Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Paper
Reel #76, Gipson, T. - Gore

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] GIPSON, TOBIAS & others vs YOUNG, WILLIAM Chancery 1873

BILL OF COMPLAINT of William Young of Smith Co. and B. A. Fox of the State of Texas against Levi and Tobias Gipson of Jackson Co.

7 July 1866 B. A. Fox contracted to sell and convey to defendants land described in title bond. Fox to make title upon payment for land.

One of said notes of $378.22 was transferred to Wm Young by endorsement. 8 May 1867 judgment was rendered for $387.24 and costs about $8.50 against Tobias and Levi Gipson and John Gipson as security.

7 October 1867 the Sheriff of Jackson Co. sold said land to Tobias Gipson for $10. William Young and B. A. Fox were non-residents of Jackson Co., did not receive notice land to be sold for court costs. Complainants insist they have a lien for purchase money.

BOND FOR TITLE: I, B. A. Fox... to Levy and Tobias Gipson for the sum of $1600... this 7 July 1866... land on waters of Flynns Creek where John Jackson now lives... 108 acres bounded by Amon Haile, Joshua Haile Jr., James Jones, Daniel Pleasant, Asa Pleasant and Thomas J. Gailbreath... cash in hand and notes... title when notes are paid. /s/ B. A. Fox Test: R. A. Cox, James Draper

RENT AGREEMENT: Tobias Gipson to James W. Jones, all tillable land south side of branch from steam mill including house where I now live for $40 for present year 1873. 22 March 1873. Tobias [his X] Gipson Wit: Thos J. Gailbreath

[NEW] GIPSON, WILLIAM vs McGIPSON, RANDAL, et al Chancery 1845

PETITION: William Gipson of Jackson Co. represents that George McGipson also of Jackson Co, TN died intestate some time in 1841 leaving widow Patience McGipson and nine lawful heirs, to wit

Randal McGipson, Levi McGipson, Tobias McGipson (sons), Pauline McGipson, Hettie McGipson, Patience Brewington the wife of Thomas Brewington, Polly Woolbright the wife of Joseph Woolbright, citizens of Jackson Co., Tennessee; Nancy Brewington wife of John Brewington of White Co., Tennessee; Margeret Butterwick and husband Amos Butterwick who have left the State of Tennessee... parts unknown to Orator.

Shortly after the death of George McGipson, Orator was appointed administrator. Said George McGipson died owning real estate... tract of 20 acres, title deed is lost. Also two other tracts of 50 acres each all on Blackburn's fork of Roaring River.

Are still outstanding debts... necessary to sell land to pay... subject to dower of widow Patience Gipson. Land of inferior quality and if sold with encumbrance of dower, would barely cover debts. 29 January 1846.

LAND GRANT: State of Tennessee to George M. Gibson, Entry No. 45, Jackson Co., Tenn, 1 July 1824, 50 acres on Blackburn's fork. Description is metes and bounds using trees... and stake in James Watson's field. 7 September 1826. s/s William Carroll, Gov.

[NEW] GIST, B. et al vs DAVIS, MATTHEW, et al Chancery 1873

[NOTE: Several lawsuits, all tied together concerning Isaac Davis, deceased. Documents written by various individuals, names typed as written, genealogical information repetitious so not all were abstracted - mlj].

REPORT OF SALE: Pursuant to Interlocutory Decree Aug term 1869... on 1st Monday in December 1869 land sold, ?Real/Red Rich became purchaser at $269.57, being high bidder. May Special Term 1870.

REPORT OF SALE, cause of Mathew Davis, Admr of Isaac Davis, deceased vs Alfred Rich. Pursuant to decree, on 2 Aug 1869, sold town lots and buildings in Celina where Alfred Rich formerly lived being same purchased from Isaac Davis, deceased, sold to Belew Gist, he being high bidder. August term 1869.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Mathew M. Davis of Jackson Co. against Alfred Rich, a non-resident of Tennessee, parts unknown; Benjamin Johnson and wife Elizabeth Johnson of Overton Co., Tenn; Alfred Rich Jr., [Blank] Rich, Susan Davis, William Brown and wife Susan Brown, Dan'l Mitchell, Sarah Mitchell, Welcome M. Savage, Belew Gist and wife Nancy Gist all of Jackson Co.

Isaac Davis departed life at his residence in Jackson Co. Jany 1869, orator was appointed administrator Feby term 1867.

Defendants Elizabeth Johnson and Nancy Gist are daughters of deceased.

Susan Davis is widow and relict of deceased.

Susan Brown, Davis Mitchell, Sarah Mitchell are children of William and Sarah Mitchell who are now deceased, the latter [Sarah Mitchell] was the daughter of said deceased [Isaac Davis].

Susan Brown is the wife of defendant William Brown. Davis Mitchell and Sarah Mitchell are minors. Defendant Welcome Savage is their general guardian.

Intestate [Isaac Davis] in his lifetime sold to defendant Alfred Rich Jr. a house and lot in Celina, Jackson Co., TN, bounded by lands of Isaac Davis, decd and a lot formerly owned by Loudon M. Oglesby, being where defendant Alfred Rich now lives. Orator's intestate did not make a deed but only a title bond.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: B. Gist and wife Nancy, Benjamin C. Johnson and wife Elizabeth of Clay Co., Tennessee against

Matthew M. Davis, Susan Davis, William M. Brown & wife Susan Brown, ?Dennis/Davis C. Mitchell, Sarah Mitchell, W. M. Savage and Z. VanHooser of Clay Co. except Z. VanHooser of Jackson Co.

16 Sept 1867 they filed a bill in Jackson Co., sought to lay off dower of defendant Susan Davis and to sell land of Isaac Davis, deceased, together with reversion in widow's dower...

Defendant VanHooser was Clerk of Circuit Court at the time records burned [1872]. Lands bounded by Sallie Gearheart north and east; south by Wm P. Roberts and Will _ _ _ Martin, lands now owned by B. Gist, and bounded west by Cumberland River and the town of Celina. The land on which the town of Celina now stands was purchased for a site for the court house and public square. 27 March 1873.

[NEW] GIVENS, MARTHA vs HARRIS, J. T. Circuit 1901

DEPOSITIONS: For Plaintiff, 28 October 1901, C & M office, Carthage, TN.

Lon Williams age 56, live 3rd District, Smith Co. and up to about three years ago lived in Texas. Knew W. C. Givens, lived about 35 miles from him in Texas, had business dealings with him, went there on one occasion to get a power of attorney to look after some land the Givens' heirs had in Texas. It was not the object to embrace the land where he lived in the Power of Attorney. There was no general description, but in signing, it included his own real estate, which was not the intent. At the time of executing the Power of Attorney, his mind was mighty weak... of unsound mind. Mrs. Givens, his wife, told me he had deed [sic] his land to a gentleman who got burned out and she raised a rookus about it and had it changed.

Has been about six or seven years since I went to his house and got the Power of Attorney. Next day I went back and got a corrected one. The powers of attorney were in Waco, Texas, recorded there I suppose. Under the construction I put upon the power of attorney I thought it would give me one-half interest in all of his lands in Texas.

It was the latter part of spring or first of summer before I left there in the fall when I went to see him... last time I saw him, thought he was of unsound mind... think he was 82... Don't know about his mental condition in November 1899. Don't think I'm related to any parties in this cause. I am a mechanic and farmer. Givens and I were both interested in the Power of Attorney. /s/ A. L. Williams

M. J. Malone age 46, live Carthage, livery business. An old man came through here about two years ago, said his name was William Givens. Came over from the depot in the hack, said he didn't have any money to a hotel and I asked him to spend the night with me... oldest man I ever saw. I asked him to sleep on the bed at the office at the stable, but he said he couldn't sleep anywhere but on the floor, that he had a sore on his buttux [sic] so I brought a pallet over and he slept on the floor. He said he wanted to go to Buffalo, a place in this county where he had kinfolks... said he left there as a boy and had a brother up there that he never did see. He said he had a sister who married a Thomas.

He said he sold his land in Texas for cash notes and put the notes in the bank and I understand the Bank bought the ticket for him to bring him back to Carthage.

He reached in his pocket book and got a quarter first, then got a nickel to pay me. He got a $20 bill, but didn't seem to know what it was and I told him, and he smiled, and said "I'm a rich man". It takes three days and nights from Texas to here.

The next day I called a party in Defeated Creek to send word to his brother he was here. He was physically weak, mind not real sound. That was the first and last time I saw him. /s/ M. J. Malone

N. J. Kemp, 55, am Register of Smith County, been living in Carthage a little over five years. Saw old man W. C. Givens in Carthage, had a talk with him... formed opinion he was out of his mind... about two years ago, appeared to be about 85.

He claimed he didn't know any relative here except one, Killis. Claimed he had a sister here, Mrs. Thomas, he had never seen. Claimed he had no money, had spent it all but one nickel. Spoke of being in the Revolutionary War and all the wars since that. I suppose that some may not know the difference between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. /s/ N. J. Kemp


PROSECUTION BOND James M. Godsey and John P. Poston to Tennessee Godsey.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married in Jackson Co. 6 Feby 1879... marital relations not disturbed for three years.

Two children living and two dead, all boys, James and Archie are dead. Living are Jessee age seven and Lewis age three.

Alleges Tennessee is guilty... adultery with James L. Young, William Poston, perhaps others... not proper person to have custody. Lists personal property. 4 December 1889. James M. [his X] Godsey


CAUSE HEARD 22 November 1883... not proved, cause dismissed, Complainant to pay costs.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Wm Godsey against Susannah Godsey. Married Bledsow [sic] County, Tennessee some 30 years ago, resided in said county and state until some eight years ago, removed to Jackson Co.

Defendant willfully deserted complainant two years before filing this bill. [Blank] Sept 1883.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of William Godsey [possibly a final draft; three bills substantially the same - mlj]. Married in Bledsoe County about 1850, lived as husband and wife to about Feby 1881... moved off to herself, got another house, refuses to return. August 5, 1884

[NEW] GOFF, J. D. vs HEROD, M. A. et al Chancery 1894

PETITION of J. D. Goff against M. A. Herod, H. H. Herod and S. B. Anderson, Trustee, all of Jackson Co., Bank of Gainesboro and First National Bank of Nashville.

Orator 6 October 1892 recovered judgment against H. H. Herod, principal and M. A. Herod, Stayor of Execution... $85.15 debt.

M. A. Herod owns and is in possession of land... 1st District of Jackson County north side of Cumberland River, bounded north by V. C. Lee land, east by V. C. Lee land, south by Herod lands now owned by [Blank] and west by Cumberland River being lands on which she now lives.

24 April 1893 defendant M. A. Herod executed to Bank of Gainesboro her promissory note. [No relationships given - mlj].

[NEW] GOODALL, DAVID L. et al vs WILLIAMSON, AMOS K. et al Ch 1867-1877

BILL OF COMPLAINT of David L. Goodall, Executor of Charles Goodall, deceased of Sumner Tennessee [Overwritten here; can't really tell but later document plainly states Sumner - mlj] County, against

Amos K. Williamson and wife July E., Eliza A. Draper, Rufus Goodall, Martha W. Goodall, Lucy Goodall, Caroline C. Goodall and Allizena Goodall, all of Jackson Co.

Orator was appointed Executor of Charles Goodall's will, admitted to probate in Sumner Co. 185[blank].

Charles Goodall died leaving widow and five children, the defendants being children or representative of one of said five children, viz W. W. Goodall who lived and died in Jackson Co., Tennessee.

W. W. Goodall was a legatee and distributee of Charles Goodall... unsettled matters between father and son... owed money to Charles Goodall's estate.

Estate of W. W. Goodall is largely insolvent, James Draper administrator. James Draper became guardian of minor children of said W. W. Goodall and defendants of this case. April 1, 1876. /s/ D. L. Goodall

ANSWER: D. L. Goodall, Executor of Charles Goodall to Bill of Complaint of Amos K. Williamson and others.

W. W. Goodall died in Jackson Co. year 1856 intestate. The father of said W. W. Goodall, Charles Goodall, died in Sumner Co. in 1853 leaving Last Will & Testament. Respondent appointed Executor with Jas L. Carson who declined to qualify. Respondent qualified, bond of $7000 with W. F. Andrews and William Gibson as Security.

W. W. Goodall was a legatee under the will of his father.

Charles Goodall left five legatees who were his children, William W., Charles [?init], Lucy Ann Huffman, Elizabeth Gibson and Martha Belote who were beneficiaries.

At the death of his father his son W. W. Goodall was justly indebted to him for $4000 - $5000. Decreed by Chancery Court at Gallatin that the Administrator of W. W. Goodall pay to Respondent $2000. /s/ D. L. Goodall

ANSWER: James Draper to Cross-bill of David L. Goodall against Amos K. Williamson and wife Elizabeth Williamson, Eliza A. Draper, Rufus Goodall, Martha M. Goodall, Lucy Good [sic], Cornelie C. Goodall, Louisa Goodall, Allezenda Goodall and Amos K. Williamson next friend.

Respondent refers to answer on file... receipt alluded to in said cross-bill dated 2 July 1860... never received one cent of money... but the same was executed in consideration of the negro Mary and delivered to Respondent... 2 June 1868. /s/ James Draper

ANSWER: James E. Wheeler to Bill of Complaint of Amos K. Williamson and others against James Draper and others. True Wm W. Goodall departed life as stated and complainants except Amos K. Williamson are his children. The father of said intestate died in Sumner Co., TN and David L. Goodall is Executor of his will. James Draper was appointed guardian [of W. W. Goodall's minor children], with Respondent and Thos J. Draper as securities, all solvent at execution of guardian bond. Thos J. Draper is dead and said guardian and respondent are both insolvent... Complainants have no right to a Decree against him... 7 Dec 1867 filed bankruptcy Middle Dist., State of Tennessee. Order of discharge dated 27 August 1869. 28 Sept 1871. /s/ James E. Wheeler

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Thos J. Draper, Admr of W. W. Goodall, deceased against John VanHooser Sr., Isaac VanHooser, John Burris and James Hall, all of Jackson Co.

W. W. Goodall died, Orator appointed Admr. On 11 April 1850, John VanHooser Sr. recovered judgment. W. W. Goodall, Sheriff, failed to return order of sale... is liable.

ANSWER: Amos K. Williamson and wife Julia E. Williamson, Eliza A. Draper, Rufus Goodall, Lucy Goodall, Altizena Goodall and ?C. C. Cornwell? to Bill of Complaint of

David L. Goodall, Executor of Charles Goodall.

Defendants admit Charles Goodall died leaving widow and five children. James Draper was guardian of minor children of W. W. Goodall, was not administrator of W. W. Goodall estate. Could not legally be administrator of W. W. Goodall... could not legally hold these two trusts at the same time.

DEPOSITION 12 April 1871:

David L. Goodall, age about 50. Am Executor of Charles Goodall and Administrator of Patsy Goodall, deceased. Obtained $2000 judgment against Estate of W. W. Goodall deceased in Sumner Co... cause of David L. Goodall, executor of C. Goodall, decd against Thomas Draper, Martha Goodall and others and William Plumlee et als against D. L. Goodall, executor...

Negroes attached were carried to Sumner County and delivered to the officer...

Girl Nancy sold for $940.

Negro Mary was sick... face and neck being considerably swollen and C & M declined selling her... delivered to James Draper to best of my recollection. James Draper got negro Mary by compromise, never in my possession. /s/ David L. Goodall

DEPOSITION 18 March 1872:

James Draper age [looks like] 81. Was guardian of Julia E. Goodall up to the late war, daughter of William W. Goodall who became the wife of Amos K. Williamson.

I was guardian of Rufus Goodall, Lucy Goodall, Cornelia C. Goodall, Louisa Goodall, Allezeda Goodall.

I lived some forty miles from Gallatin where judgment was recovered that was in favor of the wards, and had applied to D. L. Goodall for money. /s/ James Draper

Amos K. Williamson age [looks like] 27. There were eight children of W. W. Goodall, deceased [numbering mine - mlj]:

1. Martha M. married Jasper J. McDonald since commencement of suit.

2. Eliza A. Goodall married Thomas Draper.

3. Isaac R. Goodall [possibly Rufus - mlj].

4. Julia E. Goodall married A. K. Williamson.

5. Luca [probably Lucy - mlj] A. Goodall

6. Cornelia C. Goodall

7. Louisa R. Goodall married William Cornwell since commencement of suit.

8. Altizena F. Goodall.

Children's ages in 1860, Rufus about 20, Julia E. 17 or 18, Lucy A. 16, Cornelia 15, Louisa R. 14, Altizena 12 [Apparently concerned who might be minors - mlj].

[NOTE: Sistler's printed 1850 Tennessee index:

GOODALL, William W. 44, Verenda 32, Martha M. 15, Ann E. 13, Isaac R. 12, Julia E. 10, Lucy A. 8, Cornelia C. 7, Altezena 3. VA/VA. J 1203/645.

GOODALL, Charles 72, Martha 65, Charles 28. VA/VA. Sn 840/374]

DECREE: April term 1860. Thos G. Moss and C. B. Malone purchased the woman Nancy for $940, Mary is sick... returned to Thomas Draper.

Balance of judgment of $2000 dated 12 December 1859... further ordered that Thomas Draper, James Draper, Marthy Goodall, John P. Murray, William Plumlee, Holland Denton, Robert Gilbreath, Samuel H. York, William Davidson, Peter G. Cox, Thomas Bryant, Benj B. Washburn, Vinson Moreland and others - the children of W. W. Goodall... deliver sufficient number of the negroes to satisfy balance of said decree to wit: Foster, ?Jim, Morgan, Mary, Caroline, Judah, Polly, Zach, Columbia, Martha and child or such others mentioned in the pleadings. 1 March 1862.

DEPOSITIONS 26 August 1877:

James E. Wheeler age 63. Knew W. W. Goodall and children Lucy, Louisa, Cornelia, Zeda and Martha M. in 1858 and five or six years after. Some of them were minors... don't know if they all were. James Draper furnished their board. /s/ James E. Wheeler

R. A. Cox [No age]. Was well acquainted with James Draper. I married his niece by marriage - a blood niece of his wife in June 1858. Her name was Sarah Graves and for some time before, her father and mother being dead, she made her home at the house of Esq. James Draper and we were married at his house. Began practice of law shortly after my marriage and co-partnered with James Draper from the latter part of 1858 to about Jany 1861.

My first wife died in September 1859 at James Draper's house where I had taken her some seven weeks before her death, she believing that a change from town to country would help her.

14th of June 1860 I married James Draper's daughter. Partnered with him to commencement of late war.

Almore Craig had in the meantime married his youngest daughter. Mr. Draper and I dissolved about January 1861 and he and Craig went into co-partnership.

D. L. Goodall was the Executor of Charles Goodall and Administrator of Patsy Goodall and they had five children, W. W. Goodall, Charles Goodall, Lucy Huffman, Elizabeth Gipson and Marthy ?Betooth [Looks like "Betooth"; another document, looked like "Belote" - mlj]. /s/ R. A. Cox


[NOTE: This is actually a series of cases all mixed together involving suits by/against William W. Goodall; also involved his estate. Have not attempted to sort the many cases; typed in order filmed - mlj].


BOND: William W. Goodall & Milton Draper to George C. Darwin Jr. and Geo C. Darwin Sr. and wife Polly Darwin, for $5000. Sheriff of Jackson Co. levied on slaves Foster, Jude, Caroline, Mary, Zachery & Milton belonging to W. W. Goodall, estimated value $2250... appear 1st Monday after 1st Wednesday in Feby next. /s/ Wm W. Goodall, Milton Draper


PETITION: Orators Thomas J. Draper and Veranda Goodall, Admrs of W. W. Goodall, deceased, citizens of Jackson County. About [Blank] November 1856 W. W. Goodall departed life in Jackson Co. intestate. 12 Feby 1857 an execution issued in favor of James Walker and one Samuel York for $210.87 and costs. Deputy Sheriff Ensley Wilmore levied on negro boy Zack, the property of said deceased. 26 May 1857. /s/ Vironda Goodall, Thomas J. Draper, Admr


WILLIAM W. GOODALL VS FRANCIS DUFFY: Answer of Francis Duffy, a citizen of Todd Co., KY. Duffy sold goods to William W. Goodall, total of $2806, took a tract of land, 205 acres in Jackson Co. worth $2000 and Goodall signed notes for balance. Goods bought in Philadelphia at Philadelphia Cart & Carriage; Baltimore and Nashville. Goodall apparently alleged some hats and other apparel were of inferior quality, damaged. Duffy said he had given Goodall credit for this, sold them cheaper, had original invoices, could prove it. No relationships given. 15 May 1846.


BANK OF TENNESSEE vs N. B. YOUNG, Admr of W. W. GOODALL, deceased

REPORT OF SPECIAL COMMISSIONER: W. H. Botts appointed in the case of T. J. Draper, Admr of Rufus Goodall, reports pursuant to interlocutory order made in a former term and revived March term 1876. Botts states he paid over to Thomas Draper, Admr of W. W. Goodall 16 January 1860 the sum of $1145 from sale of negro Zack to L. M. McCarver. 9 October 1859, L. A. McCarver to pay to Thos Draper, Admr, sum of $775 of amount owed for negro girl Bell. To best of Botts' recollection, John P. Murray purchased Jude for $620, paid no money, had fee owing of $100, arranged with said Draper for claims he had against said Goodall's estate.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Thomas J. Draper of Jackson Co. against Milton Draper and the President & Director of the Bank of Tennessee and Absolom W. Johnson, a citizen of the State of Texas. [Concerned failure of someone failing to sign a note. No relationships given - mlj].

ANSWER: Bank of Tennessee to Bill of Complaint filed against them and Samuel R. Anderson. Bank adopts answer of Anderson. At the time transactions stated in the bill occurred, he was residing in Sumner Co., one of the Bank of Tennessee Divisions and was not a Director for Davidson County. /s/ S. R. Anderson

BILL OF COMPLAINT of William W. Goodall. Several years ago he executed notes with endorsers to the Bank of Tennessee [No relationships given - mlj]. 10 March 1853. /s/ William W. Goodall

REPORT OF COURT July 5, 1859: Bank of Tennessee vs Thos J. Draper, Admr and Veranda Goodall Administratris of William Goodall, deceased, John P. Murray and Milton Draper. The death of Veranda Goodall suggested and admitted... case to proceed against surviving administrator. Jury comprised of Logan H. McCarver, Henry Richmond, Thomas ?I. Jones, James Manier, James Pippin, Ephraim L. Jackson, George Stout, Samuel S. Holleman, Cornelius Carver, Joseph Deavenport, Jubilee Pate and George Putty. Judgment 6 November 1856 of $679.50 plus costs in favor of Bank of Tennessee against William W. Goodall, John P. Murray and Milton Draper has not been paid.


CLERK & MASTER'S REPORT: Case of May Bell Goodpasture against Winburn Goodpasture & others, Jackson County Court... is necessary to sell land of John G. Goodpasture to pay debts. Cash on hand $5.00, received for rents $20.00, total assets $25.

Among debts: J. Whitson $60 for casket for deceased and charges for hearse, $60.00; Richman & Epperson for burial clothing $35.00. Including other bills, total $216.70 have been paid by Administratrix out of her individual means; less $25.00 on hand, Administratrix is owed $191.70.

Due also to C. E. Wilson for monument for the grave of said deceased, $65.00. 5 Jan 1904.

DEPOSITION: May Bell Brown, formerly May Belle Goodpasture. I was the widow and Administratrix at time of filing bill of John J. Goodpasture. I have since remarried to Felix A. Brown. Was appointed August term 1902. Not much cash after being allotted a year's support. Rent on land in Smith Co. $20 for year 1902. [Blank] Jany 1904. /s/ May Bell Brown

REPORT OF SALE: 12 Feby 1904 land of John J. Goodpasture deceased sold to W. A. Cornwell for $400. Paid $75 cash, signed notes with John Murphy, J. C. Hackett and F. A. Cornwell as securities.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of May B. Goodpasture, Admrx of John J. Goodpasture, deceased, resident of Putnam Co. against

Winburn Goodpasture of the State of Texas, Mrs. Sallie Hart, Ben Sanders and wife Hettie Sanders residents of Smith County, Tennessee, John Sanford & wife Josie of Sumner County, TN - Defendants.

John J. Goodpasture died intestate in Putnam Co. in 1902. Complainant is his widow and defendants Winburn Goodpasture, Sallie Hart, Hettie Sanders and Josie Sanford his only children. Ben Sanders and John Sanford made parties by right of their wives. Necessary to sell land to pay debts... about 33 acres in Dist. 14, Jackson Co. bounded by lands of A. G. King, Robert Kemp and others, being same land that Rufus Harris conveyed to Dr. John Goodpasture and worth about $500. 3 November 1903.

DECREE: All defendants notified, failed to appear, land to be sold.


ORDER TO ATTACH: Fannie Goodwin filed this date for divorce and alimony against Charles Goodwin... attach personal property [some livestock, kitchen and household furniture - mlj]. 1st Monday in March 1898.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Fannie Goodwin against Charles Goodwin. Married [Blank date] in Jackson County, lived peaceably until about one year ago he became cruel... choked... fingerprints on her neck... got his gun, swore to shoot... [Personal property listed, no real estate]. She and defendant have two little boys the issue of said marriage aged three and two [names not given]. He is not a proper person to have custody... Owing to poverty she is not able to pay costs. 21st [blank] 1898. /s/ Fannie Goodwin


DECREE: Clay Goolsby failed to appear after being summoned... bonds of matrimony dissolved... Complainants name changed to Arominta Putty and defendant Clay Goolsby to pay costs. [No date].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Arraminty J. Goolsby against Clay Goolsby, both of Jackson County. Married in Jackson Co. several years ago... he became indolent and worthless, refused to provide... alleges ilicit [sic] intercourse with Sis McBroom... went on while she was at Ben Julian's over a year ago... he whirped [sic; probably whipped] her over a year ago at their home about driving a dog out of the house... cursed, abused... falsely accused her of ilicit [sic] intercourse with George Brown and Bud Boughing... rendered condition intolerable causing her to abandon... prays for divorce and rights of single woman.

No property except household goods and wearing apparel given her by her own mother or earned by her own labor... asks it be settled on her... maiden name Putty be restored. 11 September 1895. /s/ Areminty Jane Goolsby

[NEW] GOOLSBY, D. H. et al vs RECTOR, REBECCA Chancery 1915

AMENDED ANSWER of defendant Rebecca Rector. She and those under and through whom she claims title have been in continuous, open, adverse possession more than 20 years.

PETITION of Ester Goolsby, Lizzie Woodall of Putnam Co., Delia Roberts and Laura Jackson of Overton Co. They are the children of Richard Goolsby and his only heirs at law. He has been dead a long time. Their father Richard Goolsby is a brother of the plaintiff D. H. Goolsby and they are entitled to inherit their father's interest in the land described in pleadings, ask to be made Complainants.

[Names likely signed by M. J. Dixon, their solicitor; all same hand as his - mlj]:

Etter Goolsby, Lizzie Woodall, Laura Jackson, Dela Roberts

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: D. H. Goolsby, G. W. Goolsby, S. S. Goolsby, Lucy McBroom and husband Geo McBroom of Putnam Co., TN and James Goodall Goolsby of Jackson Co. against

Rebecca Rector and Mounce Haney of Jackson Co., G. A. Johnson, Etta Goolsby, Lizzie Woodall all of Putnam Co. and the unknown heirs of Loge Pippin and Byrd Pippin, non residents of Tennessee, last heard from were residents of Illinois.

Filed original bill 25 January 1915 against Rebecca Rector.

Complainants state they are owners of land in 9th District, Rebecca entered and began receiving rents... purported conveyance to her mother Philena Henley from one William Hendley... conveyance is fraud as he had no title.

Land formerly belonged to Joel Hendley. His son William Hendley was married to Jane Pippin. Some time after their marriage in about 1871 he conveyed the land to his daughter in law Jane Hendley (nee Pippin). Jane took possession, occupied until her death some three or four years afterward.

Court house burned [14 August 1872].

Harrett Stewart burned the deed.

Rebecca Rector gave G. A. Johnson a deed for one-half interest in land in 1914 as attorney's fee, he refuses to produce for fear of being party to suit.

G. A. Johnson was prosecutor in the case of Rebecca Rector vs Ben Stewart, et al.

Rebecca Rector is insolvent.

Defendant G. A. Johnson has procured Rebecca Rector to make a deed to Mounce Haney, who is utterly insolvent.

Jane Henley had the following brothers and sisters and half brothers and sisters, to wit:

Loge Pippin, Byrd Pippin, Sarah A. Pippin (Goolsby), Bettie Pippin (Goolsby), Syntha Pippin who died about twenty years ago without issue, Harve Pippie, Hogue Pippin both of whom died several years ago without issue.

Etta Goolsby, Lizzie Woodall and Laura Jackson are the only children of Richard Goolsby who was a brother of those complainants and a son of Sarah A. Goolsby deceased.

The defendants Clay Goolsby, Kansas Goolsby, Lee Goolsby, Thurman Goolsby and Pearlie Goolsby are the only children of Frank Goolsby, a son of Bettie Pippin (Goolsby). Said Frank died some five years ago.

The defendants Mattie Ola Temple Carrie William Lord King.Clinton [sic; no commas] are the only children and heirs of Mary Clinton who died some four years ago in the State of Texas. 17 September 1915. /s/ B. S. Goolsby

RECONSTRUCTED COPY OF DEED: Joel Hendley of Jackson County... love and affection of my daughter in law Jane Hendley... land in Jackson Co Dist 9... begin William Hendley's Spring... mouth of the Ruby Loftis spring hollow... passing Loftis stillhouse... south with John Hendley's corner [blank] October 1871

[Signatures typed]. Joel Hendley Attest: J. M. Mabury, Noah Stewart

ANSWER of Becky Rector to Bill of Complaint of D. H. Goolsby et al. True she is in possession of land, case of Becky Rector vs Ben Stuart, description may be found in Minute Docket R pps 84, 85 and 86, Jackson Co.

William Henley was in actual, open, and adverse possession more than seven years after the death of said Jane, remained so until his death in 1896 insubordination conveyed to Philena Henley.

Respondent neither admits nor denies that Jane Henley was married to William Henley, not knowing facts. Denies deed from Joel Henley to Jane Henley burned in the court house fire.

True William Henley and C. L. Dowel conveyed land to Respondent's mother on 15 February 18_9 [strikeover, probably 1889], registered 5 March 1889 which was before the birth of this Respondent.

Respondent's mother lived after the execution of said deed until [Blank] October 1893 and died, leaving Respondent her only child surviving her... infant of tender years, born April 1892.

Denies Respondents are next of kin to Jane Henly.

William Henley occupied and held land after his wife's Jane's death until 1896. Immediately after the death of said Wm Henly, Mrs. Ben Stuart an only daughter of said William [Henley] took possession until 1913... more than seven years.

If complainants ever had any rights they slept them. ["You snooze, you lose"; adverse possession laws at that time in TN, except in cases of fraud, was seven years - mlj].

DEPOSITIONS 18 November 1915:

Wayne Stewart age 26, live Jackson Co., am a farmer. Know G. A. Johnson and Mounce Haney. Little over a year ago I had a contract to buy land from G. A. Johnson and Mounce Haney, think for $800. Johnson couldn't make a warranty deed, only quit-claim. Russell Lee and Robert Haney cultivated part of the land in 1915. /s/ Wayman Steward

Mrs. Harrett Stewart age ?66/76 of Jackson Co. Am the daughter of William Hendley, deceased and grand daughter of Joel Hendley deceased. Joel Hendley died March 15, 1874 on Sunday. William Hendley has been dead nineteen years.

Jane Hendley was [my] stepmother. She died before my father.

Grandfather Joel Hendley owned the land. Mounce Gore, his administrator, fixed [drew] the deed before the Civil War. I have seen the deed. I was in possession of the old deed... let P. J. Anderson take it to Gainesboro in the time of the lawsuit of Rebecca Rector against Ben Stewart and wife about two years ago. Think the Gore deed to Joel Hendley was 1854.

Question: Do you know whether your grand father conveyed part of the land to his son John Hendley?

Answer: Yes, sir. The land covered by the Gore deed, Joel Hendley divided in three parts [between] Jane Hendley, Nimrod Hendley and John Hendley. I have read Jane's deed... land recovered by Rebecca Rector from Ben Stewart and wife. It covered the middle tract where old man Joel Hendley is buried.

I burned the deed up 10-12 years ago. John Carrington told me to burn it... said he would not have it about the place. John Carrington is my son in law. Josh Maybury signed his name J. M. Maybury. He is dead.

P. G. Anderson and Wm Draper were attorneys in the case of Rector vs my husband and myself... did not inform them of the deed from Joel to Jane Hendley.

Pap [William Henley] and mother took care of Joel Hendley til six weeks before his death and then me and my husband that six weeks. By mother I mean my step mother Jane Henley. Philena Rector (Henley) was a poor woman... cripple. Knew her all her life. My father William Hendly traded C. L. Dowel and wife a yellow horse for the tract of land he bought of them. It's about a mile from the land in litigation.

Question: Who had possession of the land [in litigation] as far back as you remember?

Answer: Joel Hendley, William Hendley, me and my husband until the lawsuit with Rebecca Rector.

Philena Hendley (Rector) lived on the land with Pap [William Henley - mlj] as a member of the family. She married and left there after Pap died.

Jane Hendley never had children by William... my father. /s/ Harriett Stewart

Mrs. Marion Anderson age 47, live Jackson County. Am a daughter of Mrs. Harriett Stewart. Knew William and Jane Hendley in their lifetime. P. J. [her X] Anderson

Levi Stewart age 70, live Jackson Co., farmer. Josh M. Maberry died 8-10 years ago. He told me he had written a deed for Joel Hendley to Jane Hendley... same land they taken away from us.

Question: Are you sometimes called Ben Stewart and sometimes Levi Stewart?

Answer: Yes sir. I've known the lands since 1850-1857, the Rev. Joel Hendley lived there. William Hendley moved on it in 1866 a few months before Joel Hendley's death and lived there until he died.

Me and my wife lived there until the lawsuit with Rebecca Rector.

Question: Did Philena Hendley (Rector) or her daughter Rebecca ever have possession except to live in the house with William Hendley?

Answer: No sir. /s/ Levi Steward

DEPOSITIONS, April 6, 1916 at a little store near Rock's old mill in Putnam County:

T. G. Phillips, age about 40 or 50, live Jackson Co., am a farmer. Contracted with Becky Rector to buy land in litigation. T. G. [his X] Phillips

Harriett Stewart, age 66, live Jackson County.

My grand father Joel Hendley died in 1874.

My father William died about twenty years ago.

Jane Hendley, my step mother, died some thirty years ago.

I let P. J. Anderson have the deed, and he took it off to Gainesboro [Note: Mrs. Stewart may have stated "P. J. Anderson" when she meant P. J. Anderson's husband Marion. See his deposition below - mlj].

Philena Henley was crippled with White's swelling [Tuberculosis of the bone - mlj] in her leg and couldn't hardly walk. Philena died before father died. I found the deed in the trunk after he died.

Question: Didn't Joel Hendley give the land to your father to take care of him in his old age?

Answer: He gave it to mother according to the way he made the deed. I was only about sixteen years old. There was 250 acres.

Question: Didn't the complainants D. H. Goolsby, ?G. W. Goolsby and the other Goolsbys live on the land with your father at the time Joel Hendley made the deed to Jane Hendley?

Answer: They lived in Kentucky I think. Believe some of the oldest, Byrd and George and seems like Dick and the old man and woman lived there a while with Joel Henley, father William and Jane. They did not live in the house with them. They built a house and stayed a year or two. George was just a goslin of a boy. He was thinking himself a man... was not a man at all... the others were older than George. Seems Byrd hired to Papa and worked one summer after the family left. He was 20 or 21 then I guess.

Joel Henley was living with me when he died. After Jane died, William married twice. /s/ Harriett Stewart

W. R. (Russell) Lee, age 50, farmer and pedler [sic], live Jackson Co. Been close to the land ten years or more. Robert and Mrs. Hanie cultivated the land in 1914 and 1915. I cultivated part of it in 1915. Glenmore Johnson came to my house and eat dinner with me and we went and looked at it. He wanted to see Morse Hanie. /s/ W. R. Lee

J. J. Carrington age 53, live 9th District, am a farmer. Know George Goolsby, Byrd Goolsby, Carry McBroom, Rebecca Rector. Knew Jane Henley, not Joel. Saw the deed, Joel to Jane, about 1896 or 97, told Harriett Stewart that deed wouldn't stay about me. Understand Harriett Stewart is the daughter of William Stewart by a former marriage. From the time I saw the deed until a year or two ago, Levy Stewart and his wife occupied it...

Understand Joel Henley executed a deed to his son John Henley and wife Martha Henley... I looked it up and it was made to Jno Henley... 80 acres more or less in each deed. W. A. Gentry has the John Henley deed.

I quit practicing law five or six years ago. Have a license to practice before a J.P., but not a court of record.

Understand John Henly is a brother of Bill Henly and a son of Joel Henly.

Bill Henly died about 1895 or 6. Understand Jane died first.

I am a son in law of Harriett Stewart who is the only child of Bill Henly. They obtained a quit claim deed from Jack Mabry heirs. Mrs. Stewart and her husband remained in possession of the land. /s/ J. J. Carrington

Dellie Carrington age 45. I am the wife of J. J. Carrington and the daughter of Harriett Stewart. William Henly, deceased was my grand father, he died 18-19 years ago. Levi Stewart and his family lived with him the last year or two of his life. I heard grand father talking about the deed when I was 13 or 14... after they moved back from White County, Tennessee He didn't know why Joel didn't deed the land to him. /s/ D. D. Carrington

Ollie Henley age 38, live Overton County, TN. Jane Henly was my step grand mother. I saw the deed from Joel Henly to Jane Henly at Pa's... /s/ Ollie Henly

J. J. Carrington [Cross-examined]. I married December, 1894, the 25th at 3:30 to Delia Steward, a grand daughter of Bill Hendley, in White Co., before Bill Henly died and after Jane Henly. Think he died in Feby 1896. /s/ J. J. Carrington

Ben or Levy Stewart [No age]. I am the husband of Hariett Stewart, the only child of William Hendly deceased. Married in 1867. Believe Jane died between 1880-1890, somewhere along 1885, 1886 or 1887.

John Goolsby and I believe three of his children moved on the land. Believe one was George. George Goolsby about a year ago said his aunt Jane Henley told him she had a deed to the place but that he didn't know how to get at it. Understand Jane Goolsby was his aunt, not his sister. My wife is not here today. She gave her deposition at Putnam County the other day [April 16, 1916] and it just about wore her out. Putnam County is three miles from us and this is sixteen miles. /s/ Levi Stewart

Waymond Stewart [No age]. I am a son of Harriett and Levi Stewart. My deposition, father's, mothers and Mrs. Anderson's were all taken at J. D. Smith's son's store in Putnam Co. Tom Holloway is my brother in law.

Question: Did you and Holloway go and try to buy the land from Goolsby?

Answer: We went and tried to buy it. /s/ L. W. Steward

Marion Anderson [No age]. Me and William Draper were lawyers for Levy Stewart on the case of Rebecca Rector. I am the husband of P. J. Anderson. We were married 1st February 1900. The best I can remember Jane Hendley died in 1883. Some of the Goolsbys lived on the land with William and Jane Hendley when me and my father moved to the Flatt woods in 1878. Byrd and George, the two youngest, was there with their father. /s/ M. W. Anderson

J. E. Stone, going on age 57, am a farmer, live 1st District of Putnam County. Me and my wife and mother in law lived on the land in controversy about October [18]80 to October [18]84. There were two houses on the place. Bill Hendley and his folks, Synth Pippin or Goolsby and Phylene Hendley lived in one.

Question: How long did Jane Hendly live after you moved on the place October 83 [sic]?

Answer: Jane Hendley lived until the last of May or first of June after I moved there.

Just before Jane died she gave the deed to Synth Goolsby and told her she gave her that for waiting on her in her last sickness. This was something like three weeks before she died.

Question: Who all was present when Jane told Synth Goolsby or Pippin... could have the place?

Answer: Believe John Kinnard - a widow woman's son, don't know her name, Bill, Jane and Synth. Synth is dead. Don't know about John Kinnard. About three years after Jane's death, William Hendley married a Welch, divorced her. I reckon she is living. Next married a Smith.

He made a deed to Philena Hendley or Rector to keep Mary Welch off of it. He said she would deed it back to him any time. It was just after he and Mary Welch separated.

Synth Goolsby lived about ten years after Jane died. She was around 50 when Jane died. She and her husband were not living together. Heard her say she married Mark Goolsby. Don't know if he was living or dead then... never lived together after that.

My wife is not related to any of the Goolsbys. She's a little distant related to Rebecca Rector. I am no relation to any of them. /s/ *Z. E. Stone

[*Initial here looks more like "Z" instead of "J" - mlj].

D. H. Goolsby, age 66, live on Falling Waters River, Putnam County, am a miller and farmer, am a complainant in this case. Knew Jane Hendley and her husband in their lifetime. She is my aunt. She was a sister to my mother. She never had children. Her mother and father are dead. When she died, I lived in Kentucky. I moved there about 46 years ago, moved back to Putnam County seven years ago.

Question: When did you first learn that your Aunt Jane Hendley had a deed to the land in litigation and how did you learn it?

Answer: It was after the lawsuit them folks had over there. My brother come to my house and told me that Carrington had wrote him about the deed and he went to see about it and he came by my house and told me about it.

Question: About how long ago has it been since your brother came to your house and told you what Carrington said about the deed?

Answer: It has been something like three years... no information before that.

I understand while I was in Kentucky my father John Goolsby lived there one year.

Question: Was you ever at or on said land?

Answer: Yes sir when I was a boy... was not on it since 1870.

Question: How many brothers and sisters did your Aunt Jane Hendley have?

Answer: I don't know whether I can tell or not. I can't think of but three sisters now, there was some half brothers and sisters but I never knew them, don't remember any of the brothers except half brothers Harve and Hogue Pippin I understand they are dead.

Question: What relation is Lucy McBroom to you?

Answer: Sister.

Question: Is she married or single. If married what is her husband's name and is he living or dead.

Answer: She is married to George McBroom... both living... married guess it has been fifty years ago, still living together as husband and wife.

[My] brother George Goolsby is between 45 and 50 I think.

[My] brother Richard Goolsby is dead... about 20 - 30 years ago.

Cross-Examined: Please give the names of the brothers and sisters of Jane Hendley, both of the whole and half blood.

Answer: Betsy, Syntha and Polley were whole sisters. I can't call to mind the brothers - yes, there was Byrd and Log Pippin. I never saw them but a few times.

Question: Are all or any of them living.

Answer: My best understanding is that all the whole brothers and sisters are dead.

Question: Did they leve [sic] any children or either of them if so which ones and how many children.

Answer: If any of them left children it was Uncle Logue. I don't know whether he had any children or not or whether he was ever married.

I understand Uncle Bird was married.

Question: At the time you lived in Kentucky and your father's family lived on the Joel Hendley place was you in communication with different members of the family.

Answer: I got a letter from father once in a while.

Did you state your Uncle Bird was married.

Answer: Yes. That is my understanding.

Question: Didn't you receive letters from some of the family... about Jane Hendley's death.

Answer: No sir. My brother told me about it in Jackson Co. on Cub Creek some years after her death.

Question: Which one...

Answer: Logan Goolsby .

Question: Was this while your home was in Kentucky.

Answer: Yes sir.

Question: Did Logan say what Jane had done with her property.

Answer: No sir.

Brother George first told me about the deed from Joel to Jane Hendley. He said that John Carrington either told him over the phone or wrote him.

Question: Has Jane Hendley any other heirs than those mentioned in the bill.

Answer: I don't call any others to mind right now.

Lucy McBroom lived at Double Springs when Jane died. Before that, twelve to fifty miles.

Question: Where did your other brothers and sisters live at Jane's death.

Answer: I expect two of them lived at Celina, Tennessee. George lived at Celina and I expect Byrd did too. Brother Logue was dead and brother Rich dead too I think.

Question: Your family was on good terms with Jane and Bill Henley up until the death of Jane... visited back and forth.

Answer: I never heard anything to the contrary. I was in Kentucky.

Question: Didn't George or Byrd one stay at Bill Hendley's for some time after [your] father left there and in fact make it their home for two or three years.

Answer: I don't know. I was in Kentucky. /s/ D. H. Goolsby

PROSECUTION BOND: D. H. Goolsby, G. W. Goolsby, B. S. Goolsby, Lucy McBroom and husband George McBroom, James Goolsby, Goodall Goolsby to Rebecca Rector.

Signatures were: D. H. Goolsby, G. W. Goolsby, B. S. Goolsby, Lucy McBroom, Robert McBroom, Albert Goolsby

[NEW] GOOLSBY, F. M. vs T. J. GAILBREATH, et al Chancery 1867

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT of F. M. Goolsby of Putnam Co. against Thomas J. Gailbreath, L. A. McCarver, Admr of Mary A. McCarver, decd, Pinckney McCarver, William H. McCarver, citizens of Jackson Co., William Young of Smith County, Tennessee, Mary Jane Stratton and William Stratton of Putnam County, Tennessee, minors with no regular guardian, William H. Jones, R. M. Jones and Thomas J. Jones of the State of Texas,

and against William Garvin, John Bell, Samuel Getty, Saml Grozin [or Garvin] & Robert Russell, merchants trading under the firm name of Garvin Bell & Co. of the State of Kentucky, defendants.

16 August 1860 [F. M. Goolsby] filed a bill still pending against said Gailbreath, Young, R. M., Wm H. and Thomas J. Jones and Mary Ann Stratton. At the time of filing, Mary Ann Stratton was the wife of Hartwall Stratton, afterwards were divorced and afterwards she remarried with defendant L. A. McCarver and on the [blank] day of 186[blank] she died leaving defendants Mary Jane Stratton and William Stratton her only children and heirs. L. A. McCarver was appointed her Administrator.

Defendant William Young procured a disolution [sic] of the injunction granted and collected from Orator the full amount of judgment of $411 [as security]. Seeks to make estate of Mary Ann liable for the debt... owns land lying near Flynn's Creek... descended to her children. Gailbreath stayed judgment and was therefore liable to pay before Orator. Land of Gailbreath was condemned, sold to Garvin Bell & Co. for $500 debt, land worth $1500 - $2000.


NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Sarah Goolsby filed amended bill of complaint... Sheriff of Jackson Co. to attach crop of corn growing on land of James Goolsby, 12th District, Martin's Creek and also a mule belonging to James Goolsby. 3rd Monday in March 1894.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sarah Goolsby against Meredy Goolsby both of Jackson Co. Married in Jackson Co. 16 December 1888, together until about four years ago, defendant deserted her, refuses to support... asks name be changed to that of her maiden name, Sarah Ann Flatt. 7 March 1894 /s/ Sary Goolsby

OATH OF POVERTY: Unable to pay costs. 7 August 1894. Sarah A. [her X] Goolsby


ANSWER of Mary Lee Goolsby to Bill of Complaint of Wade Goolsby. States his charges of adultery are false. About three months ago Wade Goolsby abandoned her without cause, since refuses to provide. Asks this be filed as cross-bill for divorce and that her maiden name be changed to that of [Written above line, cannot read, but will be a marriage certificate at Jackson Co. or TSLA in Nashville on film - MLJ].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Waid Goolsby against Mary Lee Goolsby, both of Jackson County. Married Jany last in Jackson County. Informed and believes she has been guilty of adultery with Wesley Stafford.

POVERTY OATH: Unable to bear cost. 31 July 1880. Waid [his X] Goolsby

[NEW[ GORDEN, WM C. & wife vs BROOKS, R. P. et al Chancery 1880

ANSWER of R. P. Brooks to Bill of Complaint. Bill not sufficient, does not show what interest parties had in estate of John Moss, deceased.

Clearly set forth in bill that Marjory Moss was in adverse possession for more than seven years, then delivered possession to this defendant.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Elizabeth Gorden and husband William C. Gorden, both of Jackson Co. against R. P. Brooks, Alfred Moss, William Moss, Rufus Moss, Lafayette Moss, Jane West, Clarecy Moss, Francis Moss, Amanda Moss of Jackson Co., James Moss, William Wilson, Johnson P. Hutchinson, Harry Clay Hutchinson and Lafayette Hutchinson of Davidson Co., TN.

Orator would show on [blank] November 1866 her father John Moss died in Jackson Co. intestate, owned land on Hensley's Creek bounded by ___ _____, Peyton Hicks, William Spivey, being 50 acres more or less and leaving Margery Moss the widow and the following heirs [Numbering is mine. Elizabeth states in bill that her father is John Moss, but failed to include herself as an heir - mlj]:

1. William Moss a son died September 1873 leaving his children and only heirs Albert Moss, William Moss, Rufus Moss, Lafayette Moss.

2. Stanton Johnston Moss.

3. Jane Moss married William West who is dead.

4. James Moss.

5. Nancy Moss who died a long ago [sic] intestate leaving William Wilson, Johnson P. Hutchinson, Harry Clay Hutchinson and Lafayette Hutchinson.

6. Clarcy Moss.

7. Francis Moss.

8. Larkin Moss.

9. Amanda Moss

[10. Elizabeth Moss married William C. Gordon - mlj].

The widow Marjery continued to live on said land until about seven or eight years ago, then placed R. P. Brooks in possession. The widow died September, October or November 1878 intestate, no one has been procured to administer her or John Moss' estate.

Larkin Moss is supposed to be dead.

Orator owns three shares in said land, her own and those of James and Nancy Moss.

OATH OF POVERTY [Probably signed when bill filed]: Unable to bear costs due to poverty... 7 June 1880. W. C. [his X] Gorden, Elizabeth [her X] Gorden

[NEW] GORE, JOHN J., Executor vs ALRED, F. C., Guardian County 1900

FINAL JUDGMENT, WILL CONTEST: Cordell Hull, the regular judge being unable to try... being counsel to Complainant... M. A. Turner appointed special judge.

Writing dated August 14, 1900 signed by William A. Roberts, deceased and attested by S. E. Wilson and B. D. Johnson is the true Last Will & Testament of said William A. Roberts, deceased. [Note: This one document is all there was on this film. Suspect there is more elsewhere, possibly Reel #43, Alred vs... which we will not abstract as there is a verbatim transcript by Pat Spurlock Elder available through Continuity Press - mlj].

[NEW] GORE, JOHN J. et al vs LOFTIS, VERNE, et al Chancery 1909

REPORT OF LAND SALE: Decree March term 1911 entered M.B. Q, page 214, land sold 20 May 1911 subject to life estate of Verna Loftis, to Dow Loftis for $438.30, he being the highest bidder.

YEAR'S SUPPORT LAID OFF: Commissioners assign to Vernie Loftis, widow of W. A. Loftis, 20 barrels corn, farm wagon, 500 ___ ____, one buggy, two cows and calves, hogs sufficient to make her meat, all household furniture and etc., one mule, all the money coming to W. A. Loftis from Crawford & West of Cookeville for lumber, subject to the mortgage of John J. Gore.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: John J. Gore, E. M. McCoin, R. C. Gaw, H. J. Lynch, G. E. Howell, Henry Johnson, Quarles & Sadler Dry Goods Co. against

Verna Loftis, Dow Loftis, Avo Loftis, Bank of Gainesboro, S. B. Fowler, R. M. Maxwell, Ree Roberts and A. H. Johnson, defendants.

W. A. Loftis died intestate [blank] October 1908 leaving widow Verna and defendants Dow and Avo Loftis his only children [Note: Also Ova Chaffin; see next doc - mlj]. Owned land worth about $1500, 115 acres in 9th District of Jackson Co., on Hurricane Creek. Estate is indebted, asks land be sold to pay debts.

ANSWER: Dow Loftis to Bill of Complaint. W. A. Loftis died 20 October 1908, left surviving Verna his widow, Avo Loftis, respondent [C. Dow Loftis] and one other sister Mrs. Ova Chaffin, whose husband is D. B. Chaffin as his only children.

Farm is susceptible of assigning homestead to widow.

13 August 1906, W. A. Loftis and his wife M. L. Loftis executed mortgage to C. Dow Loftis... purpose of securing three promissory notes of $100 each due 1st Jany 1908, 1909 and 1910...

COPY OF NOTE: ...land on Morrison's Creek, 9th District, bounded north by H. P. Loftis and the David [or Daniel] Johnson heirs, east by the land of Johnson heirs and P. M. Loftis, south by land of P. M. Loftis and Polly E. Stewart and west by D. B. Chaffin... 75 acres more or less, being land on which we now live... 13 Aug 1906.

[Retyped from recorded original. Typed signatures of W. A. Loftis and M. L. Loftis. Note was acknowledged by Clerk of Court & registered same date as signed - mlj].

[NEW] GORE, JOHN J. vs SIRCY, KIRL Chancery 1910

WITNESS: W. T. Acree, age near 50, live Jackson Co., am practical surveyor. Examined land involved, not suitable to partition, about 109 acres in the whole boundary. R. H. Sircy deceast [sic] owned the East end, about 50 acres, which I understand is the land involved in this case. Land worth a minimum of $300, subject to the life estate of the widow. /s/ W. T. Acree

ANSWER: Kirley Sircy, Tom Carter and wife Maggie Carter, Luther Sircy and wife Martha Sircy, Hamp Butler and wife Jesse Butler, Floyd Satterfield and wife Lizzie Satterfield and May Sircy to Bill of Complaint by John J. Gore filed 18 March 1910.

Rance Sircey died in Jackson Co., Tenn about the time stated in bill.

Land subject to the Homestead right of Rance's widow is Mary Sircy. Married women who are children of Rance and their husbands as set out is correct. True John J. Gore purchased the interest of Van Sircy.

The life estate of the widow will cover the entire tract, asks it be assigned to her with as little cost possible.

C & M REPORT: Land 14th District of Jackson Co., being 109 acres more or less, owners are as follows:

John J. Gore purchased the interest of Van S. Sircy, owns 1/10.

Kirl Sircy, a son owns 1/10.

Maggie a daughter married Tom Carter, owns 1/10.

Martha Sircy a daughter married Luther Sircy, owns 1/10.

Josie Sircy a daughter married W. H. Butler, owns 1/10.

Lizzie Sircy a daughter married Floyd Satterfield, owns 1/10.

John Sircy a son.

Dave Sircy a son.

Zack Sircy a son.

Vance Sircy a son,

being children of Rance Sircy. Bill charges Rance Sircy has been dead 12-15 years. June term 1910.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: John J. Gore of Smith Co., TN against

Kirl Sircy of Jackson Co.,

Tom Carter & wife Maggie, Luther Sircy and wife Martha, Floid Satterfield and wife Lizzie, Henry Butler and wife Josie, all of Smith Co.,

John Sircy and Dave Sircy of the State of Oklahoma,

Vance Sircy of parts unknown, a non-resident of Tennessee.

Rance Sircy died some 12 - 15 years ago... owned land in 14th District of Jackson County, bounded... Bailey Ramsey's line... William Woodards line... Jeff Sircy's line... Wade Sircy's line... Stocklins line... 89 acres more or less. Homestead and dower has never been set aside to widow Mary. Rance Sircy had the following children:

1st Van S. Sircy sold his interest to John J. Gore.

2nd Josie married W. H. Butler.

3rd Kirl Sircy.

4th Maggie Sircy married Tom Carter.

5th Martha Sircy married Luther Sircy.

6th Lizzie Sircy married Floyd Satterfield

7th John Sircy

8th Dave Sircy

9th Zack Sircy

10th Vance Sircy

[NEW] GORE, M. L. vs POTEET, ELVIRA et al Chancery 1895

COPY OF DEED: Dated 12 November 1840 from Elisha A. and Alfred Lynn, Joel Lynn, Asa Lynn, William Bartlet and hessa [sic] Bartlet his wife, Joseph Green and his wife Malinda Green all of Jackson County and John Madden and his wife Elizabeth Madden of ____ [looks like "West" - mlj] of the one part and Uriah E. S. Stafford of Jackson County, Tennessee of the other part, for $100... land north side of Roaring River in Jackson Co, TN... north boundary line of tract granted by State of North Carolina to John ?Brabble which tract Mounce Gore and others now live... Thomas Gaws Spring Branch... down Roaring River with its meanders including house and improvements that said Madden now lives in containing by estimation fifty acres...

[Note: Signatures difficult to read; some washed out completely by water.

Grantees [all signed]: Elizabeth Madden, William Bartlet, _________[Washed out], Asa Linn, Joseph Green, Alfred Linn, Joel Linn

Wits [all signed but the last one]: Wiley Gaw, Elisha Rhoton, Luther H. M______, Russell Kinnaird, William Stafford, John Cantwell, John [his X] __tt___

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Mounce L. Gore of Jackson County against

Ingabur B. Pickett, William Gore, Samuel Gore, W. B. Butler, Mounce G. Butler, Daniel H. Morgan, John [or Job] Morgan [?and wife] ?P. M. Morgan of Jackson County

Elvira Poteet of Overton County, ______ ______ ______ of Overton County.

Mounce Gore departed life intestate Jackson County 14 December 1857, owning land in Jackson County [Note: This document was all but impossible to read, did not attempt to abstract the remainder. Relationships repeated in other docs - mlj].

DEMURRER of Elvira Poteet, George H. Morgan in his own right and as guardian of Mounce L. Gore and George Edgar Morgan, and D. H. Morgan and I. B. Pickett, J. M. Morgan, P. M. Morgan, Wm Butler to Bill of Complaint of M. L. Gore against them and others. 15 April 1888 partial settlement was made.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Mounce L. Gore, Wm Gore, Eliza Gore, Wm M. Picket and wife Ingeburd Picket, Geo H. Morgan and wife Mary A. Morgan, M. G. Butler, Job M. Morgan and wife Pauline all of Jackson County and Elvira Poteet of Overton County against

James A. Brown, John Brown and Wm Pennington of Clay County, Tennessee.

Mounce Gore departed life in Jackson County many years ago, owned land... Clay and Jackson Counties on Brimstone Creek bounded north by the old Kentucky State line called the Mathis line, east by heirs of Ples Brown, G. C. Jourdan and others, south by Frank Bailey, A. W. Draper and others and west by Gore's heirs... same granted by State of Tennessee to said Mounce Gore and Wm McCommack.

Complainants except husbands of married women and M. G. Butler and M. A. Morgan are the only children of said deceased, that said M. G. Butler and M. A. Morgan were the children of a deceased daughter of said deceased, that land descended to his children and grandchildren.

Defendants committing waste... cutting timber...

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Preston H. Leslie, Admr of estate of Mounce Gore, deceased, a citizen of [Leslie] Kentucky against

Lucy Pharis, Richard Poteet and wife Elvira Poteet, William M. Picket and wife Ingubar Picket of Overton County, William Gore, Eliza J. Gore, Paulina Gore, Mounce L. Gore, Samuel G. Gore, Mary Ann Butler, William B. Butler and Mounce G. Butler, Elender Gore and Thomas H. Butler of Jackson Co.

Mounce Gore departed life intestate November 1857. January term 1858 Orator was appointed Administrator.

Defendants William Gore, Eliza J. Gore, Paulina Gore, Mounce L. Gore, Samuel G. Gore, Elvira Poteet and Ingubar Poteet [sic; "Pickett" on all other docs - mlj] are the children and the only living heirs of Orator's intestate.

Mary Ann Butler, William B. Butler and Mounce G. Butler are children of Polly Butler who is now deceased, a daughter of Mounce Gore deceased and who intermarried with Thomas H. Butler and they are minors and Thomas H. Butler is guardian.

Mounce L. Gore and Samuel G. Gore are also minors and defendant Elender Gore is their guardian.

Intestate in his lifetime sold to Leroy B. Pharis... tract in Jackson County on the road from Gainesboro to Livingston, bounded south by John J. Brown... adjacent land of Uriah Stafford, Absolum Pharris, _____ _____ _____ and others... notes remain unpaid [No date].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Mounce L. Gore of Jackson County against Ingabar B. Pickett, William Gore, Samuel G. Gore, W. B. Butler, Mounce G. Butler, Daniel H. Morgan, Job M. Morgan and wife Paulina M. Morgan citizens of Jackson County; Elvira Poteet of Overton County, Mamie and Edgar Morgan of Putnam County and George H. Morgan of Putnam County.

Orator [Mounce L. Gore] in his own right and as Executor of the Last Will & Testament of Eliza Gore. Mounce Gore departed life 14 December 1857 in Jackson County. In 1865 at the urgent request of heirs, Orator agreed to take charge... pay taxes until purchasers could be obtained... 15 April 1888, made partial settlement. Parties before mentioned are all the heirs of Mounce Gore who survived him, to wit:

Eliza Gore departed life testate 26 March 1886 in Jackson County, TN without issue.

W. B. Butler and M. G. Butler are sons of a deceased daughter of Mounce Gore, deceased.

D. H. Morgan, Mamie Morgan and Eddie Morgan are children of Mary Morgan who is now deceased... her only children. Mamie and Edgar are minors... no regular guardian. George H. Morgan was the husband of Mary... purchaser with M. G. Butler of W. B. Butler's interest in the Jackson County lands.

GORE, M. L. & GORE, S. G. vs POTEET, ELVIRA et al and
LESLIE, P. H., Admr of Mounce Gore Chancery 1858 - 1895

This was in a new folder, but is continuation of the Gore estate. Several individuals purchased the Gore properties, bought/sold timber, signed notes [No relationships]:

Berry Allen, purchased land 1897.

James W. Anderson and Asa Anderson, bought/sold logs 3 April 1880.

James M. McKinney, purchased land 13 February 1867.

DEPOSITION 22 April 1873:

Ab Pharris age about 51. Entry of about 1000 acres made by Nathan Pharis and Mounce Gore, Jackson County, No. 2343 dated 2 May 1836. Was a chain carrier when property was surveyed. Gore sold John Henly 100 - 150 acres... just guessing. Gore sold a little slop [sic; maybe "slope" - mlj] to David R. Flatt.

Henry Stafford made an entry 29 September 1832 for 100 acres... sold to Betsy Johnson, lies west of where Howell Williams now lives. Betsy Johnson sold to John Johnson who sold to Mounce Gore.

The 1000 acre tract includes a small portion of the old Harvey Carter tract entered by James T. Quarles and a small portion of the Vance C. Lee tract and a small portion which is where William A. Hall now lives... and also a small portion belonging to the Grey heirs. /s/ Absolom Pharris

DEPOSITIONS 10 April 1873:

Denton Moore age 75. Surveyed Grant No. 12330 dated 2 May 1836 to Nathan Pharris and Mounce Gore. /s/ Denton Moore.

William Gore age 49.

John Brown about age 60. Have been acquainted with Mounce Gore and Nathan Pharis about 45 years. /s/ John Brown

ANSWER: Mary Ann Butler, William B. Butler, Mounce G. Butler by their guardian Thomas H. Butler; Ellen Gore, William Gore, Eliza Jane Gore, Job M. Morgan and wife Pauline M. Morgan, Mounce L. Gore and Samuel G. Gore by his guardian Ellen Gore to Bill of Complaint of Nathan Pharris... Mounce Gore departed life... since Complainants bill was filed, Mounce L. Gore has arrived at full age. Job M. Morgan and Pauline M., formerly Pauline M. Gore, have intermarried. 25 Jany 1866.

/s/ T. H. Butler

Ellenor [her X] Gore

M. L. Gore

J. M. Morgan

P. M. Morgan [J. M. and P. M. look like signed by same person]

Wm Gore

Eliza J. Gore

DEPOSITIONS 21 April 1873, taken Clay Co., TN.

David R. Flatt age 57. Bought about fifty acres from Mounce Gore. David R. [X] Flatt


I, E. J. Gore of Jackson County and State of Tennessee do declair this to be my last will and Testament.

1st I will that all of my just and lawful debts be paid out of my estate.

2nd I will that my sister I. B. Pickett have my undivided interest in the lands on which I am now living the boundary of which is fully set out in a deed executed by Mounce G. Butler Mary Ann Morgan and George H. Morgan to myself M. L. Gore & S. G. Gore bearing date December 4th 1880 of said land business of my own interest - I am the owner of I. B. Pickett's interest - the same that decended to her from my Father & mother for which I have paid her and have never got a deed I will that my said sister I. B. Pickett have said lands free from the debts that her husband W. M. Pickett may now or or [sic] may hereafter owe owe [sic] and also from the control of her said husband W. M. Pickett during her life and at her death said lands to go to her daughter Mary Ann Pickett and at the death of Mary Ann Pickett to her heirs.

3rd I will my sister I. B. Pickett my entire interest in my house hold and kitchen furniture & what ever interest I may have in the personal property on the farm on which I live free from the control of her said husband.

4th I will my sister Paulina M. Morgan one note that I hold on her husband Job M. Morgan for $200.00 and interest with George H. Morgan & Mounce L. Gore Security.

5th I will my undivided interest in the other lands decended to me from my Father lying in the County of Jackson Clay Overton & Putnam be sold to the best advantage either publically or privately as my executor thinks best said executor I will hereafter name out of the proceeds of said sales I desire and will that grave Stones be purchased not costing over forty dollars each and placed on the Graves of my Father and Mother Sallie Pickett and Geneva Pickett

6th The remainder of my estate I will that it be equally divided between my Sisters and brothers Nephews and neices [sic] (to wit) Elvira Poteet I. B. Pickett Paulina Morgan William Gore S. G. Gore M. G. Butler W. B. Butler Daniel Harvy Morgan Mary Love Morgan & George Edgar Morgan M. G. Butler & W. B. Butler being children of my sister Polly Butler who is now dead Daniel Harvy Morgan Mary Love Morgan & George Edgar Morgan being Grand Children of my Sister Polly Butler and children of my neice Mary A. Morgan who is now dead I intend that the said M. G. Butler W. B. Butler and Harvy Morgan Mary Love Morgan & George Edger Morgan to have what their Mother and Grand mother Polly Butler Interest after my ___ and special bequest heretofore mentioned are paid it being one seventh of said remainder I ask and request of my nephew Mounce G. Butler to act as Guardian for Daniel Harvy Morgan Mary Love Morgan & George Edgar Morgan. I appoint my brother Mounce L. Gore my Executor. This March 16th 1886. /s/ Eliza J. Gore

Attest: D. N. Johnson, A. C. Stafford

WILL PROVEN: 6 September 1886. J. H. Chaffin, Clerk

Certified True Copy: Wills, Inventory & Administrators Book B, pps 335 & 6.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Peter G. Cox against Preston H. Leslie, Admr of Mounce Gore dcd & James A. Spurlock all of Jackson County, Tennessee 4th day of 1851 [sic]. Lafayette W. Settle was appointed guardian of Tipton C. Settle then a minor, made bond and your orator, James A. Spurlock and Mounce Gore were security.

October 1852 Lafayette W. Settle died intestate in Jackson County, Tennessee wholly and hopelessly insolvent. Orator appointed guardian of Tipton C. Settle 4 December 1852 and was the immediate successor to Lafayette W. Settle in guardianship. [Note: Much more on the Settle family on other reel(s) - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Edward C. Gaines of Jackson Co. against

William Gore, Elenore Gore, Eliza Gore, Jane Gore, Pelina Gore, Mounce L. Gore and Samuel G. Gore the two last minors Elenore Gore their guardian,

Morgan Butler, William Baley Butler, Mounce G. Butler, Thomas H. Butler their guardian all of Jackson County, Tennessee

Richard Poteet and wife Elvira, William M. Pickett and wife Ingober all of Overton County

and all the above named heirs at law of Mounce Gore deceased except Thos H. Butler guardian of those named as his wards, Edmond R. Hancock and James Carnahan Admr of David Griffith both of Jackson County.

Complainant [Edward C. Gaines] states about 1 May 1851 David Griffith who represented himself as agent of Mounce Gore sold to Edmond R. Hancock a tract of land... 500 acres on the north fork of Jennings Creek, District 4 of Jackson County, Tennessee, executed title bond pending payment. Grant from State of Tennessee No. 8794 issued 23 July 1842. Deed has not been made.

GORE, M. L. vs POTEET, ELVIRA & others Chancery 1895

[Note: New folder, still a continuation of Gore estate - mlj].

C & M REPORT: Death of W. B. Butler, one of the defendants, and also defendant to cross-bill of M. G. Butler, was suggested and admitted in Open Court. M. J. Dixon appointed and qualified as Administrator of estate of W. B. Butler. [No date, but indicates it was noted in Minute Docket Book "N", page 208 - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Mounce L. Gore, Samuel G. Gore and M. G. Butler of Jackson County, Tennessee and Burton McMillin of Davidson Co. against

Wm Gore, I. B. Pickett, Job M. Morgan & wife Pauline Morgan all of Jackson County; Elvira Poteet of Overton Co., Geo. H. Morgan, Mamie Morgan and Eddie Morgan of Putnam County and D. H. Morgan of the State of Texas and William Coper of Cumberland County, Tennessee. Original Bill of Complaint filed April 1891. Mounce Gore departed life many years ago... leaving Wm Gore, Mounce L. Gore, S. G. Gore, Elvira Poteet, I. B. Pickett, Pauline Morgan and Eliza J. Gore his only children, and W. B. Butler, M. G. Butler and Mary Butler who afterwards intermarried with defendant G. H. Morgan, his grandchildren. The latter three being the children of Mounce Gore's daughter Polly who intermarried with T. H. Butler and who died before her father Mounce Gore. T. H. Butler died in Jackson County prior to filing of original bill.

The estate of said deceased [Mounce Gore] descended to aforesaid children, each being entitled to 1/8 and grand children entitled to share of their deceased mother or 1/3 of 1/8.

W. B. Butler sold by deed to Geo H. Morgan and M. G. Butler jointly his share.

Mary Morgan has since died leaving defendants D. H. Morgan, Mamie Morgan and Eddie Morgan her only children.

[Note: This was eventually heard by the State of Tennessee Supreme Court, with much repetition of information. Every document was read through for new details, but not all were abstracted - mlj].


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