Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #44

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] ALLEN, DAVIS, Guardian of ALLEN, LENARD & GILLIE County 1910

Davis Allen qualified as guardian of Lenard & Gillie Allen, heirs of Ava Allen, deceased on 3 May 1909. Settlement dated 4 May 1918 made 4 May 1918, Settlement Book C, page 566 indicated balance due was $570.90 plus interest of $34.49 = $609.39.

19 November 1910, "To Amount of Land Fund Received from Clerk & Master and S. L. Pate on Dec 10, 1910 (Bettie Garrison land fund) $270.15".

SETTLEMENTS: 5 May 1913; 3 May 1910 recorded Guardian Settlement Book E, page 73; 4 May 1917 G.S. Book E, page 503. Balance was always about $570. No extraordinary expenditures, annual expense never exceeded interest.

[NEW] ALLEN, VINA vs ALLEN, LEE Chancery 1914

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Vina Allen against Lee Allen. Married 19 May 1913. Got along well until one month after marriage, defendant's father began to raise trouble, accusing Complainant of mistreating Defendant's children by a former marriage... would make false statements.

Defendant has three children, all boys, oldest being 13 who is very rude and abusive to Complainant. Two of his said children, a boy going on 11 and one going on 9 would spit ambers [sic] in her biscuit dough when she was cooking... she complained to defendant and he said ambers were healthy.

Defendant's 13 year old son said if she stayed there she would have to buy what she eat, when in fact they were living at Complainant's house on land she owned at their marriage.

Children threw rocks at her, called her names. Defendant and his oldest son drank excessively. Defendant would stay drunk as long as 20 days at a time. She knew he was addicted to drinking when they married, he promised to quit.

Some of her land was rented to Mr. Fate Carlisle and defendant took the rent corn and had meal made of it and had white lightning whiskey made of most of it.

He became abusive, and she withdrew from her own home 9 April 1914. At the time of her marriage, she owned a cow, hogs, and three tracts of land adjoining each other bounded north by D. C. Poston, east by Mrs. Wright, south by Mrs. Bull west by Mrs. Helen Poston, about 175 acres.

One other tract bounded north by Kirkpatrick, east by D. C. Poston and Bart Smith, south by D. C. Poston and west by Warren and Stafford, about 35 acres more or less, not very rich land, known as Flatt Woods.

Defendant owned two mules, wagon, cow, land in the 9th District on Roaring River bounded north by J. W. Morgan, east by Asa Johnson, south by Mike Loftis, west by Henderson Lee, and the remainder interest in tract of his father who is about age 70.

Defendant is occupying her home with his children, she is living with her parents.

Complainant by virtue of emancipation act for women brought suit [blank] June 1914, act of replevin [return of unlawfully retained goods] against defendant for possession of her household goods and property, defendant appealed and it is still pending.

Asks for divorce, return of her property, maiden name restored [not given]. 24 July 1914. /s/ V. J. Allen

ANSWER: Lee Allen denies charges, admits his three motherless boys are somewhat rude but no more so than most their age.

Says he sometimes drank to excess, was somewhat addicted, but never promised her he would quit. If any of his boys drank, he didn't know it.

Denies he owns land or interest in land.

Divorce action not brought in good faith. He loves her and wants her to return... she is being influenced by outsiders. /s/ Lee Allen

BOND: Lee Allen to Vina Allen. Security C. C. [his X mark] Allen and John P. Cox [signed] 2 August 1914.

BOND: Lee Allen to Vina Allen, June 1914. Securities C. C. [his X mark] Allen, Asa Lynn

WITNESSES: Received 50 Cents per day witness fee, but no testimony on film, were Warren Morgan, Perry Morgan, Wm Lynn, W. D. Smith, Leslie Cox, A. L. Nealy, C. C. Allen, Bill Allen.


SUMMONS: W. C. Minor and wife Mary to appear in Chancery Court 2 March 1878.

SUMMONS: M. A. Herod, Samuel Chapman, Joshua Chapman, Mounce Chapman, W. C. Minor & wife Mary Minor, Angelina Chapman and [blank] Chapman to answer Bill of Complaint of H. J. Harley & R. W. Allen, 4th Monday in March 1878.

PROSECUTION BOND: R. W. Allen & H. J. Harley to Sam Chapman, Joshua Chapman & Wash C. Chapman /s/ R W. Allen, H. J. Harley, M. G. Butler, William Loftis.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF TO ATTACH: Pending outcome of trial... Samuel and Joshua Chapman are indebted to Complainants. Samuel Chapman, Washington Chapman and Joshua Chapman are each owners of an undivided interest, land in 9th District of Jackson Co. on Roaring River... adjoining lands of Amanda Overton, Thos Murphy, J. Terry, W. Terry & others on which Benjamin Chapman lived and died.

Also Samuel Chapman is owner of some shares or interest in lands where M. A. Herod now lives bounded by Cumberland River, V. C. Lee, M. A. C. Eaton and others, and defendant Jack Herod is indebted to defendant Joshua Chapman, amount not known. 1st February 1878.

ANSWER: Margaret A. Herrod to Bill of Complaint. Knows nothing of Chapmans indebtedness to Allen & Harley. At time of filing, said Chapmans were absconding and concealing themselves so process of law cannot be served.

Chapmans are indebted to Respondent, she has previously filed to attach... they are insolvent.

M. A. Herrod did not participate in any fraud.

Suppose it true that Sam Chapman owns an interest in Benjamin Chapman place. He owns no interest in land where Respondent lives.

Jack Herrod owes Joshua Chapman nothing as she is informed.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: R. W. Allen and H. J. Harley against M. A. Herod, Samuel Chapman, Joshua Chapman, Washington Chapman, Andy Chapman, Mounce Chapman, W. C. Minor and wife Mary and [blank] Chapman and Angelina Chapman, all of Jackson Co. except Minor & wife of Clay Co., Tenn.

Samuel Chapman owes R. W. Allen for a mule & yoke of oxen. Also owes, as merchants Harley & Allen, a mercantile business in Gainesboro, the sum of $11.10.

Joshua Chapman also is indebted to them; Washington Chapman also indebted to them... all insolvent, absconding & concealing themselves to avoid payment.

M. A. Herod being the mother-in-law of said Chapman, denies said Chapman owned any property.

Samuel, Joshua and Washington Chapman are each owners of undivided interest in property in 9th District, together with the other defendants Andy Chapman, Mounce Chapman, Angelina Chapman and [blank] Chapman and Mary Minor, wife of defendant W. C. Minor in the 9th District... same on which Benjamin Chapman lived and died.

Jack Herod, col, is indebted to defendant Joshua Chapman, it being purchase money on land where he the said Jack Herod now lives... 11 Feby 1878. /s/ R. W. Allen

[NEW] ALLEN, REBECCA, Admx of ALLEN, S. G. B. Circuit 1913

NOTICE TO APPEAR: Will make Final Settlement of S. G B. Allen estate 25 November 1913. Following to appear:

R M. Allen, S. W. Allen, Mrs. M. J. Allen, Lee Allen, Renford Allen, Lassie Allen, Lillie Allen, Landen Hall & wife Zella Hall, Herman Jones & wife Parlee Jones, Sam McDonald and wife Zula McDonald, Otis Cherry & wife Nellie Cherry.

JUDGEMENT RECOVERED: Jackson Co. Circuit Court against Louisville Lumber Co., March term 1913 in favor of heirs of S. G. B. Allen, deceased for $42.19. There being eleven heirs, each receiving 1/11, or $3.83 each:

Mack Allen, one share & belonging to heirs of W. B. Allen, deceased.

S. W. Allen, one share

Zula McDonald, one share

W. B. Allen & belongs to his heirs

Parlee Jones, one share

Nettie Cherry, one share

Zella Hall, one share

Lee Allen, one share

Lassie Allen, one share

Renford Allen, one share

Lillie Allen, one share

SETTLEMENT: 25 November 1913. Inventory filed 3/4/1913. Admr set Bk D, page 489. Total amount received, lawsuit against Louisville Lumber was $123.75.

[NEW] AMONETT, JAMES J. vs PURCELL, WM C. & Others Chancery 1858

PROSECUTION BOND: J. J. Amonett & Sydney S. Stanton to Wm C. Purcell & James W. Draper, 8 Sept 1858.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: James J. Amonett vs William C. Purcell & James W. Draper.

James J. Amonett executed note as security for Zachariah Vanhooser and Isaac Vanhooser to defendant Purcell... judgment confessed.

Draper as Sheriff of Jackson Co, TN levied upon a negro girl as property of your Orator, to be sold to satisfy judgment. Purcell should have levied on Vanhoosers first. Isaac Vanhooser was owner of a tract on the north side of Cumberland River containing [blank] acres. 28 August 1858. /s/ James J. Amonett


Undersigned Commissioners were appointed by the Court at Gainesboro, July term 1849, to divide the negroes belonging to the late firm of Amonett & Bransford between Nancy B. Amonett, Virginia Amonett, Tennessee G. Amonett and Benjamin F. Amonett distributees and Martha P. Amonett, widow of William Amonett, deceased and Thomas L. Bransford of the other part on the 2nd November 1849 at Kinderhook near Celina, County of Jackson, in the presence of Martha P. Amonett & Luke T. Armstrong, next friend of said distributees who are minors, and Thomas L. Bransford - dividing the negroes as follows:

To the widow and distributees, they allot:

Sandy, of the value of $ 600

Susan and child 650

Jack 550

Dave 550

Charles 550

Elizabeth 500

Crayton 500

Jim [or ?Jince] 400


To Thomas L. Bransford they allot:

Jinkins $ 600

Jim 600

John 600

Polly and child 600

Jasper 500

Spencer 500

Daniel 400

Charles 400 _____


Bransford to retain $100 of partnership funds to make up the difference. Dated July 8, 1850. /s/ W. C. Walker, Varney Andrews

DOWER ASSIGNED: 7 February 1851, dower to Martha P. Amonett, widow of William Amonett, decreed July term 1849... Land in Jackson Co., TN on waters of Procters Creek, 183 acres, being one-third of the Lands Quantity & Quality of the said William Amonett this 27 December 1849. /s/ S. B. Fowler, Bennett Stone, Wm Gearhart, Varney Andrews, J. A. Stone [NOTE: Another document states in Dist. 6 - mlj].

TO SHERIFF: Five freeholders of Jackson County, Tenn to be appointed to allot Negroes of Amonett & Bransford on 1st Wednesday after 1st Monday in July, 1849 and assign dower to widow.

[NOTE: This was combined with above, but appears to be a different case. - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William Amonett & Thomas L. Bransford of Jackson Co. against ?Milton W. Melton of Monroe Co., Kentucky. 24 March 1842, one Joshua B. Hale of Jackson Co. executed Deed to Trust to secure debt. Said Hale was to have possession of negro man Bill until debt paid. Amonnett was authorized to sell said slave if money not paid. Orator believes Hale intends to take said boy out of this state to avoid payment of debts. 21 July 1849.

[NEW] AMONETT & BRANSFORD vs GATES, JNO N. et al Chancery 1846

DEED OF TRUST: I, Jno N. Gates do sell and convey to Russel M. Kinnaird land in Jackson Co., TN for five dollars and other considerations.

Tract containing 320 acres more or less on the Cumberland River being one-half of a 640 acre tract granted to James M. Colyier... mouth of Dry Creek running up the river.

One other tract granted by the State of Tennessee to Samuel Wilson, Grant No. 24737, Jackson Co. on north side of Cumberland River... begin lower side of mouth of Dry Creek being 439 acres lying in said county South of Walkers line, west of Cumberland River between said line and the parallel of latitude 36 deg. 30 min. on the waters of Cumberland River on the road from Thompkinsville to Bennett's Ferry and bounded as follows... Emanuel Holmes line in Wilson and McColgins 640 acre survey granted to said McColgin... corner to Moses Arterberry... with James McColgin's line... ridge dividing the waters of Knob Creek & Arterberry's branch... Emanuel Holmes... granted by the State of Kentucky to Samuel Wilson.

Also tract in County of Jackson, Cumberland River, latitude 36 deg 30 min. bounded by Samuel Wilson's ten acre survey... heirs of James Black deceased... bank of Cumberland River granted by the State of Kentucky to said Wilson.

43 acres of said 439 acre tract bounded as follows... north boundary line of 18 acre survey of Wilson McColgins... having been decreed to said McColgin by Chancery Court at Gainesboro at November term 1842.

To have and hold to said Russel M. Kinnaird and his heirs and assigns.

This is made for the sole purpose... that I am indebted to William Amonnet & Thomas L. Bransford, a co-partnership, notes dated 2 Jan 1843, $52.78; 1 July 1842, $129.21; 1 Jan 1842, $205.52; 1 May 1842, $275 [also other notes - mlj].

If I pay on or before 17 Feb 1844 this deed to be void, but if not, said Russel M. Kinnaird after giving 30 days' notice... have and hold to said Russel M. Kinnaird, his heirs... 17 February 1843 /s/ J. N Gates

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William Amonett & Thomas L. Bransford against John N. Gates & George McWherter. Gates is indebted to Complainants by Deed of Trust. Gates had purchased the interest of some of the Samuel Wilson heirs.

Funds are in hands of defendant McWherter, Clerk & Master. Gates is insolvent. Dated 29 ?November 1844.

BOND: William L. Gates and John N. Gates to J. D. Goodpasture, L. G. Settle, surviving partners of L. [or S.] E. Stone & Co. and Joel W. Settle. Jones & Cassetty [probably court officials or sheriffs - mlj] for the sum of $500 agree to postpone until 25 June next the sale of a tract of land on which said John N. Gates lives, known as the Graves tract, bounded east by Cumberland River, south by Shrewsbury & Dickerson, west by Wilson McColgin, north by Wm Walkers lands and the Knob creek place. Also a 60 acre tract adjoining same held by a Kentucky warrant... having been ordered to be sold. Dated this 14 May 1859. /s/ William L. Gates, John N. Gates


DEPOSITION: Wilson T. McColgin. Acquainted with lot, $100 would be a fair price. 6 August 1867. /s/ Wilson T. McColgin

CAUSE HEARD: 3 Feby 1867. Title to town lot in Celina... beginning L. B. Peterman's corner... north side of Main Street to tract of land formerly belonged to Amonnet & Bransford... formerly Poleman's line, being the same lot purchased by Langford & Andrews from S. B. M. Fowler on 14 Feb 1850, be divested out of Complainant and Defendant and in purchaser ?Arch P. Green

Clerk & Master to take proof and report as to a reasonable fee for Complainant's solicitor, and for D. M. Hail, guardian ad litem of Defendant Josiah H. Langford.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Edwin J. Andrews, Jr. of the State of Texas against Josiah H. Langford who is a lunatic and now in the Lunatic Asylum in Davidson County, Tenn.

Orator & Defendant prior to 7 November 1850 were partners in trade. Purchased a town lot in Celina... purpose of erecting a Store house and they are now joint owners of said lot. Purpose of owning said lot ceased to exist, having dissolved partnership several years ago... defendant is a lunatic. Asks guardian be appointed for defendant, houses and lot be sold.

DEPOSITIONS: A. P. Green, age 43. Value $100. /s/ A. P. Green

L. W. Oglesby, age 33. Own lot adjoining, formerly owned by Amonett & Bransford. Lot value $150. /s/

COPY OF DEED: S. B. M. Fowler... sell & convey to Josiah H. Langford and Edwin J. Andrews, lot in Celina, Jackson County, Tennessee for the sum of $200... 7 November 1850. /s/ S. B. Fowler


ANSWER: Further plea on his behalf... Defendant to first count of Plaintiff's declaration states... before speaking words charged to him 1 Dec 1877, there was in Gainesboro a firm of merchants composed of Samuel H. Cunningham, Mounce L. Gore, George C. Jourdan, John S. Quarles, Hagwood H. Hix, Amonett F. Kirkpatrick and James T. Anderson.

Plaintiff was a member of said firm... kept account of cash taken in and the cash book.

Plaintiff took $1060 of firm's money and property appropriated to his own use, intent to defraud said firm.

Plaintiff bought a county warrant from a widow woman using $10 of firm's goods. [No date]. /s/ Murray, Murray & Botts, Sol. for Defendant

AMENDED ANSWER: James T. Anderson bought a witness claim of $4.00 from Tennessee Apple, a witness for the State of Tennessee vs H. G. Hoover, paid for it in goods belonging to the firm. 24 May 1879. Murray, Murray & Botts, Sol.

DEPOSITION: A. W. Draper for Plaintiff at his residence in Jackson Co. on 18 September 1880. Age about 42. About four years ago, James T. Anderson was a candidate. Mr. Gailbreath was elected.

Cunningham asked me if Anderson would get many votes. I told him I had to vote for him, I was akin to Anderson. Cunningham said if you knew what I know, you wouldn't. I don't reckon your are proud of it.

He told me of missing money. I asked Cunningham if the charge could be proven and he referred me to Gore & Jourdan. /s/ A W. Draper

SUMMONS: Abe Gore, col. to appear 1st Tuesday after 2nd Monday in May 1883.

SUMMONS: John M. Gipson, ?L. H. Butler, D. W. Haws, L. Washburn, J. H. Loftis, 2nd Monday in September 1880.

PLEA: Regarding Action for Slander, accusing Anderson of appropriating money to his own use and using firm's goods to buy County warrant... Not Guilty and six months' statute of limitations.

LEE, T. J., Administrator of Mathew Anderson Chancery 1867-1876

SETTLEMENT: 15 November 1889. Guardian's Settlement with J. S. Stanton, guardian of M. J. Anderson, minor heir of M. J. Anderson, deceased.

Receipt: Received of Sydney Stanton, guardian of M. J. Anderson, $5.00 tuition. Receipt: Received of Sydney Stanton, guardian of M. J. Anderson, $25.00 for Board while at school five months. 22 July 1882. /s/ D. H. Armistead

SETTLEMENT: 7 May 1884, J. T. Anderson, Guardian of Juble Lee Anderson, minor heir of M. J. Anderson, deceased. Settlement 7 May 1884 recorded Guardian Settlement Book A, page 320.

SETTLEMENT: April term 1882, J. S. Stanton, guardian of M. J. Anderson, minor heir of M. J. Anderson

ORDER TO SHERIFF: Attach land of Allen Maneer to satisfy judgment 6 Oct 1877, case of T. J. Lee, Administrator and Nancy Sadler vs Allen Maneer & others.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Matthew J. Anderson and Thomas C. Williams of Jackson Co., TN vs Alfred Masea of Jackson Co.

Defendant executed Deed of Trust in favor of Complainant Matthew J. Anderson to secure payment of mare & yearling. About $81 remains unpaid, and Orator believes said Maise is about to convey mare and colt to defeat debt.

COPY OF DEED OF TRUST: Mare & colt deeded in trust to Thomas C. Williamson, pending payment to Matthew Anderson, due 1st March 1867. Dated 1st December 1866. Alfered [his X mark] Mayse

PROSECUTION BOND: Matthew J. Anderson, Thos C. Williamson & John P. Murray, $200 to Rial Mayse. 30 April 1877.

INVENTORY OF PERSONAL ESTATE: Personal property of estate of Matthew J. Anderson sold 21 July 1873 [Itemized list of item/price on film - mlj]. Settlement 1st Monday in September 1875 gave Total Sale Bill of $1723.15. Buyers:

J. M. Lee, W. D. Presley, Wm Steakley, W. R. Simpson, H. F. Sadler, A. Cornwell, W. F. Sadler, Albert Stanton, W. R. Stanton, Wm Stout, Wm Vittitoe, Lafayette Clinton, B. F. Ferguson, A. K. Williamson, Wm Lambert, W. M. Lambert, Isaac Holmes, J. M. Lansden, James Lambert, A. B. Holliman, G. B. Thompson, R. B. Montgomery, J. D. McKinley, A. Clemens, R. F. Maddox, Henry Sadler, Wm Dawes, Sarah Williamson, Jo Sample, G. T. Davis, James Long, J. M. Williamson, Nancy Sadler, W. W. Paulk, Malissa Manier, J. K. Williamson, Ace Anderson, Dillen Anderson, ?Nutty [smear] Anderson, James High, Lit Dawes, J. P. Barton, Tenn Sadler, Dock Sadler, A. B. Polk, Wes Buck, Marion McBroom, Jo Bullington, Isaac Sadler, Bettie Williamson, Jack Dawes, Hamp Apple, W. A. Montgomery, W. Agee, D. W. Eller, Thos Burges, A. Halfacre, John Sadler, A. L. Johnson, Downey Williamson, E. D. Sadler, Booker Myers, W. Dobbins, John Hargis, J. F. Pursley, John Keith, Cale Sadler, M. Barnett, F. D. Pursley, N. Simpson, A. Manier.

Notes payable listed as assets of Robert Carter, Alpheus Pate, Seborn & J. D. Stewart, Wm Lambert.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: 20 March 1877. T. J. Lee, Admr &c recovered judgment on Allen Manear in favor of the guardian of Alcy McKinley for $750.43 in Chancery...

land lying both in Jackson Co. and Putnam Co. Tennessee on waters of Martin's Creek where John Sadler (col.) now lives, being land of said Allen Manear. Land bid off by T. J. Lee and George McKinley. 3 Sept 1877.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Estate settlement with Geo H. Morgan, Admr of M. J. Anderson, deceased, to be 5 April 1884. Notify T. C. Williamson and wife P. Williamson, James A. Anderson and T. B. Anderson... they may attend if they wish.

FINAL SETTLEMENT: 25 November 1890, Final Guardian Settlement. M. J. Anderson, minor heir of M. J. Anderson, deceased. Last settlement made 1 Dec 1889, recorded Guardian Settlement Book R, page 81. All money that is coming to him from said estate, being $111.59.

FINAL SETTLEMENT: 13 October, 1892, J. T. Anderson, guardian of Jubal Anderson, minor heir of M. J. Anderson, deceased.

RECEIPT: Received of J. T. Anderson, my guardian, $298.63 in full of what he owes me as such guardian on this day. October 13, 1892. Jubilee [his X mark] Anderson

ANSWER: Allen Manier to Bill of Complaint by Matthew Anderson & wife Nancy and others. Lee Sadler departed life intestate, leaving a large estate... at the time of his death, he was a citizen of Jackson Co., TN. No administrator was appointed. George W. McKinley & his wife Alscy who was a daughter of said Lee Sadler filed a bill against the other heirs and the widow of said Lee Sadler for the purpose among other things of having Lee Sadler's land sold to make division among heirs.

A guardian ad litem was appointed for the minor heirs. Wm H. Botts, Clerk & Master on 30 Sept 1859 sold said land at public auction on a credit of one and two years, subject to widow's dower, which had been previously allotted to her.

Elmore D. Sadler & Henry F. Sadler purchased the home tract for $3240, executed notes due 12 and 24 months with Albert Stanton as Security.

February term 1860 the sale was confirmed, title divested out of the heirs and to Henry F. and Elmore D. Sadler, who according to previous agreement divided the land between them.

Some time after said division, Elmore built a house on his part, which included the widow's dower, at her consent and she was living in the house.

Respondent purchased Elmore D. Sadler's land for $2000. The adult heirs were willing to take Confederate States Treasury notes. About 9 November 1862, William H. Botts, C & M made settlement. Respondent and said Elmore D. and the other heirs and the widow of Lee Sadler were present. Respondent paid Elmore D. in Confederate States Treasury notes. Elmore D. Sadler then paid them to Botts, who settled with all parties. 9 November 1862, Elmore D. Sadler executed deed to Respondent Allen Manear, deed is registered. 23 May 1867. /s/ Allen Mineer

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Mathew Anderson & wife Nancy Anderson, Henry Sadler, Charles W. Sadler, Nancy Sadler, William Sadler, Alsey McKinley by guardian Nancy Sadler, all citizens of Putnam Co., TN except Anderson & wife who reside in Jackson Co. against

William H. Botts now of Jackson Co., TN, Allen Manear of Putnam Co., TN and Elmore Sadler, residence unknown.

Lee Sadler departed life in Jackson Co. several years ago having a large estate. No one could be procured to administer. Land was decreed sold and was by William H. Botts, who was appointed administrator. [Alleged Confederate States notes was illegal currency].

Complainant Nancy Sadler is the widow of Lee Sadler and Nancy Anderson is the daughter of Lee Sadler and the other complainants and defendant Elmore are the children of said deceased.

Said Alsy McKinley is the grand daughter of said deceased Lee Sadler by his daughter Alsy McKinley, deceased, [who was] wife of George McKinley. Complainant Alsy is her only heir and child.

These are all the heirs or distributees except Leonidas Sadler who died intestate, a minor without issue. /s/ John P. Murray, Solicitor for Complainant

DEPOSITIONS 11 December 1875:

Thos J .Pointer age [smear; looks like could be 49 changed to 50]. I purchased a negro woman about 1858 or 1859 from Matthew Anderson on Martin's Creek. Gave $1175. Allen Manier was my security. Defendant Botts told me Henry Sadler got the note from Matthew Anderson. Botts told me he had to make settlement with Lee Sadler's estate and the note could be paid with Confederate money. He let Joel Settle have the note for a debt. I was very upset as I was ready to pay it.

I later paid it off in greenbacks in 1865 or 1866 at Nashville. T. J. [X] Pointer

AFFIDAVIT: May term 1875. Defendant Manear is lying dangerously ill as affiant is informed by his physician and others, and liable to die at any day, prays Manear's deposition be taken [Latin term, could read enough to figure they wanted it taken ASAP - mlj]. 26 May 1875. /s/ T. J Quarles

DEPOSITIONS 30 September 1876, questioned by defendant Manear:

Charles R. Ford age 65. My recollection is Tennessee bank notes were worth $.70 - $.75 to the $1.00 compared with gold or silver in 1862. Georgia, Alabama and So. Carolina were worth about $.50 on the $1.00 compared with gold and silver. No U. S. Treasury notes were in circulation at that time, rather I have no recollection of seeing them in Putnam or Jackson Co. /s/ Charles R. Ford

J. H. Moore age 52. On 21 October 1862, Tennessee bank notes were worth $.70 - $.95 to the $1.00 compared with gold or silver.

Georgia, Alabama and S. Carolina from $.40 - $.60 to the $1.00. All I can say about Treasury notes is Union men preferred greenbacks and Southern preferred Confederate Treasury notes. Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia passed as current bank notes here. /s/ J. H. Moore

DEPOSITIONS 15 December 1875 at the residence of Mrs. Nancy Sadler.

Nancy Sadler age 75. I am the widow of Lee Sadler. In 1862 or 1863, parties to the suit met at my house and made settlement. Paid in Confederate States Treasury notes which I was not willing to accept for my grand daughter Alcy. He [Allen Manear/Manier] took back the Confederates States money and gave me his note. Col. John P. Murray and Matthew Anderson got the note from me.

The money going to Leonidas was paid to me. He was in the Army. The date of his death was put down in the Family Bible I have here... he was going on 20 years old at the time of settlement and going on 21 when he died the year following.

My grand daughter Alsa May is now going on 17 or 18. She was but a child when settlement was made.

My son C. W. Sadler was in the army with Leonidas. George McKinley was also in the army, about the same place.

I gave the note to John P. Murray for collection.

William T. Hughes for Allen Manear offered to pay the note in Tennessee bank notes but I wouldn't take it because it was not good dollar for dollar with current money. The note was for $535 or $536.50 and was payable in Current Bank notes. s/s Nancy Sadler

Henry F. Sadler age 42.

Question: Did you hear Manier agree with your mother to pay her in good money if she would agree for Alla May's part to be settled?

Answer: I never heard the agreement.

Question: ...your mother Nancy Sadler... father Lee Sadler...

Answer: I am an heir of Lee Sadler. I gave Botts a note on T. J. Pointer I got from Matthew J. Anderson for $1259.50. Anderson had sold Pointer a negro. s/s H. F. Sadler

COPY OF RECEIPT: Dated October 10, 1862. Received of William H. Botts, C & M of Chancery, as Administrator of Lee Sadler:

/s/ W. F. Sadler;

/s/ H. F. Sadler;

/s/ M. J. Anderson;

Elmore [his X mark] Sadler;

/s/ Nancy Sadler, Guardian of Leonidas Sadler;

C. W. Sadler by Wm Sadler;

Wm Sadler;

Nancy Sadler, Trustee for Alcy McKinley & child ?Anna McKinley;

/s/ Nancy Anderson

W. F. Sadler, lawful age. Paid in Confederate money. Do not know if it was counterfeit, not a judge of confederate money. I let Jeff Lee have it and he returned it to me and said he could not pass it... people he tried to give it to said it was counterfeit. Settlement was friendly. I have never brought suit. Those present at the settlement were M. J. Anderson, E. D. Sadler, Henry F. Sadler, my mother and myself, Allen Manear and Botts. I don't remember if Anderson's wife was present or not. /s/ W. F. Sadler

ADMINISTRATOR'S BONDS: Thomas C. McKinley, with security on both being James Hargis [signed] and James [his X mark] Pharis, made bond to administer estates of Alsy McKinley, deceased and Leonidas Sadler, deceased. States Alcy McKinley, wife of George died several years prior to filing, no one was appointed to administer. [Filmed different pages, but both dated 7 October 1875 - mlj].

AFFIDAVIT: James T. Clements, Solicitor for defendant Allen Manear, states Manear was unable to attend before the Clerk at the time account was taken regarding value of Bank notes in October-November 1862 due to inclement weather. Lives about twelve miles from Gainesboro, dangerous to drive Doe Creek Hill in his buggy. 20 April 1877.

[NEW - Misfiled?] SMITH, H. B. vs SMITH, FELIX Court? Date?

[Note in Anderson file from D. C. Clark asking for the old papers of H. B. Smith vs Felix Smith, in order to have the old Smith will filed with these papers. No date - mlj].


PHYSICIAN'S ACCOUNT: Mathew Anderson, debtor. Account with E. P. Hawthorne.

June 28th to vis [?visit] self 5.00

" day & night attention 5.00

June 30 to vis his wife 5.00

July 1st vis self & medicine 5.00

Bal. in March 1873 2.50

June 25th to vis Father 2.50

Aug 26 '73 to vis son Mathew 2.?0

Dec 18, 1873 to vis Della @ C. W. Sadler's 5.00

Dec 15, 1873 " 5.00

Dec. 18 " 5.00

Dec 22 " 5.00

Dec 28th " 5.00

Jan 3rd, 1874 " 5.00

Feb 1st, 1874 " $ 57.50

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: Thomas J. Lee, Administrator, estate of Matthew J. Anderson, Henry Sadler, Charles W. Sadler, Nancy Sadler in her own right and as Trustee of Alcy McKinley, William Sadler, Allamay McKinley a minor girl by guardian George W. McKinley and George W. McKinley in his personal right, all of Jackson County, Tennessee except Charles W. Sadler and William Sadler of Putnam County against

William H. Botts of Kentucky and Allen Mineer of Jackson County and Elmore D. Sadler of Putnam Co.

[Blank] July 1873, Matthew W. Anderson died intestate.

[Blank] July 1873 Nancy Anderson, the wife of said Matthew died intestate. She died first by a few days. Both resided at Jackson Co., Tennessee.

Alcy McKinley, wife of George McKinley died. They left one child, Allamay McKinley.

Leonidas Sadler, one of the sons of Lee Sadler, died about 1863 in the Confederate Army, minor and without wife or issue.

DEPOSITIONS 12 December 1876, regarding value of bank notes to CSA money to greenbacks to gold and silver, about same ratios as previous depositions of others - mlj].

Pinkney McCarver, age 68. In 1862 I lived on Flynn's Creek. /s/ Pinkney McCarver

A. J. Vantrease age 57, lived Jackson Co. in 1862. /s/ A. J. Vantrease

F. M. Price age 44. 1862 I resided on Pine Lick prong of Jenning's Creek. /s/ F. M. Price


[NOTE: Property line dispute. No relationships given - mlj]. Thomas Lawless states he bought land by Court decree, Lot 15 on Cain Branch tract.

AFFIDAVIT: Thomas Lawless and Jesse P. Lawless cut and removed sawlogs from my property 22 March 1881. /s/ J. T. Anderson

[NEW] ANDERSON, F. M. vs MAHANEY, RANSOM P., et al Chancery 1858

[NOTE: Many scraps of paper, appear to be debts, receipts having to do with Thomas Anderson estate - mlj].

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: 21 May 1860, will take and state account ordered by the Court. Notify: Francis M. Anderson, Paul Anderson, William J. Anderson, Judith Anderson, Anna Anderson, Ransom P. Mahaney, Katherine Mahaney

[FILMED BUT NOT A CONTEMPORANEOUS PART OF THIS CASE. Mrs. Molden Tayse, former President of the Jackson County Historical Society who has written at least one book on Jackson County history, apparently gleaned the following - mlj]:

"Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson died in Jackson County, 8th day of Oct 1858. Leaving his widow Judith Anderson, heirs

Paul Anderson

Francis M. Anderson

William T. Anderson

Thomas Anderson

Garland Anderson

Anna Bartlett wife of Joshua Bartlett

Silas Anderson

Katherine Mahaney wife of Ransom P. Mahaney

Edward Anderson (deceased)

Fanny Reynolds (deceased) wife of [blank]

Grand children, children of Edward [Anderson]

Anna Karr

Vancil W. Anderson

Adelaide Jones wife of Alfred Jones

Josephine Waller wife of Richard Waller

Thomas Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson

Jane Anderson

Cindarilla wife of Edward was guardian of above children.

Grandchildren of Thomas Anderson, Children of Fanny Reynolds (deceased)

James E. Reynolds

Anna K. Reynolds

John S. Reynolds

Jonas A. Reynolds

Louisa Clark wife of Isaac F. Clark above are citizens of State of Missouri.

Paul and Francis M. [Anderson] were appointed Admin.

At the time of his death, Thomas Anderson pocessed [sic] several tracks [sic] of land in Jackson County on Blackmans [sic; Blackburn's] Fork of Roaring River. The deceased at the time of his death possessed of and had title to twelve Negroes, to wit

Isaac age about 56 yrs.

Jane age about 48.

??Cises about 37 yrs old

Bird about 17 years old

Vincy about 12 yrs old

Jane about 11 years old.

Paul about [blank] years old

Mundy about 9

Julia Ann about 7 years old

Patsy about 5 years old

Sarah about 3 yrs old and

Carr about 2 1/2 months old

Being unable to divide his possessions equal they were sold at Auction.

Title to the Negro boy Bird $1430 and Negro girl Sarah $466 - Thomas Haile (Joseph Haile his security)

Negro boy Isaac - Joshua Bartlett for $700.00.

Negro woman Vina - James R. Tolbert $1300.

Negro girl Jane - Henry Richmond $1170.

Negro woman Alsey and her Child Carr - Ridley Draper $675.00.

Negro boy Paul - Thomas Anderson for $360.

Negro woman named Jin - Judith Anderson $600.

Negro girl named Patsy - William Darwin $600.

Negro girl named Julia Ann - J. W. Cruthers $605. Also the negro boy named Mundy for $1050.

Paul Anderson purchased the land for the sum of $1500.

Sale held 2nd day of April 1859.

Thomas Anderson gave each child as they married $10.00 to start house keeping and a cow and calf valued at $10.00. Some he gave negro which were valued at $900 of which was charged to their part in the dividing their inheritage [sic].

Copied from a Chancry [sic] Court Record Dated Dec. 6, 1858. By Molden Tayse".

COPY OF STATE OF TENNESSEE LAND GRANT: No. 830, One Cent per Acre, entered 13 November 1826 to Thomas Anderson for 25 acres, survey having date 30 May 1827 on Blackburn's Fork of Roaring River... east boundary line of Anderson's 135 acres... /s/ Sam Houston, Governor of Tennessee this 12 Sept 1828.

COPY OF STATE OF TENNESSEE LAND GRANT: No. 8699 dated 13 Jan 1842, Entry No. 1818, entered 15 Feb 1832, east side Blackburn's Fork, Roaring River, ... conditional corner made by said Anderson and Benjamin Mahoney. 25 Acres, Survey 19 Aug 1841. Dated 13 Jan 1842. s/s Gov. James C. Jones.

COPY OF STATE OF TENNESSEE LAND GRANT: No. 9349, Entry No. 2778 made & entered 11 Oct 1843 to Thoms Anderson, 79 acres. Survey date 15 Apr 1844... begin south boundary line of 25 acre tract... to east bank of Blackburn's Fork, up said river... William G. Anderson's northeast corner. 7th day of [smear] 1846. By the governor s/s Gov. Aaron Brown

COPY OF STATE OF TENNESSEE LAND GRANT: [Part of this missing, including date] Dated 24 Oct 1831, s/s Gov. William Carroll

DEED OF CONVEYANCE: [Date missing, torn in half top to bottom and filmed on two pages; very poor condition - mlj]. November Session 1819, Deed Regis... deed of conveyance... proven by testimony of Henry L. McDaniel [or McDonald] and Benjamin Mahoney subscribing witnesses, Register's office Decr 7th 1819, Book C p 230. Sold by John Rutledge to Thomas Anderson. /s/ Abner Harley, Register for Jackson Co.

PLAT MAP: Widow's dower 101 acres and 130 poles, heirs portion 115 acres and te 1/2 poles, dated 25 March 1859. /s/ Denton Moore, Surveyor; Wiley Gaw, Carter B. Whitefield [Commissioners assigned to lay off - mlj].

ANSWER: Alfred Jones & Richard Waller to Bill of Complaint of F. M. Anderson & others. Thomas Anderson died intestate. Complainants F. M. Anderson and Paul Anderson are administrators. Respondents both intermarried with daughters of Edward Anderson who is a deceased son of said Thomas Anderson, deceased, (viz) Respondent Jones with Adeline and Waller with Josephine.

On account of the situation and quantity of land... number of distributees... cannot be partitioned without greatly devaluing.

On account of the number, ages and value of the negroes they cannot be partitioned... should be sold. Dated [Blank] January 1859. s/s A. M. Jones, R. B. Waller

DEPOSITIONS 21 May 1860:

Paul Anderson 21 May 1860 [blank] years. Father in his lifetime gave me a Negro woman and child, value $900, wanted me to account with other heirs. I bought a cow from him for $10, paid him but $3. Think in the fall 1857 my father gave me a bill of sale for the negro woman and child. He gave me an order at the store for $10 or $12 to set me off to housekeeping, said he'd given the other children the same except Silas & Francis... not married at the time.

My father gave Thomas Anderson two negro children.

Joshua Bartlett received a negro woman and child from my father which my father valued at $900, think in 1857.

My father said he intended to make all his children advancements to $900.

Bartlett married Anna, one of the daughters of Thomas Anderson deceased.

Francis Anderson got a negro girl and gave his note to my father for $700. He also got a cow.

If Fanny Reynolds got anything except setting off to housekeeping, I don't know it.

If Edward got anything except setting off to housekeeping, I don't know it.

If R. P. Mahaney and his wife got anything except setting off to housekeeping, I don't know it.

Garland Anderson got a horse worth about $60.

If William got anything except setting off to housekeeping, I don't know it.

He paid off notes for Silas and gave him some cash.

My mother gave me $30 that came to her from her father. She told me she had given all her children $30 from said funds. /s/ Paul Anderson

Garland Anderson age 37. My father handed me a note on Alfred Jones and Bud S. Jones... collected $20 or $22.

William Anderson age ?3 [23, 33 or 53? - mlj]. Nothing new. /s/ W. J. Anderson

R. P. Mahany [no age].

QUESTION: If Thomas Anderson, deceased ever visited you when you lived in the State of Missouri and you moved back here as he returned, state if you sent for him to go after you and who paid the expenses.

ANSWER: He came to visit me... me and the family moved back with him. I never sent for him. The old man sold his carriage, and we all used mine coming back. He gave me a small sum in Lafayette County on our return. /s/ R. P. Mahaney

Thomas Anderson, 42... two negroes named Ezekiel and Sinda. /s/ Thomas Anderson

Joshua Bartlett, age 49. Negro woman and child. /s/ Joshua Bartlett

DETAILED ACCOUNTING OF EACH ADVANCEMENT [Filmed, not abstracted]: William G. Anderson, Paul Anderson, Silas Anderson, J. Bartlett and wife, R. P. Mahaney and wife, G. Anderson, F. M. Anderson, Fanny Reynolds, money from her mother's estate.

AFFIDAVITS: John W. Reynolds makes oath he is the father of James E., Anna K., John S., Jonas A. Reynolds and Louisa J. Clark; that all are still living in the State of Tennessee; that Anna K. intermarried with William Peters; that deponents, including Isaac F. Clark, husband of defendant Louisa J. Clark, and William Peters husband of Anna K. Reynolds, executed to affiant on 10 Oct 1871 a power of attorney to receive and collect... share... 31 October 1871. Signed:

John W. Reynolds

Ransom P. Mahaney and wife Katherine

Vancil W. Anderson

Adelaide Jones and husband Alfred Jones

Josephine Waller and husband Richard Waller

Thomas Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson

Jane Anderson

Cindarilla Anderson

Joshua Bartlett & wife Anna Bartlet

Silas Anderson

James E. Reynolds

Anna K. Reynolds

John S. Reynolds

Louisa J. Clark & husband Isaac F. Clark

Witness: 31 October 1871, Jonas A. Reynolds

BILL OF COMPLAINT [No date; difficult to read - mlj]. Francis M. Anderson, Paul Anderson, Judith Anderson, Anna [Can't read] of Jackson Co., Tennessee; Thomas Anderson and Garland Anderson of Putnam Co., Tennessee against

Vancil M. Anderson, Adelaide Jones & husband Alfred Jones, Josephine Waller & husband Richard Waller, Thomas Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson, Jane Anderson, and Cindarilla Anderson, Joshua Bartlett & wife Anna Bartlett of Putnam Co., Tenn, Silas Anderson of the State of Arkansas, James E. Reynolds, Anna K. Reynolds, John S. Reynolds, Louisa J. Clark & husband Isaac F. Clark of the State of Missouri.

Thomas Anderson died intestate in Jackson Co. 5 Oct 1858, seized and possessed of land on Blackburn's fork of Roaring River about 259 or 300 acres. Had fee simple title in all but 25 - 30 acres more or less, which before his death he had sold to defendant William Anderson and which Orator Paul Anderson now owns.

Oratrix Judith Anderson is the widow of Thomas Anderson, deceased, is entitled to dower. Thomas Anderson had twelve negroes at his death, to wit:

Isaac about 56

Jane about 48

Ailse about 37

Bird about 17

Vincy about 12

Jane about 11

Paul about 13

Mindy about 9

Julia Ann about 7

Patsy about 5

Sarah about 3

Carr about 2 1/2 months.

Besides the widow Judith there are 20 distributees.

POWER OF ATTORNEY: Jonas A. Reynolds, John S. Reynolds and Anna C. Reynolds now Anna C. Peters wife of William Peters, in the County of Clay, State of Missouri and James E. Reynolds of the County of Clinton State of Missouri make William Wallace of the State of Tennessee our attorney... receive and collect of Thomas Anderson deceased, late of Jackson Co... and further Jonas A. Reynolds, John S. Reynolds, Anna C. Reynolds now Anna C. Peters, James E. Reynolds and Isaac Clark & Louisa J. Clark have heretofore made power of attorney to Ransom P. Mahoney of Jackson County and Ransom P. Mahoney has since died... appoint John W. Reynolds of the County of Clay, Missouri our attorney... estate of Thomas Anderson, deceased. Acknowledged: Luke W. Burris, Clerk of Court, Clay County, Missouri /s/ L. W. Burris

Jonas A. Reynolds /s/

John S. Reynolds /s/

William [his X mark] Peters

Anna C. Peters /s/

Isaac [his X mark] Clark

Louisa J. Clark /s/

[NEW] ANDERSON, LUKE B., Administrator of ANDERSON, LANDON B. 1898

INVOICE: Cookeville Marble & Granite, Design #541. Emblem Square & Compass. May 10, 1895. Dark Ga [sic] Marble, 8.2 feet Spire, 12 inches square. Inscription one side.

Landon B. Anderson Born Jan 24, 1869 D Dec 16, 1893

Delvd @ Cookeville, Tenn July 1895, $150. s/s Luke B. Anderson

SETTLEMENT: 12 April 1898... heirs duly notified [not listed on film - mlj].

One item: To amt of bequest of J. B. Anderson to Landon B. Anderson, date of death April 20, 1920, $400. Int. on same from April 20, 1920 to April 12, 1898 $191.35 [Note: This item is "as written", but something appears incorrect - mlj].


GUARDIAN'S BOND: Sum of $1000, Clinton Co., Missouri, City of Plattsburg, 12 July 1875. John H. Anderson, Principal and Johnston Evans and James E. Hughes, Security. John H. Anderson was appointed by Probate Court, State of Missouri, estate of Martha M., Matthew M., John H. Jr., Pamelia A., Laura J. and Sallie B. Anderson and Eliza Evans, formerly Anderson.

The State of Missouri, County of Clinton, City of Plattsburg did appoint John H. Anderson, guardian for the Estates of Martha M. Anderson, John H. Anderson, Mrs. Eliza Evans formerly Anderson, Pamelia Anderson, Laura J. Anderson and Sallie B. Anderson, minors, minor children of John H. Anderson, under the age of 14 years. I certify foregoing is a true copy... 5 April 1876.

[NEW] ANDERSON, ARIE & others vs KING, THOMAS & others Ch 1873-1877

[NOTE: Receipt indicated Laura King was resident of Obion Co., TN 267 Apr 1878].

CAUSE HEARD: Arie Anderson, Dellen Anderson, Mathew Anderson, Bertie Anderson, Jacob Anderson by next friend T. J. Lee and C. W. Sadler Administrator of Martha Anderson, deceased against

Thomas King, Eller King, Ira King, Cicero Hall & wife Ann Hall, Oliver Anderson, John Apple & wife Amanda Apple, Jeff Lee & wife Elizabeth Lee, Tillman Brook & wife Sarah M. Brook, Elijah Webb & wife Susan Webb, Thomas Williamson & wife Anderson Williamson*, Elizabeth, Fredona Williamson, Martha Williamson, James Williamson, Thomas Williamson Jr. and Eliza Williamson.

Cause heard 8 May 1874, judgment pro confesso & report of Clerk & Master. Land not susceptible to partition... to dive into seven shares... would not be wood, water and tillable land to maintain so many different families... land to be sold.

[*] I could not tell whether the writer meant Thomas Williamson & wife Anderson [there was no blank space, no comma] or if Anderson Williamson was another person. In fact, this entire case is confusing to me. Researchers/descendants urged to order film - mlj.

DEPOSITION 8 February 1876: Jones H. Brown. Am residing now and have for the last four weeks on the old Jubilee Anderson tract. Rent for $210 [per annum] and am to keep the place in good repair. s/s Jones H. Brown

REPORT OF LAND SALE: Sold 1 Aug 1874 in town of Granville, land on Spring fork of Martin's Creek. Oliver H. Anderson purchased, high bid $2060, $206 down, notes due 12 months. Security Thomas W. King.

C & M to determine the rent value of land while in possession of Mathew J. Anderson and his [can't read; ?securities] since his death, to wit from 1868 to 1874 inclusive. [Following is table showing rent of land for each of these years beginning 15 November 1868 at $200 per year, with interest added each year to 15 March 1876 - mlj].

Total Rent and Interest $1715.40. Out of said rents Mathew J. Anderson's heirs are entitled to retain $1286.55. Thomas W. King's children, $214.42 1/2. O. H. Anderson, $214.42 1/2. Submitted March term 1876.

DEPOSITIONS 23 April 1875:

Francis D. Pursley age 44. Live one mile, land worth about $2000. /s/ F. D. Pursley

M. Barnett age 47. Live on land, worth $2000. /s/ M. Barnett

C. W. Sadler age 35. Rent value. /s/ C. W. Sadler

Amon Manear, live within two miles of land. Matt Anderson lived on the farm from 1868, [about when his mother died] until up to the time of his, Matt Anderson's death... if repairs were done, reckon he done it. s/s/ Amon Manear

[NEW] ANDERSON, ARIE & others vs KING, THOMAS Chancery 1873-1877

[NOTE: New Folder, appears to be more on above family/case - mlj].

SETTLEMENT: J. T. Anderson, Guardian of Jublee Anderson, minor heir of Martha Anderson. 25 June 1889.

DEPOSITIONS 15 - 17 April 1875, all testimony regarding rent/sale price:

Albert Stanton age 66. Known the Jubal Anderson tract upwards of 50 years. Lived on adjacent farm 2 or 3 years. /s/ A. Stanton

James D. McKinley age 43. s/s J. D. McKinley

Wm Steakley age 54. [X mark]

A. J. Fuqua age 63 [X mark]

Allen H. Manier age 36. /s/ A. H. Manier

S. A. Carter age 52. /s/ S. A. Carter

William Lambert [X mark]

Littleton C. Daws age 23. Was hired to Matt Anderson. L. C. [X mark] Daws

James Kirkpatrick 28. Matt Anderson planted corn and small grain while he used the Jubal Anderson farm. /s/ James Kirkpatrick

Joseph Samples age 44. Known land between 1867 - 1875. Lived there a portion of the time, about 1 - 4 miles a portion. Matt Anderson lived on the Jubal Anderson land 1867-1873. /s/ Joseph E. Samples

BILL: Arie Anderson, Dellen Anderson, Mathew Anderson, Bettie Anderson, Jubel Anderson by their next friend T. J. Lee and C. W. Sadler, Administrator s of Mathew Anderson, deceased all of Jackson County

against Thomas King, Ellen King, Ira King, Cicero Hall & wife Ann Hall, Oliver Anderson, John Apple & wife Amanda Apple, Jeff Lee & wife Elizabeth Lee, Tillman Brooks & wife Sarah Brooks, Elijah Webb & Susan Webb, Thomas Williamson, Anderson Williamson, Elizabeth Williamson, Fredona Williamson, Martha Williamson, Jones Williamson, Therows? [looks like - but could have been Thos Williamson, Jr. - mlj], and Eliza Williamson.

Mathew J. Anderson filed Bill of Complaint 187[blank]. Since filing bill, Mathew J. Anderson died intestate and his wife died before him. Since his death, Orators T. J. Lee and C. W. Sadler were appointed administrator.

DEPOSITIONS 2 April 1875.

M. Barnett age 48.

Question: Whose possession was said land in from the death of Polly Anderson up to the time you rented the same?

Answer: So far as I know it was in possession of Mathew Anderson up to the time of his death. /s/ M. Barnett

Alex Montgomery age 54. Rent testimony. s/s A. H. Montgomery.

F. B. Pursley age 45. Rent testimony. /s/ F. B. Pursley

J. K. P. Washburn age 28. Lived on adjoining farm two years between the years 1869-1874 [Signature page, possibly other depositions are missing - mlj].

J. P. Wwhitefield /s/

DEPOSITION 23 August 1877. F. M. Price age 45. Was revenue Collector 1868 - 1871. Juble Anderson lived on land in Dist. 15, Jackson Co.

DEPOSITION 4 August 1877, at house of T. J. Lee in DeKalb Co., in presence of R. L. Gentry, attorney for Complainants and Thomas W. King, one of the defendants.

Jubal Anderson about age 85. I am very well acquainted with the land M. J. Anderson lived on before his death.

Question: How long had M. J. Anderson lived there before his death?

Answer: He lived there all the time, he owned all but two shares he owned six shares all but Oliver Andersons and Thomas Kings

Question: What year did his mother Mary Anderson die?

Answer: I think she died in 1868.

Question: State whether J. M. [sic] Anderson lived on and had possession of said land from 1868 up to the time of his death in 1873?

Answer: He lived there.

Question: Who paid the State and County taxes 1868-73?

Answer: I don't know whether he paid the tax or I paid them we both lived on the place at the same time.

Question: State whether or not you was... old and not able to work and if J. M. [sic] Anderson did not take care of you and provide for your comfort?

Answer: Yes sir he did.

Cross-Examination: State if you did not draw a pension of $96 a year and let M. J. Anderson have most of that money every year from 1868 up to the year 1873.

Answer: Most of the money I drew he got it but I don't know what years.

/s/ Jubal Anderson

SISTLER & Associates 1850 Jackson Co., TN printed census index lists J 25-321: ANDERSON, Jubil 70, Mary 60, Frances Ferguson 30.

ANDERSON, Mat J. 26, Nancy D. 19, Arcadia 2/12, indexed J 15-316.

"Index to War of 1812 Pension Files" by Virgil D. White, LOC No. E351 W54, 1992 V1: "ANDERSON, Jubal, SC #13168. Mary (Hollamon) m 29 Jan 1818 Cumberland Rivers TN, sd about 1883, srv Mathew Cowan's Co TN Mil, lived Jackson Cty, TN".

DEPOSITION 10 August 1877:

T. J. Lee. I am Administrator of M. J. Anderson, have tax receipts for the Juble Anderson land. Don't know who paid the taxes. I paid the tax in 1874 out of the M. J Anderson estate. Jubal Anderson turned M. J. Anderson's papers over to me. /s/ T. J. Lee

DEPOSITIONS 8 September 1875:

M. C. Hogan age 63. Know Jubal Anderson land. M. J. Anderson was a child of Jubal Anderson & wife Polly. About 70-80 acres of cleared land. Some land about the stables is kept in pasture. I think Matt Anderson died in June 1873.

Henry Sadler age 51. Lived one or two miles of the Jubal Anderson farm since 1857. There were eight shares. Thos Williamson and John Apple told me they sold their shares to M. J. Anderson - they married daughters of Jubal Anderson and sisters of M. J. Anderson, and I saw a deed from Tillman Brooks & his wife for their interest and Matt J. Anderson told me he owned all but two shares. Brooks' wife is a sister of Matt Anderson's. M. J. Anderson said he did not own the shares of O. H. Anderson and the King children. /s/ Henry Sadler

John Hargis age 55. Known Jubal Anderson land 30 years, live within 1 1/2 mile.

Robert B. Montgomery age 43. [Nothing new]. /s/ R. B. Montgomery

CLERK & MASTER'S REPORT: Matthew J. Anderson at the date of his death was owner of 5/7 by decent [sic] and purchase. [Numbering is mine, not on film - mlj]

1. Namely his own [Matt J. Anderson's - mlj] share

2. The share of Jefferson Lee & wife

3. The share of Tilman Brooks & wife

4. The share of Williamson heirs, being grand children of Juble Anderson, dec.

5. The share of Webb heirs, being grand children of Juble Anderson

6. Thomas W. King's children owned one share

7. Oliver H. Anderson owned one share.

DEPOSITIONS 9 October 1874:

John Apple. I knew Polly Anderson, the widow of Jubal Anderson. She died 22 January 1868. Been acquainted with the tract of land 17-18 years. /s/ John Apple

William Lambert age 63.

A. J. Dawes age 25. Lived on land. I was hired to Matt Anderson. /s/ A. J. Dawes

[NEW] ANDERSON, D. J., Guardian of ANDERSON, D. S. heirs County Court

[NOTE: No Date on folder or the only document in file. Did mention Minute Docket "E", p. 281; probably can figure out/surmise approximate date by checking MD E.

D. J. Anderson, Guardian of minor children of D. S. Anderson, deceased, to-wit: B. C. Anderson, W. W. Anderson, C. L. Anderson, Hassel Anderson, of which she [D. J. Anderson] is the mother and natural guardian which is granted by the court upon her giving bond and security as required by law... $50. G. B. Murray and J. P. Maybery being security... she the said D. J. Anderson... M. D. "E" p 281.

Order drawn by G. B. Murray, attorney

[NEW] ANDERSON, J. T., Guardian of KILLMAN, M. J. [Moton Heirs] and BROOKS vs KILLMAN 1894 - 1913

[NOTE: There are several Guardian Settlements over the years on film, J. T. Anderson guardian of Virgil Killman, Martha J. Killman and Melissa Jane Moton, children of Elvira [nee Brooks, daughter of R. P. Brooks] who married first David Killman/Kellman [abandoned her], second to William H. Moton [survived her].

GUARDIAN'S SETTLEMENT 1 January 1885. J. T. Anderson, guardian of Malissa Jane Moton, minor heir of Elvira Moton, deceased.

Elvira Moton, deceased, left three minor heirs, Virgall Killman, Martha Killman and Malissa Jane Moton, each of whom are entitled to the following funds, to wit:

Received 19 March 18894 of T. J. Brown, Admr of Elvira Moton, deceased...

Received of R. V. Brooks, Admr of R. P. Brooks, deceased on 16 May 1884...


G. B. Murray. Am a practicing attorney in Jackson Co, am somewhat familiar with the litigation between R. V. Brooks, Administrator of R. P. Brooks, deceased and W. H Moton... cause was or should have been finally determined in favor of the wards of W. B. Young... /s/ G. B. Murray

W. W. Draper. I copied the proceedings for the [State of Tennessee] Supreme Court... [Value of] services of N. B. Young, guardian ad litem for Martha Killman, Virgil Killman and Malissa Jane Moton... /s/ W. W. Draper

DEED OF TRUST: I, R. P. Brooks, have bargained and sold in trust for the sole and separate use of my daughter Elvira W. Killman during her natural life and at her death to heirs of her body... reserving use of profits during my life... land in District 2, Jackson County, Tennessee... north side of Cumberland River below the mouth of Cub Creek known as the Jesse Jenkins farm, being 6/7 of same, and one seventh I do not convey which belongs to William Jenkins... bounded east by Cumberland River, south by land of O. H. Anderson, west by land of Thomas McKaughan which I sold to him and north by another tract which I purchased of George Jenkins containing on estimate 330 acres more or less. 29 February 1868. /s/ R. P. Brooks Recorded Book M pages [blank]

ORDER: William H. Moton VS R. P. Brooks. William H. Moton to retain possession of the Jesse Jenkins tract pending appeal to Supreme Court, one-seventh of same belonging to William Jenkins.

DEPOSITION: William W. Birdwell. I issued papers as J. P. on 12 February 1878... R. V. Brooks as Trustee of Mary H. Brooks... for the rent of the Jesse Jenkins lands during the year 1877. s/s W. W. Birdwell.

ANSWER: R. V. Brooks, T. J. Brown and H. W Williams to Bill of Complaint of William Moton. Admit the legal marriage of Elvira Brooks, daughter of Richard and Mary H. Brooks. R. P. Brooks died seized of real and personal property. Mary H. died seized of real but no personal property of any value.

R. P. Brooks died testate. R. V. Brooks was Administrator with the will annexed.

Bill was filed against J. N. Hix and others.

R. P. Brooks held the land to his death, then it was for the separate use of his daughter during her lifetime, not under control of any current or future husband she may have. Respondent R. V. Brooks was also named as Trustee for Elvira.

Marriage contract 4 October 1881 previous to marriage by Complainant Moton - Elvira Brooks and Respondent R. V. Brooks... all estate of said Elvira to heirs of her body.

Several years prior to the marriage of Complainant and Elvira she had intermarried with one David Kellman who having abandoned her, she on [blank] 1881 filed her bill for divorce in Jackson Co. All property was settled on her for her sole and separate use, free of control of any future husband. September term 1881 decree was pronounced. Complainant... has no right to his deceased wife's property.

James T. Anderson has lately been appointed guardian of minor defendants Virgil and Martha Kellman and Malissa Jane Moton. [blank] November 1883. /s/ R. A. Cox & Bro, Sol. for Defendants

DEED: For the sum of $4200 owing by me to my wife Mary H. Brooks, I transfer and convey to my son R. Vance Brooks in trust for my wife and the separate use of her heirs, land in District 2 bounded east by Trace Creek, south by Cumberland River, on west by James Ray... 60 acres more or less. Also 22 1/2 acres in the woods bounded by myself and Franklin Fowler... for more complete description... conveyance by Franklin Fowler & Thos H. Haile and wife. Also tract I purchased of heirs of Jessie Jenkins, deceased, except William Jenkins' interest being a 1/7 interest which is not conveyed, lying in Dist. 1. Bounded east by Cumberland River, south by land of William Holcumb, west by said Holcumb and others, north by land purchased of George Jenkins... 330 acres including the undivided interest of said William Jenkins.

13 May 1870. /s/ R. P. Brooks Test: Mary H. Lee

Registered 30 November 1870, Jackson Co., TN

COPY OF MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: William Moton to Elvira Brooks 4 October 1881. Performed by S. G. Gaines, J. P.


I, Richard P. Brooks of Jackson County, Tennessee... of sound mind

1st ... buried in a decent Christian manner.

2nd, That my burial expenses be paid first...

3rd, Just debts be paid...

4th, As to the rest... divided into 6 equal parts.

1/6 to son A. W. M. Brooks

1/6 to heirs of deceased daughter Cyprissa Brown

1/6 to daughter Angelina Richardson

1/6 to son R. V. Brooks for my daughter Elvira Killman to be held in trust for her separate use and benefit... at her death to heirs of her body.

1/6 to daughter Emma McKaughan, wife of William McKaughan... separate use and benefit free from said husband... at death to heirs of her body.

1/6 to son R. V. Brooks

5th, My executor or executors or administrator or administrators to employ my friend Robert A. Cox as attorney and counselor... winding up my estate.

In testamony [sic] whereof... 12 July 1877. /s/ R. P. Brooks

Wits: John M. Gipson, James T. Anderson

WILL PROVEN: 6 June 1881. I, James W. Draper, certify true and correct copy. 23 August 1883.

MARRIAGE CONTRACT: William Moton of the 1st part and Elvira Brooks of the 2nd part, both of Jackson County, Tennessee. Mutually agree to marry... William Moton being a poor man... Elvira Brooks... considerable real and personal estate as heir at law of Mary Brooks, deceased, a part of which R. V. Brooks holds in trust for her and her children... her own and separate use during her lifetime and then to heirs of her body... She now having two minor children... William Moton without claiming any other or further rights to any of her property... except the use and occupation ... line between said William Moton and Alvin Reynolds... up the Spring branch near the house where William Moton now lives... William Moton agrees not to use, control or expend... what R. V. Brooks... shall allow... treat said Elvira Humainly and kindly and provide for her... keep, provide for and education said minor children. This 4th October, 1881.

William [his X mark] Moton {Seal}

Elvira [her X mark] Brooks {Seal]

R. V. Brooks {Seal}

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William H. Moton of Jackson County against R. V. Brooks as Administrator of R. P. Brooks, deceased and as Administrator of Mary H. Brooks, deceased, as Trustee of Elvira Moton, deceased, formerly Elvira Killman or Brooks, who [R. V. Brooks] is a citizen of Smith County, Tennessee and

Thomas J. Brown, Administrator of Elvira Moton, deceased and as receiver of rents for the Estate of R. P. Brooks and

Martha Killman, Virgil Killman and Malissa Jane Moton and

H. W. Williams, Clerk & Master of Chancery Court for Jackson Co., TN

On first July 1877, R. P. Brooks made his Last Will & Testament, departed life [blank] 1881 in Jackson County at his residence.

He bequeathed daughter Elvira Kellman who afterward married William Moton 1/6 share of his estate. Elvira died in 1882.

Mary H. Brooks died intestate in Jackson Co. [blank] 1881... large and separate estate... 1/5 vested in said Elvira Moton, the deceased wife of Complainant.

Tract in 2nd District, Jackson Co., north side of Cumberland River, 293 3/4 acres more or less known as the Haile tract, bounded east by Cumberland River, south by Cumberland River, west by lands of Angeline Richardson, R. P. Brooks [?home] Place and on the north by Cumberland River and land of William Holcum and including the Ferry Bank on the north side of the Cumberland River at Brooks Ferry...

Also tract in 2nd District, Jackson Co., north side of Cumberland River at the mouth of Little Trace Creek... south by land of Estate of R. P. Brooks, south by Cumberland River, west by lands of J. C. Ray, north by lands of R. P. Brooks, deceased known as the Haile trust [or tract?]... 65 acres more or less.

One other tract north side of Cumberland River on Little Trace creek known as James Richardson place, bounded east by lands belonging to Estate of Mary H. Brooks, R. P. Brooks and William Holcum's Cove tract, on south by Estate of R. P. Brooks deceased, west by lands of William Jones and Estate of Philip M. Ray, north by William Holcum, by estimate 100 acres more or less.

Also 1st District Jackson Co. south side of Cumberland River known as Shealy's Knob tract bounded east by land of George M. Putty, south by land of R. A. Cox and R. P. Brooks, west by Cumberland River, north by R. P. Brooks estate, at the lower end of the Free State, being 175 acres more or less.

Also tract in 11th District in White's Bend of Cumberland River known as Brooks Place, bounded east by Joshua Haile, south by lands of Cox & Hoover, west by lands of Estate of R. P. Brooks, deceased, north by Cumberland River.

Complainant states at the death of Mary H. Brooks, 1/5 vested in Elvira Moton, the deceased wife of Complainant. Elvira Moton died in Jackson County, Tennessee 22 October 1882.

R. V. Brooks has taken charge of property... demanding rent from Complaint on said Jenkins tract cultivated by Complainant... holding property real and personal...

Complainant before marriage rented a portion of Jenkins tract from R. V. Brooks for $147. Complainant took wife's children home with him, cared for them until his wife's death 22 October 1882... R. V. Brooks removed them and took them to William Reed's a brother in law of R. V. Brooks, and has contracted to pay $100 per year for board of said two children.

R. V. Brooks removed two cows given to Elvira by her mother or father...

Complainant states he is entitled to be tenant of Curtesy of all real and personal property of his deceased wife.

... case of Mary H. Brooks vs R. P. Brooks, and R. B. Brooks vs J. N. Hix, et al.

Sale 10 June 1882 of property of R. P. Brooks, confirmed 26 September 1882 [states purchase price/terms, not listed here - mlj]:

1. W. H. Quarles, Lots 29 & 31 in Gainesboro.

2. Frank Fowler tract to J. C. Ray.

3. Town lot in Gainesboro [?] D. W. Hawes to H. H. Cason.

4. Interest of R. P. Brooks in Milton Draper tract to W. A Crawford.

5. Tract 1 of the Free State to William Stevens.

6. Daugherty tract to Rachel Brooks, col.

7. Tract 2 of the Free State to Mrs. Emma McKaughan.

8. The ?Thomiston ?Slay tract to W. H. Dudney, R. V. Brooks and J. T. Anderson.

9. Interest of R. P. Brooks in Eaton lower lots in Gainesboro to R. V. Brooks.

10. The share of R. P. Brooks in the Phoeba Flatt tract to R. V. Brooks.

11. The Hog Camp tract to R. V. Brooks.

12. The William Long tract to R. V. Brooks.

13. T. C. Settle to C. C. & Absolum Allen.

14. Cotton Hollow tract to G. M. Holland.

15. Jesse Sloan tract to J. W. Carter.

16. Scisco Tract to W. H. Jones

17. R. P. Brooks interest in Margarett Sloan tract to W. N. Dixon.

Dated 28 August 1883 Wm H. [his X mark] Moton

PETITION: Comes J. S. Dudney... some time ago he was appointed guardian of M. J. Killman, a non compos mentis. Said M. J. Killman was never married, never had issue of her own. [Blank] May 1943 his said ward M. J. Killman died intestate... only heirs at law Mrs. Elijah Crippen of Dallas, Texas; Cordell and Gobel Brooks of Detroit Michigan and Mrs. Aline Brooks O'Neal of Cookeville, Tennessee.

Mrs. V. B. Brooks predeceased M. J. Killman.

Mrs. Elijah Crippen is a half sister of M. J. Killman.

Cordell Brooks, Gobel Brooks and Mrs. Aline Brooks O'Neal are the only children and heirs at law of V. B. Brooks, deceased and said V. B. Brooks being a half brother [sic; other documents indicate full brother, son of David Killman/Kellman] of said M. J. Killman.

There will be about $1700 after payment of funeral expenses... request distribution of funds. 5 August 1843. /s/ J. S. Dudney

ANSWER: Gobel and Cordell Brooks. They and Aline Brooks O'Neal are the children of V. B. Brooks, deceased. Their mother Mrs. Eunice Brooks died before M. J. Killman. They are entitled to a portion of estate their father would be entitled to if living. These defendants and their sister Mrs. Aline Brooks O'Neil are each entitled to 1/6 interest [Virgil B. was entitled to 1/2 share divided by 3 children = 1/6 each of the whole - mlj] in the personal estate of M. J. Killman who died about May 1943. 11 August 1943.

/s/ Gobel Brooks, Cordell Brooks, 1955 Townsend, Detroit, Mich.

ANSWER: Aline Brooks O'Neal [Substantially repeats above - mlj] ... no just cause why her uncle, J. S. Dudney... guardian of M. J. Killman, should not be allowed to make settlement. August 18, 1943. /s/ Aline Brooks O'Neal

[NOTE: Several pages of guardian settlements over the years. Some settlements 1900 until about 1920 are by V. B. Brooks as guardian of his sister M. J. Killman - mlj].

ANSWER: Mrs. Elijah Crippen of Dallas, Texas 17 August 1943. [Nothing new].

COURT ORDER: Virgil Brooks and Malissa Moton ordered to pay into court $50 each to make their shares equal with Mattie J. Killman following partition of land, cause of Virgil Brooks vs M. J. Moton, et al. Dated 4 August 1900. Plat map of land filmed; original tract 200 acres divided as follows:

Virgil Brooks, Tract 2 on annexed plat, 84 acres... low gap between Trace and Cub Creek, valued at $883 1/3.

Malissa Morton [sic], Tract 3, low gap between Trace and Cub Creek... east back of Trace Creek, east with J. E. Wheeler's line, value $883 1/3.

Mattie J. Killman, Tract 1... old Jack McCawley corner... W. D. McCoins corner, striking Cub Creek at mouth of Jackson branch, 77 1/2 acres, $733 1/3.

DEPOSITIONS, undated, filed June 16, 1900:

Jim Bohanon, going on age 61. I live north side of Cumberland River about four miles from here. Know the land, about 200 acres in 2nd District, at the mouth of Cub Creek. V. B. Brooks and M. J. Kellman are over the age of 21, Malissa Brooks is about age 18. Jim [his X mark] Bohanon

Henry Sadler age 52, farmer, live 2nd District. /s/ Henry Sadler

MISCELLANEOUS INVOICES: [Besides numerous pages of guardian settlements, there were many paid bills. Those with a bit of genealogical interest listed - mlj]:

Miss Malissa Moton, Fanning Orphan School in Nashville, two five-month terms for years about 1892-1897, Board, tuition and music, school supplies, washing clothes while sick on one invoice, averaged about $65 per year.

Virgil B. Brooks, expenses of house and lodging at Cookville, 1895-1896. Letter from V. B. Brooks, dated 13 January 1897, Spencer, Tenn to J. T. Anderson of Gainesboro, his then guardian:

Dear Sir, Received letter 5th instant... Clothes fit very well and I am very satisfied with them... Thank you for your kindness in sending checking... Enclosing small bill for payment... Please send money to buy wood and necessities before school starts... have read Anatomy nearly through... worked a good many Arithmetic problems... Kindest regards... /s/ V. B. Brooks

M. J. Killman, Invoice June 26, 1943, Walter Craighead, marker for grave [?Amount]. Herschel Stafford, keeping ward during illness to her death, $100. Draper & Draper, casket and burial goods, $126.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: J. T. Anderson of White County against M. J. Killman of Jackson County, Tennessee. M. J. Killman, an unmarried female residing in Jackson County at the home of her brother Virgil B. Brooks... she has been in a state of mental unsoundness from early childhood.

Complainant was appointed many years ago when she was a minor, she is now many years past 21, but due to mental state, it is not prudent to make a final settlement. 2 May 1917. /s/ J. T. Anderson

PETITION: J. S. Dudney, guardian of M. J. Killman. Ward is 71 or 72, almost an idiot, helpless... what would be termed as an invalid. Petitioner took her to a hospital at Nashville, where they removed one eye and treated the other... cost $250 for operation... nursing and hospital, totaled $500. Needs special funding for additional costs. If the court could see his ward, need would be realized. 7 April, 1937. /s/ J. S. Dudney

COURT DECREE: 9 July 1917, following court appearance of Martha J. Killman, jury found of unsound mind. Jurymen were: J. L. McCarver, B. M. Haile, S. L. Pate, John B. Dudney, C. N. Hawkins, M. A. Paterson, Alonza McCawley, J. M. Chaffi, B. B. Chaffin, Dan B. Posten, J. J. Hamlet, T. D. West.

WITNESS: V. B. Brooks. I am the brother of M. J. Killman. I am 40 years old and she was a great big girls when I can first remember. She lives on Wartrace with me. I married in 1900, she has been living with me since about that time. She has been of unsound mind since I can remember. She never married.

Malissa Huddleston is her only sister. [NOTE: Comparing above statements, Malissa Moton, Malissa Huddleston and Mrs. Elijah Crippen of Dallas all appear to be the same individual - mlj].

WITNESS: Mrs. B. V. Brooks. She commenced staying with us May 1900. She cannot understand anything, she can do a little housework with someone standing over her showing her just what to do. Have known her since April, 1900.

WITNESSES: J. H. Gaines and M. J. Killian testified she was of unsound mind, owns property in 2nd District.

[NEW] ANDERSON GREEN & CO. vs LOVELADY, R. C. & others Chancery 1889

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Anderson Green & Co., Merchants of Nashville, Tennessee is owned $588.88 by R. C. Lovelady. Defendant Riley Hudson owes R. C. Lovelady $1800 - $2000, is enjoined from paying same. [Business case, no relationships - mlj].

[NEW] ANDERSON, FRANCES A. vs ANDERSON, F. M. & others Chancery 1869

PROSECUTION BOND: Frances A. Anderson to F. M. Anderson, Elisha Wheeler, Henry Jackson, Henry Brewington, Thomas Pippin, Absolum Pippin, Hiram E. Harley, Henry Harley, George Brewington. 4 November 1869.

DEPOSITION: B. B. Washburn, age about 52. Occupation, Attorney. Services rendered by Cox & DeWitt for F. M. Anderson in following cases:

State of Tennessee vs Anderson for murder of Pad Swearingen.

State of Tennessee vs Anderson for murder of Jack Maxwell, tried in Circuit Court of Putnam Co.

Matilda Maxwell & others vs said Anderson and others for murder of her husband Jack Maxwell, brought in Cookeville Circuit Court and defended by Cox & DeWitt.

F. M. Anderson vs A. H. Morgan & others, Chancery at Gainesboro still pending.

State of Tennessee vs Martin Laycock & F. M. Anderson, forfeiture on Bond set aside and Anderson released in the cause of the State vs William Shanks.

Cox & DeWitt owed for drawing the Indictment and investigating the cause which was the charge of Murder in the First Degree and true Bill found as to Shanks, Marcum & Jim Maxwell.

The trial of the State vs F. M. Anderson for murder of A. J. Maxwell resulted in acquittal for F. M. Anderson, although I believe proof was against him. Services of Cox & DeWitt would be worth about $500.

I prosecuted F. M. Anderson in the State of Tennessee vs him and John Roberts and Wm Shanks for the murder of Sam Swearingen. F. M. Anderson was tried and acquitted by Circuit Court of Putnam County.

State against W. H. Marcum, Shanks & others, I believe Cox drafted the indictment... Circuit Court, Putnam Co., was dismissed as to some of the defendants.

Case of Martin Laycock for larceny, F. M. Anderson was Security for Defendant, Circuit Court of Jackson County and scifa was issued. Cox & DeWitt got the forfeiture set aside.

The case of Matilda Maxwell vs F. M. Anderson for assault & battery was compromised and settled without trial.

Suit is pending of F. M. Anderson against A. H. Morgan, Administrator of the estate of Paul Anderson and others.

I am acquainted with the services of W. H. Botts in the case of Francis A. Anderson vs F. M. Anderson. It involved settlement of property held by defendant and complainant. [No date]. /s/ B. B. Washburn

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Case of Frances Almeda Anderson against Francis M. Anderson, Elisha Wheeler, Henry Jackson, Henry Brewington, Thomas Pippin, Absolum Pippin, Hiram E. Harly, Henry Harly, George Brown, John Brown.

Francis M. Anderson enjoined from selling any property descended to her [Frances Almeda Anderson] from her father. Co-defendants of Francis M. Anderson enjoined from paying him any debt that might be owed. 1st Monday in August 1869.

ANSWER: Elisha Wheeler to Bill of Complaint... his sons Eligah N. Wheeler and Calaway M. Wheeler about 20 August 1869 purchased of co-defendant F. M. Anderson the place where Hiram E. Harley then lived known as the Lovell place, Blackburn's fork of Roaring River, Jackson Co. ?2 May 1870. /s/ John P. Murray, Sol., /s/ Elisha Wheeler

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Frances Amelia Anderson intermarried with defendant 11 January 1848 in Jackson County. Was affectionate wife, given birth to seven children, four boys and three girls, Alen [or Alex] L. Anderson 20, David Silas Anderson 17, Vancil Wales Anderson 15, Polly W. Anderson 11, John Anderson 9, Juda F. Anderson 5, ?Honory Anderson age 2 [If not for the 4 boys, 3 girls statement, would think this read "Henery" - mlj.

Complainant is the only child of David Richie, deceased, who died in Jackson County intestate, owning land bounded by Polly Whitefield, John Whitefield, Billingsley, John ?Turner, Charles Johnson and perhaps others [also lists personal property]. He left a widow Jincey Richie, but she has taken all that she claims and has given to Complainant a deed relinquishing claim to all other property. She is not the mother of Complainant.

Defendant is guilty of cursing, abusing complainant, guilty of crimes... Dated 5 November 1869. /s/ Leslie & Botts, Sol.

[NEW] ANDERSON, J. B. vs BENNETT, J. D. et al Circuit 1879

BILL OF COMPLAINT: J. D. Bennett, W. F. Fisher & W. C. Purcell... taking three hogsheads of very fine tobacco worth $1,000 belonging to Complainant. [No disposition, no relationships given - mlj].

[NEW] ANDERSON, J. T., Admr of MERCER, EDWARD, deceased County 1886

REPORT OF C & M: ...Polly Mercer, the lunatic daughter of said Edward Mercer, deceased... The Last Will & Testament of Edward Mercer, deceased [Not filmed here] directed land be sold and proceeds be used for the care of his daughter Polly Mercer. Land in the 9th District, Jackson Co. bounded by Samuel Johnson, Gore heirs, Andy Chapman, Robert Montgomery and probably others, being 500 acres more or less... deed from William Harris to Edward Mercer. James J. Mercer became purchaser at $600 being high bidder. At the same time, the care and support of Testator's lunatic daughter Polly Ann Mercer for life, according to the terms of said will, was bid out to lowest bidder. James J. Mercer and Martha Mercer became low bidders at $4000.... bond $2000, with R. A. Cox as Security.

Last Will & Testament provided that care of Polly Ann Mercer be let out for low bid among his children. 20 March 1886. /s/ J. J. Mercer, Martha D. Mercer

[Can't read] M. TINSLEY for use &c of Z. M. YOUNG

[NOTE: Very little on this case except the titles of various suits. Business matter, no relationships given - mlj].


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