decently intered [sic]

2ndly My beloved William P. Overstreet when he comes of age... one negro boy named Dave, horse, saddle, bridle, $100, one bed & furniture, one cow and calf.

3d My beloved daughter Johanah W. Overstreet... one negro girl named Esther, horse, saddle, bridle, $100, one bed & furniture, one cow and calf.

4thly My beloved daughter Rebecca B. Overstreet... negro named Nelly, horse, saddle, bridle, $100, one bed & furniture, one cow and calf.

5thly My beloved wife Martha all my lands... other property during her life or widowhood... [after she dies/marries] to b divided among my three children.

My faithful slaves Jacob and Lucy... law of the land will not justify me in freeing them [edge torn] for a sum not exceeding $1.50 a year...

All other wills void... 4 May 1834.

/s/ John Overstreet

Wit: John Parish, A. B. Holleman

WILL PROVEN: State of Tennessee, Overton County, August Session 1834, Last Will & Testament of John Overstreet deceased produced. Robert Nevins and Absolum Hoalman Executors.


I, Henry Sadler Sr... In the name of God, Amen...

1 ... expenses be paid.

2 ... my son Garrett Sadler... negro Boy under age 21 named ?Swanney.

3. ... my son Henry a negro named Wainwright, a negro boy named Oliver, a negro woman named Suckey a negro woman named Issabella and their increase and a negro child of Suckey named Freeman.

4 ... my grand son William Lewis a negro boy named Jourdan and a negro girl named Lott and her increase.

5 To betridge Sadler formily [sic] a wife of my son Nelson Sadler and her heires [sic] the negroes old ?Swanney and old Anna.

6 ...my grand daughter Nancy Sadler a daughter of my son Nelson and her heires for her sole and separate use a negro named Martha and her increase.

7 ...my grand daughter Mary Jane Sadler a daughter of my son Nelson... sole and separate use a negro girl named Tennessee and her increase...

8 ...my grand daughter Lucetta a daughter of my son Nelson... negro girl named Julia...

9 ...my grand daughter Rachel Fowler... negro girl named America on condition that her husband Franklin Fowler shall pay to my grand daughter Elizabeth Anderson one-half the value of said negro girl in one and two years after my death.

10...to my son Nelson Sadler for and during his life the use of a negro boy named Bill and after the death of my son Nelson, I give to my sons Garrett Sadler and Henry Sadler and my grand son William Lewis and their heires said negro not to be removed from the State of Tennessee during the life of my said son Nelson and after his death in making a division of said negro among my sons Henry and Garrett and grand son William Lewis said negro is not to be sold out of this family.

11... my grand son William Sadler a son of my son Nelson a negro woman Lina and her increase and Lina's child Elick.

12... my grand son Lee Sadler a son of my son Nelson a negro by name Andy.

13...my grand son Henry Sadler, son of my son Nelson... negro by name John.

14... constitute and appoint Betridge Sadler guardian of her children the said Lucetta, Lee and Henry... said Betridge to have control and management of negroes hereby bequeathed to Lucetta, Lee and Henry... until age 21.

15... my friend James T. Quarles Executor... not give Security nor make settlement with the County Court until my law suits are ended...business wound up... my Executor take in his hands the negroes Preston and Lafayette to pay all Liabilities... against me... sell same without order or decree... Executor authorized to dispose of horses and cattle and other perishable property for the use of my estate. Given under my hand and seal 30 July 1858. Henry [his X mark] Sadler

Witnesses: S. M. McCalley, Lafayette Lee

WILL PROVEN: January 1859, County Court, Jackson County, Tennessee} Last Will & Testament of Henry Sadler, deceased produced in open Court for probation... oaths of S. M. McCalley and Lafayette Lee, subscribing witnesses thereto... sworn... saw him execute said will and make his mark thereto.

I certify the foregoing is true and correct copy. /s/ W. G. Cox, Clerk, 12 March 1861

CAUSE HEARD: John Barksdale, O. Holman et al vs T. H. Butler, et al. Come defendants T. H. Butler, Frank Fowler, L. T. Armstrong... the case has been heretofore dismissed and finally determined as to defendant W. P. Lewis whose death has been suggested and proved... since case remanded from Supreme Court [of Tennessee] in 1881, complainants taken no steps to prepare...

The proof showed W. P. Lewis died during the present term of this court, March term 1884. R. B. Montgomery appointed Administrator June term 1884 [Dates are in document filmed later]. Entered M[inute] D[ocket] K, pps 117-18.

ANSWER: Frank Fowler to Bill of Complaint of A. B. Holeman, et al 23 April 1875. Was not on T. H. Butler's Administrator's bond as alleged. /s/ Frank Fowler

DEPOSITIONS 19 November 1883.

Henry Sadler, Sr. [No age] A note was given for a Negro Isack.

Question: Who raised said Negro did he belong to Henry Sadler deceased before his marriage to his last wife or did he belong to the last wife prior to her marriage to Henry Sadler?

Answer: Said Negro born and raised by my father. He belonged to him before he married his last wife. The note was paid off. Paid portion to James T. Quarles and balance to his Administrator John S. Quarles. /s/ Henry Sadler

BILL OF COMPLAINT: John Barksdale and others vs Thos H. Butler

In the year 1834 Thomas Overstreet died having made his Last Will & Testament... bequeathed a certain slave to his wife during her life or during widowhood. The widow remarried with one Henry Sadler, but the children allowed the slave to remain with the widow during her life. She died Feby 1857 and her husband died the latter part of 1858 leaving a will that was proved and admitted Jany term 1859. In the meantime in 1855 the Overstreet children had filed a bill to secure the slaves upon an allegation that Henry Sadler had perhaps delivered some of them to his children. Upon the death of Sadler's wife a supplemental bill of recovery was filed against Thos H. Butler who had been appointed Administrator with will annexed of Henry Sadler for recovery of the negroes after the death of Martha Sadler.

On August 5, 1867 it was decreed that complainants were entitled to shares upon the death of Martha in 1857... referred it to the master [Clerk & Master of the Court] to take an accounting... up to the emancipation of said slaves in 1865. Following master's report, Court on 27 April 1871... decree in favor of Complainants against Thos H. Butler as Admr of $2560; Garrett Sadler $1140; W. P. Lewis $140.

Execution issued against Butler, was returned Nulla bona [No goods/assets found].

September 19, 1873 and 8 May 1874 amended bills were filed and 23 April 1875 for the purpose of bringing before court the legatees of Henry Sadler or securities of T. H. Butler.

APPEAL BOND: We Henry Sadler Senior, T. C. Quarles and wife Nancy Quarles, Franklin Fowler and wife Rachel Fowler, O. H. Anderson and wife Eliza Anderson, Z. H. Bryant and wife Mary Jane Bryant, Lee Sadler, Henry Sadler Jr., Lafayette Washburn and wife Lucetta for the sum of $250. 8 October 1875. /s/ Henry Sadler, Lafayette Washburn, Lee Sadler, Henry Sadler Jr., Betridge Sadler; H. H. Cason as Security, John W. Darwin as Security.

AFFIDAVIT: [Blank] March 1881. Appellants appealed to the State Supreme Court, cause remanded to County Court. Pending the suit, complainant John Barksdale has died. William Barksdale is his administrator.

BOND: A. B. Holman, John Barksdale, Overstreet Holman and Sadler Holman, Principals and Joshua Haile security, to:

Frank Fowler & wife, L. Washburn & wife, Hard Bryant and wife, Thadeus Quarles and wife. 23 April 1875.

REPORT OF C & M: L. C. Hall testimony sets services of slaves belonging to children of John Overstreet: Susan $60 - $65 per year; Fate $75 - $100 per year; Preston $50 - $80 per year; Lott $20 - $50 per year.

Susan was in possession of Henry Sadler Jr. all the time.

Fate in possession of Henry Sadler Jr. to his death and then to Thos H. Butler, Admr.

Preston in possession of Henry Sadler Sr. to his death and then to Garrett Sadler and remained till freed.

Lott in possession of Henry Sadler Sr. to his death and then Wm P. Lewis, who kept her to the year 1860 and delivered her up to the C & M, W. H. Botts.

O. H. Anderson's testimony stated Henry Sadler died November 1858 and that Martha Sadler died 1 April 1857.

DEFENDANTS DISMISSED: Cause of John Barksdale, A. B. Holman & others vs Thomas H. Butler and others. Came again the parties this 19 March 1881 and Complainants by their Solicitor... say they do not desire to prosecute this bill against defendants Betridge Sadler, Henry Sadler Jr. son of Betridge Sadler, Lucetta Sadler, Lucretia Washburn and husband LaFayette Washburn, Lee Sadler, Oliver Anderson & wife Elizabeth Anderson, Z. Hard Bryant and Mary Jane Bryant, Thadeus Quarles and wife Nancy Quarles... dismiss to them.

The complainants also dismissed all those parts of this bill against Garrett Sadler, Henry Sadler Senr, Frank Fowler & wife Rachel Fowler, Wm P. Lewis which seek to charge and hold them liable to complainants for contribution by reason of their having received slaves under the will of Henry Sadler, deceased. Written on back: "Entered March term 1881, M.D. Q pages 567 & 568. Henry Sadler died Nov 13, 1858".

DEPOSITIONS 8 Feby 1861, house of John Sevier, Esq. in Overton Co., TN to take depositions of John Sevier & Rhoda Sevier for Complainants:

John Sevier age 70. Knew Henry Sadler and wife Martha Sadler, John Overstreet deceased and his children. At the sale of the negroes of old man Holeman, Henry Sadler bought one of the negroes. Martha Sadler told Henry Sadler that her money should not pay for the negroes unless the title was made to her. She told me she wanted the negroes to wait upon her, that she did not know when Overstreet heirs would take the negroes in litigation from her.

Question: State whether old man Holeman you speak of was ?Abraham [or Absolom] and if he was father of Martha Sadler and if it was not the money coming to her from her father's estate...

Answer: Old man Holeman I speak of was ?Abraham [or Absolom]... deceased father of Martha Sadler. Henry Sadler bid off the negroes and title was made to her I think. I witnessed the bill of sale... money from her father's estate paid for them.

[NOTE: James M. Clark, J. P. attested the next depositions of White Myers and July Myers taken 15 May 1858. It starts with White Myers' name and age, but only July Myers signs, so I suspect the last part of White's statement and the first part of July's statement are missing - mlj].

White Myers age 34. Mrs. Sadler was infirm and feeble before she died. Henry Sadler was very near blind before he went to Nelson Sadler's. Mrs. Sadler preferred to go to Nelson's in preference to any [other] of his children. He was so blind for three years before he moved to Nelson's he could not tell one person from another. She said that Press Overstreet and A. B. Holeman's children by Joanna was to have them [negroes] at her death.

Mrs. Sadler was healthy to about a year before she died. When her health got bad she was peevish and fretful. It was four or five months after they got married before he moved the negro Phoebe and others that came by his wife to his residence in Jackson Co. /s/ Julim Y Myers [sic]

DEPOSITION 9 June 1858:

Lucinda Maddox age 42. I have been acquainted with Henry Sadler 30 years, and with her [Martha] after her marriage. Heard her say Henry Sadler had not done as he promised, that she rather Press Overstreet have the property as his father made it. She brought with her the negroes Calvin & Sucky & Lafayette, a boy named Press and a girl named Lott. Lucinda [her X mark] Maddox

Margaret Richmond age 41. Soon after the marriage of Henry Sadler and his late wife at Thaxton Carter's house I was present when Carter asked her how her and Sadler got along and she said she believed they would get along very well if it was not for the negroes... don't think Sadler was present. This was about fourteen or fifteen years. ago. s/s Margaret L. Richmond

Nancy Hall age 27. I have heard Mrs. Sadler claim the negroes... I am a grand daughter of Henry Sadler and did live at his house some three or four years ago. It has been fifteen or sixteen years since my grandfather married Mrs. Overstreet. I was not living at Henry Sadler's at the time of said marriage. The negroes were there before I went there, something like eleven years ago. William P. Overstreet had the negro girl named Mol for a while and he also had a negro boy named Harry a while. Martha Sadler died February 1857. /s/ Nancy D. Hall

Littleton C. Hall age 40. Became acquainted with Henry Sadler and wife Martha about eleven years ago. /s/ L. C. Hall

DEPOSITIONS 20 & 21 March 1857, Overton County, Tenn:

Thomas J. Neely, lawful age. Before John Overstreet died, I heard him tell his brother William it was all going to his wife except a horse, bridle, saddle and a negro to each of his children as long as she lived single... then divided evenly among his three children. The two negroes Jacob and Lucy was to be free at the marriage of his wife. I lived with William Overstreet - suppose it was some ten miles from John Overstreet at the time of his death. I went to Alabama in [18]35 and stayed eighteen months and was backward and forward some time and heard of no disturbance and made Alabama my home for some four years and heard no disturbance about the property till the _____ to marry.

Henry Sadler was married to Martha the widow of John Overstreet think in 1841.

William P. Overstreet had negroes Henry and Mary in his possession. /s/ Thos J. Neely

Nancy Burris, lawful age. Lived within four miles from John Overstreet and his widow and children. At his death John Overstreet had three children, W. P., Joannah and Rebecca, two by his first wife and one by his last. She said the children had made her a title to a little girl named Mol. John Overstreet died soon after he made his will, think May 1834. Henry Sadler and the widow of John Overstreet married October or November 1841. Do not know if negroes were divided between William P. Overstreet and Absolom B. Holman.

They moved to Jackson County within a month after their marriage. She took Pheba and her children Lafayette, Preston and Susan. They belonged to John Overstreet. Did not see them taken. /s/ Nancy Burris

James B. Lovell age 21. Martha said William P. Overstreet and A. B. Holman made her a title to Mol. Martha sold two negroes to settle John Overstreet's debts, one a boy purchased by Wm Holman and the other a girl purchased by John Barksdale.

Had a conversation with Mrs. Sadler at the sale of Abslom [sic] Holman, deceased. She said Henry was buying negroes to get out of a contract when they married... don't know terms of contract. Understand Mrs. Sadler ware [sic] dead and William Holman is her brother and Overstreet is her stepson.

Question: Say what relation you and Mrs. Burris and Thomas J. Neely are to the Complainants in this case.

Answer: I am a second cousin to [A. B.] Holman and no relation to Overstreet. Overstreet's wife is my third cousin. Mrs. Burris is my mother and Neely married Holman's sister. /s/ James B. Lovell

DEPOSITIONS 9 June 1858, at counting room of James McLerin, Jackson Co., TN:

Rolling Hogin about 58. I have been acquainted with Henry Sadler 45 years and his wife from the time they moved down here. Lived about one-half mile of them until they moved up the river about fifteen months ago. He brought his wife here in 1841 and negroes Phoeba, Lafayette, Press and Suckey. Phoeba is dead. She died at his residence in Jackson Co. /s/ Raulins Hogan

Alexander E. Hogin about age 30. Known Henry Sadler as long as I remember. Lived within one-half mile until fifteen months ago when he moved with his family to Nelson Sadler's in Granville about 2 1/2 miles from here. /s/ A. E. Hogin

DEPOSITION: 5 December 1856.

Hiram Tinsley about 50. John Overstreet is dead. He left three children, viz: Wm P., Joannah and Rebecca. Wm P. is living and Joannah and Rebecca is dead. Joannah left three children at her death, but one since died. Rebecca left none. I lived within 1 1/2 miles of the widow for about six or seven years. She remarried to Henry Sadler. I talked to her at the sale of her father A. Holman's property. Hiram [his X] Tinsly

DEPOSITIONS 16 Jan 1861:

Nancy D. Hall age 31 [Nothing new]. /s/ Nancy D. Hall

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick age about 26. I lived at the house of Henry and Martha Sadler... heard conversations about the negroes about 14 - 15 years ago. /s/ Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

DEPOSITION 6 March 1884 at Court House in Smith Co., TN:

A. A. Swope about 64. Sureties of Thos H. Butler on his Administrator's bond for Henry Sadler were L. T. Armstrong and F. Fowler for $3000. At the time Armstrong and Fowler I believe resided in Jackson Co. Armstrong and Butler were brothers in law. Do not know if Fowler is related. /s/ A. A. Swope

ANSWER: Henry Sadler to Bill of Complaint... father Henry Sadler made a will 30 July 1858 and 3rd clause... give my son Henry Sadler... negro named Wainwright a negro boy named Oliver a negro woman named Suky a negro girl named Isabella and their increase and a negro child of Sukey named Freeman. The child of Sucky - or Susan - was too small to be of service... Respondent entitled to several hundred dollars for taking care of said negro... entitled to $40 for each year he kept child of Sucky or Susan. 12 Feby 1874.

ANSWER: Luke T. Armstrong to amended Bill of Complaint by John Barksdale and others. Denies he was security on Administrator's bond for Thomas H. Butler as Admr of Henry Sadler. 30 June 1875. /s/ Luke T. Armstrong

DECREE 6 August 1867: John Overstreet died testate 1834. Widow Martha intermarried with Henry Sadler October or November 1841. John Overstreet left three children, Preston Overstreet, Joannah W. Overstreet intermarried with Complainant Absolum B. Holeman and thereafter died, leaving husband surviving, and Rebecca B. Overstreet who intermarried with John Barksdale and thereafter died leaving husband surviving.

ANSWER: Rachel Fowler to Bill of Complaint of Overstreet Holman and others. Admits sale of land to R. P. and R. V. Brooks. By special arrangement, she was to have $1000 of proceeds from sale, being the amount her father Nelson Sadler gave her. The land sold was formerly owned by her father Nelson Sadler who in his lifetime sold a portion of said land to her husband and to O. H. Anderson, her brother in law. 2 March 1874. /s/ Rachel A. Fowler

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: W. P. Overstreet and A. B. Holman filed Bill of Complaint 8 August 1855. Issue writ of attachment for negroes Fayett, Preston, Swaney, Susan, Billy, Lott, Isabel, Oliver and Wainwright.

Milton Stanton age 49. Live about one-half mile of William P. Lewis, a grandson of Henry Sadler. The negro girl Lott got badly burnt. /s/ Milton Stanton

Thomas J. Lee about age 33. Lott was between 8 and 12 years old when Wm P. Lewis first got her. /s/ Tho J. Lee

CROSS-BILL of Rachel Fowler of the State of Missouri by next friend Betridge Sadler of Jackson Co. against Franklin Fowler of the State of Missouri, R. V. Brooks of Jackson Co., A. B. Holman, Overstreet Holman & Sadler Holman, John Barksdale and W. P. Overstreet of Clay Co., defendants.

Bill was filed to attach land sold to Brooks by Oratrix and husband Franklin Fowler... land her father Nelson Sadler sold to Franklin Fowler and her brother in law O. H. Anderson. [blank] Feb 1874.

ANSWER: Betridge Sadler to Bill of Complaint of A. B. Holman, John Barksdale, Overstreet Holeman and Sadler Holman.

Martha Sadler died, then Henry. Henry left her child Lucetta Sadler a negro girl named Julia age about three or four; her son Lee Sadler a negro boy Andy aged about 11 years; her son Henry a boy named John aged about 9 years.

As testamentary guardian of her children, the negroes came into her possession about 22 June 1859. She was to have use until her children were 21 to compensate her for caring for Old Sowney and old Anna and Julia. Anna was the grand mother of said negro children. Old Sowney was greatly afflicted with Rheumatism, had a disease of stomach and bowels which required medicine every five days, wore a truss. The little girl Julia willed to her daughter Lucetta was afflicted with Scrofula [tuberculosis affecting lymph glands - mlj]. The boy Andy had a severe spell of fever while in her possession. 29 January 1874. /s/ Betridge Sadler

ANSWER of John Barksdale: John Barksdale filed Bill of Complaint 17 July 1855, court at Livingston as Administrator of Rebecca B. Barksdale against John Sevier, Administrator with will attached of John Overstreet, deceased and as Security in Administration Bond of Absolom Holman deceased; Executor of said John Overstreet deceased against Absolom B. Holmon heir & distributee of said Absolom Holeman deceased and administrator on his estate and security with said John Sevier and also filed as husband of Joannah Overstreet; and against William Holeman, joint administrator with Absolom B. Holeman on the estate of Absolom Holeman deceased; and against Overstreet and Sadler minors under 21 years old, William P. Overstreet and William Dole [or Dale], all citizens of said county and against Henry Sadler and his wife Martha of Jackson Co. and against William Biggerstaff of Kentucky... complaining...

Orator intermarried with Rebecca B. Overstreet in Overton Co. 31 August 1837, she died in said county 15 October 1838 with no issue; 2nd July 18[?55 - smear] he was appointed and qualified as her administrator. No administration had been granted on his deceased wife.

4 July 1834 John Overstreet published his last will and testament, 5th clause... give beloved wife Martha lands tenements other property during her life or widowhood, but in case she should marry then all except what she is entitled to by law to be divided equally among my three children...

John Overstreet died possessed of three negro women named Lucy, Phebe and Rachel.

That of Lucy the following increase has been born since the death of the testator:

Dan, Jane, Nancy, Judith, Patsy who is dead, Dave, Ruth, William, Jacob and Mary. Of Jane has been born John. Of Mary has been born a child named Jim.

That of Phebe, who is dead, the following increase has been born:

Susan, Fayette, Preston, Lotta, William, Swaney and Harry. Of Susan has been born Rainfield, Belle and another boy whose name is unknown.

That of Rachel the following increase has been born:

George, John, Davis, Margaret who is dead and Malissa.

Orator charges that Martha widow of John Overstreet intermarried with Henry Sadler about the month of September 1841. Orator charges at the marriage of Martha Overstreet, he became entitled to the rights of his deceased wife Rebecca... charges that by right of administration on the estate of his wife Rebecca B. Barksdale he is entitled to at least one-fourth of the personal property above mentioned and one-fourth of other personal property.

Negroes are held as follows:

Henry Sadler and his wife Martha have possession of Susan, Lafayette, Preston, Lotta, William, Swanney, Harry, Mary, Rainfield, Belle and the child whose name is not known.

William P. Overstreet has possession of two, Harry and Mary, who have been bound to him.

Absolom B. Holman has possession of Dan, Nancy, Dave, Ruth, William and Jacob.

Defendant William Dale has possession of Rachel and Malissa. Also Dale had possession of the boy Davis and converted him to his own use by selling him... then worth $500-$600, now $700-$800, appropriating proceeds.

William Biggerstaff has in his possession Jane and John, now worth $1200.

William P. Overstreet has converted to his own use these: George then worth $600 and John then worth $600.

Defendant Absolom B. Holman converted the negro woman Judith to his own use... at the time $500 now $600. Holeman sold her without legal authority.

The negro woman devised by Wilson Biggerstaff was obtained from Absolom B. Holeman. At the time of her conversion worth $400 and she and her increase now worth $1000.

John Overstreet died about May 1834 and August term Absolom Holeman and Robert Nivens qualified as Executors, gave bond with Absolom B. Holeman and John Sevier as Securities. Before the expiration of two years Robert Nivens died, never having assumed responsibilities of executorship... negligence on the part of Absolom B. Holeman... that Absolom B. Holeman is heir and distributee of his father Absolom Holeman... inherited a large fortune probably worth more than $4000.

Absolom B. Holeman and William Holeman are executors of Absolom Holeman. Absolom B. Holman married Joanna W. Overstreet about the year 1835, and that the minors Sadler and Overstreet Holman are her only surviving children of said marriage. Joanna W. Holman died about the year 1845.

Orator has not set up rights heretofore because he was advised... certain members of the legal profession... another reason for delay... indisposition to disquiet or interrupt his mother-in-law... also indebted to the extreme though at all times solvent... expensive lawsuit. March [blank] 1859 /s/ James W. McHenry, Solicitor for John Barksdale.

DEPOSITIONS [First part missing, no date]:

Bennett Stone, about age 41. Believe Joannah W. Holman, wife of Absolom B. Holman died before Absolom [Sr.] died. My recall is Joanna W. Holman, the mother of Overstreet and Sadler Holman died before her father John Overstreet. /s/ Bennett Stone

Lafayette Butler 31. Absolom Holman died since the marriage of Martha Overstreet to Henry Sadler.

S. B. M. Fowler [No age]. Absolom Holeman died after Martha Overstreet and Henry Sadler married.

Albert Stanton age 59. Acquainted with negro woman Susan or Sookey in possession of Henry Sadler bequeathed to him by his father that came by his wife Martha Sadler, formerly Martha Overstreet. She had five children when Henry Sadler took possession Spring 1857. The two oldest were Wainwright and Bill. She had a child about every year.

The negro Preston who was in the hands of Garrett Sadler left before he was emancipated. He went to Carthage, Tennessee. I saw him afterward at Granville with the Federal soldiers along in the fall of 1864. Preston was among the first that left and I think he left in the Spring of 1860, and was 25 or 30 years old.

Lott was in possession of William P. Lewis. She was in bad health... had fits and got burned. Lott is dead.

When Susan went in possession of Henry Sadler she had five children, the oldest two were five or six, Wainwright a boy, Shimmer a boy, Freeman a boy, Belle a girl, and a long-headed boy I don't know his name.

She had four more after going into possession of Henry Sadler, but don't know their names. Think two were boys. Of the two born in slavery, one was a boy and one was a girl.

L. C. Hall and O. H. Anderson both married grand daughters of Henry Sadler. [Signed] Albert Stanton

Adison Maddux age 59 [Nothing new].


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Paralee S. Holliman of Jackson County against John B. Holliman of parts unknown, both citizens of Tennessee from birth. Married 10 September 1877 in Jackson Co. 13 Feby 1878 defendant abandoned her... gone to parts unknown. She is compelled to find shelter with her father. She has one child the issue of their marriage.

Defendant committed adultery with one Martha Welch, pretended to marry her, taken her to parts unknown. Procured license in Jackson Co., married to her by one John Cale, a J.P. in Jackson Co.

W. H. Condent of Smith Co. has a fund of $100 - $200 which belongs to defendant John B. Holleman - all the property she knows of. Asks custody of child [Name not given]. 24 September 1878. Paralee [her X] Holliman

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Paralee Holliman filed for alimony...attach funds $50 upwards in hands of William Condent as Administrator [Didn't say whose estate - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Dated 13 September 1878, states John B. Holliman was in the State of Kentucky, gave name Martha N. Welch. Paralee's middle initial either I. or J.

[NEW] HOLLIMAN, T. J., Administrator of HOLLIMAN, E. B. County 1891

Receipt: Paid to T. L. Watts $1.96 as witness one day & mileage in the case of State of Tennessee vs E. B. Holleman for ?Bastrage before the County Court. T. L. [X] Watts

SETTLEMENT 10 December 1891: Sale of property on 13 December 1890, $636.21. Cash on hand at sale $478.95 plus $3.00 in Mexican Dollars.

Those receiving distributional shares as heirs or the husbands of heirs [Note: Not all children listed here; see Bill of Complaint - mlj]:

Wm Tittle husband of Aletha, her distributional share;

W. P. Prewitt husband of Susan Prewitt her distributional share;

L. P. Goolsby husband of Elizabeth Goolsby, her distributional share;

S. J. Duke, guardian of minor heirs [Not named] of E. E. Duke, deceased, their distributional share;

M. B. Holleman, his distributional share;

M. B. Holleman as guardian of Dora Holleman, her distributional share.

DEPOSITIONS [Blank] March 1890:

Roland Terry. Elijah Holleman had eight children. One of them died before the father and left five children. /s/ Roland Terry

BILL OF COMPLAINT: T. J. Holleman of Sumpter County, Tennessee, Elizabeth Goolsby & husband Lenard of Wilson County, Susan Pruett and husband William Pruett, Angeline Pate, Letha Tittle and her husband William Tittle of Jackson Co. against

Mat Holliman & Dora Holliman of Jackson Co. and Sampson Duke, Eugene Duke [Blank] Duke, [Blank] Duke and [Blank] Duke of Smith County, Tennessee, the last five minors.

Elijah Holleman departed life intestate in Jackson Co. [blank] 1889 leaving complainants and defendants except husbands of married women his only heirs at law. Duke children are heirs at law of Eugene Duke a deceased daughter who died before her father, entitled to their mother's share.

T. J. Holleman was appointed, qualified and bonded as administrator. Deceased owned two tracts of land and town lots, tracts contiguous in the 5th District bounded by Cumberland River on north, east and west and by lands of Matt Holleman and the heirs of John W. Holliman deceased on the south... 275 acres more or less. Also Lot 2 or the Meeting House tract of the John Young lands... Smith Co. line... to the Darwin tract of the widow of said Young... L. D. Pate's line... Slaughters southeast corner... being 130 acres and 15 poles.

Also five town lots in Granville, Lots 78, 79, 80, 81 and 82 bounded west by Lee Street, north by Water Street, south by Cl_ _ _ _ Street and east by Taylor Brown's lots.

Not susceptible of partition being eight original shares, one of which is represented by five minor children.

Dora Holliman is a person of unsound mind and Matt Holliman is her guardian.

REPORT OF SALE: 1 June 1890.

Tract 1, 81 acres, Matt B. Holliman $900, J. P. Burton & Henderson Apple, Sec.

Tract 2, 85 acres, Matt B. Holliman $1600, J. P. Burton & Henderson Apple, Sec.

Lower Tract, William Tittle, $1000, Henderson Apple & T. J. Holliman, Sec.

Meeting House Tract, aka Lot 2 of the John Young land, M. A. Pate, $1500. She [possibly Angeline] paid day of sale... notes with S. L. Pate, O. H. Pate and A. H. Pate, Security

[Plat maps of land included].

ANSWER: B. A. Butler, guardian ad litem of Eugene Duke, Elijah W. Duke, [?Cynda or Cyrus] B. Duke, Benton Duke and Sallie L. Duke.

SETTLEMENT 26 November 1890: M. B. Holleman, guardian of Dora Holleman a mute and heir of Elijah Holleman, deceased.

Account paid off by guardian to James T. Shirley for 3 pints Whiskey for said ward, Aug 15, 1890, $0.75.

Burial Clothes & Coffin for said Ward dated Aug 25, 1890, $25.95.

Keeping & boarding ward, reasonable from sworn statements of neighbors John P. Burton, Elizabeth Dillard and M. J. Holleman, his neighbors [not filmed], $200.

[NEW] HOLLEMAN, W. D. et al vs HOLLEMAN, M. J. et al Chancery 1915

DEPOSITION: Knew M. B. Holleman in his lifetime. Did not leave a will that I know of. His children were W. D. Holleman, James Holleman, Vallie Vantrease - my wife, Martha Sellars who married W. J. Sellars, Minnie Green who married J. N. Green. Fred Dixon and Lula Woodall are the grand children of said M. B. Holleman, they being children of Nettie Dixon. Lula [or Lola] Woodall married Will Woodall.

Children are entitled to one-seventh interest. Fred Dixon and Lola Woodall share one-seventh. The widow of M. J. Holleman in lieu of homestead and dower said she would take a child's part, prefers the money and interest it would bring to burden of land, and that it would bring more if sold as a whole. The land is rented to one of the heirs, Jim Holleman. Bob [his X] Vantrease

DEPOSITION: Fred Dixon. Will be age 21 the 4th of May next. Land in 5th District on Cumberland River bounded north by Cumberland River, east by Martha and Etta Cowan, south by H. R. Burton and N. B. Myers, 140 acres. /s/ Fred Dixon

[NEW] HOLLEWAY, J. S., Guardian of MEADOWS, CLEO & LONA County 1900

GUARDIAN SETTLEMENT 17 August 1900. Last Settlement May 7, 1897, Guardian Settlement Book B, pages 347 & 348.

Paid by Guardian, Cleo expenses to Nashville School, November 1, 1897.

Receipt for Lena to J. V. Minor dated January 4, 1900.

Receipts, B. C. Jones for Lona December 3, 1894 and May 31, 1898.

Amount collected by Guardian from Albert Morris on the Land funds in the case of B. C. Jones et als vs J. S. Holleway & wife et als May 21, 1898, Docket C, page 156.

[NOTE: Information very skimpy. No mention of who Cleo and Lena/Lona's parent or parents might be - mlj].

[NEW] HOLMES, MARGARETT et al vs HOLMES, ELIZA et al Chancery 1880

ANSWER of Walter B. Holmes Jr., Mary ?Elinda Holms & Walter A. Holms, minors by guardian ad litem.

Admit death of Wm B. Holmes Sr. Dated 28 September 1880. /s/ W. D. Carnes [?Carner]

BILL OF COMPLAINT of James Hargis, Margaret H. Holmes, W. B. Page and wife Z. M. Page of Jackson Co, Tennessee against

William B. Holmes, Mary Eliza Holmes and Walter A. Holmes of same residence. William B. Holmes died in Jackson Co. 27 March 1880, leaving Complainant Margaret H. Holmes his widow; Z. M. Page wife of W. B. Page and defendants his only children and heirs. James Hargis was appointed administrator. Deceased owned lands and town lots; 4 lots in Granville used as a garden for several years bounded south by McCarver & Armistead's store house, east by street running through said lots and R. B. Montgomery's, west by street, north by lots sold by W. B. Holmes in his lifetime to the Missouri Lodge & school authorities, also lots... dwelling house where W. B. Holmes lived and died... together with store house occupied by R. J. Montgomery... lots belonging to J. M. Shirley's heirs, south by Ferry Street, all in District 5.

Also land in same district... Neely's east boundary line... northeast corner of Joseph Shows' 640 acre tract... Spring fork of Martin's Creek excluding 15 acres known as John Stephens tract... 400 acres.

Also another tract of 100 acres in Putnam County, being same conveyed to W. B. Holmes in his life by Sheriff's deed 8 March 1848.

Complainant Margaret Holmes is entitled to homestead & dower. She resides on said Granville lands where she and her husband lived at his death. 7 Sept. 1880.


J. H. L. Brown. Know land known as Roberts tract, between Flynn's Creek and Martin's Creek, value $2.00 per acre. /s/ J. H. L. Brown

William M. Neil age 40. [Value of land]. /s/

[NEW] HOLMES, WILLIAM B. vs PHARRIS, JOHN et al Chancery 1867

DEPOSITIONS 3 June 1869:

William B. Holmes 55. Recovered judgments against John Pharris, note dated Jan 1, 1865, $65 & $135 for medical services rendered himself & family. John Pharris worked for me building a rock fence. His boys hauled wood for me a day or so. Know Elizabeth and John N. Pharris, children of John Pharris. Both are single, or John N. was when he left the country a year or so ago. They always lived with her father. She is now about 33 years old. Suppose John is about 35. John Pharris cannot read/write. John N. and Elizabeth were both industrious. /s/ Wm. P. Holmes

DEPOSITIONS: All state character of John N. and Elizabeth Pharris good -

A. J. Vantrease /s/

Wilson Carter age 59 /s/

Milton Williamson age 25 /s/ J. M. Williamson

James Pharris age 66. His [X mark] Pharris

DEPOSITIONS 19 May 1872:

Wm A. Pharis age 41. I am the son of John Pharris and Elizabeth Pharris is my sister. My father John Pharris got in debt to my brother Newton Pharris and let him have the land. I think John N. was to give my father $3000-$3500 for the land. I can't say I know anything about the particulars of the sale from John N. to Elizabeth.

DEPOSITIONS: All state character of John N. and Elizabeth Pharris good.

William Cale about 61.

Thomas Holliman age 36.

Leonard Huff age 58.

Jefferson Hargis age 56.

ANSWER: Polly Pharris, Susan Pharris, Harriett Pharris and William A. Pharris by Guardian ad litem N. B. Young to Bill of Complaint of Wm. B. Holmes against John Pharris and others.

Respondents as heirs at law of John N. Pharis, deceased... death suggested and proved

and scifa served upon these minors... adopt answer of John Pharis and Elizabeth Pharis as their answer. 26 October 1871.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Wm B. Holmes of Jackson Co. against John Pharris, John N. Pharris and Elizabeth Pharris. Orator 25 May 1867 received two judgments against John Pharris for medical services for said John Pharris and his family from 1st January 1855 up to 1st January 1866. John Pharris is insolvent.

9 February 1866 by deed that date, John Pharris conveyed to defendants John N. Pharris and Elizabeth Pharris a valuable tract of land on Dry fork of Martin's creek, about 329 acres, Dist. 15, Jackson Co. Children John N. and Elizabeth are both single, still living with their father... believe deeded to avoid payment of debt. 12 September 1867.

DEPOSITIONS 27 July 1869:

Gillum Upchurch age 59 [Nothing new]. /s/

William Carter age 75. /s/

Simon Roberts age 29. s/s Simeon Roberts

Phillip Bryant [his X]

Enoch Carter 52 /s/

James Pharris [No age]. John N. Pharris fattened up a lot of hogs. John N. and Jo Spurlock carried them south to sell. Don't think John N.'s hogs were included in this lot. He fattened them in Still house hollow. John N. owned two stills. I know he stilled one season, don't know if he run any longer or not. The stills were at my house in 1862 when he went into the Army. John Pharris got possession and I and him run them. John N. Pharris and Jim Bullington had bought my fruit and had begun to still it when John N. got carried off to the Army. John was to furnish the still and I was to gather the balance of the fruit and we were to divide the brandy. James [his X] Pharris

COPY OF DEED: John Pharris to John N. Pharris and Elizabeth Pharris for $3400, tract in Dist. 15 on waters of Dry fork of Martin's Creek... Thomas Huddleston's east boundary line... south boundary line of what is called Douglas tract... Vinson line... William Carter's line to what is called Robbin Bennett's southeast corner... Carter's west boundary line... Allen Manear's east boundary line... west with Spurlock's line, 329 acres more or less. 9 Feby 1866. John [his X] Pharris

DEPOSITIONS 13 January 1879:

Simon Roberts 29. Rented part of the land in controversy in 1867, 68 and 69. Gave my obligation for payment to Elizabeth Pharris. Simon [his X] Roberts

James Long [No age]. Rented part of land in 1868 & 69, gave my note for rent to Elizabeth Pharris. Character of Elizabeth Pharris is good, John and John N. Pharris bad. /s/ James Long.

Harriett Pharris age 22.

Question: State whether your father John Pharris rented from your brother John N. Pharris two stills for the purpose of stilling brandy during the late war.

Answer: [Affirmative]. John N. Pharris is about 39 and Elizabeth about 33. She is single. /s/ Harriett Pharris

[NEW] HOLT, WILLIAM et al vs KENT, NATHAN et al Chancery 1874

DECREE: Cause of William R. Holt & others vs Nathan Kent and wife Martha Kent, Joshua [?L. or T.] Kent and wife Elizabeth S. Kent, Martha M. Flowers, John J. Kent, Wesley Searcy and Shelby P. McClellan, administrator of Israel McClellan, deceased. Settled by Compromise.

ANSWER: S. P. McClelin to Bill of Complaint of William R. Holt, M. M. Gatier, John L. Brown, Albert E. Brown, Foster James and wife Tempie Jane, Nancy Ann Brown and E. K. Turner as Administrator of Estate of Mary E. Gatier, deceased.

Respondent admits death and intestacy of Tempie Jane Holt, and that his father Israel McClelin was appointed and qualified administrator of estate of Tempie Jane Holt.

Respondent admits death and intestacy of his father Israel McClelin and that he was appointed and qualified administrator... denies having assets from his father's estate with which to pay any claim... estate is wholly insolvent, long since suggested to Macon Co., Tennessee Clerk of Court as required by law.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF OF JACKSON CO: Whereas William R. Holt, M. M. Gautier, John P. Brown, Foster James & wife Tempie Jane, Nancy Ann Brown and E. W. Turner, Administrator of Mary E. Gautier have this day filed their Bill of Complaint against Shelby P. McClelland administrator of Josiah McCleland, deceased, Nathan Kent and wife Martha Kent, J. P. Kent and his wife Elizabeth Kent, Martha M. Flowers and Wesley Surcey...attach tract District 10, Jackson Co., 314 acres conveyed by Nathan Kent to his wife Martha Kent 9 Jan 1871 adjoining land of Samuel King's and the Woodfolk land; also tract of 210 acres in same county & district... begin Samuel King's corner adjoining Martha Kent's land, being same conveyed. Also tract containing 109 [acres] in District 10 being same conveyed by Nathan Kent to John J. Kent about 25 or 28 February 1871. Also tract of 4 3/4 acres in District 3... begin Nathan Kent's southeast corner of old line, the same conveyed by Nathan Kent to Wesley Sircy about 3 July 1868. Also tract of 101 acres in District 15, north bank of Cumberland River adjoining land of R. S. Duke and others except one acre where M. E. Church stands, it being same land conveyed by J. T. or J. D. Kent to Elizabeth Kent on or about 9 January 1871. Dated 4th Monday in October 1871.

PETITION: Petitioners W. R. Holt, H. Gatier, J. T. Brown, A. E. Brown, Foster Jones, Tempie Jones, Nancy A. Brown, E. W. Turner administrator of W. E. Gautier, W. H. DeWitt and A. A. Swope...

Some four years ago said petitioners except DeWitt and Swope filed Bill of Complaint against James or Shelby McClellan as administrator of the estate of Israel McClellan deceased and against Nathan Kent, Joshua P. Kent, [blank] Searcy, Mrs. [blank] Flowers and perhaps one or two others. Object was to collect from the estate of Israel McClellan and from his surety as Administrator of one Tempie Holt... their distributive shares.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William R. Holt, a citizen of the State of Illinois, M. H. Gotier, citizen of Kansas, John T. Brown, Albert E. Brown, Foster James & wife Tempie Jane, and Nancy Ann Brown citizens of Kentucky and E. W. Turner a citizen of Smith County, Tennessee, administrator of the estate of Mary E. Gotier, deceased against

Shelby P. McClellan, administrator of estate of Israel McClellan, deceased a citizen of Macon Co., Tenn, Nathan Kent and wife Martha Kent, J. T. Kent & wife Elizabeth S. Kent, Martha M. Flowers, John J. Kent and Wesley Searcy citizens of Jackson Co., TN.

Tempie Holt died intestate in Carroll County, Mississippi 1855, her husband Thomas Holt having died some time previous to her death. Tempie Holt had three children the issue of the marriage, two living at her death namely William R. Holt and Mary E. Holt who married Complainant M. H. Gotier and afterward in 1864 died intestate in the State of Kentucky leaving hr husband surviving. Said Tempie Holt at her death left four grand children to wit Complainants John T. Brown, Albert E. Brown, Nancy Ann Brown and Tempie Jane Brown who intermarried with Complainant Foster James.

Complainant E. W. Turner is administrator of Mary E. Gotier, deceased. Was appointed and gave bond January term 1872 in Smith County, Tennessee County Court.

These grand children are the issue of Tempie Holt's daughter Sarah by her marriage to Josiah Brown. Josiah and his said wife Sarah died before the death of Tempie Holt.

Nathan Kent Senior died intestate many years ago in Smith Co.

Tempie Holt was one of the heirs and distributees in his estate, then surviving.

Israel McClellan at January term 1859 was appointed administrator of Tempie Holt, gave bond of $3000 with defendants Nathan Kent and J. T. (or J. P.) Kent as Security.

26 January 1861 Israel McClellan reported to the court that he had received as administrator from estate of Nathan Kent the sum of $1476.35. Final settlement after expenses, sum of $1397, is yet unpaid.

Complainants further allege that from time to time after January 1861 and before his death, demand was made of Israel McClellan, administrator, for payment of the interests respectively of Mary E. Gotier in her lifetime.

Also for payment of the interest of William R. Holt in the estate of Tempie Holt. The last demand was 1870 in behalf of all distributees.

Believe defendants Nathan Kent and J. T. (or J. P.) Kent have fraudulently disposed of real estate. Nathan Kent 9 Jan 1871 deeded land to wife Martha. Nathan Kent 25 February 1871 deeded land to his near relative John J. Kent. Nathan Kent 3 July 1868 deeded 4 3/4 acres to defendant Searcy.

Defendant J. T. (or J. P.) Kent conveyed by deed to his wife Elizabeth S. Kent on 9 January 1871. 25 February 1871 defendant Elizabeth Kent conveyed these lands to Martha M. Flowers.

Complainants informed and believe that if it is true Nathan Kent received any money from the estate of his wife's father and grand father, that upon its reception by him his marital right thereto be attached.

[NEW] HOOD, BRYSON vs RECTOR, SARAH & Others Chancery 1841-1843

ANSWER: Sarah Rector to Bill of Complaint by Bryson Hood against her and David M. Rector. She is the widow of Martin Rector who died in Morgan Co., TN 1832. Said David M. Rector is her son. Bryson married her daughter Polly Ann, and that Bryson and Polly Ann moved to Jackson Co. in 1839 where said Polly Ann died in 1841 without issue. Admits execution of Exhibits A, B & C. Prior to execution, said Martin Rector was involved in debt for security... some person who was or had been Entry Taker. Exhibit A & B was made to shield from demands of creditors of Martin Rector. A tract of land and negro boy Bob which said Martin Rector owned were made liable to payment of debt. Believe the negro was sold to pay creditors and land either sold or mortgaged for the same purpose. Untrue that David M. and Polly Ann made partition of land and other property.

When Bryson and Polly Ann left East Tennessee for Jackson Co. they brought with them the children of Lucinda, and Lucinda remained in possession of Respondent. Bryson and Polly Ann were leaving Respondent on their removal to Jackson Co. and which Respondent was in distress of mind at being separated from her daughter. The month of February 1841 Respondent removed to Jackson County and on a small piece of land which had been rented for her by said Bryson. Respondent brought with her the negro woman Lucinda. Rent was paid out of the crop raised.

After removal of respondent to Jackson Co., Bryson and Polly Ann lived with her most of the time up to the death of Polly Ann. She had possession of Lucinda and her children until they were taken from her by said Bryson after the death of Polly Ann.

Respondent labored at the wash tub, did nearly all the laundry for the whole family so as to have services of Lucinda in the cornfield.

While not cruelly treated by said Bryson, cannot admit his great care and tenderness claimed in bill.

Admits names and ages of Lucinda's children are correctly stated.

Admits after the death of Polly Anne, Bryson took possession.

Bryson demanded her daughter's apparel, refused to allow her to keep what Polly Ann possessed before her marriage. While she was collecting her daughter's clothing, Bryson carried off the negroes... Respondent admits he got possession of the negroes except Elisa, but not in the manner set forth.

While Bryson held the negroes she was without means of support, depended on neighbors. 2 May 1842. Sarah [her X mark] Rector

PROSECUTION BOND: Sarah Rector, Principal; John Swezea and Richard P. Brooks, Security, $3000 to Bryson Hood. 2 May 1842. [All signed].

PROSECUTION BOND: Bryson Hood, Principal; Samuel E. Hare, James W. Hancock and W. R. Kinner, Security, $2000 to Sarah Rector. 25 March 1842 [All signed].

[EXHIBITS A, B & C and two letters from Bryson Hood dated 21 January 1841 and Feby 12, 1842 are filmed - mlj].

NOTICE: Depositions of John Butler of Kingston, Rhone [sic] County, Tennessee will be taken 13 March 1843.

Depositions of John F. Scott, Albert Hert, John White, John M. Davis of Morgan County, Tennessee will be taken 6 April 1843.

[NEW] HOOVER, A. H., Administrator of Fulks, Archibald, decease. County 1881

SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY: Sale 17 October 1872, netted $78.00. Property listed, buyers not. First settlement April 1875.

NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT: To J. H. Prater and wife Mary Prater, James Fulks and John Fulks, heirs at law of Archibald Fulks. Settlement 6 August 1881.

[NEW] HOOVER, A. H., et al vs HOOVER, DANIEL Chancery 1871

BILL OF COMPLAINT: A. H. Hoover of Jackson Co. and John P. Hoover of Bedford County, Tennessee against

Daniel Hoover, administrator of James M. Hoover deceased of Bedford Co., Cela Hill, Betsy Glaze and Matthias Glaze of the State of Missouri, Joseph Thompson of Bedford Co., TN Hiram W. Broils and wife Fannie Broils and Matthias Hoover of Rutherford Co., Haris B. Hoover, Jacob Hoover and Isaac Hoover of the State of Texas and heirs of Massey Culver of parts unknown, to wit: Eda who intermarried with John McKee who is dead, John Culver, Eliza who intermarried with Thomas McKee and is also dead and left one child who is a minor named Edny McKee and resides in Bedford Co., Tenn and has no general guardian.

Martin Hoover departed life intestate 11 February 1862, James M. Hoover was appointed administrator... valuable property including six or seven negroes. Petition filed in Bedford Co. 1862 praying for a sale of negroes for payment of debts and distribution. About 7 November 1862, proceeded to sell. Complainant A. H. Hoover became purchaser of two for $775 with $75 cash and notes with John P. and James M. Hoover security. Said James is now dead. A. H. Hoover resided at the time in Jackson Co., about 75 miles.

Jany term 1864, Joseph H. Thompson, Commissioner of Bedford Co. took judgment against A. H. Hoover, James M. Hoover and John P. Hoover.

Upon the settlement of James M. Hoover on the estate of Martin Hoover, a $100 credit was given on the judgment.

The said James M. Hoover paid to Daniel Hoover and John P. Hoover their shares and probably several others.

A. H. Hoover paid off the full amount of his purchase.

Said Administrator was his brother, the intestate his father and the securities his brothers.

Complainants and defendants except Smallwood & Thompson are the heirs of Martin Hoover, deceased. Thompson as Commissioner sold on same day five other negroes for between $1500-$2000 and complainant has never received one cent distribution. 31 May 1871. /s/ A. H. Hoover

A. H. Hoover. I am a complainant. Martin Hoover's heirs are: Massey Culver's heirs, Matthias Hoover, Harris B. Hoover, Celia Hill, Elizabeth Glase, Fannie Broyles, A. H. Hoover, Isaac Hoover, J. T. Hoover, John T. Hoover, James M. Hoover and D. D. Hoover.

[NEW] HOOVER, ELIZABETH vs HOOVER, S. J. et al Chancery 1880

DEPOSITION: Fannie Wolf. Know parties. They lived together as man & wife about one year. Separated about two years. Saw defendant choke her, I interfered and got him to stop. He did not furnish necessary of life - I would have to give them some [sic] to eat. 21 March 1882. Fanie [her X mark] Wolf

SHERIFF: Elizabeth Hoover filed bill of divorce and alimony 2nd Monday in March 1880. Attach $100 owed by Ralph Rodgers to S. J. Hoover.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married 15 March 1879 in said county and state. Together to 22 May 1880, he abandoned her. Charges cruel and inhuman treatment. 13 August 1880. Elizabeth [her X mark] Hoover

CROSS-BILL: S. J. Hoover against Elizabeth Hoover. Alleges adulterous behavior with Joshua Haile and diverse other men. 21 March 1882. /s/ S. J. Hoover

[NEW] HOOVER, L. E. vs HOOVER, W. M. Chancery 1882

ANSWER: Daniel D. Hoover to Bill of Complaint of L. E. Hoover. At the time of separation of Complainant and her husband W. M. Hoover, said W. M. was owner of a Claybank horse, now in possession of George Dowling of Rutherford Co., TN. Respondent raised said horse and gave it to his son W. C. Hoover who removed to the State of Texas and W. M. Hoover went also...

BILL OF COMPLAINT: L. E. Hoover of Jackson Co. against William M. Hoover of the State of Texas and Daniel D. Hoover of Bedford Co. Married in Jackson Co. July 1878, were husband and wife to May 5, 1881, when he left and went to Texas on the pretense of getting a home and coming back for her... failed to do... abandoned. She recently received a letter dated 19 December 1881... did not intend to live with her. She is forced to rely on her father and mother for support. Since their marriage he became a habitual drunkard.

Claybank horse left in hands of George Downing now in possession of Daniel D. Hoover... in fact it is her horse... swapped for one her father gave her. [Signature: "Lade Ella" or "Lade Ellen" marked through]. /s/ L. E. Hoover

HOPKINS, CHARLES & others vs ???? Chancery

[NOTE: There is a case of Charles Hopkins vs T. B. Upchurch, involved disagreement over timber removal from Upchurch land, no genealogical information. There are miscellaneous papers that may have been mixed in the file. Those with genealogical information are abstracted - mlj].


T. H. Upchurch or T. B. Upchurch. [Note: Heading is clearly deposition of T. B. Upchurch, signature looks like T. H. Upchurch - mlj].

There are five children living of Thomas Upchurch, deceased and three grand children, being children of a deceased daughter. I am an heir of Thomas Upchurch. There were six children. One was dead at Thomas Upchurch's death. She left four children - one had died since, leaving three still living.

Barbara Jane Young was a daughter and left no heirs or representative. Her share would descend to her brothers and sisters. There are 25 - 30 acres in cultivation.

Question: Is there any minors interested [with an ownership interest - mlj] in the land? Is not J. T. Young and J. B. Young and Rhoda all now of age, that is over 21?

Answer: There are no minors.

Land is on the west side of Flynn's Creek in three lots.


T. E. Stafford age 21. I am not personally acquainted with Harriette Ragland. I visited in Texas and lived in Fannin County near Honey Grove. Mrs. Ragland had lived there. I talked to one citizen and asked him how come Mrs. Ragland to leave and he said she got so mean they had to run her out.

I talked to Little Charley Hopkins wife and she told me Mrs. Ragland had gone to the Indian Nation she reckoned, that she did not know for sure. Mrs. Ragland had a deformed girl there and it was the understanding that she just walked off and left it. Mrs. Charley Hopkins was the daughter of Mrs. Ragland - or it was the reputation that she was. /s/ T. E. Stafford

J. L. C. Brown age 31. James Ragland went off with a woman and left Harriett his wife. He went to Kentucky. Gone some time and came back next Fall. He left in August and she left in October or November following. Heard her say she was going to Texas and try to raise her children and make something out of them. Jim came back and she and the children were gone and he cried, and said he never though she'd leave with them. I am a nephew of James Ragland. 5 May 1891. /s/ J. L. C. Brown

DEPOSITION 30 November 1883, Town of Pana, Christian County, Illinois:

H. J. Adkins age 66. Married May 1840 in Jackson County, Tennessee. My mother in law was Nancy Anderson and my father in law was Caleb Anderson, both of Jackson County. My wife Elizabeth Atkins is a sister to Rhoda Upchurch, wife of Thomas Upchurch, deceased. Resided in Jackson Co. 1836-7-8-9 & 40.

Thomas Upchurch had no means except what came from his wife Rhoda. Rhoda had no means but what came from her father.

Thomas' health was not good last I saw him. Saw but once since I moved. His habits were not strictly temperate, but not dissipated. When I married Elizabeth, Thomas was industrious but in poor health. 30 Nov 1883. /s/ H. J. Atkins, Elizabeth [her X] Atkins

BILL OF COMPLAINT: W. J. Young and wife and Charles Hopkins and wife charge they in common with T. B. Upchurch and others own land where Thomas Upchurch lived and died on Flynn's Creek, Dist. 11. T. B. Upchurch is cutting and hauling timber... [No genealogical information. More on Young/Hopkins/Upchurch connection Reel #124].


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