Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #45
Anderson, A. - Anderson, L.

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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vs RICHMOND, JAMES K. Circuit 1886

DECREE: For the Plaintiff against Defendant. $10 and costs.

SYNOPSIS: Richmond's cows got in the Anderson's cornfield. No relationships given, no ages. Those testifying on/about 23 October 1886: Henry Carter, William Steakley, Henry Anderson, Ridley Anderson, Bradford Upchurch, John Medders, John Harper, H. R. Upchurch, W. G. Dowell.

J. K. Richmond stated those adjoining the land are G. C. Darwin, James Anderson. On Flynn's Creek, the road from Shake rag branch to Gainesboro. Some land belongs to Henry Carter, Frank Richmond, William Richmond. Some is not fenced.


DEED: Lewis R. Vance to Edward Anderson, $500. Land in District 13, 500 acres, west side Buffalo Valley at a wet weather spring just above old Kirkland tobacco barn... through the plantation where Thos McCollough now lives... north boundary line to what is called the Marr tract... Bartlett's line to his corner in the Smith County line, with the line... to plantation where Thos McCollough, Thos Brewington doth now live. 27 November 1847. s/s L. R. Vance;

Wits: F. M Anderson, J. W. Vance. Recorded Jackson Co. 6 Decr 1847

DEPOSITIONS: At the home of Thomas McCullough, 26 January 1850.

Thomas McCullough [No age]. Have lived on the land ever since the Complainants purchased it, and have paid the rent to Defendant. Thomas [his X] McCullough

Elisha Abney [No age]. Testified to when payments due for land. Elisha [X] Abney

BOND FOR TITLE: Edward Anderson to Lewis R. Vance. Bond of $7,000 subject to payment for land. /s/ Edward Anderson


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Edward Anderson of Jackson County against Thomas R. Mahaney of Izard Co., AR. In the case of Benjamin C. White and others against orator and defendant Thomas R. Mahaney and others...

Last term of court a decree was pronounced. $121 of part of distribution of Thomas R. Mahaney in estate of Benjamin Mahaney, deceased was paid. Orator and said defendant Thomas R. Mahaney were joint Executors of Last Will & Testament of said deceased.

Previous to filing of bill by said White & others, Complainant paid off to his co-executor as one of the heirs at law of Testator the full amount of his share - that previous to defendant leaving the state to go to Arkansas... made a settlement. Orator failed to get a receipt.

Orator is charged for rent of land from 8 June 1848 to 8 June 1852 at $75 per annum plus interest.

Defendant had possession of land for about 17 months, and should be charged for rent during this time, about $138. 10 Feby 1854. s/s Edward Anderson

ANSWER: Edith Johnson to Bill of Complaint. True Ben White & others filed a bill to set aside sale of land which respondent's father died seized and possessed in Jackson Co. Sale to be set aside was that made by Thos R. Mahaney of Respondent's father. Court decreed sale should be set aside... 21 November 1854. Edith [her X] Johnson

[NOTE: Very little on this case here. May be more on another reel - mlj].


DEPOSITIONS 16 October 1852:

William Hawkins age 45. Know nothing about purchase of land by Complainants and Defendants. Understand they was to divide land between each other. Amonett was to have that part on which he was living and Bartlett was to have a portion that adjoined him and Thomas Anderson was living on a portion of the land. /s/ William Hawkins

William McGinnis age 53. I was one of the men chosen to divide land in dispute. Me and Snoden Maddox made a valuation, Allen Young disagreed. /s/ William McGinnis

Snowden H. Maddox age 40. Complainant was not present when land was divided by the surveyor between Complainant and Defendant. /s/ Snoden H. Maddux

Thomas Anderson 33. Am acquainted with the land. Was there when it was laid off between the purchasers. /s/ Thomas Anderson

William Duke about age 31. Was at the school house in Buffalow [sic] Valley, below Thomas Anderson on 11 Jan 1853. Have been over Mr. Bartlett's part, know little about the lines. Part of Bartlett's land is very rocky and steep.

William R. Vance age about 50. Was well acquainted with Luis R. Vance land in 1831-2-3. He showed me most of his lines. Was well acquainted with John H. Anderson farm, have not been on either of the others in perhaps 10 years. /s/ W. R. Vance

Joseph McKee age 31. Know nothing. /s/ Joseph McKee

ANSWER: John H. Ammonett & Joshua Bartlett. In 1851, Complainants and Respondents purchased of Lewis R. Vance the land mentioned for $2000, agreed to pay one-third each. Deny land should be equally divided. Ammonett and Bartlett paid in more money. 17 July 1852. /s/ John H. Ammonett, Joshua Bartlett


Isaac A. Huddleston. Lived about 1 1/2 miles from the land. /s/ I. A. Huddleston

James Isbell about age 43, testified regarding property value. /s/ James Isbell

John Duke age 28. Was along when lines were shown to Isbell, Ford, Draper and William Duke. /s/ John Duke

Charles R. Ford about age 40. /s/ C. R. Ford

Lawson H. Draper about age 53. /s/ Lawson H. Draper

Allen Young, about age 40. Couldn't agree as to value. /s/ Allen Young

Thomas Fisher age 36. Land in Dist. 13, Jackson Co. Was in company with Thomas H. Butler and we surveyed the land allotted to defendant. Was 10 December 1852. Dated 16 January 1854. /s/ Thomas Fisher

John Merritt /s/ John Merit

Thomas Maddux age 39. Live about two miles from land. /s/ T. J. Maddux

Hugh Wallis about 55. /s/ Hugh Wallis

CAUSE HEARD: 9 February 1855. Defendant should pay Complainant $78.63.

DEED: I, Lewis R. Vance, Mary Ann McNichol, Thomas Jefferson McCullough have this day sold... to John H. Ammonett, Joshua Bartlett and Edward Anderson... land in Jackson and Smith counties, Tennessee... waters of Caney Fork... Bartletts line... Benjamin Morris corner... corner called James Vance's South East corner... line with Maddox & Vance... to Fisher line... Sadler's line... crossing the River to Nichols northeast corner... dividing the waters of Buffalo Valley & Dry Creek including the plantation where William Duke and William Whitlock, John Webb, Isaac Prentiss and said Vance now live. 800 acres more or less. 2 June 1851.

/s/ Mary Ann McNichols, Lewis R. Vance, Thos J. McCullough

Witnesses [signed]: James T. Quarles, Ransom P. Mahaney

[NEW] ANDERSON GREEN CO. vs HAWKINS, W. K. Chancery 1891

Thompson Anderson & Frank W. Green, Anderson Green Company, merchants in Nashville, recovered judgment levied on land... L. D. Allen's line... W. R. Allen's line... about 43 acres. Also 75 acres, land formerly occupied by Edward Terry, 75 acres being the dower tract of W. K. Hawkins' mother Mahaly Hawkins, he having purchased five shares and owning in his own right one other share, there being 8 in all. Said Mahaly Hawkins having a life estate in the whole.

... further appeared to the court that the conveyance or attempted conveyance to their sons Van & Alex Hawkins were never delivered to or accepted.

ANSWER: W. K. Hawkins, Van Hawkins and Alex Hawkins. Admit W. K. Hawkins owes Complainant, deny fraud.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Anderson Green & Co. against W. K. Hawkins, Alex Hawkins and Van Hawkins. W. K. Hawkins owes them money, is insolvent. Defendant until a short time ago had retail mercantile business.

W. K. Hawkins sold or traded land to his sons Alex and Van Hawkins, where W. K. Hawkins now lives. His mother has dower for life. Bounded by land of Wiley Smith, Hanon lands, land of W. K. Hawkins, north by the same and L. D. Allen in 9th District.

[NEW] ANDERSON, J. B. vs REEVES, CHARLES E. Chancery 1868

[NOTE: There are bills and cross-bills, multiple combined lawsuits filed in this case. The complainant becomes the plaintiff, then switches - mlj].

CAUSE HEARD: 28 May 1875. Bill be dismissed, security John P. Murray pay costs.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Charles E. Reeves against John B. Anderson, Fay Anderson, Mat Anderson, Ader Anderson, Lulu Anderson, Landon Anderson, Nannie Anderson and Lukus Anderson all of Jackson County.

Orator recovered decree against defendant John B. Anderson & others, November term, Circuit Court 1871, more than $4000. Defendants appealed to Supreme Court, was reversed as to Hall and affirmed as to John B. Anderson.

In an attempt to hinder creditors... conveyed to wife Mary Anderson land in 8th District, bounded north by Marion Harris [can't read word] east by Phillips heirs, south by Albert Kirkpatrick, west by Cumberland River.

Anderson filed a petition for bankruptcy in Middle District of Tennessee, claims to have been adjudged a bankrupt 30 May 1868.

Mary Anderson, wife of defendant John B. Anderson, is dead and Fay Anderson, Mat Anderson, Lula Anderson, Landon Anderson and Nannie Anderson and Lukey Anderson are her only children and heirs. The latter five are minors without regular guardians. If the deed was registered, it burned in the 14 August 1872 fire.

Orator charges defendant is about to sell land... remove from state. 13 March 1879.

ANSWER: Charles E. Reeves to Bill of Complaint of John B. Anderson. L. C. Hall filed his bill. Respondent filed a cross-bill 4 March 1867. Cause and cross-bill heard 2 November 1871. Decree against Complainant. /s/ C. E. Reeves

BILL OF COMPLAINT: John B. Anderson against Benjamin Chapman & Littleton C. Hall of Jackson County, Charles E. Reeves of Macon County, Luke T. Armstrong of Davidson County and Joseph E. Mulkey of the State of Kentucky.

25 August 1866, defendant L. C. Hall filed a bill seeking to be released of judgment. 14 March 1867, defendant C. E. Reeves filed a cross-bill.

DEPOSITION 9 March 1878:

B. B. Washburn. Was the solicitor of J. B. Anderson. /s/ B. B. Washburn

DEPOSITION 3 March 1880.

Joseph E. Mulkey age 54. Sold a judgment recovered in Circuit Court to C. E. Reeves. It was against R. C. Kirkpatrick, and was stayed by L. C. Hall. I had a bill filed against me in Clay Co, TN by C. E. Reeves that grew out of the transfer of judgment. Settled in full by compromise. /s/ Joseph E. Mulkey

[NEW] ANDERSON, J. T., Administrator of ANDERSON, W. C. County 1886

NOTICE: To Charles W. Anderson, a non-resident of Tennessee and heir at law of W. C. Anderson... final settlement with J. T. Anderson as Administrator of W. C. Anderson, deceased will be 26 July 1886 [Note: Whether this was posted on the court-house door, or sent to a newspaper for publication is not indicated. No indication of where out of state he resided. J. T. Anderson had purchased Charles W. Anderson's interest - mlj].

SUBPOENA: William C. Anderson, Thomas Upchurch & wife Rhoda Upchurch, Dolly Wheeler, Caleb Anderson, Jane Hanie, James W. Allerd & wife Polly Allerd, Carter Upchurch, Gillum Upchurch. 2nd Monday in August next... bill against them. Dated 2nd Monday in February 1867.

DEPOSITIONS 5 September 1888:

T. B. Upchurch age 42. Land of W. C. Anderson, being his home tract on Flynn's Creek, not susceptible to partition. Land worth about $1500. /s/ T. B. Upchurch

J. M. Morgan [No age]. Heirs too numerous. Eleven original heirs, two of whom we are informed are dead, leaving three minors each. About 200 acres, about 50-60 tillable. I am a freeholder of Jackson County, Tennessee. /s/ J. M. Morgan

Geo H. Morgan age 47. About 160 or 170 acres, much hilly. /s/ Geo. H. Morgan

[NEW - Misfiled?] GARLAND ANDERSON [NOTE: What is listed as an accompanying plot map of the landed estate of Garland Anderson, being 328 acres more or less on Blackburn's Fork of the Roaring River, dated 24 March 1866 is filmed here. There is a case involving heirs of Garland Anderson on Reel #44. Whether these Andersons are closely connected to Caleb Anderson's descendants who lived in the 11th District, Flynn's and Martin's Creek area is doubtful. More on Caleb Anderson descendants on Reel #124 - mlj].

[NEW - Return to W. C. Anderson descendants]

BILL OF COMPLAINT: James T. Anderson, Ridley Anderson, S. B. Anderson, Jennie Anderson & Aletha Anderson, all of Jackson County, against John S. Dudney, Della Dudney, Mary Dudney, Margaret Stafford, Thomas Stafford & Lou Stafford, Lula Anderson, Henry Anderson, and all minors without general guardian.

W. C Anderson departed life intestate in Jackson County 17 September 1882, seized and possessed of land 11th District on Flynn's Creek, bounded south by Henry Carter, east by his land and J. K. Richmond or Thomas Haile, north by G. C Darwin, west by Thomas Upchurch heirs and Gillum Upchurch and also Byrd Anderson's land, except about four acres in said boundary upon which J. T. Anderson's mill now stands, and which he owns. W. C. Anderson left at death the following heirs:

J. T. Anderson

Byrd Anderson

W. L. Anderson

Charles Anderson

Ridley Anderson

S. B. Anderson

Jennie Anderson

Lula Anderson

Henry Anderson

and the following named grand children:

Margaret Stafford, Thomas Stafford and Lou Stafford, children of a deceased daughter who died before her father, and

John S. Dudney, Della Dudney and Mary Dudney, children of another daughter who died before her father.

Also Complainant Aletha Anderson, his widow, who resides on land and has since his death. Has never had homestead and dower assigned.

Complainant J. T. Anderson owns three shares; his and Charles Anderson and W. L. Anderson and holds deeds.

Ridley Anderson holds two shares; his own and Byrd Anderson by deed.

Personal estate has been administered, debts paid. 19 May 1888. /s/ J. T. Anderson

DOWER & HOMESTEAD: Assigned to Aletha Anderson, widow of W. C Anderson on 5 September 1888 by J. A. Durham, M. D. Haile and E. L. Jackson.

NOTE 1850, 1860 & 1880, source is Sistler's printed index; 1870 is microfilm reel:

1850 USC, Jackson Co. 1240-648, Wm C. ANDERSON 30, Aletha 22, John 7, Mary 5, Margaret 4, James 1.

1860: W. C. ANDERSON 41, Aletha 33, John 17, Mary 18, Margarett 12, James 10, Thomas 8, William 6, Ridley 3, Charles 8/12.

1870, p. 232: William C. ANDERSON 51, Letha 43, Margaret 22, James T. 21, Thomas B. 19, William L. 17, Ridley D. 12, Charles 10, Jane 7, Stephen B. 6, Lura E. 3, Henry R. 11/12.

1880, p 259: William C. ANDERSON* 61, Aletha 53, Ridley 22, Jennie 17, Stephen 15, Lula E. 12, Henry 10. [*] Sistler's note indicates not all in hh listed.

[NEW] ANDERSON, JAMES T., Admr W. H. BOTTS vs HOOVER, A. H. et als and



AMENDED ANSWER: Emily Gipson in her own right and as guardian of Robert Gipson, John M. Gipson and Levisa Ann Gipson and -

Robert Gipson, John M. Gipson and Levisa Ann Gipson against them and others.

Administrator was appointed 21 August 1891, filed against widow and heirs and Administrator of L. M. Gipson, deceased in the event the town property did not bring enough to pay off the note.

AFFIDAVIT: Emily Gipson, widow of L. M. Gipson, deceased. L. M. Gipson died intestate in Jackson County 14 August 1886. States she is entitled to dower in Roaring River tract.

Defendants Robert Gipson, Mary Jane York wife of Thomas York, John M. Gipson and Levisa Ann Gipson and Ovale [Ova Lee] Dixon are the only heirs at law of L. M. Gipson.

Emily is the widow of L. M. Gipson and regular guardian of Robert, John M. and Levisa Ann Gipson. M. J. Dixon married Lena May Gipson, a daughter of L. M. Gipson, a daughter of L. M. Lena May died intestate leaving Ovale Dixon her only child and heir, and M. J. Dixon is her father. 23 February 1898.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: James T. Anderson, Administrator of W. H. Botts against M. F. Spurlock of Jackson County and others. William H. Botts died 26 May 1890 intestate as to his property in Tennessee.

Complainant charges 19 December 1885 defendant Andy Skimmehorn sold to defendant Spurlock a tract of land known as the Andy Skimmehorn tract.

James T. Anderson is Administrator of W. H. Botts who died intestate except what he willed to his daughter in law Lizzie Botts during her natural life, with the remainder to his heirs forever, being his home place in Glasgow, Kentucky. Also the interest on $5000, to be invested with remainder to her two children.

Botts owned property in Jackson County and Clay Counties, Tennessee.

Also held notes on John M. Burris due 16 May 1884... John M. Burris home place on Jennings Creek, 13th District where John M. Burris now lives. Bounded by land of Lewis Hix, H. Rehorn formerly Joe Hix [believe this means formerly owned by Joe Hix - mlj] and lands formerly owned by F. M. Price, C. C. Hix and others.

Land was originally owned by S. F. Murray, now dead. He sold in his lifetime on 8 December 1871 to Henry W. Hamilton, but executed no deed, but a bond for title. Hamilton contracted to defendant John M. Burris.

Complainant charges that legal title is in S. F. Murray, deceased. He left defendants Nannie Murray, Maggie Coffee wife of [blank] Coffee his only heirs.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF OF JACKSON COUNTY: Summons J. T. Anderson, Administrator of W. H. Botts and J. T. Anderson in his own right;

W. W. Draper, guardian of Agnes Kinner Botts;

H. A. Crabtree and H. H. Herod, Sr., Admr of J. F. Botts, deceased;

M. J. Dixon, guardian of Ova Lee Dixon;

Thomas York & wife Mary Jane York;

M. J. Dixon in his own right;

Barbary Lynn and Thomas Lynn, Administrators of James Lynn, deceased; and

Barbary and Thomas Lynn in their own right;

John Lynn, Joseph Lynn, James R. Lynn and Buford Lynn.

[NEW] ANDERSON, J. T. vs HOWELL, J. G. Chancery 1893

DEPOSITIONS 14 April 1887, C & M Office, Jackson County:

R. V. Brooks, age 4[?44 - smear]. Am a party to suit. W. H. Brooks is my son. I was at Highland, Tennessee, and John G. Howell said he traded his stock of goods to W. H. Brooks. /s/ R. V. Brooks

William H. Brooks age 23. Bought John G. Howell's stock of goods about February - May 1885. /s/ W. H. Brooks.

DEPOSITION 27 August 1887.

Catherine Howell [No age]. John G. Howell lived near the store. W. H. Brooks did eat at our table. R. V. Brooks asked if we had arrangements for board.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: James T. Anderson, Administrator of W. H. Botts, deceased against John G. Howell of Jackson County; E. T. Ellison & wife of Macon County, Lewis McQuown and wife Dona McQuown, J. S. Botts, Ella Lewis Botts, Agnes Kinner Botts of Barren County, Kentucky; and W. W. Draper of Jackson County.

26 May 1891 W. H. Botts departed life near his home in Barren County, KY intestate as to his property in Tenn. July term 1891, Complainant was appointed Administrator of his estate in Tennessee.

Defendants except J. G. Howell and husbands of the married women and W. W. Draper, guardian, are the only heirs at law of W. H. Botts, deceased.

John G. Howell purchased land of W. H. Botts in 1882. Botts held notes, Howell is insolvent, property is deteriorating, not worth balance due.


James C. Howell. J. G. Howell and Botts both said J. G. Howell bought land in Highland from Botts about 1882... am the brother of J. G. Howell. /s/ J. C. Howell

J. H. Majors, lawful age. Know Howell. /s/ J. H. Majors

[NEW] ANDERSON, J. T. vs BOTTS, AGNES K. et al County 1898

DECREE: All right, title and interest of defendants Agness K. Botts, Lewis Botts, Walter Botts, Willie H. Botts and Eva Botts and his widow M. E. Botts to town lots be divested out of them and to purchaser James T. Anderson.

PETITION: Agness K. Botts recently intermarried with one Wood Huff, a non resident of the State... ask that he be made a party to this suit. /s/ J. T. Anderson, Admr

DEPOSITION 28 January 1899.

J. A. Williams, age 61. Occupation farmer near Gainesboro. Own lots and buildings in Gainesboro [testifies to property value - mlj]. /s/ J. A. Williams

BILL OF COMPLAINT: James T. Anderson against Agness Kinner Botts, a minor of Barren County, KY and W. W. Draper, guardian of Jackson County and Louis Botts, Walter Botts, Willie H. Botts, Merlin Botts and Eva Botts, all minors and citizens of Jackson County and Mrs. M. E. Botts, their general guardian.

James T. Anderson on [blank] June 1898 became owner in fee by deed of three and one half fifths of hereinafter real estate.

Agnes Kinner Botts inherited one-half of one fifth.

Lewis Botts, Walter Botts, Willie H. Botts, Merlin Botts and Eva Botts are owners of one fifth.

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. S. vs MORGAN, W. C. Chancery 1886

BILL OF COMPLAINT: L. S. Anderson against J. M. Chilton of Marshall Co., Tenn, Catherine Chilton of Davidson County, Tenn, and W. C. Morgan.

Complainant bought land in Jackson County in 1881 encumbered with back taxes. [Gave no relationships - mlj].

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. S. vs CUNNINGHAM, L. P. Chancery 1888

BILL OF COMPLAINT: L. S. Anderson, J. W. Herod, W. B. Butler and J. M. Morgan of Jackson County, Tenn against

David Clark, B. C. Clark and H. L. Sadler of Jackson County, Tenn and F. P. Cunningham and wife Mary Cunningham of Macon County, Tenn.

Complainants own a judgment of about $70 in the name of Mary E. Cunningham against B. C. Trousdale and H. L. Sadler, rendered about eight months ago and then stayed. 16 November 1888. Unpaid, still due.

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. S. vs STAFFORD, J. H. Circuit 1890

ANSWER: James W. Stafford to Bill of Complaint. Know nothing.

WITNESS: Henry Riley... was at the drug store of Plaintiff L. S. Anderson in Gainesboro.

[NOTE: This was a business matter concerning a due bill. No relationships - mlj].

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. S., Executor of ANDERSON, J. B. County 1894


I, J. B. Anderson... sound mind...

1st - Son L. S. Anderson take charge of estate... no bond.

2nd - L. S. Anderson to be guardian of my two children Nannie and Luke.

3rd - Just debts to be paid.

4th - After debts are paid, my son L. S. Anderson... to best judgment sell real and personal estate and from the proceeds pay to Mattie Cunningham, Ada Tinsley, Lula Loftis and Landon Anderson the sum of $400 which is willed and bequeathed to them respectively.

5th - Remainder of estate to be used and controled [sic] by my said son, L. S. Anderson for the purpose of maintaining, caring for... my two children Nannie and Luke until Luke reach age 21.

6th - L. S. Anderson, Luke Anderson and Nannie Anderson to receive such sum as to make equal with Mattie Cunningham, Ada Tinsley, Lula Loftis and Landon Anderson on account of my having made advancements of about $250 each to the last named four children.

Remainder to be divided among Nannie Anderson, Luke Anderson, L. S. Anderson and Mattie Cunningham.

I earnestly request that no one will bring a lawsuit... feel this will just and equitable.

16 April 1890 /s/ J. B. Anderson Wits: John M. Loftis, Lewis K. Smith

FINAL SETTLEMENT: 26 April 1894. Among expenses are:

Paid to Clara D. Cox for tuition for Nannie 12 Dec 1890, $15.00.

Bal. due for tombstone & fence to enclose grave [no date], $125.00.

Bill paid April 23, 1888, "Wife Lou", 2 crochet needles and [can't read], $.20

Appointment of Executor, Ex D B P 61, Apr 26, 1894.

INVENTORY & SALE OF PERSONAL ESTATE dated 1 January 1891. Included 5 mules, cows, 6 head cattle. Notation the calf was kept on farm.

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. S. vs BYLES, JAMES Chancery 1896

PROSECUTION BOND: L. S. Anderson to James Byles, security are M. J. Dixon and L. B. Anderson, 23 Sept 1895.

[NOTE - L. S. Anderson and H. H. Herrod sued James Byles. Byles prevailed, $14.20 judgment rendered against Plaintiffs, who did not appear. Plaintiffs appealed, said didn't appear because Constable didn't deliver notification timely. No relationships - mlj].


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married in Jackson County 6 October 1887. Complainant forced to withdraw... cruel and inhuman treatment. He left her at night with her little children... came home drunken state. Abandoned her without providing. She went to his house and got a few of her things. Must depend on her brother and other relatives.

Five children as result of their marriage, to-wit Leander Virgil, James Samuel, Donie May, Chester Arthur, Dora Ann aged respectively 8, 6, 4, 2, 1. Dated 5 May 1897. Butler & Brooks, Attys. R. M. [her X mark] Anderson

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. M. Anderson against J. C. Anderson, a non-resident of the State, John H. Dennis and W. H. Brooks, J. H. Anderson, U. T. Anderson and R. V. Brooks of Jackson Co.

Defendant J. C. Anderson holds note on J. H. Anderson, one of the defts, for $45; also W. T. Anderson for $75. [Lists personal property].

J. C. Anderson owns an interest in a little tract of land in 11th District, bounded by lands of Berry Franklin, Uriah Brown, Lee Ragland, J. H. Anderson and perhaps others. Land was purchased from defendant J. C. Anderson and R. V. Brooks. Defendant J. C. Anderson agreed that the $200 interest in said property be settled on her by deed of trust to defendant W. H. Brooks... A black cow and calf is in possession of defendant J. H. Dennis.

Complainant charges defendant J. C. Anderson has removed himself out of Jackson Co... now a non-resident of Tennessee. 24 May 1897. R. M. [her X mark] Anderson


TO CLERK & MASTER: All questions as to alimony having been fully settled... hereby authorized... dismissing my bill and amended bill and discharging the attachment. I consider the case entirely out of court. 30 June 1897. /s/ M. E. Anderson

Attest: John Chaffin, T. ?C/E [his X] Birdwell, J. C. Anderson

[NOTE: This may/may not be the same individuals as Rebecca Maud Anderson vs John C. Anderson, above and below this case. Rebecca Maud Anderson signed her name, or sometimes used 'X', as "R. M. Anderson". M. E. Anderson's handwriting is somewhat different - mlj].


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Rebecca Maud Anderson against John C. Anderson, both of Jackson County. Married 6 October, 1877. About six or seven months back one Alice Johnson came in to their family as a servant girl. About the latter part of Dec the deft threatened to kill his self and told respondent that he did not love her and would not live with her. At one time she got Alice Johnson to go away, but when defendant came home he got complainant to go and bring her back... first time she had suspicions of improper conduct.

Defendant and Alice Johnson was arrested under a state warrant charging them with dulatry [sic]... went to jail... he refused to let his friends make bond unless they would make bond for Alice.

Alice Johnson has said repeatedly... intended to live with him...

Defendant disposing of his property... note on U. T. Anderson for $75. Have children Leander Vergil, Sam, Dona May, Chester Author, Dora Ann Anderson... very young, and defendant has threatened to take them. /s/ Haile & Johnson, Sol., /s/ R. M. Anderson


TO SHERIFF OF PUTNAM CO, TN: Summons John Apple and wife Amanda Apple, to answer bill by Mathew J. Anderson, 2nd Monday in August 1866.

TO SHERIFF OF DEKALB CO, TN: Summons Jefferson Lee & wife Elizabeth to appear and answer bill by Matthew J. Anderson, 2nd Monday in August 1866.

TO SHERIFF OF JACKSON CO, TN: Summons Jubal Anderson, Mary Anderson, Thos Williamson & wife Mary Ann Williamson, Thomas King, Ann King, Matthew King, Marion King, Susan King, Louisa King, Eller King, Ira King and Oliver H. Anderson to answer bill by Matthew J. Anderson, 2nd Monday in August 1866.

STATE OF TENNESSEE} Whereas, Jubal Anderson, being the owner of following tract... Jackson County, Tennessee on the north side of the Spring fork of Martin's Creek... Anderson's Spring branch... dividing line between Jubal Anderson and Tilman Anderson, westwardly with William Anderson line on Mulherens old line... the said William Anderson... being 200 acres more or less, which tract William Anderson conveyed to Jubal Anderson 16 September 1831, which deed is registered in Book D, page 298, Jackson County.

Afterwards on 1st August 1844, said Jubal Anderson conveyed said lands to Elizabeth J. Anderson in trust for his wife Polly Anderson. His children:

Sally Anderson intermarried with Tilmon Brooks,

Elizabeth J. intermarried with Jefferson Lee,

Mary Anderson intermarried with Thomas C. Williamson,

Martha J. Anderson intermarried with Thomas W. King,

Amanda Anderson intermarried with John Apple,

Susannah Anderson intermarried with Nelson Webb,

Oliver Anderson,

Matthew Anderson -

The wife and children of the said Jubal Anderson for the consideration mentioned in register's office of Jackson County, Book S page 142, 143 & 144, for the sum of $250 transfer a shear [sic] to each one of us pade [sic] by Matthew Anderson... January 14th 1860. [NOTE: There is a signature page, but whether every child signed, don't know. There is a notation "Pages torn", which I haven't found on any other torn document, so possibly signatures were torn off on purpose and others never deeded their share. The only signatures here are]: /s/ John Apple, Amanda [her X] Apple

Test: Jubal Anderson, Milton Kirkpatrick

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: Matthew Anderson against John Apple and wife Amanda Apple, Jubal Anderson & wife Mary Anderson, Thomas Williamson & wife Mary Ann Williamson, Thomas King, Ann King, Mathew King, Marion King, Susan King, Louisa King, Eller King, Ira King, Oliver H. Anderson of Jackson Co. except John & Amanda Apple, citizens of Putnam Co; Jefferson Lee & wife Elizabeth Lee of DeKalb Co.; Tillman Brooks & wife Sarah of the State of Missouri; Allen Webb, [blank] Webb, [blank] Webb of the State of Arkansas.

Complainant filed his original Bill of Complaint 13 August 1860, praying for injunction and relief... was just before the war... here adopt the original bill and make it part of this bill. Land mentioned as sold by defendants Apple and conveyed to Matthew Anderson was conveyed by Jubal Anderson to his wife Mary for life and in remainder to his children, who are made parties to this bill. ...Believes deed was made to avoid judgment and defraud creditors and that his purchase from Apple was made ignorant of the fact... asks sale be made invalid... was not informed of this fact until recently.

Defendants Brooks, Apple, Lee and Williamson are married daughters of the said Jubal Anderson.

Defendants Webb are minor children of a daughter of said Jubal, who is dead.

Defendants King are minor children of a daughter of said Jubal Anderson. The said Thomas King who is their father and guardian.


BOND FOR TITLE: Sum of $2400, O. H. Anderson to Thomas C. Williamson... 197 1/2 acres on Dry Fork of Martin's Creek, known as the Hugh Harris tract bounded west by Wilson Carter, north and east by Jack Brown, south by George Stout. Deed to be made when notes are paid off. 10 October 18[??]. s/s O. H Anderson

Test: John C. Cooper s/s, A. J. [his X] Fuqua

ANSWER: John P. Murray to Bill of Complaint of O. H Anderson against respondent and others. States he collected some money for Montgomery from Nelson Sadler... was on bank of Virginia and Montgomery refused to take it. Respondent used the money and paid Montgomery all the amount mentioned in Montgomery's answer. 8 October 1866. /s/ John P. Murray

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Oliver H. Anderson of Jackson County against Alexander H. Montgomery and Thos C. Williamson, both of Jackson Co., and John P. Murray, a non-resident of the State of Tennessee, whose residence is unknown.

About [blank] October 1862 he sold Williamson a tract of land on Dry fork of Martin's Creek for $1200, took three notes for $400 each bearing date 10 October 1862. 1st one due 1st January 1864, 2nd on 1st Jan 1865 and 3rd on 1st Jan 1866, with interest accruing after 1st January 1863. Shortly after, Williamson sold land to defendant Montgomery. 3 January 1866. /s/ O. H. Anderson

AGREE TO DISMISS: Complainant agrees to dismiss, Montgomery pay $10 costs, surrender possession of the land and pay Anderson rent for same. Complainant agrees to pay defendant for improvements. William Lambert and William Carter to state value of improvements. /s/ O. H. Anderson, /s/ A. H. Montgomery

[NEW] ANDERSON, S. B., Admr of GORE, JOHN C., deceased County 1891

FINAL SETTLEMENT 31 December 1891. Cash on hand, in pocket at death, received on interest, and notes paid was $404.65 less expenses of $437.22, leaving deficit paid by and due to Administrator of -$32.57. included these expenses [among others]

Paid: L. B. Anderson to Estate of John C. Gore, deceased for $10 medical services during his last sickness. 31 Dec 1891. /s/ L. B. Anderson

Paid: J. T. Anderson $1.00 for sending dispatch to his people in regard to his sickness before he died. April 7, 1891. /s/ J. T Anderson

Paid: W. M. Maddox, Nashville, Headstone per agreement of Isaac Gore per S. B. Anderson, Esq. $28.65 [included $3 delivery to Jackson Co.]

Paid: Washburn & Cason, burial costs, invoice dated 7 April 1891. Itemized, Linen cuffs $.40, 1 3/4 yard lace $.09, 1 handkerchief $.10, Black necktie $.25, Coffin & box $20.00, Negra for work on grave $.50. Total $21.34.

Paid: T. J. Williams $ wife, $50.00 for Board, nursing during last illness & taking care of remains until burial. Invoice dated 22 May 1891.

NOTICE: To Isaac Gore. Will make final settlement, John C. Gore, deceased on 31 December 1891. You may attend if you wish.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married in Jackson Co. 18 January 1872. Last three months he has not even spoken to her... coldest indifference. About four months ago, commenced threatening Oratrix that all his married children were going to move in with them. His children are abusing Oratrix in his presence... hit her with sticks... He called her a bitch... said to Polly Ann Jones [cannot read]. Has withdrawn from her.

They have three children born of said marriage, Samantha D. Anderson 5 years old, Sydney F. Anderson 3 years old, W. C. Anderson 6 months old... Wants divorce not from the bonds of matrimony but a mensa et thoro [legal separation]. 15 August 1876. [Signed] John P. Murray, G. B. Murray Sallie E. [her X] Anderson

ANSWER: Caleb Anderson states that in April 1871 his wife Martha Jane Anderson died, leaving Respondent and seven children namely Nancy, Frances, J. K. Franklin, Lafayette, Cooper, Delora [descendants list Ledora], and Elizabeth.

Complainant at their marriage spoken of had two children, Julia and Filmore. They did on/about 18 January 1872 marry each other. Respondent supposed they could live together agreeably... was mistaken. Respondent's second daughter who was then about age 17 and Complainant's daughter about the same age had a difficulty. Complainant's daughter gave his daughter the lie [called her a liar].

Respondent was told by Polly Jones that Julia had said she would see Respondent in hell before she would mind him. Respondent told Julia he would not tolerate this behavior... she told her mother who was then visiting Mrs. Carter's 200 - 300 yards away that Respondent said Complainant would have to leave home - which he never said.

Complainant got mad and stayed all night at W. C. Anderson's.

His daughter Nancy wanted to go to meeting, Complainant snatched away the saddle, started beating her terribly, he intervened, complainant hit him with a chair.

He didn't encourage his children to abuse Complainant, she assaulted them and they were sometimes justified in their defense.

For the sake of peace, he sent his two oldest daughters off to kinfolk in Decalb [sic] County, fifty miles or more.

She abandoned his bed, went to another room for insult. Refuses to do any family work... he has hired it done.

The children set out and ages are correct.

Did tell his wife that if she refused to do any work that he would have to get his two daughters who are married to move close by in order that he might get them to do his work, washing &c.

Complainant would do anything to spite him... accused him of killing his former wife. August 28, 1876. /s/ Caleb Anderson

BOND: Caleb Anderson to Sarah E. Anderson, $200. /s/ Joshua Haile, Security.

[NEW] ANDERSON, SARAH E. vs ANDERSON, CALEB, etc. Chancery 1882

PROSECUTION BOND: Sarah E. Anderson to Calep [sic] Anderson, 29 January 1879. P. N. [his X] Dudney, Security

SUMMONS: Putty Wheeler, Manerva Wheeler, Henry Anderson, James W. Stafford, Z. M. Young, P. N. Dudney, Henry Carter, M. G. Butler. 29 September 1882 [Testimony/depositions not filmed - mlj].

TO SHERIFF OF WHITE CO: Sallie E. Anderson... bill filed in Chancery that her husband has deserted her and removed himself out of the county privately... prays for divorce and alimony, attach any property that can be found. 4th Monday Sept. 1879.

TO SHERIFF OF JACKSON CO: Ditto above attach order.

CAUSE HEARD: Personal property included small lot of corn at Rose [?Ross] Stafford's. She has care and custody of S. D. Anderson, Frank Anderson, William Anderson and infant not named, children of their marriage.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sallie E. Anderson against Caleb Anderson, both of Jackson County, Tenn. Married about 17 Jan 1872, together as husband & wife until about 24 January 1879.

Oratrix states Lands Robbins is indebted to her... lands known as Jno H. Stafford tract, where Robbins now lives for $340. Oratrix charges that she was the owner of property... part of the proceeds of her land.

Defendant Anderson left, willfully abandoned... Children of marriage are S. D., Frank, William and an infant not named. 29 January 1879. Sallie E. [her X] Anderson

BILL OF COMPLAINT: [NOTE: This was in the same file, but appears to be the third, and possibly final, divorce - mlj]. Sallie E. Anderson against Caleb Anderson of parts unknown, supposed to be in the State of Texas, and William Anderson of Jackson County.

She and defendant have four children, 2 boys, 2 girls. Oldest age 9 and youngest age 4, named Cymantha, Franklin, William and Clara.

Defendant owned mare and mule colt, fraudulently conveyed to J. M. C. Carter who conveyed to William Lawson. 8 August 1882.

ANSWER: William Lawson to Bill of Complaint of Sallie E. Anderson... Supposed they had fallen out and parted temporarily as they had many times before. Heard Caleb Anderson was in State of Illinois and contemplates coming back soon... In one of their many partings, Complainant attached all of Caleb's property, they compromised and made a division. Caleb sold his part of the land and the mare and mule colt... purchased at fair price in good faith. William [his X] Lawson

[NEW] ANDERSON, W. C. et al vs UPCHURCH, GILLEM and Circuit 1876

[NOTE: This is actually an Anderson "lumped" file, with Action of Ejectment involving estate of Caleb Anderson, and divorce of Martha Jane Anderson vs Caleb Anderson, Jr. More on estate of Caleb Anderson on Reel #124, Wheeler vs R. P. Brooks. - mlj].

SUMMONS: Mary Anderson to appear 1st Monday in November 1845, James Draper against Nancy Anderson. Dated 1st Monday in May 1845.

BILL OF COMPLAINT [ Severe ink bleed-through, hard to read - mlj]: Martha Jane Anderson, a married woman, against Caleb Anderson... She is a daughter of Joseph Cantrell, a citizen of DeKalb Co., TN. [Blank] 1852 she intermarried at her father's residence in DeKalb County. Lived as husband and wife until five days ago... ill and inhumane treatment compelled her to separate.

May 1858, forgetting his marital vows... struck with fist. 185[blank] his first child was only two weeks old... Now live in the yard of said Caleb's mother Nancy... the said Nancy was throwing fire brands in front of Oratrix and between her and the said Caleb... slanderous tales about Oratrix.

Have two children the fruit of marriage Nancy Caroline about age 5, youngest Syntha Frances age 3.

Caleb Anderson owns tract... distributional share of his father's estate. 2nd May 1858. /s/ M. J. Anderson

AGREEMENT TO DISMISS: Martha Jane Anderson agrees to dismiss against Caleb Anderson, 14 June 1858. /s/ Martha Jane Anderson, Caleb Anderson

SUMMONS: Mrs. Frankie Upchurch, Henry Richmond and W. C. Anderson to appear and give testimony, cause of Gillem Anderson vs W. C Anderson. 2nd Thursday in May 1879 [No testimony on film - mlj].

ANSWER OF ??? - first part missing, concerns estate of Caleb Anderson - mlj]: ...it was true he was appointed to sell the slave as charged in Complainant's bill... true he was required to hand over notes given for the purchase of slaves to the Admr of the estate of Caleb Anderson, deceased... believes said Complainant took advantage of the sickness and absence of respondent's co-defendant Richard P. Brooks and procured himself to be appointed garden of the minor heirs of said Caleb Anderson, deceased... pretext to obtain injunction... /s/ Nelson & Richardson, Solr for Respondent.

ANSWER: Nancy Anderson to Bill of Complaint by James Draper, Richard P. Brooks & Merlin Young against Respondent. Richard P. Brooks is Administrator, she is not cognizant of all the facts. Nancy [her X] Anderson

ACTION OF EJECTMENT: [Papers recopied for Tennessee Supreme Court Appeal - mlj]. Gillem Upchurch sues for a life estate which he claims as tenant by curtesy [Right of husband to deceased wife's estate]. Plaintiff Upchurch intermarried with a daughter of Caleb Anderson, deceased who left a large estate which descended to heirs. Plaintiff's wife [Sarah] was an heir subject to dower of Caleb's widow. Wife survived her father, died leaving children of the marriage after dower was assigned, but before the death of the widow [Several pages arguing points of state law - mlj].

On the charge of Gillem Upchurch, defendants are guilty of detaining plaintiff's [Gillem Upchurch's] land... District 11, Jackson County, bounded north by lands of Plaintiff which he, in right of his wife Sarah, drew from the estate of Caleb Anderson, deceased, east by the lands of the late Thomas Hail, south east by lands of Thaxton Carter and west by lands of Plaintiff and Thomas Upchurch. Plaintiff Gillem Upchurch is owner of life estate, being 1/10 undivided part of the before described tract of land... assess Plaintiff damages for the detention One Cent.

Sallie Upchurch died several years before her mother. The widow of said Caleb Anderson died 5 January 1866.

Caleb Anderson left ten children at his death, to-wit: Rhoda Anderson married Thomas Upchurch; William C. Anderson; Jane Haney intermarried with William Haney; Sarah Upchurch wife of Plaintiff Gillem Upchurch; Charles Anderson; Elizabeth intermarried with H. J. Adkins; Nancy Anderson married James Parrish; Caleb Anderson; Minerva Wheeler wife of Hop Wheeler; and Mary Anderson married James M. Allard. 8 July 1869.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: P. McCarver and Leonidas A. McCarver of Jackson Co. against

William C. Anderson, Thomas Upchurch & wife Rhoda Upchurch, Judge Atkins and wife Elizabeth Atkins, Dolly [Minerva - mlj] Wheeler, Caleb Anderson, Jane Haney, James W. Allard & wife Polly Allard, Carter Upchurch & Gillem Upchurch, all citizens of Jackson County, Tenn except Atkins and wife of the State of Illinois; James Parish & wife Nancy Parish of DeKalb Co., Tenn, Charles Anderson of Smith Co., Tenn, Ross Upchurch of parts unknown.

Caleb Anderson departed life many years since... heirs are the defendants. Said Allard, Atkins, Thomas & Gillem Upchurch and James Parrish intermarried daughters of said deceased. Gillem Upchurch married a daughter [Sarah] of deceased, had children Carter and Ross Upchurch living at her death.

Leonidas McCarver purchased the interests of Ross & Carter Upchurch that their mother would have inherited had she survived. Leonidas conveyed said interest to Pinckney McCarver.

1860 DeKalb Co., TN, Sistler's printed index 81-121 lists:

PARISH, James H. 44, Nancy 30, Luverna 4, James B. M. 10/12

1870 DeKalb Co., TN, pg. 164, 50/50, August 1870:

PARISH, James H. 55, Nancy 40, Laverna 14, James B. M. 10; also CURTIS, Lee age 17, male/black/domestic servant.

Next door was Cleveland Cantrell family [Martha Jane Cantrell md Caleb Anderson, Jr. - mlj].


POVERTY OATH: Owing to poverty, Isaac VanHooser unable to bear expense of appeal. 19 January 1881.

PLAINTIFF'S WITNESSES: William Dudney, Ag Dudney, Robin Whitaker, Thomas Smith, David Jackson [No testimony filmed - mlj].

DEFENDANT'S WITNESSES: Sampson VanHooser, Clay VanHooser, Thomas Gentry [No testimony filmed].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: James T. Anderson and W. L. Anderson ask damages of $100 against Isaac VanHooser, for failing to keep confined on his own premises one large bay mare known to jump fences.. notoriously mischievous... damaging crop and fences. 25 Jan 1881. [No relationships - mlj].


RECEIPT: Belle Brooks received part of year's support from J H. Anderson, as Admr of W. H. Brooks.

ACCOUNT: Medical services, William Brooks, wife & child, account with D. K. Fink.

August 1892, 15 visits for fever - self [W. H. Brooks].

October 1892, son Walter [throat].

Apr 20, 1895, Speculum Vaginal operation + work & medicine $5.00.

Apr 30, 1895, One visit medicine, attention & labor, $5.00.

JUDGMENT: Case of J. S. Bing & partner L. Brewell [or Brewer] vs W. H. Brooks... L. Brewell [or Brewer] has died, leaving surviving partner J. S. Bing. 27 August 1902.

REPORT OF CLERK: Joel H. Anderson, Admr of W. H. Brooks, deceased vs First National Bank of Gainesboro. W. H. Brooks died intestate 14 May 1900, kept an account at Bank, funds at death of $200. W. H. Brooks kept his personal account and account as Clerk of Court mingled... necessary to examine and see which is which.

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. B. vs DIXON, M. J., Admr of LYNCH, G. W. Circuit 1904

Luke B. Anderson recovered judgment against M. J. Dixon as Principal and J. C. Ray, B. A. [or B. H.] Butler as Security. Judgment stayed by G. W. Linch [sic; Lynch] and W. W. Draper. G. W. Linch has died, H. J. Linch appointed Admr. 8 August 1904.

SETTLEMENT: 21 August 1906, "all the heirs having been notified". [No indication as to who heirs were - mlj].

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. B. vs YORK, WILLIAM Criminal 1907

PETITION: Defendant moves for new trial... states there was no fraud.

WITNESSES SWORN - On motion for new trial:

G. B. Gailbreath states was working in drug store for Plaintiff Anderson last year. Made out account for York from Plaintiff's books.

L. B. Anderson states he rented to defendant the farm known as the M. J. Dixon place for the years 1906, 7, 8 & 9.

H. P. Spivey. I am a miller.

Fred McCormack for defendant. Worked for B. C. Butler in summer 1907. Me and Lenard Jerman hauled corn and me and Johnie Stafford hauled one load.

PETITION: Defendant cannot go to trial without testimony of Jeny [or Jerry] McComack who lives in Nashville on Garfield St #706... 22 July 1910. /s/ Wm York

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. B. vs CARMACK, LEE & others Chancery 1910-1911

INVOICE: Guardian ad litem fee due W. W. Draper $10 and R. G. Draper, Sol. for Cpts $70, making $80 in all.

ANSWER: Lee Carmack, Pearl Carmack, Willie Carmack, William Carmack & Bessie Lawson by guardian W. W. Draper.

Has no personal knowledge of facts in case, asks court to protect his ward's interest.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: L. B. Anderson of Jackson Co., Tenn against Lee Carmack, Pearl Carmack and Willie Carmack of Jackson County; Bessie Lawson whose given name and residence is unknown; and William Carmack of the State of Kentucky.

Alexander Carmack died intestate in Jackson Co. many years ago, owned land:

Tract 1, 8th District of Jackson Co. and probably a portion in Clay Co., 335 acres more or less being land conveyed to Alexander Carmack by George Abney by deed dated 13 August 1870, recorded Book B, page 521-2.

Tract 2, same district, 70 acres more or less conveyed by Nancy Richardson to Alexander Carmack, deed 13 Jany [or June; strikeover] 1885.

Alexander left surviving him several children:

Jack Carmack,

William Carmack,

Alvin (Babe) Carmack,

Sis Carmack who intermarried with Andy Abney,

John Carmack,

Tobe Carmack, and

Robert Carmack.

Jack, William and Alvin (Babe) Carmack each owned 1/7 interest which they have sold to Complainant, therefore not parties to suit.

Sis a daughter married Andrew Abney. She since died leaving children:

W. T. Abney, G. D. Abney, J. E. Abney and a daughter Frances Abney who intermarried with John Lawson. She since died leaving a daughter Bessie Lawson, residence unknown, a minor without general guardian.

The said W. T. Abney, G. D. Abney and J. E. Abney have sold their interest to complainant, hence not parties. Each owned one-fourth of one-seventh interest. Said Bessie Lawson still owns 1/4 of 1/7.

John Carmack, another son of said deceased is dead. He left surviving two children, defendants Pearl Carmack and Lee Carmack, minors without general guardian. Defendant Lee Carmack is a resident of Kentucky. They jointly own the 1/7 interest of their father.

Tobe Carmack, another son of said deceased is dead, leaving one child William Carmack, a minor without guardian who owns 1/7 share of his deceased father.

Robert Carmack, another son, has since died leaving Willie Carmack, a minor without guardian who owns 1/7 share of his deceased father.

Said Alexander Carmack left no personal estate that has not been wound up, no debts. Best to sell land for distribution. 10 May 1910.


W. F. Swan, age 43, live 8th District, know parties to suit and lands. Was tax assessor four years. Land worth about $800. /s/ W. F. Swan

G. W. Beachboard age 53, am farmer, live 8th Dist. Known lands involved about 30 years, have lived within two miles. Land poor, not suitable for farming, abandoned, grown up in bushes and briars. Has ridge & backbone land valued for timber. Worth $800. G. W. [his X] Beachboard

W. K. Tinsley age 55, live upper end of Jackson Co., farmer. Am guardian to minor children. /s/ W. K. Tinsley

AFFIDAVIT: My name was Bessie Lawson, am one of the defendants in this case. I was a minor at the time case was brought. I married Dan Phillips about seven years ago and live now in White Co., TN. I was 21 years old in March 1920. Dated 26 Oct 1920. /s/ Bessie Phillips.

WITNESS: Sant Lawson states he, knows Bessie Lawson Phillips, that she signed above. 26 Oct 1920. Sant [his X] Lawson

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. B. vs SISCO, A. L. & wife Chancery 1914

ANSWER: W. W. Rogers & G. Lee McGlasson to amended bill of L. B. Anderson & F. M. Maberry filed 27 April 1914. Knows nothing.

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: L. B. Anderson and F. M. Maberry of Jackson Co, TN against A. L. Sisco and wife M. E. Sisco of Kentucky, W. W. Rogers and G. Lee McGlosson of Jackson Co.

On 2 August 1910 complainant F. M. Maberry sold defendant A. L. Sisco land for $800, took notes. 17 August 1910 A. L. Sisco and wife M. E. Sisco sold half of land to W. W. Rogert and G. Lee McGlosson, still money due on notes. Land in 13th Dist.

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. B. vs STALEY, A. A. Chancery 1915

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Complainant owns and operates a drug store in Jackson Co. Defendant A. A. Staley was a depository of school books on behalf of Ginn & Co. of Boston. In 1912 Complainant's store burned, books destroyed. Defendant insisted school books were owned by Complainant and not on consignment. Complainant's insurance company interpreted them as on consignment and would not pay. [As a matter of minor interest, to see what your grandparents/grgrandparents studied and the price]:

Name of Book/Retail/Exchange:

Hill's First Reader .18 .09

Hill's 2nd Reader .25 .12

Hill's 3rd Reader .30 .17

Hill's 4th Reader .35 .20

Hill's 5th Reader .40 .20

Frye's 1st Course in Geography, Tenn Edition .40 .20

Frye's Higher Geography, Tennessee Edition .88 .44

Sewell's Composition & Rhetoric .65 .32

Burkett, Stevens & Hill's Agriculture for Beginners .60

Wentworth's plane Geometry .71

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. B. vs GENTRY, T. G. et al and
T. G. GENTRY vs W. F. GENTRY Chancery 1902

ANSWER: William F. Gentry and wife Angeline Gentry of Jackson Co. to amended & supplemental Bill of Complaint filed 31 Dec 1895. Angelina Gentry is the wife of William F. Gentry. 1 Feb 1896. /s/ W. F. Gentry, Angelina [her X] Gentry

ANSWER: Defendant Rhoda Gentry now Rhoda Burris makes further answer... denies she or T. G. Gentry were guilty of fraud... in papers called by Complainants a deed from them to J. P. and H. B. Gentry. Respondent and husband T. G. Gentry... respondent is entitled to possession of said land as homestead. She was the wife of T. G. Gentry and he is now dead. States she did not acknowledge deed privily [Was not taken aside, apart from her husband, asked if she signed the deed as her free will without coercion - mlj].

TO SHERIFF OF JACKSON CO, TN: Case is pending. T. G. Gentry is dead... heirs to wit, Martha [sic] his widow, H. B. Gentry, Barbary Lynn, Samantha Maberry & her husband William Maberry, Noah Gentry, W. F. Gentry, Bettie Maberry & husband C. R. Maberry, S. L. Gentry, S. A. Gentry. 3rd Monday of September 1900.

ANSWER: Rhoda Gentry, widow of T. G. Gentry, deceased, to Bill of Complaint of L. S. Anderson & Clay Reeves against W. F. Gentry, T. G. Gentry, Jno P. Gentry & H. B. Gentry.

Respondent states her husband T. G. Gentry may have signed notes to Anderson & Reeves as alleged... but only as security.

Denies the action of herself & husband in conveying land to two of his sons was fraud.

ANSWER: W. F. Gentry, H. B. Gentry and Jno P. Gentry. Admit T. G. Gentry & wife Rhoda Gentry executed a deed to land to Jno P. Gentry and H. B. Gentry on 28 September 1898.

COPY OF DEED: T. G. Gentry & wife Roda Gentry to John P. Gentry and H. B. Gentry, land in 9th District of Jackson County, Tennessee, bounded south by Simon Gentry, west by H. B. Loftis, north by Wm Smith and Robert Allen... by Blackburn's fork... 125 acres more or less.

Old homestead where we now live and have and hold. Said J. P. Gentry and H. B. Gentry is to live with us and take care of us during our lifetime and give us one third of all proceeds raised and pay taxes. The said J. P. Gentry and H. B. Gentry is to pay to my children to wit; Henderson Gentry, N. G. Gentry, William Gentry, S. L. Gentry, L. A. Gentry, Barbery Lynn, Samanthy Maberry & Betsey Maberry $50 each by paying them $10 each every year. First payment to be made 1st Jany 1900.

T. G. Gentry is also security to Clay Reeves for $300 and L. S. Anderson for $140 and W. H. Brooks about $25 and said J. P. Gentry and H. B. Gentry to become responsible and pay them. 28 Sept 1898. T. G. [his X] Gentry, Roda [her X] Gentry

[NEW] ANDERSON, L. S. vs JOHNSON, D. B. & others Chancery 1908

AMENDED BILL: L. S. Anderson filed his original bill 2 Oct 1905 against D. B. Johnson & Jas M. Loftis [fence line dispute, land situated both north and south of Gainesboro & Celina Road].

Since the death of J. B. Anderson about 1891 or 1892 his brother Landon Anderson who was then in possession built a fence up the hill to the Moss line.

ANSWER: J. M. Loftis to Bill of L. S. Anderson. Respondent denies Complainant is holding [title to land] by devise from his father J. B. Anderson.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: L. S. Anderson against D. B. Johnson & J. M. Loftis, all of Jackson Co. Orator's father J. B. Anderson... tract known as Buchanan, and also the Ogilsvie & the J. B. Anderson land in 8th District, bounded north by the Cumberland River, east by lands of Scant Hall, south by Lafayette Moss, west by Loftis lands now owned by defendant D. B. Johnson.

Since the death of said J. B. Anderson in 1891 or 1892 his brother L. B. Anderson ["the brother of Complainant" is marked through] was occupying said lands... 27 Sept 1905. /s/ L. S. Anderson


NOTICES: To J. Bailus Anderson & Dorothy Anderson, heirs of Mary D. Anderson. On 10 May 1910 will make settlement with Luke B. Anderson as Guardian.

ORIGINAL INVENTORY: Personal Property recorded G. S. Book "C" page 103 & 105, Adm Book D, p. 369. 11 May 1910.

ASSETS: Included life insurance policy for $1000, Mutual Life Assurance of N.Y., life of L. S. Anderson, payable to Mary D. Anderson... litigation Chancery Court of Sumner Co., TN between Sophia Anderson widow of L. S. Anderson and T. W. Lowe, Executor of said L. S. Anderson and

L. B. Anderson, Admr of Mary D. Anderson and as guardian of John B. & Dorothy Anderson.

Also litigation in Putnam Co. Chancery Court, case of T. W. Lowe as Executor against Sophia Anderson & others.

SETTLEMENT: 31 October 1911, with L. B. Anderson, guardian of John B. Anderson and Dorothy Anderson, minor heirs of L. S. Anderson, deceased. Settlement indicated L. S. Anderson owned land in Sumner Co., TN. In 1914, it rented for $600; each ward received $300 plus interest.

LETTER: [On stationery of Murray Dibrell Shoe Co., Nashville - mlj]

"April 18, 13 [Probably 1913]:

Mr. L. B. Anderson, Gainesboro

Dear Luke,

Dorothy and Kate Whitaker left for Texas at 2:15 today both seemed in high spirits. Dorothy's expense for trip were ticket from Cookeville $2.70 to Gainesville $21.05. Cash to pay expenses on trip $10.00. [Total] $33.75.

I paid hotel bill here also for transferring trunk &c. You can mail check to Cookeville.

Yours Res, Geo H. Lowe

[NOTE: Many cancelled checks, annual settlements over the years on file - mlj].


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