Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #52
Brooks, R. - Bruce, J.

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] BROOKS, R. V., Administrator of MURRAY, JOHN P. Chancery 1897

[Note: This is title on folder. Primarily concerning Estate of John P. Murray, and division of fees with his son G. B. Murray. However, cases listed give several tidbits on other families - mlj]:

CAUSE HEARD on C & M Report filed 21 March 1898; R. V. Brooks, Administrator and G. B. Murray vs A. W. Crabtree et al and A. W. Crabtree vs R. V. Brooks. Concerning indebtedness of estate of John P. Murray, exceptions sustained and allowed by Court and report set aside and held for nothing.

AFFIDAVIT: Case of State of Tennessee vs J. M. Loftis, G. R. Loftis and John P. Loftis for the fight with Martin Loftis and damage suit with John P. Murray. G. B. Murray did most of the work - we never paid anything or settled it [fee] with the old man. 10 Feby 1897.

G. R. [his X mark] Loftis

SETTLEMENT with R. V. Brooks, Administrator of John P. Murray, 15 December 1899.

Note for $27.65 given by Pauline & Jno Donaldson and G. B. Murray, articles bought at sale.

Note by Jno P. Murray Jr., sundry articles bought at sale 6 April 1896, $15.70.

Fannie Williams, note given for sundry articles bought at sale $6.40. [Total 16 pages].

BAD DEBTS owed to John P. Murray, barred by the Statute of Limitations... all or most of them are dead [No date on notes; however, some notes were filmed later on reel - mlj]:

Garland Anderson, with interest to December 15, 1898. Also notes on Ann Brinlee, W. M. Carver, J. W. Carr, R. P. Crowder, R. S. Crabtree, J. H. Colter, Wm Dycus, Jas & Adam Daily, W. C. West et al, D. Graham, L. L. Harley, T. C. Hodges, D. W. Hawes, Wm Reeves, Andy German, J. P. Rawlings & Judith Johnson, W. C. Johnson, A. G. Jackson, Jas M. Johnson, Wm Lambert, C. H. Langford, H. P. Loftis, John & Curry Lee, J. B. Murray, Stephen Massey & A. G. Ga?aines, John McNeil, L. W. Oglesby, Wm C. Purcell, F. M. Price, Wm & Susan Perdue, Martin Oneel, A. Stanton, C. W. Smith, E. N. Terry, B. B. Washburn, John Welsh, J. W. Wright, J. C. Nelson, Absolom Waddle, Jo P. Coffee, J. M. Young, E. N. [or H.] Stone, John Hare, F. M. Crockett, Robt Young. Total $7160.53.

INVOICE of James Campbell, Jan - Nov 1895, labor 50 Cents per day for hauling corn, repairing fences, cleaning stables, 7 days work at Bloomington, plowing potatoes, hauling apples from Bloomington, etc. Waiting on [Caring for while ill] John P. Murray from November 15th 1895 to Dec 21, 1895, Night & Day, 35 days at $1.00 = $35.00. Total $86.65

DEPOSITION of G. R. Crabtree age 76, live Jackson Co. G. B. Murray attended to a lawsuit, Supreme Court in Nashville with H. Crabtree vs J. R. Crabtree, et al. Paid him $50 in March 1894 or 95.

/s/ G. R. Crabtree

STORE ACCOUNT of John P. Murray with A. W. Tilley, Putnam Co. Those charging items in 1895 were J. B. Gunter, Daniel Ghee, John Larry, Amanda McCarver, Will Stafford, Buck Brown. Total $51.45.

/s/ A. W. Tilley

RENT OF LANDS belonging to John P. Murray, year 1897, received $309:

Tract 1, hill pasture facing Gainesboro bounded by Tanyard branch, west by Haile... below Quarles Spring.

Tract 2, The Mary Price or Dow Hollow pasture bounded by Tract 1 and J. E. Stafford, east by Doe Creek... north of where Dow Cornwell lives, west by Aggie Smith.

Tract 3 known as the rocky point pasture bounded east by Cave Spring field... north by Tr. No. 2.

Tract 4 extending from Tract 3 to the river and west of the ?Cowin Ferry Road running over the rocky hill containing about 22 acres.

Tract 5, the two bottom fields heretofore rented to David Loftis together with the rye field that runs up to Dow Cornwells.

Tract 6, the point pasture bounded by Doe Creek, Beck Branch, S. B. Fowler and M. L. Gore.

DEED: I, John P. Murray... this day sold to John Dennis... $50 paid...land... road leading from Gainesboro to Flynns Lick... Polly Cornwell... to James Jones. 26 May 1891.

/s/ John P. Murray

DEPOSITION of G. B. Murray, surviving partner of John P. Murray & son... I have collected fees on following cases...

From P. D. Staggs, case of J. M. Staggs & Co. vs J. C. Hamilton, et al, at Celina.

From S. M. Tinsley on N. B. Richmond Case, Chancery and at [TN] Supreme Court.

From Frank Coopers children and son in law on fees in Dr. Simmons case for damage in Circuit Court and case of Lizzie Cooper vs Frank Cooper for divorce.

Fee due, case of G. B. Murray, surviving partner against Emily Gipson.

C & M REPORT OF SALE 17 Sept 1898, Tract of land in 9th District, sold entire interest of John P. Murray who owned one-third undivided interest, the same tract that was conveyed by J. M. Lynn & wife to John P. Murray, G. B. Murray and M. G. Butler... John H. Dennis the highest bidder became purchaser.

DEPOSITION September 7, 1897:

G. W. Hampton age 42, lived Gainesboro since 1890. Knew J. P. Murray. I made a trip with G. B. Murray to Fentress and Pickett Counties some years ago... he collected some money. John P. Murray said Ban was collecting all his fees.

/s/ G. W. Hampton

NOTICE OF DEPOSITION to Y. W. Williams, case of Murray vs A. W. Crabtree and wife Eva vs Murray - Bill and Cross-bill, following depositions will be taken:

5 August 1897 deposition will be taken of Stephen H. Pile at Jamestown, Fentress Co.

9 August 1897, deposition of H. H. Loftis at American Building, Nashville.

31 July 1897, J. K. P. Davis at Celina, Clay Co.

14 August 1897, R. H. Washburn at Gainesboro, Jackson Co.

12 August 1897, J. W. Stafford and Dr. S. B. Fowler, Gainesboro.

13 August 1897, Dr. A. M. Furguson at his house in Gainesboro.

REPORT OF C & M [Regarding fees due in cases. Begins with Item 162; pages missing - mlj]:

J. T. Anderson, Adm of William H. Botts in litigation with A. J. Clemmons at Celina, Tenn.

B. Gist vs Belle Gist at Celina, Tenn.

E. W. Terry & Young Terry for defending Young Terry for killing Walker.

J. A. Carlin vs L. J. Garner.

Bank of Sparta vs W. C. and Aletha Young.

Joe Hudgins vs Serena Hudguns [sic].

J. W. Pucket vs W. G. Davis.

Overton County vs Hardy Copeland.

State vs Verble... In this case John P. Murray never did any work... was in bed where he continued practically to his death. Case tried before Judge Fisher at Cookeville.

Washburn & Cason against W. F. Gentry, Supreme Court [TN], Decr term 1895.

Patten Greenwood... deposition of P. M. Greenwood

Joel W. Settle & John P. Murray vs S. T. Motley [This case marked through - mlj].

DEPOSITION 29 June 1898, at store of Jas H. Nixon, Clementsville, Tenn.

H. W. Cherry. Know A. W. Crabtree, knew Jno P. Murray. I am a son of Carroll Cherry deceased. The old man Jno P. attended a lawsuit for Father at Supreme Court in Nashville about 1880. After Father's death I as an heir and J. M. Crawford as another heir paid $75 to G. B. Murray at Gainesboro. Since them, paid $125 in a suit between myself and R. Pedigo and Yorkes [sic].

/s/ H. W. Cherry

AFFIDAVIT of Joseph Jones of Putnam Co., Ten. John P. Murray died indebted [to me] for $69.31... book account 1895, due 1 January 1896. Dated 19 August 1898.

NOTICE TO CHANCERY: Clay Reeves raised his bid on the reversionary interest of Sallie Murray by 10% from $400 to $440. Sept term 1899.

REPORT OF SALE: Joseph Jones became purchaser of summer residence of John P. Murray at Bloomington. June 3, 1899 at public auction.

DEPOSITIONS [Attorney fees; no date. Signed as written unless otherwise noted - mlj]:

W. W. Draper. G. B. Murray is a son of John P. Murray. /s/

L. K. Smith. /s/ Lewis K. Smith

M. G. Butler, age 50, lives Gainesboro, am a lawyer.

J. M. Morgan age 66, live 1st District, Jackson Co.

M. J. Dixon

Clay Reeves

D. B. Johnson


[Note: The Bill of Complaint was the only document, was mixed with Murray papers - mlj]:

BILL OF COMPLAINT of William W. Goodall of Jackson County, Tennessee against Francis Duffy of the State of Kentucky. Some time in April 1844 he purchased a stock of goods from defendant for $2806 and some cents. Conditions of Contract, was Orator owned land in Sumner County which was to go in part payment for goods... estimated $200.00 [sic], to be deducted leaving $806.00 and cents... executed notes... Defendant was an old and experienced merchant, complainant without experience in the goods business... Defendant practiced a fraud... Complainant was to have the goods at Philadelphia with an addition of 10% on cost and carriage... Complainant was bound by agreement to deduct for damaged goods... there was a lot of old Bonnetts ribons hats and shoes put on him as good articles. 16 March 1846.

/s/ William W. Goodall

[NEW] BROOKS, R. V., Administrator of MURRAY, JOHN P. Chancery 1897

[Returns to John P. Murray estate - mlj]:

NOTES of William Lambert to John P. Murray for $210.66 for land sold to Lambert 10 February 1859, being the place sold to John Halfacre by Matthew Brewington and sold by John Halfacre to John P. Murray ...on the ridge above where John Keath formerly lived and now lives... Monday 21 Jany 1861.

William [his X] Lambert

LETTER 1 Feby 1888 from Matthews & Meriwether, Lawyers, Kansas City, Mo to John P. Murray: My client Mr. Slack intended to come to town early in Jany to give his personal attention... compromise of Simrall & others vs Quarles & others... sickness of one of his children and his wife... He is willing to settle... wants speedy settlement with the Receiver Williams.

/s/ T. E. Matthews

ACCOUNT OF FUNDS [On stationery - mlj] "Senate Chamber, Livingston, TN April 16, 1885".

J. W. Wright, Administrator of Jesse Roberts to be prorated between Goodpasture & Murray.

Fees for the Roberts heirs of $91.50

Less the following:

Sum paid Murray @ Livingston 19 Dec 1884, $25.00; Lottery Ticket 31 Jan 1885 $5.00; Pens & Diary 31 Jan 1885 $1.50; Goods @ Gennetts American 19 Feb 1885 $12.00; Goods @ Rose & Co. (oat and clover) 18 March 1885 $24.75; Check today for balance 18 March 1885 $23.25. Total $91.00.

LETTER from John P. Murray, Gainesboro, 25 Nov 188_ [May be 1880] to G. B. Murray.

["Two Florence Sheets" seems to be an address where G. B. Murray is staying, written at top of sheet, paper was folded to form an envelope, "Two Florence Sheets" as if it were an address - mlj].

My dear son, I want you to attend to the Stinson case from Overton, Tennessee. The question is one of fact he is an old man who has kept his estate never wasted it never made foolish trades never gave any indication of unsoundness of mind... his children want him to submit to them and force him... to live with those he despised who have treated him with such disrespect as to force him to hate them...

NOTE: I Albert Stanton agree to pay John P. Murray and B. B. Washburn $100 of the sale of Rolins Hogan land sold by decree of Chancery Court... 1st Monday in July 1867.

/s/ A. Stanton

NOTES payable to John P. Murray [signed as typed unless otherwise noted - mlj]:

R. P. Crandel, 22 Oct 1879, $10

W. C. West, M. B. Gentry, James ?Parks, Monday July 20, 1866, $80.

William [his X] Lambert, Aug 9, 1866, $20.

John Lee, Curry [his X] Lee, 9 July 1866, $50.

William [his X] Perdue, Susan Perdue, 3 Sept 1873, $200.

L. W. Oglesby, 25 June 1872, $90.

H. W. Smith, 11 March 1873, $40.

W. M. Carver for rent of the Samuel A. Carver land, 1 Nov 1876, $75.

J. R. Tolbert - Judgment which I obtained Chancery at Gainesboro against ?Nany ?Allard July term 1858. The other amount was for my fee in the case of Mary Allard vs James M. Allard & others. July term 1858.

Garlent [sic] Anderson, Oct 23, 1874, $50.

Jo P. Coffee, 4 October 1866, $100.

Stephen Massey, W. G. Harris, 24 Sept 1872, $20.

J. W. Car, 27 April 1860.

F. M. Price 23 August 1875.

Albert Stanton, 18 Jan 1876.

DEPOSITION 13 Sept 1898 of Dr. S. B. Fowler, stated Dr. Henry P. Loftis consulted with me, rendered considerable aid... treating John P. Murray. /s/ S. B. Fowler

DEPOSITION 7 Sept 1889 of W. R. Stanton. Judgment recovered Supreme Court of Tennessee against Emily Hogan and T. J. Lee as security. /s/ W. R. Stanton

RECEIPT: Cutting and hauling wood. Let Boone Hunter have two cords of wood.

Martin [his X] Hunter, Johnson [his X] Hunter

LIST OF INTERROGATORIES to be asked of Dr. J. W. Herod of Celina, Collin Co., TX [Note: If the Interrogatories were ever answered, they are not on Reel #52 - mlj].

Where do you reside?

Did you reside in Jackson Co., Tenn, if so when?

Did you treat Tom Jo Massey and if so was it at the request of John P. Murray.

Was he age 21 at his death or a minor child.

If you carried him to Nashville for treatment, what were the arrangements?

Was he afflicted for a long time before his death?

Would $125 be a reasonable fee for hotel in Nashville, etc...

DEPOSITION 25 February 1899:

James W. Lovell age 70, am a steam boat captain and pilot, live Nashville. The Nashville & Burnside Packet Co. of which I was superintendent employed John P. Murray in a suit against the steamer Thomas D. Fite for running against a raft near Hunter's Point, tried in the Federal Court.

/s/ James W. Lovell

N. T. Freeman age 54, live Nashville. Am Manager of Literature Dept of Foreign Mission Rooms. Was with Nashville Savings Co. as book keeper or teller from May 1875 until they closed in 1893.

/s/ N. T. Freeman

Goulding Marr age 34, live Nashville. Am a Stock & Bond Broker. Worked for Nashville Savings Co. from 1883 until when it closed in 1893.

/s/ Goulding Marr.

Capt. W. S. Bowman age 57, live Nashville. I employed John P. Murray in a damage suit... steamer Thomas D. Fite.

/s/ W. S. Bowman

INVOICE from David Loftis to John P. Murray,1891 - 1895 for blacksmith work. Total $75.80.

/s/ David Loftis

DEPOSITION of H. J. Harley, age 61, live Nashville, am a merchant, name and style of Broad Street Steel and Tin Ware Co., Nashville, Tennessee. Am the same as H. J. Harley who was a member of the firm Harley & Washburn.

/s/ H. J. Harley

INVOICE of J. H. Watts of Putnam Co., Tenn. Store account of John P. Murray. Some items purchased: Mercurial Ointment, Cake of Cuticura Soap, Turpentine, eleven 8 x 10 window glasses & putty, Bateman's Drops, Ground mustard, bottle of perfume, 20 tablets Anti-kamnia, One Case Peruna, one bottle castor oil, tobacco, cigars, 8 oz bottle Spirits of Camphor.

DEPOSITION September 10, 1898, Bloomington, Tennessee:

Mrs. Sallie Murray. Reside Bloomington, Putnam Co., TN, am the widow of John P. Murray. Col. Murray employed John J. Gore to collect a debt.

/s/ Sallie Murray


G. B. Settle. Knew John P. Murray in his lifetime. Dudney & McDearman furnished the casket box, cost $60, the best they had the finest I ever saw. It was not deep enough and it had to be raised and it took two carpenters some time to fix it. I don't know what they charged.

/s/ G. B. Settle

J. B. Elkins. For about ten years I worked in the blacksmith shop of David Loftis in Gainesboro. I lived on Col. Murray's land four years [No signature - mlj].

Henry P. Loftis, am a practicing physician. [Condition of John P. Murray 3 - 4 years before his death]... He had been in bad health some time - don't know how long. Was indebted to me for medical treatment.

Ques: Do you know of Col. Murray's work at the blacksmith shop of your father David Loftis, if so file his invoice and your invoice as Exhibits. [Same were filed/filmed - mlj].

/s/ Henry P. Loftis

Sallie Murray. Cynthia Clenny was employed by Col. Murray to cook and wash at $1.00 per week... assisted a great deal in waiting on him in his sickness... continued to work for him when he moved to Bloomington.

/s/ Sallie Murray

James Campbell col., age 28. I lived with Col. Murray nearly six years... the last years of his life he was almost entirely helpless could not get in or out of bed without the help of a hand or two... needed the assistance of one or two hands to put on his clothes... got so bad I quit other work and stayed with him night and day. When he went to Bloomington I did not necessarily stay... I was there when Dr. Fowler performed an operation on him at Bloomington in the summer of 1895. After the operation in June 1895... required Dr. Fowler nearly all the time... to his death Dec 21, 1895. Col. Murray came back to his home in Gainesboro in the fall 1895.

James [his X] Campbell

Cynthia Clenny. Done all the housework for four years [No signature - mlj].

INVENTORY & SALE of personal property sold by R. V. Brooks, Admr. Sale 23 May 1896. Purchasers:

Mrs. Pauline Donaldson - Refrigerator 50 Cents, table, china dishes, bed chamber, white dishes.

James Darwin, James Jerman, J. M. Burris, Geo Rush, Tom Lowe, M. J. Dixon, H. P. Loftis, Jim Washburn, Jim Young, Richard Brooks, Wm Carver, John Martin, Gus Roberts, Nancy Smith, L. B. Hill.

John P. Murray Jr. - harness, wardrobe, gold watch & chain $5.00, china press, cook stove, etc.

T. B. Murray - office table, walnut table, law books... all in the office of G. B. Murray. Note executed by G. B. Murray as security. Total $92.05.

Mrs. Tennie Williams - Fruit jars, wash stand, chairs, 5 silver spoons 50 Cents, 3 silver spoons 25 cents, lot of knives & forks &c 50 cents, lot silver ware 50 cents, Total $6.40.

T. B. Murray - one Electropoise 10 cents, sundry items.

PETITION of T. J. Lee of Putnam Co. against G. B. Murray, Nannie Cunningham, S. H. Cunningham, Pauline Donaldson, James Donaldson, Evaline Crabtree, Wade Crabtree, Tennie Williams, Y. W. Williams and J. P. Murray Jr. children and only heirs of John P. Murray deceased and R. V. Brooks, Admr. John P. Murray died indebted to him for about $300.

INVOICE of Dr. S. B. Fowler, visits from February 1886 through December 21, 1895 [Includes surgery for hemorrhoids 18 June 1895 - mlj].


W. C. Murphy age 44, live Hillham, Overton County, Tennessee, occupation merchandising. Cpt Brown & Murphy vs J. C. Hamilton at Chy Ct [Chancery Court] at Celina, Tenn employed G. B. Murray; suit commenced 1891 or 1892.

/s/ W. C. Murphy

H. Crabtree age 49, live Jackson Co. I was an attorney in suit Mrs. Martha Carver and M. H. Draper... Murray & Son were attorneys, Chancery case about 1892, determined 1893. She paid a fee.

/s/ H. Crabtree

J. M. Carver age 54. Am a son of Martha Carver, reside in Jackson Co. Fee $50 in Chancery and $100 Supreme Court. Tried after John P. Murray's death before Judge Fisher... damage suit.

/s/ J. M. Carver

CAUSE HEARD of R. V. Brooks et al vs B. F. Chaffin now deceased and revived in name of his heirs. Defendants owe $398 in redemption of lands for B. F. Chaffin plus costs... R. P. Brooks recover same... Amount N. H. Chaffin paid for B. F. Chaffin, N. H. Chaffin not being a party to this suit no decree can be rendered in his [or ?her] favor and the bill is dismissed without prejudice.

DEPOSITION of T. S. Birdwell. I was on 1st August 1878 elected Trustee of Jackson Co., Tenn, presented bonds [Gives taxes assessed to John P. Murray on land].

/s/ T. S. Birdwell

INVOICE of W. J. Hestand for work done fall of 1895, $3.75. W. J. [his X] Hestand

AFFIDAVIT of John C. Hurst filed 26 Aug 1897: I have paid... John P. Murray & son on fees, Fatima C. Miller et al vs John C. Wright & David Delk at U. S. Circuit Court at Nashville and U. S. Supreme Court, Washington, D. C. on appeal.

Case of John C. Wright vs John C. Hurst et al and John Millsaps et al vs John C. Wright, Chancery at Jamestown, Tenn... D. H. Rankins & M. F. Hurst paid G. B. Murray's Hotel bill at W. H. Erwins in James Town while attending to case... of J. C. Wright vs J. C. Hurst et al and John Millsaps vs J. C. Wright et al.

/s/ John C. Hurst

REPORT of Supreme Court of Tennessee to Hon. G. B. Murry... In the case of Newton T. Clinton et al by next friend Joe C. Bockman and John Algier, judgment was rendered Dec 14, [18]92 for cost and $90.50. 9 April 1897.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Eveline E. H. Murray by next friend Joseph Eaton of Jackson County, Tennessee against John P. Murray and Thomas Gailbreath of said County and state and T. B. Murray of White Co.

12 December 1852 she was lawfully married to defendant John P. Murray in Jackson Co., happily married 12 or 15 days - about last of December 1852 said John P. Murray left as he said to attend the Supreme Court at Nashville and from there he would go to Georgia on business and inform Oratrix at what time he would return to Nashville and Oratrix - was an agreement to meet him there. They parted in friendship. To her great surprise he failed to write and instead of going to Georgia he returned and stopped at another tavern in Gainesboro instead of coming to the house of her father where Oratrix lived and where defendant had lived before their marriage and where they both lived at the time he left for Nashville - that he refused to visit or see your Oratrix and says he no longer acknowledges her as his wife. She is informed and believes that while at Nashville he quit her and did not intend to live with her as his wife and has engaged counsel to defend any suit Oratrix may bring against him.

She now lives with her father, is poor, no means of support - charity of her father and her own industry... husband abandoned her without cause... charged her with a want of chastity.

Oratrix was born and raised in Jackson Co. John P. Murray boarded at the house of her father more than a year... was well acquainted, professed a strong attachment... married by consent of her parents of whom he had asked for her as his wife about six months before their marriage, which was delayed on account of the death of Murray's father so he had a good opportunity of deliberating on the matter. She is young and inexperienced.

August 1852 the father of John P. Murray departed this life having made a Last Will & Testament which has been proved and recorded in Jackson County, being his residence. John P. Murray is a legatee, that he owns a negro of yellow complexion named Jerry that he bought at the executors sale of his father and that he is entitled to a large amount under said will - that Thomas Gailbreath of Jackson County, Tenn and Thomas B. Murray of the County of White, State of Tennessee are executors.

Said John P. Murray has a box of books... value about $400... library in the town of Gainesboro. Asks his property be attached... let John P. Murray say how much he is entitled to under the will of his father the late Thomas Murray... that the executors be enjoined from paying John P. Murray... asks divorce from bed and board [legal separation], and that she be allowed alimony for her support. Quarles, Solicitor. 8 January 1853.

Came Eveline E. H. Murray, affirms above true...

/s/ Eveline E. H. Murray

PROSECUTION BOND 8 January 1853: Joseph Eaton and Eveline E. H. Murray and James Eaton to John P. Murray, Thomas B. Murray and Thomas Gailbreath.

/s/ Joseph Eaton

/s/ Eveline E. H. Murray

/s/ James Eaton

1850 U.S. CENSUS [Sistler's printed index] Jackson Co. 118-333:

EATON, Joseph 50 SC, Elizabeth 49 SC

*DICY, Leo 21, James 20, Julean 17, Eleline E. 13, Thomas B. 10, Victora 8, Andrew J. 7, Izebell 8/12

SPURLOCK, James 24

JOHNSON, Absolam 42

SPEAKMAN, William 26

[*Dicey was one of their children; it is not a surname, but her given name. One of the reels prove children of Joseph & Elizabeth Eaton, don't recall which. - mlj]

[NEW] BROOKS, W. H., Admnistrator vs GARRISON, JOHN HENRY et al Circuit 1893

DEPOSITION of W. H. Brooks. Personal assets of S. H. Garrison's estate that came to my hands, about $57.45. Of this $10 is insolvent and cannot be collected. Was mostly in notes, part has been paid on debts against estate. Believe will be necessary to sell land to pay balance. Debts include:

J. H. Garrison $62.50 with a credit of $5.40; Dr. W. S. Robinson $47 with credit of $7.00; E. Bean $3.00; J. L. [or S] Garrison $8.12; W. L. [or S.] Garrison $53.00; John P. Murray & son [blank]; Isaac Pippin $13.00.

CROSS-EXAMINATION by attorneys for Wesley Bullington & other heirs

Q: Do you have an accounting of J. H. Garrison for services rendered... if so file.

A: I have not got it. He filed his affidavit alone... no other evidence except his own affidavit for waiting on his father at his (J. H. Garrison's) house up to his death.

Q: Has some of the heirs of Sam Garrison notified you that the claim of John Henry Garrison is exhorbitant?

A: Yes Sir.

/s/ W. H. Brooks

REPORT OF SALE: 6 August 1894 at the Court House in Gainesboro after being advertised as required by law... sold at $250... G. B. Murray became purchaser with T. C. Gailbreath security... land 10th District bounded north by lands of Sliger, south by Clinton, east by Mabery, west by Night [sic].

DECREE, cause of W. H. Brooks, Administrator of S. H. Garrison deceased against

John Henry Garrison, Wesley Bullington and wife Louisa Bullington, Toney Pippin and wife Betty Pippin, Cooney Garrison, et al.

Title to be vested out of heirs and in purchaser G. B. Murray. Tuesday, Nov 13, 1894.

AFFIDAVIT: Appeared W. S. Robbinson, knew S. H. Garrison in his lifetime, attended as physician during his last sickness, that Dr. R. F. Julian was employed by said deceased... rendered services. 26 June 1894.

/s/ W. S. Robinson Acknowledgment: W. J. Anderson, N.P., Putnam Co., TN

[NEW] BROTHERTON, H. L., Admrx of BROTHERTON, GEO. W. County 1904

APPLICATION for Year's Provisions for Widow: Motion of H. L. Brotherton... G. W. Brotherton departed life 19 December 1903 leaving H. L. Brotherton his widow... appointed free holders as commissioners not related to H. L. Brotherton his widow by affinity or consanguinity to wit Jack Shoulders, Dick Kennedy and Dock Hicks... lay off crop, stock, money and provisions for one year... except all exempt property will be turned over to her before making said assignment.

SETTLEMENT 21 February 1905 with H. L. Brotherton, Administratrix. Inventory recorded Adm Settlement Book D page 168, totalled $353.47.


H. E. Cherry, borrowed money Jany 22, 1904, $10.75

J. W. Donaho, coffin for deceased $18.00

J. A. Carter for blacksmithing

A. D. Stafford, lumber

C. Tinsley, pasturing cattle

E. D. Gillock, medical services

J. D. Kennedy, funeral clothes and medicine $13.75

John Sneed, blacksmithing

Vanus Trisdale, work done for deceased

A. B. Trisdale, waiting on [caring for during sickness - mlj]deceased.

Receipt from V. F. and M. E. Trisdale, their pro rata share in said estate Sept 17, 1904, $40.80 plus $1.00 interest = $41.80 Total

Receipt from V. F. and M. E. Trisdale, their pro rata share Oct 20, 1904, $7.00 plus $.14 interest, total $7.14.

Total Charges $353.47, less Credits of $292.99 left balance due by Admrs of [$60.48]

RECEIVED of H. L. Brotherton, Admistratrix of George Brotherton $40.80 to be deducted out of the estate of George Brotherton in making our settlement as legal heirs this Sept 19, 1904.

V. F. [his X] Trisdale, /s/ M. E. Trisdale

ASSETS included notes on following individuals:

J. H. Smith with W. C. Biles security of $150; Note on Lida Trisdale with Joe Griffith security $13.35; Lowe Whittaker with Amos Whittaker, H. L. Sadler $12.00; H. R. Pedigo, Wm Long, Jim Bean, Jim Biles & Alex Bro_____ $25.00; E. Carnahan with J. W. Sisco & Lee Mc_____ $12.25; L. J. Herrin $25.00.

PURCHASERS AT SALE 21 January 1904 [Mules, cow & calf, 2 bull calves, logging equipment, farm tools]:

Harrison Smith, Liddie Trisdale, Rice Pedigo, J. Keith, Wm York, Mack Strode, Warren Sneed, Albert Harvel, J. B. Griffith, J. B. Short, Lee Whitaker, V. C. Clark, L. J. Herren, Amos Whitaker, _ _ Vinson, J. D. Kennedy, Henry ?Chesley, E _ _ia Carnahan.

[NEW] BROWN, ALICE vs BROWN, W. H. Circuit 1914

SUBPOENA W. H. Brown to appear 3rd Monday July next, answer bill for divorce. Dated 3rd Monday in March 1914.

NOTICE TO ATTACH personal property [listed stock, tools, etc] of W. H. Brown including one account on his father H. S. Brown for $75, one account on Charley Brown for $125... on the place where W. H. Brown lives in Whites bend, District 11 Jackson Co., TN.

POVERTY OATH: Plaintiff makes oath due to poverty she is unable to bear costs. 6 June 1914.

/s/ Alice Brown

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Allice Brown against W. H. Brown, both of Jackson County, TN. Married in Jackson Co. 28 May 1911, together until 6 June 1914.

On 5 June 1914 at their home in Whites bend, Dist. 11, defendant struck her, threw clod at her out in the field, drew his knife... calling vile names wishing her dead telling her he would not get any more medicine for her.

Prior... when living on farm of J. D. [or P.] Gailbreath in Sept 1913 defendant drew a gun on her, threatened to shoot... Complainant has been in bad health for some time... gave his knife to his sister and told her to use it on complainant... indignities... cruel & inhumane... forced her to withdraw.

Have two children the fruit of marriage Maxie two years old, Ben Hooper three months old, defendant not suitable person... asks custody, she be granted absolute divorce, maiden name restored to her [not given].

PROSECUTION BOND of Alice Brown to W. H. Brown for $50.00 costs. Signed by:

Alice Brown, W. H. Brown, U. T. Brown

[NEW] BROWN, B. M. & wife vs NEIL, H. H. Circuit 1902

BILL OF COMPLAINT: B. M. Brown and wife C. E. Brown against H. H. Neal and wife V. C. Neal. Plaintiff sues for $500 for breach of contract. The Neals/Neills sold land to B. M. Brown and wife C. E. Brown in the 7th District, Jackson Co... what was Neals store house... halfway to Silas Davis barn to the ridge road... northward with the Churchhouse tract... for the purpose of a store.

Contract for sale had a clause which prohibited their selling nearby land for the purpose of another store.

DEPOSITION 25 June 1903:

V. C. Neil. I am the wife of H. H. Neil. I remember when I signed a deed, could not read or write, it was not read over to me.

Q: You and your husband sold a piece of land to Marsh and Ho_ _ _ [looks like "Horse"] Brown or their father W. M. Brown, where W. M. Brown & son sells goods.

A: Yes Dock told me he sold it.

Q: He sold to Abert [sic] Brown after he sold to B. M. Brown didn't he.

A: The trade was made with Albert I recon [sic] it was after he sold to B. M. Brown. I dont know that they were going to sell goods there.

V. C. [her X] mark Neill

[NEW] BROWN, DIXON vs SHEPHERD, DAVID et al Chancery 1852

ANSWER of John Hughes, David G. Shepherd and James M. Shepherd to Bill by Dixon Brown.

True Deed of Trust was executed by Plaintiff to John M. Armstead for their benefit and of others on 8 July 1848... not true it conveys only one-half the life estate of Grace Fuqua... it clearly conveys the whole life estate... is true deed mentions life estate having been purchased by said Brown of Daniel A. Fuqua but Brown had paid the consideration for the whole life estate before the transfer to Armstead.

Not true Plaintiff was defrauded of his property... Respondents deny they filed to enjoin a sale, but did ask commissioners be appointed to sell other than the Trustee named in the deed who was a minor at that time.

Plaintiff had quit a respectable family, taken up with a strumpet and was squandering the property conveyed in the deed for the benefit of respondents. Respondents proceeded with their bill for the purpose of saving their debts and not to defraud Plaintiff...

It is true the Clerk & Master sold perishable property conveyed in the deed that could be found... also the negro and the 55 acre tract and the entire life estate of Grace Fuqua in the other tract... nor is it true that interest of Daniel A. Fuqua as heir at law of Benjamin Fuqua deceased in the land was sold by C & M.

Respondents state that the 55 acre tract was conveyed in said deed, but on the day of sale one John Moreland the father of the wife that Plaintiff abandoned appeared, claimed the land as his own and forbid the sale - which respondents think greatly injured the sale of the land as it was generally known that said Moreland had at least once been the true owner... and if he had lost his right would be by statute of limitations... if Mrs. Brown or any friend of hers will pay the price ($10) bid by them at the sale they are perfectly willing for the court to decree title to her.

Respondent Hughes told Plaintiff the title would not be good if sold by a minor...

...as to the $3.00 mentioned as a debt in the hands of Hollemans Administrator, respondent David G. Shepherd states that said estate was reported to him insolvent and on a pro rata distribution paid 28 1/6 cents on the dollar... ready to account at any time but has no right to blend it with his private or partnership concerns.

Respondent D. G. Shepherd denies Plaintiff or anyone paid any of his [Plaintiff's] debts... other than possibly the receipt for $50 on 18th August, receipt in handwriting of James M. Shepherd, which he cannot now explain... nor recall...

[Note: Severe bleed-through of this next document, very difficult to read - mlj]:

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Dixon Brown of Smith County, Tennessee against David G. Shepherd and John Hughs [Hughes] of Jackson Co. and James M. Shepherd of Perry County, Tennessee.

Orator in 1848 executed to John M. Armstead a deed of trust for defendant and others for one-half of the life estate of [smear] Fuquay in 283 acres of land which he had purchased jointly of Daniel A. Fuquay from said Gracy Fuquay.

Defendants filed about 1849 or 50 a bill of complaint against Orator praying for sale of Orators land. January term 1851, land was decreed sold... Sale of negro slave would have more than paid debts owed... defrauded... [?Day] January 1852.

/s/ Dixon Brown

DEED OF TRUST: I, Dixon Brown have this day bargained and sold to John M. Armistead... sum of One Dollar the following negro slave... one negro man named Fletcher aged about 25 one tract of land in Jackson County Dist. 15, by estimate 55 acres bounded by land of Alcy Rogers deceased on the south, by the Cumberland River on the west, by John Moreland on the north and by land belonging to John Hollemans heirs on the east - also the life estate of Gracey Fuqua in and to the land formerly owned by Benjamin Fuqua deceased in said County and State in District 3 bounded by Cumberland River on the east, lands of David Phillips on the south, land of M. Duke on the west and on the north by land of W. Woodfolk. This last tract was conveyed to me and Daniel A. Fuqua for the term of her natural life...

This deed made to John M. Armistead for no other purpose... I am indebted to John Hughes to Geo R. Hughes & Co. to D. G. Shepherd & Co. to Henry Goad and to Matthew Duke for notes and payments... desirous to secure payment of same... if I pay by 1st of April next including interest, deed to be void... if not John M. Armistead to sell property and pay debts... 8 July 1848.

s/s/ Dixon Brown Wits: /s/ Albert Stanton, /s/ Anthony McBroom

DEED from Daniel A. Fuqua to Dixon Brown for $150 for my interest in tract of land in the State of Tennessee, Jackson Co. Dist. 3, 283 [acres] bounded east by Cumberland River, south by David Philip, west by Green B. Ross, north by William Woodfolk being the tract owned by Benjamin Fuqua also the same tract Gracy Fuqua held by dower which she transferred to myself and Dixon Brown jointly. 27 Deby 1849.

s/s/ Daniel A. Fuqua Wits: /s/ S. [or L.] Ramsey, /s/ Henry Ramsey

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Dixon Brown of Smith County against David G. Shepherd and James Shepherd partners of D. G. Shepherd & Co. and John Hughes, all citizens of Jackson County.

Orator owed money, made deed of trust to John M. Armstead... paid part of the total of about $800. Land was sold, negro Fletcher sold for about $730.

Peter Holliman was indebted to Orator for about $3.00, same came to Administrator D. G. Shepherd who retained it.

John Mooreland was indebted to Orator for $15.00. Defendant John Hughes collected this by a garnishment upon Mooreland. 6 November 1851.

/s/ Dixon Brown

[NEW] BROWN, DARTHULA vs BROWN, J. W. Circuit 1906

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Complainant and defendant were married in Jackson Co. 1883 or 4... past 10 - 12 years he has repeatedly mistreated and abused her... 5 - 6 years ago, whipped her with a buggy whip until their son intervened.

Defendant had been associating with Complainant's sister Amanda Dixon a woman of ill repute... Complainant remonstrated with him to leave off his illicit connections... complainant whipped her with a switch. Defendant guilty of adultery with Amanda Dixon sister of complainant... kept her on the place over her objections and spent a large part of his time at her house... embraced in her presence... they have been indicted twice for lewdness and managed to secure acquittal.

He kicked complainant in presence of Mrs. Delila Pulley... kicked, struck in presence of Hugh Carter.

Defendant is owner of following land in 14th District, 100 acres bounded by John Forkum, Robt Cooke, F. A. Cornwell, Ben Taylor and others purchased from D. J. Shepherd and John Forkum [lists personal property including notes on Ira Sircey about $29, Eddie Wilkerson about $26 - mlj]. Complainant has no means of her own, is weakly and unable to work. Asks divorce, property attached and decreed to her as alimony, rights of single woman restored [Maiden name or names of children not given - mlj].

OATH OF POVERTY: Unable due to poverty to pay costs of suit. 22 February 1906.

Darthula [her X] Brown

BROWN, E. A. vs SPURLOCK, M. F. Chancery 1892

BILL OF COMPLAINT of E. A. Brown against M. F. Spurlock. Spurlock is indebted to Brown for about $230 and complainant is security to S. B. Fowler about $75... now a judgment, still refuses to pay.

Defendant owns following... log wagon, oxen... now in Putnam Co. at or near Fugassons [sic] Mill... property used by defendant in hauling logs to said mill... about 150 acres in 11th District, Jackson County, Tennessee bounded by lands of E. A. Brown, Andy Schermerhorn, Clinton Jones, James Draper heirs and others. 28 November 1892.

[NEW] BROWN, EDWARD vs McCLELLAN, ROBT M. et al Chan 1858

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Edward Brown of Jackson Co., TN against Robert McClelland, James Draper, Thomas J. Draper and William Heighstand [Hestand - mlj] of Jackson County, TN. Orator about April 1857 traded with defendant Robert McClellan for a negro woman named Eliza about _ _ ty [looks like "fity" - mlj] years of age, was to give said McClelland $275 and paid him at the time a horse at $125 light sorrel color about three years old... McClellan perpetrated a great fraud. Defendant Thomas J. Draper as trustee for James Draper and also a ?Wm W. Johnson had a lien on said negro or a pretended lien, over $300. Besides the horse, Orator signed a note due 1st or 25 Jan 1858. Said note is now fraudulent but in possession of defendant William Heighstand... note was not assigned to Heighstand but merely in his hands... took the note with knowledge of the fraud. 18 Jany 1858.

ANSWER of James Draper and Thomas J. Draper. True James Draper has a deed in trust upon said negro dated about [blank] 185[blank] and Thos J. Draper is trustee, executed to indemnify James Draper as security for R. W. McClendon in two notes to A. W. Cassity commr - one due 1st Jan 1855 for $86 and the other due 1st Jan 1856 for the negro woman Eliza... defendant James Draper informed complainant of his lien shortly after he heard of the sale to complainant. The negro is now in possession of Joshua Hale and has been levied on.

PROSECUTION BOND: Signed by E. M. Brown as Principal, Dudley Brown as Security to Robert McClelland, James and Thomas J. Draper and William Heighstand.


SUMMONS Wash Brown to appear 2nd Tuesday in Jany 1882, answer Bill for Divorce.

SUMMONS William Dixon, F. Cornwell, Carrol Porterfield, Lawson Pearson and John Porterfield, William Agee, Harriet Johnson for 1st Friday after 2nd Monday in Jany to give testimony...

NOTICE TO SHERIFF to attach personal property of defendant 2nd Monday in September 1881.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Elizabeth Brown against Wash Brown. Married Jackson Co. about 8 January 1874, happy until about one year ago defendant began to accuse her of adultery with John Porterfield an old man of good morals... wholly false.

Defendant is informed and believes he has been guilty of adultery with one Harriet Johnson a woman of lewd character. On the 13 day of present month defendant drove complainant from home and turned her out of doors... complainant is informed Harriet Johnson went to her house on the same day.

Complainant and defendant have children who are living to wit John T. age 7, Joseph W. age 3 and James H. age 2. Personal property includes one cow, one feather bed, one straw mattress, bed clothing and two pillows that are individual property of complainant which she took with her to marriage except the cow which is the produce of a cow she took to his house when they married. Defendant also has following [Personal property]. Asks property be attached, she be granted a divorce from bed and board [legal separation - mlj]. 19 December 1881

Elizabeth [her X] Brown

[NEW] BROWN, EUGENIA vs BROWN, D. F. Chancery 1897

PETITION of Eugenia Brown against D. F. Brown, Dibrell Kirby and [Blank] Carter, all of Jackson Co., TN. Petitioner intermarried with D. F. Brown in Jackson Co. 20 December 1895... of this marriage was born a boy George Darwin age ten months... recently compelled to leave and seek shelter. About two months ago defendant was leaving to go to Gainesboro. Petitioner was getting up his wearing apparel, defendant became angry and slapped her in the face... cursed and abused without provocation, since continued at intervals... yesterday struck... kicked... told her to get out and stay out and leave the hollow. Complainant sent word to her father and brother and went to her father's home... fearing to live under her husband's dominion... he said if she or her folks tried to bother anything he had he would kill every one of them.

Defendant owns [Partial - mlj] personal property including roan horse he got from Ben Birdwell... corn growing on 22 or 23 acres of land... rented this ground to Dibrell Kirby also called Bud Kirby... sugar cane crop on land rented to Kirby, supposed to get ten gallons of molasses for rent... furniture... clothing given to Complainant by his parents when they married.

Defendant D. F. Brown is owner in fee simple land 11th District of Jackson Co. bounded north by U. T. Anderson, east by William Ragland, south by Ira Kirby, west by Samuel Brown and A. H. Hoover about [blank] acres being same purchased from J. H. Brown in 1893.

Defendant [blank] Carter is indebted to D. F. Brown by note of $28 given Jany last...

Asks their infant child George Darwin be decreed to her and D. F. Brown be enjoined from molesting her in the control... of said child, asks property be decreed to her for maintenance of self and child. 30 August 1897.

/s/ Eugenia N. Brown

REQUEST TO DISMISS: My husband and myself have settled our troubles and are living together... dismiss.

/s/ Eugenia N. Brown

[NEW] BROWN, H. H., Guardian of WHITEFIELD, A. C. County 1915

GUARDIAN REPORT by H. H. Brown as guardian of Cecil Whitefield... nothing has come to his hands but when he receives ward's effects will report same. 28 October 1913.

/s/ H. H. Brown

FINAL SETTLEMENT 26 July 1915, $201.65 to A. C. Whitefield.

SETTLEMENT 16 May 1914. H. H. Brown, Guardian of Cecel Whitefield. Received from U. T. Brown, Administrator of J. H. Brown, deceased on ward's interest in said estate 15 April 1915, $100 plus $1.65 interest [No indication of who A. C. Whitefield's parents were - mlj].

[NEW] BROWN, J. H., Administrator of BROWN, HENDERSON County 1898

INVENTORY of Personal property by James H. Brown, Administrator of estate of Henderson Brown, deceased. Includes notes on U. T. Anderson. May 2, 1898.

SETTLEMENT 31 July 1901... Per agreement between Administrator and H. Brown and wife, $25 per year for taking care of them in Deceased life time, all of which has been paid except the last year and interest to date, $25.00 plus $6.40 interest.

Paid to Administrator for notifying 20 heirs of estate of the time and place of settlement, $5.00.

Receipt of Cooper & Brown for burial expenses, receipt dated 1 Sept 1897, $9.50.

NOTICE TO APPEAR to Sidney Stout, Adolphus Stout, Jane Stout ["Jane Stout" marked through, Milton Stout, Minnie Stout, Nettie Stout, Ada Stout, Nancy Chaffin, ?Nancy Burton, S. M. Brown, Lillie Young, Mahalia Brown heirs of Henderson Brown. Dated 27 June 1901. Appear and make settlement 31 July 1901.

NOTICE TO APPEAR to S. A. Fox, H. B. Gentry, W. L. Gentry, Betsy Mabery, Samantha Mabery, Noah Gentry, Barbra Lynn, S. L. Gentry, Silas Gentry, Sytha Kirby, Mariah Anderson, heirs of Henderson Brown. . Dated 27 June 1901. Appear and make settlement 31 July 1901.

NOTICE TO APPEAR to W. C. Aytes, Thos Aytes, Sarah P. Kates, Rebecca ?Farris [dark - mlj], John Brown, Jones Stout, Sydney Stout, Wm Brown, Jones H. Brown, E. L. Chaffin, Lenora Burton, M. C. Brown, Elridge Brown, Ira Brown, [Ink Smear] Stout, heirs of Henderson Brown. . Dated 27 June 1901. Appear and make settlement 31 July 1901.

[NEW] BROWN, JAMISON, et al vs BROWN, ELIZABETH et al Chancery 1865

NOTICE OF CHANCERY LAND SALE... Cause of W. H. Botts vs Jeremiah Bowman and others, will sell at Court House door in Gainesboro land where Jeremiah Boman lately lived, Dist. 8 on waters of Sugar Creek, 1 May 1867.

SUMMONS: Elizabeth Brown, Locky Hail and her husband Amon Haile, Elizabeth J. Billingsley, John B. Billingsley, William Billingsley, Alvin Billingsley, James B. Billingsley, Feriby Billingsley, Sarah Billingsley, Sally Billingsley, William Billingsley, Mary E. Billingsley, James Billingsley to appear 2nd Monday in January 1866 to answer bill against them by Jamison Brown, Dudley Brown and others. Dated 2nd Monday in August 1865.

PROOF TAKEN [Blank] 1866 as to whether best interest to sell land Thomas Brown died seized and possessed for distribution of funds to heirs [All after William M. Ragland, "ditto" - mlj:

William M. Ragland. Know land and most of heirs, is in best interest to sell, $1000 would be a fair minimum value.

/s/ William M. Ragland

Henry Richmond /s/

Joseph Birdwell /s/

James Burgess /s/

Terrell Byrne /s/

Andrew Dudney /s/

ANSWER to Bill of Complaint by Jamison Brown, Dudley Brown and others of John Billingsley,

William Billingsley, Mary E. Billingsley, Elizabeth J. Billingsley, John B. Billingsley, Almira Billingsley, James Billingsley, Feribus Billingsley, Sarah A. Billingsley, Reems Flatt and Fagan Flatt by their guardian ad litem H. H. Dillard. Suppose is true Thomas Brown is dead, do not know if heirs correctly set out. Asks court to protect minors.

/s/ H. H. Dillard

REPORT OF SALE 26 November 1866, sold land subject to widow's dower, credit of one, two and three years except $1000 cash when Jamison Brown became purchaser at $1000 with John Birdwell, U. T. Brown and William Birdwell and John S. Jackson security. Feby term 1867. Boundary as follows... Begin large boulder on the east bank of dry fork of flynns creek... rock near Dudley Browns spring... forks of Ray branch... large holow [sic] beech with W W W marked on it... being the northwest corner of a track [sic] conveyed by Thomas Brown in his lifetime to Jimerson Brown containing two hundred 26 acres.

CAUSE HEARD of defendants Elizabeth J. Billingsley, John Billingsley, Wm P. Billingsley, Almira Billingsley, , James B. Billingsley, Ferriby Billingsley, Sarah A. Billingsley, , John Billingsley, Mary E. Billingsley are minors. Reems Flatt and Fagan Flatt are minors and non residents of Tennessee. Thomas Brown is dead. Elizabeth Brown is his widow and has had dower assigned - land not susceptible of partition.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Jamison Brown, Dudley Brown, John Brown, Henderson Brown, Jubilee Wheeler and wife Lucinda Wheeler, Charles Hopkins and wife Elizabeth C. Hopkins, Thomas Billingsley and wife Nancy Billingsley, Edward Jackson and wife Feriby Jackson, Silas Jackson and wife Susan Jackson, citizens of Jackson Co. against

Elizabeth Brown, Lockey Haile and husband Amon Haile, Elizabeth J. Billingsley, John B. Billingsley, William P. Billingsley, Almira Billingsley, James B. Billingsley, Feriby Billingsley, Sarah A. Billingsley, the last seven minors and no regular guardian and are residents of Jackson Co., TN, Russel McCormack, Patsy Spurlock and husband [blank] Spurlock, Nancy Janins [possibly should be Jennings - mlj], and her husband [blank] Janins, Polly D. Harmon and husband [blank] Harmon, Thomas B. McCormack, Pleasant McCormack, Almira McCormack and John W. McCormack of the State of ["Illinois" marked through - mlj] Missouri, James M. Brown, Nancy J. Brown, Rebecca Brown, David M. Brown citizens of the State of Illinois, Sally Billingsley widow of Walter Billingsley and his children John, William and Mary E. Billingsley last three minors residents of Jackson Co., TN, James Billingsley of same residence, Lucinda Jones and her husband James Jones residents of Illinois or Kentucky as Orators believe, Reems Flatt [4-5 words smeared; another child was Fagan Flatt; children of Lucinda McCormack married Pleasant Flatt per another case- mlj] guardian of the State of Kentucky.

Thomas Brown died intestate in Jackson County October 1862. Jamison Brown is Administrator. Your Orators Jamison Brown, Dudley Brown, Henderson Brown, John Brown, Lucinda Wheeler and Lockey Haile are the only surviving children of said Thomas Brown. Defendant Elizabeth Brown is widow.

Defendants Russel McCormack, Patsy Spurlock, Nancy Janins, Polly Harmon, John W. McCormack, Thomas B. McCormack and Pleasant McCormack are grand children and only children of his deceased daughter Mercilia McCormack.

James M. Brown, Nancy J. Brown, Rebecca N. Brown and David M. Brown are grand children and only children of his deceased son Milton Brown.

Reems Flatt and Fagan Flatt are great grand children of said Thomas and children of Lucinda Flatt a deceased grand daughter of his and daughter of his deceased daughter Mercilia McCormack.

Elizabeth C. Hopkins, Thomas Billingsley, Lucinda Jones, Nancy Jackson, Feriby Jackson, Susan Jackson and James Billingsley are grand children of said Thomas Brown and children of his deceased daughter Feriby Billingsley.

Sally Billingsley is the widow and John Billingsley, William Billingsley and Mary E. Billingsley are the children of Walter Billingsley who was a grand son of said Thomas Brown and son of his deceased daughter Feriby Billingsley.

Defendants Elizabeth J. Billingsley, James B. Billingsley, Almira M. Billingsley, Feriby Billingsley and Sarah A. Billingsley are great grand children of said Thomas Brown and children of his deceased grand son William Billingsley who was a son of his deceased daughter Feriby Billingsley.

Thomas Brown died seized and possessed of land in District 11, 226 acres on Flynn's Creek bounded by land of Dudley Brown and James Vinson on the south, land of T. Byrne and James Burgess on the west, W. H. Fox and Pinkney McCarver on the north and Jamison Brown on the east. His widow Elizabeth has had dower assigned... Numerous heirs, land not susceptible to partition, believe in best interest of heirs to sell. 6 November 1865.

[NEW] BROWN, JONES H. vs ANDERSON, OLIVER, et al Chancery 1878

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Jones [?Jonas] H. Brown of Jackson County against Oliver H. Anderson of Obion County and Henry Sadler Sr. of Jackson Co. as agent for O. H. Anderson. Orator rented land from defendant O. H. Anderson years 1876, 77 and 78... executed notes. About 14 Jan 1878 Anderson received judgment against complainant, about $300... has paid on judgment. 11 December 1878.

/s/ Jones H. Brown.

[NEW] BROWN, JOSEPH vs PARKERSON, F. J. Chancery 1882

Orator on 26 Jan 1882 sold defendant land on waters of Flynns Creek known as the Brown mill place, bounded by R. H. Brown on the southeast, Henry Fox on the northwest, A. N. Byers on the northeast and others... 150 acres more or less. Defendant was to pay $550; $150 on 1 Oct 1881, $200 on 1 Oct 1882 and $200 on 1 Oct 1883... bound himself [executed bond] to complainant Joseph Brown... products of grist mill as payment. [Cannot read] 1882.

[NEW] BROWN, JOSIAH vs GOOLSBY, JAMES et al Chancery 1891


Elmore Carrington age 60. I never had the conversation mentioned by Ben Julian in his deposition. Neither myself nor John Steakley was with him fixing fence.

/s/ E. Carrington

E. L. Jackson. Surveyed lines. /s/ E. L. Jackson

John Steakley age 27. E. Carrington nor myself was with Ben Julian fixing fence near the Big gate leading from the Big gate towards the Still house of E. Carrington after the Big storm or before.

John [his X] Steakley

Arch Carrington age 50. I was there helping fix the fence at the time Ben Julian says... E. Carrington and John Steakley hope [sic; helped] fix the fence and I know that neither of them hope [sic] fix the fence just after the Big storm.

Nathan Davidson age 58. Known the land [in dispute] since about 1856. Isaac Johnson was in possession of the 50 acres known as the McBride land, about 1858 or more Thomas Johnson took possession 6 - 7 years and McHenry boys took possession under Maj. Brooks as agent for Thos Johnson one year Henr [sic] Pippin was there under Jefferson Johnson, Thomas Johnson son and since that Joe McHenry has had possession. While Isaac Johnson was on the land he pointed out two corners.

Nathan [his X] Davidson

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Josiah Brown has this day filed injunction against defendants James Goolsby, Wade Goolsby, Matilda Goolsby, Robert Montomery and Jos L. Brown... the said Josiah L. Brown 17 March 1875 deeded two tracts of land to James Goolsby... balance unpaid.

James Goolsby is insolvent and he and wife Matilda for love and affection of their son Wade Goolsby conveyed to him the land... fraudulent... to defeat creditors. Attach personal property [lists; livestock, farm equipment - mlj]. Also land on Martin's creek bounded north by tract of land mentioned in the bill, east by land of William Robinson, south and east by Dock Clinton and others being land formerly owned by James Goolsby Sr deceased, and that James Goolsby got under the will of his father or in the division of his estate after his death.

Also land in Jackson Co. on Martin's creek bounded east by land of Jesse Flatt, south by another tract owned by James Goolsby formerly owned by his father James Goolsby deceased, west by tract James Goolsby purchased of complainant, north by land of R. H. [or A.] Brown, 75 acres more or less.

Another tract on Martins creek... adjoining 1st tract bounded east by lands of Dock Clinton and M. J. Julian, west by Joseph McHenry and M. J. Julian and north by James McHenry. 1st Monday in February 1891.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Joseph Brown of Putnam Co. against James Goolsby, Wade Goolsby and Robert Montgomery of Jackson Co. and John L. Brown of Jackson Co.

17 March 1875 he sold James Goolsby land on Martins Creek bounded by Jesse Flatt and land of defendant's James Goolsby's father, James Goolsby deceased. Defendant is justly indebted to complainant for balance due on land... Defendant James Goolsby and his wife Matilda has transferred and conveyed same to his son Wade.

John L. Brown is the son in law of defendant James Goolsby and is in possession of second tract.

[NEW] BROWN, LIZZIE vs BROWN, WASH Chancery 1884

SUMMONS: Josh Harris, Bud Harris, Bill Whitehead, Luther Whitehead, Joe Mayberry and Loss Pearson to appear 20 September 1884 at dwelling house of Addison Dean, Esq., testify...

Bud Harris age 28. Known Wash 15 years, Lizzie 7 or 8. I was at the wedding in Jackson Co. 7 or 8 [sic; don't know if it's 1877-8 or 7 - 8 "years ago" - mlj]. He deserted her in 1881 the dry year him and I went to Masoro [sic; Missouri]. He stayed about three months and Lizzie went to her mother's before we left. Wash has not lived with her since 1881, does not provide. I have been living near them.

She is willing to live with him. Heard him say he would never live with her again. Defendant has been living with her father, the complainant with her mother.

Ques: State whether you know of Wash Brown keeping and living with Harriet Johnson.

Ans: I have seen him there... on the bed. She has a child that favors Wash and three others. She has never been married.

/s/ H. P. Harris

Loss Pearson age 41. Known Wash and Lizzie ?8 years. Fall of the dry year about three years ago he left her hear [sic] in Jackson County on Salt Lick Creek. She is of good character.

H. L. C. [his X] Pierson

Josh Harris age 25. Known Wash and Lizzie 7 - 8 years, live 1 1/2 - 2 miles. I think she is one of the best wimmin [sic] I ever saw. Saw him at Harriet Johnsons before he left his wife and since. He has been making his home at his father Thomas Browns she Harriet Johnson lived on the Woodfolk land about one-half mile from his father's the Woodfolk land is in Jackson Co. on Salt Lick Creek.

Known Harriet since she was a small girl. She has three children I dont recon [sic] she was ever married. She has been cawled [sic] a lude [sic] woman - has a child since defendant taken up with her said to be defendants.

J. H. [his X] Harris

Luthor Whitehead age 24. Saw defendant on the bed with Betsy Newton covered up after nite at her house on Salt Lick Creek that was last winter. She has the reputation of being lewd.

Luthor [his X] Whitehead

PETITION of Lizzie Brown against Wash Brown, both citizens of Jackson Co., Tennessee. Married in Jackson Co. about twelve years ago. In 1881 defendant became cruel... latter part of 1881 drove defendant from their home and fastened the door, refuses to provide or keep house with Petitioner... abandoned in 1881... lived in adultery with Harriet Johnson and other women.


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Martha Ann Brown against Jeremiah Brown, both of Jackson Co, Tennessee. Married 11 January 1874, together until about three weeks ago... they lived in house with defendant's father. Defendant and his father had a falling out... defendant's excessive drinking... defendant's father ordered him to leave his house...

Defendant then directed Oratrix to go to the house of her father in Jackson Co. and remain there until he could procure a house for them... remained since... defendant refuses to provide... has become habitual drunkard... yesterday he notified Oratrix he would not live with her any more.

She charges he has been guilty of adultery with America Mathews and Betsy Orsburn [sic]... women of base and lewd reputation.

Personal property... [some livestock, household goods, farm implements - mlj] corn growing in the field of James Jones and C. C. Mahaney on waters of Flynns Creek.

Asks for divorce, maiden name of Martha Ann Howell restored.

Owing to poverty, am unable to bear expenses of this suit. 20 July 1874.

Martha Ann [her X] Brown

AFFIDAVIT: Plaintiff made oath John J. Howel has possession of one bedstead... mentioned in bill.

Martha [her X] Brown

BOND: Jerry Brown to appear... make answer for his contempt... guilty with interfering with a portion of property that has been attached... Bond $150. 9 October 1874.

/s/ J. T. Brown, H. Y. Harley

SUMMONS James Brown, Polly Brown, John Taylor, ?J. P. Howell, _ri_t_ner Howell, Ed Brown, George Brown, Lucinda Lee, Ellen Jackson, Marth Howell [Depositions not filmed - mlj].

[NEW] BROWN, MARY vs BROWN, DIXON Chancery 1850

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Mary Brown of Jackson Co., Tennessee against Dixon Brown, now of Davidson Co., Tenn.

About 1827 she intermarried together in the State of Tennessee, lived with him from marriage until four months ago he abandoned her, took up with a loose woman Ann Lee... open adultery in Davidson Co. They raised a large family, eleven in number all living with Orator except one married... by his dissipation of late years he has squandered... by their own labor Orator and her children have raised a crop... [lists personal property]... deed of trust made by said Brown... valuable negro given her by her father... all squandered... asks possession of property, custody of children. 6 August 1850.

/s/ Mary Brown

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Attach goods of Mary Brown adjudged to her, value to $18.48 for costs in case of Mary Brown vs Dixon Brown. July term 1851.

PROSECUTION BOND: Mary Brown Principal and Samuel W. Moreland to Dixon Brown, $500.

/s/ Sam W. Moreland

CAUSE HEARD 11 July 1851. Defendant failed to appear, taken for confessed... bonds of matrimony dissolved... she has custody and care of children.

[NEW] BROWN, MARY B. vs BROWN, JOSEPH B. Circuit 1891

ANSWER Mary B. Brown to Cross-Bill of complaint. True Respondent abandoned Complainant October 1890... cruel, unsafe to cohabit with him. Untrue she maliciously filed - it was to obtain a divorce from her cruel and brutal husband. The charge she has had illicit intercourse with Dastel D. Dyer, Boy Dyer, James Anderson or any other person is willfully and maliciously false and wholly unfounded. Denies improper conduct with Buck Billingsley, Destel D. Dyer or any other party... has not seen Boy Dyer but twice since 1887, and once was in the company of her husband and the other for just a few minutes.

/s/ Mary B. Brown

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Mary B. Brown against J. B. Brown, both of Jackson County. Married Jackson Co. 21 March 1886 where they have resided since, except six months in Putnam Co. Defendant is slothful, improvident, refused to provide... forced to expend her own property and means that came by her father's estate.

Defendant guilt of cruel and inhuman treatment... forced to abandon him. Complainant was sick and unable to get up, defendant struck her... another time drew his knife... threatened to kill... afraid to stay any longer, left him October 5, 1890.

She owns the following: A black mare, note on Albert Birdwell as purchase money on land [household furniture, etc. - mlj], one-seventh undivided interest in about 150 acres in Putnam County bounded by Alex Byers and others, on the south by land on which defendant's mother Francis Brown now lives.

Defendant has brought an action of Replevin to Replevy complainant's mare unless restrained.

Complainant is staying with her brother in law W. C. Forkum in Jackson Co., asks the Court to enjoin him from coming around, asks bonds of matrimony be dissolved, her maiden name Mary B. Rodgers be restored, property from father's estate settled to her sole and separate use. 10 Jan 1891.

/s/ Mary B. Brown

DECREE: Appeared to Court defendant guilty... cruel and inhuman, divorce granted, maiden name restored, property to complainant her sold and separate use, costs divided between parties... Defendant withdrew his answer to her bill.


INVENTORY & SALE, Estate of James Carnahan, deceased.

Personal Property, 5 July 1873, $64.00

Note on Will B. McDowell to James Carnahan 11 Sept 1871 which is bad, $46.00

Note on James Netherton due 2 Mar 1863, bad. Credit May 1865, $13; bal 37.00

CROSS-BILL of Ezekiel Carnahan. Objects to C & M Report, which charges Pleasant Brown for rent for six years but in fact rented same out annually for 8 years - see Dep. of A. Purcell

Did not charge Pleasant Brown for hay sold to Rose & others, $121 in Confederate money - see Dep. of John Brown...

DEPOSITIONS 28 March 1874:

Alfred Percell age 63. Partially acquainted with the land sold by Pleasant Brown to Z. J. Brown, worth about $300, annual rent $25 - $30 since Z. J. Brown left. Pleasant Brown received rent for eight years. I rented a portion 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866, 1867, 1869, 1870. Some times paid one-third of corn, some times current money (Green backs). Was mixed currency [in this area] during Civil War. 1863, the most common was Confederate, but State banks and greenbacks used.

/s/ Alfred Purcell

John Brown age 40. Land purchased by Z. J. Brown of Pleasant Brown worth about $40 a year rent. Pleasant Brown sold some corn and hogs said to belong to Z. J. Brown - sold hogs to Joseph Rose.

Ques: Dont you know Col. ?O. P. Hamilton sent an order to sell hogs for Confederate money?

Ans: I do not.

/s/ John Brown

REPORT OF SALE 28 April 1873, several small tracts of land on Brimstone Creek formerly in Dist. 14 Jackson Co. but now in Clay Co. adjacent land of Pleasant Brown and others conveyed by him to Zachariah J. Brown... Denton Moore became purchaser at $210.

ORDER: N. B. Young be appointed Special Administrator of Z. J. Brown, deceased... enter into bond of $500... defendants Lucinda Brown, John Brown, Peter Brown, Pleasant Brown Jr., David [or Daniel; listed David on 1860 printed census index, could be either - mlj] Brown, Matilda Brown, Mourning Brown, Sarah Brown and W. C. Brown are minors... N. B. Young appointed guardian [No date].

SUMMONS John Brown, Peter Brown, Pleasant S. Brown Jr. Daniel/David Brown, James P. Brown, Lucinda Brown, Martha Matilda Brown, Mourning Perrin, William Perrin, Sarah Brown, William Carroll Brown, James West, Elizabeth West, Ezekiel Carnahan, Susanna Brown, James A. Brown to answer Bill of Complaint by Pleasant Brown 1st Monday in February 1869.

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT of Pleasant Brown against

James M. Lansford and wife Sarah Lansford of Indianna [sic; Indiana - mlj], John Brown, Peter Brown, Pleasant S. Brown Jr. a minor, David/Daniel Brown, James P. Brown, Lucinda Brown, Martha Matilda Brown, Morning P. Brown who has intermarried with Wm Perrin, Sarah Brown a minor, Wm Carroll Brown, James West and wife Elizabeth West, Ezekiel Carnahan Administrator of Reuben Price deceased, Susannah Brown a minor and James A. Brown a minor and son of Leroy Brown deceased and grand son of Complainant all of Jackson Co.

Complainant 4 Jan 1868 filed Bill of Injunction against J. M. Lansford and wife and others praying for sale of land &c formerly sold to his son Zachariah Brown now deceased who died without issue, leaving a balance of purchase money for said land unpaid... and due to oversight two heirs of Zachariah Brown, Susannah Brown and James A. Brown were omitted, and that defendant Mourning P. Brown is married to Wm Perrin which fact was also omitted. Sarah Brown, Pleasant S. Brown, David/Daniel and James A. Brown are minors with no general guardian. 20 Jan 1868.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Pleasant Brown vs J. M. Lansford and wife Sarah Lansford, et al. Orator on 25 August 1858 sold to his son Zachariah J. Brown seven tracts of land in Dist. 14, Brimstone Creek, Jackson Co., TN. Same date Zachariah J. Brown executed his note to Orator for $230, less credits of $20 on 20 January 1860 and $7 on 4 May 1860.

Zachariah Brown has since died intestate. He left Adelia Brown as his widow, no legitimate children and the said Adelia has since married to defendant J. M. Lansford and that defendants John Brown, Peter Brown, Pleasant Brown Jr., Daniel/David Brown, James Brown, Lucinda Brown, Matilda Brown, Mourning Brown, Sarah Brown, W. C. Brown and Elizabeth West wife of James West are his brothers and sisters and only heirs at law [See amended Bill of Complaint; omitted two here - mlj].

8 September 1860 Reuben Price recorded a judgment against John Rose and E. K. Rose of $69.80 and costs and Zachariah J. Brown became stayor of execution. Afterwards D. J. McCalpin became additional stayor and was therefore liable before Zachariah J. Brown. On 27 November execution issued after the death of Z. J. Brown. 4 Jany 1868.

DEPOSITIONS 30 March 1874:

William Harris age about 50. Know Pleasant Brown and his son Z. J. about 11 years, know land.

/s/ William Harris

B. B. Washburn. Fall and winter 1861 and spring 1862 Confederate money in Jackson Co. was worth as much as anything but coin. It could be sold for gold and silver, about 5% discount or 95 cents to the dollar.

/s/ B. B. Washburn

Samuel Moore age 55. Knew Z. J. Brown, formerly resided Brimstone Creek of Cumberland River where Pheby Tate now lives. Z. J. bought from Pleasant. I sold about 50 acres of it to Pleasant... previous to the late war, believe before 1860. [Credit for traveling from Clay Co. 32 mi - mlj]

/s/ S. A. Moore

A. B. Jackson. I executed a note to Z. J. Brown for a yoke of oxen for $75, think in 1860. Paid it off. Pleas Brown came to me with the note and I executed a new note payable to him.

/s/ A. B. Jackson

[NEW] BROWN, R. P., Administrator of HUGHES, O. H. County 1873

SETTLEMENT 1st Monday in February 1873.

Assets included: Judgments about 1 January 1866, T. W. ?Waddell, Jonas Masters, James Boyes, J. J. Amonett, A. J. B. Walker, Jno Thurman, Jonas Smith, W. W. Shields, Green & Jo. Roberts, R. Darwin, P. M. Armstrong, G. W. H. Butler, G. W. Rains, Jas S. Stone, J. T. Smith, John T. Smith, M. M. Williams.

Expenses included: About 1 Jan 1863, burial expense, O. H. Hughes $20.75

AFFIDAVIT: State of Tennessee, Clay County} Robert P. Brown, Administrator of Oliver H. Hughes, deceased, came before Clerk of County Court of said County & State. O. H. Hughes died in Jackson Co. about [blank] 1862. Affiant was appointed administrator, made inventory... the late war was going on and if it was recorded, it has been lost or destroyed... attempted to wind up as best he could, paying many debts with his own money. Many claims belonging to said estate are insolvent and worthless. [Blank] 18[blank] affiants house was burned and all his papers and receipts... believes all debts paid... some assets not collected and cannot be. 25 Jan 1873.

/s/ R. P. Brown

DEPOSITION of R. P. Brown, age 60. Was appointed Administrator in 1863. Property sold amounted to several hundred dollars - mostly paid for in Confederate money, was forced to take it by solders. Some property was taken by soldiers and not paid for... My inventory returned to the Clerk of Court was lost or destroyed... is from memory... house burned... others got up a great trouble to find out the condition of the estate. I have paid out about $1000, about half was my money. I estimate the estate owes me about $500 plus a few small debts unpaid, about $100.00 - necessary to sell the town lots to pay.

/s/ R. P. Brown

ANSWER of Oliver H. Bland to Bill of Complaint of R. P. Brown against J. B. Anderson, this Respondent and others.

Admits O. H. Hughes died possessed of town lots in Celina. Complainant is Administrator, estate is insolvent.

Respondent is the only heir at law of O. H. Hughes, deceased. 28 April 1871

/s/ B. B. Washburn, guardian ad litem

[NEW] BROWN, THOMAS vs BROWN, URIAH, et al Chancery 1859 [or 1857]

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Thomas Brown against Uriah T. Brown and James H. Lee, formerly merchants under the style of Brown & Lee, Thomas J. Draper, James Draper, Francis M. Goolsby & Thomas J. Jones all of Jackson Co. except James H. Lee who is a citizen of Texas.

21 March 1859, two judgments recovered against Uriah T. Brown and Thomas J. Jones as Security, one for $181 & costs, the other for $266.75 & costs. Execution issued, returned no property found... they are insolvent and nothing can be made except... 11 Feby 1859 Uriah T. Brown and James H. Lee obtained a decree against Thomas J. Draper & James Draper, about $177 still due and owing.

Thomas J. Jones is owner of tract in Jackson Co. near Flynns Lick bounded by lands of James Draper and others. Deft Jones purchased said land from defendant Francis M. Goolsby in 185[blank] he is informed for $3500 and executed notes for same and took title bond - doesn't know if anything has been paid, believes it will sell for enough to pay debt. 25 Novr 1859.

Thomas [his X] Brown

TITLE BOND: I, F. M. Goolsby bind myself to pay to Thomas J. Jones the sum of $7000... the said Thomas J. Jones has purchased of me for $3500 the Martha J. Kerby note for $800 due 25 Dec 1857 and Thomas J. Jones note due this day for $2000 and one other note on Thomas J. Jones for $700 due 25 Dec 1857 for the tract of land where A. W. Johnson now lives and the same purchased of him... Flynns Creek Dist. 11 beginning in Mouth of the branch near the Blacksmith Shop and P. McCarvers stables at Flynns Lick... with said branch near the old horse Mill to Martha J. Kirbys lands... right hand fork of branch with its various meanders... top of the ridge in James Drapers line... to the line of the Joshua Draper old tract now claimed by Jubilee Wheeler... hill near the Spring called the John Fitzgerald old spring thence with said Joshua Drapers old line and now Jubilee Wheelers and Joshua Hailes to Flynns Creek with meanders of the creek in the center up to a ditch that Mrs. Susan McClelland dug with the bank of the ditch to the creek and to the bluff with the various meanders of said creek in the Center including and excluding one-half acre including the grave where the white people are buried containing 300 acres more or less.

I will make or cause to be made a good title on payment of within named notes... this 20 Aug 1857.

/s/s/ F. M. Goolsby Wit: Wm A. Jones /s/, Thomas Hail /s/

For value received... I assign the within Bond on F. M. Goolsby to Sampson W. Cassetty... have this day sold the lands described in said bond for $4000 paid to F. M. Goolsby... ballance [sic] of purchase money in land and the balance in my claims that S. W. Cassetty is security. Octr 22, 1858.

/s/s/ Thomas J. Jones Wit: Wm A. Jones /s/, Thomas Hail /s/

[NEW] BROWN, T. J. vs QUARLES, W. H. et al Chancery 1883

BILL OF COMPLAINT of T. J. Brown, Receiver in the case of R. V. Brooks with will attached of R. P. Brooks against J. N. Hix and others.

R. P. Brooks departed life in Jackson Co. May 1881 having Last Will & Testament, considerable property, no Executor named in will. R. V. Brooks was appointed and qualified. [Blank] 1881 R. V. Brooks filed bill against J. N. Hix and others for purpose of selling landed estate. Orator was appointed, bonded and qualified Sept term 1881 to take charge of land. The Store House on the northeast corner of the public square was a part, was rented to W. H. Quarles for 1882 for $75... sold to W. H. Quarles... [Dispute over rent for 1882, no relationships - mlj].

BROWN, U. T., Administrator of BROWN, J. H. County 1913

SETTLEMENT 2 October 1915.

Sale Bill filed in Wills & Administrators Settlement Book D, page 513.

Notes for purchasers taken, Settlement Book D page 513.

Inventory in Settlement Book E, page 55.

EXPENSES/DATE PAID [Abstracted part only]:

Cost of qualifying Commissioners to lay off homestead & dower Dec 1, 1913, $.75
Reeves & Crabtree for casket 19 Sept 1913, $50.
Lester Brown, note against deceased [blank] 1914, $8.20.
W. W. Brown, account against deceased 2 Nov 1914, $9.00.
T. C. Brown for crying sale [auctioneer, personal property - mlj], $3.50
L. R. Anderson, M. D., medical service 10 Dec 1914, $15.00.
Amount subscribed to the Bible school at Cookeville, $50.00.
Alonzo McCawley, monument to mark the grave, 28 Oct 1914, $47.00.
Paid H. H. Brown, telegrams paid by him, 23 Dec 1913, $4.24.
Martha Brown, widow of J. H. Brown, part payment of her years support dated Apr 15, 1913, $171.35.
Martha Brown, widow of J. H. Brown, part payment her years support Sept 20, 1915, $85.85.
Receipt from D. T. Brown, balance on settlement.
Affidavit from J. C. Brown, father of W. M. Brown showing he should have a credit on the W. M. Brown note.
30 March 1915 as part payment of his/her share in estate:
N. H. Brown, $100
Martin Brown, $100
Barbara Brown, $100
H. H. Brown, $100
H. H. Brown as guardian of A. C. Whitefield, $100
W. H. Brown, $100
U. T. Brown, $100
D. T. Brown, $100
Mary E. and Harvey A. Whitefield, $100
Noah Brown, $100
Luke Brown $100

FINAL SETTLEMENT 20 July 1916 [Included earlier pro-rata shares disbursed but not previously reported - mlj].

Paid October 14, 1914, $100 per share:

A. C. Whitefield on his...
B. A. Brown on her...
D. T. Brown on his...
W. H. Brown on his...
Noah Brown on his...
M. C. Brown on his...
Luke Brown on his...
H. H. Brown on his...
U. T. Brown on his...
N. H. Brown on his...
Mary E. Whitefield on her pro rata share
Paid March 1, 1916, each received $56.20 per pro rata share
H. H. Brown, balance his pro rata share
Martin Brown, his...
A. C. Whitefield, his...
H. A. and Mary Whitefield, their pro rata share $56.20
N. H. Brown, his...
U. T. Brown, his...
W. H. Brown, his...
D. T. Brown, his
Noah Brown, his...
Luke Brown, his...
Barbara Brown, her...
Mrs. Martha Brown, balance year's support $95.00.

Balance Due Heirs Total $105.30 Paid 20 July 1916. J. H. Brown died leaving eleven heirs entitled to 1/11 of above $105.30 [Listed as receiving $9.57 each]:

U. T. Brown
D. T. Brown
N. H. Brown
Noah Brown
W. H. Brown
Martin Brown
H. H. Brown
A. C. Whitefield
Mary Whitefield
Barbara Brown
Luke Brown

PETITION FOR HOMESTEAD & DOWER: J. H. Brown departed life 26 June 1913 owning land in Whites Bend, 11th District Jackson Co. bounded north by lands of U. T. and H. H. Brown, south by Crawford & Brown, east by Hoover and Whitaker, west by Pharris, 350 acres more or less. Martha Brown the widow is entitled to homestead and dower. G. C. Darwin and W. M. Draper appointed commissioners, with the county surveyor, to lay off... 4 Aug 1913.

[NEW] BROWN, W. T. vs HOWELL, T. S. Chancery 1908

ORDER: Minute Docket P page [blank]. C & M to take charge of land and rent for the year 1908 to highest bidder... reserving the right to defendant who is possession to rent at highest bid [match high bid]... struck off to W. T. Brown for $75. T. S. Howell came in, signed note for rent.

PLAT: Filmed, land 26 7/8 acres, on south side of the road to Highland.

CROSS BILL of T. S. Howell against W. T. Brown, Joe Fuller, all of Jackson Co. 3 Dec 1906 he and complainant W. T. Brown purchased from defendant Joe Fuller... land bounded... westwardly with big road to William and Plessy Nights [sic] line... top of the hill... meanders of the ridge. Consideration to be $30 per acre, estimated 25 acres... price to be adjusted up or down when survey was made.

NOTICE: To Sanders Howell. Will take depositions 17 Aug 1908.

Harve Forkum age 35, live at Highland on War Trace Creek. W. T. Brown's character good, Sanders Howell not so good.

/s/ H. D. [or P.] Forkum

J. M. Forkum age 40, live 3rd District. W. T. Brown's character good, Sanders don't seem to be as good as some.

/s/ J. M. Forkum

J. T. Fuller age 28. I sold the land to complainant and defendant. Brown's character good, Howell not.

W. T. Brown age 32, live 2nd District, Jackson Co., am complainant. Partners with Sanders Howell in purchase of land, were to share everything equally.

/s/ W. T. Brown

LETTER from D. B. Johnson to D. L. Lansden, Chancellor at Nashville... deft Howel stands now arrested on a charge of purgury [sic] for having sworn falsy [sic] in his answer.

BILL OF COMPLAINT W. T. Brown against T. S. Howel, both of Jackson Co. He and defendant purchased 31 Dec 1906 from J. T. Fuller and his wife Bertie Fuller land 3rd District, Jackson Co, TN... equally as tenants in common... after the deed was executed there was a disputed line between the lands conveyed and Pleas & Will Knight land.

[NEW] BROWN, W. W., Guardian of BROWN, ELIZABETH, et al County 1880

SETTLEMENT 12 May 1890, W. W. Brown, Guardian of Uriah Brown, minor heir of Jemison Brown, deceased.

COMMITTEE TO ASSIGN SUPPORT appointed May 1, 1880 to set apart a year's support for Elizabeth Brown, widow of John Brown, deceased. W. W. Brown, Admr of John Brown...


Acount on W. C. Trap

Joseph Birdwell, insolvent

Account on Clark, dead and insolvent

Thomas Jones, insolvent

J. Cates, insolvent

J. E. Bouldin, insolvent.

FINAL GUARDIAN SETTLEMENT, W. W. Brown, guardian of Uriah Brown, minor child of Jimmerson Brown, September term 1892. Guardian Settlement Book B, pages 137 & 8. Receipt from U. T. Brown in full from his father's estate, $38.38.

SETTLEMENT, W. W. Brown, guardian of Elizabeth Brown, minor heir of Jimmerson Brown. Last settlement May 1882.

SETTLEMENT 1st Monday in May 1878, W. W. Brown, guardian of Elizabeth and Uriah Brown, minor children of Jemerson Brown, deceased. Receipt of John V. Minor for two spelling books, 1st Sept 1877, 26 cents.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Tandy W. Brown of Jackson Co. against W. W. Brown and James H. Anderson. Jane Brown departed life in Jackson County March 1877, owning considerable personal property. James H. Anderson appointed administrator of her estate. Said Jane Brown left Orator Tandy W. Brown, Elizabeth Brown and Uriah Brown her only children and heirs, all minors and Uriah and Elizabeth are still minors.

Defendant was appointed guardian of Uriah and Elizabeth Brown. Orator further charges that at his mother's death he was between 15 - 16 years old, a minor, and no one was appointed his guardian. A short time before 1 May 1878 James H. Anderson illegally turned the entire estate over to W. W. Brown, guardian of Elizabeth and Uriah Brown.

Orator states the Statute of Limitations does not bar recovery he being only 25 years of age the 19th of last July... less than six years elapsed. [No date - mlj].

AMENDED BILL of Tandy W. Brown of Jackson Co. against W. W. Brown, James H. Anderson, Elizabeth Allen, Uriah Brown, the last named a minor all of Jackson Co.

He filed bill of complaint... was a minor between 15-16 at his mother's death, since arrived full age. At her death she was possessed of $356. James H. Anderson first took possession without administering, then turned it over to W. W. Brown.

Defendant Elizabeth Brown married John Allen, are now divorced. She, U. T. Brown and Orator are the only children and heirs, entitled to equal division.

DEED OF TRUST: I, David R. Halliburton for $1.00... convey to Jemmerson Brown land in 12th Dist... beginning at 640 acre tract conveyed by Jacob Brown to Stephen Roberts... deed for the following use... and no other... I am indebted to David G. Shepherd and James M. Shepherd... D. G. Shepherd & Co... If I pay, this to be void. 6 Feby 1857.

/s/ David R. Halliburton Wits: Sam Gray /s/, Ensley Williams /s/

[NEW] BROWN, W. W. , Guardian of RAGLAND, W. T. heirs County 1880

SETTLEMENT September term 1880: W. W. Brown, Guardian of John Ragland and Ferabee Ragland, minor heirs of W. T. Ragland, deceased. Amount received of W. M. Ragland 3 June 1878, $25.18.

[NEW] BROWN, W. W., Admr of BROWN, JOHN County 1884

CAUSE HEARD: It appeared to Court that Complainant's intestate sold and conveyed to defendant Leroy Carter land in 7th District bounded by lands of J. H. L. Brown, John Carter, Amanda Fakis [sic; ?Farkas or ?Farris] and perhaps others... 100 acres.

It appeared the said John Brown is dead and complainant W. W. Brown is administrator... sell land to pay notes as they become due.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of W. W. Brown, Administrator of John Brown, deceased of Jackson Co. against Leroy Carter of Jackson County. John Brown died [blank] 187[blank]. Prior to death sold land to Leroy Carter, took notes, remain unpaid...

[Note: Next document is apparently a petition for Homestead by Elizabeth Brown, widow of John Brown. Spelling poor, handwriting poor, words left out - mlj].

NOTICE TO: Isaac Flatt and his [?wife] Sally, Sheby [Shelby] Dudley [usually sp Dudney] and his wife Nancy, T. C. Brown, James Kirby and his wife Liza, M. W. Brown, Leroy Carter and his wife Mercilly, Allen H. Manier and his wife Elizabeth, Cullum Ragland, John S. Ragland, Andy Lambert and his wife Mary, Andy Mayberry and wife Martha, James Keith, Phurby Brown, Bascum Br[?own], James H. Brown.

The above named parties are the resident heirs of John Brown, deceased...may attend if you wish.

I am the widow, entitled to homestead out of the following described tract of land bounded northeast by land of T. C. Brown, north by Nancy Dudy [sic] wife of Sheba Dudley, west by the lands of the children of Joshua Vincen, southwest by W. W. Brown, west by land of Joseph B. Samples, south by Marlin [If a "T", not crossed - mlj] Cannon.

/s/ Elizabeth Brown by Joshua Haile

BILL OF COMPLAINT of W. W. Brown, Administrator of John Brown, deceased against W. W. Flatt. 187[blank] John Brown departed life intestate. Orator was appointed administrator. Before his death John Brown conveyed W. H. Flatt land on the headwaters of the dry fork of Flynn's Creek, 7th District bounded by lands of Hop Wheeler, Thomas Birdwell and lands once owned by Edward Jackson, estimated 100 acres more or less where W. H. Flatt now lives and where he lived at purchase. W. H. Flatt executed notes, not paid save a judgment of $17.62 1/2.

Notes made to John Brown in his lifetime, all unpaid except the $17.62 1/2 credit:

Three notes for $100 due 1 Jan 1878, 1879 and 1880.

One note for $170 due 1881.

CORRECTED SETTLEMENT [Verbatim; part may be lost; part filmed out of order - mlj].

So as not to allow the administrator credit for the distributive shares of John Ragland and Ferraby Ragland minor heirs of W. T. Ragland deceased and Mary Lambert and Catherine Mays in the item of $267.50 being a receit [sic] or release from the other heirs of said deceased John Brown to said administrator signed by all the other heirs of said deceased except the above named in a debt in favor of said deceased against Nancy Dudney which reduces said item of credit the sum of $14.83 and will leave said credit $253.17 instead of $267.50

NOTICE: To Henry Maze and wife Catharine Maze, John Ragland, Feriby Ragland, heirs at Law of John Brown deceased. On 3 June 1882 will make settlement with W. W. Brown the administrator of John Brown. May 16, 1882.

NOTICE: To Wm Neal, W. K. Cooper and W. T. Cooper - go upon the premises of John Brown deceased and lay of [sic; off] one years support out of the stock, crops &c for the support of Elisabeth Brown, widow of said deceased... report next term. 24 April 1880.

NOTICE: To Isaac Flatt, Sallie Flatt, J. G. Kerby, Eliza Kerby, S. S. Dudney, Nancy Dudney, Wm Stout, Margarett Stout, Andy Mabery, Martha Mabery, T. C. Brown, W. F. Brown, J. F. Borwn, B. Brown, A. C. Ragland, J. S. Ragland, A. H. Manier, Elizabeth Manier, John L. Ragland, Feriby Ragland minor heirs of W. T. Ragland, deceased, Henry _____[faded], Catherine ____[faded], C. Lambert, F. Lambert, Ida Lambert, John Lambert, ?Inda Lambert, Lossa Lambert and Mary Lambert minors. 26 June 1884 will make final settlement with W. W. Brown, administrator of John Brown deceased. This 3 June 1884.

AGREEMENT: Whereas W. W. Brown, Administrator of Jno Brown holds three notes as purchase money on lands against Nancy Dudney... he is desirous of making final settlement we agree to release W. W. Brown of liability on notes and collect the money from her ourselves... give her additional twelve months... This 1st day of April 1884

/s/ W. F. Brown, I. C. Flatt, Sally Flatt, J. G. Kerby, T. C. [his X] Brown, A. H. Manear, Elizabeth Manear, William Stout, Margit Stout, Andy Maberry, Marth [sic] Maberry, J. F. Brown, O. B. Brown, J. S. Ragland, A. C. Ragland

CAUSE HEARD September Term County Court 1881, cause of Elizabeth Brown against W. W. Brown, Isaac Flatt and wife Sallie Flatt, James Kirby and his wife Eliza Kirby, S. S. Dudney and his wife Nancy Dudney, T. C. Brown, A. H. Manear and wife Elizabeth Manear, Leroy Carter and wife Mercilla Carter, Collum Ragland, Savage Ragland, Andy Lambert and wife Mary Lambert, Andy Mayberry and wife Martha Mayberry, Miss Jane Keith, Fannie Brown, James Brown and Bascom Brown.

Motion for Homestead & Dower... Widow should not have homestead because of existence of a deed with the name of Elizabeth Brown thereto, but shall have homestead and dower in land owned in the name of John Brown.

PETITION of A. H. Manear and wife Elizabeth, J. G. Kerby and wife Eliza, Isaac Flatt and wife Sally, W. F. Brown, J. F. Brown, Bascom Brown, A. C. Ragland, Andrew Lambert and wife Mary, Andrew Mayberry and wife Martha and James Keith citizens of Jackson Co. against Elizabeth Brown widow of John Brown. Petitioners are children and grand children and husbands of the children and grand children of defendant Elizabeth Brown.

Elizabeth Brown draws a pension of $8 a month and is likely to draw a land warrant as the widow of John Brown. She owns a little household and kitchen furniture and has a right of dower in some land unassigned... very old and feeble and her mind is seriously impaired... not capable of managing her business... asks guardian be appointed. 5 September 1881.

J. G. [his X] Kirby

Jury of twelve free holders appointed to examine Elizabeth Brown as to sanity... 29 October 1881 at Leroy Carter's in Jackson Co. are Terrell Byrne, John Neil, Mitchel Williams, A. J. Vantreese, Wm Vitatoe, Jeremiah Hail, Carter Hairess [sic; Harris], J. W. Wade, J. P. Samples, W. M. Neil, J. W. Dyer and John [sic; Joseph] Samples.

We the undersigned say Elizabeth Brown is of unsound mind resulting from paralises [sic] and old age... Entitled to pension $96 per years, dower of husband's land worth $50 a year, has following children and grand children to wit W. W. Brown, Eliza Kirby, Elizabeth Manear, Sally Flatt, Mercilla Carter, T. C. Brown, Nancy Dudney.

Grand children W. T. Brown, James Brown, Bascum Brown, Mary Lambert, Martha Mayberry, Jim Keith, A. C. Ragland, J. S. Ragland, Catharine Maize, John Ragland and Fereby Ragland, all adults except the last two who are minors. 5 November 1881.

/s/ [All in same handwriting as document; probably Court Clerk - mlj] Terrell Byrne, J. F. Samples, William Vitatoe, Jeremiah Hail, J. W. Wade, J. H. Neal, A. J. Vantrease, Carter Harris, J. M. Williamson, W. M. Neal, Joseph Samples, J. W. Dyer

NOTICE to Isaac Flatt and wife Sally Flatt, James Kirby and wife Liza Kirby, S. S. Dudney and wife Nancy Dudney, T. C. Brown, A. H. Manear and wife Elizabeth Manear, Leroy Carter and wife Mercilla Carter, Cullom Ragland, Savage Ragland, Andy Lambert and wife Mary Lambert, Andy Mayberry and wife Martha Mayberry, Miss James Keith, Feriby Brown, James Brown, Bascom Brown.

On [Blank] 1879 John Brown died seized and possessed of land in Jackson County...

DEPOSITIONS [No date, no age, basically same - mlj]. James G. Kirby and Allen Manear. John Brown lived on land described in deed to W. W. Brown at the time of his death and his wife lived with him. His wife is yet living. Brown died in the fall 1879.


[Note: No Bill of Complaint filmed, but appears it was about damages for a lame horse - mlj].

DEPOSITIONS at residence of James Biles on 1 September 1914, Spivey, Tennessee.

Tom Long age 55, am a farmer, live Spivey, Tennessee. Rod Williams had the horse at my barn and tried to trade with me. Noticed a puff in one leg and the horse seemed to favor it.

/s/ T. T. Long

Ad Green 60, live Spivey, am a farmer. Tried to sell my son Sam Green a horse... not worth it.

/s/ A. D. Green

[NEW] BRUCE, J. B., Administrator et al vs MOORE, NEWTON, et al Chancery 1889

DEPOSITION at store house of Journal Bryan at Watertown in Wilson Co., TN 14 Aug 1890:

Howell W. Williams. Was Clerk & Master [torn, but he was C & M of Jackson Co, TN - mlj].

Ques: State what you know about loss of papers in the case of James Eaton & wife vs James W. Lock, Chancery Court.

Ans: Know papers were lost soon after the death of Lock, made diligent search. Knew J. W. Lock, don't think he was a man of any business capacity.

/s/ H. W. Williams

DECREE February term 1859, Jackson Co., Tenn, cause of James Eaton & wife Polly Ann, Jas A. Sadler and wife Sarah, complainants against James W. Lock, Wm Lock, Augustus S. Lock & Catherine Lock. This 12 Feby 1859 process has been served on James W. Lock... failed to appear... taken for confessed.

The answer of William Lock and Catherine Lock in proper person and William and Catherine and Augustus S. Lock by their guardian ad litem Sidney S. Stanton... minor defendants the two former are above fourteen years... negroes be sold and the proceeds vested in land... pay debts of James W. Lock. Moses is worth $1000, Bethia $800, Virginia $800, Washington $1000, Jourdan $600, Sydney $800, Maria $400. Jourdan is hard of hearing.

It appearing to the court that said James W. Lock has heretofore conveyed to James Eaton the lands... in trust for his children for his own support and payment of debts... money from sale of negroes be appropriated first to debts and the balance after payment of cost be equally divided among the children of James W. Lock... after $4700 is raised by sale of negroes which is supposed to be sufficient to pay debts the complainants in their discretion may stop the sale... in the event remaining negroes be vested in children of James W. Lock as to the married women for their sole and separate use as to Catherine Lock for her sole and separate use.

Title to the following tracts and town lots:

1st Tract on bank of Cumberland River... line divided land of Robert White and James W. Lock, now James M. McKinney and Lock... including land that descended to James W. Lock from his father William Lock.

2nd Tract granted by State of Tennessee to William Lock, assignee of John McLemore in Jackson Co. below mouth of Roaring River... begin Wm Waters survey at the junction of Roaring River and Cumberland River...

Tract of seven acres south of Cumberland River... begin John Nichols southwest corner...

Also two 3 acre tracts described in deed from James W. Lock to James Eaton...

Also the old tavern stand now occupied by Eaton lately by Jas W. Lock bounded south by public square... L. J. Lowe... J. R. Tolbert... where stables now lie... Mrs. Nancy P. Stone now lives... and also the garden lot adjoining where A. J. Green now lives and also the graveyard.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of J. B. Bruce of Macon County, Tennessee, Administrator de bonis non [Administrator of remainder not distributed] of James W. Lock deceased and Joseph E. Frost of said county as Administrator of James D. Bennett deceased of Macon County, Tennessee against

Newton Moore and wife Catharine Moore, Thomas Williams and Mary A. C. Williams his wife, Augustus S. Lock and Robt A. Cox, H. W. Williams of Jackson Co., Tennessee, and Wm K. Lock, J. A. Saddler, W. T. Saddler, C. F. Saddler, John F. Saddler, James Saddler and Mrs. R. E. Thompson and husband E. E. Thompson of the State of Texas as complainants are informed, and A. A. Swope of Smith County, Tennessee, E. M. Cason, Job Morgan, John P. Murray, J. S. Draper, J. B. Anderson, Joel Forkum, W. D. McKaughan and J. T. Anderson of Jackson Co., Tennessee, W. G. Cox of Putnam County, Tennessee, J. W. Smallwood of Davidson Co., Tennessee and W. H. Botts of the State of Kentucky.

Prior to 185[blank] James W. Lock was owner of slaves and lands in Jackson Co., Tennessee.

James W. Lock also had the following five children to wit Mary A. C. Eaton then the wife of James Eaton since deceased but now the wife of Thomas Williams, Catharine Moore the wife of Newton Moore, Sally Sadler then the wife of one James Sadler now deceased and said Sally is also dead leaving children to wit J. A. Sadler, C. F. Sadler, John F. Sadler, James Sadler and R. E. Thompson (nee Sadler). William K. Lock and Augustus S. Lock are also sons of James W. Lock.

A bill was filed to sell land and slaves to pay defendant and allow James W. Lock support...

[Remainder gives no genealogical information. The numerous defendants not descendants of James W. Lock are lawyers, judges, court clerks - mlj].


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