Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #53

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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BRUCE, J. B., Administrator of James Lock

RESPONDENTS R. A. Cox, E. M. Cason, J. M. Morgan, John P. Murray, J. S. Draper, J. B. Anderson & H. W. Williams state it is untrue they have been in arrears in settling cause of James Eaton & wife against James W. Lock and others, and Newton Moore & wife against James W. Lock and others.

James D. Bennett was appointed and qualified as Receiver; J. M. Morgan as Special Commissioner. R. A. Cox was former Receiver. Court order made April term 1874 that J. M. Morgan take proof, is in Minute Book G, page 64. October term 1874, again before J. M. Morgan, asked to refer to Minute Book G pps 247, 248, 249, 251, 252. James W. Lock land and the parties considerably indebted to R. A. Cox, who paid the back taxes from his own means to save land from heavy penalties. Five shares partitioned among heirs or part owners were given until April term 1875 to pay taxes of $459.86 & costs, did not, so land decreed sold by J. M. Morgan. Tried to sell taking least amount of acreage from each share, no bidders. Decree Minute Book G pps 395, 396, 397. Whole tract sold at public auction 20 Sept 1875 for $525 to R. A. Cox, high bidder; the amount he had paid for taxes and interest, two year right of redemption. MB G pps 467, 468.

Said parties M. A. C. Eaton (James Eaton having died in the meantime), Newton Moore & his wife Catherine F. Moore on 20 Feby 1877 filed injunction against James W. Lock, ?D. ?O. Lock, John T. Saddler & C. F. Saddler, W. G. Saddler, A. S. Lock, J. D. Bennett, R. A. Cox, J. W. Smallwood and R. V. Brooks seeking to set aside decree of sale, which is still pending.

R. A. Cox states while he was Receiver nearly all lands were occupied by part owners James Eaton & wife; Newton Moore & wife; and A. S. Lock who were high bidders on renting land; would not give security, possession, or pay all rents due which reduced the amount available to pay taxes. [Cites judgments dating to 1869 for back rent].

[Signed] R. A. Cox, H. W. Williams, E. M. Cason, J. M. Morgan, Jno P. Murray, J. S. Draper, J. B. Anderson, Joel Forcum, W. D. McCain, J. T. Anderson, J. W. Smallwood, W. G. Cox, W. H. Botts [These are attorneys and/or court officials - mlj]

[Signed] E. L. Gardenhire, Cox & Anderson, W. W. Draper, Solicitors for Respondent

CROSS-BILL: Thomas J. Williams and wife M. A. C. Williams and Z. M. Young vs James D. Bennett. Suit to recover land on the north side of Cumberland River opposite mouth of Roaring River, Dist. 1, Jackson Co., TN bounded by M. A. Herod, A. S. Lock, heirs of Sallie Sadler, deceased including ferry and ferry landings, plus $1,000 damages. Plaintiff possessed and claiming in fee 1 March 1882.

[Signed] John P. Murray, Attorney for Plaintiff

NOTICE TO APPEAR: On 10 May 1888, J. B. Bruce, Admr of J. W. Lock, deceased and Joe E. Forst, Admr of J. D. Bennett, deceased, filed bill against Newton Moore and wife and Robert A. Cox, etals. Since last term of said Chancery Court, Robert A. Cox died; his widow is Nancy J. Cox and James W. Cox is one of his heirs. S. B. Anderson appointed Administrator of Cox, deceased. Ordered to appear 3rd Monday in March 1892, and show cause why suit should not be revived against them as heirs.

[Signed] J. M. Morgan, Clerk & Master by L. K. Smith, DC&M

Issued 22 August, 1892, Deputy Sheriff signed delivery verification 1 December 1892.

SUMMONS: To Sheriff of Davidson Co., TN. Robert A. Cox has died. Clara J. Epperson and her husband John Epperson, two of his heirs to appear and testify 3rd Monday in September 1892.

CROSS-BILL: A. A. SWOPE filed for attorney fees performed on behalf of J. W. Lock and J. D. Bennett, to be subrogated to other costs.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF, MACON CO., TN: Newton W. Moore and wife and others recovered in court at Gainesboro. Order to attach goods and chattels, sum of $85.00, of J. B. Bruce, Admr of J. W. Lock and J. E. Foust, Admr of J. D. Bennett and T. J. Gregory as Security. 16 December 1896.

DEPOSITION: M. L. GORE states knows land, $125 per annum fair compensation to Receiver for renting. Know parties, "troublesome in business transactions". [No date].

[Signed] M. L. Gore

DEPOSITION: W. H. BOTTS knows parties and land, $100 per annum for renting fee. Renting lower shares only, Receiver should receive as fee $75 per annum.

[Signed] W. H. Botts

CLERK & MASTER'S ORDER: SHERIFF OF MACON CO., TN, James D. Bennett died; children and heirs are Sandford Bennett; Sallie Bruce and husband John Bruce; Frank Bennett, James Bennett, Kate Bennett, Nannie Bennett, John Bennett, David Bennett.

J. E. Foust, Admr and Sandford Bennett, Sallie Bruce and husband John, Frank Bennett, James Bennett, Kate Bennett, Nannie Bennett, David Bennett and John Bennett to appear 1st Monday in Decr 1885.

[Signed] H. W. Williams, Clerk & Master, Gainesboro

ANSWER TO BILL OF COMPLAINT: Frank Bennett, James Bennett, Kate Bennett, Annie Bennett, David Bennett and John Bennett by Guardian Ad Litem B. A. Butler deny land and ferry are property of M. A. C. Williams, etal. 16 March 1886.

[Signed] Bowen A. Butler, Guardian ad litem

TO SHERIFF OF MACON CO., TN: Robert C. Kirkpatrick, Joel W. Settle, Watson M. Cooke and William M. Clements filed Bill of Complaint against James W. Lock, James Eaton, Polly Ann Eaton, James A. Sadler, Sally Sadler, William Lock, Augustus S. Lock and Catharine F. Lock. Order to attach VIRGINIA, a negro woman in possession of James W. Lock and James Eaton and hold for further order unless replaced with equal security. 1st Mon in July 1859.

[Signed] W. H. Botts, C & M by W. G. Cox, DC&M, Jackson Co., Tenn.

ANSWER: ROBERT A. COX, Guardian ad litem of minor children, to Bill of Complaint filed by R. C. Kirkpatrick. Children William Locke, Augustus S. Locke and Catharine F. Locke, minor heirs of James W. Locke, were owners of several Negroes - all sold except woman VIRGINIA to pay debts of James W. Locke. 12 February 1861.

[Signed] R. A. Cox, Guardian ad litem

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Robert C. Kirkpatrick, Joel W. Settle of Jackson Co., Tennessee; Watson M. Cooke of Davidson Co., Tennessee; W. M. Clements of Jackson Co., TN against

James W. Locke, James Eaton and wife Polly Ann Eaton, William Locke, Augustus Locke, Catharine F. Locke of Jackson Co., Tennessee; James A. Sadler and wife Sally Sadler of [blank] county, Texas. Negroes MOSES, WASHINGTON, JORDAN, BETTHIA, SYDNEY, MARIAH and VIRGINIA were decreed to be sold, were subsequently sold for about $5,602 except VIRGINIA. Orators were creditors [itemized judgment amounts], but received no funds from sale, want VIRGINIA sold. 8 Oct 1859.

[Signed] R. C. Kirkpatrick, Joel W. Settle, W. M. Clements

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: Thomas J. Williams and wife Mary A. Christian Williams and Newton Moore and wife Catharine Francis Moore deny owing annuity [?annual rent] to James W. Locke. Filed 5 August 1889 to original bill against J. B. Bruce, Admr of James W. Locke, deceased etals filed 10 May 1888. Refers to Minute Docket H, page 403 in the case of James Eaton and wife Mary A. Christian Eaton who is now the wife of Thomas J. Williams.

[Signed] By M. B. Young, Solicitor for Thos J. Williams & wife Mary A. Christian Williams; Newton Moore & wife Catherine Frances Moore

ANSWER: [Probably] To Respondents: R. A. Cox, H. W. Williams, E. M. Cason, J. M. Morgan, Jno P. Murray, J. S. Draper, J. B. Anderson, Joel Forcum, W. D. McCain, J. T. Anderson, J. W. Smallwood, W. G. Cox, W. H. Botts, by their Attorneys: E. L. Gardenhire, Cox & Anderson, W. W. Draper

Cause of J. B. Bruce vs Newton Moore & wife and others, states their attorney Nathan M. Cox moved to Putnam Co.; M. G. Butler was elected attorney general and ceased to practice in this court over a year ago; Capt. R. A. Cox died years ago and for a long time before was unwell, unable to attend to business. Records lost or kept out of Courthouse by Complainants' solicitors so their other solicitor George H. Morgan could not inspect, he living out of the county. Papers were only recently returned by the Clerk & Master after long being in Macon Co, Tenn with Complainant's solicitor M. N. Alexander residing Lafayette, Tenn. Now affiants have employed M. B. Young, a resident [of Jackson Co.] solicitor. Estate has been in courts 20 years or more.

[Signed] J. B. Burce, Admr of J. W. Lock; and others vs Newton Moore etal

[Signed] John H. Chaffin, Clerk & Master, Jackson Co., Tenn

DEPOSITION: J. H. CHAFFIN states he knew J. W. Smallwood in lifetime, died few months ago, no one has been appointed Administrator. 21 Sept 1893.

[Signed] J. H. Chaffin

NOTICE TO SHERIFF OF MACON CO, TENN: Thomas McGar and wife America McGar, citizens of Macon Co, Tenn vs J. D. Bennett, etal received judgment against J. D. Bennett who appealed to State of Tennessee Supreme Court in order to have time to sell property in Macon Co., Tenn bounded by Red Boiling Springs tract; R. Witcher; Thomas Smith & others including store house. Ask property be attached subject to homestead rights. 2nd Monday in March, 1883.

[Signed] H. W. Williams, C & M

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Thomas McGar & wife America McGar vs James D. Bennett of Macon Co., Newton Moore & wife Cathurine F. Moore, Thomas J. Williams & wife M. A. C. Williams, A. S. Lock, & M. G. Butler of Jackson Co, Tenn; William K. Lock, Jas A. Sadler, W. T. Sadler, C. F. Sadler, John F. Sadler & James Sadler of the State of Texas, last four being minors and J. D. Bennett is their regular guardian.

Slander spoken by J. D. Bennett tried in Macon Co, Tenn Circuit Court January term 1883 concerning America McGar. Judgment $800 damages and costs estimated $200-$300, appealed to Tennessee Supreme Court. At the time of suit, Bennett was a merchant owning large stock of goods, alleged fraudulent disposal of same. Request they be enjoined from selling pending outcome.

Thomas McGar purchased land where now resides in Macon Co known as Red Springs from Bennett, who purchased from R. W. Newby.

Children & heirs of J. W. Lock are Defendants:

M. A. C. Williams, wife of Thomas Williams;

C. F. Moore wife of Newton Moore;

A. S. Lock;

W. K. Lock,

James A. Sadler husband of Sallie Sadler deceased, other Sadlers named as heirs of Sallie Sadler deceased [being minors W. T. Sadler, C. F. Sadler, John F. Sadler & James Sadler of the State of Texas].

[May or may not be filed wrong; could pertain to this lawsuit, or estate of R. A. COX]

J. B. BRUCE & JOE E. FOUST, Admrs vs Newton Moore & wife and others. Robert A. Cox died leaving widow Nancy J. Cox, Cora E. Lucas and husband W. E. Lucas of S.C., Clara J. Epperson and husband John Epperson of Davidson Co, Tenn, and James [A. or N.] Cox, a minor. 19 August 1892.

[Signed] Joshua A. Haile

ATTACHMENT ORDER: To Sheriff of Jackson Co, Tenn, Thomas McGar & wife America McGar recovered judgment against J. W. Bennet, Admr of J. W. Lock; land on the north side of Cumberland River opposite Roaring River, Dist 1, Jackson Co, TN; also interest that Bennett obtained in Newton Moore tract adjoining Lock land once owned by Denton Moore. Ask it be attached. 2nd Monday in March 1883.

[Signed] H. W. Williams, C & M



BILL OF COMPLAINT: CHARLOTTY BRUMIT of Jackson Co, TN vs Landen Brumit of same residence lately but not known to Complaint states they married 6 December 1894, happy for three months. Defendant committed adultery with Martha Forkum and other women of lewd character. Requests divorce, name changed to maiden name Charlotty Coomer.

[Signed] James P. Pippin, Atty & Solr

Affirmed: Charlotty [her X mark] Brumit

BILL OF COMPLAINT: CHARLOTTE BRUMMIT vs LANDEN BRUMMIT. Complainant states he promised to reform. About a week ago, Jude Bowen, a prostitute, came to her house near night, defendant insisted on her staying all night. When morning came, Complainant ran her off, which angered defendant who threatened her, left saying he wouldn't return. Complainant is mother of infant 10 months old, issue of their marriage. Personal property includes Jersey heifer, half of 6 acre crop of corn growing on lands of Jno H. Denis in Gipson Hollow, asks it be attached as alimony. 24 July 1896.

[Signed] B. A. Butler & J. ?D. Montgomery, Solrs

Affirmed: Charlotte [her X mark] Brummet



AGREEMENT: We agree to rent S. S. Hufhins farm where W. C. Mosely now lives for the year 1893 for 15 bbls of corn, and retain right to sow wheat Fall of 1893; also make improvements so as not to damage said Mosley crop and to compromise suit pending. Mosley agrees to keep up the farm and not damage.

[Signed] J. H. Bryant & Co.

[Signed] W. C. Mosly


Lane in 3rd District, Jackson Co, Tenn, bounded by M. H. Draper, S. A. Davenport, J. B. Davenport, perhaps others. Exchanged property with Huffhines, sold land to Mosely on notes which are due and unpaid, letting it go to rack & depreciate.

[NEW CASE] JACKSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE [No file jacket;1844-1861]


DEPOSITION: RIDLEY ROBERTS about age 50 my understanding...they got a negro woman & child, furniture [?from the Hogan estate].

Plaintiff William Buchanan questioned Roberts about money paid for him in Lebanon on a mortgage.

HOGAN HEIRS vs HOGAN Admrs, others. Edward Hogan, Executor, filed 5 October 1844.

[Signed] Henry Sadler

DEPOSITION: JOHN HUGHES, age 37, states Item of $1126.40 in M. C. Hogin's answer is chargeable to Estate of Rebecca Hogin, deceased and item of $??.18 [smear] is chargeable to Edward Hogin, deceased. 14 Dec 1846.

[Signed] John Hughes

DEPOSITION: JOHN HUGHES [no age given] and RAWLINGS HOGIN age 46, states Matthew C. Hogin was Admr of Edward Hogin, Deceased.

[Signed] John Hughes, J.P. and Rawlings Hogin

ANSWER TO BILL OF COMPLAINT: Rollins Hogin, Simon Hogin & Matthew C. Hogin respond to complaint by William Buchannan & wife Jane, Edward Hogin of Jackson Co, Tenn; Rebecca his widow and Anthony Hogin [cannot read 3-4 words] have both departed this life and respondent Matthew C. Hogin Admr de bonis non [that part of estate not yet administered]...Children of said Edward Hogin are correct except Rebecca who is married to Ira Cowan is omitted and Elvis Taylor is called in the bill Richard. Sally Hogin has departed this life intestate.

Rollins Hogin, Anthony Hogin, Rebecca Cowan & Martha Shaw had received full share of Testator's estate. Jane Buchanan has been made equal with other heirs. Respondent Rollins Hogin [cannot read a line which was in crease] his sister Sally's estate and also a share of the estate of James Hogan who departed this life since Complainant's bill was filed...has received nothing of the estate of Testator.

Respondent Matthew C. Hogin received no money of estate of his father. Land laid off to Rebecca Hogin...died seized and possessed...

[Signed] Quarles, Solicitor

[Signed] Rowlin Hogin, Matthew C. Hogin, Simon Hogin

[Signed] John Hughes, J. P., 13 May 1844

DEPOSITION: George Apple age 53 on 24 April 1845. Received $49 of Edward Hogin for Buchanan on judgment in favor of Elizabeth Sadler, Administratrix of Henry Sadler, deceased vs said Buchanan, and John Graham who was Buchanan's security...hiring of a negro incurred 3 June 1835. Edward Hogin was in the habit of allowing money for his children when they became involved in debt. Heard Hogin say he had paid money for Buchanan, but not how much or where.

[Signed] George Apple

DEPOSITION: RAWLINGS HOGIN age 45 said he frequently saw Dr. Pillow while he visited on Sarah Hogin, deceased...visits to his sister...$108 is fair charge. Sarah's brother Michael C. Hogin was Admr of her estate. [No date]

[Signed] Rawlins Hogin

DEPOSITION: ALBERT STANTON age 36 said he saw Dr. Piller while he attended on Sarah Hogin. [No date, but following deposition by same individual dated 25 July 1846, regarding value of Sarah Hogin's lands being worth $303].

[Signed] All A. Stanton

DEPOSITION: WILSON CARTER; Sarah Hogin's lands worth $252.50. 25 July 1846.

[Signed] Wilson Carter

R. P. BROOKS age 35 believes $145 a reasonable fee for M. C. Hogin as Administrator of both estates of Edward Hogin, decd and Sarah Hogin, deceased. 25 July 1846.

DEPOSITION: SAM E. HARE concurs with R. P. Brooks, same date.

[Signed] Sam E. Hare

ANSWER: ALLEN MANIER to petition of William Buchanan & wife Jane; Simon Hogan; Mathew C. Hogin; Martha Shaw; Anthony Hogin's heirs; Rawlings Hogan; Isaac Hogan & others, heirs of Edward Hogan deceased and heirs of Sally & James Hogan deceased. November term of this court, decree rendered to sell town lots of Edward Hogan, deceased, to contain 200 acres, chiefly hills & broken land, bought by Respondent for $188.50 being high bidder. Made bond & security, entered land, made improvements, then was informed Petitioners were dissatisfied. Infants had guardian, and non-residents were represented when decree made for sale. Knows nothing of rights of widow of Anthony Hogan. 17 Nov 1845.

[Note: Compromise later reached with Allen Manier, who agreed to vacate lands providing it cost him nothing - mlj].

[Signed] Campbell & Fite, Sols for Manier [Signed] Allen Manier


I, Edward Hogan of Jackson County, State of Tennessee, being very sick and weak but of sound mind...First recommend my soul to God... Just debts paid...

Ballance divided between my loving wife REBECCA and all my children Except my two sons RAWLINGS and ANTHONY and the two daughters REBECCA COWAN and MARTHA Shaw, all of whom have received their full share of my estate and also my daughter JANE BUCKHANAN received only a part - she should be made equal with the ballance of the Legatees - whatever sum may still be due is only intended to vest a life estate in her and after her death to be vested in her son JOHN an infant. The three following named Negroes shall be sold on a credit of six months and proceeds applied to payment of my debts - after paid, ballance of my Negroes and other chattel estate to remain on the farm where I now live for the purpose of raising and educating my children (Now minors). Nevertheless - any estate to spare and any of my children arrives at lawful age or marries my will is that my executors exercise their discretion in setting apart such property...and my two orphan nephews sons of my deceased brother ANTHONY HOGIN whose names are EDWARD and ANTHONY I wish the Court to take charge of to be bound to learn proffitable trade. Three Negroes I wish sold as before stated named HANDY, EDMOND and MASSEY. Lastly my loving wife and my son ANTHONY to be sold executrix and executor. 4 Dec 1827.

Test: [Signed] Edward Hogan

Rawlins Hogan Jurat

Ira B. Cowan

S. Williams Jurat

A true copy from Book C page 115 [Signed] A. Montgomery, Clerk

DEPOSITION: JAMES CARTER, lived about 600 yards from Edward Hogan's farm; known Complainant Wm Buchanan 24-26 years from when they first married and lived on Edward Hogan's farm; lived there about two years, thinks about four in family. Edward Hogin, Buchanan's father-in-law, gave Buchanan two negroes; woman named Polly was "uncommon smart" and Lucy, a child.

Cross-Examined by Buchanan: Was the same negro woman Antney Hogan and Rebecca Hogan as Admrs of Edward Hogan Deceist [sic] had lawsuit about. At the time I drew his will out he said he had given Jane more than the other children.

[Signed] James Carter

DEPOSITION: ROLLINS HOGIN age 46...I heard my father and mother talking and my father said he paid Dr. Owen $60 for attending on my sister, William Buchanan's wife. My father paid to the widow Sadler for the hier [sic] of a negro...Complainants [Jane Hogin and William Buchanan] married about 26 years ago, lived on Edward Hogin's land about two years, had four of their own family. William Boles [spelled Boals and Bowles in same deposition] on agreement with Edward Hogin boarded with Wm Buchanan. Edward Hogin owned a [?grist] mill, whiskey stills. Buchanan lived in Wilson Co., TN after moving from Edward Hogin's.

Question by Buchanan: Was not the negro Poll sold for $400 on account of her having a white child, and a device to get her out of the family?

Answer: That was my understanding.

Q by Buchanan: Do you recall your sister Martha going to school in Wilson Co. and also your brother Richard boarding and going to school in the same County and your brother Isaac boarding and going to school with me in Davidson Co?

Answer: Know they went to school, not who paid.

[Signed] Rawlins Hogin

[Certified] Laurence M. Anderson, J. P. 26 Sept 1844

ACCOUNT OF ESTATE: SARAH HOGIN'S portion of estate was devised to surviving brothers and sisters. Included in calculation of expenses was a receipt from Richard Moore dated 17 August 1842, coffin for Sarah Hogin for $4.00.

COURT DECREE: Cause of William Buchanan & wife vs James Hogan, Matthew Hogan, Simon Hogan and others.

Stated Edward Hogan departed life in 1838 [Possibly 1828 correct, per Estate Settlement, other documents* - mlj]. Rebecca Hogan the widow and Anthony Hogan were appointed and qualified as executors. That they both departed life, and Matthew C. Hogan appointed Administrator of Rebecca Hogan with the will [of Edward Hogan] annexed. Further appeared James Hogan has departed life. Complainants and Defendants are heirs of Rebecca and James and also of Sally who departed life. Appears to Court that heirs are to be made equal, but not what sum had been advanced by Edward Hogan in his lifetime. Surviving heirs entitled to equal distribution of estate of James and Sally Hogan. [Clerk & Master's Report microfilmed of assets of Estates of Edward Hogan, Rebecca Hogan, Sarah "Sally" Hogan and James Hogan, and distributional amount to each heir, not dated].


Children of Edward and Rebecca Hogin -

Matthew C. Hogin, Rollins Hogin, Simon Hogin, James Hogin, Daniel Hogin, Richard Hogin, William Hogin, Matilda wife of Elvis Taylor, Martha Shaw, Isaac Hogin, June wife of William Buchanan, Rebecca wife of Ira Cowan and

Anthony Hogin's children who are grandchildren of Edward Hogin [named Admr, died before settlement; widow Elizabeth]:

Martha Hogin, James Hogin Jr., Peyton Hogin, Rollins Hogin Jr...

and all are heirs of Sarah Hogin, deceased. Land to be sold, proceeds distributed.

[Signed] Quarles, Solicitor

*ESTATE SETTLEMENT OF EDWARD HOGAN [Listed without amounts].

1830 April 14 paid William Elrod on note due 6th July 1829

1829 Aug 29 paid David Cox Shff part on an Execution in favor of Elizabeth Sadler

1829 Apr 1 Ridley Roberts one Note dated 11th June 1828

1829 Jay 6 paid James Carter on judgt before Esq Huff

1829 21 Mar paid George Apple constable on judgment in favor of James Buckenettes

[Ditto] Paid George Apple on a judgment as Constable in favor of Ray & Smith

1828 Decr 11 Paid Robert Allen ?processor acct

1829 July 12 Paid James T Quarles cost of suit vs Ray

1823 " 12 Paid Simon Carlisle ?processor act

1828 Mar 21 Paid Allen Smith & Allen on a note dated 1 Mar 1828 given for them act against Est

1828 Oct 11 Paid George Apple Constable on judgement in favor of William Pharris for for J. W. Smith Esq

1830 Feby 18 Paid David Cox Shff on a judgement in favor of A & R Hogin in Jackson County Court

1829 Nov 21 Paid George Apple constable on a judgement in favor of John Gilmore

1829 Sept 6 Paid Dixon Allen on Note Executed to Tony Bedford & Hogg dated 2 Aug 1826 in old interest

1829 May 11 Paid Discon Allen a ?processor account in favor of Toney & Burford

1828 Mar 10 Paid George Apple constable on judgement in favor of J Anderson

1829 July 23 Paid George Apple constable on a judgement in favor of I Willoby

1828 Mar 10 Paid George Apple Constable on a judgemt in favor of D. Draper

1829 Mar 20 Paid George Apple constable on a judgement

1828 [Can't read day/mo] James D. Smith on a note to Sam G. Smith dated Aug 12, 1828 1828 Aug 25 Paid John Young Shff on two judgments in favor of Daniel Safford

1829 Mar 24 Paid Martin Jones as prr Receipt

1829 Feby 23 Paid L Bigalow procsr Act as per G Apple rct

[Ditto] Paid A Johnston _ _ _ _ act procr & c [etc]

1829 23 Mar Paid James Young Shrff ?for term 1828

[Ditto] Paid Ballance on judgement in favor of D. Safford

[Ditto] Paid on judgement in favor of J. Roberts

1828 Oct 7 Paid James Young Shrff on a judgement in favor of Daniel Safford

1828 Septr 4 Paid James Young Shff on a judgement in favor of Daniel Safford

1829 July 5 Paid Mathew McKinley Constable and judgement in favor of Wm Casson

1830 Jay 2 Paid Lewis Holloman constable on a judgement in favor of William ?K Sadler

1828 Sept 2 Paid Mathew Cowan ?processor act

1829 Feby 2 Paid John G Park attorney at Law as counsel in managing the Estate

[?Year] Aug [no day] Paid William Gailbriath Clerks fees

1830 May 10 Paid to H. W. Kirby constable on a judgement in favor of W Young assine [sic] of A Overton

[No Date] Paid A W Overton on a Note due March 12

1828 Sept 8 Paid Robert White on a processor act

1829 July 23 Paid John Lyons processor act

1829 Sept 29 Paid John B McCommack attorneys fees

1829 Mar 9 Paid David Cox Shff on Judgement Benj Harris

[?Year] Octr 12 Paid Jesse ?Lincoln on note executed to Wm Casland

[Ditto] Paid Wm Rutledge dated July 7 1828

1828 June 13 Paid Jubell Anderson ?processor act

1829 July 6 Paid William Elrod on Note dated 18th July 1827

1830 Apl 16 Paid L Huff on note dated 16th April 1828

1829 [No mo/day] Paid David Cox shff the ballance of a judgement in favor of Benj Harris

1829 [No mo/day] Paid Settle Whitley & Smith on ___ Notes

1830 July 15 Paid Nathan Haggard atts fee in the suit with Caston & Rutledge

" Septr 10 Paid McClelon Jones for cost of suit with Casland and Rutledge

1830 " Paid David Cox shff for Tax 1830

" May 10 Paid D & G Apple for cost in the suit with George Elgin

1829 Nov 11 Paid R Hogin on Note executed to M?enerva Hogan

" Jay 28 Paid John Hollemon ?processor act

1830 Aug 9 Paid William Gailbreath Clerks fees

" May 10 Paid John G. Park attorneys fee

................in all this amt of credits.............................[Total] $3835.37 1/2

................this is amt of assets of estate.................................. 2251.17

....................the estate falls in Debt to Excess.......................$ 1,584.20 1/2

State of Tennessee Jackson County} the undersigned having been appointed by the Court of pleas and Quarter sessions...Commissioners to settle with Rebecca Hogan Extrx and Anthony Hogin Exr of Edward Hogin...said Executors also produced...statement...sale of several negroes making the sum of $1925... Nov 7th or 9th 1830.

[Signed] Sam G. Smith, William Lock, Simon Carlisle


Lot 10, South side of Martin's Creek, edge of high bluff bounded by Elvis & Matilda Taylor; Stewart's line; near William Sadlers plantation where his son James formerly resided; line of 100 acre tract that Edward Hogan purchased of R. D. Barry; Henry Sadlers line; east with Sadlers and Carters lines; James Carters NE corner; center channel of creek [no acreage amount listed].

Lot 25, Town of Gainesboro; also tract in Hogan land; center channel of Martin's Creek to Charles Carter spring; bank of Raccoon branch; SE corner of Thackston Carter's 40 acre tract to top of ridge with Dale Carter's line, being 202 acres.


8 May 1835, M. C. Hogin and Rebecca Hogin give bond, Executors of Edward Hogin.

29 June 1840, Rebecca Hogin signed surety.

29 Dec 1842, M. C. Hogin named Admr of Rebecca Hogin.

29 Decr 1842, Simon Hogin, John Hughes execute note for rent of land to M. C. Hogin, Admr of Rebecca

November 1843, James Hogan to appear and give testimony.

28 March 1845, Notice to Simon Hogin to appear in court.

No Date: Smith Co., TN March Term [?Year] Ira B. Cowan appointed Guardian for Roxlana, Baily P., George W. and Matilda Cowan, his own heirs.

FINAL SETTLEMENT - 13 DISTRIBUTEES, $115.37 each: [No Date]

1. Rawlings Hogin

2. Anthony Hogin's heirs

3. Ira Cowan's heirs

4. Martha Shaw

5. W. Buchanan & wife

6. M. C. Hogin

7. Richard Hogin

8. Elvis Taylor & wife

9. David Hogin

10. Isaac Hogin

11. W. C. Hogin

12. James Hogin's Estate

13. Simon Hogin's Estate



Married November 1898, Jackson Co., TN. Alleged mistreatment, asks Defendant be restrained from selling land Complainant's mother gave her in 6th Dist. bounded on west by D. C. Poston, south by Gore & Maxwell heirs, east by D. C. Poston, north by Duncan lands & also requests another [adjacent] tract. Another tract which Defendant purchased being 6th Dist., bounded on north by Cason, south by A. Pharis, east by Gore, west by Hestand. Wants name restored to maiden name of Vina Poston.

[Signed] V. J. Buchanan [Signed] D. B. Johnson, Sol.

ANSWER: WILLIAM BUCHANAN states Crockett & Vina Posten, the father and mother of Vina P. Buchanan, cause of problems. Summonsed witnesses who did not attend, namely Affiant's sister Maggie, who was very sick and about to die and his sister Callie [Mrs. Bird Stafford], could not leave her so he went to Sumner Co. to take their depositions. Laura Gentry is pregnant and cannot attend.

DEPOSITIONS [all signed with X mark, all live in District 6, Jackson Co]:

MALINDA PRITCHETT 69, known Complainant 15 years, live about a mile.

MIRA MASTERS 40, known Complt since childhood, defendant few years.

SARAH WEBB age 58, known Complainant 3 years, live near Poston's store.


BUCK, Elizabeth, widow of BUCK, JAMES A.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Elizabeth Buck, widow of James A. Buck, died intestate in Jackson Co., Tennessee 17 November 1879, Carroll R. Buck, Marleta Buck

vs Isaac Adcock & wife Emaline, William Gordon & wife Elizabeth Gordon, James Scanland & wife Amanda J. Scanland,; minor children Louisa Buck about age 17 , Cynthia Buck about 15, Caleb S. G. Buck about 11 & Luverna Buck about age 8, all of Jackson Co., TN by N. B. Young Guardian Ad Litem. Complainants and defendants are children of James A. Buck, deceased except Elizabeth Buck [widow of deceased] and the husbands of married children, namely Isaac Adcock, William Gordon and James Scanland.

James A. Buck owned 210 acres in Dist. 8, Jackson Co., TN bounded by on East by John C. Hamilton, South by Abram Hix, West by Mounce Gore's heirs and Wm Byler, North by heirs of Burnett Richardson. Elizabeth Buck entitled to dower and homestead [Survey of same included on film]. 4 October 1880.

[Signed] Morgan & Butler, Sols. Elizabeth [her X mark] Buck

[NEW CASE: This was probably misfiled; may be more on another reel]

I, J. B. Anderson, appointed guardian of S. F. Hampton at November term 1880...$35.72 all the funds of said S. F. Hampton which have come to my hands. 3 November 1880.

[Signed] John B. Anderson



Depositions dated 11 April 1891 of John Billingsley & S. M. Davidson

DEPOSITION: JOHN B. BILLINGSLEY age 39 next birthday, live Dist 12 Jackson Co., TN, known Isaac Flatt since early recollection, live 1 1/4 miles from him. Mr. Flatt bought land in controversy from W. R. Chaffin, same land sold by Court decree, Chancery Court, being Wm Davidson land. Deed in trust made by Wm Davidson to George H. Morgan dated 29 Sept 1874.

[Signed] Jno B. Billingsley

DEPOSITION: S. M. DAVIDSON age 43. "I am a son of Wm Davidson". Live 12th Dist, Jackson Co., live 1 1/2 miles of Defendant 20 years of my life. W. R. Chaffin bid off my father's land, Mr. Chaffin took possession after Clerk & Master's sale. My father owned, claimed and has possession at his death.

[Signed] S. M. Davidson


William Davidson conveyed 29 Sept 1874 Deed of Trust registered Record Book A pg 280-281, 50 acres more or less Dist 12, Flynn's Creek, bounded North by heirs of James Draper; West & South by Isaac Flatt; East by William Davidson, fully described in deed by Edith Swearengen to William Davidson, said Trust deed to secure debt, Gardner & Buckner, Merchants in Nashville, judgment $125.30. R. H. Garner since died & H. B. Buckner became sole owner 10 June 1876.

[Signed] Morgan & Smith, Solicitors

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: Matt M. Gardner, Sadie G. Buckner & Henry B. Buckner of Davidson Co., TN, states they are only heirs at law of R. H. Gardner, deceased, former partner of Gardner & Buckner.

ANSWER: ISAAC FLATT claiming adverse possession, states 50 years in open, actual, public.

[Signed] M. G. Butler, John P. Murray & Son, Sols. for Defts

DEPOSITION: GEORGE H. MORGAN states he found trust deed from himself to Gardner & Buckner among B. B. Washburn's old papers some time after Washburn died in about 1878. [No date, no signature]

DEPOSITION: J. C. DAVIDSON, about age 52 states he is a son of William Davidson, who died about 1881, and was appointed one of his administrators.

[Signed] J. C. Davidson

DEPOSITION: W. R. CHAFFIN, age 50, live District 8. States Isaac Flatt had a lease under Holey Jackson, "think about close of the late war", at which time Wm Davidson purchased and took possession up to his death. "I bought at Chancery Court sale four years ago last March, made one crop & sold to deft Flatt in October, or rather transferred my bid as I had not paid for it. If he had any claim [to land] before, never heard of it.

[Signed] W. R. Chaffin

DEPOSITION: GEO H. MORGAN, age 49, stated Gardner & Bucker, Merchants of Nashville placed debt of William Davidson in hands of B. B. Washburn for collection. Davidson signed deed of trust, hoping to pay and not have land sold, couldn't, C & M proceeded with sale to pay debt. 8 June 1891.

[Signed] Geo H. Morgan


vs STONE, S. T. etals & JOHNSON, A. H.

SYNOPSIS: S. T. Stone was a doctor in Jackson Co., TN, who was indebted to H. B. Buckner of Nashville, Davidson Co.

W. H. Lee was Administrator of Estate of Vance C. Lee who died in Jackson Co., TN owing doctor bills to S. T. Stone.

Alice Chapman was Administratrix of Joshua Chapman who died in Jackson Co., TN owing doctor bills to S. T. Stone.

S. T. Stone had an inheritance coming from his uncle James Stone who died in White Co., TN, possessed of real estate. He sold the interest in inheritance to A. H. Johnson.

H. B. Buckner garnisheed the money owed by the Lee and Chapman estates, and filed a lien against the James Stone, deceased, property in White County.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: H. B. BUCKNER of Davidson Co, Tennessee file with Hon. Bethal M. Webb, 5th Chancery Division, Jackson Co., TN

versus S. T. Stone and wife Lucy Ann Stone; A. H. Johnson Admr of David Johnson decd; W. H. Lee Admr of Vance C. Lee deceased; Alice Chapman Admx of Joshua Chapman deceased; John H. Chaffin, Clerk Chancery Court; & special commissioner A. H. Johnson Admr David Johnson and others against John S. Johnson and others [latter all of Jackson Co., TN].

Stone owns land bounded on south by Jos J. Stamps; west by public road from Gainesboro & Sparta to Cookeville; north by street between land & town lots owned by R. V. Brooks; east by lands of R. V. Brooks or James W. Draper formally [sic] belonging to Sam E. Stone heirs. Deft Stone is entitled to one-fourth part of estate of David Johnson decd late of Jackson Co having married Lucy Ann a daughter of said deceased and heir at law of said David Johnson. Homestead & dower to Martha Johnson widow of David Johnson for life; upon death of said Martha remainder to children.

Also tract in 9th District...Robert Allen's corner...Martha Loftis line...meander with ridge...James Lynns corner...W. A. Loftis line...Jones Mercer.

ANSWER: T. C. SHUGART & Z. T. STONE, as Admrs of James Stone state that S. T. Stone's interest in James Stone's estate will not exceed $100. T. C. Shugart & Z. T. Stone were Administrators of James Stone; qualified 2 Dec 1889. Sam T. Stone is a son of Thomas Stone who was a brother of James Stone decd. Sam T. Stone and his brother and sister jointly entitled to one-eighth of personal estate of deceased. Thomas Stone left eleven children and Sam T. Stone's interest in said estate is 1/11 of 1/8. Have made no settlement. Have been notified that Johnson purchased interest of Sam T. Stone.

James Stone died possessed of:

Tract 1, Old Home Tract, part purchased by James and part by inheritance. When James died, 1/6 belonged to D. H. Stone...whole and half blood of said deceased.

Tract 2, Mountain Lands, 1/6 to D. H. Stone; 1/6 to brothers and sisters of the whole blood, to which Sam T. Stone would be entitled to 1/11 of 1/6. Remaining 4/6 to the remaining brother and sisters of the whole and half blood. 13 August 1891.

[Signed] Story Bros & Goff, Sols for Respondents

ANSWER: Lucy Ann Stone was a daughter of David Johnson, and living at his death; her property inherited from father, not that of husband.

[Signed] Murray & Son, Sol.

ANSWER: V. C. Lee died [blank] day of [blank] 1890.

[Signed] Haile & Draper, Sol. for Deft.



SYNOPSIS: E. C. Gaines bought 4,000 lbs of barbed wire from Buford Bros Hardware, Iron & Steel in Nashville at $1.95 per 100 lbs, to be shipped on Steamboat Hart. The boat sank about March 1897.

DEPOSITION: N. W. HEROD, "I am a traveling salesman of plaintiff, sold defendant goods. Did not guarantee freight charge being $.05 per 100 lbs.

[Signed] N. W. Herod

DEPOSITION: CAP CLARK, heard all of Herod's statement, concur. 17 March 1897.

DEPOSITION: H. W. REHORN, "My son is Ed Rehorn". N. W. Herod is commonly called Chunk. 16 March 1897.

[Signed] H. W. Rehorn

DEPOSITIONS: R. L. Draper, merchant, live Jennings Creek; S. G. Gaines, lawful age; J. P. Biler, B. J. Franklin [Gave no relationships or new information].

DEPOSITION: EDWARD BUFORD, member of Buford Brothers Hardware.

[Signed] Edward Buford


SHEPHERD, D. G. [Admr of Estate of William Vinson]

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Henry Vinson, Hamilton Vinson, James Vincent & Martha Vincent by next friend Sarah Vinson against David G. Shepherd, Admr of estate of William Vinson deceased and the creditors of said deceased, all of Jackson County. Orators & Oratrix state their father William Vinson departed life about Decr 1853, owned 60 acres; also tract purchased by Allen Manear. At death, only children all minors. Shepherd as Admr rented out lands and is claiming rents and profits as assets to pay debts.

NOTICE OF SUMMONS: David G. Shepherd, Jefferson A. Thomas, James Pharis, Allen Manear, J. C. Spurlock, Sydney S. Stanton, to appear 1st Monday February next. Dated 2nd Monday July 1859.

[Signed] W. H. Botts, C & M by W. G. Cox, DC&M

SETTLEMENT: JOSHUA VINSON, Administrator of JAMES VINSON, deceased. Inventory of Personal Property dated 1 January 1873 of $86.00, plus interest from 1 Jan 1873 to 1 Dec 1874 of $9.89. One item was Note due and payable to R. P. Brooks, Debtor of Uriah T. Brown, dec, pad 3 Feb 1878 [sic]. Another was Receipt from R. P. Brooks for procuring pension for dcd dated 3 Feb 1873. Submitted to court 1st Monday in December 1874.

BOND: ALLEN MANEAR TO WILLIAM VINSON. Vinson purchased land of Manear in Dist 15, bounded south by John Pharis; east by Pharis; north by Pharis and Wm Vinson; west to said Vinson's corner; west Vinson's line to Spurlock's corner. Subject to clear title in fee simple. Notes due 25 December 1852, 1853 and 1854.

[Signed] Allen Manear Test: William B. Holmes, Jno M. Armistead

DEPOSITION: JOHN W. COX age 37, states Burgess paid him as Constable on debt due Thomas Laycock for a horse purchased to carry south.

[Signed] John W. Cox

DEPOSITION: MATTHEW BREWINGTON stated William Vinson asked him to stay a judgment by W. H. Barnes; then James Burgess asked same thing, for a horse they carried South. "All that I know is when they were sold...the citizens told me so, and paid money to me and Burgess one county I think is by the name of Upton [?Upson] in the state of Georgia and some I think was sold in a town by the name of Griffin...would take about six weeks round trip, 12-20 miles per day". [This appeared to be a Feb 1853 trip].

Matthew [his X mark] Brewington

DEPOSITION: JAMES M. LOFTIS, age 50, stated Burgess & Vinson were co-partners, bought horse from me.

James M. [his X mark] Loftis

DEPOSITION: MILTON DRAPER states in ordinary years would take two months to take a herd of 14 horses south to sell and return. $1.00 per day for hireling.

[Signed] Milton Draper

DEPOSITION: ELIJAH STAMPS age 32, stated Burgess bought horse from my father [not named]...father before he died got a set of blacksmith tools worth $20 towards debt.

[Signed] Elijah C. Stamps

DEPOSITION: JAMES T. QUARLES stated John Stamps who is now dead swore in a deposition before Wm W. McCue that James Burgess paid $20 worth blacksmith tools towards debt for horse.

[Signed] James T. Quarles

DEPOSITION: WILLIAM JOHNSON age 28, sold Vinson a horse to take South. Note signed by Vinson, Burgess as Security. After Vinson departed life in 1853, took a note on Matthew Brewington in place of note on Vinson & Burgess - the same note "I sold to Joseph Shaw. It was after Vinson's death, I sent the note by my father". 8 Feb 1861.

[Signed] Wm S. Johnson

DEPOSITION: WESLEY HARVEY age 56, sold two horses to William Vinson the fall that Vinson died, payable on his return, provided Thomas Williamson or James Pharis would go his security; left the matter for William Williamson to handle. William Williamson is dead now. After Vinson died, went and got the horses and resold them for $240, same amount sold to Vinson. Lived some 8 miles from Vinson, got word Vinson was dead and to come and get the horses; think month of October. Understand Vinson had drove them some...When I went to get the horses old man Vinson was there. Got horses back about a week after Vinson died.

[Signed] Wesley Harvey

DEPOSITION: LEROY S. CARTER, age 36, said horses were taken away before November court.

[Signed] Leroy S. Carter

DEPOSITION: JOHN J. KELLY, taken 4 Feb 1859, house of Henry Richmond. Age about 38, sold Wm Vinson a sorrel mare.

[Signed] John J. Kelly

DEPOSITION: CALEB ROBERTS about 40, know nothing.

Caleb [his X mark] Roberts

DEPOSITION: TERREL BYRNES age 36, live about one mile of Wm Vinson before his death, widow Sally, now Sally Upchurch, lived there, still does. Was working on road, learned of Mr. Vinson's death. Next day Alexander E. Hogan came after horse, lead away...last week in October, I think. Was at Clerk's sale, Leroy Carter bought sorrel horse for $41.00 and Thaxton Carter bought a black for $60.50.

DEPOSITION: JOSEPH JONES about 36, started south with William Vinson, was with him when he died at Johnsons in Grassy Cove, Bledsoe County this state. I brought the horses back to James Vinsons where we started from - something like one-half mile from the widow Sally. He died about the last week of October.

Joseph [his X mark] Jones

DEPOSITION: CALEB ROBERTS about 48, states Sally Vinson, now Upchurch, the day after word came of William Vinson's death, she got Thaxton Carter to tell people to take back the horses. This was before David G. Shepherd administered estate. . Lived about 250 yards of them, was tenant on his land.

[Signed] Caleb Roberts

DEPOSITION: JOSHUA VINSON age 35, lived more than one-half mile. "I am a brother of William Vinson"...said horses were delivered up and taken off [by those who sold to Vinson on credit] before Esqr Shepherd administered the estate at the request of the widow; that he bridled some of them, and the horse lot "was not more than 150 yards from my house".

[Signed] Joshua Vinson

ANSWER: DAVID SHEPHERD to Bill of Complaint by James Burgess. Agreed Complainant about February 1853 accompanied said Vinson to Georgia with a drove of horses. Requires proof of expenses, notes paid, etc. Respondent denies he gave away any horses except one allowed widow as property exempt from execution. Some horses for which Vinson paid high prices and were not sold were taken back by persons who sold them since. States this was appealed to Tennessee Supreme Court who agreed with Chancery findings. Respondent qualified as Administrator of James Vinson's estate 7 November 1853, Complainant did not file bill until more than two years later 8 Feb 1856.

[Signed] D. G. Shepherd [Signed] Quarles, Sol.

ANSWER: SARAH & CARTER UPCHURCH to Bill of Complaint of James Burgess, etal. Agreed William Vinson, deceased and Burgess went to Georgia, not what their terms were; that Burgess had business in Georgia concerning his father's estate. Those persons who reclaimed their stock after William Vinson's death and who gave up notes:

William Hargis, one horse; Wesley Harvey, 2 horses; Thomas Brown, one horse; Alick Hogin, one horse; Hugh Pharis, one or two mules. Vinson left home 20 October 1853.

[Signed] Draper & Cox, Solr

DEPOSITION: Thomas Brown, about 86, sold William Vinson a horse on credit for $110, word came Vinson dead, wife asked to get horse and give up note, did so. Sold it to horse trader about 12 months later. Live about 6 miles from Administrator, lived about one mile from Vinson. Same day or next after I heard of death, got my horse back. Don't recollect if David Shepherd there. 8 November 1858.

[Signed] Thomas Brown

DEPOSITION: ALEX HOGAN about 30, sold Vinson a horse, note dated 15 Oct 1853. Got word Vinson dead, came for horse next day; widow said may have to bring back at day of sale. I then lived about 100 yards of him. I sold it for $120 to Shepherd Holleman, same price Vinson paid. Holleman lived in Smith Co then, about 5-6 miles of Administrator. 8 November 1858.

[Signed] Alex E. Hogin

DEPOSITION: William Hargis about 47, sold Vinson a horse on credit, got it back same day as Hogin. 8 November 1858.

Hugh [his X mark] Pharris

BILL OF COMPLAINT: SALLY & CARTER UPCHURCH against Henry, Hamilton, James & Martha Vinson, minor heirs of William Vinson, deceased by their friend Agnes Wheeler; D. G. Shepherd, Admr of William Vinson, deceased; Jefferson A. Thomas; James Pharis; Allen Manear; J. C. Spurlock; and Sydney S. Stanton, Guardian Ad Litem of minor Vinson children. Asks dower be set aside for Sally Upchurch, widow of William Vinson.

[Signed] Draper for Complainant

MISCELLANEOUS: Accounts Unpaid by William Vinson included to three blacksmiths, G. W. McKinley, White Myers and Thomas J. Jones. Last date of service, for shoeing horses was 20 October 1853.

Note executed 24 October 1848 to James Pharis by:

William [his X mark] Vinson [Signed] James Vinson




First...debts paid

Second...My Dear daughter Elizabeth Parris [sic] ...all land in Jackson County, Tennessee south side of Dry fork Martin's Creek bounded by Leonard Huff on the east; James Roberts on the west; during her life and after her death to bodily heirs.

Third...To daughter Elizabeth Pharris notes on [listed amounts] Dudley Brown, Plesant Hawkins, Jefferson Willaby, Moses Sandifer, Littleton Collier, Moses Sandefer, John Wheeler, Plesant Hawkins, Moses Sandifer, William Embry; also rent on land from Park B. Swift.

Esteemed friend James Vinson and my brother James Pharis to be Executors. Dated this 22 January 1836.

[Signed] William Pharris

Test/Signed: Park B. Swift, Joseph McCarly

I certify...true and correct copy, 26 August 1850 [Signed] S. W. Cassety, Clerk

DEMURRER, ANSWER & CROSS-BILL of ELIZABETH HOLMS to amended bill filed by J. S. Burgess & wife

William Pharris bequeathed whole estate to his only child Elizabeth, who afterwards married Wm Lambert. The 80-acre tract was conveyed to Wm Lambert by James Pharis, one of the Executors was afterwards levied on and sold to pay a judgment against Lambert was bought by James Hargis. Hargis swapped the eighty-acre tract for 32 acres to Elizabeth Lambert, who set up a trust for this 80 acres.


Elizabeth Lambert bequeathed 80 acres to Elizabeth Holms by last will. Elizabeth Pharris Lambert is the mother of Elizabeth Holms. Elizabeth Holms [in deed to J. S. Burgess] was attempting to convey her one-eighth interest. Deed is void as she was married, not joined by her husband. The name of her husband, J. M. Daniel, does not appear in body of the deed but after her name at bottom.

Elizabeth Lambert gave her deposition in case of Thomas L. Watts, etals vs William Lambert. Elizabeth Lambert is dead.

The will of William Pharris was destroyed in Jackson County fire following the Civil War; was not known copy of will was preserved until after the death of Elizabeth Lambert. Elizabeth Lambert made her last will 23 November 1907 to Bettie Holms and her children so long as they are minors and continue to live with her. Elizabeth [Bettie] Holms lived with her mother about 9 years before her death. Leslie Lynch appointed Administrator of Elizabeth Lambert. Denies will a fraud.

Elizabeth Lambert departed life in Jackson Co, TN 12 July 1912, owned land in 5th District. Elizabeth Lambert had cancer on her face, rheumatism, kidney trouble, large fleshy woman weighed 225 lbs, 4 1/2 years helpless. Cross-complainant was youngest child of Elizabeth & William Lambert, lived with them until the death of her father about 19 years ago [1912-19=c1893], and then with her mother until 1900, then moved with her husband to Putnam Co, TN for one year, then Livingston Co, Ky on Ohio River two years. Deeded her interest to J. S. Burgess who was to take care of Elizabeth Lambert. He moved in with her and stayed two years, moved away and a son of J. S. Burgess lived with her one year. While Cross-complainant lived in Kentucky, received letters from her mother asking her to return. Complainant's then husband J. M. Daniel left her & came back to Tenn taking only child of their marriage, about 15 months after they went to Kentucky and they have never lived together as husband and wife since. Moved back Nov 28, 1903. When arrived Joe Burgess and wife preparing to move. Cross-complainant brought with her the five children of her first marriage with J. C. Philpot, oldest a boy then 14. She and her children remained until death of her mother last July. Her mother would sometimes visit a son, James Lambert, who lived on Dry Fork. After cross-complainant had been with her mother about four years she went on a visit to her half brother in White County, Tennessee, found land she thought she could pay for with the help of her children. She told her mother about it, who begged her not to leave and had D. B. Johnson write her will, leaving her the property if she would care for her until she died. 17 December 1912.

[Signed] lbeth homes [sic] [Signed] T. J. Fisher, D. B. Johnson

COPY OF DEEDS: Recorded Land Deed Book I, pages 63-64, Jackson Co., TN

Bettie Daniel, daughter of William Lambert deceased...to J. Shirley Burgess...my mother Elizabeth Lambert being a daughter of William Pharris...bounded on the north by S. S. Carver, east by J. S. Burgess and T. J. Lee, south by said Lee and George Tittle, east by G. W. McKinley lands. 14 July 1900. [Typed facsimile filmed, including signatures].

[Signed] Elizabeth Daniel, J. M. Daniel

Recorded Land Deed Book F, page 57, William Lambert and wife Elizabeth, to James Hargis [Facsimile of original was typewritten, including signatures]. Recorded Land Deed Book F, page 54, James Hargis to Elizabeth Lambert, 18 Sept 1893.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: [Verbatim transcript of this portion]

To the Hon. A. H. Roberts, Chancellor, holding the Chancery Court at Gainsboro, Tennessee

The Bill of Complaint of Elizabeth Holms, of Jackson County, Mariah Huff of Davidson County, Tenn., and Millie Mayes and her husband Geo Mayes, of the State of Illinois,


J. S. Burgess and wife Eliza and James Lambert, of Jackson County, Matt Lambert of the State of Illinois, William Lambert of the State of Colorado, and the heirs of Letha Knapp, to-wit: Susie Elkins and her husband Thos. Elkins, and Charlie Knapp, citizens of Missouri, Matt Knapp of the State of Texas, Annie Cooper and husband Ira Cooper and Fred Knapp of the State of Illinois, and Harvey Knapp of Great Falls, Mont., and Jas. Hargis and T. Hargis of Jackson County, Tenn.

Complainants bring this bill for the relief prayed for on the following state of facts.


William Pharris died testate in Jackson County, a great many years ago, leaving only one child, Elizabeth, to whom he bequeathed all of his estate, both real and personal. He bequeathed to her a tract of land of about 200 acres lying in the 5th district of Jackson County, Tenn.,

Said Elizabeth afterwards became the wife of William Lambert, with whom she lived for many years, and of this marriage there were born eight children, to-wit: James Lambert, William Lambert and complainants Elizabeth Holms, Mariah Huff and Millie Mayes, Eliza Burgess and Leitha Knapp, the mother of the defendants designated as her heirs. Lethia Knapp was married and the defendants described as her heirs were born of the marriage, and she died leaving them as her heirs at law. The tract of land bequeathed to said Elizabeth Pharris was given to her during her life, and at her death to any children she might have, the remainder interest being vested in said children by the will.

Said Elizabeth Lambert died in the year 1912, thus terminating her life estate and the falling in of the remainder to her children and grand-children.

On July 14th, 1900, complainant Elizabeth Holms executed a deed to the defendant J. S. Burgess, conveying to him her 1/8 interest in remainder in the lands bequeathed to her mother as aforesaid, at that time she was a married woman, the wife of J. M. Daniels, who joined with her in the deed. Shortly before that complainant Mariah Huff conveyed her undivided 1/8 interest in said land to said J. S. Burgess, and about the same time complainant Millie Mayes conveyed her undivided 1/8 interest to the defendant J. S. Burgess. At the time of said conveyance complainants Mariah Huff and Millie Mayes were both married women, living with their husbands, and complainant Millie Mayes is still living with her husband. The husband of complainant Mariah Huff died some two years ago, being killed in a wreck on the Railroad.

Previous to the making of all of these conveyances, Elizabeth Lambert and her husband William Lambert had conveyed to Jas. Hargis, on Sept. 15th, 1893, about 32 acres of the land bequeathed to her by the will of her father, and no interest in this 32 acres was conveyed or attempted to be conveyed by the deeds made by complainants to J. S. Burgess. The deed from Elizabeth and William Lambert purports on its fact to convey the entire title to said 32 acres to said Hargis, but in fact they could only convey the life estate of said Elizabeth Lambert, and said Hargis knew at the time he took the deed from them that Elizabeth Lambert only held a life estate in said land under the will of her father. Recently Jas. Hargis gave his deposition in the case of J. S. Burgess and wife vs William Lambert, et als, in the Chancery Court of Jackson County, Tenn., involving some of the lands formerly owned by Elizabeth Lambert, in which he testified that at the time he took the deed from Elizabeth Lambert and her husband William that he knew or understood that said Elizabeth Lambert only held a life estate in the lands she conveyed to him.


Said tract of land of 32 acres more or less lies in district No. 5, of Jackson County, Tenn., and is bounded on the north by the lands of Andrew Pharris, on the east by the lands of Sam Carver, on the south by the remainder of the lands bequeathed to Elizabeth Lambert by her father, and on the west by Jas. Hargis and T. Hargis. Jas. Hargis, as complainants are informed, conveyed a 1/2 undivided interest in said 32 acres of land to his son, the defendant T. Hargis who is now claiming to own said interest.

it can not be partitioned in kind among those interested therein, but it would be manifestly to the interest of all the parties to have the same sold for a division of the proceeds. To divide the land into eight shares would only give four acres to the share and one of these shares would have to be sub-divided among the heirs of Lethia Knapp, which could not be done without destroying the value of the lands.

Each of the complainants and the defendants who are children of Elizabeth Lambert each takes a 1/8 interest in said land, and the children of Lethia Knapp joiningly take a 1/8 interest therein.


Complainants charge that the deed made by Elizabeth Lambert and her husband to Jas. Hargis purporting to convey the absolute title to said 32 acres to him is null and void as to these complainants and the other children and heirs at law of Elizabeth Lambert, and should be set aside as a cloud upon their title. The complainants are advised and charge that they have a right to have said title cleared up by the removal of the claim of the defendants Hargis by a decree of Your Honor's court, and then to have the land sold for a division of the proceeds among the parties entitled thereto.


Complainants pray that those named in the caption as defendants be made such by the issuance and service of process on those who reside in Tennessee, and that publication be made for those who are non-residents, to the end that they be brought before the Court and required to answer this bill, that they answer at Feby rules but they are relieved from answering under oath, and that defdts be required to account to complainants for ?rents/?receipts since the death of Elizabeth Lambert.

On the hearing complainants pray for a decree clearing up the title to said land and that the same be sold for a division of the proceeds among those entitled thereto under the facts and law. And they pray for all proper orders and decrees, references and reports and for general relief under all the facts. [No date].

[Signed] T. J. Fisher

[Signed] D. R. Johnson

DEPOSITION: BETTIE HOLMES, "I will be 40 years of age on the 26th of next February. I am a daughter of William and Elizabeth Lambert and I have been married three times"... first to J. C. Philpot who died; second to J. M. Daniel; one child which he has with him. Came back November 1903, oldest son 14, next a daughter age 12.

My husband J. M. Daniel left me while we lived in Putnam Co. and I procured a divorce and afterwards he came back and moved with me to Kentucky and we lived there together as man and wife a little over a year when he returned to Tennessee. We were not married after I got a divorce from him. After I come back to my mother's I married one Marion Holmes and he left me so I have two living husbands.

DEPOSITION: MARIAH HUFF, "daughter of William and Elizabeth Lambert, sister of Bettie Holmes...married George Huff 43 years ago, lived close to my mother until seven years ago...then to Nashville, and Illinois four years ago next November.

DEPOSITION: WADE MANIER stated he was at James Hargis' with William Philpot who had carried some papers there.

DEPOSITION: MITCHELL HUFF, "Elizabeth Lambert was my grandmother".

COMPROMISE: Complainants for $75.00 executed to Defendants James and T. D. Hargis their respective interests, 2 March 1914.

[Signed] Will Philpot; Mariah [her X mark] Huff; Betty homes [sic]; Millie [her X mark] Mayes; [Signed] James Hargis; [Signed] T. D. Hargis


Johnson Co, Illinois: "Millie Mayes wife of Andy Mayes of Goreville".

Conejos Co, Colorado: 14 Oct 1917, "William Lambert".

Cook Co, Illinois: "Fred R. Knapp, surviving heir of Leathy Knapp and wife Pearl Knapp", 3 March 1915.

Fullerton, Orange Co, CA: "Charley Knapp", 19 June 1914.

Champaign Co, Illinois: "Anna Cooper and husband I. M. Cooper" 15 Sept 1914.

["1850 Tennessee Census Index" by Sistler, J-1110-630

LAMBERT, Wm 39, Elizabeth 18, Nancy 16, Anderson 12, Judah 10, William 8, Andrew 6, James 1, Lewis 18, NC T"

"1860 Tennessee Census Index" by Sistler, J-22-319 lists:

LAMBERT, William 49, Elizabeth 28, Thomas 18, Andrew 15, James 12, Maria 9, Aletha 6, Eliza 4, William 2"


BURGIS (BURGESS) H. T., deceased

ESTATE SETTLEMENT: MARY BURGESS, Administratrix, filed Inventory of Personal Property 14 December 1899, Book C, Page 583.

Expenses [Other unpaid accounts, but these might help establish date of death]:

10 Decr 1897 - Receipt from J. T. Hinds, medicine in his lifetime for H. T. Burgess.

25 Apr 1898 - Account from Jerry Whitson, burial expenses $2.95 + $.47 interest.

26 Apr 1898 - Receipt from P. M. Smith for Burial Clothes for Decd $11.25 + 1.80 int.


PROSECUTION BOND: MARY BURGESS & J. M. UPCHURCH, $200 to S. S. Dudney dated 11 November 1872.

SYNOPSIS: S. S. Dudney states he was put into possession by Sheriff's Order of following land occupied by Mary Burgess in Jackson Co, Tenn:

Land in District 11 known as James Burgess Land, bounded by [?] Fox, Jimmerson Brown, south by J. W. Wade and T. Byrne, north by Peter Polk. Mary Burgess sued to regain land, Dudney didn't appear so Mary Burgess received default judgment and possession. Dudney requested case be retried, as he was confined due to illness. Latest document 30 November 1872 was order to remove Dudney, put Mary Burgess in possession. [No testimony, no relationships given].



SYNOPSIS: John Burke died intestate in 1842 in Jackson County, Tennessee, survived by widow Jane and by 16 children, some of whom were minors. Richard P. Brooks was appointed Administrator of his estate. 200 acres of the land was allotted to her as homestead and dower rights. Land bounded on North by the Cumberland River, East by land of Joshua Haile, Jr., South by R. A. Cox & Hoover and West by [blank], lies on White's Bend of the Cumberland River. The land was sold by court order and proceeds divided among the heirs. At least some was purchased by Richard P. Brooks, the Administrator. Jane Burke, the widow, died in 1881. Following her death, the heirs of John Burke alleged fraud against Richard P. Brooks, and sued for recovery of the land against:

R. V. Brooks, Administrator of Richard P. Brooks; Caleb Roberts, Nathan Roberts, Josiah Roberts, Meredith Brown and Asa Denson of Jackson County, Tennessee "the present occupants of said land".

BILL OF COMPLAINT dated 28 July 1884 listed


I. POLLY BURKE, daughter of John Burke, married WILLIAM DARWIN. She died leaving children:

[1] Leonidas Darwin of Texas [2] William H. Darwin of Arkansas [3] Hiram C. Darwin of Texas [4] George C. Darwin of Jackson Co, Tenn [5] Mary A. married a man by name of Suite, he is dead, she is widow, resides in Texas [6] Elizabeth married Miles Kelly, they live in Kansas [7] Granville Darwin died leaving daughter Mary who married ?William Carter, they live in Jackson Co, Tenn [8] Parasidia Darwin married Alexander Taylor they live in Arkansas [8] Polly died intestate after death of her mother

II. HENRY F. BURKE, son of John Burke, died November 1845 leaving children:

[1] Milton E. Burke [2] John M. Burke [3] Sarah E. Burke married [blank] Hornbuckle, all of Missouri [4] Angeline married McCary and live in Kansas.

III. PARASIDIA BURKE, daughter of John Burke, married W. W. More [Moore] died intestate, leaving children:

[1] Elizabeth Moore married James Padgett of Wilson Co, Tenn [2] Ella Moore married Alexander Buhler of Wilson Co, Tenn [3] Adda Moore married William Bettis of Wilson Co, Tenn [4] Lucy Moore, a daughter, of Wilson Co, Tenn.

IV. PERMELIA BURKE, daughter of John Burke, married Alva Graves, both deceased, leaving child:

[1] Paradisia Graves married [blank] Lipscomb of the State of Missouri.

V. ESOM S. BURKE, son of John Burke died, leaving children all of Wilson Co, Tenn:

[1] William L. Burke [2] John P. Burke [3] Franklin P. Burke [4] James R. Burke [5] Uhley Burke married Henry Woolard [6] Sallie B. Burke. Minor children of Esom S. Burke are Franklin P. Burke, James R. Burke and Sallie B. Burke.

VI. JOHN G. BURKE son of John Burke, lives Wilson Co., TN.



IX. ELIZABETH BURKE daughter of John Burke married Thomas D. Simpson, reside in Texas.

X. MATILDA BURKE wife of [Given name hard to interpret; could be Lane Long or Lone Long] Love Long, live in Kentucky.

XII. ELVIRA BURKE married Otey Hopkins and died leaving children:

[1] W. P. Hopkins, [2] M. D. Hopkins, [3] John O. Hopkins, [4] M. E. Hopkins, [5] Sidney Hopkins, [6] Andrew L. Hopkins, [7] Nannie B. Hopkins, [8] Mary Ann Hopkins

"Sidney Hopkins Andrue Hopkins Nancy B Hopkins & Mary Jane Hopkins (John Anderson X Francis) Anderson minor who sue by thare next frend George C Darwin"

XIII. JAMES B. BURKE died leaving children:

[1] Jno R. Burke [2] Thomas Burke [3] Elizabeth Parker widow of [blank] Parker & [4] ?Marvin/Marion Burke all citizens of Kentucky.

XIV. WM C. BURKE died leaving son Henry Burk of Kentucky

XV. JONAS BURKE who was living at his father's death, died young intestate without issue.

XVI. JANE BURKE born few months after father's death "in lawful time", died in infancy/childhood without issue.

[Signed] A. A. Swope, Sol for Compts [Signed] G. C. Darwin, 28 July 1884

PETITION TO COURT: Material witnesses to this case are Claiborne Jones, Carroll Jones, Gilkey Rogers, Caleb Lemons. Rogers and Claiborne Jones are old and infirm, request permission to take deposition before case put in issue. Dated 29 July 1884

[Signed] A. A. Swope, Sol for Complainants [No further documents microfilmed]


BURKS, R. L. Administrator of Henrietta Roberts

SYNOPSIS: Henrietta Roberts was a resident of Overton Co., TN had was visiting in Jackson Co. where she died 10 November 1904. George G. Haile, who was owed about $300 by deceased, was appointed Administrator of her estate the same day in Jackson Co. R. L. Burks was appointed Administrator the same day in Overton Co. To further complicate matters, Henrietta Roberts had been adjudged insane and her legal guardian was F. C. Alred of Overton Co. Henrietta's only heir of deceased was a sister, Mrs. Ellen Roberts of Overton Co. Henrietta was the widow of W. A. Roberts. Each administrator filed to have the other's appointment set aside. R. L. Burks was Administrator of W. A. Roberts' estate, and was involved in lawsuit with Equitable Life Assurance Society which would affect Mrs. Roberts' estate.

EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY of the U.S. vs R. L. Burks Admr F. C. Allred Guardian John L. Gore Exr A. B. Hestand John M. G. York B. A. Butler O. H. Anderson T. M. Gailbreath & Thomas Roberts next friend

[Defendants typed as written, including punctuation. There is no testimony; only a decree that is very difficult to read. More might be found in criminal case records, State of Tennessee vs [ ], Overton Co., Davidson Co., or area newspapers of the era - mlj].

DECREE: A. B. Hestand took out a life insurance policy on W. A. Roberts and paid the premiums. Equitable Life Assurance had paid proceeds of insurance policy into Court pending outcome of trial. The court decreed the Last Will of W. A. Roberts [not on film] to be void, and A. B. Hestand was not entitled to proceeds of life insurance policy, as both were based on a wagering contract between Roberts and Hestand. The insurance money reverted to the widow, Henrietta Roberts, but Hestand was entitled to a refund of insurance premiums he had paid, now amounting to $125.

"It is further decreed that the contract of employment of B. A. Butler, T. M. Gailbreath & O. H. Anderson by Henrietta Roberts to prosecute Hestand, York and Gerrison? for the murder of her husband W. A. Roberts and the note executed by her and transfer by her of a one-half interest in said policy...entitled to recover the amount of the note of $1500 without interest and apply one-half the proceeds to the payment thereof..."

PETITION TO CONTEST WILL: John J. Gore produced Last Will of William A. Roberts which was admitted for probate in Jackson Co, Tenn February term 1901. John J. Gore Executor appointed F. C. Allred the guardian of Henrietta Roberts, widow of W. A. Roberts.



BILL OF COMPLAINT: GEO C. DARWIN against James M. Richmond, Matthew Rogers, William Rodgers, W. W. McCue, Thomas Huffhines & T. M. Smallwood, all citizens of Jackson Co, TN. Darwin purchased land from R. F. Richmond on Indian Creek for $1,000; paid $650 cash and notes at time of purchase. However, R. F. Richmond did not have clear title at that time. It was vested in George W. Huffhines & in the case of A. S. Huffhines & others, his Admr vs Malinda White and othr heirs at law of George W. Huffhines; was tried in court, sold by court and purchased by Thomas Huffhines. R. F. Richmond died. Wants to enjoin everyone/every action until this is straightened out. 25 November 1871.

[Signed] Denton & Washburn, Sols [Signed] Robert R. Burnett



ANSWER: WATSON M. COOKE of Davidson County, Tennessee, Respondent, states John M. Burris died, Gaw was appointed Executor and failed to qualify. David M. Morgan & Sampson W. Cassety were appointed Administrators with will annexed. Cassety died. Winfield Scott Burris and Eliza Jane Burris are children and minor heirs of John M. Burris. Respondent denies Elizabeth Burris is currently Guardian of minor children; that she was appointed Guardian in 1867 and posted bond, which was not renewed. Cooke states he is a wholesale shoe and boot merchant in Nashville, was a close friend of John M. Burris, but did not know of the trust fund John M. Burris set up for his children in his lifetime [with Cooke specified Trustee] until 1865.

[Signed] John P. Murray & Geo M. Morgan, Sols for Respondent


PROSECUTION BOND: Elizabeth Burris, Guardian of Heirs of John Burris. Principals Elizabeth Harris, Andy Johnson and W. S. Burris; Security is H. J. Harley, bound to John W. Stafford dated 14 March 1878 for costs of prosecution.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: JOHN W. STAFFORD against Andrew Johnson & wife Eliza and W. S. Burris. In 1875, act commenced to eject James K. Buchanan, a tenant in District 1 Jackson Co bounded west by John M. Burris deceased; south an 8 acre tract owned by Thomas Burris once owned by D. M. Morgan; north by Alexander Kirkpatrick and east by S. S. Gray, deceased. Defendants Eliza and W. S. Burris were minors, now full grown. Seek to enjoin from removing valuable timber from land. Eliza Jane Johnson, formerly Eliza Jane Buris, minor heir of John M. Burris, deceased.

May 1874 William & Elizabeth Stafford received judgment in Chancery Court against Elizabeth Burress, W. S. Burress & E. J. Burress, levied on land of heirs of J. M. Burress being W. S. Burress and Eliza J. Burris the wife of Andy Johnson, being land where Elizabeth Burress now lives bounded by land on James Williams on the north; lands of S. S. Gray on the south; John VanHooser on the west and lands of S. S. Gray on the east. Sale was ordered 14 July 1875, no bidder; again 4th Monday in September 1877.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Elizabeth Burris, Winfield S. Burris, Eliza J. Burris by her guardian Elizabeth Burris. John M. Burris died December 1861. In October 1860 his last will made and published conveyed several tracts to Winfield S. and Eliza J. Burris in District 1 on Roaring River.


[Note: There was no "new" file jacket on this case; apparently several cases having to do with the same Burris families were combined - mlj]

Complainant respectfully shows that his father John M. Burris bought for Complainant land in Jackson County, Tennessee. More than 20 years ago, about 1835, his father gave him tract he now lines on being on the East side of Roaring River joining land of Samuel Gray and John Brown and farms of William Stafford and Elijah Burris containing about 200 acres. About 8 December 1847, Complainant by consent of John M. Burris built on the west side of said river, has resided ever since except about two years in house of Defendant. John M. Burris gave him land, about 80 acres where house stands. His said father afterward at about age 70 married a young widow, alienated his affection. After he held land as a gift for more than 20 years, his father sued for ejectment and recovered same, affirmed term 1858, Tennessee Supreme Court. Now claiming land by adverse possession. Dated 9 March 1859.

[Signed] Quarles, Solicitor for Complainant [Signed] W. Burris

ANSWER: JOHN M. BURRIS to Bill of Complaint of William Burris, states Respondent purchased 40 acre tract of Wm W. Woodfolk. Complainant furnished money to pay for it. 4 March 1859.

[Signed] Murray & [cannot read] Sol. for Respondent

SUMMONS TO APPEAR: W. M. Pickett, Admr of John Burris, deceased, dated 31 August 1881. [No testimony on film].

SUMMONS TO APPEAR: Wm Burriss, Joe Hestand & wife Rebecca, George Burris, Charles Burris, Leonard Burris, James Burriss, Susan Sallie White - Wm Bean and his wife, heirs of John Burris deceased. [No date, no testimony on film].

INDENTURE OF APPRENTICESHIP: Jackson Co., Tennessee and John M. Burris. William Loftis is a minor aged 7 years, orphan...estate is so small...with the consent of said orphan's mother [not named] who is unable to provide...until age 21 to learn occupation of farmer and miller. Recorded MB B, 664 and 666, dated March 1884.

[Signed] J. M. Burris

[Possibly this John M. Burris indexed on Sistler's "1880 Census Jackson County": BURRIS, Jno. M. 41, C. F. 36 (f) Lucitta 14, S. J. 13 (f) L. E. 9 (f) pg 174].



Notice to appear to Randall Gipson, debt due by account under $100. 10 March 1876.

I Randall Gipson, owing to my poverty...unable to bear cost of appeal, judgment rendered in favor of James Burris for $9.20. 18 Jan 1877. [No more in file].

Randall [his X mark] Gipson



SYNOPSIS: John M. Burris owned a saw mill at Double Springs in Putnam Co, TN. Purchased saw mill boiler from J. W. Route & Co. for $600 on 4 notes for $150 each, paid part, could not pay the rest. As collateral, signed a deed of trust on 3 tracts of land. Couldn't pay for the boiler, Route took the boiler and sold it at auction to himself for $100 while Burris was away getting a stay on the order. Route took other equipment including engine and saw mill cradle, sold it; value about $500. Burris made a complicated swap with Samuel Johnson of land in 6th District for a tract of land Johnson owned in 9th District, plus a mare if Johnson would agree to pay his debt of $600 to J. W. Route. Didn't get paid, Burris sued to recover.

DEED OF TRUST: We, John M. Burris & wife L. A. Burris for $1.00...unto T. L. Denny, Trustee, three tracts in 6th District, Jackson Co, TN:

[1]...bounded on north by Mounce Gore heirs, south by Elisha "Lish" Bull and E. C. Carlile, west by Jno M. Burris, formerly owned by Benj Smith, being 150 acres.

[2]...known as Jeff Roberts land bounded on north by lands of Barton Smith & Samuel Taylor, east by Jesse Lawson and west by Jno M. Burris, Bull & Carlile, being 50 acres.

[3]...part of Benj Smith Tract bounded north by Gainsboro & Livingston road, east by first tract described above, south by Gore heirs and west by Maxwell land, 40 acres.

...to purchase boiler...four promissory notes of $150 each.

[Signed] J. A. Burris, L. A. Burris

[Acknowledged] B. C. Lindsey, Notary Public, Putnam Co, TN


JOHN M. BURRIS, occupation mechanic, reside Overton Co. Swapped tract of land 6th District where he lives now on Roaring River for tract Johnson owned in 9th Dist...pay debt...I had sold a tract in Clay Co. to Morrison Clinton, Johnson's son in law.

[Signed] J. M. Burris

TOM BERRY age 43, live Jackson Co, states witnessed deed. [Signed] Thos N. Berry

MRS. L. A BURRIS, age 40, live Overton Co. I am the wife of Complainant J. M. Burris. Johnson was to pay debt. [Signed] Lusetta Burris



COMPLAINT: MARTHA E. BURRIS, stated married 5 July 1877 in Jackson Co, that he was kind at first. Girl of four months named Amanda Kelly Burris. Alleges intoxication, abuse, adultery. States when she was confined following pregnancy, she got her sister [name not given] to come help which made him angry, and he was abusive to both her and her sister. Listed personal property; also one-half interest in the following lands which has not yet been divided, described as case "A. H. Johnson and wife and W. S. Burris against Elizabeth Burris & others commenced 26 March 1878".

[Signed] J. P. Murray, Sol. [Signed] Martha E. Burris, Dated 27 July 1878

ANSWER: WINFIELD SCOTT BURRIS, agreed they were married as stated, and that he was kind, but their girl is named Eliza P. Burris, not Amanda Kelly. States he does drink to intoxication occasionally, but he did that before marriage and she knew it. Wife's parents live about 3 1/2 miles away in Gainesboro. Stated when his wife was confined, he procured one Mary Stafford to wait on her, then Luverna Stafford; that his wife's sister had only come to assist his wife in annoying him. Asks that bill be dismissed, as it is not specific as to charges. 24 August 1878.

[Signed] Butler, Sol. for Respt [Signed] W. S. Burris



BILL OF COMPLAINT: CHARLES BURTON & SHEPHERD BURTON against Lanson Clark, Thomas Huddleston, Mack Harper states Lanson Clark signed note which is due, removed to Arkansas or Texas or other parts beyond limit of this state. Owned five tracts of land on Indian Creek of Cumberland River in Putnam County. Short time before absconding, deeded to Harper & Huddleston, registered in Jackson Co, Tennessee.

[Signed] Quarles, Sol., 30 September 1845

DEED EXTRACT 23 July 1845, land in Dist 14 now called Putnam Co. on Indian Creek, north side of Cumberland River, 100 acre tract granted Asa Worlton, being No. 1605.

Tract adjacent above granted Isaac Walton being Simon Carlisle original corner, 100 ac.

Tract by Grant No. 160, waters of Indian Creek beginning northwest corner of Richard Clark's 50 acre tract in the south boundary line, being 274 acres.

Tract granted to Isaac Walton and the same which the said Lanceon Clark and others now lives...east boundary line of William Woodfolk's 120 tract, survey dated 16 Mar 1827.

Tract...near Matthew Cowan between Cowan & Clark fences...passing Clarks and Carlisles corner...waters of Indian Creek...west boundary of Matthew Cowans 640 acre tract above Lanceon Clarks house, being 80 acres.

ANSWER: MARK HARPER & THOMAS HUDDLESTON, know nothing of indebtedness of said Lancion Clark to Complainant. Harper & Huddleston agreed to pay Clark's debts up to $1500 in exchange for land.



Divorce. Both of Jackson Co, Tenn, married 5 October 1871 in Jackson Co. Complainant would be gone on business of floating and rafting to Nashville, Gerver? Thomas would visit and stay all night. Six children, namely Henry age 14, Ester age12, Ida 9, Stephen 6, Willie 2, Johnie 2 months issue of marriage. 16 July 1886.

[Signed] M. B. Young, Sol. [Signed] G. W. Burton



Divorce. Married 1 July 1900 in Smith Co, Tenn, lived Jackson Co, Tennessee since. Happy five months when Defendant left and went to her mother's. He went there and lived there a while. Following a family disagreement, his wife's mother hit him on the head with a billet of wood and ordered him out of the house. No children mentioned.

Littleton C. [his X mark] Burton, 12 August 1903


SYNOPSIS: G. W. Burton filed bill for divorce 16 July 1886 charging adultery with one Gover Thomas. She left the country with Thomas, said to have gone to Illinois. G. W. Burton had signed three promissory notes due April 1888, 1889, 1890 provided she didn't molest him. She returned, he wouldn't pay, she sued. Deposition of Henry Burton stated "I am a son of the parties".



SYNOPSIS: Involved indebtedness of Bird Kinslow due to two judgments, originating March 1839 when Kinslow borrowed $909 from John Dowell at what was then termed usurious but legal rate of 10 1/2% and 12%. Notes sold/swapped/traded between John Dowell, Watson M. Cooke and Stephen Burton. [No relationships given].



Married Jackson Co, Tenn about five years ago, together 8 or 10 days. He wanted her to go to Kentucky with him and live, she went to her father's. He returned a short while later, asked her to come back, she refused. No children mentioned. 25 February 1911

[Signed] Geo M. Haile, Sol. T. E. [his X mark] Burton


BUSH, M. S. & wife SUSAN P. BUSH

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Mary Way in her own right and as Administratrix of A. J. Way, deceased, Thomas Walker and wife Sallie Walker; Thomas Mabury and wife Darinda Mabury, and S. S. Way, all of Jackson County, Tenn against Susan Bush and husband M. S. Bush of Putnam Co, Martha Burris & husband Wade Burris, Hezekiah Way, Canzada Way, David Way and Bank [Bancroft] Way and James Pryor of Jackson Co, Tennessee and William Way of Missouri.

A. J. Way died 5 February 1887, Complainant Mary Way is widow and administrator. Children and only heirs of A. J. Way are: Darinda Mabury, Sallie Walker, S. S. Way, Martha Burris, Susan Bush, Willie Way, Hezekiah Way, Canzada Way, David Way and Ban Way. Last four are minors.

A. J. Way departed life in Jackson County, Tennessee intestate [blank] February [blank], owned land in 1st District in Talley's Hollow and Aaron Branch, where he lived at time of death. Bounded by lands of: east by Elijah Haney, south by G. W. Allen, west by Robert Meadows, north by Larrs Robins, William Way and T. D. Young. A. J. Way in his lifetime sold a tract of land to defendant James Pryor.

Widow states she paid balance due on land from her own funds. Believes before land is partitioned and sold in lots or tracts, she should be reimbursed.

[Signed] Murray & Son, Sol.



B. W. Roberts departed life in Jackson Co, Tenn in 1880, owning land in District 5, Jackson County, no personal property, estate indebted. George H. Morgan appointed Administrator, Nancy Roberts is widow, seeks 113 acres allotted as homestead & dower, remainder of property be sold. Children & heirs of B. W. Roberts:

Mary Bush intermarried with John Bush, who died before her said father B. W. Roberts.

Defendant James Roberts, of Jackson County, Tennessee.

Letta Roberts who intermarried with another James Roberts who is made a defendant, said to live in Illinois.

Louisa Sweat who intermarried with J. W. Sweat, residents of State of Texas.

Richard Roberts, resident of Arkansas.

A. E. H. Roberts, resident of Arkansas.



BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married 27 December 18[?]85 in Jackson County, resided there ever since. Six children of this union, four boys and two girls: Stanton Butler age 11, Mildred 9, Stafford 7, Charlie 6, Ethel 3, Georgia age 1 last April. Had been married before to Howard Burton, who died about one year before she and defendant married; two children of this union, a boy age 16 not living at her house and girl 17 who resides with her. Alleges defendant committed adultery with one Elizabeth, commonly called Bet Buckhanan, believes he is keeping her. Defendant owns 65 acres 14th Dist bounded north by T. L. Martin, east by James Draper, south by Ruffus Herring & K. T. Sircy, west by Elizabeth Burris.

[Signed] Garrett & Kemp, Sols [Signed] Amanday Butler

ANSWER: Denies charges, stated he treated her as kindly as she would let him. Stated he did sell Bet Buckhannon 10 barrels of corn and she paid him cash.




Inventory recorded Wills, Administrators & Settlement Book B, pps 417 & 418 dated 29 October 1887. Receipts included goods for Burial purposes 12 August 1887, 13 August 1887, 19 August 1887; plank for coffin 15 August 1887, box for coffin 16 August 1887.

NOTICE: To Jimy W. Phillips, John Harris & wife, heirs names unknown, Mary Richardson, James Gorden, Jackson Gorden, Tom Warren & wife Leanna Warren, Clovis Gaw & wife Francis Jane Gaw - she Francis is dead leaving Estal Gaw.

I, J. H. Chaffin...administrator settlement Sat Decr 20, 1890.

NOTICE: To J. T. Phillips, J. F. Phillips, Arnie Phillips, George Phillips & Jesse Lawson, Olympus Gaw & his wife Sarah Gaw, Lafayett Upchurch & Bessie Upchurch, heirs of E. Phillips...settlement Sat Decr 20, 1890.


B. A. BUTLER, Administrator of P. Loftis, deceased
WM LOFTIS, etal and

Attorney fee of B. A. Butler of $150 shall be lien on land of minor heirs. Minor heirs of P. Loftis deceased are Wm, Nannie, Mary and Roy Loftis.



DEPOSITION: M. J. DIXON states Nancy Rawley died about one year ago, no personal property. She was my aunt by marriage. She married my mother's brother. Necessary to sell land to pay debt.

Heirs of Nancy Rawley, who died intestate in Jackson County, Tennessee, are:

James Rawley of Putnam Co, Tenn; Achiles Rawley; Vallie Rawley; Ida Britton; H. G. Young and wife Nannie Young; John Holleman and wife Hassie; A. A. Duke and the children of Kittie Duke namely Nannie J. Duke 16, Allison Duke 14, Litta Duke 12, Lestor Duke 10, Bedford Duke 8 all of Jackson Co., Tenn; and Marvin Rawley a non-resident of Tennessee resident not known to Complainant.

Nancy Rawley owned land in District 1 in Trap place hollow bounded on east by Wm Davidson; west, north and south by land formerly owned by James Draper on Doe Creek. Also another tract adjoining in what is known as Mahaly Jackson hollow.

End of Reel #53 

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