Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #65
Cunningham - DeWitt, A.

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] CUNNINGHAM, S. H. & S. T. et al vs HALL, L. C. 1860-1893

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Samuel H. Cunningham & Smith T. Cunningham as Executors, and John P. Murray and Pinkney McCarver against Littleton C. Hall.

10 March 1860, L. C. Hall signed note to A. Bowman due 10 Nov 1861 and on 1865 a mortgage was made to R. Allen, for a tract of land where L. C. Hall now lives bounded by Phillip Ray, the Cumberland River, ?Bullard's Creek and the old [can't decipher] farm.

Complainant John P. Murray has a lien on said land for Solicitor's fees. s/s J. P. Murray

PROMISSORY NOTE: On or before 1 June 1878 I promise to pay Samuel H. Cunningham and Smith T. Cunningham as executors of the Last Will & Testament of J. G. Cunningham, deceased, $245.62 1/2 in lieu of a note executed to A. Bowman 10 Nov 1860 and due 10 Nov 1861 and transferred by A. Bowman to J. G. Cunningham 19 Nov 1860, secured in deed to R. A. Cox as trustee to secure indebtedness of myself & J. N. Settle & others... mentioned in case of Reeves vs Hall and others in Chancery at Gainesboro. 12 Decr 1878. s/s L. C. Hall

REPORT OF SALE: Following interlocutory decree, 10 Feb 1879 land sold, John P. Murray highest bidder at $620. North side of Cumberland River, District 2, bounded east by P. M. Ray, south by Cumberland River, west by Sadler heirs, north by the portion of said Hall tract belonging to Nancy D. Hall.

CAUSE HEARD: S. H. and S. T. Cunningham as Executors of James G. Cunningham, deceased vs G. B. Murray. In favor of defendant. 19 Sept 1893.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Pinkney McCarver of Jackson Co. and Leonidas A. McCarver of Davidson Co. vs Littleton C. Hall, R. A. Cox, Lafayette Washburn & Joshua Hail of Jackson Co.; S. H. Cunningham of same, S. T. Cunningham of Clay Co., Joshua Haile Jr. of Smith Co. and J. W. Settle of Davidson Co.

March term 1861 in Jackson Co., L. A. McCarver recovered judgment against Thomas Haile who is now dead and defendant Joshua Haile Jr. his admr. Thomas Haile died intestate.

Defendants L. C. Hall & Joshua Haile Sr. became stayors of lien and execution [order to sell. Can't read next several lines - mlj].

During Civil War, said judgment was destroyed with other papers & records of proceedings. After they were destroyed, on 6 Jany 1868, L. A. McCarver & Orator Pinkney McCarver filed attachment bill against Littleton C. Hall, Joshua Haile Sr. and others.

25 August 1866, Charles E. Reeves filed an attachment bill against L. C. Hall, Joseph E. Mulkey, R. C. Kirkpatrick & others and levied on L. C. Hall's land.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married June 1909, together about one year when she became very bold with other men. The man with whom she was guilty of adultery was George Hix. It occurred in the hollow above Mark Tays in this county and at other places about the house and it took place something like two years ago.

No property belonging to either of any value. 6 Jany 1913. s/s Charley [X] Campbell

Prosecution Bond: Charlie [X] Cambell, Principal; s/s John Lambert, Security


Married about 1891 in Jackson Co. where they resided since. 19 April 1900 defendant abused, kicking, choking & beating with fist, drew a gun & threatened to shoot. Forced to withdraw & go to her father's for protection, had defendant placed under arrest. Believes him guilty of adultery with one Mary Roberts. Have two children, fruits of marriage, Earl Campbell about 8 years and Pearl Campbell 9 months. Asks custody. [Lists a small amount of household goods, a little stock, a side of bacon]. [Signed] Mittie Campbell

PROSECUTION BOND: s/s Noah Campbell, Principal. Security Nathan [X] Huff, [Signed] Mingo Campbell


Noah of Jackson Co., Ettar of Putnam Co. Married Putnam Co. about 10 Jany 1904, together about one week. Complainant went off to work to the Railroad, gone about 18 months, sent money to defendant for her support. Returned home and found defendant with a young girl baby about two months old, not his child. One Isham Williamson was said to be the father. 25 June 1907. s/s Noah Cunningham

Witnesses for Complainant: s/s John Sadler, col., Handy Sadler, col.

Final Decree 19 Sept 1907.


Married 23 August 1884, happy 3 or 4 years. Defendant became unfaithful, adultery with Joe Brown about 1 1/2 months ago. 11 March 1895. Joe [his X mark] Cannon

Security: P. [his X mark] Huff


Both of Jackson Co., TN. Married 5 June 1897 in Jackson Co. Together but a short time, she became cold and unconcerned, suspects she is untrue to him. One Jones Stout was at their house and she went and sat by him and laid her leg across his lap. So notorious in lude [sic] acts, he could not live with her any longer... separated. She has had an illegitimate child since their separation. 4 June 1900. s/s J. N. Carter


Julia of Jackson Co., Silas of State of Kentucky. Married Jackson Co. Feby 1894, together for a short time here, they moved to Kentucky where [?]his/her uncle lived. It was not for the purpose of making it their home, that Jackson Co. was always considered to be their home. She did come back home 8 or 9 months ago. While in Kentucky, defendant was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced in the Circuit Court of Simpson Co., KY on a charge of larceny, a felony. He is now serving sentence at Eddiville [Eddyville], Kentucky. Has one child of the marriage, Versie Lee Cantrell, asks custody, he is not fit parent... Julia A. [her X mark] Cantrell


Married 13 September 1885 in Jackson Co. Spring 1894, guilty of Lewdness with one Katie Meadows. Defendant owns land 11th Dist. bounded south by Wess Allen, east by Mary Smallwood, north by J. U. Carter, west by Frank Richmond, 100 acres, asks land be settled on her as alimony [no children or maiden name mentioned].

[NEW] J. U. CARTER and KATIE MEADOWS - Grand Jury Indictment March 1896

J. U. Carter & Kattie Meadows on 4 Mar 1896 and on divers other days & times... did unlawfully, openly, notoriously & publicly live together as husband and wife... divers acts of adultery, not being lawfully married to each other...

3 June 1896, Lizzie Carter asks bill be refiled. s/s Lizzie Carter


PROSECUTION BOND: R. H. Carter, J. Alec Smallwood, J. M. C. Carter

PETITION: Came William Keith, father of Isabel Carter, and made oath that she is entirely illiterate, not able to read bill furnished to her. He read to her yesterday for the first time, she wishes to vindicate false charges. Jan [or Jun] 1875. s/s William Keith

ANSWER: Isabel Carter states charges she has been guilty of adultery with Joseph Campbell is a base falsehood. True she went in the night time with Joseph Campbell to her father's house under following circumstances. Mother of plaintiff, Polly Carter, with whom plaintiff forced this defendant to live, never providing any other home, told defendant her son has gone for whiskey - that he would come home drunk, shoot her or cut her throat. Polly Carter advised defendant to leave and tried to get Wm Jones to go with her, and then took Joseph Campbell out of the house and whispered to them she knows not what. Campbell came back in and said he would go with her and she accepted. Is satisfied her mother in law Polly Carter and husband R. H. Carter conspired to get respondent in company with a man so as to fabricate... Polly Carter has at other times caused trouble. Cares not whether a divorce if he is entitled - she was always faithful. Isabel [her X mark] Carter

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married [blank] March 1872 [or 1873 - smear]. 16 Dec 1874 while complainant was away from home, she committed an act of adultery with Joseph Campbell. He carried her off behind him on his horse in the night time.


Both of Jackson Co. Married Jackson Co. [blank] 1860, together to [blank] 1886. Defendant abandoned her, failed to provide, otherwise mistreated her. Decreed by court, bonds of matrimony dissolved. Compromise division of their property. 15 Nov 1886. Tennessee [her X mark] Carter, s/s J. M. C. Carter


Defendant has been cruel to her about ever since their marriage. Struck her, drew knife and axe against her and about one month ago struck her across the nose with the loaded end of a buggy whip. She has a daughter age 16 who is a step daughter of defendant. He would whip her with a buggy whip without provocation. Left home Sunday a week ago... defendant threatening to kill her.

Wore a buggy whip out on her daughter, then took a shotgun and threatened to kill her.

Complainant is now staying with her brother for protection. Defendant came to her brother's, tried to make her go to the barn. Her brother said she could if she wanted to, but didn't have to. Husband and brother got in a considerable fight.

Own farm in District 4, Jackson Co., bounded north by Vina Sholders, east by Willis ?Clark, south by Abe Monday, west by Lizie Carver, same land defendant purchased of [Can't read] Casity, some personal property [listed].

She drew from her father's estate $250 which went into land except for money paid for a buggy that is complainant's.

Asks her maiden name Mary Forkam be restored, property set out as alimony, injunction from him coming around her and her daughter. Owing to poverty, not able to bear expense. Mary [her X mark] Carver


PROSECUTION BOND: W. J. Carver, Principal. Security, A. J. Stubblefield, James Snead, Haner Carver. 5 August 1898.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married Spring 1893. About three months after marriage, she abandoned him. Defendant declared she would ever keep her brother Jeary Ritcherson in the house with her and that in prefference [sic] to pertishener [sic]. Said Ritcherson was very disagreeable, bad language. W. J. [his X mark] Carver


Margaret of Jackson Co., Henry a citizen of State of Kentucky.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married in Jackson Co. 1873. She has a girl child, Nancy Ann, fruit of marriage, near three years old. Husband abandoned her, failed to support. Asks custody of child, return of maiden name Margaret Chaffin. 1 Sept 1875.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: H. H. Casteel was living in Missouri last she heard of him. She is resident of Jackson Co. Married in Jackson Co. [blank], together 10 years until 17 November 1899, defendant abandoned her. Has provided no support for her and their inphant [sic] children, one of whom died since he abandoned them. Abandonment more than 16 years. 5 March 1915. s/s Martha E. Casteel


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married in Jackson Co 12 Decr 1871. Petitioner on 21 November 1876 was forced to withdraw... her shameful and indecent conduct.

Morning of 31 October 1876, and diverse other days, she has been guilty of adultery with Isaac Flatt, Jr. 27 November 1876. s/s W. R. Chaffin


Both of Jackson Co., Tennessee. Married 24 Dec 1892 in Jackson Co., lived here except one year in Monroe Co., KY. Happy about one year, he became cross and abusive, made her work out in the field as a farm hand although she is in a pregnant condition. Three children the issue of said marriage, Lula Belle 5, Amanda 3 and Bertha 1. Own personal property [listed] small tract of land in Dist 8, north side of Cumberland River bounded by McCoy on south, McGlassin on east, Dent Moore on north, and A. D. Hall's heirs on west, being 50 acres.

Has some corn growing on his father's farm near the above described place. 25 June 1898. s/s Alda Cherry

[NEW] CLAY, HENRY (col) vs CLAY, ELIZA (col) 1881

DECREE: Publication made in "The Upper Cumberland", a newspaper published in Gainesboro, 13 Sept 1882, appeared 4 weeks, defendant to appear and answer. Married Jackson Co. [blank] June 1880 or 1881 [year changed, written over]. She is guilty of adultery with Harry Goodbar, colored, in year 1881. Divorce decreed.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Henry Clay (col) against Eliza Clay (col), a resident of the State of Kentucky. Married Jackson Co., Tennessee. s/s Henry Clay


Both residents of Jackson Co., TN. Married 4th Sunday in September 1898. She left him last night. Believes defendant guilty of having more than one wife. She is informed she is the 4th wife, all living, and he is not divorced from all of them. Defendant would have struck complainant, was prevented by a neighbor Abe Monday. Lists personal property. [Date on folder, no date on documents - mlj].


PROSECUTION BOND: John Cooper, Principal; H. L. Bough, Security.

[NOTE: Apparently cross-bill was filed by Bell Cooper. Order to attach John Cooper's property, case of Bell Cooper vs John Cooper 20 June 1898, to pay costs of suit].

WITNESS LIST: A. B. Denton, W. C. Williamson, Lewis Hardcastle, Lizzie Hardcastle, Phil Gipson, Ed Hardcastle, John Trousdale, Bud McKinley. [Fees paid for depositions which were not on microfilm - mlj].


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married Jackson Co. [blank] 1865. Defendant abandoned her from 1867 to the present, refused and neglected to provide. Was informed and believes he is still living and entered into a second marriage. Defendant is guilt of adultery with Mary Rich, a lewd character. [No children or maiden name given - mlj]. 3 November 1880. Emeline [her X mark] Craig

Decree issued.


Delia of Jackson Co., Roland Curtis of parts unknown. Married 28 Feby 1889 in Jackson Co. One Monday morning in May following their marriage, defendant abandoned her, not heard from him and has been gone since. 4 July 1892. Delia [X] Curtis


[Note: On folder, he is shown Samuel E.; on two documents, including his signature, it is Samuel C. - mlj].

CAUSE HEARD: 20 June 1907, she didn't answer, divorce granted.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married 190[blank]. He has 3 little girl children by a former marriage, fondly hoped he had secured a mother for his children. Shortly after their marriage, defendant left his little children at home, no one to care for or protect. Finally left home, maliciously abandoned, and said she would have her throat cut before she would live with him. The last time he asked her to return, she said she had a man keeping her, treated her nice, bought her clothes. Said she had rather be a nice man's whore than be his wife. 20 June 1907. s/s Sam C. Curtis


Both of Jackson Co., Tennessee. Married 8 Dec 1858, State of Ohio. Some 6 years ago, moved to Tennessee, lived greater portion of the time at Nashville.

Defendant has committed adultery since their marriage with lewd women, has become dissipated. Oratrix also charges that defendant took her some time ago to Ohio to her father's where she is now living off the bounty of her father. Defendant does not, has not, supported her since November 1867. Does not ask alimony as defendant is insolvent. s/s Ellen case

Acknowledged: State of Ohio, County of Ashtabula, 7 May 1868.

[NEW] DAILY, WILLIS K. vs LEE, JOHN Chancery 1859

Order issued to attach land on Spring Creek, Dist. 9, bounded by Cornelius Maxwell, Joseph Hawkins and others, where Curry Lee now lives. 1st Monday in Feby 1859.

PROSECUTION BOND: Willis K. Daily, William Hicks & Robert T. Allen to John Lee, $200. s/s Willis K. Daily, William [X] Hicks, s/s Robert Allen

REPORT OF SALE: 6 May 1861, John M. Gipson became purchaser.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Willis K. Daily of Jackson Co., against John Lee of the State of Georgia, or so conceals himself that ordinary process cannot be served. Defendant owes him about $100, asks land be sold to pay debts.

[NEW] DARWIN, GEORGE C., Guardian of ESPIE, JOHN County 1901

APPRENTICE AGREEMENT: We, George C. Darwin Sr. as Principal, are indebted to State of Tennessee for use and benefit of John Espie a minor age 17 years the 14 Novr 1900. County Court adjudged Darwin proper person to apprentice said Espie until age 21. Child Espie is a son of Nancy Newman. 7 Jany 1901. s/s George C. Darwin

[NEW] DARWIN, GEO C. JR. et al vs GOODALL, W. W. et al Chancery 1852

George C. Darwin Jr., George C. Darwin Sr. and Polly Ann Darwin, last two administrators of William G. Darwin, deceased, against W. W. Goodall of Jackson Co., TN and the president and directors of the Bank of Tennessee.

Bank of Tennessee instituted suit Sept 1849 or 1850 against W. W. Goodall and perhaps others and commanding him to take possession of following negro slaves then in possession of Goodall and hold them subject to further order of the court, to wit: Mary, Cardin, Zachry and Milton.

Goodall is insolvent, believes he intends to leave with slaves.

Polly [X] Darwin, s/s G. C. Darwin, Jr.

REPORT: Clerk & Master at Sept term 1876 sold the undivided interests of L. H. Darwin and Granville Darwin to land Dist. 11 bounded east by Asa Denson, south by William Norton, west by R. P. Brooks, north by Cumberland River, known as George Darwin Tract. Pinkney McCarver became purchaser at $175 and it appearing from a letter on file from L. A. McCarver that Pinkney being beneficiary in the sale, no money was paid. March term 1877.

PROSECUTION BOND: George C. Darwin, Jr. [signed]; George C. Darwin, Sr. [signed]; Polly [her X mark] Darwin; Thomas J. Jones [signed] for amount of $200 to William W. Goodall and Bank of Tennessee.

PROSECUTION BOND: L. A. and Pinkney McCarver to L. H. Darwin, Granville Darwin and Mary A. Darwin, 25 Feb 1861. [L. A. & Pinkney McCarver both signed].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Geo C. Darwin Jr. in his own right, George C. Darwin Sr. and Polly Darwin as administrators of William G. Darwin against

William W. Goodall.

Milton Draper levied on slaves Foster, Jude, Mary, Caroline, Zackery and Milton.

LETTER: From L. A. McCarver [proven son of Pinkney McCarver in other cases]: My father has full control of the Leonidas Darwin and Granville Darwin matter. I have nothing to do with it. s/s L. A. McCarver

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Leonidas A. McCarver. Several years ago, William G. Darwin, father of L. H. Darwin, Granville Darwin and Mary A. Darwin departed life. Defendant L. H. Darwin is indebted to him [lists notes; some signed as security by Granville Darwin]. s/s L. A. McCarver

DARWIN, G. C. et al vs HAILE, G. G. et al Chancery 1895

CLERK & MASTER'S REPORT: 30 Dec 1896 at Flynn's Lick, line established between the place where George G. Haile lives and the place where M. D. Haile lives. Former described as follows, bounded north by W. B. Murphy east by Marion Johnson and Tom Draper south by a conditional line established by C & M.

Place where M. D. Haile lives bounded north by George D. Haile lot, east by Tom Draper and the Arbor lot south by the Arbor lot west by J. M. Lee.

The Arbor lot is described in deed from Amon Haile to Joshua Haile, Wm M. Ragland, Dudley Brown, John Brown & Leonidas McCarver dated 28 Nov 1854, as follows... in Flynn's Lick, Dist 11, north side of Flynn's Creek... begin corner of the meeting [church] house... to my rock fence within 32 feet of Thomas J. Jones line... with said Jones line to within 28 feet of the Arbor... to include the Arbor... corner of the meeting house line to the beginning.

Tracts offered separately and together... Joshua Haile became purchaser of all tracts. Next offered the interest of Elizabeth Haile in the Arbor lot, and Joshua Haile became purchaser. March term 1897.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: G. C. Darwin & wife Harriett, Pleas Chilcutt & wife Maggie, J. K. Richmond & wife Jennie against

Geo G. Haile, admr of E. Haile deceased and in his own right, Joshua Haile, E. L. Haile, Jas Watson & wife Lizzie Watson, T. R. Haile, Charley Haile, Bluford Hancock & wife Mary, Charley Hancock, Lawrence Hancock, Fannie Counts, J. N. Counts, Pearl Perry, Wm R. Perry, Emma Hancock and Lewis Hancock.

Bill filed to determine amount due each heir of Elizabeth Haile, deceased after accounting for advancements made by Elizabeth Haile to her children during her lifetime.

Last Will & Testament of Elizabeth Haile

In the name of God, amen. I, Elizabeth Haile of county of Jackson State of Tennessee... sound mind and disposing memory... my last will & testament.

After just debts are paid... my children Joshua Haile and E. L. Haile, Lizzie Watson, Mary Hancock, Harriet Darwin, T. R. Haile, G. G. Haile, Charley Haile, Maggie Chilcutt & Jennie Richmond.

My daughter Nannie Hancock being dead... her children to receive her share.

All property both real and personal to be sold for division among my children.

Some of my children are indebted to me by notes... direct they be charged [indebtedness listed].

Bequest to my daughter Maggie Chilcutt for her sole and separate use during her natural life and at her death to my daughter Jinnie Richmond and if she is dead, to her children. [Signed] 16 May 1895 Wits: W. M. Gailbreath, M. D. Haile

ANSWER: George G. Haile, Admr states Tobe Hancock was the husband of Nannie Hancock who has been dead a number of years. Bluford Hancock is the husband of Mary Hancock.

ANSWER: M. J. Dixon, guardian ad litem of Emma Hancock and Lewis Hancock, the minor heirs of [blank].


George C. Darwin as Admr and in his own right, & wife Harriett Darwin, both of Jackson Co.

Pleas Chilcutt & Maggie Chilcutt of Putnam Co.

J. K. Richmond & Jennie Richmond of Davidson Co.

E. L. Haile

The children and heirs of Nannie Hancock are residents of the State of Texas.

Elizabeth Haile's husband Thomas Haile having died many years ago.

FINAL SETTLEMENT: 23 Decr 1897 with Geo. G. Haile, Admr of Elizabeth Haile. Each of eleven shares received $67.15:

Joshua Haile

E. L. Haile

Nannie Hancock's children

Lizzie Watson

Mary Hancock

T. R. Haile

Harriett Darwin

Geo G. Haile

Maggie Chilcut

Charlie Haile

Jennie Richmond.

JOINT ANSWERS: Walter Richmond, ?Cluny Richmond, Wilber Richmond, Fred Richmond, Gena Richmond, all minors under 21 by the guardian ad litem James H. Anderson... above styled cause per Oct 19, 1900... admit there is balance due on property of $109.21. 4 March 1901. s/s James H. Anderson

ELIZABETH HAILE vs MATHEW JONES. Defendant Mathew Jones states a writ of attachment was levied 25 Decr 1876, issued without the proper affidavit. 5 January 1877. s/s T. B. Upchurch, attorney for Matthew Jones, deft.

Complainant recovered of defendant and J. M. Upchurch and Charles Hopkins, his securities, $100 plus $5 interest.

[NEW] DARWIN, G. C. vs HAILE, JOSHUA, et al Chancery 1883

Synopsis: Brother-in-law suit. Joshua Haile over a period of several years performed free legal services for G. C. Darwin, husband of his sister Harriett, and made it a point to tell him he wasn't charging. Darwin sent Haile a bill for pasturing a mule, hauling rock to build Elizabeth Haile a fence, other items. Haile then billed him for his free legal services, lost the case except for pasturage of the mule of $2.00.

DEPOSITIONS 11 Feby 1888:

JOSHUA HAILE - Darwin was living at my mother's and had corn hauled there. Darwin was arrested and tried on a charge of assault with intent to kill Tom Jones with a gun. He was tried before Charles Hopkins, J.P. I cleared him and then got Jones not to prosecute him in Circuit Court.

I filed a bill for Darwin in Chancery court against R. P. Brooks who was part owner of a tract of land, was in court six years, was finally compromised.

Darwin jointly owned land with his brothers. I wrote the deed for him.

HARRIETT DARWIN: Plaintiff [Joshua Haile] is my brother and Complainant [G. C. Darwin] is my husband. Jim Richmond, another brother in law.

G. C. DARWIN: Father is William Darwin. I had contracted my land to R. P. Brooks and intended to move to Texas and defendant Haile persuaded me not to go. I owned 8/9 of a tract and R. P. Brooks owned 1/9 and defendant Haile filed to sell the land for distribution. Was dismissed without anything being done and I paid the costs.

I sent a mare to Kentucky by Geo G. Haile which he agreed to take for nothing. He had staid [sic] at my house and went to school and I didn't charge him anything. Joshua Haile and Thom Haile went [to Kentucky] with him.

Wm Darwin and myself purchased land at a Clerk & Master's sale, Joshua Haile was security. William Darwin concluded to go to Texas and land was not paid for. Wm Darwin agreed to give me a deed and I pay for land.

[NEW] DARWIN, GEO C. vs HOOVER, A. H. Circuit 1873

Charge of Trespass filed against A. H. Hoover for cutting large quantity of timber [blank] 1872 for $250. New survey was made by E. L. Jackson to determine true lines on 9 April 1873. [No more on case].

[NEW] DARWIN, G. C. vs RODGERS, W. T. Circuit 1882

Disagreement over amount of money due for sowing land in wheat and clover. Request for arbitration made. [No more on case].

[NEW] DARWIN, JOHN W., Executor of DARWIN, GEO C. County 1879

NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT Feby term 1879 to:

Margaret Darwin, widow of G. C. Darwin, deceased.

Jane Murray and her husband David J. Murray

Adaline Hogg and her husband Jesse T. Hogg

Leonora Cornwell and her husband ?Fanshaw Cornwell

George Ann Sadler and her husband Lee Sadler

Eriphany Brown and her husband Taylor Brown

Julia Rogers and her husband William Rogers

Lucetta Norton and her husband James Norton

James R. Darwin

George C. Darwin

Fannie Darwin - heirs at law of George C. Darwin, deceased. Dated 7 Jan 1879.

[NEW] DARWIN, W. G. vs BURKE, JOHN G. Chancery 1842

CAUSE HEARD: Appears to court Complainant Darwin had possession and use of negro boy Hall 6 months & 13 days, labor worth $3.00 per month. Defendant to recover of Complainant $19.50.

DEPOSITIONS 26 Sept 1843, questioned by Plaintiff John G. Burke:

WILLIAM C. BURKE age 26. Since purchase of negro boy Hall, heard nothing of you removing any property out of the state of Tennessee, no report of you going to Missouri.

Henry F. Burke went to Missouri last September.

I am the brother of John G. Burke.

Defendant told me last spring if he could settle his debts, he was going to Missouri.

What he [defendant] bought at his father's sale he owed for. s/s W. C. Burke

JAMES W. BURKE age 23. Negro was left in my possession when he was attached. John was living with me at the time and then he went over the river to live and took the negro with him. s/s James W. Burke

SILAS C. CORNWELL, age 52. A boy of 11 or 12 who can plow, worth about $2 per month.

ANSWER: John G. Burke to Bill of Complaint of Wm G. Darwin. States he executed his note to R. P. Brooks and W. C. Brooks, administrator of his father John Burke, deceased for the some of $450 some time in Sept 1842 for a negro boy named Hall which he purchased from them at public sale of his father's property. James M. Burke, Henry F. Burke, [can't decipher] Graves and Complainant became his security.

[NEW] DARWIN, W. H., Administrator of DARWIN, MARY, decd County 1873

INVENTORY & SALE: 5 May 1873, personal property. Purchasers were Harriett Darwin, Hiram Darwin, G. C. Darwin, Sr., J. O. Hopkins, ?Peurisity* Talor, John Ewell, [can't decipher] Cornwell, James Martin.

*[?Peurisity bought more than one item. "t" not crossed in one place. Possibly an attempt to spell Priscilla? - mlj].


Dora Belle a resident of Jackson Co., Neal residence unknown, supposed Kentucky. Married 29 Oct 1893, two children issue of marriage, Winfield P. age 4 and Floyd Harrison age 1. Spring 1899 in presence of Sarah Spivey, struck complainant in head with a stick of stove wood.

Guilty of adultery with one Elizer Lee, left with her, she is informed they are living together as man and wife near Bowling Green, KY. She kept a bawdy house in Jackson Co., which defendant frequented.

Lists personal property owned, stated he took some of it with him.

Asks maiden name Dona Belle Spivey be restored, custody of children.

[NEW] DAVIDSON, ANSEL vs DYER, GEO Chancery 1883

ANSWER: George Dyer and Elmore Julian to Bill of Complaint filed 20 July 1883. Geo Dyer sold land to complainant in Jackson Co... begin at Dividing Ridge between Flynns and Martins Creeks. First contracted for 35-40 acres at $150. Afterwards purchased about 14 acres back from complainant.

[NOTE: Page/pages missing. Begins with last part of deposition of Ansel Davidson].

...to me or my son Thomas said deed correctly the land reserved by me when I sold said land back to said Dyer. They did not object to signing said deed on account of it being made to my son Thomas. 25 July 1884. Ansel [his X mark] Davidson

DEPOSITION: Andrew Davidson, age 2[1 or 7?]. I purchased land in District 12 adjacent E. Carrington, my own land and others, supposed to be about 52 acres of defendant George Dyer, paid him, he made no deed. Afterwards sold land back to Dyer for $100 and he has paid $75.

[NEW] DAVIDSON, J. C. & S. M., Admr of DAVIDSON, WM, dcd County 1885

BOND: We, J. C. Davidson & others and S. M. Davidson bind ourselves to J. C. Davidson, Sr... void if said J. C. Davidson Sr. shall prosecute to effect suit for possession of tract of land in Jackson Co., TN. 18 Apr 1883.

s/s J. C. Davidson, S. M. Davidson, Minearvy Davidson "per order"

FINAL SETTLEMENT: 23 Decr 1887 with J. C. and S. M. Davidson, admrs of William Davidson, deceased, all heirs having been notified. Last settlement May 23, 1885.

Manerva Davidson this day produced in open court, purported to be Last Will & Testament of William Davidson dated 8 March 1879, signed Wm Davidson, but without witnesses. Thomas H. Butler and J. S. Jackson who were acquainted with him in his lifetime, state it is his signature. Jas C. Davidson and Samuel M. Davidson state it was found at his late residence and it is the signature of their father William Davidson.

Minerva Davidson is the widow of Wm Davidson.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF 11 May 1885: Settlement, Estate of William Davidson, deceased. Notify:

Sarriah E. McCoin and husband Nathan H. McCoin

Malissa Young and husband Duke Young

Nanny [? - torn] Kirby and husband Jessee Kirby

Narcissa Wheeler and A. L. Wheeler

Mariah Davidson and her children Wm Davidson, Lizzie Davidson & Manervy Davidson.

LAST WILL & TESTAMENT [Verbatim transcription]

I Wm Davidson of the county of Jackson and State of Tennessee for the love and affection I have for my wife Manurvey Davidson hur Beaing a kind and obedient wife to me I feel it my duty as her husband to give and leave to her a certain tract or boundrey of land lying in Jackson County State of Tennessee as her own to do what she may please with after my death and I desire that any deede she may make to the Same be a bona fida and good to all content and purposes the land now to bea described is what I want hur to have Say Begining at a point across the creeke on the soth side opiset where my mill formialey stood Bearing up the hill to Isaac Flats line the with Flats line Rather a ?soth corse to Chaffins line then with Chaffins line Rather a north corse to the creeke the cornor of said Chaffin tract to a cucumber tree thence with the Chaffin line to the cornor on the point of the ridge above where D M Davidson now lives thence a strait corse to Woodsin Ellises cornor on top of the ridge then west with his line to the cornor to susan prices line then south with hur line to an ash tree known as the Draper cornor then Rather a south corse to include the House and land that is fenced up with the timber to the top of the point now at her death if She dont despose of said land I wish it to be sold and Equialey Devided Between my children Say S. M. Davidson Nancy P Kirby & hur heirs James C Davidson and Sarah Jenkins & hur heirs Duke young A L Wheeler and John M Davidson received on their part $100.00 Dollars each moore then the Ballance of my heirs my desire is that the other heirs bea made equal with them before they get any moore then should there bea any thing left let it bea equally divided Between them that are now living and J. M. Davidsons Children Drawing their Farthers part Let it Bea much or little when the matter is entirely wound up

Given under my hand and seal and don in goof faith as now I am of sound mind and Disposing memory I make this my last will and testiment in the name of God amen March 8th 1879. [s/s] Wm Davidson

[NEW] DAVIDSON, J. H. et al vs FLATT, J. B. Chancery 1915

Thomas M. Gailbreath, general guardian of E. A. Sprague, filed a petition against defendant J. B. Flatt & wife B. L. Flatt, seeking to foreclose mortgage executed by said J. B. Flatt and wife [blank] May 1914 in the case of Fannie Sprague against E. A. Sprague, case still pending.

[Copy of mortgage]: John B. Flatt and wife Barbrey L. Flatt... land 12th District bounded by S. Q. Loftis & heirs of Sampson Medley, decd, east by Medley heirs & Larkin Johnson and J. Matt Dawes, south by J. Matt Dawes & William Brewington, west by William Brewington & Lee Carter, being 100 acres more or less... same land where we now live, bought from J. H. Davidson, J. Matt Dawes & Milton Stout.


Both residents of Jackson County, Tennessee. On or about 1 December 1853, married in Jackson Co., Tennessee. Deserted her, refused to provide... adultery with Ema Reeves and divers women. Personal property includes colt and interest in a crop that he and one William Davidson made. Lucinda [her X mark] Davidson

ANSWER: Thomas Davidson states it is true he abandoned her, failed to support. Left because he believed her guilt of adultery with one Tobe Anderson and others. She was delivered of a child in six months of marriage, seemed to have been born at maturity, no appearances of premature birth... satisfied was the child of some other person. He did not know of her pregnancy when they married, denies cruelty, adultery with Emma Reeves or anyone.

Colt mentioned is encumbered. His brother is security. As to crop, respondent was working and living with his brother and family after he was forced to abandon complainant. In exchange for not charging for board, he is helping him make a crop.

PROSECUTION BOND: Thomas [X] Davidson, Principal; William [X] Davidson, Security.

[NEW] DAVIDSON, WM vs GAW, ERASMUS Chancery 1854

ANSWER: Erasmus Gaw states he sold complainant a negro named Ellen for $475. Denies he represented her as sound and health - if she was unsound and unhealthy, was not known to Respondent. Girl about age six.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Erasmus Gaw of the State of [blank] but who is now temporarily in the county of Jackson.

May 1854, he bought a negro girl named Ellen from defendant, diseased condition, about age six.


DEPOSITIONS: William Fox and James Draper 12 June 1867.

WILLIAM MALONE age 51, asked to state if he knew a mare that William Davidson let Mahala Jackson or her daughter have for land. Answer: Don't know where he got it. William [X] Malone

WILLIAM FOX age 63. States as administrator of Wm H. Billingsley, sold a gray mare to William Davidson 14 March 1862.

I got the mare from Riley Midlin, no brands on shoulder. If she had any brands, do not recollect. If she had been in service of any army, do not know about it. Do not know when Col. Murray's cavalry was in Flynn's Lick.

JAMES DRAPER age 77. Sold land to Mahala Jackson and Eliza Nemoe. Neither Malaha nor Eliza has paid me.

DUKE YOUNG age 38. I witnessed the deed of Mahala Jackson to William Davidson. He paid $100 Confederate and she wanted a cow or colt, Davidson refused. [Signed] Duke Young

DEPOSITIONS: Rankin Harrison [no age] and Elizabeth Woolf age 20 [Nothing new].

DEPOSITION: Julie Jackson [blank age].

Question: State if your sister Edea got the mare for her land from Davidson in payment for her interest in land in controversy.

Answer: Some 6-7 days after Davidson traded with my sister Eda for the land she claimed... the 30 acre tract, he came to my mother to see if she would sell her interest.

Mother bought a cow from Stamps and paid $100 Confederate bill, turned out to be counterfeit. She got it from Ross Upchurch. Stamps got the cow and gave her the bill back.

My sister got the mare from Davidson, and Mahala, that is my mother, got her from my sister. The mare was branded "US" on the right shoulder, and was taken by Thos B. Murray's men at Anderson Mill. Julie [her X mark] Jackson

BILL OF COMPLAINT: James Draper against Eliza Nemo, Mahala Jackson and William Davidson. Draper sold Mahala land on Flynns Creek and executed to Mahala Jackson and Eliza Nemo a bond for title.

Mahala Jackson's daughters are Julie and Edith Jackson and Elizabeth Nemo. At the time Davidson purchased 30 acres from Edith Jackson she was a minor.

ANSWER: Mahala Jackson states her husband Elias Jackson was much indebted. She was told by Davidson her land would be sold to pay husband's debts. Being illiterate and ignorant of the law she believed him. Conveyed to her daughter Eliza in trust a tract of 30 acres until her daughter arrived at age 21. At the date of deed, her daughter was a small child. Daughter is grown, but not 21, Davidson induced her daughter to trade 30 acres for an old artillery horse branded "US", then asked to buy her interest and she refused. Respondent got the horse from her daughter Eliza, offered it to Davidson for return of the land, he refused.

Being ignorant of the law and believing Davidson had the legal advantage, she executed a deed to him for her interest. He gave her $125 Confederate States Treasury notes, told her that was the currentest money that was, she thought it would be good. Asks sale be set aside. 13 May 1866. Mahala [her X mark] Jackson

ANSWER: Mahala Jackson, states her father Elijah Simmons died intestate in Jackson Co. 18[blank], before the date of the title bond mentioned by Complainant in his cross bill. Owned land worth about $2200, personal property about $300, slave worth about $450. Either Thomas L. Bransford or Russel M. Kinnaird was appointed administrator. Administrator resigned, James Draper appointed administrator. If an accounting [settlement of estate] was made, nothing came to her. Draper appropriated to his own use, she sued and as a fraudulent compromise, Draper executed a title bond and said she wouldn't have to pay for the land, that she could wait ten years and the statute of limitations on the debt would apply. He said he executed the title bond only to keep the other heirs from complaining. She feels they were cheated.

[NEW] DAVIDSON, WILLIAM vs JACKSON, R. H. & others Chancery 1877-1878

DEPOSITION: Jefferson Roberts age 71, for defendant E. M. Cason. Gave my deposition in the case of R. H. Jackson vs Benjamin Flatt, same is true. I now adopt the same. 15 Aug 1878. s/s J. Roberts

DEPOSITION: T. H. Butler, age 58. I have examined Justice A. Green's docket. In the case of Benjamin Flatt vs Thomas K. Baty & Peter G. Cox, on p. 72 I authorized my agent A. Pharris to transfer judgment to E. M. Cason. 15 Aug 1878. s/s T. H. Butler

DEPOSITION: E. M. Cason, age 73. Told William Davidson a short time after April term 1872 that I had obtained judgment in Chancery against him, Peter G. Cox and William R. Dyre. 15 Aug 1878. s/s E. M. Cason

BOND: William Davidson & Duke Young to E. M. Cason & others, $200. Void if said Davidson prosecutes with effect. 15 March 1877. s/s Wm Davidson, Duke Young

DEPOSITION: R. H. Jackson, age 43. Filed suit April term 1872. Complainants were myself, William Beal and W. D. Dyre vs Benjamin Flatt. Wm Davidson was made a defendant. We agreed to dismiss him and not require him to answer. B. B. Washburn was my attorney. 19 June 1878. s/s R. H. Jackson

DEPOSITION: B. B. Washburn, age nearly 60. Case of Beal & Jackson in Jackson, Beal & Dyer vs Flatt & Davidson, sought to have a levy & sale of some land set aside & declared void. Ben Flatt, William Davidson, E. M. Cason and Peter G. Cox were defendants.

Davidson, complainant in this suit, was a defendant in that suit. Dyer sought to be released as an additional Stayor of a judgment. It was agreed that Davidson would be released, but no order was obtained doing so... oversight. Was [blank] term 1866. 19 June 1878. s/s B. B. Washburn

DEPOSITION: William Davidson age 68. It was agreed I would be dismissed as a defendant in earlier suit. 19 June 1878. s/s Wm Davidson

DEPOSITION: Peter G. Cox age 71. I was security on note for Thos K. Beaty for $86.65 judgment plus costs which now belongs to E. M. Cason. s/s Peter G. Cox

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William Davidson of Jackson Co. against Raines H. Jackson, William Beal, William R. Dyer and Edward M. Cason of Jackson Co. and Benjamin Flatt of Clay Co. 26 Feby 1877. s/s Wm Davidson


EXPARTE DECREE: William Davidson, Administrator of Richard Davidson, deceased. Sara Davidson is widow of said deceased. William Davidson, son of said deceased. John Davidson, Thomas Davidson, Ansel Davidson, Jesse Chambers and wife Milly Chambers, Eli Jackson & wife Hannah Jackson, Sarah Davidson daughter of said deceased, Nathan Davidson, Martha Davidson and James C. Davidson.

Tract of 50 acres to be vested out of Complainants except Wm Davidson and vested in Wm Davidson and notes in the said Sarah Davidson Senr for and during the term of her natural life shall be vested in said Wm Davidson, last mentioned being her dower in land of Richardson Davidson. Title to 100 acre tract divested out of complainants, all except Sarah Davidson Senr and in Sarah Davidson except that portion that may have been assigned to her as her dower in which she has only a life estate and at her death goes to William Davidson as before stated. 19 July 1851.

SETTLEMENT: Wm Davidson, Admr of Richard Davidson, deceased. 1st Monday in July 1857. Amount paid for coffin $4.50; amount paid for scrowd [?shroud] $4.73; widow for year's support $42.91. Amount allowed administrator $25.00.

DOWER: Commissioners laid off 50 acre tract for widow Sarah Davidson Senr, being one-half the 100 acre tract. 15 May 1851.

s/s Benj F. Chaffin, Joseph Birdwell, B. A. Fox, Jun, Edward L. Jackson, Worley Young

PETITIONERS William Davidson, Sarah Davidson, William Davidson, John Davidson, Thomas Davidson, Ansel Davidson, Jesse Chambers & wife Milly Chambers formerly Davidson, Eli Jackson & wife Hannah Jackson formerly Davidson, Sarah Davidson, Nathan Davidson, Martha Davidson & James C. Davidson.

Minors are Thomas, Sarah, Nathan, Martha and James C. Davidson.

Richard Davidson, the father of all Complainants except William Davidson [the older], Sarah Davidson [Senr], and Jesse Chambers and Eli Jackson sons in law.

Sarah Davidson who is his widow. Richard Davidson departed life in Jackson Co. 1850. October session 1850 the first mentioned William Davidson was appointed administrator. 7 Feby 1851. s/s Wm Davidson

[NEW] DAVIDSON, W. T. et al vs LEPHEW, WM, et al Chancery 1906

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William T. Davidson & wife S. J. Davidson, J. P. Jackson and wife N. T. Jackson against

William LePhew & wife Fannie LePhew, all of Jackson Co., TN.

Patsy Clinton died intestate in Jackson Co. [blank] 1905, leaving complainants and ?Burton Clinton, Frank Clinton, Sis Lacy, Sallie Brown and husband Wade Brown, Morrison Clinton, Fate Clinton and the defendants surviving children and only heirs.

Patsy owned land. Since her death, defendants Wm Lephew & wife received deeds from all said heirs except Complainants. Complainants own one share or 1/8 interest therein.

Defendants have been in possession of land since death of Patsy Clinton and four or five years previous took care of and supported Patsy from proceeds of farm. Patsy Clinton was not indebted, so no advertisement has been made, no administrator appointed. Land impossible to divide among heirs, asks sale and division.

Bounded north by Joe Holliway, east by Burris heirs, south and west by Will Bean, being 80 acres more or less.

ANSWER: William Lefew & Fannie Lefew. Deny upon Patsy Clinton's death that land descended to heirs at law. Long before her death, Patsy executed deed to them for valuable consideration, will produce before hearing in court. Patsy Clinton was indebted at her death. They did not occupy as a tenant or with contract to care for her.

Complainants do not own share of land, nor should they get a share of crops raised.


DEPOSITIONS: Isaac Crawford, Andrew Crawford, Whitfield Reeves & John Davis for Complainant, 25 & 26 Nov 1868 at storehouse of Draper & Cunningham on Jennings Creek.

ISAAC CRAWFORD age 28. Know parties, was constable when Complainant owed a Claybrook mare, did Replevy [recovery by writ of goods taken illegally] said mare from Complainants. Lewis Crawford owned her at one time, he got her from Frank Plumley. She had a scar on one of her hind ankles. s/s Isaac Crafford

ANDREW CRAWFORD about 45 [nothing new]. Andrew [X] Crawford

WHITFIELD REEVES, age 32. Know parties. Wesley March bought a mare from Croford for $65. I asked him if he wasn't afraid of the title.

JOHN DAVID 19. Marsh told me he sold the mare to complainant Davis for $140. Don't know that defendant Crawford ever owned her, but she is the same mare in controversy. John [his X mark] Davis

ANSWER: Lewis Crawford. True Wiley Marsh died intestate and defendant Cooper was appointed administrator. Those named in bill are his security. Respondent knows nothing of estate, never had mare in his possession, did not buy or sell. He did sell a small dun mare to a man named Marsh or West... not the same mare. Resembles only in color. Came by her honestly, gave $25 cash and a note.

ANSWER: F. M. Plumlee, suppose is true Wesley Marsh died intestate and Benjamin Cooper was appointed administrator. Did not confederate with anyone to cheat anyone. Did swap to co-defendant a Dunn mare about 186[blank] that he had purchased the mare of David Hestand a short time before, did not know where Hestand had gotten her. Was a small two- or three-year-old not worth more than $60. 15 July 1868.

GEO W. CLEMENTS, age 30 [or ?35]. Know parties. Have heard that the widow Masters had the mare replevied from Allen Davis in 1865 or 1866. s/s Geo W. Clements

J. M. CRAWFORD age 34. Was constable of Jackson Co. when Davis owned the mare. F. K. Hamilton as agent of the widow Masters put the matter in my hand. I delivered the mare to Hamilton, think 186[blank] or 1867. Hamilton came to me and said he heard there was a yellow mare in the neighborhood and I told him Davis had a yellow mare.

Question: Was it not general understanding in the neighborhood that Plumlee and others were running stock that they took without leave from other people and without compensation?

Answer: There was a great deal of talk that way. s/s J. M. Crafford

JAMES CHERRY, 33. My understanding defendant and others took stock from this country without leave or license... traded it in Kentucky. s/s J. B. Cherry

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Allen Davis of Jackson Co. against

Lewis Crawford of Jackson Co.,TN Benjamin Cooper of State if Missouri, Ira W. Meadows & G. G. Meadows of Macon Co., TN and Franklin Plumlee of State of Kentucky.

Wesley Marsh departed this life intestate in Macon Co., TN in the year [smear]. Defendant Benjamin Cooper administered his estate. Defendants Ira W. and G. G. Meadows were his security. Before Cooper wound up the estate he removed to Missouri. Orator believes estate is insolvent. Deceased in his lifetime sold Orator a dun mare worth about $170... purchased in good faith.

ANSWER: Benjamin [I. or J.] Cooper, Ira W. Meador & ?Goldman G. Meador to Bill of Complaint. Westley Marsh died about April 1865 in Macon Co., TN. Cooper appointed administrator, estate is insolvent. Deceased in his lifetime sold complainant a dun mare for $120, was in good faith, disclosed all he knew of title. Deny he or Meadors as security are liable.

DEPOSITION: Robert Pedigo 44. Talked to deft Crawford. Said he sold Marsh a little yellow mare which he got from Frank Plumlee.

DEPOSITION: Nancy Masters 65. Don't know defts Davis & Plumlee. Owned a dun mare, stolen 1865. T. K. Hamilton & Logan Masters told me the mare was in possession of Allen Davis & I replevied and got her back. Nancy [her X mark] Masters

DEPOSITION: Logan Masters age 22, went with T. K. Hamilton and recovered a dun mare that belonged to my mother Nancy Masters. s/s L. G. Masters

DEPOSITION: John F. Tinsley, age 43, was my understanding Plumlee and Crawford with Confederate guerillas were stealing horses and taking them to Kentucky to sell.

[Other depositions, similar statements. No genealogical data - mlj].

[NEW] DAVIS, A. D. vs DAVIS, MILLIE County 1909

REPORT: April term, 1909, tract about 50 acres, worth about $350, not sufficient to partition. Several joint owners. Recommend land be sold, especially for minor heirs.

A. D. Davis owns by inheritance one share, by purchase of shares of:

Josie Chaffin [crease hides husband's name]

M. C. Hensley and husband J. M. Hensley

D. M. Davis, son of deceased

L. S. Davis, son of deceased, making 5/8 shares owned by A. D. Davis

Other 3/8 shares owned by:

Millie Davis

Jane Flatt and husband Marion Flatt

W. P. Davis heirs being Nettie, Mai and Geo Davis.

DEPOSITIONS: John B. Billingsley & T. E. Anderson, as to land value. 5 Apr 1909.

REPORT OF SALE: A. D. Davis was highest and best bidder at $500. 8 May 1909.

PETITION: A. D. Davis of Jackson Co., Complainant against

Nettie, Mai and George Davis of the State of Illinois; Jane Flatt and husband Marion of the State of Arkansas; Millie Davis of Jackson Co., Defendants.

Elizabeth Davis died intestate some months ago, owned land on waters of Flynn's Creek bounded on east by Putty place, south by L. S. Davis, west by the Chaffin land, north by the Duke Young farm. Land descended to her children.

[NEW] DAVIS, L. S. & others vs GENTRY, E. R. & others Chancery 1909-1910

DEPOSITIONS: Nov 18, 19 and 20 [no year; probably 1910]

U. S. MAXWELL, age re, farmer 9th District. Know parties except Rigo Chemical Co., known L. S. Davis about 4 years, defendants nearly all their lives.

E. R. and L. C. Gentry conveyed land to Nora Gentry about 2 years ago. E. R. Gentry was in debt, owed me and still does.

E. R. and L. C. Gentry owned lands in common in Jackson and Putnam Cos, E. R. Gentry took the Jackson Co. tract and L. C. Gentry took the Putnam Co. tract. Nora Gentry told her husband Rosco, her husband E. R. Gentry, that they should make each other deeds. s/s U. S. Maxwell

W. T. LANE: Known the Gentry boys 6 or 7 years, the Complainant a long time. I rent from E. R. Gentry. W. T. [his X mark] Lane

J. H. HANEY age 60, farmer, know parties.

JOHN J. HAMLET age 56, live 1st District, am a farmer. Known E. R. Gentry and wife Nora 7-8 years, L. C. Gentry not so long. John J. [X] Hamlet

JOHN B. HENSLEY, age 37, 9th Dist, farmer. E. R. Gentry and his brother L. C. boarded with me about two months. E. R.'s family was living at Baxter in Putnam Co. s/s J. B. Hensley

B. B. FLATT, age 48, live 12th District, farmer. Known E. R., Nora and L. C. Gentry 6-8 years. s/s B. B. Flatt

NORMAN MARTIN age 29, farmer 9th Dist. Know Gentrys. Am a complainant in this case. E. R. Gentry owes me for hauling logs to his mill, hauling lumber from his mill to the railroad. Was in 1907. s/s H. N. Martin

U. S. MAXWELL: Have given deposition earlier. About Feby 1909 I went to Buffalo Valley to collect money E. R. Gentry owed me, and L. C. was selling goods there. Known Gentrys all their lives. Me and E. R. Gentry are about 2nd cousins.

Nora and E. R. married about 11 or 12 years ago. Normel Maxwell & Harris Maxwell were partners with E. R. Gentry in the goods business at Mayfield, Tenn. E. R. had a horse and a house and lot his father in law Joe Gentry gave to his [E. R.'s] wife Nora Gentry. He sold the house and lot to J. C. Gentry his father in law about the time he went into the goods business.

E. R. Gentry is not known for honesty and fair dealing. His wife Nora clerked in the store. She was raised at the store, knew the business. E. R. had no experience until he married. s/s U. S. Maxwell

L. S. DAVIS, age 37, live 12th District. E. R. Gentry owes me money. s/s L. S. Davis

S. H. GENTRY age 52, live near Baxter in Putnam Co., am a farmer. E. R. and L. C. Gentry are my sons and Nora Gentry is my daughter in law. E. R. and Nora married about 12 years ago. She is the daughter of J. C. Gentry. Don't think E. R. was quite 20 when they married. s/s S. H. Gentry

N. S. MAXWELL: Have known E. R., L. C. and J. C. Gentry all my life. L. C. and E. R. Gentry are my nephews. I am not related to J. C. Gentry. s/s N. S. Maxwell

W. S. MAXWELL: E. R. Gentry bought an interest in a furniture factory. Judgment against E. R. Gentry. R. B. and J. C. Gentry was security for him. s/s W. S. Maxwell

DEPOSITIONS 5 July 1910:

E. R. GENTRY age 31, live Canadian, Hemphill Co., TX, am a clerk in the mercantile business. Deed of property to my wife was bona fide, not to keep from levy for debts. She sold land her father had given her and bought my land. s/s E. R. Gentry

L. C. GENTRY age 28, live Canadian, Texas. Am a mechanic. s/s L. C. Gentry

NORA GENTRY age 27, live Canadian, Hemphill Co., TX. s/s Nora Gentry

J. C. GENTRY age 53, live Hemphill Co., Texas. Am a farmer. E. R. Gentry is my son in law, Nora is my daughter and L. C. Gentry is my cousin. s/s J. C. Gentry

[NEW] DAWES, JOHN et al vs JONES, WM E. Chancery 1851

BILL OF COMPLAINT: John Dawes, James Dawes, William Dawes of Jackson Co., TN & Aurelius Dawes a citizen of Illinois against

William E. Jones of Davidson Co., Tennessee.

In 1843, defendant called upon them. Said the amount of legacy left them in Virginia by their grandmother would amount to the sum of $160 and no more, that he was going to that state and was willing to give Complainants $100 for their claim. Complainants are poor, ignorant men, with no means of knowing the true condition of the estate. Believing him honest, sold out to him.

In 1839, the amount to which they were entitled from the estate of Gracy Hicks was $332.19 & that amount has been in the hands of the trustee of the Chancery Court in Virginia to date of payment some time in 1843. Defendant purchased legacy by false & fraudulent misrepresentation. Defendant recovered from the trustee John H. Hicks nearly $600, and Jones is not entitled to more than $160.

DEMURRER: William E. Jones is a citizen of Davidson Co. Jackson Co. has no jurisdiction... statute of limitations more than three years, not liable.

PROSECUTION BOND: Malichi Meadows, James Meadows, John P. Daws, James Daws, William Daws & Aurelius Daws to William E. Jones, $200.

John [X] Daws, s/s Malichi Meadows, s/s James W. Medders, s/s J. P. Murray

[NEW] DAWES, JOHN & WIFE vs WHITEFIELD, J. P. et al Chancery 1899

DEPOSITIONS 2 March 1886:

JOSEPH BURGES age 56. Know Mariah McCarver, formerly Mariah Carter 36 years, lived 1-1 1/2 mile. She owned a well cultivated farm, sold produce, loaned money. Loaned James Pharris money. Joseph [his X mark] Burgess

A. J. PHARIS, age 28. I am a son of James Pharis. He borrowed money from Mariah Carter some 2-3 years before she married McCarver, some $50. There was a payment made, but disremember how much. s/s A. J. Pharis

JAMES CARTER, age 40. Known Mariah all my life. She loaned money to James Pharris, F. B. Pursley. Sent me to W. P. Vetitoes to get $50 changed & Mat Wheeler was there and changed the money. This was 2 or 3 years before she married McCarver. I would carry her pocket book for her, felt tolerably heavy, I never looked in it. I think she was afraid of being robbed. Mother carried on farming several years before she married P. McCarver. She was married to McCarver after Father left. Father abandoned her, she got a divorce. Believe her industrious and a good manager. James [X] Carter

SAVAGE DAWS, have borrowed from Mariah McCarver. Savage [X] Daws

G. W. CROSS, bought produce from her. She was married to McCarver after Carter left.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Jno W. Daws & wife Thuley Daws of Jackson Co. against

J. P. Whitefield, James Vitetoe

J. M. Loftis of Jackson Co. against

James Carter, Mariah Carter, Mary J. Carter and children of Leroy Carter, citizens or supposed to be of the State of Texas Joe Persley, Sarah Persley.

Complainants will show that Complainants and Defendants Sarah Persley and Fanny Persley are the children and heirs of Enoch Carter and Mariah Loftis, recently deceased, and that defendant Joe Persley is the husband of Sarah Persley and Vit Persley is the husband of Fanny Persley.

Many years ago Enoch Carter abandoned his wife Mariah and his children. Since then, he died leaving Mariah and complainants and defendants surviving him. Said Mariah after her abandonment obtained a divorce and married Pinkney McCarver who died and left her surviving him. In the course of time she married again to one Matt Loftis who also died a few years after their marriage and left Mariah his widow.

Mariah departed life in Jackson Co. intestate 1 Jan 1898, left surviving Complainants and Defendants:

Sarah Persley, married Joe Persley

Fanny Persley married Vit Persley

Mallin Ragland married A. C. Ragland

Mariah married Sam Brown

James Carter

Leroy Carter, who died before his mother and left Thuly Daws who married John S. Daws, James Carter, Mariah Carter and Mary J. Carter, making in all seven shares [Note: I count six, re-looked several times - mlj].

After the death of Mariah Loftis, defendant J. M. Loftis fraudulently assumed to take charge of the land and rented it out in 1899 and 1900 without authority to defendants Whitefield and Vitetoe. J. M. Loftis has notes for rent in his possession, asks injunction to keep him from collecting. 16 Dec 1899. John S. [his X mark] Daws

ANSWER: J. M. Loftis states children and grand children of Mariah are correct. She had no other children. James Madison Loftis died 12 November 1894. She died about 28 Jany 1899. Land was decreed to her in divorce, her absolute property, having been inherited from her father. He had authority of Mariah Loftis to rent out property as her agent. No fraud, he is not insolvent. s/s J. M. Loftis

[NEW] DAWS, L. C. vs DAWS, W. T. Chancery 1914

L. C. Daws of Jackson Co. and W. T. Daws of like residence. Were married in the State of Oklahoma about 5 years ago, where she had been with her sons some few months. Born and reared here, went to visit her sons by a former marriage.

About 1 September 1913, she and defendant who had also been born and reared here moved back, purchased house and lot in Cookeville, lived there about two months, then purchased a little grocery store in Jackson Co., have lived here since.

Since their marriage, defendant has taken to drinking liquor in excessive quantities. Goes on expensive sprees, beastly drunk, curses, threatened to knock her down, undertook to take a letter away from her which she had written to a son at Cookeville. House and lot they own in Cookeville is on the pike from Cookeville to Gainesboro, bounded by D. C. Frizzell, [blank] Gentry, being the same conveyed to defendant by Lee Daws in 1913 [Lists her separate personal property and their joint personal property]. Asks for a divorce. L. C. [her X mark] Daws

[NEW] DAWS, WILLIAM vs DAWS, MARY Circuit 1892

ANSWER: Mary Daws says they were married as stated, but she abandoned him as stated because he cruelly beat her past all forebearance. Denies she said she loved Bob Medders better than him - absolutely false - never had lewd intercourse with James Birdwell or Bob Medders or any other man... willful misrepresentation and falsehood. She prays to be dismissed. 16 March 1899. s/s Mary Daws

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married about 15 Feb 1898. Lived together until 25 May last, defendant abandoned him and went to her father's. Told him she loved Robert Meadows more, that she wouldn't give his fingernail clippings for complainant's whole body.

24 June 1899. William [X] Daws, s/s J. W. Gentry, Security

DECREE: Divorce granted, name changed to maiden name Mary Gipson, infant child [name not stated] to her. 1st Monday in March 1898.

[Note: Dates are as shown on microfilm. Possibly clerical error, or they were divorced a first time a year before he filed a bill of complaint and reconciled/remarried? - mlj].

[NEW] DEAN, A. C. vs HOLLAND, L. T., et al Chancery 1891

Land sale ordered to satisfy judgment in favor of A. R. Dean against L. T. Holland of $130. Land on Salt Lick Creek, Dist. 14, Jackson Co. where L. T. Holland's family now lives. Bounded west by Aletha Holland, south by W. L. Kemp Jr., north by [I. or J.] Williamson, east by a portion of the same farm mortgaged to R. V. Brooks, about 40 acres.

[NEW] DEAN, J. M. et al vs WILLIAMS, RHODA, et al Chancery 1915

REPORT OF C & M: George William died intestate. Children and heirs at law of George Williams: Unmarried daughters Burnetta, Dove, and Nannie Williams, Mrs. Howard Flatt, Mrs. Stone McCue, Mrs. Harley Lee and Bedford, Will and Jim Williams and Mrs. Johnnie Carver. Mrs. Harley Lee a resident of the State of Kentucky and Jim Williams of Trousdale Co., TN.

No personal property left by said George Williams. Land or a portion will have to be sold to pay debts in the aggregate sum of $117.95. Widow is entitled to homestead and dower.

Report of sale: Land 3rd District Jackson Co., bounded north by Draper, east by P. P. Cassetty, south by [blank] Trousdale, west by Dycus, being where widow Rhoda Williams lives, and occupied by her as homestead. Stoney McCue became purchaser 6 Jany 1917, $400.00, subject to rights of widow. Small portion sold to P. P. Cassetty heretofore.

POWER OF ATTORNEY: 1 March 1918, Mrs. Bula Carver appointed Johnnie Carver her attorney in fact to receive funds due her as an heir of George and Rhoda Williams.

POWER OF ATTORNEY: 30 Dec 1918, Mrs. Eula McCue appointed Stoney McCue to receive sums due her from estate of George Williams.

POWER OF ATTORNEY: 24 July 1918, Mrs. Bennie Lee (Mrs. Harley Lee) appointed B. L. Quarles to receive money due from estate of George Williams.

DEPOSITION: Howard Flatt. George Williams died about four years ago. I am a son in law. 1 Sept 1915. s/s Howard Flatt

[NEW] DECKARD, JOHN vs SPURLOCK, J. S., et al Circuit 1898

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: March term 1898, case of Nancy M. Deckard vs John Deckard, Minute Docket K p 256, judgment against John Deckard for attorney fees, injunction against J. Spurlock as Deputy Sheriff attaching land.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Case of Jno Decord of Jackson Co. against Nancy M. Decord, J. S. Spurlock was Deputy Sheriff, W. W. Draper and T. M. Gailbreath (Draper & Gailbreath) were attorneys.

29 Jany 1898, Nancy M. Decord filed a bill of complaint for divorce and alimony, asking for attachment of land in 7th Dist., bounded west by land of George & Charlotte Stout, south by Johnithan Wheeler and J. M. Lee, east by A. J. Fukeway, north by J. M. Lee and others. Known as T. W. King home place, where complainant now lives, and also a tract called Williamson tract which was not sold to John Decord which joins said Decord tract. Also personal property including live stock, furniture, tools...

Complainant and defendant only separated about a week after the bill was filed, went back together, and on 16 March 1898, bill was dismissed.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Nancy M. Deckard against John Deckard. Married in Jackson Co. [blank] April 1882. Petitioner became seriously ill March 1884, confined to room almost constantly since. About January last due to her condition, it became necessary to hire help, employed one Margaret Stout. About March, undue intimacy between Margaret Stout and defendant. They began to attend night meetings, leaving no one to help but his mother who was old and feeble.

After Margaret left their house, defendant stayed gone sometimes all day on pretext he had gone to the shop... she couldn't even get a drink of water. Defendant carried off household goods, said he never intended to live with her again. He owns no property, is wholly insolvent.

All property personal and reel is her estate, derived by former marriage. She owns following tract purchased at Clerk & Master's sale of Thomas W. King, deceased, known as Home tract in 7th Dist., Spring fork of Martin's Creek, near where N. M. Deckard now lives... stake in Fuqua's field, being 120 acres more or less.

Also purchased at said sale, known as Williamson tract, about 60 acres more or less, adjoining above on the north, T. J. Lee on east, J. M. Lee on west and south.

During her sickness & confinement, defendant as she is informed and believes importuned her to execute to him a pretended deed for 35 acres for $200; he has paid about $100. Her mental condition was such that she could not have known what she was doing... remembers nothing. States fraudulent sale, asks it be set aside. 3 August 1886.

[NOTE: Similar Bill for Divorce to that of above filed 28 January 1898, requests her married name of Nancy M. King be restored. Land described as: bounded west by George W. & Charlotte Stout, east by A. J. Fuqua, north by J. M. Lee, et al, known as T. W. King home place- mlj].

NEW] DENNIS, DAVE et al vs STAFFORD, J. H. et al Chancery 1898

AFFIDAVIT: Robert Dennis states he is the father of Willie Dennis, that Willie Dennis has been age 21 since about 21 March 1913.

AFFIDAVIT: Willie Dennis states he was a minor when this bill was filed, has been age 21 since 21 March 1913.

ANSWER: Willie Dennis by guardian ad litem M. J. Dixon to bill of complaint of Davie Dennis and Nancy Madewell and husband, filed 4 Sept 1912. Land not susceptible to partition. [No date].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Dave Dennis, Bedford Madewell and Nancy Madewell of Putnam Co., TN against

J. W. Stafford of Jackson Co. and Willie Dennis of Putnam Co.

Some years ago, J. W. Stafford deeded to Robert Dennis a life estate in the remainder interest in land, setting the same out to Dave Dennis, Nancy Dennis and Willie Dennis.

Some time later Robert Dennis deeded to J. H. Stafford the same land, purported to be a transfer in fee simple.

Robert had no interest in said land, except a life estate. Robert Dennis is still living. The deed from Robert Dennis to J. H. Stafford is a cloud upon the title.

Complainants charge that said Willie Dennis is a tenant in common with them in the remainder interest [one-third of remainder].

Dave Dennis is entitled to one-third of remainder.

Nancy Madewell is entitled to one-third of remainder.

J. H. Stafford is entitled to life estate by deed from Robert Dennis.

Bedford Madewell is made a party because he is the husband of Nancy Madewell, formerly Nancy Dennis.

[NEW] DENNIS, F. M. vs MABRY, TOM et al Chancery 1911

DEPOSITION: W. C. Williamson, age 42, for defendant. Am a traveling salesman for Hollins Sons & Co. merchants. F. M. Dennis was connected with the firm of Purcell Bros. & Dennis in the Spring 1904. I sold them shoes.

LETTER: 16 Sept 1904 from W. C. Williamson, stated was in his handwriting:

"Hollins & Sons Co., The Ligon House.

Dear Sirs:

On the train for Crawford. Enclose order. Kittrell & Draper - please fill & ship Sat without fail - good as gold - in hand - Will get ever dollar Purcell Bros & Dennis owe. I ?sold them. Dennis is worth the money himself. He sold out to Purcell Bros and moved to Mississippi and went in business, he is at present at Gainesboro, he had me to bring suit, he wants to collect of them, if possible. J. T. Anderson is helping me - it - trial set for next Tuesday - will be there, write me at Gainesboro. Send me list - goods in stock.

Yours truly, W. C. Williamson"

Williamson further stated he had been a traveling salesman for Hollins Sons & Co. 13-14 years. In Gainesboro I usually stay at Williams hotel, or Aunt Pollie's, which is the same place.

Question: Say if Mr. Dennis and B. F. (Bennett) Young came to your room at the Williams Hotel which was on the northeast corner of the Square before it burned.

Answer: Don't believe so. s/s W. C. Williamson

BILL OF COMPLAINT: F M. Dennis against Tom Mabry of Jackson Co. and Hollin Sons & Co. of Nashville, Davidson Co. About 1 May 1904, W. C. Williamson of Holin & Son came to him with an order for shoes, about $200, which he said he had sold Purcell Bros. Asked me to guarantee personally, said I wouldn't be held liable.

DEPOSITIONS 22 & 23 Sept 1911:

R. S. DENNIS, 7th Dist, farmer, now tax assessor. I am a brother of complainant Frank Dennis. In 1904 I lived just across the 1st District line in the 11th District.

F. M. Dennis took his family to Mississippi the last of June or 1st of July 1904. He came back here to live. His wife came back first. Don't recall when, but it was cold weather. Believe it was the last of Sept or first of October. s/s R. S. Dennis

CLAUD E. BYRD, age 30. In 1904 I was a shipping clerk for Hollins Sons & Co. s/s

H. M. HASLAM, legal age. 1904 I was stock man for Hollins Sons & Co. s/s

GEORGE DENNIS, no age. Denies validity of judgment, Hollins Sons & Co. against himself. At the time goods were bought, was not a member of Purcell Bros & Dennis, never was cited to appear, had no day in court.

At the time service of process was supposed to have been executed on me, I was a citizen of and in the State of Mississippi, engaged in the mercantile business, and had in my employ one J. M. Dennis, who is now in the State of California, and that B. F. Young, the officer who was supposed to have cited him to appear at the time judgment was rendered against Purcell Bros is also in the State of California.

January of the present year, complainant gave notice of depositions to be taken of J. M. Dennis and B. F. Young in the town of Coalinga, California, papers have not been found. s/s George Dennis

JEFF REEVES, age 43 for defendant. Am a merchant, live Gainesboro. Said he heard M. F. Dixon was guilty of forging E. A. Brown's name as security. s/s Jeff Reeves

E. A. BROWN, 67, live 1st District, am a farmer. M. J. Dixon's character was bad 4-5 years ago. Has been elected J.P. Not entitled to full faith & credit.

I voted for him.

REDIRECT: Dixon had forged other men's names as security, that he couldn't recollect any one who said M. J. Dixon was of good character. s/s E. A. Brown

PROSECUTION BOND: F. M. Dennis, Principal and M. J. Dixon and T. D. West, Security, to

Sarah J. Dennis and R. S. Dennis & J. W. Wilmoth 3 Sept 1909

BOND: Richard Dennis & wife Sarah J. as Principal and E. A. Brown as Security, to F. M. Dennis for $300, dated 26 Jany 1910... on 3 Sept 1909 said F. M. Dennis filed a bill against obligors enjoining him from collecting a judgment.

s/s Richard Dennis, Sarah [her X mark] Dennis

DEPOSITION: Wm Dennis, age 49, live 2nd Dist, am a farmer. Know F. M. Dennis, Purcell Bros & W. C. Williamson. Miles J. Dixon's character is kindly missed in some areas. s/s Wm Dennis

INTERROGATORIES: [Answers to questions prepared by attorney to be asked by County Clerk, Coalinga, Fresno Co., CA of Bennett F. Young concerning period he was Constable in Jackson Co, TN 1904. Dated 16 Sept 1912 - mlj].

Age 36, occupation pumper, live Sec 14, California Oilfields Ltd, near Coalinga, Fresno County, CA.

I was Jackson Co., TN constable before September 1904.

Don't recall serving process on F. M. Dennis. If it's in my returns, I did.

Recall F. M. Dennis had a suit against J. T. West about the property of the poor house.

Wrote my mother Aletha Young in Jackson Co.

F. M. Dennis is my second cousin and George Dennis is my uncle.

s/s Bennett F. Young

INTERROGATORIES: To J. M. Dennis, [?] September 1912.

Age 29, am a stationary engineer. Live Section 7, KT&O* Lease, about four miles from Coalinga. *[[Kansas, Texas & Ohio, aka "Katie" railroad].

Know F. M. Dennis, complainant in this case.

1904 lived Gainesboro and Rena Laura, Mississippi. Sold goods for F. M. Dennis.

Moved to Rena Laura, Miss 14 or 15 July, 1904, left in the fore part of November 1904. Went there with F. M. Dennis.

F. M. Dennis left the latter part of October [moving back to Gainesboro].

F. M. Dennis did the buying and paying for goods while in business in Mississippi.

Don't recall buying any Express Money Orders to pay for goods while in Mississippi.

Couldn't state positively if F. M. Dennis was back in Jackson Co. after he took his family to Mississippi in July 1904.

I was in charge of the store when complainant came back to Jackson Co. for 10 days or two weeks, and returned [unsold] goods to F. M. Dennis at Double Springs, Tennessee.

s/s J. M. Dennis

INTERROGATORIES: [Verbatim] J. M. Dennis, 10 Sept 1912, Coalinga, Fresno Co., CA.

1. What line of goods did F. M. Dennis carry while in Rena Laura Miss. State fully?

Dry goods, notions, small line of groceries.

2. Wasn't spirtuous & virous liquors the larger part of his sales business which he sold in violation of law?


3. Was'nt the Revenue officers after him when he left there?


4. Was'nt he notified by an old negro that the Revenue officers were after him just in time to make his escape?


5. So hard pressed was he, is it not a fact that he did not take time to go by home to change clothes, but went by his brother in laws Barnett Allen, and borrowed a shirt?

Not of my knowledge.

6. Did'nt you tell your cousin, Mrs. Aletha Young, in Gainesboro after you returned to Tenn. the biggest part of Franks sales was liquor, that he carried a few other things as a blind, or words to that effect?

Not that I remember.

7. Did'nt you tell her that the Revenue officers were after him and that an old negro notified him just in time to make his escape or words to that effect?

I don't remember ever mentioning in regard to that.

8. Didn't you tell her that he borrowed Barnett Allens shirt, when he left there?

Not that I can remember.

9. Did he leave Rena Laura in the day or the night time?

Under impression he left during the night but couldn't state positively.

10. Besides his own family, who lived with F. M. Dennis in Miss?

Myself & one Pearl Lynville

11. Dont you know the fact that F. M. Dennis went back to Tenn in August and Sept and commenced suit against J. T. West to recover the poorhouse, and then returned to Miss and stayed until near the middle of October?

I do not.

12. Didn't he come to Tenn for the August Election when his cousin Bill Dennis ran for Trustee and was elected?

I don't remember.

13. Which left Rena Laura first, F. M. Dennis or his family, and how long first?

His family left first. I don't remember how long first.

14. When F.M. Dennis left there did'nt he leave you sick with chills and fever and did'nt you go to your fathers in Ky. till you recovered before going to Tenn?

When F. M. Dennis left I was sick with chills & fever & went to my father's in West Moreland, Ten.

15. Dont you know the fact that F. M. Dennis sold whiskey in violation of law after he came back to Tenn?

I don't.

16. Did'nt he leave his family and travel around over the Country, to Texas, Arkansaw and other places with a notorious prostitute and was gone about a year?

I don't know about that.

17. What relationship are you to F.M. Dennis and to George Dennis, one of the sureties on the Injunction Bond in this case?

F. M. Dennis is an uncle & George Dennis is a 2nd cousin.

18. Which left Mississippi first Frank or his family?

His family.

19. Did you stay at Franks home while in Mississippi.


20. Who if any one else stayed there?

Pearl Lynville

21. How much of the time was Frank absent from home while he lived in Mississippi?

I couldn't say positively only a very short time if I remember. Absent only about 3 or 4 days one time if I remember right.

22. When he bought Goods from drummers, was the bills dated as of the date he gave the Drummer the order, or as the date of the shipment from the house?

I don't know, he attended to that part.

23. Did you give your deposition in this case on the 22nd of February 1912, or at any other time?


24. Did'nt F. M. Dennis while living in Miss. have one Pearl Linville (or Pearl Clark) a notorious prostitute in the house with his family against his wifes will thereby compelling his wife to receive her on terms of social equality?

She was in the house, otherwise I don't know.

25. F. M. Dennis has talked this matter over with you quite often since he has been in California, hasn't he?

He has talked to me but I never knew I would be called to have my deposition taken until this morning.

26. Has F. M. Dennis been present at any time while you were giving this deposition?


27. Has'nt he requested you not to mention certain facts within your knowledge in giving your deposition, if so state what facts they were?

He has not.

28. Were you sworn as a witness before this exam began?

Yes. s/s J. M. Dennis


COMPROMISE: Complainants dismiss, Calvin Murphy assume court costs.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: 11 Sept 1886, Calvin Murphy & wife Kissie Murphy executed mortgage deed to John H. Dennis, land 1st Dist of Jackson Co., bounded north by Wm & Denie Patterson, east by John P. Murray, west by Wm Steephens being the same land Calvin Murphy purchased of Wm Steephens, 100 acres, more or less. Some money still unpaid.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: James K. Richmond is indebted to Dennis by judgment. Richmond owns property in Dist. 11 known as Thomas Haile old farm. Bounded north by Geo Darwin, east by Pink Gipson & J. M. C. Carter, west by Aletha Anderson & J. M. C. Carter. Also personal property.

[NEW] DENNIS, MARY M. vs DENNIS, LOGAN H. et al Circuit 1873

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Mary Maynes [or Magnes] Dennis against

John Dennis, William E. Smith & John Whitaker, all Jackson Co. except Logan H. Dennis of parts unknown.

Married 30 October 1872 in Jackson Co. Morning of the day thereafter defendant abandoned her. Lists personal property, including crops growing on land of John Dennis, William E. Smith and John Whitaker. 29 Nov 1872. M. M. [X] Dennis

ANSWER: Defendant does not recall marriage ceremony. Was so drunk he didn't remember. Never courted complainant, never promised to marry her. He is not a drunkard but sometimes imbibes too freely. On the day of said marriage, defendant had gone to Cookeville to hear Andrew Johnson speak. Before he returned, drank more of the ardent than he should have. Started for his home in the Free State, got as far as the home of David Case in Black Springs. Complainant was living there at Case's at the time. Respondent was drunk to imbecility. Was told they bedded together, has no recollection. Awoke, found himself in bed with Mary Magnus [?Maynes] Martin Dennis. Complainant told him there was no sexual intercourse. Crawled out of bed as quietly as possible, got his mare and left.

ANSWER: William E. Smith, says he does not believe marriage is valid.


ANSWER: Miles Dennis to Bill of Complaint. Untrue Complainant chaste and dutiful wife. [Note: Very lengthy answer to bill, very difficult to read, but scanning gleaned nothing of genealogical value - mlj]. 28 Jany 1857. s/s Miles Dennis

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sarah Dennis by next friend Richard H. Dennis. Married [blank] 18[blank] Miles Dennis of said county and State. She has been chaste and dutiful. Sorry to say her husband the four years past treated her with great disrespect, was violent. Tract of land on which they lived descended to her from her parents. She and her husband mortgaged it to Russel M. Kinnaird and Thomas L. Bransford to pay debts of husband, is nearly all paid. [Personal property listed].

Eight children the issue of their marriage living with her, four boys and four girls, all minors except the eldest son Richard. Names are Richard, LeRoy, Miles, Gilbert, Elizabeth, Martha Jane, Sally Almira and Merinda. Asks for property and custody of children. 7 Jany 1857. Sarah Ann [her X mark] Dennis

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: Defendant has been guilt of adultery with Betsy Prior and/or others.


SUMMONS: C. E. Reeves, Jr., Ben Smith, B. B. Washburn, Charlotte Polson. Thursday 22 Sept 1892.

DECREE: Defendant and Complainant were married in Jackson Co. in 1892. Defendant abandoned her. Asks name be changed to Sarah E. Jackson, the name of her former husband.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sarah E. Dennis of Jackson Co., Tennessee and Login Dennis of Davidson Co. Married in Jackson Co. [blank] May 1892. Before her marriage she was married to one Ben Jackson who died some years ago. Issue of this marriage is a boy Robert Cleo.


INJUNCTION: Filed 2nd Monday in July 1853, to keep defendant from selling land which descended from her deceased father and personal property.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sarah Ann Dennis by next friend John C. Porter. Married 25 May 1852 to William Dennis of Jackson Co. Has threatened to whip her, drew his knife, says he will no longer live with her. Believes he committed adultery. Lists personal property.

Also tract of land on north side of Flyns Creek, bounded on north by Benjamin Fox's 150 acre tract, east by Abner Chaffin's 100 acre tract, being part of grant No. 7724 dated 5 Decr 1839.

There are eight heirs and distributees of said intestate including Oratrix, besides the widow who is still living. William M. Porter is the Administrator.

Your Oratrix has one child of said marriage born in wedlock, Merret Alexander Dennis. Asks custody, reasonable alimony. 25 July 1853.

[NEW] DENNIS, THOMAS et ux vs SUMMERS, MARGARET, et al Chancery 1856

INDENTURE: Between John Somers of Jackson Co. and Thomas Lock of same. John Somers for sum of $100 sells to Thomas Lock tract dividing Flynn's & Morrison's Creek, being 50 acres more or less. s/s John Somers

[NOTE: Next document has severe ink bleed-through and water-stain. Could read "Delay of payment for a while" - mlj].

DEED: I, John Somers of Jackson Co. sell to James Somers of Wilson Co. on 7 May 1830 for $175 paid, land where I live...

Grant No. 6936 to John Somers.

Grant No. 3944 to Luke Williams. s/s John Somers

Copies of three land grants:

No. 525, Luke Williams Tract dated 9 February 1825, 50 acres on Morrison's Creek.

No. 669, John Summers Senr, dated 3 Jany 1829, Morrison's Creek, bordered by land of John Summers Senr, bought of William Rutledge.

No. 2139, John Summers, assignee of Wm Rutledge, dated 3 May 1824, 100 acres on Morrison's Creek of Roaring River.

PETITION: Thomas Dennis & wife Catherine Dennis, formerly Catherine Summers [Very dark where creased here, two or three lines appear to be names. TSLA copy may be better - mlj].

John Summers departed life in Jackson Co., Tennessee, owning land on Morrison's Creek. Your petitioner shows said John Summers left your petitioner and the following grand children his only heirs at law:

Rebecca Summers

Ira T. Summers

Jane Summers

Almeda Summers

Marion Summers

Perry L. Summers, children of a deceased son. All minors, non residents of the state.

Also his wife Margaret Summers of Jackson Co., TN is entitled to dower. Thomas Dennis and Abraham Summers are administrators. Personal property is sufficient to pay debts. Asks land be sold for distribution.

REPORT OF SALE: Thomas E. Dennis, Catherine Dennis, Caleb Lemons, Elizabeth Lemons, Abraham Summers, Bethel Allen, Rebecca Allen vs

Margaret Summers, Rebecca Summers, Ira T. Summers, Jane Summers, Almeda Summers, Marion Summers and Perry L. Summers.

14 February 1857 [land description by trees]. Labin Loftis was high bidder.

[NEW] DENTON, ASA vs GIPSON, TOBIAS Chancery 1858-1859

SUMMONS: William Nelson, Solomon Nelson, Robert Nelson, Joseph Nelson Jr., Julia Ann Nelson, Polly Ann Nelson, Nancy Nelson, Rebecca Hamilton, Herren Hamilton, Margaret Hawkins, Jessee Mabrey

1st Wednesday after the 1st Monday in February 1859 to answer bill filed by Asa M. Denson & Tobias Gipson, admrs of Joseph Nelson, deceased.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Asa M. Denson & Tobias Gipson, admrs of Joseph Nelson, deceased. Joseph Nelson Senr departed life 18[blank]. Necessary to sell property to pay debts, remainder to heirs for distribution: William Nelson, Solomon Nelson, Robert Nelson, Joseph Nelson Jr., Julia Ann Nelson, Polly Ann Nelson, Nancy Nelson, Rebecca Hamilton, Herren Hamilton, Margaret Hawkins, Jessee Mabrey.

Proceeded to sell property as administrators, William Nelson is claiming the greater portion.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Denson Burrill states he and Polly Jane Denson were married in Jackson Co. [blank] 1883. Have two children, Marlin B. 4 and Luther J. 2. Defendant is also a mother of a child Mc Denson aged 1 who she claims is by another man. She has been guilty of adultery with one Sam Loftis [blank] June 1888. Not a proper person to have care of children. 24 Decr 1888.

[NEW] DENTON, JOHN H. vs YOUNG, Z. M. Chancery 1890

[Business dispute, no genealogical information. Depositions dated 8 Jan 1891 said they hauled corn and/or tobacco to market - mlj]:

Wm Stephens 48 [X mark].

W. A. Rash 36, signed.

Filmore Loftis 33, signed.

C. K. Allen 45, signed.

Lewis K. Smith, acting J. P., signed.

DEPOSITION: Jno H. Denton 55: In referring to my bible I find Dr. Young commenced visiting my family about 1871 when I lived in Long hollow Dist 1, Jackson Co. I let him have corn to pay the bill. He said he let Baylis Anderson have it. s/s J. H. Denton

[NEW] DENTON & WASHBURN vs MINOR, JOHN & others Chancery 1861

[John H. Minor was appointed Court Receiver. Entire case is a list of accounts due and/or to be collected - mlj].

[NEW] DeWITT, A. W. vs MYERS, WHITE Chancery 1876

White Myers as Administrator of Hugh Pharis, deceased, filed against D. G. Shepherd & others, praying trust deed executed by Hugh Pharris in his lifetime to A. E. Hogan to tract of land was made to secure a debt. 8 May 1874.


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