Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #62
Cox, N. - Cox, S.

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] COX, N. V. vs COX, J. N. & others County 1872

[NOTE: Several different cases mentioned concerning various families. They relate to Robert A. Cox, deceased, an attorney and former Clerk & Master of Jackson County Court - possibly pending at his death. Abstracted in order filmed - mlj].

PETITION: Sampson W. McClellan, resident of DeKalb Co., TN. On 9 Sept 1887 in suits of William Young and Joshua Hail & others and Sampson W. McClellan, your petitioner vs Joshua Hail & others, recovered in decree against Robert A. Cox, then alive, for $379.25. Estate has not been settled. [No date]. s/s A. A. Swope for Petitioner

R. A. COX, et al vs M. G. Butler, trustee, et al. Death of R. A. Cox suggested and admitted. S. B. Anderson, Administrator of R. A. Cox and J. T. Anderson, Solicitor for W. E. Lucas & his wife Cora Lucas and John Epperson & his wife Clara J. Epperson and also as regular guardian to James N. Cox who are the heirs and only children of R. A. Cox, deceased, except husbands of married women.

Causes pending against R. A. Cox are ordered revived against estate, include purchase money notes of R. V. Brooks, R. A. Cox and J. T. Anderson as security. [No date].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: W. J. Lee and wife M. M. Lee, against

S. B. Anderson of Clay Co., TN, Admr of R. A. Cox, deceased, J. P. Murray and G. B. Murray, J. T. Anderson, Clay Reeves, Jessie Allen, R. W. Allen, Marion Harris, W. C. Terry and T. M. [or W.] Gailbreath of Jackson Co., TN.

Orator and Oratrix married in Jackson Co. 21 Mch 1895. Complaint M. M. Lee is age 16 and a daughter of Sirena Allen who died many years ago intestate in Jackson Co., leaving complainant her only child and heir. Sirena was owner of a small estate arising from her father Jas Peak's estate in Putnam Co., which estate upon her mother's death descended to Complainant M. M. Allen (now Lee). At her mother's death she was very young, but had several close relatives who offered to care for her free of charge, one being her grandfather Jessee Allen... contracted to never charge one cent. Complainant was then placed with her grandfather, lived with him until her marriage as one of the family. They are informed he has demanded and received some 2/3 of the small estate that was paid over to her guardian.

Complainants charge that R. A. Cox first qualified as guardian and gave bond for such 8 Nov 1881, with defendants John P. Murray and G. B. Murray as Security, afterwards renewed bond 13 Mch 1890 with defendants J. T. Anderson & Clay Reeves as Security.

R. A. Cox resigned 4 Jan 1892 after making four settlements, which were erroneous [15 pages detailed on film]. 6 May 1895. s/s Butler, Johnson & Draper, Sols.

W. J. [his X mark] Lee

N. J. COX vs J. N. COX and S. B. ANDERSON, Admr.

R. A. Cox died 18 June 1892, owned two town lots and a store where Maxwell Bros. is doing business in Gainesboro and also town house and lot where Mrs. Nancy Youngblood now lives. Also small tract in Dist. 1, Jackson Co., near George G. Haile on headwaters of Doe Creek, more fully described in deed from J. A. Montgomery, Executor, to him. Also a tract in Dist 10 Jackson Co. known as the Haliburton place, lying on both sides of the Gainesboro & Sparta road, perhaps other small tracts of which this plaintiff has no knowledge. Plaintiff was his lawful wife, is entitled to homestead and dower.

Plaintiff had given defendants S. B. Anderson, the Admr and J. N. Cox the only resident heir of said deceased five days notice of this application. It is therefore ordered that M. B. Young, Joshua Haile & M. G. Butler, freeholders of the said county, be appointed Commissioners with E. L. Jackson, County Surveyor, to allot homestead of $1,000 in value and 1/3 of remainder of lands as dower. [No date] s/s N. J. Cox

REPORT: Allot homestead & dower to N. J. Cox: Lot & Storehouse where Maxwell Bros now selling goods, lot or part of lot in back of same where stable stands, house lot and stables connected therewith where Mrs. Nancy Youngblood now lives, being $1,000 in value. Also land in Dist 1, Jackson Co. on the northwest side of Gainesboro known as the B. E. Williams place... begin corner of fence near John M. Speakman... corner of Murray & Cox line on the ridge... being 22 acres, and one-third the value of land of R. A. Cox, decd. 9 Aug 1892. s/s Young, Butler, Haile & Jackson

PERSONAL ESTATE: [Numerous detailed pages filmed - mlj]. Law library [itemized list of books] sold to J. T. Anderson for $500.00. Bank of Gainesboro stock and buggy to Mrs. N. J. Cox, payable on notes.

JUDGMENTS: Due R. A. Cox from Joel T. Stafford, W. C. Young, R. H. Hufhines, A. R. Draper, James Pryor, J. H. Stafford & J. H. Chaffin, Goolsby Henry Stafford & J. H. Stafford, T. Smith, McKinley Col., Price, H. P. Loftis & J. P. Loftis, Brotherton, C. C. Mahaney [Itemized list included amount/date due, whether deemed collectable].

S. B. ANDERSON, Admr R. A. Cox, deceased, W. E. Lucas & Cora Lucas, John A. Epperson and Clara Epperson vs John M. Burris & Y. C. Clark & J. N. Cox. 23 May 1892 cause heard. Sept Rules 1892, Monday Sept 5. James N. Cox is a minor, W. W. Draper appointed guardian ad litem.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: S. B. Anderson, Admr of R. A. Cox, deceased of Jackson Co., W. E. Lucas & wife Cora Lucas of Spartanburg Co., SC, John A. Epperson & wife Clara Epperson of Davidson Co., TN against

John M. Burris, Y. C. Clark & James N. Cox of Jackson Co.

R. A. Cox died 18 June 1892 leaving complainants Cora Lucas, Clara Epperson and James N. Cox his only children and heirs.

30 Jan 1888, R. A. Cox sold or contracted to sell defendants Burris & Clark a house and part of Lot 1 on southwest corner of public square in Gainesboro. Notes are unpaid and Burris & Clark are insolvent.

[NEW] COX, N. M. et al vs KENT, JOSHUA P. et al Chancery 1877

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Nathan M. Cox, R. A. Cox and Jas W. Smallwood of Jackson Co. vs

Joshua Kent and A. G. Keith of Jackson County and M. V. Cross, Amos R. Moulton & William Mullenex of parts unknown to complainant.

27 Feb 1874, defendant M. V. Cross came into Jackson Co., brought a moddle [sic] of a pretended pattent [sic] beehive curiously constructed and pretended that the same was a most valuable discovery in Bee culture, fraudulently said had been pattented to defendant Amos R. Moulton and that Moulton had conveyed to Mullenex one-half interest. Cross fraudulently represented he was the agent of defendants Moulton & Mullenex, had the County right to sell... called the Victoria Bee hive... shameless fraud, utterly worthless. With his lying tongue M. V. Cross went about the county seeking to cheat and swindle, represented to Nathan Cox if he would purchase the County right, he would have the exclusive right to sell for 17 years. N. M. Cox agreed to pay $120, relied on Cross' assurance he would accompany him, get him started in Overton & Macon Counties, Tennessee. Complainant N. M. Cox signed a note with his brother R. A. Cox as security, due 6 months. Cross made excuses of pressing business, did not accompany, instead went to the vicinity of Granville and collusively transferred the note to one of his kinsmen, W. B. Cross, who transferred it to Joshua Kent and therefore said M. V. Cross left the country... have not heard from him since... probably detained in some state prison for his frauds, thefts and swindles.

N. M. Cox made diverse trips into Overton County, some with his father, tried to sell, did not make expenses.

7 Sept 1874, warrant issued against makers of said note. Sheriff asked him if he planned to make defense, stated he did. Note was returned to Granville in Overton for trial, Joshua Kent's home county. 2 June 1877. s/s Nathan M. Cox

ANSWER: Defendants J. P. Kent and M. V. Cross deny allegations. [No date]. Signed by Solrs for defendants John P. Murray & Son

DECREE: Joshua P. Kent recover of N. M. Cox as Principal and R. A. Cox and J. W. Smallwood his security, sum of $120 on the note plus costs.

[NEW] COX & DeWITT, et al vs CRAWFORD, JAMES M. et al Chancery 1867

COPY OF NOTE: We, William H. Carter and W. B. Harris... four months after date promise to pay J. P. Wood $170. 20 Jan [or June] 1863. s/s W. N. Carter, W. B. Harris

SUMMONS: William H. Carter and Winton B. Harris to appear 1st Monday July next to answer Allen W. DeWitt, Admr and Isabella Gaines, formerly Isabella Wood, Admr of Jackson T. Wood, deceased. 1st Monday in March 1866.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Cox & DeWitt and Isabella Gaines, formerly Isabella Wood, Administrators and Administratrix of J. T. Wood, deceased against

James M. Crawford of Monroe Co., KY and George Clements of Jackson Co, defendants.

James M. Crawford owes Complainants $25.00, note executed to their intestate dated [blank] 1860 and note to Cox & DeWitt of $50.

A. W. DeWitt is security of James M. Crawford in a suit brought by him against James Crawford... recently arbitrated by and between said James M. and James Crawford. James M. Crawford was justly entitled to recovery from James Crawford, about $300. James Crawford signed a note to James M. Crawford, who assigned it to George Clements. Cox & DeWitt were liable for costs of suit and no fee. James M. Crawford is a non-resident of the State of Tennessee. 9 July 1867.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Cox & DeWitt against Joseph Lynn, all of Jackson Co. Joseph Lynn owes them $50, note due 19 March 1868. Also by judgment in favor of Mariah C. Gailbreath against said Joseph Lynn on 14 Feby 1867 for $7.10, transferred to Complainant on fifa.

Defendant owns tract where his family lives, being same tract deeded to him by his father Asa Lynn in his lifetime. Joseph Lynn has absconded the country so concealing himself... ordinary process of law cannot be used. 15 Dec 1868.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: A. W. DeWitt, Isabella Gaines & Robert A. Cox vs James M. Crawford, Monroe Co., KY and George Clements of Jackson Co. DeWitt & Gaines, formerly Isabella Wood, appointed Admr and Admrx of J. T. Wood. Crawford executed a note to J. T. Wood in his lifetime, remains unpaid.

[NEW] COX & DeWITT vs DIXON, L. S., et al Chancery 1869

BILL OF COMPLAINT: L. S. Dixon, L. H. McCarver and Willis Cornwell recovered judgment about [blank] Jany 1868. Defendant insolvent except as shown. L. S. Dixon on 4 Nov 1868 executed trust deed to Willis Cornwell to secure payment of $150 to L. H. McCarver to crop of tobacco raised by deft L. S. Dixon in 1868 on Wartrace Creek and [itemized list of livestock]. Property covered in trust deed worth much more than the $150 debt, believed done to defraud Complainant.

[NEW] COX & DeWITT vs JOHNSON, JOSEPH et al Circuit 1874

ANSWER: Defendants Joseph Johnson and John M. Loftis state they do not owe the $250 debt to Cox & DeWitt. No date.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox & A. W. DeWitt state Johnson & Loftis owe $250.00 for professional services during the year 1869.

[NEW] COX, NATHANIEL M. vs COX, ELIZA S. Circuit 1860

PLAT MAP/LEGAL DESCRIPTION: [On microfilm]... farm where Peter G. Cox now lives... begin north boundary line of Nathan Pharris tract... dividing ridge between Barren Branch and Coonskin Branch... near edge of Cumberland River... 110 acres [corner torn] _____ Settle now deceased... south bank of Cumberland River... tract now owned by Edward F. McHiney.... McHiney's south boundary, in all 565 acres by survey. 3 Dec 1840. s/s Mounce Gore, Surveyor

ANSWER: Eliza A. Cox to petitioner. Is true she and Petitioner intermarried 1832 in Jackson Co., where they resided since. Child a boy is under age 21. Denies petitioner since their marriage treated her kindly... whipped with switch and fist, frequently intoxicated, comes home in that condition, adultery with women of ill fame, Tabitha Heady has a child by him. She has used language as imputed; he used it to her. In January he had a barrel of whiskey at home, drunk, said he wished Tabitha Braswell, a woman of ill fame to visit him at home... she and her daughter objected, which shows he is not very particular about the morals of his family.

Respondent owned at time of her marriage two beds and furniture, one was sold to pay petitioner's debts; a horse, bridle, saddle, cow and calf, stock hogs and kitchen furniture.

Plaintiff had a horse, saddle and bridle and some cupboard ware. Since her marriage she has received from her father's estate negroes Pamelia and Mary. Mary was sold by decree and a tract of land on which she lives was purchased with the proceeds, title vested in William H. Botts in trust for her.

Petitioner is improvident... has advantaged himself of Bankrupt law after their marriage. The negro woman Pamelia has two children, Frances about 13 and Nancy about 12, born since title to their mother was vested in her.

Respondent has done many acts of kindness to petitioner... bailed him out of jail.

She has no objection to separation, but urges him to quit excessive use of ardent spirits. Should bonds of matrimony be dissolved, asks to keep property that came by her father's estate and other property. Also care and custody of their son Nathan about age 15... she needs his assistance as well as his society. 27 Feby 1860. s/s Eliza S. Cox

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Nathaniel M. Cox against Eliza S. Cox. Were married in Jackson Co, Tennessee 1832, lived in county and state ever since. He is provoked by her, she makes him miserable, uses profane language to him in front of their son... will not shock modesty of court by repeating. 15 Feb 1860. s/s N. M. Cox


COMPROMISE AGREEMENT: I am indebted to Peter G. Cox for $391.38... bill pending to enforce collection of same against Wm W. McCue, Wm C. Pursell, John A. Matheny, James G. Campbell & James McClarin... agree to compromise.

s/s Peter G. Cox Joseph [his X mark] Birdwell

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Peter G. Cox of Jackson Co. against Joseph Birdwell, William W. McCue, Chairman of County Court of Jackson Co., Wm C. Pursell, Co-Trustee, James McClarin, John A. Matheny and James G. Campbell, Commissioners.

Joseph Birdwell owes Peter G. Cox about $450.00. Jackson Co. and the Commissioners owe Joseph Birdwell for materials furnished for repairs done by him to the poor house and he is hopelessly insolvent. Asks money due him be attached to pay Cox. 9 Jan 1861. s/s Peter G. Cox

[NEW] COX, PETER G. vs BYRNE, TERRELL, et al Chancery 1874

PROSECUTION BOND: $250, Peter G. Cox Principal and William G. Cox, Security. 27 November 1874. s/s Peter G. Cox, W. G. Cox

ANSWER: James McClarin, Citizen of Carthage, Tennessee. Not prepared to admit or deny debts, Cox vs Byrne & others. True Terril Byrns did on [blank] day of 186[blank] execute deed of trust to his land in Dist. 15, Jackson Co., to secure debt owing me with James Hargis, Trustee. [No date] s/s James McClarin

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Peter G. Cox against Terrel Byrne, James Hargis & James Pharis of Jackson Co. and James McClarin of Smith Co. Feby term 1861, decree Peter G. Cox vs James Spurlock, Admr of Mounce Gore, deceased, as follows - 14 Feby 1861, complainant and defendant James A. Spurlock were joint securities of L. W. Settle, guardian of Tipton C. Settle, and as such were liable to pay Court from 1 Jany 1854.

Dated 27 November 1874 s/s Peter G. Cox [very shaky, not like earlier]

[NEW] COX, PETER G. vs CLINTON, GEO. W. Chancery 1861

SUMMONS: Geo. W. Clinton on 1st Wed after 1st Mon in Feby 1858 to answer...

ANSWER: George Clinton to Bill of Complaint. Denies Complaint has undisputed title to land, but the land belongs to Respondent. Admits he is a poor man and Complainant wants to keep him that way.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Complainant Peter G. Cox is owner of tract granted to James Brewington, #3297 dated 25 March 1834... waters of Blackburn's fork of Roaring River... William Swearingin's line. Charges he has undisputed title to said land... defendant has gotten into possession without any just claim.

24 June 1857, Orator commenced Ejectment, defendant boasts he intends to keep land in law and in the meantime make use of the profits. Already taken valuable timber and has land in cultivation. 8 July 1857. s/s Peter G. Cox

[NEW] COX, PETER G., Guardian of COX, JOHN, deceased heirs. County 1877

Receipt of Peter G. Cox, Guardian of Alex M. Cox dated 25 June 1877.

Settlement Peter G. Cox with Alexander Cox, a minor heir of John Cox, 1st Monday in July 1877.

Receipt of J. R. Hoover, schooling June 10th 1877.

Paid to N. B. Young, J. P., case of State vs his ward Alexander Cox and interest to 1 July 1877.

Paid for clothing for ward at Nashville [no date].

[NEW] COX, PETER G. vs HUGHES, JOHN et al Chancery 1860

[Note: Case is quite lengthy, few relationships given, so have condensed greatly. - mlj]

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Peter G. Cox against John Hughes and Joel W. Settle, surviving partners of the firm Settle & Stone or Joel W. Settle & Co., Benjamin Fox, Joel S. Settle, Tecumseh G. Settle, James W. Lock, Robert C. Kirkpatrick, Joseph Eaton of Jackson Co., Tennessee.

Orator Peter G. Cox is Administrator of Lafayette W. Settle who died intestate in Jackson Co. 1852. Winding up settlement in 1858, made settlement as Administrator which was confirmed by Court at December term 1858. Estate was insolvent. Each of defendants filed for pro-rata settlement of amount owed them, except T. G. Settle. He believes amount received by T. G. Settle is incorrect, and should not be allowed. Dated 30 March 1860. s/s Peter G. Cox

DEPOSITIONS: [No date, but following depositions, note that case was continued to 1st Monday in April 1875 - mlj].

Jefferson Roberts 67, known Peter G. Cox 40 years, live three miles from him ever since known him. Good character. Known T. G. Settle since he was a small boy, live 3 miles, good character. s/s J. Roberts

Laban Loftis 61, known Peter G. Cox 45 years, live 6 miles, good character. Didn't know T. G. Settle well until I moved here to town six years ago, good character. [Signed] Labin Loftis

B. B. Washburn 56, known Cox 29 years, lived within 2 miles except two years, then within six miles. Have known T. G. Settle well since summer of 1850, knew him before that time. Since 1850 we both lived in Gainesboro, good character. s/s B. B. Washburn

Wm N. Pickett, was age 25 when I went to clerking for Settle & Stone, in October 1850. Had never acted as a regular salesman in any store before then. Was with them until 1st of Jany 1855. I engaged in the mercantile business at Livingston, Ten and continued until 1863 when the Yankees took near all the goods I had. I attended to the business myself all I could and had Parson Q. D. Elder employed the greater portion of the time I was County Court Clerk. s/s Wm N. Pickett

Daniel W. Hawes [blank] age. Now and have been for many years in the mercantile business. s/s D. W. Hawes

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Peter G. Cox states he and defendant Tecumseh G. Settle and Lafayette W. Settle entered into the mercantile business about 15 Sept 1851 as a partnership in the town of Gainesboro as Settle Cox & Co. L. W. Settle died October 1852.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Peter G. Cox against Mounce Gore, J. A. Spurlock and Wm. H. Botts as Guardian of Tipton C. Settle. Lafayette W. Settle in about 185[blank] was appointed guardian of Tipton C. Settle and there came to his hands as guardian $967 money and notes received from Samuel E. Hare, former guardian. Defendants were security. L. W. Settle continued as guardian of T. C. Settle until L. W. Settle died October 1852. Some time after, Peter G. Cox was appointed guardian and continued until about November 1853 when he resigned.

Tipton C. Settle at the time of the appointment of L. W. Settle was a boy perhaps about 16 and was a rude, wild youth... parents died when he was quite small, had no father's guidance. Became involved in bad conduct, serious difficulties... avoid being punished forced to leave the country. L. W. Settle purchased a horse for ward T. C. Settle from Jefferson A. Thomas, was to give $55; also bridle and saddle from Putty & Cassetty, was to give $18, $4 for a pair of saddle bags from Frank Kelly. Settle gave ward $25 in money and bought clothing to go off on... total over $100 plus other funds necessary due to T. C. Settle's conduct. Should be charged to estate of T. C. Settle.

Orator Cox resigned guardianship in 1853... could not control him. T. C. Settle had arrived at such an age and size to act for himself.

Tipton C. Settle returned from his trip in 1852 after having been gone a very short while, had run through all the means furnished him, was destitute, not having decent and comfortable clothing. Tipton C. Settle went to other merchants and made charges, expecting them to be paid.

Said Tipton C. Settle married in the later part of 1853, had no money to commence housekeeping, so let him have goods from his store of $32.21, took his note due 1 Jan 1855.

DEPOSITION: T. G. Settle, of lawful age, states T. C. Settle is my brother. Defendant Cox and myself were partners in 1853. T. C. Settle purchased articles at the store in 1853, for the most part necessary except Tobacco a Tooth Brush and Sinnamon. He was married at the time. 24 Jan 1856. s/s T. G. Settle

DEPOSITION: Thomas D. Cassetty about 38, sold a saddle to L. W. Settle for Tipton C. Settle in 1851. s/s Thomas D. Cassetty

DEPOSITION: I am the son of P. G. Cox, and attended to business at his store. Tipton C. Settle was married in 1853 when purchases were made at the store. T. C. Settle left the country about 1851. Understand he stole two watches while at school perhaps at Spencer, at least some where out of this county, and being charged with that offence I understand is the cause of his leaving. When he returned, seemed in destitute condition. Do not think he was indicted. Believe he took watches from Wm Davidson.

He stayed at my father's some time before 1853, not much after. My father is his uncle. s/s W. G. Cox

[Note: 1850 Jackson Co. Sistler printed index:

STONE, Samuel E. 42, Nancy P. 25, Willie S. 23, Joel Stone 1, Tecumseh Settle 19, VA/T, 101-331.

COX, Peter S. 42, Sally 40, John 19, William G. 14, Joel Settle 13, NC/T, 102-331].

ANSWER: Wm H. Botts, Guardian of Tipton C. Settle to Bill of Complaint of Peter G. Cox, Mounce Gore & James A. Spurlock.

L. W. Settle was appointed guardian of Tipton C. Settle 1851 by county court, gave bond with James A. Spurlock, Mounce Gore & Peter G. Cox, security.

Settle received $967 from Sam E. Hare, former guardian and the further sum of about $125 from the estate of his deceased brother S_ _ _ _ N. [or V.] Settle, making in all the sum of One thousand and ninety two dollars.

In 1843 Sam E. Hare was appointed guardian of said T. C. Settle.

T. C. Settle can read and cypher a little, but is not by any means expert... very little of estate was used in education, is stout and healthy, no money spent on doctor bills.

Was enabled to leave town to avoid disgrace and ruin, stayed gone but a few months, returned, no attempt to punish him. 4 Feb 1856. s/s Wm H. Botts

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William H. Botts of Jackson Co. against Peter G. Cox, James A. Spurlock, Mounce Gore and George M. McWherter and Sam E. Hare of Jackson Co.

Joel L. Settle, the father of Tipton C. Settle, departed life in Jackson Co., TN possessed of considerable property [part of this and next page, edges torn and missing; if it gives a date, didn't see it, but was likely about the time Sam E. Hare first was appointed guardian in 1843 - mlj]. Heirs and distributees by their next friend [name not given] filed a bill to sell lands and negroes. About 4 August 1851, Lafayette W. Settle was appointed guardian of Tipton C. Settle.

DEPOSITION: Jefferson A. Thomas about 43. Lafayette W. Settle bought a horse for $55 for Tip Settle, about August 1851. Peter G. Cox paid $50 of the $55 price. [No date]. s/s Jefferson A. Thomas

DEPOSITION: Sydney L. Settle, about age 33. L. W. Settle & S. L. Settle comprised the firm of L. W. Settle & Co. L. W. Settle is dead. [No date] s/s S. L. Settle

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William E. Snoddy of State of Kentucky and Thomas Bransford of Davidson Co., TN, partners Snoddy & Bransford against Peter G. Cox, L. W. Settle, deceased and Sydney L. Settle of Jackson Co. L. W. Settle & Co. owes money, has not paid.

[NEW] COX, PETER G. vs JACKSON, R. H. et al Chancery 1877

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Peter G. Cox against Raines H. Jackson, William Beal, William R. Dyer, Benjamin Flatt, William Davidson, Edward M. Cason, W. H. Young and H. W. Williams.

EXECUTION & ATTACHMENT: Poplar and walnut saw logs attached 12 Jan 1877... debt from 9 June 1860. Action stayed by defendant W. R. Dyer. Peter G. Cox filed bankruptcy 7 Dec 1867, discharged 31 March 1875.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs CASON, EDWARD S., deceased heirs Chancery 1858

DEPOSITION: Preston H. Leslie, about age 40. Edward M. Cason loaned money to Edward S. Cason, the money belonged to Susan Cason for whom Edward M. Cason was acting as agent & Trustee. Money applied in payment of a debt going to Coleman White from James Eaton... part of the money paid for land and ferry was paid by Eaton.

DEPOSITION: James Eaton, age 30. Edward S. Cason and Robert A. Cox gave me a note soon after they bought the ferry of Trice Hall. [No date]. s/s James Eaton

DEPOSITION: James Boles age 27. I purchased a note of James Eaton on Edward S. Cason and Robert A. Cox. [No date] James [his X mark] Boles

DEPOSITION: Sally G. Cason age 29, am the widow of Edward S. Cason, deceased. [No date]. s/s Sally G. Cason

DEPOSITION: James R. Tolbert, age 24. [No information]

[Note by Clerk & Master stating foregoing depositions filed 25 June 1859].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Robert A. Cox against Edward M. Cason, James R. Tolbert, Sally G. Cason, William Putty & wife Adoline Putty, William Speakman & wife Frances A. Speakman of Jackson Co. and Loyd Mahaney & wife Emaline Mahaney and John C. Mahaney & wife Sarah ?J. Mahaney, Elizabeth Mahaney, Millard [T. or F.; crease] Mahaney and P. Mahaney, citizens of the State of Missouri.

Edward Cason purchased the co-partnership of one Trice Hall in a small tract of land in Jackson Co. on the Cumberland River, 20 acres, on which was situated a valuable ferry across said river, took a deed for same. They became indebted to Joel W. Settle and James Eaton and others.

26 April 1858 he sold his undivided half and entire interest therein to Edward S. Cason. Edward S. Cason in August 1858 departed life intestate, leaving no child, but a wife Sally Cason and his father Edward M. Cason and his brothers and sisters as follows:

Defendants William Putty & wife Adaline Putty,

Frances A. Speakman and husband W. Speakman,

Floyd Mahaney & wife Emaline Mahaney,

John C. Mahaney, Elizabeth Mahaney, Millard F. Mahaney & Edward P. Mahaney, last named five are the only children of Caroline Mahaney who was a sister of said Edward S. Cason and they reside in the State of Missouri, and

Emaline Mahaney.

James R. Tolbert has been appointed Administrator of Edward S. Cason.

ANSWER: Peter G. Cox to Bill of Complaint of James W. Draper & others against Elizabeth Cason & others. Respondent Peter G. Cox... supposes the several debts of Complainants against Elizabeth Cason are correctly stated, cannot state of own knowledge. Defendant Elizabeth Cason executed to Respondent a deed to land and supposes at the time she had the right to convey. Clerk of Court Wm G. Cox was absent, respondent signed the name of his son Wm G. Cox thinking it would be acceptable. Respondent has no objection to sale of land. 19 Jany 1861. s/s Peter G. Cox

DEPOSITIONS: Taken 28 Aug 1869, cause of William Gore vs E. M. Cason & Sally ["Cason" marked through] Kirkpatrick.

Calep Lemons, states was present and heard E. M. Cason ask William Gore to go as security with E. S. Cason on note to J. B. Anderson, about 12-13 years ago. Samuel Gray and Wm Gore were present, don't recall others. E. S. Cason was the son of E. M. Cason. Calep [his X mark] Lemons

L. M. Cason, age about 30. Latter part of May or 1st of June 1857, E. S. Cason and Wm Gore executed a note in Gainesboro to J. B. Anderson. s/s L. M. Cason

William Gore [no age given] states he signed as security on note for E. S. Cason at E. M. Cason's request.

Question: Was not the note you signed as Security for E. S. Cason payable to J. B. Anderson for money which belonged to Negro slave Milton Cason and did you not know that fact at the time.

Ans: I did not.

Ques: Were you not told at and prior to your signing... that it was money borrowed from said Negro.

Ans: I was told by J. B. Anderson after I signed that it was Milt's money, but not before.

Ques: Did you know Milton Cason, then the slave of Susannah Cason... was purchasing his freedom by and through the aid of J. B. Anderson.

Ans: Did not know of it then. E. S. Cason died some time before the war and I brought suit against E. M. Cason 19 Sept 1866. I paid the debt for E. S. Cason by selling land in forks of Cumberland and Roaring Rivers. E. M. Cason was good for the note during the war. s/s Wm Gore

DEPOSITIONS: R. A. Cox, W. G. Cox, J. B. Anderson, James W. Draper, John W. ?Masters, W. C. Purcell, A. Pharis & Wm Gore taken 4 & 5 July 1870. [Note: Depositions mentioned not on film - mlj].

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: William Gore against E. M. Cason, Sylvanus E. Kirkpatrick & wife Sally formerly Sally Cason, widow of E. S. Cason, deceased, all of Jackson Co. Orator 19 Sept 1866 filed original bill. After filing, Sally Cason, widow of E. S. Cason, intermarried with Sylvanus Kirkpatrick.

E. M. Cason promised if he would sign as security for E. S. Cason, he would save him harmless. E. S. Cason died, Orator paid debt, E. M. Cason now liable.

ADMINISTRATOR APPOINTED: 6 Sept 1858 before W. W. McCue, Absolum Pharris & John A. Mathanay, Justices... Edward S. Cason, late of Jackson Co., TN... James R. Tolbert appointed Administrator, Edward M. Cason his Security.

ESTATE SETTLEMENT: 1 August 1859, by James R. Tolbert who then resigns as Administrator of Edward S. Cason. Lists debts.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William Gore against Edward M. Cason, deceased and Sally Cason. E. S. Cason died many years ago, widow Sally Cason, without children. Orator was Security on note for E. S. Cason to J. B. Anderson. James R. Tolbert appointed administrator. Tolbert died, had no property real or personal and no one has administered on his estate, and that he has been dead more than Six months. And that no administrator debonis non [administrator of assets not yet distributed] has been appointed to administer E. S. Cason, deceased.

Orator paid a judgment and the only person to collect from is E. M. Cason, Tolbert's security in administration bond, who is solvent. [No date].

DEPOSITIONS 21 June 1859:

Wm D. McKaughan age 25. I hold a note for $160 dated 10 June 1857 on Trice Hall. Edward S. Cason was Security. R. A. Cox and E. S. Cason paid $20 to Dr. Murry for me as payment. s/s Wm D. McKaughan

N. M. Cox age 49, was present when R. A. Cox sold and delivered 12 hogs to E. S. Cason in Jany 1858. s/s N. M. Cox

David A. Rawly age 30, held note on Cox & Cason, signed it over to James W. Draper. s/s D. A. Rawly

CAUSE HEARD: 23 Dec 1859, Tennessee State Supreme Court, affirmed Chancery ruling, costs will be paid by E. M. Cason.

DEPOSITION: 8 July 1859 of R. C. Kirkpatrick, age 34.

Question: Tell your relationship to Edward S. Cason, deceased.

Answer: I married his sister and she is still living.

ANSWER: Josephen [?initial], Eliza [?initial], Henry H., Lewis B., Tandy M. [or W.] and William F. Cason by James R. Tolbert, their guardian ad litem to Bill of Complaint of Robert A. Cox and others.

Admit death of their brother Edward S. Cason and that he died without having left children, but left a wife, father, brothers and sisters as charged.

DEPOSITIONS 4 Feby 1870:

John B. Anderson age 38. Am acquainted with E. M. Cason, he is my mother's uncle or my Gr uncle. 1856 or 1857 E. S. Cason executed to me a note with William Gore his security for about $275. Present was Susannah Cason, Sampson W. Cassetty, E. S. Cason & Wm Gore & Milton Cason, colored. Edward M. Cason was not present.

The day the note was executed I bought a Negro from Susannah Cason a sister of E. M. Cason and my recollection is that E. M. Cason was opposed to the trade. The Negro came to my house in the night & told me that Susannah Cason had to sell him and she had sent him to me to buy him. The price was $800 that she proposed to take & me to meet her here & not let any of her relation know it. Shortly after that time E. M. Cason filed a bill against me as next friend of Susannah Cason. I am satisfied he knew nothing of the trade until after it was made. E. M. Cason wanted to set aside the sale. [Signed] John B. Anderson

R. A. Cox, about age 37. Acquainted with E. S. Cason, deceased, was co-partner in ferry & a little business in the grocery line at that place, and I lived with him at that time, then being a single man. s/s Robt A. Cox

Wm G. Cox 33, was county clerk at beginning of and during the late war. Book containing most of the settlements up to 1860 was destroyed, as was the book containing Inventory of Administrations, or mixed in such manner that it is difficult to find any paper necessary to any case. s/s W. G. Cox

Continued to Sat. Feb 5th, 1870:

Absolum Pharris age 48 [nothing new]. s/s A. Pharris

Milton Cason, col, for deft E. M. Cason. Age about 49. Knew E. S. Cason and William Gore in 1856 and 1857. I loaned E. S. Cason near $200 and William Gore signed the note as Security. Note was not paid. I gave it to John B. Anderson with the understanding it was to go toward the purchase of myself from Susannah Cason. Don't recall the date, but was about a year before the purchase was made from Susan Cason. E. S. Cason was to give me the note, which he did. Milton [his X mark] Cason

[NEW] COX, R. A., Guardian of ALLEN, M. M. County 1892

Guardian Settlement with R. Q. Cox, Guardian of Mary M. Allen, minor child and heir of Sirena Allen, deceased. 25 March, 1891, recorded Guardian Book B, p 143. Last settlement 25 March 1890, Guardian Book B, page 89.

Receipt from Jessee Allen for boarding ward, dated April 19, 1890, $20.00.

Settlement 22 July 1893 with R. W. Allen, one of the guardians of Maggie Allen, minor heir of Serna [sic] Allen, decd.

R. W. and Jessee Allen, guardians, amount collected from R. A. Cox March 7, 1892, former guardian of M. M. Allen.

To County Court of Jackson Co., I, R. W. Allen, guardian of Maggie M. Allen (who has recently married one W. J. Lee) do hereby tender my resignation... ward has married... no other funds that I know of... made final settlement 13 April 1895. s/s R. W. Allen

[NEW] R. A. COX, Guardian of CRAIG, CORA E. County 1876

TO SHERIFF OF JACKSON COUNTY... command that of goods and chattels of Juble E. Wheeler as principal and C. E. Craig as Security in hands of Mary J. Washburn, admr of C. E. Craig, to be administered to you, $4l.55, to satisfy payment, Chancery Court at Gainesboro, October term 1870, Juble E. Wheeler against Milton Draper & others for costs, and cause revived against Mary J. Washburn. 4th Monday in October 1875. s/s R. A. Cox, Clerk & Master

SETTLEMENT: Cora E. Craig, minor heir of A. E. Craig, 1st Monday in Jany 1876.

1 Dec 1874, Rent of land.

DEPOSITION: James A. Montgomery, age 23. States attended Administrator's sale of property of Cora E. Craig, deceased. Bay filly sold to one M. Boles for $80, gave note. James Draper attended to the business of administering said estate. 24 Dec 1875.

SETTLEMENT: Mary Jane Washburn, Administrator of Cora E. Craig, deceased. 1st Monday in Jany 1876.

Receipt from G. M. Ray for making coffin. Dated 16 Sept 1872, $10.00 and interest to 1st Jany 1876.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs CRABTREE, R. S. et als Chancery 1871-1872

BILL OF COMPLAINT: James W. Smallwood, F. M. Price, R. A. Cox of Jackson Co. and Geo W. Clements of Clay Co., Tennessee against

W. S. Cox, R. S. Crabtree and Geo M. Putty of Jackson Co.

28 Oct 1871, Smallwood & Price were joint owners... stock of goods at Hog Camp, Jackson Co., sold to W. S. Cox, paid except $124 note with R. W. Crabtree, Principal and W. S. Cox Security.

R. A. Cox sold defendant W. S. Cox a horse; W. S. Cox and Geo M. Putty executed note 28 Oct 1871 which fell due 27 Feby 1872, remains unpaid, has been transferred to Geo. W. Clements.

BOND: R. S. Crabtree, Buckner Crabtree and A. H. Hoover to James W. Smallwood, Geo H. Morgan and B. B. Washburn, $800. Smallwood, Morgan & Washburn have filed bill. Bond to release property attached pending outcome.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs CROWLEY, WM G. Circuit 1872

August election 1870, 5th Chancery Division, William W. Ward, Robert A. Cox and Stephen H. Colms were candidates for election. William W. Ward received highest number of votes, contested by Robert A. Cox. Chancellor Wm G. Crowley of DeKalb Co. made decision, Cox appealed to State Supreme Court, later withdrew, paid costs.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs CRYER, HARDY M., et al Chancery 1870

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Robt A. Cox and Wm H. Botts vs

H. M. Cryer of Jackson Co. and D. H. Campbell, Clerk & Master at Carthage in Smith Co. and H. S. Crain, J. H. Ligon & William Tunstall, all of Smith Co., trading as merchants, firm Crain, Ligon & Tunstall.

ANSWER: H. M. Cryer states about 8 November 1869, he did purchase from Cox & Botts a tract of land, agreed to pay $2500, 156 1/4 acres, Dist. 2, Bullard's Creek, Jackson Co. People who owed him money failed to pay. His mother agreed to furnish funds. R. A. Cox went to Respondent's mother to get said note, she was very sick. Respondent still willing to work things out.

ANSWER: David H. Campbell and Richard A. Bridgewater to Bill of Complaint of R. A. Cox and Wm H. Botts against respondent Campbell and others.

Complainants have collected of co-defendants Crain, Ligon and Tunstall.

John C. Bridgewater, now deceased, was the guardian of C. D. Cryer & Hardy Cryer and hired a Negro belonging to said wards to one Augie Malone for the years 1859 and 1860.

7 April 1860 said Augie Malone died testate in Smith Co., TN, will probated and widow Josephine Malone was appointed Executrix.

11 October 1867, Josephine Malone filed her bill in Chancery in Smith Co. against Bettie Malone, Nannie Malone, Fannie Malone and Robert Malone, the only devisees and heirs of said Testator seeking to sell land to pay debt [possibly minor children, as it was necessary to seek court approval for sale of land, prove it was in their best interest - mlj].

In the meantime, and before said suit was brought, guardian John C. Bridgewater died. Respondent Richard A. Bridgewater was appointed guardian of C. B. Cryer and Hardy Cryer, qualified 5 Jany 1866.

Said C. B. Cryer died intestate leaving Emily C. Martin, his mother, and co-defendant Hardy M. Cryer as his only distributees and heirs.

In the cause aforesaid of Josephine Malone, as Executrix, vs Bettie Malone and others, still pending in Smith Co., TN. 23 March 1872. s/s R. A. Bridgewater

[NEW] COX, R. A. and DeWITT, A. W. to Huff, Nathan

In obedience to an interlocutory decree October term 1870, R. A. Cox against

Nathan Huff and Pinckney McCarver and

Pinckney McCarver against Nathan Huff...

Land where Nathan Huff now lives in Dist. 11 on Peyton's Branch, to be sold at court house in Gainesboro 29 November 1870, 100 acres more or less.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox against Nathan Huff and Pinkney McCarver. Nathan Huff owes orator as C & M costs of suit, August term 1867, Mary Huff against Nathan Huff, $25.00 fee. Also 7 Nov 1851, judgment in favor of R. J. C. Gailbreath, $11.00, revived in the name of Mariah C. Gailbreath, Admr of R. J. C. Gailbreath.

Nathan Huff is insolvent. Nathan Huff purchased of Pinckney McCarter a tract of land, about 100 acres, believes he has paid about $150 to McCarver... said defendant Huff is a quirky, unreliable fellow verry [sic] averce [sic] to paying his honest debts... believes he will dispose of his interest in land to defeat orator's only remedy against him. Lies on Anderson's branch of Flynn's Creek, in Dist. 11, bounded by W. H. Botts and Alex Nevil, Cox & DeWitt & others.

CROSS-BILL & ANSWER: Pinckney McCarver against Nathan Huff and R. A. Cox. Nathan Huff paid $100 on land, balance long since past due, Huff committing waste and destroying timber. If sold, will probably not be enough to pay indebtedness. 25 May 1870.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs DYER, WM R. Chancery 1869

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox against Wm R. Dyer. In 1860 or 1861, Ezekiel Kinnard made a note to the Branch bank of Tennessee in Sparta of about $150, endorsed by Wm R. Dyer and your Orator. Dyer being first endorser and first liable in case of failure, and before your Orator.

Ezekiel Kinnard removed from the State of Tennessee, no property either real or personal in the State. Said Wm R. Dyer is insolvent.

Wm R. Dyer received a judgment against the heirs of T. K. Beatie of about $286, decree a tract of land be sold to pay same. Before Dyer gets money, wants applied to Bank debt.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs FLOYD, GEORGE Chancery 1871

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox, Receiver in causes of Wade H. Lyon et al vs W. W. Woodfolk, etal and

James Marshall et al vs W. W. Woodfolk of Jackson Co., Tennessee, against

George Floyd of parts unknown, William Fox, M. G. Scarlett, Clinton Jones, Taylor Nelson and Squire Ford of Jackson Co. and William Carter of Smith Co.

In 1870, Complainant rented land in Dist. 3 known as the Woodfolk Negro quarter to defendants George Floyed and William Carter jointly, on Salt Lick Creek of Cumberland River.

George Floyd sold and used all the corn he raised except about 10 barrels sold to William Fox. Defendant Squire Ford is likely insolvent. William Carter has left the county of Jackson, and left corn in the field to make it appear he was feeding stock, so he might escape unnoticed.

Those who bought corn of Floyd and Carter knew of the lien for unpaid rent. 11 Nov 1871.

ANSWER: Squire Ford to Bill of Complaint. George Floid moved to Hopkinsville, KY.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs HAIL, BEN Chancery 1855

SYNOPSIS: Case concerned whether a blooded stallion, Sir Solomon, called Jack, was sired by old Sir Solomon who died in 1829 or another horse. Purchased by R. A. Cox from Benjamin Haile. Testimony indicates he was the grandson of old Sir Solomon.

DEPOSITIONS 16 January 1856:

David Griffith age 68. Acquainted with R. A. Cox. He was about 21-23 in Spring 1854. In the past I have had a lot to do with fine horses... don't think Cox at that time to be a judged of blooded horse stock. s/s David Griffith

P. H. Leslie, age 36. Benj Hale & R. A. Cox came to my house one evening to get me to write sale papers on stallion. I wrote out the pedigree from information given by Haile and Cox. Cox was about age 20-24. N. M. Cox, father of R. A. Cox, took the horse to Pulaski or Wayne Co., KY, the first season to stand him. R. A. Cox stayed home to work on the farm. s/s P. H. Leslie

John Leach, about 50. Acquainted with the horse. s/s John Leach

Andrew Gwinn, age 45, at the home of Jaby C. Gist, Jackson Co. The horse was raised in East Tennessee, Washington Co., on Hendricks Creek by James Kinchelo. [Signed] John Leach

John Lackey age 24, horse was raised by James Kincle on Hendrick Creek, Washington Co., TN. s/s John Lackey

Peter Light age 37, horse raised by James Kinclow. s/s Peter Light

Andrew Bowman age 39. Cox said he had made more money by standing him that season that he gave for him; had got some 80 mares. s/s Andrew Bowman

Abraham Hunt age 25, nothing new. s/s Abraham Hunt

SUMMONS: Robert A. Cox, Eliza Cox, Nathan M. Cox and Albert W. W. Brooks filed this day bill of complaint against Benjamin Haile... be in court first Wednesday after first Monday in Feby 1855. s/s W. H. Botts, C & M

DECREE: Preponderance of proof in favor of defendant. Complainants Robert A. Cox, Nathaniel M. Cox, Eliza Cox, Susan Cason & Albert W. W. Brooks to pay costs.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Defendant came into Jackson Co. before March 1854 and brought with him a horse. Complainant bought, signed note for $425, security N. M. Cox, E. Cox, Susan Cason & A. W. W. Brooks. 8 March 1855. s/s Robert A. Cox

DEPOSITIONS - Pulaski Co., KY, 19 April 1856.

John Simpson, age 48. Young Sir Solomon made a stand in my neighborhood in 1854, served about 50 mares, about half of them proved to be foaled by him. s/s John Simpson

Walter G. E. Simpson, similar testimony. s/s Walter G. E. Simpson

Dun Bogle, ditto Simpson's deposition above. s/s Dunn Bogle

DEPOSITIONS 19 Jan 1856, residence of James A. Register in Washington Co., TN:

James A. Register, age [smear] ?36. James Kincheloe, Sen of this county raised horse, considered one of the best stock raisers in East Tennessee. s/s James A. Register

Enoch R. Whellock, about 45. Benjamin Hail took a bay stallion when he moved to Jackson Co., TN in the fall of 1853. s/s Enoch R. Whillock

Jeremiah Cox, age 66, witnessed statements, says they are true. s/s Jeremiah Cox

James Kincheloe, about 60. I raised stallion Sir Solomon, called Jack. Raised his sire, called Dock, which was sired by Sir Solomon. James Stowe brought Dock and Dock's dam here from North Carolina. s/s James Kincheloe

Enos Kincheloe, age 31. s/s Enos Kincheloe

Thomas Fulkerson age 60. s/s Thomas Fulkerson

DEPOSITION, Centerpoint, Monroe Co., KY, 20 May 1856:

John Black, age 56, nothing new.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs HAILE, JOSHUA JR. Chancery 1885

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox of Jackson Co., against Joshua Haile, Jr., formerly of Jackson Co., now parts unknown. In 1884, defendant Haile and Elizabeth Hoover convicted of lewdness, both fined $50 and costs, each sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in jail, appealed to State Supreme Court, affirmed. Required to enter into bond of $250 for appearance May term 1885. Elizabeth Hoover is serving her term, Joshua Haile, Jr. absconded.

Haile has one-half interest in tract on Peyton's Branch of Flynn's Creek, 11th District, bounded by land of heirs of W. C. Anderson, deceased, J. M. C. Carter, G. C. Darwin and others, being same tract now occupied by James K. Richmond known as the Thos Haile home place, subject to one-half the dower rights of Thos Haile's widow.

Also a tract in Macon Co., TN, which he purchased at a commissioner's sale, case of J. P. ?Helens, Admr of S. E. Hairs [also Hare] heirs.

Also a lot on NW corner of public square of New Celina, Clay Co., TN.

Also when he left he had a valuable library of law books, if they haven't been levied on.

ANSWER: Joshua Haile, said had not nor is he absconding. 1 Oct 1885. [Signed] Joshua Haile, Solicitor.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs JONES, MATT Circuit 1884

PETITION & CROSS-BILL: Petition of Mat Jones against R. A. Cox, 27 Feb 1879. Defendant recovered judgment against petitioner, paid about half of it, signed new notes. Cox failed to apply payments to judgment, levied on property without giving any credits whatsoever. 2 Decr 1884. s/s Mathew Jones

RENTAL AGREEMENT: 13 Novr 1878, for rent of farm where Laton Meadows now lives, from R. A. Cox, term 1 January 1878 to 1 January 1879.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs LAMBERT, WM Chancery 1869

SHERIFF'S ATTACHMENT: 23 Feby 1869, yoke of oxen, sorrel mare, 3 heifers and a bull worth in all $150. R. A. Cox filed Bill of Complaint against William Lambert for $150, services rendered various lawsuits 1860 and 1861. Brought suit previously, but never prosecuted. 9 Jan 1869.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs MONDAY, A. & Others Chancery 1881

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox against A. Monday, C. L. Long, W. H. Jones, Newton Forkum, all of Jackson Co.

Orator 8 Sept 1879 contracted to A. Monday tract in 4th Dist. of Jackson Co., $160 by promissory note, no money down. Came in and cut timber which he sold to Long, Jones and Forkum. Has not paid note. 27 May 1881. s/s R. A. Cox

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs PHARRIS, HYRAM Chancery 1876

Trust deed to Geo. H. Morgan, corn growing where I live, about 45 acres; 4 oxen. I am indebted to B. H. Cooke & Co. for judgment of $370, with Mounce Butler as Security. Also M. G. Butler by note of $75.00. If these are not paid, property to be sold to pay debts. 22 Aug 1876. s/s Hyram Pharris

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs PURSLEY, F. D. et al Chancery 1881

NOTICE TO ATTACH: Bill of Complaint filed this date. F. D. Purseley and Vit Perseley indebted to Cox. F. D. owns land in Granville, Jackson County, bounded by A. B. Holleman, Mrs. Cooper and others where said Frank Purseley's wife and child now reside... ask it be attached and sold subject to the homestead right of said wife and children. 27 June 1881.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox against Frank D. Pursley, parts unknown, and Vet Pursley of Jackson Co. F. D. & Vet Pursley indebted, past due several years, $40 for defending F. D. Pursley in Circuit Court of Carthage, for assault & battery with intent to kill Lawrence Horne, fee unpaid.

Also indictment of Vit Purseley, Cookeville Circuit Court for the murder of Hall [no first name given]. Promised to pay reasonable compensation, no fee set, believes $100 in that case.

Also owes note due Novr 1880, rent of land.

Frank and Vet Pursely are probably both insolvent. Frank Purseley, who alone has property, has lately absconded the county. 22 June 1881. s/s R. A. Cox

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs PUTTY, J. Y. Circuit 1873

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox against James Y. Putty & James Draper of Jackson Co. and A. H. Hoover of same and Geo Thos Putty of State of Mississippi. In 1872 he hired defendant J. Y. Putty to get logs for a steam mill situated on farm of complainant. Defendant James Y. Putty and his son G. T. Putty made a crop of corn & tobacco on the premises, which is in possession of defendant Hoover. Before crop matured, Geo T. Putty left the state and John Y. Putty quit work to tend his crop.

[NEW] COX, R. A., ADMR vs RAWLEY, DAVID Chancery 1867

BILL OF COMPLAINT: D. A. Rawley is the surviving partner of the late firm of Rawley & Gains. [Blank] 1862 Rufus H. Gaines departed life intestate and in [blank] 1865, Orator appointed administrator.

In 1861, defendant David A. Rawley & Rufus H. Gaines were merchants in Gainesboro, debts still owing to firm. David A. Rawley is hopelessly insolvent, firm is not indebted to a great extent. Believes Rawley drinking to excess, and if he collects debts due firm, will be wasted. Asks books of firm be submitted for examination, Rawley be enjoined from collecting. 18 January 1867.

[NEW] COX, R. A., Admr of SADLER, NELSON, decd vs SADLER, HENRY 1860

INDEBTEDNESS [Partial list]:

Invoice to N. Sadler from Dr. John S. Cornwell, $2.50 for attending in his last days, dated 3 Jany 1868.

Two judgments 26 Jan 1861, Kirkpatrick & Washburn against Nelson Sadler.

DECREE: Case of Ira B. Sadler vs Betridge Sadler & others, Robert A. Cox, Admr of Nelson Sadler, is subrogated [Ira B. gets to collect first - mlj] to rights of Ira B. Sadler, one half of the home tract, decreee 5 Feby 1858. Betridge Sadler has a life interest. It is decreed reversionary interest be sold, not to interfere with life estate of Betridge Sadler, widow of Nelson Sadler.

[NOTE: This portion was typed long after the case; NOT contemporaneous, has nothing to do with this case, was inserted at least 60 years later. At the bottom is written "This information compiled by (Feb 23, 1921) W. F. Sadler and copied by B. L. Sadler, his bro (Aug 1, 1927)" - mlj].

"Billie Sadler, a bro of Henry, the original Henry referred to herein, had a son.

1. A. Wash, the said Wash was the father of: (A) Dr. Matt Sadler who was killed in Overton Co. during the war 1861-1865; the said Dr. Matt Sadler was a brother of Sarah Sadler, the mother of Garrett Sadler, who now lives in Sumner Co, TN

2. The aforesaid Billie Sadler had another son, Henry (General Henry), he had a daughter who married Dr. Holms, and they had born to them the following children (A) Mrs. _____ Page.

3. The aforesaid Billie Sadler had a daughter who married old Matt McKinley, father of James McKinley and Geo W. McKinley."


DEPOSITION: O. H. Anderson, age 38, am a defendant. Paid some debts of estate in 1864 and 1865 [lists debts paid]. s/s O. H. Anderson

DEPOSITION: R. F. Richmond, age 52. Knew Nelson Sadler, lived about a mile from him. He died some time in the year 1864, did not leave any one to care for his personal property. Business in the county was suspended due to the Civil War. I advised him [O. H. Anderson] to take charge of estate as if he was administrator and a son in law, and would be interested in the estate. I and L. C. Hall was called in to value the property. [Signed] R. F. Richmond

DEED: William Scanland of Jackson Co., for $5.00 and other considerations to Littleton C. Hall, Tract in Dist. 2, east side of Bullard's Creek, 100 acres. Begin stake on John Lee's line... to Parker's line... to John Richmond... deeded to me by George Finley... includes the mill and tan yard.

Also negro slave named Miles about 56 years of age.

This deed made for following uses and no other... I am indebted to Garrett Sadler as guardian of the minor heirs of William Thompson, Jr., deceased, by note executed by me to the said Garret Sadler, guardian as aforesaid for $1,031.41, dated 21 August 1849. If I pay debt, this deed void. If not, L. C. Hall to pay note and property to be sold at public auction... 21 August 1849. s/s William Scantland

Attest: Ben Scantland, N. Sadler

ACKNOWLEDGE: We, William Scanland and wife Rachel, executed same, day and year aforesaid... s/s William Scantland, s/s Rachel Scantland

[NOTE: Following document creased, torn, holes. Did the best I could - mlj]:

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Ira B. Sadler _______ Robert A. Cox ___ ___ Fowler and his wife Rachel Olive ______ ___ Anderson and his wife Elizabeth, Huddest__ Briant and his wife Mary Jane, Nancy Sadler and L. [or S.] Sadler, all of Jackson County, Tennessee, against Lucetta Sadler and Henry Sadler of said county.

Nelson Sadler departed life intestate seized of land... Dist 2, Jackson County, between Roaring River and Cumberland River.


DECREE: Land to be sold to pay debts. R. A. Cox, Administrator of Nelson Sadler and others, against Henry Sadler and others.

ANSWER: O. H. Anderson to Bill of Complaint of R. A. Cox. Nelson Sadler died intestate in Jackson County [blank] 1864. At the time of his death, had no family living with him... had many years before that been divorced from his wife; that he had several children, none of whom lived with him at the time of his death. Respondent is the son in law of intestate. 30 Jany 1869. s/s O. H. Anderson

DEPOSITION: L. C. Hall, about age 50. Acquainted with Nelson Sadler, lived one-fourth mile of him. Was called on with R. F. Richmond by O. H. Anderson to value personal property... might be destroyed by robers [sic] and gurrellars [sic], sold some to pay debts. s/s L. C. Hall

ANSWER: J. M. Morgan, guardian ad litem of Henry Sadler and Lucetta Sadler, minor heirs of Nelson Sadler. Understand Nelson Sadler's estate is insolvent... protect my wards. 10 August 1867.

DECREE FOR ALIMONY: Betridge Sadler vs Nelson Sadler, 7 March 1861. She received life estate in property, 38 3/4 acres [lengthy metes and bounds description, mostly by trees no longer there], east side of Bullard's Creek. Life estate, remainder to her and Nelson Sadler's children at her death, to wit:

William Sadler, Nancy Sadler, Lee Sadler, Mary Jo Sadler and Lucetty Sadler and Henry Sadler.

It appearing to the court the above named Rachel Fowler wife of Franklin & Elizabeth Anderson wife of O. H. Anderson are the only children [unless part of the document is missing, "above named" weren't named previously - mlj].

QUIT CLAIM DEED: Agree to deed their ownership [if any] to Betridge Sadler in above land, and not to file any claim for same in future. [Signed] F. Fowler, Rachel A. Fowler, Elizabeth Anderson, O. H. Anderson

LIST OF JURORS: Bank of Tennessee against R. A. Cox, Admr of N. Sadler. July 1866, jurors were: Samuel A. Moor, John A. Mathina, William S. Johnson, William Bylie, Benjamin Fox, Hiram Crabtree, Benjamin Chapman, Denton Moor, Thomas Smith, Thomas Hix, John H. Denton and Pinckney McCarver.

[NOTE: Following typed, NOT contemporaneous, NOT part of this case, inserted by unknown person in file at some point prior to microfilming - mlj]:

"Nelson Sadler born Apr 8, 1809. Betridge Sadler born Aug 4, 1813

William Sadler born March 29 1832

Rachel Sadler born Feby 8, 1834

Nancy Sadler born May 3, 1836

Elizabeth Sadler born Mch 11, 1838

Mary Jane Sadler born Apr 28, 1840

Lee Sadler born Mch 26, 1843

Lucetta Sadler born Mch 25, 1846

Henry Sadler born June 4, 1848


DECREE: Ira B. Sadler vs Betridge Sadler & others. Nelson Sadler at his death indebted to Ira B. Sadler for $550 with interest till paid, from 11 June 1841 to 10 Nov 1857. Ira B. Sadler by next friend Matthew Cowen filed bill against Nelson Sadler & Betridge Sadler. 5 Feby 1858, Ira B. Sadler against Nelson & Henry Sadler etal, case ordered dismissed and attachment dissolved. Nelson Sadler enjoined from selling or conveying home tract until Ira B. Sadler is age 21 or has died before age 21, and until defendant Nelson Sadler has paid Ira B. Sadler $550 plus interest. Nelson Sadler to comply with agreement on file marked Exhibit A, between Nelson Sadler and Oliver Sadler [found no agreement on this film - mlj]. Said home tract is approximately 440 acres and is bounded by lands of L. C. Hall, Cumberland River, being lands formerly owned by Travis Hobby, John H. Pyron and others. Ira B. Sadler to recover of Robert A. Cox, Admr of Nelson Sadler, decd $550... Dated 10 July 1865.

BILL OF REVIEW: Betridge Sadler, O. H. Anderson and wife Elizabeth; Franklin Fowler & wife Rachel; Thadeus C. Quarles & wife Nancy; Z. H. Briant & wife Mary Jane; Lee Sadler; Lucetta Sadler; & Henry Sadler, all of Jackson Co. against R. A. Cox, Admr of Nelson Sadler, deceased of Jackson Co.; Wm. H. Botts of Kentucky, John H. Pyrom, Littleton C. Hall, John Vanhooser, R. P. Brooks, Thomas Jones of Jackson Co. and Ira B. Sadler a citizen of Texas.

Betridge Sadler was the wife of Nelson Sadler prior to 1858, and in that year was divorced from him.

Elizabeth wife of orator O. H. Anderson, & Rachel wife of Franklin Fowler & Nancy wife of Thadeus C. Quarles & Mary Jane wife of Z. H. Briant, & Lee Sadler, Lucetta Sadler & Henry Sadler are children and heirs at law of Nelson Sadler, who died in the year 1864. 8 August 1865, R. A. Cox administered his estate. 20 Oct 1857, Betridge Sadler filed bill for divorce & alimony and after an appeal to the Supreme Court, a portion of his property was settled on her at the March term 1861, being the home tract, estimated 220 acres.

O. H. Anderson and wife Nancy Anderson, and Franklin Fowler and wife Rachel executed deeds relinquishing their interest.

A portion was left to pay debts of Nelson Sadler, being estimated 220 acres.

10 November 1867 Ira B. Sadler filed bill in Chancery at Gainesboro. He was the only child of Oliver Sadler who in his life time had sold Nelson Sadler a Negro boy and taken his obligation, binding him to pay $550 with interest from 11 June 1841 [due and payable] when said Ira Sadler would arrive at age 21.

Bill filed Feby term 1858, after Betridge filed for divorce & alimony in October 1857, so that part set aside for her and her children cannot be reached [exempt from lien].

[NEW - possibly misfiled] DEED from AMON HAIL to WILLIAM H. KERBY

BILL OF SALE/DEED: 29 June 1842, Amon Hail to William H. Kerby, both of Jackson Co... tract on Flynns Creek for $2000. Begin west boundary of tract sold by Moore Stephenson to Agnes Thompson, north with said line about 64 poles... west... at or near James Draper line... low gap in a ridge near the head of a small branch, it being Ab Johnsons southwest corner of his lands... down said branch with its meanders to the Spring branch with its meanders to the mouth of the Cave Spring, thence due east to the tract conveyed by said Stephenson to Garret Fitzgerald, deceased, then east with boundary of 100 acre tract now belonging to said Hail... hillside near Payton Andersons old place... running to the branch to leave all the improvements where Mrs. Gipson now lives on the east of said line being the same so far as described that said Hail bought of William Thompson containing by estimation 400 acres. s/s Amon Haile

Wit: James Draper, Jimmerson Brown [both signed]


Deed registered Feby term 1819. Within deed of conveyance exhibited in open court, duly sworn by Testimony of James D. Hendley and Eamond R. Roberts, two witnesses. Register's Office April ?11, 1819. I, Abner Henley, register... Book C pages 15_ and 156.

[NOTE: Appears to have been written left and right pages of a ledger. No explanation why it is here, escaped the fire. Possibly removed as evidence in a case - mlj].

INDENTURE: Gorge [sic] Finley of Jackson Co., Tennessee for $360 to William Scanland... begin at a creek cornering with Clayton Rogers and George Henley... MCrawleys [or MCcawleys] line... Parkers boundary to John Richmon... bank of Bullards Creek, 100 acres. 7 Dec 1817. s/s George Finley

Wit: James D. Henley, James ?Manear, Eamond W. Roberts



Intermarried in Jackson County, Tennessee many years ago, where have since resided... respected lady, and defendant guilty of adultery with certain lewd women. Dated 10 Nov 1857. [Maiden name not given, names of children not given].

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs SHAW, T. M. et al Chancery 1887

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox against Tim M. Shaw, J. A. Pruet, John P. Murray, W. Holomon, D. B. Haile & R. H. Washburn, Lafayette Washburn & H. H. Cason, the last three merchants dba R. H. Washburn & Co.

William Cooper & Frank Cooper, merchants dba Cooper & Bro.

Jas A. Williams & J. Z. Beck, merchants Williams & Beck.

William S. Johnson, James Mahanay & George W. Campbell, all of Jackson Co., TN.

Alfred Gibbs & Cyrus Jones of Macon Co., Tennessee, [blank] Gray and [blank] Kirkman & Co., merchants, [blank] Driver and [blank] Colier, and [blank] Swenea dba Driver Colier & Swenea, Perry Dumont Foundry, Spain & James Hawkins lumber dealers, dba Spain & Hawkins all of Davidson Co.

W. W. Watson of parts unknown, J. J. Turner of Sumner Co. and A. J. Whitehead of Wilson Co. and J. M. Johnson & Henry Loftis, dba Johnson & Loftis of Jackson Co.

[blank] December 1871, defendants Shaw & Whitehead entered into a written contract with complainant to put up a steam saw mill and grist mill for corn on Complainant's land on Cumberland River. Whitehead & Shaw became largely indebted.

DEPOSITION: John H. Denton age 51, know defendants Shaw & Whitehead & Spain & Hawkins. I was in the employment of complainant Cox. 30 May 1887 s/s J. H. Denton

DEPOSITIONS: June 4, 1887 of Nathan M. Cox age 41 and R. A. Cox age 54. No relationships given.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs SMALLWOOD, JAMES W. Chancery 1876

[Note: This was filed Cox vs Smallwood, but the decree indicated Smallwood sued Cox].

DECREE 4 May 1874: Defendant Robert A. Cox executed deed to complainant James W. Smallwood, tract ... south boundary line of 150 acre survey of John Graham... crossing Anderson's branch, containing 300 acres.

Also a small tract purchased from Henry Richmond adjoining above tract. Deed to Smallwood executed 15 Nov 1871. Deed registered, court house burned 14 August 1872. Copy of original deed to be taken instead of original.

DEPOSITIONS: James M. Smallwood, Robert E. Mansell, W. M. Gailbreath [no ages] state they know deed written and the court house burned. 17 Mar 1879. [All signed].

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: R. A. Cox filed bill of complaint against J. W. Smallwood, W. T. Cooper, J. K. Richmond and Clara Smallwood, Admx of J. A. Smallwood, deceased, charging that J. W. Smallwood and Clara Smallwood are indebted to him for $327.50 by note due 15 Nov 1876 plus interest. Asks lien be placed on produce on farm known as Joshua Haile farm near Flynns Lick for rents for 1876. J. W. Smallwood raised corn on part; L. M. Cason raised corn on part, J. K. Richmond raised corn on part.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox was appointed to rent out land involved in litigation, Wm Young vs Joshua Haile & others, Peter Paulk vs Joshua Haile & others, and Sampson McClellan vs Joshua Haile & others. Cases were consolidated, not resolved. Rent unpaid.

[NEW] COX, R. A. vs WHITE, J. H., et al Chancery 1873

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. A. Cox appointed Receiver &c, cause of W. W. Lyon & others against W. W. Woodfolk & others, residents of Jackson Co., TN, still pending, against

Wm G. Dixon, James Moreland, J. T. Buckannon, Caroline Dixon, W. N. Dixon, John Lotery [or Lutery], S. C. Haws, Robert Dixon, John Dixon, R. G. Hering, W. W. Haley, R. R. Flatt, W. Fox, H. C. Dixon, John Defournett & Wm Mabury & Alvin Flatt, all citizens of Jackson Co. Rent unpaid, is due. November term 1872.

[NEW] COX, R. A., Receiver to rent out land, W. W. Lyon vs Woodfolk. Rent unpaid, due, against

Charles W. Ramsey, M. B. Ramsey, F. M. Morgan, Jessee Y. [or Z.] Slone, J. H. White, Solomon Nelson, William D. Collins, T. B. Dixon, John G. Howel, John Dixon, J. P. Howel, Jessee E. Slone, Benjamin F. Witcher, W. ?G. Dixon, John W. Carter, B. ?W. Seercy, James Moreland, Don D. Pate, George W. McCarter, S. C. Haris, J. P. Roberts, C. L. Roberts, W. F. Hereng, R. B. Herring, Leonidas S. Dixon, John J. Howel, Thomas Brown, Meredeth Brown, Benton Kemp, William N. Dixon Jr., John Dixon, James ?H. Seercy & Josiah Seercy, T. B. Dixon & J. W. Morgan, all of Jackson Co. Rent due for years 1869 and 1870. Dated 2 Dec 1870.

[NEW] COX, R. A., Administrator of WILLIAM NELSON, deceased County 1879

William Nelson died, R. A. Cox appointed administrator. No Inventory was filed before the burning of the court house. R. A. Cox makes oath above is correct. 1 May 1876.

REPORT: First Inventory of Sale has been lost or mislaid. Cox employed W. [or M.] B. Butler to attend and make the sale for a fee of $10. Small amount of personalty sold. Collected Septr through Dickerson, Constable, sum of $38.00. On hand prior to sale approximately $116.00. Voucher missing of $5.50, believed [paid] to widow and heirs [not named].

Heirs of Nelson employed myself and DeWitt to prosecute John Pryor, supposed murder of Nelson after his death, and the Same was continued after my appointment, and valuable services... Cox & DeWitt reasonably worth $100. Papers of estate were burned and destroyed. Nelson I think was killed in the early part of [looks like 1869 changed to 1870]. [No date]. s/s R. A. Cox

R. A. Cox to appear 18 October 1879 and make annual settlement, estate of Wm Nelson, deceased.

[NEW] COX & RODDY vs CASSETTY, S. W., et al Chancery 1853

Peter G. Cox & Joseph Roddy vs William Hibbets, Henry Eakle & S. W. Cassetty.

ANSWER: S. W. Cassetty, June term 1853. Defendant William Hibbets appointed guardian to Harlan Hibbets, Sarah Hibbets, John Hibbetts, Elizabeth Hibbets & Louisa J. Hibbets, minors. Hibbets executed bond with complainants Peter G. Cox and Joseph Roddy, Security.

Cassetty as Clerk of Court by decree sold land and negrow of Henry Eakle, deceased. Informed there are 15 heirs of said Eakle, and above William Hibbets' wards entitled to 1/15 part which will amount to about $345.00. s/s Murry, Sol.

PETITION: Peter G. Cox and Joseph Roddy vs William Hibbetts, Sampson W. Cassetty & Christian Eakle, 8 Feb. 1855.

Complainants are securities of William Hibbetts, guardian to Harlin Hibbetts, Sarah Hibbets, John Hibbets, Elizabeth Hibbets and Louisa J. Hibbets, minors and heirs of Henry Eakle, deceased. Defendant is a non resident and insolvent and it would be unsafe for complainants to remain further liable.

Christian Eakle has been served a subpoena.

Ask that funds in hands of Sampson W. Cassetty as Clerk of Jackson County and Christian Eakle, Administrator of said estate, be enjoined from paying to said William Hibbets until he appears in court and makes bond with others as security. 5 October 1853.

[?NEW] [Note: This did not have new folder, but apparently had been filed in above case. Although it involves Cox & Roddy, appears to be different case. ?Misfiled - mlj].

ANSWER: Robert A. Cox, guardian ad litem of Sarah Roddy & Robert Roddy, minor heirs of Joseph Roddy, deceased to bill of Complaint of Wm B. Roddy, Admr of Joseph Roddy, deceased, et al vs Sarah Roddy et al. Respondent supposes it is necessary to sell lands in order to pay debts. [No date]. s/s R. A. Cox


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Samuel Cox and Sally Cox, his wife, of County of Washington, State of Missouri, against Nancy Anderson and Charles Anderson of Jackson County, Tennessee.

Agnes Thompson departed this life, having made a will, bequeathed to oratrix Sally who has since married complainant Samuel Cox, a negro woman slave Aley. That said negro woman since that time has had several children, two of which are named Nancy and Bill, together with their mother Aley came into possession of Nancy Anderson of Jackson County, Tennessee.

Said will was offered for probate Sept term 1849, probate contested, sent to Circuit court. Am informed Nancy Anderson sold said negroes to her son Charles Anderson. Believe it the intent of Charles Anderson to convey said negroes beyond the jurisdiction of this court.

Oratrix Sally is the grand daughter of said Agness Thompson. 24 Decr 1849.

FINAL DECREE: 16 July 1857, dismissed and complainant to pay costs of suit.

ANSWER: Charles W. & Nancy Anderson. Agness Thompson departed life [blank]. Respondents state Agness did not make a valid will, was a married woman, wife of William Thompson. That Nancy Anderson did sell negroes Aley and her children to Charles Anderson, not for the purpose of running from the country. Nancy would not have sold to her son if she had not been very old and infirm and in difficulties, and unable to keep them.

He bought them because they were family negroes having been owned by his father and mother for several years and being attached to them desired to keep them in the family.

Respondent states Sally Cox is a grand daughter of Agness Thompson and that the negroes were owned by the husband of Agness Thompson. 30 January 1850. [Signed] Charles W. Anderson Nancy [her X mark] Anderson

BOND: $1500, Nancy [her X] mark Anderson, s/s Gillum Upchurch, s/s James M. Allard ["and Thomas Upchurch" marked through; he did not sign - mlj].

[NEW - possibly misfield]

BOND: John Price & John Leach to Benjamin B. Washburn, Admr of James Price and Charles N. Price, $200.

Washburn filed Bill of Complaint against John Price, attached hogs, farm utensils alleged to be those of said James Price, deceased and Charles N. Price, deceased. [No date].


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