Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Paper
Reel #75, Gipson - Gipson, T.
[Note: Label on reel was Gibson - Gibson, T.]

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] GIPSON, EMILY, Gdn of GIPSON, L. M. Heirs; DIXON vs GIPSON Ch 1894

[Note: Gipson and York families are covered extensively on Reels #66 & 127, including verbatim transcript of Last Will & Testament of John M. Gipson. Much repetitive information not abstracted - mlj].

REPORT OF SALE: 25 October 1888. James Lynn became purchaser at $1151, land belonging to heirs of John M. Gipson. Signed notes with John Lynn Security, 9th District, Blackburn's fork of Roaring River bounded west by land of James Lynn and others.

DEPOSITION 8 February 1888.

J. M. Johnson [No age]. Land was once a part of my father's farm and once owned by myself and H. H. Loftis. Fair price $1200. Many loose rock, about half hill land. Town lots in Gainesboro have good school nearby, would be suitable home for Complainants and her children. /s/ J. M. Johnson

BILL OF COMPLAINT: G. W. Chapman of Jackson Co. against Emily Gipson in her own right and as guardian of John M. Gipson, Annie Gipson, M. J. Dixon as guardian of Ova Lee Dixon under age 21, Ova Lee Dixon and Burton Johnson all of Jackson Co.

L. M. Gipson died intestate August 14, 1886, owned land except for 1/16 held by L. M. Gipson in trust for his heirs. L. M. Gipson purchased same in the case of L. M. Gipson against Nannie & Margaret Johnson. Emily Gipson is his widow. L. M. Gipson left children and heirs: Mary J. Gipson intermarried with T. J. York; Lena M. Gipson intermarried defendant M. J. Dixon and she is now dead leaving only child Ova Lee Dixon; Robert Gipson; John M. Gipson; Annie Gipson.

Orator purchased the interest of T. J. York & wife. Orator also owns life interest of M. J. Dixon as tenant by curtesy as husband of Lena M. Dixon - he having purchased from Andy Chapman who purchased from M. J. Dixon.

Defendant Burton Johnson purchased the interest of Robert Gipson.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: G. B. Murray, surviving partner of John P. Murray & son against Emily Gipson in her own right and as guardian of minor children Robert Gipson, John M. Gipson, Levisa Ann Gipson, Mary Jane York and husband Thomas York, M. J. Dixon in his own right and as guardian to his minor child Ovale [Ova Lee] Dixon.

L. M. Dixon died 14 August 1886. On 21 Aug 1891, J. T. Anderson, administrator of W. H. Botts, filed bill of complaint. J. T. Anderson was also trustee in a deed of trust of L. M. Gipson and wife Emily for the benefit of W. H. Botts against Barbara Lynn & Thomas Lynn, admrs of James Lynn deceased and Thomas Lynn in his own right, John W. Lynn, Jane Williams a daughter of James Lynn deceased and her husband Wm Williams, Radford Lynn, Bedford Lynn and Joseph Lynn, children & heirs of James Lynn deceased, the last four minors without general guardians - Emily Gipson widow of L. M. Gipson deceased and guardian for her minor children.

L. M. Gipson in his lifetime purchased town property in Gainesboro where his widow and children now live from R. H. Washburn. R. H. Washburn owed money to W. H. Botts which was a lien on the property. 15 May 1886 L. M. Gipson executed his notes to W. H. Botts in lieu of the Washburn note. L. M. Gipson died without paying.

January 1891 James Lynn died intestate and Barbara and Thomas Lynn were appointed administrators.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Lena May Gipson, Robert Gipson, John M. Gipson and Lavisa Ann Gipson, minors under 21 by guardian Emily Gipson and Emily Gipson in her own right against

James T. Anderson, admr of Wm H. Botts decd and also in their own right, John Lynn, James R. Lynn, Bedford Lynn and Joseph Lynn, last three minors with no general guardian all of whom except Barbary Lynn are children of James Lynn, deceased. Barbary Lynn is his widow - - H. H. Cason, Admr of L. M. Gipson, decd, Thomas York and wife Mary Jane York and J. F. Botts and W. W. Draper, guardians, etc., all citizens of Jackson Co., Eugene Ellison and wife Elizabeth Ellison citizens of Macon Co., TN, John Botts, Lewis McQuown and his wife Dona McQuown and Ella Lewis Botts and Agnes Kenner Botts all of Barren Co., KY the latter two are grand children of W. H. Botts deceased and children of Wm K. Botts a deceased son of W. H. Botts who died before his father. W. W. Draper is their guardian.

Said Lena May Gipson, Robert Gipson, John M. Gipson, Levisa Ann Gipson and Mary Jane York are the only children and heirs at law of L. M. Gipson.

J. F. Botts, John Botts, Eliza Ellison, Dona McQuown, Ella Lewis Botts and Agnes Kenner Botts are the only heirs at law of W. H. Botts, deceased.

L. M. Gipson owed Botts money... fertile land on Roaring River was exchanged for town property, four town lots, limestone subsurface, little soil, no garden spot, dilapidated buildings... dwelling house built in 1819.

Administrator seeks to sell property for lien of $400 and turn Complainants out of doors, houseless, homeless and pennyless [sic]. L. M. Gipson died indebted... witnesses gave opinions only... swap of good land worth $1600 for town lots not worth $400. 18 July 1892.

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: L. M. Gipson and wife Emily could not legally mortgage or dispose of land during L. M. Gipson's life... he had only a life estate. On 18 March 1884, L. M. Gipson filed a bill of complaint against Nannie and Margaret Johnson, the only children and heirs of Cross Johnson, deceased. John M. Gipson died seized and possessed of 15/16 and Cross Johnson 1/16.

[NEW] GIPSON, EMILY & others vs LOFTIS, W. R. & others Chancery 1895

DEPOSITIONS 19 & 20 August 1895.

G. R. Loftis. Know land claimed by Noah Gentry, 9th Dist., Jackson Co., and parties to the suit. I sold a portion to Noah Gentry. I bought it about 1880. G. R. [his X] Loftis

Sam Warren. I leased the land from Noah Gentry. Sam [his X] Warren

W. F. Gentry. Me and Henderson Gentry and G. R. Loftis bought 100 acre tract from the Gore heirs some time before 1880. Asberry Loftis brought suit against us for a portion of the land. /s/ W. F. Gentry

J. P. Loftis. J. M. Gipson bought a 50 acre tract known as Bolen Camp about 1872. Philpot lived there a while and Presley lived there a while. /s/ J. P. Loftis

James Presley. Lived on Bolen Camp land about five years. Kirk Gipson gave me permission. While I lived there the old man John Gipson died. James [his X] Presley

Martin A. Philpot. I was the first to build a house on the place... authority of John M. Gipson. Lived there three years and Jim Presley next. I left after Jno M. Gipson's death. Martin A. [his X] Philpot

G. R. Loftis. Am going on age 49. Sold part of the land to Noah Gentry about 15 years ago. G. R. [his X] Loftis

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Emily Gipson, widow of L. M. Gipson and guardian of Robert Lee Gipson, John M. Gipson Jr., Levica Ann Gipson, M. J. Dixon for self and wife Lena May Gipson, Thomas York for self and wife Mary Jane York against

John M. Gipson York and guardian William York, W. A. Loftis & Noah Gentry.

Complainants (except Emily Gipson) and defendant J. M. G. York own land 9th District, Jackson Co. Gentry and Loftis are cutting timber (Refer to Grant No. 7960 from State of Tennessee to John M. Burris dated 1 July 1840 for legal description).


Riley Gentry, age 76, live 9th District, am a farmer. Heard Grant No. 7960 read, heard Grant 8728 from State of Tennessee to R. C. Dill and William Loftis dated 1 February 1842 for 100 acres read. Riley [his X] Gentry

Thomas Gentry. I was age 72 the 30th of last June. Live 9th Dist. Heard Grant No. 7960 for 100 acres read, owned adjacent land. Grant 8728 includes the land in controversy. Thomas [his X] Gentry

A. H. Johnson. I am the same A. H. Johnson who married Eliza Jane Burris, a daughter of John M. Burris, deceased. W. S. Burris was her brother and he was a son of John M. Burris, deceased. She and W. S. Burris made a quit-claim deed to land described in 100 acre Grant No. 7960. John M. Burris has been dead about 25 years. /s/ A. H. Johnson

G. W. Allen age 37, live Jackson Co., am a farmer, know W. A. Loftis and Noah Gentry. /s/ G. W. Allen

W. A. Loftis age 34, live Jackson Co., farmer. Have deed dated 6 March 1886 from W. S. Burris, A. H. Johnson and Eliza J. Johnson. Eliza J. and W. S. are children of Jno M. Burris, deceased, the grantee in Grant 7960. /s/ W. A. Loftis

J. M. Loftis, age 56, farmer.

DEPOSITIONS 25 August 1896.

James Presley, age about 60. Rented from W. A. Loftis. He bought in 1886.

Perry Williams, age about 28, live Dist. 9, Morrison's Creek. Those who lived there [at different times, dates not given - mlj] were Billy Anderson, Scott Gordon, Harrison Ramsey, Noah Gentry, Marion Jones. /s/ Perry Williams.

John M. Loftis. I am the father of W. A. Loftis. Kirk Gipson died the same year the deed filed as Exhibit A was written. Kirk Gipson was a son of Jno M. Gipson, deceased. Robert, John, Ann and Ova Lee Dixon are Kirk Gipson's heirs at law. /s/ John M. Loftis

[NEW] GIPSON, E. T. J. vs GIPSON, JNO & Others Chancery 1879

BILL OF COMPLAINT of E. T. J. Gipson against Jno Gipson and George Hail. Oratrix and Jno Gipson intermarried in Jackson County about [blank] 18[blank], lived as husband and wife since. Defendant guilty of diverse lewd acts with Rebecca Skimahorn. Own following personal property: Yoke of oxen about three years old, dun colored; ox wagon; farming utensils; household and kitchen furniture, four acres of corn in the field of ___ ____. Jno Gipson is now in jail on some Federal Court. She is the mother of six children... foregoing personal property is all she has to support herself and children except a cow in possession of George Hail. Asks care and custody of children [not named], and that property be attached. 16 October 1879.

[NEW] GIPSON, JNO M. vs HOPKINS, JNO O. Circuit 1878

Plat Survey of land microfilmed. Brief case, property dispute, no relationships.

[NEW] GIPSON, L. M. vs BROWN, JAMES M. Chancery 1884

BILL OF COMPLAINT of L. M. Gipson, Admr of John M. Gipson against James M. Brown, Wm Gailbreath, guardian to John M. Gipson York and John M. Gipson York, a minor under age 21.

Orator filed original Bill of Complaint 23 May 1882. John M. Gipson during his lifetime made a verbal agreement with James M. Brown to sell him some land. Defendant took possession, has not paid, is insolvent.

AGREEMENT TO SELL LAND pending payment [filmed]. John M. Gipson to James M. Brown where James M. Brown now lives, deed after payment of $100. 20 November 1876. /s/ J. M. Gipson


R. C. Lee. Brown gave Gipson a yoke of oxen worth $65 and a wagon worth $60 or $65.

[NEW] L. M. GIPSON, Admr of GIPSON, JOHN M. deceased County 1885

DEPOSITIONS 27 June 1887 at house of J. M. Allard, Esq.

Clinton Jones age 58. Am a party to suit. Knew John M. Gipson. /s/ Clinton Jones

Marsh Spurlock age 28. [his X mark]

E. A. Brown age 42.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: L. M. Gipson against Nannie Johnson & Margaret Johnson, only children and heirs of Cross Johnson, decd and their guardian Z. T. Terry, all of Jackson Co.

John M. Gipson in his lifetime purchased of James M. Johnson & wife Polly A. Johnson, Henry H. Loftis and wife Eller Loftis 15/16 of following, took deed dated 3 November 1873, four tracts in 9th District, Jackson Co., Roaring River and Blackburn's fork... upper edge of large Island... said island lying between Blackburn's fork and Roaring River... called the Boils of Roaring River...

John M. Gipson in his lifetime sold a portion to James Lynn on west side of Blackburn's fork.


Margaret Allen age 34. Knew John M. Gipson, used to live at his house. Know John M. G. York, the child raised by Miss Lizzie York. My baby died and I went to Mr. Gipson's. My milk had not dried up and he wanted me to take the child and I refused and he said if he had not already hired Lizzie York to raise the child that he would make me take it. My baby died 3rd day of December. John M. Gipson York was born 15 December the same year. I think Lether York died 26 of December the same year and the conversation was shortly after Christmas or early the next... I have not had any experience raising a child with a bottle. My sister Columbus Allen's wife raised one that way. /s/ Maggie E. Allen

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Lizzie York against Lycurgis M. Gipson. There is $500 due her by John M. Gipson.

DEPOSITION 12 May 1884.

Matilda York. Was present at John M. Gipson's during Alitha York's last sickness. John M. Gipson York was born 15 December 1878 and his mother Aletha died 26 December 1878. Aletha told Uncle John she wanted Lizzie York to take the child as she was afraid she would not get well. I heard Uncle John Gipson ask Lizzie... said he would see she was well paid. Lizzie said she preferred to keep the child at her house rather than go to his because it might cause hardness with Aunt Eliza.

When Uncle John was home and well enough he would go see the child every day... fool about Johnny.

Question: Did you hear John M. Gipson say who the father of said child was?

Answer: I heard him say that the child was none of Bill York. Lizzie kept him about 25 months and 20 days - up to J. M. Gipson's death.

The Plaintiff is my daughter.

Question: Is Wm York your son and a brother to Lizzie York?

Answer: Wm York married Aletha 12 August 1876 or 1877 I think. They were together continuously as man and wife. She gave birth to two children... think the first was born in October after they married, the second about a year after that. The first child is dead, did not live long.

Wm York was out in the hills at work when the first child was born. He was about the house when the second was born.

Lizzie Wright was there when Aletha told John M. Gipson to get Lizzie to raise the boy. Lizzie is out in the hills somewhere now. She married Alfred Rush.

J. M. Gipson was my mother's brother and the Plaintiff Lizzie York is my daughter. She will be 26 years old July next. She never married. She made her home with John M. Gipson five months or better. She made her home with me most of her life. May 12, 1884. Matilda [her X mark] York


[NOTE: I thought this was misfiled, but it does involve John M. Gipson/Lycurgis M. Gipson estate, as does most of this reel - mlj].

REQUEST PUBLICATION BE MADE: M. B. Young, Sol. for Complainant is informed Ben B. Biggerstaff and wife Sallie Biggerstaff, [Blank] Snider and wife Leanna Snider, Silas Rodgers, Henry Rodgers, Clarinda Rodgers, Reubin Rodgers of Illinois and Reubin Rodgers of Arkans [sic], Milton Hamilton and his wife Zerilda Hamilton, William H. Anderson and the Brothers and Sisters of the said W. H. Anderson, Solomon L. Lenard and wife Laura Lenard and James L. Hall, defendants in the above case are non residents of Tennessee. Ordinary process cannot be served. 29 April 1882.

BILL OF COMPLAINT to enforce Vendor's lien of William G. Cox of Putnam Co. against

William L. Hall, James Hall, Permilia Hall, Edward M. Cason and wife Mary E. Cason and William L. Hall as general guardian of Permelia Hall, all of Jackson Co. and

Benjamin B. Biggerstaff and wife Sallie Biggerstaff, citizens of the State of Texas and

[Blank] Snider and wife Leanna Snider, Silas Rodgers, Henry Rodgers, Clarinda Rodgers, Reubin Rodgers, citizens of the State of Illinois and

Reubin Rodgers citizen of the State of Arkansas and

Milton Hamilton and wife Zerilda, William H. Anderson and the brothers and sisters of said William H. Anderson whose names are unknown to complainant and

Solomon L. Lennard & wife Leanna Lennard, and James L. Hall of the State of Missouri.

Complainant William G. Cox sold 1st October 1877 to John M. Gipson land in 1st District of Jackson Co, Tennessee... begin at a stone in the big Road from Gainesboro to Sparta and Cookeville, about 30 yards north of house now occupied by Samuel H. Cunningham... between the tract now owned by Mrs. E. C. Stamps... mouth of the Spring branch... Gipson branch... John P. Murray's rock fence, [land] formerly owned by W. W. McCue... being about 40 acres, being part of land formerly owned by Dr. W. R.Kenner and sold by W. H. Botts to A. J. Stafford... for $2000 to be paid on or before 1st January 1878. Complainant on 26 January 1878, on the faithful promise of his uncle John M. Gipson to soon pay, executed a deed, John M. Gipson failed to pay... John M. Gipson willed said land to his wife Eliza F. Gipson who died in Jackson Co. about 5 March 1882, twelve months after the death of her husband, and that she died without issue and intestate. Defendants are the only heirs at law of said Eliza F. Gipson. [Note: Copy of deed appears after the misfiled Holleman document below. Did not abstract - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: W. M. Gailbreath, guardian of John M. Gipson York vs L. M. Gipson, Admr of John M. Gipson. John M. Gipson made his will 15 Jany 1881, died Jackson Co. in February. Complainant's ward is a small boy only about seven years old and has been quite sick and Complainant has been forced to buy his medicines out of his own means...

Eliza F. Gipson is dead, and at her death one-half the land was to go to John M. Gipson York. L. M. Gipson occupies and is renting out and profiting from all the land. 11 July 1883.

[NEW - ?Misfiled] HOLLEMAN, C. J., Gdn to CORA BELL HOLLEMAN 1882

[Note: Several Holleman cases are on Reel #83. This was probably mixed in with some attorney's papers. Cora Bell was minor heir of William Holleman, deceased - mlj].



AFFIDAVIT: Nap Dodd states title to mule is in Eliza F. Gipson, Executrix of John M. Gipson, deceased. He borrowed the mule from J. M. Gipson who since died. Decr 17, 1881. /s/ W. B. Dodd

DEPOSITION: Matilda A. York. William York said he bought the mule from J. M. Gipson, gave a rifle gun, watch and $1.50 or $2.00 in silver. John M. Gipson died 4 Feby 1881. Wm York worked for Gipson from Dec 31, 1879 to Mar 14, 1880. She heard Gipson talk about William York drinking and spending everything he could get, that Gipson had kept title to the mule to keep York from fooling it away.

I am Complainant's mother. M. A. [her X mark] York

BILL OF COMPLAINT: John V. Minor against L. M. Gipson, Executor. Complainant as druggist furnished Eliza F. Gipson, an invalid before she died, with drugs; $96.60 owed over period June 9, 1881 through March 4, 1882 for medications and supplies including morphine, laudanum, castor oil, catheter, paregoric. /s/ John V. Minor

PETITION of America Harris. She is a practitioner of female diseases, treated Eliza F. Gipson, waited on her in last illness, stayed both day and night, made several difficult and disagreeable examinations doctors would not perform... services reasonably worth $100. 9 May 1883. /s/ America Harris

DEPOSITIONS about 2 February 1884:

J. V. Pillow age 48, am practicing physician. Eliza F. Gipson was afflicted with a uterine trouble. It was necessary to examine vagina, uterus and rectum. A female attended was necessary to cleanse parts mentioned, change clothing, etc. America Harris assisted and stayed with her 24 hours a day the last two weeks. /s/ John A. Pillow

America Harris age 63, occupation midwife... wait on women with female diseases and treat children, commenced about 21 years ago. Known Eliza F. Gipson since she married John M. Gipson. /s/ America Harris

[NOTE: Several claims were brought by and against the estate, but gave no relationships, such as Clinton Jones for walnut saw logs 15 Aug 1884. Marion Jones testified for defendant, F. M. (X) Jones. These were of no genealogical value, not abstracted - mlj].


DECREE: Defendant failed to appear 5 November 1903. Satisfactorily appears to court that defendant was cruel and inhumane... bonds of matrimony dissolved... control of their minor child and one-half of property attached to Complainant.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Mary M. Gipson against Walter Gipson, both of Jackson Co., TN. Married 26 Sept 1901 in Jackson Co., together as man and wife until about two months ago when he became so abusive defendant was forced to withdraw... he made promises... she went back... abuse continued. Child of marriage William Gipson about age one. Own about three acres of corn growing on land of Pink Gipson. 26 October 1902. Mary M. [her X] Gipson


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Mattie Gipson. Married 12 Jany 1898 in Jackson Co... charges abuse, inhumane treatment. Believes him guilty of adultery with one Ada Smith on 1st April 1898 and diverse other times. Ader Smith... common prostitute. Asks maiden name Mattie Jones be restored. 10 July 1898. /s/ Mattie Jones Gipson

ANSWER: Admits marriage. Complainant was pregnant at the time she filed her bill, admits he did abuse and kick her in heat of passion as Complainant were making charges against him that were untrue. Owns 30 not 40 barrels of corn... Sorrowed he treated Complainant as he did... wants her to come back and live with him.

DECREE: Divorce granted, all property attached to Plaintiff to-wit cow, sow, cook stove, bedstead, three chairs, bed and clothing, one hog, about 40 barrels of corn at Pink Gipson's together with $100.00 of Defendant's ?estate.


ANSWER: John Cummins to Bill of Complaint of Perlina Gipson. True Complainant is mother of a small boy who is a boy of Collor [sic] and he is a bastard that his mother the Complainant is a base prostitute, destitute of morals, property; keeps and lives in a house of ill fame.

True said boy of collor was bound and apprenticed to Respondent by Jackson County court until age 21... Complainant and mother of the boy James was unfit... Respondent was to teach the art of farming, feed, clothe, furnish medicine in sickness. He was to provide Perlina, the mother, with [blank] barrels of corn. The boy remained with him a few months, was sick a few days and the mother insisted Respondent let him go to her house and stay until he got well. Thereafter the boy was found in possession of W. G. Cox. The charges that Respondent is given to habits of intoxication and intemperance are wholly false, that he is not regarded as honest is base and foul slander.

W. G. Cox is a young man of good moral character but is unmarried, has no house and is no more able to care for said boy than he is.

3 October 1859 Jackson County Court bound out to John Cummins a free boy of color... James Bartlett Gipson age ten until he is age 21.

APPRENTICE BOND: John Cummins, Morrison Cummins, security. Free colored boy James Bartlet Gipson age 12 until he is age 21. /s/ John Cummins, Morrison Cummins

ARTICLES OF INDENTURE: W. G. Cox filed articles from Perlina Gipson, binding her son James Gipson to Wm G. Cox until he is age 21... now nine years of age and will be age 21 on 29 May 1871. Dated 16 Sept 1859. Perlina [her X mark] Gipson

Witness: William [X] Price, Isaac [X] Flatt, /s/ Peter G. Cox


Peter G. Cox [No age]. Character of Complainant [Perlina Gipson] very bad. My understanding was that she kept a hore [sic] house. Complainant was never married. Has some 3 or 4 children, some tolerable black and some not quite so black. /s/ Peter G. Cox

B. B. Washburn, age 42. Moral character of Perlina Gipson not good. Defendant Cummins regarded as honest upright man. Perlina has the appearance of being mixed African and white blood. /s/ B. B. Washburn


William G. Anderson about age 56. /s/

Sary Anderson about age 56. [X]

Isaac Haney about age 47. [X]

Sary Haney about age 40. [X]

David Richey about age 71. [X]

Francis M. Anderson [age blank]. /s/ F. M. Anderson

DEPOSITIONS 29 June 1860:

Peter G. Cox about age 52. Know Plaintiff and Defendant, saw Pauline Gipson make her mark to agreement. Wm G. Cox had possession of the boy James at the time signed. Wm G. Cox supplied counsel for the daughter of complainant who was in the jail at Gainesboro on a charge of murder.

At the time the boy was bound to Cummins his mother Pauline Gipson was sick... could not be in court.

Have seen Cummins a little intoxicated at his mill, not at his house. Has raised a family of honesty and respectability as any in Jackson Co. /s/ Peter G. Cox

Isaac Flatt age 47 [or 49]. Pauline Gipson is reputed to be the mother of James. He is dark mulatto. Isaac [X] Flatt

George W. Burris about age 54. Known John Cummins about 6 years, live about 1 1/2 miles from him. Seen him slightly intoxicated, never drunk. James is mixed blood, a negroe or dark mulatto. His mother is dark skinned but claims to belong to the white race. George W. [X] Burris

James Stults age 60. Live a little over two miles from John Cummins, known about seven years. James [his X] Stults

Joseph Stafford age 75. Known John Cummins nearly 30 years. Have often drunk spirits together, both been intoxicated. Joseph [X] Stafford.


Polly Ann of Jackson Co., Levi Gipson of parts unknown. Married Jackson Co., TN March 1867. Defendant abandoned her about two weeks ago, left the state with one Eliza Schermihorn, had been carrying on an adulterous relationship with her before leaving. Personal property includes 3 or 4 acres of wheat growing on land of Tobias Gipson. 6 March 1871. Polly Ann [her X] Gipson.

SUMMONS issued 3rd Monday in October 1871 [Deposition/testimony not in file] to John Jackson, Leonidas ["Looks like"] ?Niper/Miper, Wm E. Jones, Paresett Smith.

[NEW] GIPSON, ROBERT L. et al vs ANDERSON, J. T. et al Chancery 1897

[NOTE: More on estate of John M. Gipson & Lycurgis Gipson. Emily Gipson, widow of Lycurgis M. Gipson, believes town lots she got in a swap were worth less than land she owned on Roaring River - mlj].


Sam L. Johnson age 53, live 9th District, three-fourths mile from land in controversy. Was raised on the land, cultivated it. Believe it was more productive when ?Jonas Lynn lived there than it is now. /s/ S. L. Johnson

Burton Johnson. Was 47 years old March 26, 1896. Occupation farmer, live about one-fourth mile from nearest part of land. Used to belong to my father, known it all my life, tended it until about age 22. /s/ Burton Johnson

W. C. Terry [No age]. Burton Johnson and Samuel Johnson who gave depositions are related to the Lynns mentioned in this case.

G. S. Barlow, age going on 23, lived on lands about four years. Lived there when James Lynn had it under control. G. S. [his X] Barlow

A. G. Morgan age 32, am a farmer. Acquainted with Gipson heirs and J. T. Anderson and M. J. Dixon.

Question: State whether as DC&M ... you swore Emily Gipson to a answer preposed [sic] question by M. J. Dixon in the case of J. T. Anderson, Admr vs Emily Gipson et al at her father's house about two miles from Gainesboro.

Answer: Yes... her mother was dying or had died a few minutes previous and she was distressed. /s/ A. G. Morgan

Emily Gipson. Live on town property that was exchanged for Roaring River property since September twelve years ago. Was in deep distress when I signed a paper Andrew Morgan brought. I think after I signed and went back in the house from the porch, Mother just drew one last breath. The case of Emily Gipson was withdrawn without my consent or knowledge. /s/ Emily Gipson


WILLIAMS, J. R., Jr. and others Chancery 1901

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Robt L. Gipson and Clay Reeves of Jackson Co. against

James A. Williams of Davidson Co., Tennessee, T. K. Williams of White Co., Tennessee, formerly Williams Bros Merchants doing business in Gainesboro, N. J. Cox of White Co., TN and Samuel Sliger and Emily Gipson of Jackson Co.

July 9, 1900, Robert Gipson owned equity of redemption, land in 1st District, Gipson hollow. Was induced to sign note for rent of house and stable when still a minor on 4 Jan 1898.


CAUSE HEARD: Tobias Gipson against C. B. Whitefield and Cross-bill of

Carter B. Whitefield against

Tobias Gipson, James W. Harley & wife Margarett Harley, J. Harley, David Loftis and Symantha Loftis, Hiram E. Harley, James A. Harley, Louis D. Harley, Mary E. Harley, Joel W. Settles, Laburn A. Harley, Susan Pippin, Wm H. Botts, Russel M. Kinnaird, Absolum Johnson.

Cause heard 18 August 1867 of bill, cross-bill and answer. It appeared to court that conveyance made by James W. Harley 8 September 1853 was fraudulent... for the purpose of hindering and delaying creditors... is set aside.

DEPOSITIONS 11 August 1860:

John Haney age 50.

Question: Examine Grant 11550, State of Tennessee to James W. Harlow for 300 acres.

Answer: Am familiar with land. Carter B. Whitefield is living there. Think James W. Harley lived there 7 March 1856. John [his X] Haney

John J. W. Whitefield age about 29. [My] father Carter Whitefield... His grant did not include the 200 acre Leroy B. Settle grant No. 3277. /s/ J. J. W. Whitefield

W. H. Botts. Was aged 40 on 15 January 1867. Deed was made by James W. Harley in 1853 for the benefit of his creditors and also his wife and children... Some unmarried woman of Jackson Co. was accusing Harley of being the father of her bastard child. I was Harley's attorney, defending the accusation in the bastardy case. Did advise him to make a deed, advised his wife to insist on it. He drank too much, was accused of visiting houses of ill fame... in some measure wasteful of his estate. /s/ W. H. Botts

Isaac Haney age 54.... Margarette Harley, the wife, now the widow of James W. Harley... had the land made over to her about the time James W. Harley and Jane Trisdale were in law about a bastardy case in Jackson Co. /s/ Isaac Haney

ANSWER: Tobias Gipson and Asa M. Gipson to Bill of Complaint of James W. Harley. One Jane Watson was lawing James W. Harley and he deeded his property to Joel W. Settle to protect it from creditors. True that Respondent Gipson and Complainant entered into partnership in the year 1854 to sell groceries at Gainesboro, continued for some length of time, don't recall exactly. 14 Dec 1860. Tobias [his X] Gipson


Henry J. Harley, age ?21.

Question: Do you know of Defendant Whitefield paying said James W. Harley $25 on a $250 note about 23 November 1855?

Answer: I heard my father say he paid him $25, but I don't recollect what time it was. /s/ Henry J. Harley


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