Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #130
Young, Z. M. - End, and
Miscellaneous Estate Administrations

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW CASE] YOUNG, Z. M. vs YOUNG, W. H. Chancery 1892

LAND ENTRY: No. 22304 made 4 Feb 1814 by 12106 by virtue of Cert. No. 1623 dated 27 Oct 1813 issued by the Register of West Tenn to John Armstrong for 25[?] acres by State of Tenn unto William Lock, assignee of said John Armstrong. Tract containing 3 acres. Survey dated 22 July 1814, 1st District, south side Cumberland River. Begin Yellowood, ash & hornbeam on bank of said river at Lock's lower corner of his 7 acres which includes mouth of Roaring River down its meanders of Cumberland River south 70 deg west 32 poles to a Sycamore birch & elm, upper corner to a survey made for Uriah Anderson, thence south with said Anderson's east boundary line 11 poles to a small Sugar tree & poplar thence east 30 poles to a Lynn & white walnut thence north 22 poles to the Beginning.

LAND ENTRY: 3977 registered 1 March 1827 dated 5 July 1824 by No. 317, State of Tenn on act passed 23 Nov 1823, in consideration of 12 1/2 Cents per acre granted to James Young. 150 acres dated 23 Sept 1820. South side of Cumberland River ...fork of Cumberland River and Roaring River...crossing mouth of Doe Creek ... crossing Cumberland River.

DEED: I, Nathan Montgomery of Jackson Co., TN... to Joel W. Settle for $1.00 and other considerations, land on south side of Cumberland River between Doe Creek and Roaring River, south of the land of Edward S. Cason, which he purchased from Achilles Hare being the land he got from Robert White, a portion of which some 12-15 acres is under fence and in cultivation...warrant to heirs and assigns... but this deed is made for following purpose and no other. I am indebted to Saml E. Stone & Leroy B. Settle, firm of Saml Stone & Co., merchants & carpenters... note executed by me to LeRoy B. Settle surviving partner of said firm [several notes for various amounts, including payments made, dated from 1840 to 1 Sept 1856; land securing balance due]. Dated 3 Dec 1856. s/s Nathan Montgomery Witnesses s/s: [?] L. Mahanay, William S. Stone

REPORT: Action of Forcible Entry & Detainer, T. G. Settle vs Timothy Goff. Settle the Plaintiff rented tract from Margery Settle... part of larger tract Plaintiff had been renting for years... removed the enclosure to use as a log yard. Plaintiff was standing there when Defendant came on land, said he had leased it, but was from someone not authorized to execute lease, began unloading wagons. Cannot be a forcible entry of unenclosed land. ["Filed Dec 1/84" written in margin]. s/s Clerk of Supreme Court of Tennessee 24 Oct 1887.

DEPOSITION: A. Hare, born March 7, 1805, live within 3 miles of Gainesboro on waters of Doe Creek. Know parties & land, knew old man William Lock, Robert White and James W. Lock - all are dead. William Lock claimed banks above mouth of Doe Creek & between Doe Creek & Roaring River, tried to sell his land to me and Peter G. Cox. James W. Lock claimed land after his father and sister died. The old man died first. His sister never married and died without children. William Lock had but two children, the girl's name was Polly Ann. I heard some talk of other children, but never knew them. He had only two by his wife that I knew of. There was but two living when the old man William Lock died.

I am the same A. Hare who gave deposition in the case of James Eaton & wife against J. W. Lock. I am the same A. Hare that sold a tract to E. S. Cason near mouth of Doe Creek.

Do not know exactly where the Lock tracts and the Bob White or Nathan Montgomery land joined. Only ones ever claimed banks was old Billy [William] Lock and Jim [James W.] Lock. Was 1829 or 1830 when William Lock said banks belonged to him. Bob White built a mill about 40 or 50 yards above the mouth of Doe Creek, there came a freshet and washed it away after a year or so. 4 Aug 1893. s/s A. Hare

ANSWER: William H. Young to Bill of Complaint of Z. M. Young. Complainant bought land when Leroy B. Settle's heirs were in possession. At the time M. A. C. Eaton conveyed the land to Complainant, she did not have actual possession. s/s Gardenhire & Anderson and Geo H. Morgan, Sols. for Compt

DEPOSITION: I. D. Jaquess age 39, occupation U. S. Mail Carrier. Known parties about 20 years. Rented land at mouth of Roaring River about 3 years from Z. M. Young. W. H. Young lived at the lower ferry. 24 March 1894. s/s I. D. Jaquess

DEPOSITION: J. C. Walker age 72, live across the river on the Lock farm. I am farming now. Know land & river banks in dispute. Lived there 1846, left the next Sept. Rented from old Bob White. Dr. Nathan Montgomery was in possession of banks. When I lived there J. W. Lock & Bob White were lawing about some land. 16 July 1894. [Signed] J. C. Walker

DEPOSITION: Catharine F. More, will soon be age 50. Live in Dist 1, north side of Cumberland River. I am a daughter of James W. Lock and a sister of M. A. C. Williams. I knew James Eaton in his lifetime, he was husband of M. A. C. Lock, now M. A. C. Williams. My father owned the banks from the mouth of Roaring River to mouth of Doe Creek, it went to M. A. C. Eaton when it was divided and she sold to Dr. Young. I never lived more than one mile from the banks. I heard M. A. C. Eaton, then M. A. C. Frost, [who is] now M. A. C. Williams claim banks and lumber yard. [blank] July 1894. Katherine [her X mark] More

COPY OF DEED: We, Margery W. Settle and W. J. Settle to W. H. Young for $200... land Dist 1, Jackson Co., TN bounded south by J. W. Williams, east by John Terry colored, west by Doe Creek. 7 Nov 1890. s/s Margery W. Settle, W. J. Settle

DEPOSITION: James W. Stafford, lawful age, known parties 35 years. 14 March 1893.

DEPOSITION: M. F. Young, will soon be 42, live Dist. 1 4 miles from the place, am a miller and a farmer. I am brother to both Complainant & Defendant. Got possession of land, had it in April 1878, in 1879, 1880 and 1881, surrendered it about 1 January 1882. Rented from Mrs. M. A. C. Front, now Mrs. M. A. C. Williams. Surrendered possession to Z. M. Young.

[M. F. Young asked by Solicitor to read: William Gore, G. M. Putty and John W. Meadows were the Commissioners appointed to partition Lock land. Decree of James Eaton & wife against J. W. Lock etals & Newton Moore & wife recorded Minute Docket I [or J], pages 492 & 493. Decree of Chancery recorded Minute Docket C, pages 219, 220 & 221, Feby term 1859]

Question: Were you not gone from the country for 7 years prior to your lease of land in 1878, and had you not just returned when you took the lease?

Answer: No sir. I had been back six years before I took the lease. I went West and staid [sic] about 6 years, came back here & stayed 2 years and then went to Carthage, Tenn and staid 4 years before I took the lease. The six years I was in the West I did not know who was in possession of the land. The four years in Carthage, I was here frequently. 15 March 1893. s/s M. F. Young

DEPOSITION: James Cason, know land & parties. Old man Scanland and I came by about 1869 or 1870, road was changed. Can fix the time by my marriage. Married a daughter of old man Scanland's in February 1869. Rented from Z. M. Young in fall of 18[?]79 and moved there in January 1880 at mouth of Roaring River. s/s J. W. Cason

DEPOSITION: Henry Riley, know parties. Known land since 1851. Cultivated in 1862 for Zach Vanhooser. Don't know who he rented from. Understand it belonged to Dr. Nathan Montgomery. Before that, I had worked there from William Hall & for John Roberts, who kept a hotel here in town. Understand they rented from Montgomery.

A. W. DeWitt had the land in his possession a little after the war. Jerry Kirk col fenced it & cultivated it, understand under DeWitt. Did not know William Lock in his lifetime, did know J. W. Lock. 15 March 1893. s/s Henry Riley

DEPOSITION: Henry Riley, stated he had known M. A. C. Williams since she was a little girl. Boarded with her father James W. Lock in 1851 along when I first came here. [On recall 19 March 1893]. s/s Henry Riley

DEPOSITION: A. Pharris, known land upwards of 60 years, lived near all that time. Bank opposite W. H. Young has washed away some 25 or 30 yards. Road ran 62 years ago where it now runs. The timber was deadened & there was a turnip patch out next to the creek on the highest point of that knoll. Bill Smith, a half brother of old Tommy cleared it.

Question: Do you recall the great freshet of 1847?

Answer: The fence was carried away, fell in, and was washed away and the road was moved back in the field. I remember because I had a child born the 12 [no month given] and I had to take him out the 14 in a canoe.

Another freshet April 1849 cut the road. Best of my recollection Nathan Montgomery farmed it in 1833 or 1834. Alex Geddings rented it one year from Montgomery.

Known M. A. C. Williams since she was born, good character. George Flynn, think not as good as some. I think a white man who will quit the Anglo Saxon race and want to educate the African race inferior to the Anglo Saxon race is not entitled to full faith and credit with good citizens. 15 May 1893. s/s A. Pharris

DEPOSITION: R. N. M. Stafford, knew James W. Lock in lifetime. We was over on Aaron's branch talking. John Dock & his wife and Jim Pryor were present. Was about 1867 at the house where Frank Kelly is now selling... think we were in there getting a drink. Labon Loftis was there selling liquor.

Question: What time was it you went to the penitentiary for killing S. S. Gray and how long did you stay there?

Answer: Sentenced at November term of the Court and staid to the first of March following. Was 1867 or 1868.

Question: Would you state whether or not you in fact killed [Sam S.] Gray?

Answer: I think I did not. s/s R. N. M. Stafford

CASE HEARD: 21 September 1895, W. H Young damaged by being kept out of use of land and banks, awarded $522.50. Cited case of J. L. Young & others in the case of J. Cooney & Co. vs Y. Williams & others. Decision appealed to State Supreme Court, heard 20 Dec 1894, upheld.

DEPOSITION: J. W. Cason 46, live within mile of Gainesboro lower ferry. Have kept Brooks ferry, Z. M. Young ferry, W. H. Young ferry. 19 July 1895. s/s J. W. Cason

DEPOSITION: W. H. Young, 51, live 1st District, Jackson Co. Bought lands, reside on and built a warehouse to receive and ship goods and with view [intent] to build a ferry. 19 July 1895. s/s W. H. Young

DEPOSITION: John S. Quarles age 57, live 1st District, know parties. 19 July 1895. s/s

DEPOSITION: John L. Young age 28. W. H. Young is my father and Z. M. Young is my uncle. Engaged in warehouse & steamboat business at Gainesboro Landing about 5 years. 19 July 1895. s/s J. L. Young

DEPOSITION: Elijah Burris, going on 87, lived Dist 1, Jackson Co. about all my life. Never lived out of this county. Live within 1 1/2 mile of land. Banks tolerable steep, rocks not exposed when first knew it. 9 March 1894 Elijah [his X mark] Burris

DEPOSITION: Rhoda Stafford, age 63. Know parties, land, knew J. W. Lock in his lifetime. 9 March 1894. Rhoda [her X mark] Stafford


[NOTE: Some of these contain little more than a few sentences. Anything that might establish a date of death or heirs, i.e. a reference to another case, is included. - mlj].

[NEW] BARTLETT, EVANS, guardian of BARTLETT, P. D., minor heir of Joshua Bartlett. Have received no money belonging to estate, resigns. Dated 21 July 1881. [Signed] Evins Bartlit

[NEW] BROWN, Z. T., guardian of BROWN, EVA. Final settlement, Estate of Margaret Darwin, received $125. 7 July 1902.

[NEW] BRYANT, FRANK, guardian of WARD, A. A. Nothing has come to his hands except small tracts of land worth $50. Sold one tract to J. H. Davidson for $40 for support of minor child. The other tract held in homestead by Marthy L. Davidson. 8 November 1907. Frank Bryant resigned as guardian same date. Frank [X] Bryant

[NEW] BURRIS, SAMUEL, DEC'D: Inventory of Personal Effects. Nothing has come to hand. 5 May 1894. Mary [her X mark] Burris, Administrator

[NEW] BUTLER, SUSAN 16 July 1851 [Note: This Estate Settlement was confusing to me. William Butler is deceased. There was a widow, but her name is not given - mlj]:

Susan Butler is charged with rent of land for the year 1849.

One year's support for widow of $50.00.

Debts paid by E. F. Langford.

[?]Emline F. Langford cultivated land in 1850.

Clerk & Master expects debts of William Butler, deceased, to be paid by [?]Emma F. Langford including the note he bought of Adam C. Hamilton.

Claims allowed Susan Butler.

Note executed by William Butler & Willet Martin 29 July 1845, due 1st April 1846 for $34.75, less credit July 5, 1847 of $18.00.

Amount due Adam C. Hamilton and William C. Hamilton, as witnesses in case of William Butler vs Ervin F. Langford.

Judgment in favor of Kinnaird & Bransford, William Hawkins & George Grundy stayed by William Butler 23 Nov 1844.

[NEW] BUTLER, B. A., Admr of JONES, JAMES, deceased, having been appointed as such at February term of the County Court, received no assets whatever and makes this report in lieu of an inventory. Mch 7, 1882. s/s B. A. Butler

[NEW] BYBEE, MEALY, Executrix of Will of BYBEE, N. C., deceased

One tract land sold to Nathan Bybee, $600.

3 hogs sold to Joe Whitaker $13.50.

Telephone box & stock to N. Bybee $25.00.

Growing crop corn sold to N. Bybee $25.00.

Household goods sold to S. Moss, etal $12.50.

Mare On Hands, worth about $40.

Above is true... came into her hands. 26 Sept 1912. s/s P. J. Bybee, Executrix

[NEW] CALE, JOHN & KELLY, F. A., Admrs of JOHN SHORES, deceased.

Power of Attorney is given to W. W. Draper to sign my name to bond as Administrator and to acknowledge anything that may be required of John Cale, Admr. 9 July 1898. [Signed] F. A. Kelly

REPORT: John Cale states nothing has come to his hands nor is there any property of John Shores. Made this same report to W. H. Brooks in his lifetime. 10 October 1902. [Signed] John Cale

[NEW] CHAPMAN, G. W., Apprentice Bond & Contract. T. M. Gailbreath, Chairman of the County Court, bonded and apprenticed Minor White Boy SELVANOUS STAFFORD, age about seven years, son of SABRENIA STAFFORD. I, G. W. Chapman agree to receive on following terms, to age 21... Bond in amount of $250 to school, furnish clothes, horse, bridle and saddle. 21 October 1907. s/s G. W. Chapman

[NEW] CHOWNING, WILSON, Admr, Estate of Pleasant Riley.

Account against R. A. Cox about 1 Jan 1875.

Acct against A. W. DeWitt 1 Apr 1874.

Acct against W. H. Botts March 1874.

Acct against G. H. Morgan, no date.

Account against W. E. Elkins, no date.

Account against M. G. Butler, no date.

Horse sold to Wm Elkins, note due 1 Jany 1878.

Dated 4 October 1877 Wilson [X] Chowning, Admr

[NEW] COOPER, B. J., Admr, estate of West Marsh, deceased. Personal property sold 22 July 1865 belonging to estate of West Marsh. Purchasers: G. G. Meador, F. M. Harwood, I. W. Meador, W. L. Smith, J. H. B. White. Estate is insolvent. Advertise at Court house door in Lafayette and in Hartsville [TN] Vedette, Hartsville, Sumner Co., TN. Anyone with claims to file with Clerk of Macon Co., TN. 29 July 1865. Acknowledged by Clerk of Court of Macon Co., TN, G. L. Walton, 10 Sept 1867.

[NEW] CORNWELL, W. H., Guardian of Maggie Cornwell. Final settlement. Maggie Cornwell, minor heir of Louise Frances Cornwell, having now attained age 21. Dated 20 May 1912. Last settlement recorded in GS [Guardian & Settlement] Book "C" p 163.

[NEW] DAVIS, W. P., Administrator, Dr ["Notice of Settlement" lists Admr as William Davidson. "Dr" is probably 'Debtor' - mlj].

Personal property sold 15 July 1876 $8.80.

Interest on note on J. P. Kent, note due 18 Oct 1874.

Receipt from W. S. Barnett

Receipt from Y. W. Barnett

Receipt from Dr

Receipt from D. H. Armisted

Receipt from H. ?Y. Hardy, Clerk of the Court in paying off Dower of Decd in her lifetime; $5.21 plus $.37 interest from 1 Aug 1876 to 15 Oct 1877.

Receipt from J. H. Sircy dated March 1877.

Tax paid on land, year 1876 of $2.00 plus $.09 interest.

NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT: I, H. Y. Hardy, Clerk of Jackson Co., TN, have this day proceed [sic] to make settlement with Wm Davidson, Admr of the Estate of S. N. Davis, Deceased, 1st Monday in April 1876. Amount received from sale of personal property October 1873, $13.75. Interest on same to 1 April 1876 $1.99. Amount received from Haliburton 1 October 1874, [Total] $15.74.

[NEW] DENNIS, MAY, Guardian of Henry B. and Mary Ann Dennis. The folling [sic] is a true list of all the effects that I have received as Guardian of W. H. Dennis, Decd heirs since my appointment as such. Came into my hands in 1910 - $36.65. Dated January 7, 1911. s/s May Dennis

SETTLEMENT: May Dennis Terry, Guardian of Henry B. & Mary Dennis. Came to her hands as Guardian of said wards since her last settlement Nov 18, 1914. 26 October 1914. s/s May Dennis Terry


One act W. S Jackson, lawyer fee $20.

Act agnst N. M. McCoin $10.

Act vs F. M. Anderson $10.

One act agnst Rus and John Knaird $10.

One act agnst F. M. Anderson $40.

One act agnst F. P. Buckhannon and W. W. Buckhannon $25.

One act agnst M. A. Herod $20

One act agnst Zip Herod $10.

One act agnst ?L and Lee R_ _ _ _ Terry $20.

One act agnst J. M. Burris $10

One act agnst Thomas, Shirley $10.

Amt of fee due in case of A. Pharris, Admr against J. D. Morgan in County Court fee.

Judgment against A. C. Ragland.

Act agnst M. W. Settle in case of M. W. Settle vs J. S. Quarles.

Above is true list...assets of said estate. 3 July 1894. s/s M. J. Dixon, Admr

[NEW] F. M. MABERRY, Administrator of BETTIE GENTRY, Decd.

Sale Bill & Inventory Dated 22 July 1911:

5 Bbl corn and 8 Bu wheat sold to P. R. Hoover

Hog and Cook stove to H. M. Prewitt

Hog sold to Wash Johnson

Cow & calf sold to Joseph Hunter

Horse and shop anvil sold to Prilla Mabery

Note on F. M. Maberry date Jany 1908, $50.

Note on W. L. Maberry date Jany 1911 with James Maberry Security, $56.

Note on Claude Maberry [no date] $30.50.

Dated 7 August 1911 s/s F. M. Mabery, Admr

[NEW] DIXON, W. L., Guardian of Clarence & Hallie Burgess, heirs of BETTIE GENTRY, Decd. Balance due wards, $703.24. 16 November 1914.

[NEW] DRAPER, JOHN, Administrator of HUFFHINES, W. B. Final Settlement Tuesday, 16 October 1894. All the heirs having been notified [no heirs named]... No funds to report, nothing received.

[NEW] DRAPER, SALLIE, Administratrix of P. M. Ray, Deceased. 27 June 1888. Amount collected from U. S. Government for $300 which the Admrx paid J. M. Morgan $150 for collecting. Receipt from J. M. Morgan as per contract with P. M. Ray, decd in his lifetime with said Morgan for collecting money from U. S. Government dated April 1886, $150.

Receipt from J. C. and J. B. Ray, Ader Forkum and Casander Forkum and M. J. [or Y.] Draper, heirs at law of said deceased. March 14, 1888, total $128.52 plus $21.43 interest.

[NEW] DUKE, J. C., Guardian of Zonie Duke. 25 Jan 1915... settlement recorded Guardian Statement Book C, page 373, plus interest from 1 Dec 1913 to this date.

To B. L. Simmons for tuition for ward, spring term Granville School, 1914; paid Jan 3, 1914. $20. Balance due ward this date Jan 25, 1914, $241.88.

Settlement 1 Dec 1913, J. C. Duke, Gdn of Zona Duke. Cash rcvd from F. M. Thomas as Admr of Martha A. Allman 28 Nov 1913 of $68.06.

Cash rcvd from S. L. Pate, C & M, amt due Zona Duke arising from sale of lands in the case of W. T. King, etal against Zona Duke, Chancery Court 1 Dec 1913, $189.36. Dated Dec 1, 1913. s/s J. C. Duke

[NEW] DYCUS, ALEXANDER, Guardian of Bevely [sic] Dycus & others.

COPY OF LETTER: Dear Sir, Your last bond as Guardian was made May 6, 1872 [looks like "1872", but could be "1892"], and you have never made a statement as such Guardian... Law requires settlement every year... renew bond every two years... your notice to appear Oct 16th 1894 [looks like "1894", but could be 1872].... make settlement. [Signed] W. H. Brooks, Co. Court Clerk

[NEW] FLATT, B. A. et als vs FLATT, ISAAC C., et als

ORDER: ...appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, it is to the interest of the heirs... lend to some good & reliable persons the distributive shares of the estate of J. H. & Miriam Flatt belonging to J. S. Maberry, Lonza Maberry, Sarah Maberry, Nancy & Cora Maberry, minor heirs of the estate of J. H. & Miriam Flatt... to bear interest from date... March term of this court [No date, no year].

ORDER APPOINTING GUARDIAN: B. A. Flatt, et al vs Isaac C. Flatt, et al

Defendants I. C. Flatt, Cora Maberry, Alonzo Maberry, Sarah M. Maberry & Nancy M. and J. Maberry, under age 21, no general guardian. W. W. Draper, a practicing attorney, is hereby appointed.

ORDER: To ascertain number of acres and value of land, whether it is subject to partition between heirs, entered on M.D. [Minute Docket] "H", p. 248 & 249. [No date].


McLearan, J. L. [or S.], S. H. Carver & Wm Dycas appointed commissioners to set aside to Casandra Forkum, widow of Joel Forkum, provisions for support of her & her family for one year. 17 Oct 1906. s/s J. L. McCarver, S. H. Carver, W. A. Dycus

[NEW] GAILBREATH, W. M., Administrator for D. K. Fink, deceased. No property has come to his hands. D. K. Fink died in Putnam Co. and made a will, devised all his property to one Boliver Gentry at whose house he died, and said Boliver Gentry wants to wind up estate himself... hereby resign. 7 October 1907.

[NEW] GORE, E. J., Deceased. Inventory of Personal Effects, 5 Feby 1877.

Claim against Government and collected since death, $125.00.

Note on J. M. Morgan, J. H. Morgan & M. L. Gore, Security, 6 Nov 1877.

Note on V. C. Lee 21 Sept 1874.

Note on W. M. Pickett 11 July 1879.

Note on M. L. Gore, 24 Oct 1879. s/s M. L. Gore, Executor

[NEW] GRAVES, GEORGE B., Admr of MRS. E. E. GRAVES, Deceased.

Inventory filed 1 Jan 1913, Settlement Book D, p. 481. Assets included: Note on R. W. Glover date 11 Jan 1911; rent collected on dec'd land for 1912; Note on J. P. Crowder 23 Mar 1910.

Final Settlement this 1 January 1914, heirs having been notified. In addition to below sums, each heir received additional $33.70 each after Clerk's expenses and court costs.

Receipt from Lena Pate, being pro rata share $1607.02.

Receipt from Nettie G. Draper, being pro rata share $1607.02.

Retained by Admr, being his pro rata share $1607.02. s/s Geo. B. Graves


To Any Law Officer to Execute & return... all goods, chattles [sic], lands & tenements of James W. Meadders to be made the sum of $8.20 and costs... judgment that Joshua Haile, Admr of ?Levina Haile, deceased, obtained 23 Feb 1867. Dated 20 Nov 1875. [Same document, another spelling, looks like "Lhu_ _ _nes Haile" - mlj].


Came to hands... one pension check which was due deceased at his death, sum of $15.00. 14 September 1908. James W. [his X mark] Hawkins


Pension check received July 4, 1910, $30.00. All that has come to hands.

Receipt from Reeves Bros, coffin for deceased dated July 4, 1910, $13.00.

Dr. S. B. Fowler, medical services for deceased dated 11 July 1910.

W. D. McCoin & Co., burial goods for deceased $12.95. Dated 11 July 1910.


We, the undersigned commissioners V. M. Clark, R. G. Herring, S. A. Smith, appointed to lay off year's support to Aletha Holland, widow of R. H. Holland, deceased. 21 September 1882. [All commissioners signed].

[NEW] HUDSON, SALLIE A. & OTHERS vs ROBT HUDSON, Admr of WM HUDSON, deceased & others.

Plaintiff gave to Saml Shoulders due & lawful notice to strike out the witness claim of Saml Shoulders against us. Notice dated 22 May 1872 [No date on this document]. [Signed] Sallie H. Hudson for herself and for her children [Names not given].

[NEW] HUGHES, JOHN. Summons to Roland Terry, Admr of William Eller, and Roland Terry in his own right, Sarah Ann Terry, Cathrine Jane Holoman, William L. Holoman to appear 4th Monday in May 1875 to show cause why the decree in the case of John Hughes vs William Eller & others, rendered October term 1874 should not be revived against heirs of William Eller, deceased and Roland Terry as Admr of William Eller, decd. Dated 4th Monday in April, 1875.


Personal property sold 14 March, 1872. Settlement dated 1st Monday in Dec 1874. Notes [not dated] against Tobias Gipson, Joel Grace, G. W. Flatt, B. S. Fox, Elisha Chambers. Bad debts: Note on W. W. Fox.

[NEW] JACKSON, JOHN, makes Petition in cause of Sarah Polson vs Charlottie Polson that he and his minor children are interested parties in this case, ask to be made defendants to the actions brote [sic] by the plaintiff. Defendant made a deed to his [Jackson's] wife and the mother of his children. Said deed has clause that the wife and mother of the here claimants is to pay the debts of the Grantors. The Grantee in said deed is dead and her interest in the land [which was] deeded to the Grantee decended [sic] to petitioner. Charges that the claim of plaintiff is not just, but is a scheme to defeat petitioners of their just rights. Children's name is Marttie [or Mattie], Avo, John P., [?]Cleo & Jim Jackson.

John Jackson, in cause of Sarah Jackson [sic] vs Charlotta Polson, states he is unable to make [prosecution] bond or bear expenses, believes justly entitled. 25 May 1910. [Signed] John Jackson


September Rules, 1874. George Jenkins died since the commencement of this suit ... written authority from children & heirs at law of said Jenkins to revive causes in the names of S. E. Jenkins, Y. [or G.] W. Barnes, M. J. Barnes & John B. Jenkins, the children and heirs of said George Jenkins.

[NEW] JENKINS, W. B., Guardian of WILLIAM JENKINS, lunatic.

Rent of land 1881, Guardian Settlement 1885, Settlement Jany Term 1886.

[NEW] JOHNSON, D. C., Admr of Wiley Gaw, deceased, 1st Monday in November 1879. Property sold 13 Oct 1877. Notes on Armel Gaw & Ambers Gaw.

Medical services 15 Sept, 1877, 9 Oct, 1877.

_ _ _kin Harris for fixing grave, dated 10 Nov 1877.

G. M. Ray for making coffin, 2 Oct 1877.

Widow releases to the Estate all her share of the personal property except Log note on Armel & Ambers Gaw.

Widow's share of Log note $22.70.

J. A. Rash & wife, Elijah Rh_t_ _ _ & wife and D. C. Johnson each received $75.22 2/3. [NOTE: There is a great deal of information on the Gaw family abstracted on another reel, but do not recall which - mlj].


Agreeable to Last Will of Uriah Stafford, no necessity to make inventory. Widow Patsey Stafford entitled to whole of personal effects after debts are paid. October Court 1884.

[NEW] KEMP, W. L., Executor of ELIZABETH REEVES, Deceased.

Made final settlement May 1900, has not been entered. Nothing came to hands except that found in Administrator's Settlement Book "C", p. 554.

Receipt J. S. Monday Sept 1899, plank to cover vault.

Witness fee, probating will, 6 July 1899.

A. R. Dean for coffin 18 May 1899. s/s W. L. Kemp, Jr.

[NEW] LOFTIS, LABIN - Petition to Court. At a former term, HENRY JOHNSON, a minor apprenticed by Court order to petitioner who gave bond. Sent him to school, clothed as one of his own. Apprentice became ungovernable. About 1 Feby 1879, said apprentice abandoned him, refuses to return. The mother of said apprentice persuaded him to leave and is at this time harboring him. Petitioner states he is a man of age and unable to travel and hunt... wild and unruly boy every time he leaves. Asks that Henry Johnson be brought before court and re-apprenticed, and his contract be cancelled. s/s Labin Loftis

[NEW] LOFTIS, R. C., Deceased. Nancy J. Dodson makes oath she is the guardian of Willie, Joel H., Marlin L., Daisy & Bedford & Lucy Loftis, minor children of R. C. Loftis, deceased. She has never received one cent due said minors, tenders her resignation. There is no property or funds due to my knowledge. Dated 25 October 1894. Nancy J. [her X mark] Dodson


Note on L. H. Hamilton 6 July 1896.

Note on F. M. Loftis 1 June, 1896.

Note on Perry & R. [B. or R.] Crowder 14 July 1897.

Note on C. H. Roberts 10 Apr 1897.

Note on T. J. Mercer 6 July 1896.

Note on W. N. Steakley 3 Dec 1896.

Note on Wm York 12 Nov 1896.

Note on W. A. Loftis 14 Dec 1896.

Book of Accounts on [Owing from $1.00-$32.00): J. W. Anderson, Ace Johnson, Perry Crowder, Dick Crowder, Wm Meadows, John Petty, Mack Allen, D. B. Johnson, W. E. Jones, John Cale, Bailey Jones, Wm Hopper, judgment on Jas Wolfe ($2.00), Jas Hut Loftis, Wash Chapman, M. J. Dixon, J. H. Chaffin, Nim Reed, Jno Brown, Dani Brown, Henry Hoover, Daniel Meadows, Tandy Brown, Abe Hoover, Sid Anderson, Jno Spurlock, Pollard Hoover, Rid Anderson, Harve Anderson. Total $125, collected $95.

Also grocery stock and bar fixtures sold for $125, 21 Dec 1897. s/s Wm Loftis

ADMINISTRATOR'S SETTLEMENT: Balance of grocery store & bar fixtures collected at Nashville.

Ellen Loftis, widow, year's support.

[Note: Several accounts deemed uncollectible. Some stated they had paid, were same names as listed in "Book of Accounts" above.

CHARGE TO ESTATE: 13 notices on heirs [not named] $6.50.

[NEW] MABERY, J. M., Guardian of Matilda Mabery. 6 Aug 1900, refers to Guardian Book B, p. 452, Settlement 4 Sept 1899.

Receipt of Jno P. Maybery dated 1 Nov 1899 for his part.

Receipt of Henry Maberry dated 1 Nov 1899 for his part.

Receipt of Elizabeth Bartlet for waiting on Matilda Mabery Feb 1898 to May 1899, dated Aug 20, 1899, $130.

To John P. Mabery for taking care of said Matilda Mabery [no date].

J. M. Judd for mdse for Matilda Mabery dated 12 Sept. 1899.

Amount allowed Guardian for his services & looking after said estate.

[NEW] G. R. MADDOX as Administrator for LOUCINDA MADDOX

Notes against R. P. Maddox, due 1 January 1883, each year through 1 January 1889.

Inventory of estate filed March 2, 1882 [no recordation information]. Dated this 24 March 1883. s/s G. R. Maddox

[NEW] MANSELL, ELIZABETH, Deceased. Inventory & sale of household and kitchen furniture. Purchasers were R. C. Mansell [majority of items], R. E., J. T. and W. J. Mansell. All sold on credit, all signed each other's security. Dated 1 Dec 1879. [Signed] R. E. Mansell, Admr

[NEW] MAXWELL, R. W., Apprentice Agreement, WILLIE CHRISTIAN, boy child about 7 years old, a son of Ann Christian, apprenticed to R. W. Maxwell until age 21. Bond of $250, signed by Maxwell; security Andy [X] Chapman, W. E. [X] Way. Dated 15 August 1914.

Apprentice Agreement, Eckley Hubert Christian, age 10, son of Ann Christian, to Martha Dennis. Dated 15 August 1915. Bond of $250 signed by P. M. Dennis & T. DeWitt. Martha [her X mark] Dennis

[NEW] MAXWELL, R., Admr of MARTHA JOHNSON, Deceased. Feby term 1914.

Final settlement, all heirs having been notified. Inventory recorded Admr's Set Book "D" p. 444, $232.85 + interest, dated 30 April 1912. Purchasers at sale of personal property were Mrs. R. M. Maxwell, Marion Gentry, Hick Loftis, A. M. McCoin.

Deducted were taxes for 1911, paid 27 Feb 1912 of $9.76.

Martha Johnson had following children, entitled to pro rata 1/4 of net estate, which is $208 total: 1. Nathan Johnson, a son; 2. Lucy Stone, a daughter; 3. A. H. Johnson, a son; 4. S. E. Maxwell, a daughter.

Nathan Johnson died, left four heirs entitled to their father's share: 1. Jno S. Johnson 2. Lucy Johnson 3. Minnie Johnson 4. Nathan Johnson Jr.

Lucy A. Stone died, left four heirs entitled to their mother's share:

1. D. C. Lynn 1/4 of one share of $13 and belongs to R. M. Maxwell.

2. Natha [sic] Stone, 1/4 of one share, receipt filed & copied.

3. Anna Plumlee 1/4 of 1 share, belongs to R. M. Maxwell.

4. Andrew B. Terry, 1/4 of one share, belongs to R. M. Maxwell.

[Note at bottom: "See Execution Docket "D" page 252]. Dated 28 Feb 1914.

s/s R. M. Maxwell

[NEW] MONTGOMERY, R. J., Administrator of W. T. WARREN. R. J. Montgomery makes oath that he made a diligent search for property of W. T. Warren, deceased, but not one cent... 4 May 1891. s/s R. J. Montgomery

[NEW] MAXWELL, R. M., Apprentice Contract.

...Charly Darwin, a minor colored boy child aged about 9, son of Mary Darwin (col)... until age 21... bond of $250... treat humanely and kind, to send to free schools to be taught in the community where he resides, furnish good, decent comfortable clothing.

5 June 1905, s/s R. M. Maxwell. Security on Bond: Jeff Reeves, John J. Gore

[NEW] MYRES, T. P., Admr of MARY HALL, Deceased. Notes on following individuals ranged from $3.65 to $39.35, all dated 12 Jan 1893, which was date of Administrator's sale of personal property [items not listed]:

T. M. Cason, M. F. Cason & L. Loftis.

George Walker & Marian Harris.

Newton Johnson, L. Loftis & J. Hall.

L. Loftis, W. W. Rogers & T. M. Cason.

M. F. Cason, L. B. Cason & T. M. Cason.

G. V. Dodson & H. P. Spivey Jr. & S. T. Dodson.

L. B. Cason, M. F. Cason & J. Hall.

James Hall & Margaret Hall.

Wm Loftis, David Hall & James Hall.

J. H. Jackson, H. P. Long & J. Hall.

W. W. Rogers, L. Loftis, R. W. Allen.

Cash collected day of sale 12 Jany 1893, $11.60.

Other assets: Judgment against Jackson Co. in favor of L. S. Anderson, transferred by him to Mary Hall 15 April 1892.

Note on J. P. Hix and T. P. Myres dated 6 Jan 1890.

Administrator makes oath this is all that has come into hands as of 16 February 1893. [Signed] T. P. Myres

[NEW] NETHERTON, M. J., Administratrix [female] of ISAAC ADCOCK, Deceased.

Settlement made 5 Mar 1900, recorded Admr's Set Book ?O, page 586, $12.05 + interest. Final Settlement 30 June 1902. Receipt McDearman Bros & Stafford 28 Oct 1900.

Receipt Williams Bros April 1900.

[NEW] OVERTON, W. A., Administrator of AMANDA OVERTON, Deceased

Final Settlement scheduled 9 Oct 1900. Inventory of Sale bill 16 May 1898, Will Inventory Book "C" pages 491 & 2. Settlement continued 6 times on application of Administrator, final settlement on 14 Feby 1901. Inventory recorded Book C, p. 285. [Signed] W. A. Overton

[NEW] PIPPIN, J. H., Executor of JNO I. PIPPIN, Deceased.

CLAIM: J. H. Pippin against Estate of Jno I. Pippin, deceased.

Stock barn, rock foundation, log walls & board roof , $250.

Halling [sic] rails, building fence, $10.

Seed & sowing clover & grass $10.

Halling 3 loads of rock & building rock chimney $5.

Corn furnished to feed a horse and bread [?board] two in family from first of June till new crop came in in fall $25.

Hay to winter 3 head of cattle & one horse $15.

Cutting 11 rick of wood & halling 8 rick $7.50.

Making & hanging gates & repairing fence $7.50.

Looking after business, delivering stock sold, settling Doctors bills, Taxes, other debts $70. Dated April 17, 1918. s/s J. H. Pippin

J. H. Pippin, Exr of Jno I. Pippin, Decd "Will". Nothing can be found, has received nothing. 10 Sept 1912. s/s J. H. Pippin

[NEW] PIPPIN, LABIN, Administrator REDMAN PIPPIN, Deceased.

Settlement 1st Mon in December 1874. Sale of Personal Property 27 Dec, 1872, $26.25.

Acct on Labin Pippin due July 30, 1871.

Acct on Jones Lawson [No date].

Acct on Willis Pippin d30 July 1871.

Acct on Thomas Pippin 30 July 1871.

Acct on Willis Pippin has not been and cannot be collected.

Acct on Thomas Pippin has not been and cannot be collected.

Received of Labin Pippin... sum of $98 in full of following named heirs, estate of Redman Pippin: Willis Pippin, Thos Pippin, Nancy Pippin, William ?Lubell & wife Elizabeth ?Lubell, Henry Haney & wife Margaret Haney, James Lawson & wife Malinda Lawson, James Burroughs & wife Ellender Burroughs, and also my part in full of said estate. Dated 15 June 1877. John [his X mark] Pippin

[NEW] QUARLES, B. L., Administrator of J. W. CARTER, Deceased.

5 Shares Tobacco Stock in Gainesboro Tobacco Co., $290. All the assets since appointment of Administrator 3 Sept 1914. s/s B. L. Quarles

[NEW] REED, A. J., Administrator of A. C. TERRY, Deceased

Note on Sarah Hawkins, $4.75 [dated "2 Sep 1895" marked through].

Note on S. A. Richards 24 May 1892, $5.00, credit $3.00 Nov 1892.

Dated 7 October 1895. s/s A. J. Reed

A. J. Reed makes oath... has not collected anything since appointment. Final Settlement 26 November 1901, amount recorded Wills & Inventory Settlements Book C, page 397. Estate insolvent. 26 Nov 1901. s/s A. J. Reed

[NEW] REYNOLDS, A. W., Executor A. C. WHEELER, Deceased

A. W. Reynolds reports nothing received, widow living, controls estate during her natural life. 19 Nov 1912. s/s A. W. Reynolds

[NEW] RICHARDSON, M. A., Administrator of JERRY RICHARDSON, Deceased

To M. A. Richardson, 8 bbls & 1/2 bushel corn.

To A. C. Howell, 8 bbls & at bushels corn.

550 lbs of tobacco raised on Jerry Richardson's land, raiser Jim Bread Gentry getting 1/3, leaving Lug tobacco sold at $16.90.

12 Dec 1907. s/s M. A. Richardson, Admr

[NEW] ROGERS, W. W., Administrator of TANDY F. HALL

Notes & Due bills of Tandy F. Hall, Deceased intestate

Note against H. P. & Jas M. Loftis 19 Dec 1888.

Note against Armel Gaw 1 July 1889

Note against Emily Gipson 2 Sep 1889.

Due bill T. K. Kelly 12 Mar 1888.

Due bill T. B. Anderson ?Jan 1889.

Note L. B. Anderson, J. M. Tinsley & W. K. Tinsley 18 Apr 1891.

Note David Hall & James Hall 18 Apr 1891.

Note Jas Hall & R. W. Allen 18 April 1891.

Note G. W. Smith, M. L. Gore & S. [?] Gore.

Note J. M. Burris, H. H. Herrod, 18 Apr 1891.

Note H. P. Spivy, Wm Loftis, Jr., 18 Apr 1891.

Note M. N. Crowder, R. B. Crowder, L. B. Anderson, 18 Apr 1891.

Note K. J. Hall, J. L. Hall 18 Apr 1891.

Note J. L. Hall, K. J. Hall, 18 Apr 1891.

Note T. G. Meadows & J. G. Dudney 20 Sep 1887, settled in full 4 May 1891.

Note Mrs. Ellnora Rogers 18 Apr 1891.

Note Jas Ragland, S. B. Fowler & Jas Hall 18 Apr 1891.

Due Estate by W. W. Rogers, Admr of Tandy F. Hall, deceased for purchases day of sale, being 18 April 1891.

[NEW] SHEPHERD, D. J., Executor ROLEN TERRY, Deceased

Final Settlement 8 Jany 1902. Last settlement made, Roland Terry, Deceased, 9 Jan 1900, Wills Inv Book "C", pages 585 & 6, 664.

Rect from S. J. Lee, her share set out in will dated 9 May 1900, $50.

Rect from Mrs. S. A. Terry, widow of deceased dated 28 Dec 1901 & int. on same $628.98 + $1.04.

[NEW] SHOULDERS, THOMAS J., Administrator of SYRUS G. CLARK, Deceased

vs Herod & Clark, Compromise Agreement:

I, Thomas J. Shoulders agree to dismiss... brought by appeal, upon payment of $120 to me at no interest. 1 Sept 1873. s/s Thomas J. Shoulders, Admr of Syrus G. Clark, deceased; s/s Herod & Clark

[NEW] SIRCY, R. H., Deceased.

State of Texas, County of Hopkins} I, David Sircy, appoint George Loftis as my attorney to collect my part of estate now due which I heired from my grandmother M. G. Sircy through my Farther [sic] R. H. Sircy... being made in County Court. 13 February 1915. [Signed] David Sircy

INVENTORY & SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY of M. G. Sircy, dated 26 Oct 1912. Extensive 1 1/2 pages legal size, typewritten of Purchaser/Item Sold/Amount. Most are Sircy surnames, but give no relationships.

[NEW] SMITH, T. G., Deceased. G. Lee McGlasson, Guardian of T. G. Smith, deceased heirs [not named] reports that he has not received effects... belonging to heirs of T. G. Smith, Decd since his appointment as their guardian... no effects until the Administrator of G. O. Smith, Deceased makes his final settlement. 10 Oct 1914.

[NEW] SMITH, E. O., Administrator of G. O. SMITH. Sale 28 Sept 1914. Purchasers were J. O. Smith, Winnie Smith, J. O. Smith, Mrs. M. L. Williams, E. O. Smith.

\Assets included 5 land notes on Perry Crowder dated 12 Dec 1913, due annually on 1 January beginning 1915 through 1919. Dated 10 Oct 1914. s/s E. O. Smith

[NEW] SMITH, S. F., Administrator of GEO W. SMITH, Deceased

Settlement 10 Sept 1895. Sale of personal property was 7 Sept 1895, no cash taken in. Purchasers were John Halbert, P. S. Smith, Squire Ford, Jas Kent, H. P. Harris, S. B. Smith. 10 Sept 1895. S. F. [her X mark] Smith

S. F. Smith states she made final settlement month of July 1897 with W. H. Brooks, who mislaid papers. 7 July 1902. s/s S. F. Smith by P. S. Smith

[NEW] SMITH, W. E., Administrator ANNA DENNIS, Deceased.

Reported 1st Monday in April 1875. Received from Z. vanhooser... special commissioner in case of Mary M. Denis vs L. H. Denis dated 8 Feb 1873. Amount due Administrator, 7 Cents. 1 April 1875. s/s W. E. Smith

[NEW] TINSLEY, MARGARETT J. of Jackson Co., TN against

S. D. Williams & wife Emily, Kiziah Williams, P. S. Tinsley, W. K. Tinsley, John M. Tinsley, Daniel Johnson & wife Allice M. Johnson, H. H. Herod & wife Mary Johnson, all of Jackson Co., TN except S. D. & Emily Williams of Macon Co., TN, John Stone & wife Nannie Stone of Clay Co., TN and William H. Denton & wife Annie Denton of State of Texas. P. S. Tinsley resides in Davidson Co., TN is temporarily in Jackson Co.

Petitioner [Margarett J. Tinsley] is widow of Amos K. Tinsley, departed life in Jackson Co. 1 July 1889 intestate, owned land both in Jackson and Clay Cos., TN. One tract bounded west by Cumberland River & land of Phillip Tinsley heirs, Allen Rich & by Kiziah Williams; north by lands of P. M. Tinsley heirs & others; east by John Rose & others; south by Cumberland River, more particularly described in A. K. Tinsley's title deed, being 600 acres, same where he lived at death. Clay & Jackson Co. line divides land. Where A. K. Tinsley died and Petitioner lives is in Jackson Co. Petitioner is entitled to homestead. Defendants above, except husbands of married women, are the only heirs & distributees. 5 August 1889. s/s Cox & Anderson, Sol; Margaret J. Tinsley

[NEW] TINSLEY, W. K., Administrator of MARGRETTE TINSLEY, Deceased.

Final Settlement 31 August 1914. Amount to be divided between five original heirs, each heir $65.98.

1. F. H. Roberts, to him. 2. Kibby Gardenhire, to her. 3. Emily Williams, to her. 4. W. K. Tinsley, to him. 5. Jno M. Tinsley, to him... but retained by W. K. Tinsley, Guardian. 31 Aug 1914. s/s W. K. Tinsley


Final Settlement. Last settlement recorded Guardian's Book B, p. 404-407. Receipt Lillie Vantrease her part of her father's [not named] estate, $520.00. 11 June 1900. [Signed] A. M. Vantrease

[NEW] VETETO, JAMES T., Administrator of W. P. VETETO, Deceased.

Cash on hand at time of death Sept 17, 1914, $310.50.

Personal property sold for total of $30.45 about 1 January 1915.

Note on W. M. Brown [No dates on any notes].

Note on Alvin M. Sadler

Note on Albert Huff, Bill Huff, James Huff, Bradley Huff

Note on Billy Pippen

Note on J. H. Davison

Note on C. L. ?lock & J. B. Flat

Note on J. B. Flat, C. F. Flat, J. D. Fox, Tilman Birdwell.

s/s J. T. Veteto


Wheeler, Mary J., heir of Charles D. Wade, Polly Wade & Susannah McClellan:

State of Arkansas, County of Monroe} I, Mary J. Wheeler, give power of attorney to John P. Murray, Esq. of Jackson Co., TN to collect money due me as heir of Charles D. Wade from the estate of Susannah McClellan, deceased. The said Charles D. Wade was a son & heir at law of Polly Wade, who was a daughter and heir at law of said Susannah McClellan, deceased, late of Jackson Co., TN. 25 July 1894 s/s Mary J. Wheeler

Witness: Jasper Wade

Acknowledgment: Monroe Co., AR, appeared Jasper Wade and said he witnessed. 25 Feb 1884.

Acknowledgment: Lawrence Co., AR, appeared Mary J. Wheeler and said she executed. 15 March 1884.

[NEW] WEBB, B. W., Administrator of P. G. McCaul, Deceased

Agreement to Dismiss: I, W. B. Jenkins for $75 agree to stop the lawsuit in which W. B. Jenkins and J. T. Jenkins is plaintiff & B. W. Webb, Administrator of P. G. McCaul is Defendant. I agree to release Estate and Administrator for the work of my son J. T. Kenkins who stayed and worked McCaul until of age to manage for himself. 4 March 1898. s/s W. B. [his X mark] Jenkins


Defendant agreed decree was rendered against him for $100... balance due on purchase and note after giving Defendant $10 credit for amount due him. Mary Wheeler, as Administratrix of Hopkins Wheeler, deceased, will recover unpaid purchase money on land described... 7th District, Jackson Co., TN, bounded north by Ragland, south by Carter, east by Carter, west by Wheeler, being 50 acres more or less. If not paid in 120 days, land to be sold. [No date].

[NEW] WHITFIELD, A. J., Guardian of WILLIS WHITFIELD, Deceased heirs

Inventory filed 2 Feb 1901, Guardians & Set Book "C", p. 116.

Rct from J. H. Whitfield, his pro rata share.

A. J. Whitfield is filing order to turn fund over to Willis Whitfield, the father of said wards [names not given]. 16 Jan 1911. s/s A. J. Whitfield

Fund was turned over by the Guardian to Willis Whitfield, the father of the said minors, per court order and recommendation of T. M. Gailbreath, who is well acquainted with said Willis Whitfield.

[NEW] WILLIAMSON, A. K., Administrator of M. M. McDONALD, Deceased

To Goodall McDonald & Don R. McDonald, heirs at law of M. M. McDonald, Deceased. 4 August 1881, will proceed to make settlement. 15 Sept 1881. s/s A. K. Williamson

SUMMONS: A. K. Williamson to make settlement, estate of M. M. McDonald. 25 Aug 1881. s/s Goodall Mcdonal, Don R. McDonal

REPORT: A. K. Williamson... nothing came to hands of estate of M. M. McDonald, was appointed only to revive a lawsuit.

[NEW] WILLIAMSON, C. A., Administrator of JAMES HARGIS, Deceased

December Term 1882, amount due estate on 25 Nov 1882 $11.15, mentions a widow and wards [not named].

[NEW] WILLIAMSON, J. M., Administrator SUSAN PHARRIS, Deceased.

Invoice 21 August, 1885, Merchandise for burial outfit, $11.85.

Final Settlement 25 November 1887:

Rct from J. H. Eller, making coffin, dated 6 Nov 1886, $2.15.

Rct from John Tittle for making coffin dated 6y Nov 1886, $2.60.

Received of J. Pharis for corn bought of deceased in her lifetim, dated 14 Nov 1884.

Recorded Wills & Administrations Book "B", pages 461 [or 401].


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