Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #126

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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INDENTURE: Robert Nelson, Joseph Nelson & Rebecca Allen, legal heirs of William Nelson, deceased, party of one part and William Nelson, Junr of the other part... for many good causes do hereby sell to said William Nelson Junr land in Overton County, Tenn on Roaring River, 50 acres being that granted to Samuel Hardy, No. 1863, dated 19 August 1813 and conveyed by Samuel Hardy to said William Nelson 2 November 1825, bounded on southwest corner... Isaac Gore's tract Forty one acre tract. 12 May 1837 [No witness sigs]. [Signed] Robert Nelson, Joseph Nelson, Rebecca Allen

ANSWER: Jesse Mabry, Nancy Nelson who is a minor and Polly Ann Nelson, H. H. Hamilton and wife Rebecca Hamilton to Bill of Complaint filed by Arthur Williams and wife Lucretia Williams. Dated 2 April 1859.

Jesse [his X mark] Mabry, Nancy [her X mark] Nelson, Polly Ann [her X mark] Nelson, s/s H. H. Hamilton, Rebecca Hamilton [?Signed or X; part cut off, could not tell].

ANSWER: William Nelson & Solomon Nelson to Bill of Complaint of Arthur Williams & wife Lucretia Williams. True Joseph Nelson died September 1858 intestate in Jackson Co., Tennessee. At the time of death, his lawful heirs were correctly set out.

INDENTURE: Joseph Nelson sells to Robert Nelson for $500 paid, land in Overton Co., TN on Roaring River [water stained]: Bounded by Stephen Copeland, Richard Mathews, Mathews & Richard Poston, Townsend Copeland, on ?Crocket's fork of Roaring River being where Nelson now lives, 120 acres, better described in deed from [can't read word] Col. Stephen Copeland dated 28 July 1824. Dated 3 Jan 1838. s/s Joseph Nelson

DEPOSITION: Laborn Loftis, Jr., age about 41. Defendant William Nelson purchased land where he lives known as the Benjamin Mahaney or the Maberry tract. Joseph Nelson said he paid part of the money. Heard William Nelson say his father could not purchase property in his own name because old Mrs. Gilcox had broke him up lawing him. This was bout 20 years ago, think at Joseph Nelson's when he maybe lived on Bob Nelson's land... was in Overton Co. 25 Jan 1861. Labon [X] Loftis

DEPOSITION: Seth Maberry, well acquainted with Joseph Nelson in his lifetime. I married a girl said to be his niece. Joseph said he conveyed his Overton Co. land to William Nelson because he was in law in Overton Co. with a woman named Hope Simcock. That is the same land William Nelson sold to Cummings & Myers. Joseph Nelson was very industrious. He lived on the Mabery place up to his death. 2 Feb 1860. Seth [his X mark] Mabery

DEPOSITION: Uriah Crocker, age 56. After the old man Joseph Nelson's death, I heard young Joseph Nelson say the property was as much his as William's and if he outlived the old man he intended to have his part of it. Hugh [his X mark] Crocker

[Notation: Hugh Crocker paid for 3 days as witness]

DEPOSITION: [First part of this deposition missing]...So did my father and me. Husband bought corn of William Nelson. My brother is William Nelson. William was sick a lot. Rebecca [X] Hamilton

DEPOSITION: Laborne Loftis, age 70, have testified previously. Don't know whether all the brothers of William Nelson lived on the land. Some of the sisters did. [No date] Labon [X] Loftis

DEPOSITION: Rankin Harrison, 42. Had a conversation with Joseph Nelson in May or June before his death. Said he was thinking of selling the land. Was known as Maberry or Mahaney place. s/s Rankin Harrison

DEPOSITION: Rebecca Hamilton age 27. My father is Joseph Nelson. I am a sister to William Nelson. Rebecca [X] Hamilton

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: Arthur Williams & Lucretia Williams against

William Solomon, Sr; Joseph Nelson, Sr; Julia A. Nelson; Polly Ann Nelson; Joseph Nelson, Jr; Marion [possibly Marvin] Nelson; Madison Nelson; William Solomon, Jr; and John Nelson; Rebecca Hamilton; Hiram Hamilton; Margarette (commonly called Peggy) Hawkins and husband William Hawkins; and Jesse Maberry, all of Jackson Co., TN.

Original bill filed 10 October 1859 omitted some defendants, viz Joseph Jr., Marion, Madison, Solomon Jr., and John Nelson are minor heirs of Robert Nelson deceased who was a son of Joseph Nelson deceased, therefore heirs of his Joseph Nelson's estate. All are under age twenty-one. 12 [Juy or Jay] 1859. By Leslie & Stanton, Sols.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Arthur Williams & wife Lucretia Williams. Joseph Nelson departed life in Jackson Co., TN, no wife. Children:

1. Lucretia Williams 2. Joseph 3. William 4. Solomon 5. Robert 6. Julia A. 7. Polly Ann 8. Nancy Nelson 9. Rebecca Hamilton 10. Margaret (commonly called Peggy) Hawkins.

About nine years ago, Joseph Nelson purchased 400 acres on Morrison's Creek from Labon Loftis, sons William and Joseph Nelson to hold in trust for their father. Bought 250-300 acres from Jesse Mayberry on Blackburn's fork of Roaring River, William to hold in trust for his father. ___ August 1839, Robert Nelson sells William Nelson Overton land on Roaring River. 10 October 1858 s/s Arthur Williams


DEPOSITION: Luther B. Myers 52, Morrison Cummings and myself bought land where Joseph Nelson lived, gave $1200... notes to William Nelson. Also paid small balance to Jesse Mabury. [No date] s/s L. B. Myers

DEPOSITION: Robert Nelson, age 66. Joseph Nelson conveyed me land, and I consider I had title. Was land L. B. Myers bought. I am Joseph Nelson's brother. He said he was going to move to Kentucky or any where else except Morrison's Creek. [No date]. Robert [X] Nelson

Laborn Loftis, age 47, sold Joseph Nelson 250-300 acres on Morrison's Creek. Old man Nelson and young Joseph Nelson left Overton Co. Said they was about to indict him for swearing a lie and also indicted for fighting. He said he did not swear the lie. Joseph Nelson is father of defendant William and the other defendants named with him are his children. William was living with his father when he died. William is a single man. Joseph Nelson was old but not infirm. There was the old man and his wife and four girls lived on the land most of the time. Lived about 3-4 miles. s/s Labon Loftis

DEPOSITION: James M. Loftis age 48. Joseph Nelson bought land from Laborn Loftis. Live 3-4 miles from me.

DEPOSITION: Abraham Summers about 38. Live about two miles from Joseph Nelson and about the same from Loftis land. s/s A. W. Somers

DEPOSITION: Dorcas Summers 35. My husband is Abram Somers. William said after his father's death that his father Joseph had been in law with an old widow woman in Overton Co. Dorcas [her X mark] Somers

DEPOSITION: John C. Hawkins age 33. Defendant Joseph Nelson is a son of old man Joseph Nelson. William Nelson is single and always has been. s/s John C. Hawkins


2 October 1905, cause heard in Chancery Court. William Williams died intestate, heirs:

1. J. W. Williams, a son 2. Champ Williams, a son 3. Bob Williams, a son 4. Sam Williams, a son 5. Melvina Boles, a daughter 6. Adeline Williams, a daughter 7. Matilda Kirk, a daughter 8. Victory Whitaker, a daughter 9. Louisa Loftis, a daughter 10. Sallie Smith, a daughter.

Court orders land be sold and proceeds distributed, lying in the 8th District of Jackson Co., TN: Begin at a map on edge of the river...line between J. L. Roberts & W. N. Harris, to point of ridge with Casteel's land to G. B. Hall's line, to line at top of hill, around the hill to Williamson's line, to line made by H. H. Loftis & Rainey Moss, crossing a drean [sic], around a point crossing the main hollow at the top of the falls, to corner in the Chilton line, about 350 acres.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Champ Williams vs H. G. McGinnis, L. A. Ligon of Smith Co.; Victoria Whitaker, Julia Smith, B. L. Quarles, W. M. Gailbreath, R. V. Brooks, T. C. Gailbreath, W. H. Young and B. A. Butler of Jackson Co.

H. B. McGinnis & L. A.Ligon are Administrators de bonis non of the estate of J. W. Williams, died intestate in Smith Co., TN 1911. Quarles, Gailbreath, Brooks, Gailbreath, Young & Butler were Sureties on bond of J. H. Chaffin, Clerk, Jackson Co. Court. J. H. Chaffin is dead & there is no administrator.

William Williams died intestate in Clay Co., TN 1901, leaving lands in Jackson Co. and Clay Co. Land in Jackson Co. lying on Cumberland River known as sugar creek tract. This sold October 1905.

WILLIAMS, F. H., Guardian of T. K. Kirkpatrick heirs

Guardian Settlement 4 Feb 1909 with T. K. Williams as guardian of heirs of Amanda Kirkpatrick, deceased, being six of said heirs:

1. Radford Kirkpatrick 2. Claud Kirkpatrick 3. Fowler Kirkpatrick 4. Palmer [spelled Parmer in some years - mlj] Kirkpatrick 5. Tennie Kirkpatrick 6. Edgar Kirkpatrick.

1910 Settlement with Raford, Fowler, Parmer, Tennie, Edgar Kirkpatrick.

1911 Settlement with Fowler, Parmer, Tennie, Edgar Kirkpatrick.

1912 Final Settlement with Fowler, Edgar Kirkpatrick.


PETITION TO COURT: H. W. Williams, as receiver in cause of Joe Hix vs H. M. Price. Pierce Buchanan & William Daniel are justly indebted to him in the sum of $100 for rent of land eastern side of the creek and [blank] Ryon the sum of $50 as rent for land on western side of creek for year 1878. Asks lien be placed on crop to pay rent due. [Signed] J. P. Murray & Son, Sol. for H. W. Williams


[Note: Appear to be balance of costs on various court cases, 25 Cents-$25]

A. B. Botts vs J. W. Lock

America Harris vs J. W. Lock

H. B. Smith vs J. T. Smith

A. M. [or W.] Ferguson vs Isaac Carver

J. W. Settle vs Jeff Roberts

A. J. Phelps vs J. R. Hoover

Cynthia White vs A. W. DeWitt

A. K. Williamson vs V. D. ?L Goodall

Jas Carter vs James Pharis

John Hughes vs Brooks & Hoover

James Pharis vs Julia Poston

S. H. Cunningham vs J. Chaffin

J. Lee vs E. Hogan

Susan [name written over, can't read] D_____ vs Cynthia White

Henry Jackson vs R. E. Mansel

Marshall vs Woodfolk

C. E. Reeves vs Sam Chapman

J. R. Chaffin vs M. L. Gore

J. H. Graham vs T. C. McKinley

J. A. Durham vs R. Woodall

Halfacre vs Lambert

Lebanon Nat'l Bank vs D. W. Hawes

J. C. Smith vs J. M. Lee

T. J. Lee vs Emily Hogan

Wm Lambert vs Ryal Maize

B. L. Rozell vs Woodfolk

L. M. Gipson vs J. M. G. York

D. K. Frick vs J. A. Montgomery

R. V. Brooks vs N. P. Forkum

A. B. Holleman vs C. J. Holleman

W. H. Chitwood vs A. Crawford

R. A. Cox vs M. G. Butler

W. T. Eakle vs H. Quarles

Cunningham vs Cunningham

S. H. Cunningham vs J. Chapman

T. J. Brown vs W. H. Quarles

Nancy Dudney vs S. S. Dudney

State vs Z. M. Young

S. H. Cunningham vs M. A. Herrod



BILL OF COMPLAINT: H. W. Williams & R. A. Cox against Henry & Garrett Sadler. Henry Sadler owes Williams $75 plus costs by judgment. Conveying land to avoid payment and defeat lien.

Complainants introduced Margaret Montgomery, formerly Margaret Holmes. "I am the widow of Dr. W. B. Holmes". G. D. Sadler was in partnership; Dr. Holmes furnished the capital, G. D. Sadler was to attend business.

TESTIMONY: David Armstead - know Henry & G. D. Sadler. Garrett is a young man & unmarried, clerked for me and W. R. Stanton about a year for $200 a year. Stanton and I dissolved partnership. Henry Sadler made conveyance of land to his son G. D. Sadler.

NOTICE OF DEPOSITIONS: 22 Sept 1880 at storehouse of McCarver & Armistead of G. D. Sadler, Henry Sadler, W. R. Stanton, David Armistead & Hugh Smith.

DEPOSITION: G. D. Sadler age 30, began business for myself before age 19. s/s

DEPOSITION: Henry Sadler age 56, judgment was for a debt I owed before the war. s/s

DEPOSITION: Hugh Smith age 42, known G. D. Sadler all his life, good character. [Signed] H. B. Smith

DEPOSITION: W. R. Stanton, age 35, know Henry & G. D. Sadler, good character. s/s

DEPOSITION: D. H. Armistead, know parties, good character. s/s

DEPOSITION: G. R. Maddux age 35, been on Sadler farm, not much a judge of land. Asked if G. D. Sadler had moved to Nashville, replied Garrett Sadler has been in Nashville two months or longer. Henry Sadler's family is living on the land. The houses on Sadler land are the oldest in the county. They are comfortable to live in, common on the outside. After Garrett Sadler quit business at Granville, he went to Texas and stayed a short time and came back and has been living here since up to when he went to Nashville. s/s G. R. Maddux

DEPOSITION: W. H. Ragland age 39, know Henry & G. D. Sadler and the land. Known them 12 years or so, I had a debt against him, he paid it off a short time ago. s/s

DEPOSITION: James Hargis 45, known Henry Sadler 30 years, G. D. Sadler for 15. I have lived at different places - Granville two years was about 3 miles from Sadler; lived about 4 miles from them ever since. Albert Stanton failed and left his securities liable for debt. Securities were myself, John P. Murray, Henry Sadler, T. J. Lee & Addison Maddox. Myself, Murray & Lee had to pay it off. We settled it. s/s

ADJOURNED to March 3, 1882


CAUSE HEARD 13 March 1884, H. W. Williams against Harvey Smith & wife Elizabeth, W. R. Franklin & Jeff Hix.

Smith owed John P. Murray $40 and Complainant $23.43. Sums are lien on property, waters of Dodson's Branch, 9th District, Jackson Co. Also 220 acres bounded south by Widow Sturgis, east by Whitson Smith & John Smith, north by Enoch Jackson, west land where defendant now lives known as the Aunt Mollie Smith place.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: John P. Murray & G. B. Murray, lawyers, against Harvey & Elizabeth Smith of Jackson Co. 20 October 1879 Elizabeth filed bill of complaint against Harvey for divorce, as follows: Were married 1862 in Arkansas. 30 March 1862 removed from Arkansas to Jackson Co., TN. Harvey cruel, threw buckets of water on her three times when she was in bed sick, turned her out of doors. Personal property consisted of livestock, household goods, tools. Also 220 acres. Cause lingered in court until September term 1880, compromised, settled matter and gone back together. Dismissed for costs, have not been paid.


ANSWER: R. M. Kinnaird to Bill of Complaint of Howell Williams & Andrew P. Williams of Jackson Co. filed against George H. Morgan, W. B. Butler & himself. Knows nothing. On 10 July 1869 he sold lots in Gainesboro to George H. Morgan. [Signed] R. M. Kinnaird Attest: State of Tennessee, Davidson County

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Howell Williams & Andrew P. Williams of Jackson Co. against

George H. Morgan of Jackson Co.; W. B. Butler of Clay Co.; Russel M. Kinnard of Davidson Co. Lengthy complaint dealing with whether lumber/land was paid for.

DEPOSITION: Sydney S. Settle age 45, defendants got lumber from Howell Williams to build a house in Gainesboro. s/s S. S. Settle

DEPOSITION: Howell W. Williams, age 36. Myself and brother Andrew P. Williams were in partnership dealing lumber. s/s


PETITION: Isaac Williams against Mrs. J. A. Dement, Administrator of James T. Dement, deceased of Davidson Co. and J. A. Dycus of Jackson Co. Petitioner Isaac Williams states judgment rendered against him for $10.30 on 30 March 1886 in Davidson Co., J. A. Dycus levied on yoke of oxen.

WILLIAMS, J. W., Guardian of Mary Roberts, a person of unsound mind.

J. N. Williams appointed 24 December 1907 resigned 1909. States he resides in Carthage, Smith Co., and ward resides 8th District of Jackson Co., a distance of about 35 miles. Ward is old and feeble health, unwilling to stay anywhere but her home. W. M. Gailbreath appointed.

12 July 1912, W. M. Gailbreath resigned as guardian of Mrs. Polly Roberts. States he lives in Gainesboro and she lives eight miles away ... large farm, requires attention. She has nephew Marion Harris living nearby, willing to assume and do it cheaper, will be interested party in estate after her death.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SETTLEMENT: Mary Roberts, Deceased. Inventory dated 2 December 1912.

9 November 1912, Dr. W. E. Mabury, medical services.

9 November 1912, Reeves & Crabtree, casket.


PETITION: M. A. C. Williams states she procured A. B. Hestand to sign her bond, he didn't.

ANSWER: Luke B. Anderson to Bill of Complaint by Henry Vernon, next friend of M. A. C. Williams on 10 May 1913.

Children and grandchildren of J. W. Lock & Elizabeth Lock, Jr. are as set out.

Sarah Sadler died prior to her father.

J. W. Lock, Jr. was a son of J. W. & Elizabeth Lock, Sr.

J. W. & Elizabeth Lock, Jr. are dead, date not admitted, proof required.

Denies Elizabeth Lock, Sr. made a will and if one should ever be found, doesn't include respondent's land. 8 October 1856, land was conveyed by W. H. Botts to James Eaton, who was then the husband of M. A. C. Williams and living with her as such.

5 May 1859 James Eaton conveyed land to James Tolbert. Tolbert assumed balance due on land and payment made to W. H. Botts.

18 January 1859, W. H. Botts filed bill against James Eaton & J. W. Lock, the father of Complainant, (now M. A. C. Williams), who was security on purchase & notes executed by Eaton & heirs of James Tolbert who were made defendants, Tolbert having died.

2 July 1866, land was sold by court decree without redemption, and W. H. Botts became purchaser.

1866 Botts sold land to John P. Murray, who held it until his death in 189[blank]. Said Murray's children & heirs continued to hold until 3 June 1899, when by court decree it was sold for payment of debts and distribution, when Gid H. Lowe became the purchaser. Description: Begin L. Washburn's northwest corner of tract Samuel E. Stone bought from Wm Nation.

14 January 1910, Gid H. Lowe & wife sold to respondent B. L. Quarles & W. K. Tinsley.

25 March 1911 he purchased interest of Tinsley.

ANSWER: M. G. Butler to M. A. C. Williams. Heirs of J. W. & Elizabeth Lock Jr. correct except "William J. Lock" should be William K. Lock.

Sarah who intermarried [blank] Sadler, died before her father, and her children are correct.

J. W. Lock and Elizabeth Lock are dead, date not admitted.

Elizabeth Lock, Sr. made & published last will.

ANSWERS: George G. Haile and M. G. Butler are duplicates of that of B. L. Quarles, above.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: M. A. C. Williams, suing by her next friend Henry Vernon, both citizens of Jackson Co., Tennessee, against George Haile, Thomas Williams, L. B. Anderson, M. G. Butler, all citizens of Jackson Co, TN.

William K. Lock, Augustus S. Lock, Catherine F. Moore, Mary A. C. Williams are the children of James W. Lock and his wife, Elizabeth Lock, Jr.

John F. Sadler, W. L. Sadler, C. F. Sadler and James Sadler are the only children and heirs at law of Sarah Sadler, a deceased daughter of James W. Lock and his wife, Elizabeth Lock, Jr. That said Sarah died in the State of Texas prior to the death of said James W. Lock, and that all of the above named are the children of James W. Lock and his wife Elizabeth Lock, Jr., and are the grand children and great grandchildren of Elizabeth Lock, Sr., late of Jackson County, Tennessee, deceased; that said Elizabeth Lock, Sr. departed this life in Jackson County, Tennessee, on or about the [blank] month of 1853, after having first on the 22nd day of July 1852, made and published her last will and testament, which will was duly proven and entered of probate in the County Court of Jackson County, Tennessee, on the 4th day of July, 1853... certified copy and order probating will be filed at the hearing...

Elizabeth Lock, Sr., the mother of James W. Lock, was the owner of two tracts of land which she bequeathed in her son James W. Lock for and during his life, and at his death to the children of said J. W. Lock and his wife, Elizabeth Lock, Jr.

1st Tract: 1st District, Jackson Co., Doe Creek below and north of Gainesboro... what was once Brehon's line ...lane between the Mary Cornwell and Murry's line ... once Robert White's beginning, or southwest, corner, run south to what was once David Cox' north boundary; east to David Cox' northeast corner; north to Samuel J. Gillems northeast corner; est; thence north were Robert White's southeast corner... field formerly owned by Robert Jennings to Doe Creek, 103 acres more or less.

2nd Tract: 1st District, Jackson Co., SE corner of tract which Samuel E. Stone bought of William Nation... which was the SE corner of a tract of 140 acres granted by William Lock by the State of Tennessee on 13 September 1826, running west to where David Cox SE corner stood; thence north... SW corner of tract of land which Sam E. Stone bought of William Nation... east to point of beginning, 62 acres and 127 poles, more or less.

Under the will of Elizabeth Lock, Sr. said tracts passed to James W. Lock for and during his life, and if he should die before his then wife, Elizabeth Lock, Jr., to her Elizabeth Lock, Jr. to use during her life for the use of the children of J. W. Lock. After the death of said J. W. Lock and his then wife, Elizabeth Lock, Jr., then said two tracts of land passed to and vested in fee absolute in William K. Locke, Augustus S. Lock, Catherine F. Moore and Mary A. C. Williams, and the children and heirs at law of Sarah Sadler, who are the children and grandchildren of James W. Lock and his wife Elizabeth, Jr. and grandchildren and great grandchildren of the said Elizabeth Lock, deceased.

Elizabeth Lock, the person mentioned in said will is the wife of James W. Lock is dead, and that James W. Lock, the person mentioned as son of said testatrix, Elizabeth Lock, Sr. departed this life on 11th day of February 1882, survived his wife Elizabeth Lock, Jr.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married Jackson Co, TN 26 Sept 1871, separated 18 October 1871. After marriage he took her to defendant's mother's, who treated her badly with sole view to seperate [sic] and part them, said if she stayed married to him she wouldn't be alive in two years. He fails to provide. Personal property, and land in Smith Co. on waters of Buffalo he bought of Wade Kempt. Has been citizen of Jackson Co. since birth. Wants rights of single woman and maiden name of Searcy restored. 31 October 1873. Priscilla [X] Williams

ANSWER: Lafayette Williams, states did go to live at his mother's where he had always resided, she being a widow with only Respondent and a daughter living with her. After three weeks after marriage she went to her father's house to weave a piece of cloth, did not return except in his absence for her clothes, which is all she had when they married. 22 December 1873. Lafayette [X] Williams

DEPOSITION: Louisa Williams age 65. I am mother of Lafayette Williams. They have been married over three years, together three months, two days. Lived at my house. I was a widow. My son Lafayette & daughter Martha (Patsey) all lived together. If I said she would not be alive in two years, have no recollection. Louisa [X] Williams

DEPOSITION: Martha (Patsey) Williams, age above 39. I am Lafayette Williams' sister, live at my mother's. She [Priscilla] had been at her father's, came home, started gathering up her clothes. Asked what she was doing, said she was taking her clothes home. I told her if she wanted to live with Fate to let her clothes alone and behave herself. Martha [X] Williams


DEPOSITION: M. G. Butler, am an attorney, helped draft bill in this case. Land advertised to be sold 23 Feb 1879, a Sunday. Sale held on Monday. Complainant M. A. C. Eaton called my attention to discrepancy after notice was posted and before sale. ss

BOND: We James Eaton, Principal and Z. Vanhooser, Security bind ourselves to James W. Lock for $200, case of Newton Moore & wife & others against James Eaton & wife, lands in which J. W. Lock had life estate. James Eaton & wife Polly Ann being entitled to one-fifth part of annuity. [Both signed]

BILL OF COMPLAINT: M. A. C. Williams & husband Thos J. Williams against J. D. Bennett in his own right & as late Receiver to rent out the J. W. Lock lands as administrator of James W. Lock, deceased of Macon Co., TN and Z. M. Young of Jackson Co. M. A. C. Williams is owner in fee: Land on north side Cumberland River opposite mouth of Roaring River, Dist 1, Jackson Co, bounded by lands of M. A. Herod, A. S. Lock, Cumberland River, the heirs of Sallie Sadler & William Lock - that she was prior to 14 Nov 1878 owner of above lands together with the ferry & ferry lands, being land allotted to Mary A. C. Eaton in the partition of J. W. Lock land. She made a contract to sell to Z. M. Young, but land sold illegally at auction by Sheriff.

12 January 1875 she and then husband James Eaton.... [blank] 1876 she & then husband James Eaton executed bond to pay $100 of aforesaid James W. Lock's annuity on or before 15 Nov 1876. Compromise made with J. D. Bennett made Sept term 1877, she was a widow woman. Compromise cancelled as illegal. J. W. Lock died in the early part of the present year.

At the time a judgment was rendered against her 26 Sept 1878, she was head of family with two minor children, deprived of their support. She was entitled to homestead, it was not assigned to her. Complainant since intermarried with Thomas J. Williams. Dated [blank] August 1882. s/s T. J. Williams, M. A. C. Wms

DEPOSITION: M. A. C. Williams, formerly M. A. C. Eaton am complainant, recognize the notice as being one on which Henderson Young made an interlineation with a pencil. M. G. Butler told me to save the ad and notice in case there was litigation.

DEPOSITION: W. H. Young, was Sheriff, advertised sale & sold undivided interest of M. A. C. Eaton in Lock farm including the ferry at mouth of Roaring River, in the case of J. D. Bennett, Receiver against M. A. Eaton & others. Had made a compromise with James D. Bennett who was acting for James W. Lock that all claims against M. A. C. Williams and husband Thos. J. Williams would be released. s/s M. A. C. Williams


BILL OF COMPLAINT: T. J. Williams & wife M. A. C. Williams against Jas T. Lowe, non-resident of Tennessee, in parts unknown & B. L. Quarles of Jackson Co. and Gid H. Lowe of Putnam Co.

22 Sept [no year] M. A. C. Williams & husband T. J. Williams conveyed by deed to J. T. Lowe land 1st Dist on north side of public square, Lots 27 & 28, Gainesboro Plat, where T. J. & M. A. C. Williams kept a hotel & livery stable for several years, bounded north by street running east and west between property herein conveyed & property of M. G. Butler; east by street running north & south between property herein conveyed & property of A. O. Birdwell now owned by J. H. Stafford; south by the public square; west by lots of R. V. Brooks, J. M. Johnson, et al.

James T. Lowe sold to Gid Lowe & B. L. Quarles before property paid for. 20 Jany 1910. s/s M. A. C. Williams

WILLIAMS, T. J. vs YOUNG, Z. M. et al

DEPOSITIONS: January 7 & 8, 1891 of M. L. Gore, W. H. Quarles, James W. Stafford, James A. Williams, J. M. Morgan, J. W. Cason taken at dwelling house of T. J. Williams.

M. L. Gore 50, know ferry landings & land. M. A. C. Williams sold to Z. M. Young. s/s

W. H. Quarles age 51, know land, not the property lines, on Roaring & Cumberland Rivers. Date of deed 1881, I owned the lower ferry at the time. I sold to Dr. Z. M. Young, got $1500, and had rather had the upper ferry than lower. Owned about four years when I sold. s/s

James W. Stafford, 45, know land & ferry, worth about $1500-$1800 in 1881, little over 20 acres. s/s

James A. Williams 52, worth $2000-$2500 at date of conveyance 26 March 1881. s/s

Wm A. Rash 36 [marked through, apparently didn't testify].

J. W. Cason age 42, testified value of land. s/s

William Gore 66, practical surveyor. Complainant called me to survey, defendant met me but didn't have his deed, could do nothing.

Question: Have you or not heard the deed from M. A. C. Frost (now Williams) read? Answer: Heard the deed spoken of. Covers all the bottom, 40 acres. s/s

Lizzie Hampton, will be 35 next March, am a daughter of M. A. C. Williams. In 1881, ived at Gainesboro part of the time and part of the time at Butler's landing. Present when deed executed and Z. M. Young, Howell Williams, G. B. Murray and Ma were there. s/s

M. A. C. Williams, am Complainant. Understood I sold Young the ferry & the banks on this side of the river, and privilege of landing - NOT land on north side of the river. Was almost 5 to 12 [on Saturday night]. I am illiterate & know nothing of legal phrases. At that time I could not read writing at all.

Young said we better get through it and I asked if I should have a lawyer or my brother in law Newton Moore. He said "No, I'd treat you like a sister".

Defendant Young has been living here all his life.

I married when I was 13 and have been married most ever since. Dec 19, 1891. s/s

Depositions of T. G. Settle, Jonas Stafford & Sarah Ann Butler taken June 9 & 10, residence of T. J. Williams in Gainesboro except Mrs. S. A. Butler taken at her own house, she being sick.

Jonas Stafford, know land & parties. Jonas [X] Stafford

Sarah Ann Butler states her husband is dead. He was acting as County Court Clerk in March 1881. Mr. Butler was called on by parties to acknowledge deed after we'd been asleep. s/s

T. G. Settle age 59, live Gainesboro. Margery W. Settles owns & has owned land at mouth of Doe Creek 35-40 years. Known Complainant since she was a child. She has been married three times. She has kept a ferry and been a hotel keeper most ever since she has been grown. She owned and ran the ferry ever since the lands were divided... industrious woman. I live about 1/4 mile from land in controversy, live in about 10 steps of Dr. Young. His land & mine join. 18 June 1891. s/s

T. G. Settle states Z. M. Young has reputation of cheating & defrauding anyone he can. Saturday, 29 August 1891. s/s

Thos J. Williams age [written over, can't read]. Am present husband of Complainant M. A. C. Williams. We married Mch 30, 1881. Was after she sold her ferry to Dr. Z. M. Young that we married. Moved to State of Missouri about a month after we married. Were not engaged until a day or so before we married. We stayed in Missouri about 4 months, got back here last of August or first of Sept 1881. s/s T. J. Williams

John H. Stafford age 43, was hauling logs, & there was a dispute between Mrs. Eaton, now Mrs. Williams, about who owned a narrow strip of land where there used to be an old road [Was suit on this, do not recall Reel - mlj]. s/s J. H. Stafford

M. A. C. Williams states at the time of the ferry trade with Z. M. Young, was not related to G. B. Murray. My husband James Eaton who had been dead for several years, was his uncle. Went to Dr. Young for money when it came due and he refused to pay, so went to G. B. Murray and he said he was Young's standing attorney & I'd better go see Dr. Young and compromise. Went to Dr. Young and asked him why he wouldn't pay and he said because I hadn't put him in possession of the log yard. I said that was something I couldn't do because I'd never owned it. I had suggested Capt. Cox draw the deed from me to him, and he said he'd get G. B. Murray, and I agreed. s/s Mary A. C. Williams

John H. Denton, known Young 20-25 years, don't trust him. s/s J. H. Denton

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: 10 December 1887 filed a bill against Z. M. Young to collect balance due on purchase money for $240, total sale price $800, sale 26 March 1881 by complainant M. A. C. Williams (then Frost). She emphatically told Young did not include land on north side of river, only privilege of landing, and he is now claiming north side to high water mark for at least one-fourth mile. [Mentions son in law & daughter being waked up in night when deed signed 26 March 1881, did not give names - mlj].

Asks that Elizabeth & G. W. Hampton be added as defendants. 16 Feby 1889.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: M. A. C. Williams (formerly M. A. C. Frost) & husband T. J. Williams. Complainant was a widow woman by name of M. A. C. Frost when deed signed 26 March 1881.

DECREE: Complainants entitled to relief. Complainant owner in fee of tract bounded by lands of A. S. Lock, heirs of Sallie Sadler, deceased, William K. Lock and land of M. A. Herod, and Cumberland River.

26 April 1887 defendant J. D. Bennett who is now dead... heirs and administrators brought action of ejectment against complainants herein & Z. M. Young... enjoined in this suit. That suit was founded on fraudulent sale... deed from G. R. Maddux, Sheriff. Ejectment perpetually enjoined together with all judgments & decrees against M. A. C. Williams, case of Newton Moore & wife against James W. Lock & others, J. D. Bennett as Receiver against M. A. C. Williams & others, and other causes heard therewith, all of them being declared fraudulent.

DEPOSITIONS 8 Sept 1891:

Dr. H. P. Loftis age 35, Z. M. Young of good character. s/s

J. V. Minor, age 57, Gainesboro, merchant 20 years, Young character is good.

[Other 'good character' testimony, did not give age/occupation - mlj]: B. A. Butler, J. H. Chaffin, H. H. Cason, S. S. Dudney, Jr., L. Washburn, J. A. Williams.


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Williams Bros, formerly merchants doing business in Gainesboro, Jackson Co, TN composed of James A. Williams Jr. now of Davidson Co., TN & T. K. Williams now of White Co., TN against Clay Reeves and Jerry McCormack, both of Jackson Co., TN. Williams Bros owners in fee and entitled: Land in 1st District, Gipson Hollow bounded north by S. B. Fowler, south by E. A. Brown, east by Clay Reeves, west by J. M. York. Williams Bros have since 27 May 1899 been entitled to possession. 1 June 1901, Clay Reeves & Jerry McCormack took possession.

Clay Reeves is claiming under conveyance from Robert & Emily Gipson executed [blank] Oct 1900, at which time Gipson had only redemption right. 10 Feb 1899, Mrs. N. F. Cox recovered judgment of Robert L. Gipson, levied on property, sold for debt. Bought by Samuel Sliger for $75.00. Complainant Williams Bros bought from Sliger, advanced sum to $206.66, being sum owed them by R. L. Gipson.

Defendant Jerry McCormick is a tenant of Clay Reeves.

DEPOSITION: George G. Haile states Joshua Haile was my brother. He is deceased. Robert L. Gipson & Emily Gipson came to my brother's in Gainesboro and asked him to sign note for rent on a house to Mrs. N. A. Cox. Bob Gipson was not yet 21. This was in 1898. It was for rent on a house and lot where they lived. s/s George G. Haile

DEPOSITION: Sam Sliger 51, am the same one who bought Bob Gipson's land in 1899. I can't read the deed, but I sold to Williams Brothers. 16 Jan 1902. s/s Sam Sliger

DEPOSITION: M. J. Dixon, was one of R. L. Gipson's securities on note to Mrs. N. F. Cox. My first wife was a sister of R. L. Gipson, she died 24 Feb 1895, I believe she was 19 years of age. My recollection is she was born 15 October 1875. That is the date on the tombstone - always understood there were two years' difference in age between her and younger brother R. L. Gipson.

Question: Have you heard said R. L. Gipson was born August 1877?

Answer: Mrs. Gipson did a memorandum of dates of birth for Dr. Simcox, it showed date of R. L. Gipson's birth. Don't remember all, had so many die. Remember my wife Sis York Eva - Bob Jonnie Annie and a boy named Ba___ who is dead, some other dead. Don't remember if Annie & John are on it or not. 16 Jan 1902. s/s M. J. Dixon

DEPOSITION: Emily Gipson, am the mother of Robert Gipson, John Gipson and Annie Gipson. Robert L. Gipson owned the land in litigation. I was his guardian. I bought the land from Robert and afterwards joined him in a deed to Clay Reeves. Neither Robert Gipson or I ever lived on the land. s/s Emily Gipson

DEPOSITION: M. J. Dixon [Re-examined], states at one time the names and ages of children of ?F. M. Gipson were written in a Bible. Eva, [looks like] Beopie, M. J., Lena May and think Bob L. Gipson. Her father and my first wife are both dead. The Bible had been tampered with and dates written over. s/s M. J. Dixon

DEPOSITION: Robert L. Gipson, age 24, live Gainesboro.


SUMMONS TO APPEAR: Puralton [Pendleton] Huff & Martha Huff to appear 1st Monday in December 1883.

SETTLEMENT: Listed for March 10, 1883, 1 Jan 1888, 26 January, 1889. Included sum due Administrator for his cost in case of A. J. Pharris against Lambert & others.

Five distributive shares, 1/5 each to:

C. C. & Elizabeth Colier, their share of said estate

Martha Huff, her distributive share

W. T. and Julia Hargis, their distributive share

C. A. Williamson, his distributive share.

Penelton [Pendleton] Huff, his distributive share.

PETITION: Leonard Huff departed life in Jackson Co. intestate in 1883, owning land in Dist. 5 on south side of Cumberland River. Bounded by Homestead of Martha Huff, widow of deceased... near Pendleton Huff's corner ...conditional line between Leonard Huff & C. C. Collier... to far side of the Dry branch ... to bluff of Cumbeland River ...below the old mill wall to Joseph Prewitt line... to Fox hollow tract, up ridge to line of Leonard Huff's 50 acre tract ... to Lynn corner ... lands of G. W. Guess, C. A. Williamson & Leonard Huff with line of C. A. Williamson's, to Martha Huff's dower.

Petitioners except husbands of married women together with defendant Pendleton Huff are the only children and heirs of Leonard Huff. Martha Huff is the widow.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: H. S. Williamson of Clay Co, TN against A. H. Johnson of Jackson Co., TN and J. D. Johnson of the State of California. Prior to 1903, J. D. Johnson, son of defendant A. H. Johnson, purchased 400 acres of timberland on waters of Obed River about 1/4 mile from Celina in Clay Co. After his purchase, said J. D. Johnson cut/hauled/marked timber on his land. Owing to many expenditures, defendant owed Complainant and A. H. Johnson, as Security, about $3000. A. H. Johnson, learning of financial difficulties of his son, went to Celina where his son lived and bought all real & personal property except a house & lot and some vacant lots in town of Celina, which was under a vendor's lien. Defendant A. H. Johnson to pay outstanding debt on property he purchased. Defendant A. H. Johnson was then solvent, could easily pay. Complainant recovered judgment against J. D. Johnson, got some of his money, wants the rest.

J. D. Johnson has 1/4 interest in tract adjoining Jim Burris on the south and on west by Roaring River and east by land of A. H. Johnson containing about 300 acres. This land is encumbered by the life tenancy of the wife of A. H. Johnson. Sidwell & Davidson, Sol.

DEPOSITION: Champ Williams, 49, live Fox Spring, TN, farmer. Know parties. Lived Celina, J. D. Johnson lived on the long branch about 1 1/4 miles from me and part of the time lived Celina. He had a logging business. I was his security on two notes of $150 each, afterward had them to pay. Andy Johnson, J. D. Johnson's father, paid me some money. 6 April 1915. s/s Champ Williams

DEPOSITION: A. H. Johnson, am father of J. D. Johnson, who was in logging business in Clay Co. 1907 until about June 12, 1908. Col. S. B. Anderson at the Bank in Celina made out list of property and debts. Debts were: Allen Rich; P. J. Johnson of Black's Ferry, KY; J. F. Langford; W. C. Lowry, Butler's Ldg; W. L. Brown; John Overstreet; Ike Rush. Paid Champ Williams, paid William Lynn a small sum for cutting logs. Don't recall paying Len Rich, J. R. Gist.

A deposition was taken 21 February 1910 of J. D. Johnson in Coalinga, California. Part of the Kettle Creek lots were not hauled. Gave J. D. $1,000 for his farm on Long Branch, Kettle Creek. Did not assume any of John Davy Johnson's debt that was not listed. I was security on notes to R. V. Brooks & others, paid them. 6 April 1915. s/s A. H. Johnson

DEPOSITION: Jack Massingale age 28, farmer, live Celina. Hauled some corn John David Johnson had bought from H. S. Williams. 14 October 1914. Jack [X] Massingale

DEPOSITION: John Massingal age 32 on the 8th of November, farmer, live Celina. Worked for J. D. Johnson hauling logs. Andy Johnson took the land, and I rented some & Lewis Massingal some. 14 Oct 1914 John [his X mark] Massingal

DEPOSITION: Lewis Massingale age 60, am farmer, live Celina. J. D. Johnson got me to come with Asberry Johnson and haul corn. Lewis [X] Massingale

DEPOSITION: J. R. Gist age 66, am a harness maker, live Celina. A. H. Johnson got J. D.'s property. J. D. had a contract to sell logs, A. H. filled out contract by getting some from Mrs. Gray on Kettle Creek. s/s J. R. Gist

DEPOSITION: H. S. Williamson age 40, live Celina, deal in real estate. I bought 50 barrels of corn from ?Poter Johnson, then sold it to J. D. Johnson. 15 October 1914. [Signed] H. S. Williamson

DECREE: Defendant J. D. Johnson executed deed to his wife Avo Johnson on land in new 3rd District Clay Co., bounded by Butler's Landing... corner to T. C. Webb & Ned Maxey...alley opened by T. C. Webb & O. B. Maxey to Celina & Butler's Ldg road.

Deed from J. D. Johnson to his wife Avo Johnson is fraud, deed hereby cancelled. Deed dated July 13, 1908, registered Book J pages 285-286, Clay Co., TN. Complainant H. S. Williams to recover from defendants J. D. Johnson & Avo Johnson.

DEPOSITION: A. H. Johnson, live 1st District, Jackson Co., TN. s/s A. H. Johnson

DEPOSITIONS: Taken 1 December 1915, testimony as to character of defendants:

F. M. Buchanan age 65, live Celina, occupation carpenter. [Signed]

C. R. Willis 56, live Celina, merchant. [Signed]

J. B. Walker age 54, live near Celina, farmer. [Signed]

J. R. Gist, 57, live Celina, harness maker, J.P. in Clay Co. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: J. D. Johnson, taken 8 April 1915 in Livingston, California. Age 35, am defendant. H. S. Williamson was to get me a [sales] job on the road and I was to pay him out of my salary. He did get me one with Greenfield, Tolbert, Finney & Battle, a furniture house in Nashville. I also carried two lines, he helped me get a job with the Nashville Saddlery and I stayed with that job 1 - 1 1/2 months and quit... not making expenses. s/s J. D. Johnson Attest: J.L.E Hitchcock, Merced Co., CA


REPORT OF HOMESTEAD: Lay off Homestead & Dower of Mary Runnels, widow of deceased William Runnels, Minute Docket 'D', pages 436 & 437 is amended to now allow homestead in land that was joining owned by William Runnels, deceased and James Freeze. She is entitled to Dower subject to vendor's lien, if any, for purchase money due thereon.

Mary Runnels to have homestead for her and minor children residing with her for and during her natural life & until her youngest child reaches majority. It is further decreed that she Mary Runnels is entitled to Dower of one undivided third of one undivided half of the 2nd tract mentioned. Clerk selling said land will sell subject to the interest of said Mary Runnels. [No date; "Sistler's Index to Jackson Co. 1880 Census" lists hh 246:

RUNNELS, WILLIAM 37, Mary 36, Alice 12, Jackson 8.]


ANSWER: Nancy Williamson to bill of complaint states they were married about time alleged, she was a widow and mother of Martha, her only child. Had no child by Petitioner. She and daughter Martha moved to house of Complainant. Complainant was a widower at marriage and had the family stated. Lived together from 2 February until 4 July thereafter. Was forced to leave by Complainant. Was ill treated, wouldn't speak to her for days. Complainant bound himself in their marriage contract to take care of her daughter Martha... used vulgar & indecent language. He induced her to sell her little farm and give proceeds to Martha, which she did. Respondent was then about age 50, no home.

Complainant owned considerable farm on Spring fork of Martin's Creek of Cumberland River. About 3 weeks after he ordered her out, he sold the land to ?Mennis Lee for $3000, purchased land in Smith Co. of one F. M. Goolsby of about $3500, where Complainant and his family now reside, had a deed made to his children, not recorded, as she is informed. Complainant proposed to John Apple to have deed made to him and Complainant's children, Apple refused. Land in Smith Co., Dist. 21, Indian Creek of Cumberland River, adjacent land of Doctor William Robinson, being land at one time resided on by William Sadler & others. 25 Oct 1871. Nancy [X] Williamson

OATH OF POVERTY: Same date [Maximum cost]. Nancy [X] Williamson

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Thomas C. Williamson of Smith Co., TN against Nancy Williamson of Jackson Co. Married in Jackson Co. Feby 1869. Defendant was mother of one child, Martha King, about grown at marriage. Defendant had been married to William Keith, who died leaving her a widow a few years, had no children by Keith.

Petitioner was widower about one year when married, he was then about 52, all his children made their home with him; four daughters and one son.

First Sunday in July 1869 she wilfully and maliciously and without just cause deserted. On 1st Tuesday in July returned and began to remove all property, household and kitchen furniture she had brought to the house on said marriage.


PETITION: John A. Dycus & H. W. Williams of Jackson Co., Tenn, against Jerry Willford, a temporary citizen now of Jackson Co. About 27 April, 1884, Sarah Williford filed for divorce in Jackson County, charging failure to provide, cruel...asked that his property be attached. 13 May 1884, Complainant and Defendant compromised, costs of suit not paid. Jerry Williford is about to dispose of property, remove to State of Kentucky where he has heretofore removed a portion of his property. Is one-half owner of a crop of corn on eight acres.

COMPROMISE: Agreement to dismiss. Sarah [X] Williford, s/s J. M. Williford

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married [blank] 1878. When married, he had but little. She had personal property of $1000 - $1200, tract of land worth $1000 or more. He wasted rents & profits, gave to his children by former marriage who were grown and married off. Oratrix owns said land bounded by George Huffines on south; Hardcastle on west, widow Martha Carver on north and east, and probably by others.


AFFIDAVIT: V. M. Clark affirms estate of Wade H. Willmore, deceased, indebted to him for $60. 24 January 1873 s/s V. M. Clark

PRO RATA SETTLEMENT: James M. Willmore, Admr of estate of Wade H. Willmore, estate is insolvent. Debtors are Archibal Wilson, G. W. Clements, John Johnson, Vanburin Keen, Washington Carter.

DEBTS PAID [Partial list]: J. A. Williams for shrouding [burial] 25 August 1871. Fee to B. B. Washburn, case of J. M. Willmore, Admr vs R. S. Crabtree. Fee to B. B. Washburn, W. H. Willmore vs Buck Frarsure [sic].

Paid Fanny Willmore for a portion of years support, dated October 7th, 1871 plus interest to March 1, 1874.

ADMINISTRATOR'S BOND: James M. Willmore, Principal; J. N. Hix, Security. 3 Jan 1872.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Fanny Wilmore, widow of Wade H. Wilmore, James M. Wilmore, Lucinda Dixon, Abijah Dixon, Elizabeth Fergusson & her husband John Ferguson, ?Floradowell Clark & husband M. Clark, Adoline Short & her husband Calen Short & Manerva Wilmore, S. F. Heston & his wife ?Lucy Jane Hestand.

On or about [blank] 1870, Wade Willmore died in Jackson Co. seized and possessed of land in Dist. 5 bounded... top of ridge [rest of description uses trees as markers].

Said Wilmore had no children, but left following brother and sisters: James M. Wilmore, Lucinda Dixon, Elizabeth Ferguson, Flora ?Advenilla Clark, Adoline Short & Manerva Wilmore. Sisters are married except Manerva. Asks dower be laid off and land sold to pay debts. One hundred thirty acres [Survey map filmed], sold to Wade H. Wilmore by Samuel Martin, being same land deeded to Samuel G. Martin by Ruth Martin. Survey at request of Wade Wilmore & Rufus Martin.


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Wade H. Wilmore against Landon M. Oglesby of Jackson Co, TN & Hiram Minor, State of Illinois & James Bolls of Jackson Co, TN. Hiram Minor purchased a house & lot from Oglesby [blank] 1858 known as Amonett dwelling house, the garden, stables, kitchen, smoke house & flour house: Commence on corner of old store house on banks of Cumberland River & runs back to Lankford Andrews' house & lot to corner of B. Stou_ _s [maybe "Stout's"] land, town of Celina, Dist 6, Jackson Co. for $600 on 1, 2, and 3 year terms. Orator [Wilmore] owned a fine gelding, which Oglesby wanted to purchase for $200 to apply towards land, and Orator to be a partner with Minor & Bolls [spelled "Boles" later in same case]. Oglesby got the horse, Wilmore didn't go into partnership with Minor & Boles, saying Hiram Minor was "tricky". Defendant Minor then left this country, Wilmore wants his $200 or his horse.

DEPOSITION: Ensley Wilmore, age about 53, delivered L. W. Oglesby a horse that belonged to Waid Wilmore. Oglesby said he was to give $200 for it; was in the spring 1858. I am father of Complainant W. H. Wilmore. 9 July 1859 s/s E. Wilmore

DEPOSITION: Bennett Stone, 43, acquainted with W. H. Wilmore. Was in Celina Town, heard conversation between parties. 9 July 1859 s/s Bennett Stone

DEPOSITION: George W. Peterman, about 16. Was in Celina, Ensley Wilmore brought horse to L. B. Peterman's stable. 9 July 1859. George W. [X] Peterman

DEPOSITION: Margaret Willis, lawful age, know Wilmore, heard him speak of horse. Gave up key and possession to Carroll Willis ?Jnr. 25 Nov 1859. Margaret [X] Willis

DEPOSITION: James J. Amonett about 30. Wilmore was to be a partner of Minor, but said he was too tricky. 25 Nov 1859. s/s J. J. Amonette

DEPOSITION: James Boles, about 28, acquainted with W. H. Wilmore, horse and house. Wilmore said Minor had got a $200 horse out of him & left him to pay the rent of the Grocery house. Wilmore said he intended to sue me & Oglesby if it was not fixed up. 25 Nov 1859. James [X] Boyles

DEPOSITION: William Savage, about 21. Oglesby said he gave $200 for the horse on a fine town lot. 25 Nov 1859. s/s William Savage

DEPOSITION: E. Boman, about 41, heard Oglesby & Minor talking, Wilmore there, said nothing. 26 Nov 1859. s/s Eusileus Boman

DEPOSITION: Isac Copland, [no age], was called on by Hiram Minor to witness terms of contract. s/s Isaac Copeland

DEPOSITION: Hiram Minor, purchased house & lot of Landown W. Oglesby in Celina. Wade H. Wilmore was to have no interest...couldn't make up his mind, didn't sign notes & bonds. s/s Hiram Minor

DEPOSITION: James H. Hall, age [written originally 28, changed to either 27 or 29]. 26 Nov 1859. s/s James H. Hall

[NEW] WILLS & DEEDS - [Miscellaneous, not in alpha order. These were apparently loose papers someone deemed it was not necessary to make separate folder for each, possibly placed all together years ago - mlj].

DEED from: R. M. CUNNINGHAM of Louisville, Kentucky for $1920...sell to W. M. DRAPER & R. L. DRAPER of Jackson Co, land 13th Dist, Pine Lick Forks of Jackson County, TN, being NE corner of 500 acre survey granted to M. Gore, now owned by heirs of George Brotherton. Begin corner of 200 acre tract once owned by George Clark...to Henson's line, now Bedford Carver's line passing Carver's corner & Dock Hix/ corner...to hollow above Dock Hix' house...John F. Griffith's 200 acre tract now owned by J. N. McCoin ...to NW corner of 50 acre survey by Joshua Short now owned by Mit Lovelady... West boundary of another survey by Joshua Short now owned by Mit Lovelady to 150 acre tract granted to Clay Purcell now owned by Y. C. Clark... passing Gracy Caruthers corner to south boundary line of 100 acre tract granted to Carey Cherry now owned by heirs of Berry Allen, deceased, passing SW corner of Reubin Carter's 200 acre tract, west to Mathews line, including right of way over lands of Berry Allen, deceased as shown by court record case of Gore heirs against Berry Allen, Circuit Court of Jackson Co. and in the Supreme Court at Nashville, but no warranty as to right of way.

It being the same land granted by State of Tenn to John B. McCormick, #5329, entered 30 Nov 1836, granted 30 June 1837, being same or portion conveyed by W. W. Goodall, Sheriff, to M. Gore on 14 Nov 1848 by decree of Circuit Court, purchased by M. L. & S. G. Gore, case of M. L. Gore vs Elvira Poteet et al, confirmed by decree 6 July 1893, Minute Docket 1, page 35, being same land sold by Sheriff & purchased by R. M. Cunningham in case of Rebecca Allen & Henry Lancaster et als vs Louisville Lumber Co., recorded Deed Book D pps 407-8-9. About 4 acres in possession of Jasper Carter & this we only quit-claim, being tract conveyed by J. N. & Sallie E. McCoin to Louisville Lumber Co. Book L, page 158-9.

It is not intended to convey 10 acre tract conveyed by Louisville Lumber Co. to Mrs. H. L. Brotherton dated 30 Apr 1910, recorded Book M, page 584-5, or small tract about 30 acres to C. B. [or E.] Jenkins 27 July 1909, recorded Book M, page 598-9. Dated 27 October 1913. s/s R. M. Cunningham

DEED from: R. V. BROOKS to R. L. DRAPER, land on waters of Pine Lick Fork of Jennings Creek.. begin east boundry of L. S. Cherry land... to E. G. Kittrell's north boundary. 4 March 1901.

s/s R. V. Brooks

DEED from: M. E. BILBREY & wife LIZIE [sic] to R. L. DRAPER, land in 13th District, Jackson Co., TN, on Jermany's [?Jennings] Branch known as the Murphy tract where said Murphey formerly lived... north boundary line of E. J. Kittrell... boundary line of 500 acre tract granted by State of Tenn to John McDowel of which this is a part... to said Murpheys & N. M. Pointer's corner. Also house tract where M. E. Bilbrey now lives... Jermany Branch, 13th Dist. 26 Aug 1910 s/s M. E. Bilbrey, Lizie [X] Bilbrey

DEED from: C. C. HIX & wife A. L. HIX to M. E. R. Bilbrey, land in Dist. 13, Jackson Co. Nov 13, 1896. [Did not have wife's signature; notarized Macon Co., TN]. s/s C. C. Hix

DEED from: J. G. CUNNINGHAM to JOHN PERON & PERON & OTHERS & others & c [sic]. Land in Dist. 4, Jackson Co., TN, by estimate 50 acres "and the same tract having been traded to different ones & deeds made and not being Registered & recorded my old deed being Presented to me I look in and made a new at different times but never Recd the pay for said land but once, now learning that Hiram Crabtree has become the owner or purchaser of said tract of land and as he has handed me back the only deed I have out for said land the same not being Registered & Recorded" ... I do hereby make said H. Crabtree ... quit claim deed. 15 December 1850 s/s J. G. Cunningham Witnesses: William Hudson, G. W. Hutchinson, ?Milea [her X mark] Carter


1st: Alice Keith Brown my daughter, George G. Keith, J. G. Keith & J. B. Keith my sons, and to Bedford Sisco my son in law, all the personal property & also land 4th District Jackson Co., waters of north fork of Jennings Creek whereon I now live described in deed to me made by W. A. Johnson on 7 Decr 1878. They pay off debts; owe Kittrell & Draper $59.80, Dr. J. D. Quarles $270.25 and [blank] Jones a small amount.

2nd: My daughters Jane York, wife of V. E. York; Lula Hix wife McHix; & Ada Jenkins wife of Sam Jenkins, tract in 4th District on waters of Jennings Creek known as L. K. Nash place, 55 acres, conveyed by Nash to E. C. Gaines & purchased by me of sale of his real estate after his death.

3rd: Decently buried... 11 January 1907. Dorcus A. [her X mark] Keith Witnesses: W. B. Taylor, ?J. C. ?Jenkins [or Jefrey]

DEED from: C. M. KIRKPATRICK & wife SARAH KIRKPATRICK and T. F. KIRKPATRICK & wife MAGGIE KIRKPATRICK to VINA POSTON, wife of W. T. Poston, land on Buck branch. Begin at mouth of Buck branch with line of J. W. Patterson & Billie Patterson... corners of J. W. Patterson & Billie Patterson... corners of W. H. & Z. M. Young... Robert E. Neemore's corner... big bluff on south side of Cumberland River. 9th November 1912. [All Grantors signed]: C. M. Kirkpatrick, Sarah Kirkpatrick, T. F. Kirkpatrick, Maggie Kirkpatrick

DEED from: THOMAS T. POINTER to A. W. DRAPER, Land Dist. 13 on Cumberland River, Pinelick Fork of Jennings Creek... line between Wilson Huddleston & Lemuel S. Cherry, deceased, being line originally made by David Myers, Samuel DeWitt & Thomas Price... to Isaac White's 200 acre tract... to survey granted David Dixon. Also free access to big spring for getting water for family and stock purposes, which right was transferred to Pointer by Leonard Jones. 26 February 1872. Thomas T. [X] Pointer

INDENTURE [Deed of Gift]: This 26 October 1850, I John Cherry of Jackson Co., TN party of the one part and Elizabeth Lancaster of said county, the other part... Said John Cherry for and in consideration of the natural love & affection which he the said John Cherry bears towrd his daughter the said Elizabeth Lancaster ... her bodily heirs two tracts of land ... waters of Brimstone creek bounded... hollow on S. Lancaster's line thence south, thence north, thence south, S. S. Lancaster line & with the same ... 25 acres. The other containing 20 acres... the latter named tract & Six acres of the former opposit and adjoining the 20 acre tract I reserved for the support of my self & wife during our life and at our death all to be the said Elizabeth Lancasters & her heirs... The said Elizabeth Lancaster or her heirs must pay or cause to be paid to Elizabeth C. Keith the sum of fifteen Dollars at my death then the above named tracts of land to be fully the said Elizabeth Lancaster's... s/s John Cherry Wits: Pleasant Henley, David Griffith

DEED from: LEROY B. SETTLE of Wilson Co., TN to GEORGE McKAUGHAN of Jackson Co. for $63.50 [Blank] District, Jackson Co...beginning at stake in land belonging to said George McKaughan... to 50 acre tract Granted to McLemore & Vaus [or Vaun]... to tract granted to Samuel Griffith & William D. Griffith and agreed to by Silas C. Cornwell, the owner of one half of said 127 acre of Griffith tract. [blank] July 1845. s/s LeRoy B. Settle

INDENTURE: I, ALEXANDER BOLES to MARGARET BOLES for 40 bushels of corn a year while I live... land on waters of Mill Creek, Jackson Co, TN Dist. 8, on east side of Hutcheson fork, near SW corner of 50 acre tract on which I now live. Dated 19 May 1866. Wit: W. H. Hawkins, W. T. Edmonds, Wm H. Scanland, George D. Harris Certified copy of deed recorded Book M, p 252 & 253. Alexander [his X mark] Boles

DEED from: THOMAS SMITH to TOVER [Toliver] KIRKPATRICK, for $1.00 [personal property being 3 oxen, 4 cows, 4 horses, 2 stills & tubs, 25 head of hogs] on following terms. I am justly indebted to R. C. Kirkpatrick for $100 due by account and Thomas E. Dennis & Hiram Summers, Admr of est of John Summers, decd... recovered a judgment against me for $180, and that John M. Burris is stayor for the judgment. Also I am indebted to Thomas Pointer for $100 due by note 1 Jan 1858. Also James Draper the Admr of James Pharris has recovered a judgment that James ?Weslee stayed. Also indebted to Lafayette Washburn & Toliver Kirkpatrick. If I pay off all debts before 7 Sept next, this deed to be void. If not, property to be sold after first being advertised, to pay debts. 8 Sept 1858. Thomas [his X mark] Smith

DEED OF GIFT: We, NOAH GENTRY & wife P. C. GENTRY to H. H. JOHNSON, JOHN LEE and PAYTON HIX, Public School Directors of 9th Dist, Jackson Co... land on Blackburn's fork creek and a part of tract where said Noah Gentry lives. Said building may be used for church or meetings, said meetings to be controlled by Directors when school is in session... when permanently abolished as public school site... go back to vendor or assigns. 3 June 1896. s/s N. G. Gentry, P. C. [her X mark] Gentry

DEED from: Gale Berry to Anna Griggs for $70-0, land Dist 16, Jackson Co, 200 acres... line between Acton Hawkins & Alexander Boles. 19 March 1861. s/s Gale Berry Attest: R. B. Smith, ?Abel ?Duncan, Registered Bk L, p 251-52.

DEED from: Barbery Sutton to John V. Hawkins... my undivided interest in two tracts for $10.00, my one-eleventh part... to me by Enoch Jackson as his heir. Said land was deeded to Enoch Jackson by Josirh [?Josiah] Jackson heirs...waters of Blackburn Fork of Roaring River...survey in the name of Shankling, now owned by W. R. Gentry.

One other tract in Dist. 9... SW corner H. H. Hamilton land... about 3 poles west of Mary Smith's corner of her 200 acre survey... Webb's NE corner... line between Joshua Young & John F. Hawkins. 29 Apr 1893. Barby [X] Sutton; Wit: John Smith, A. Hawkins

DEED from: Willis Cornwell to L. C. Hall for $1.00, land in Dist. 3, Jackson Co, TN... begin at rock in McCarver & my line... down from John Jenkins... up branch to Jacob Jenkins' old line... branch running from Vinson Morelands... David Hufhines old line... line between John Veach & David Hufhines... line between John Veach & William D. Dicus to William Woodfork's old line... Johnathan Slon's [?Sloan] old line, between me & Logan McCarver, being 400 acres more or less.

I am indebted to Logan McCarver... also my security for several lawsuits. 4 Nov 1865. [Signed] Willis Cornwell


In the name of God Amen I William C. Wheeler being of Sound mind and disposeing memory but weak of body and Knowing that it is appointed for all men to die,

In respect to the worldly goods and effects with which it has pleased Almighty God to bless me, do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time made

1st I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon as possible out of any moneys that I may die possessed of or may first come in to hands of my executor.

Secondly I give and bequeath to my much beloved wife Eadith Wheeler my entire estate of whatever Kind and nature except as above provided, and the tract of land on which my son Jubillee Wheeler now lives I desire that she my wife shall have hold and enjoy the same during her natural life if she should out live me then said estate to inure to my heirs as herein after expressed

Thirdly I give and bequeath to my son Jubilee Wheeler the entire tract of land on which he now lives as his share of my lands.

Fourthly I give and bequeath to my son William W Wheeler the entire home tract that I now live on, but I require of him that in eighteen months after the death of us I mean the last demise of me and my wife Eadith, that he the said William W Wheeler pay to each of the heirs (To Wit) J T Wheeler, Adalisy Birdwell, Mary Ann Birdwell and the Heirs of M M Wheeler (Decesd) the sum of One Hundred and seventy five dollars as their part of the said home tract

Fifthly I direct that whatever personalities may be on hand after our demise that the same be sold and distribution of the proceeds be made equal between each and every heir without exception

Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my son J T Wheeler my executor

In witness where of I do to this my will set my hand this the ninth day of April Eighteen Hundred and Eighty Five s/s W. C. Wheeler

STATE OF TENNESSEE, JACKSON COUNTY} Personally came before me, J.H. Chaffin Clk. of the Co. Ct. of said co. J.H.L. Brown & J.M. Kirby the two subscribed witnesses to the annexed will of W. C. Wheeler Dcd which was produced in open court being duly sworn Deposed & said W. C. Wheeler executed acknowledged & published the foregoing will as his last will & testament in their presents & that they signed and witnesses the same in the presence of each other of them, & that at the request of the testator & the same was duly probated & it was proven in open court that the testator W. C. Wheeler is Dead. This Jany. 5 - 1904. s/s J. H. Chaffin, Clk.

[NOTE: William C. Wheeler outlived wife Eadith. 1900 U. S. Census, JCT: Wheeler, William C, 77 Tenn; Wheeler, Patia Wife 63 Tenn. William C. shown as second marriage, "Patia" shown as her first. Marriage certificate 2 July 1894, Jackson Co., W. C. Wheeler to Patience Davidson - mlj].

DEED from: Thomas Mourtin, Jackson Co, TN, bargained, sold and conveyed to Samuel E. Hare my right in estate of Daniel Ramsey, decd being one-fourth part of estate, for $600. 6 Sept 1841. Reg. 15 Sept 1841, Book E p 611. s/s Thomas Mourton

LAST WILL of WILLIAM JOHNSON: Being of sound mind... stock and poultry of any kind, household, kitchen, and farming utencils [sic], outstanding notes to my beloved wife Louisa Johnson...dispose of as she chooses. Real estate heretofore disposed of. Names wife Louisa Johnson Executrix. 21 June 1886. Witnesses: M. L. Gore, S. G. Gore William [X] Johnson

Produced in open court... M. L. Gore and S. G. Gore testify were acquainted, and they acknowledged... was of sound mind and disposing memory. 3 October 1887.

LAST WILL OF LULA HEROD: Being of sound mind... all property, real, personal and mixed, including residence in Gainesboro recently purchased from Lewis K. Smith; also my 2/3 undivided interest in tracts in Dist 13, Jackson Co., TN on waters of Pine Lick fork of Jennings Creek known as Perry Tract and other known as Myers Tract, one third of which I inherited from my father A. W. Draper, deceased & the other 1/3 purchased from my mother Elvira Draper now Kittrell, also one land note executed to me and my husband J. W. Herod by H. H. Hix and James Wilmore for $200 due May 1890; also $66 2/3 of Elvira G. Kittrell & her husband due May 1891; also all other property that I may own to my beloved husband J. W. Herod, his heirs and assigns. Appoint husband J. W. Herod Executor. 14 Oct 1889. Wits: H. H. Hix, James M. Wilmore Lula [ X] Herod.

DEED from: B. R. CROWDER & wife MARY CROWDER, sum of $20, land in Dist. 8 on Webster Creek... begin top of Ridge, north with line made by J. N. [or U.] Crowder & R. B. Crowder. dated 1 June 1891. s/s B. R. Crowder, Mary Crowder

Appeared before me, B. R. Crowder and wife Mary, acknowledged foregoing Deed to be their act. Also Mary acknowledged separate and apart from husband...voluntarily.

LAST WILL of SAMUEL K. McDONALD. My grandson Sydney S. McDonald... tract I live on known as Jones Tract, Jackson Co., TN, Dist [blank] on Cumberland River... to the spring... 82 acres 2 rods & 11 poles and horse and personal property. Further my daughter in law Elma McDonald, the mother of Sydney S... a share of personal property during her lifetime or widowhood or during the life of said Sydney S., or until said Sydney arrive at age 21 should said Alma remain a widow. A guardian to be appointed for Sydney S...should deem support for Sydney and his mother.

My children to wit Martha J. Trousdale, Darthena Duke, Darthula Ferrell, J. J. McDonald, H. B. McDonald, M. J. McDonald, Mary F. Ferrell, Luella Kent & Z. B. McCellan balance of real and personal property.

If grandson Sydney die without issue, said 82 acres to my other children.

Having implicit confidence in my son in law J. J. McCellan, appoint him Executor. I hereby set my hand and seal [rest missing - mlj].

DEED from: W. E. Ragland & wife Rosie L. Ragland to Samuel H. York... land 1st District, Jackson Co., TN on Doe Creek... line between A. J. Stafford & Campbell Reece... Old Apple Orchard formerly Peter G. Cox and Lewis Roland [or Rowell]. 14 November 1891. s/s W. E. Ragland, Rosie L. Ragland

DEED from Henry Lancaster & Lucetta Lancaster to William Speakman for $52, land in Dist. No. 1st, Jackson County, Tennessee, being seven acres more or less. 1 June 1891. s/s Henry Lancaster [Lucetta did not sign - mlj]

LAST WILL of JANE M. KENNER. Being of sound mind and disposing memory, I Jane M. Kenner, make this my last will and testament.

1st I direct that all my just and legal debts and the expenses of my burial shall first be paid~

2nd I direct that One hundred ($100.00) Dollars shall be divided equally between the children of my deceased daughter, Elizabeth Botts ~

3rd I direct that the sum of three thousand ($3000.00) Dollars shall be paid to trustees, to be hereinafter named, in trust for the following persons and purposes;

One-thousand ($1000.00) Dollars to be held in trust for the sole and separate use and benefit of my daughter, Sallie McCue, free from the debts, contracts or control of her present or any future husband; or from any marital rights whatever; and with full power to the said trustees to invest or reinvest the same or any portion of it in a homestead, the trustees to be controlled in the selection of the said homestead by my said daughter, Sallie and to take title and make deed in accordance with the above instructions - that the trustees shall pay to her the rents and profits of the said homestead yearly, should she at any time elect to rent the same - But she shall not have power to dispose of the same except by last will and testament for which purpose full power is herein given~

One-thousand ($1000.00) Dollars to be held in trust for the sole and separate use and benefit of my daughter, Nancy Dodd, free from the debts, contracts, control or any marital rights whatever; [repeats conditions of bequest to other daughter Sallie, above - mlj]

One-thousand ($1000.00) Dollars to be held in trust for the sole and separate use...children of my deceased daughter Mary Murray. Executors to be Joel M. Settle and David R. Kinnaird; also named trustees. 15 May 1885 s/s Jane M. Kinner Wit: T. L. Dismukes, Myra C. Dismukes

Codicil dated 19 May 1889 names children of deceased daughter Mary as Nannie Murray and Maggie M. Chaffin, also states the $1000 that was to be held in trust for her daughter Sallie McCue has been paid to W. H. Botts for purchase of place where she now lives. Will recorded Settlement Book B, pages 245-248, Filed Oct 2, 1893, Minute Docket F, page 103.

[MORTGAGE] DEED: J. William Young and wife Ida F. Young to Frank Jones, money to be paid to J. W. Carter [or Canter] land in 1st District, Jackson Co, TN...A. L. Wheeler corner...ridge with A. M. Stafford's line...J. C. Davidson's corner... main road from Gainesboro to Sparta. 125 acres. 5 Nov 1892 s/s J. William Young, Ida F. Young

INDENTURE: J. W. Young to N. L. Kirby and J. C. Davidson, land District 1, Jackson Co., Tenn on the west side of road from Gainesboro to Cookeville. 20 acres. 20 Apr 1892. s/s J. W. Young, I. F. Young [Ack. J. W. Young & wife I. F. Young]

DEED: J. W. Young and wife Ida F. Young to William T. Davidson, 124 acres bounded NE corner of Duke Young's...at big road, running west with Young's line... corner of A. L. Wheeler's line, crossing hollow with Wheeler's line... meanders of the branch... A. M. Stafford's line ... with John P. Murry or _ _ McCue's line... big road from Gainesboro to Cookeville... have and hold to the said Mariah Davidson and her son William T. Davidson. For $500 cash paid, in hand on or before 1 Jan 1892. This April 11, 1891. [Signed] J. W. Young, I. F. Young

INDENTURE: J. T. Allen to David Allen, land in Dist 1, south side Cumberland River, Jackson Co. and in Dist. 9 headwater of Spring Creek where said Duke Allen now lives... east boundary of Benjamin Hannon, eastward between conditional line of J. M. Mabury & J. T. Allen to Ben stured [sic ?Steward] northwest corner... east with his line to the Deevidin rige [sic], then northwest along Deeviden rige between Benton Jackson & T. Allen to the big road ... Datren Branch to James Peakes to T. P. simmes [sic] line. 12 March 1876. s/s J. T. Allen. E. A. [her X mark] Allen. Wit: J. M. Mabury, J. P. Burroughs

DEED: W. E. Young & wife O. T. Young to J. M. Chaffin & W. E. Way, land in 1st District west side of Talley's hollow, up hollow to _ M. Young Jr. stable... conditional line between W. E. Young and _ M. Young Jr. in 1894... old original line to W. E. Young and B. B. Chaffin corner. 30 acres. 3 July 1899. s/s W. E. Young, O. T. Young

DEED: R. A. Kerby & wife Sallie ann Kerby, for $65 to R. V. Russell, note executed to R. V. Brooks by R. V. and D. S. Russell, land in 4th District, Jackson Co, TENN... to M. H. Draper line. 40 acres, except 2 acres conveyed this date to P. H. Kerby. 21 Dec 1896. R. A. [his X mark] Kerby, Sallie Ann [her X mark] Kerby

DEED: James L. Young & wife Mary E. to John Harris... running north with Archibald Loftis with boundary of his 100 acre tract [No date]. 4 Aug 1896. s/s

DEED: Amous Davidson & Darthuley Davidson to William W. Jackson for $20 for our undivided interest in estate of E. B. Jackson, deceased, being 1/9 of entire estate now held as homestead by F. D. Jackson, wife of said E. B. Jackson, deceased. 25 July 1890. [Signed] D. Y. Davidson; Amos [his X mark] Davidson

DEED: Nancy Rush & Ples Rush to William W. Jackson, $25.00, our interest in estate of E. B. Jackson, deceased, 1/9 entire interest. Land now held as homestead by F. D. Jackson, wife of said E. B. Jackson, deceased. 15 August 1891. W. P. [his X mark] Rush, [Signed] Nancy Rush

DEED: James L. Young to John D. Harris, land District 9, Jackson Co. Run north with Archibald Loftis line, with boundary of his 100 acre tract. 3 Aug 1896. s/s J. L. Young

NOTE: We, B. Bowls & Ory Bowls are indebted to Wm Lynn, $45.00, half to be paid three months, balance 6 months. Collateral, 2 mewls [sic] and one wagon. 13 May 1889. B. [his X mark] Bowls, Ory [her X mark] Bowls. Wit: J. W. Morgan, Jesse Hooton.

DEED: John B. Fox for $78 convey to George W. Julen land partly in Jackson Co. & part in Putnam Co., headwaters Martin's Creek... northeast corner 25 acre tract of widow Goolsby's... Dr. Roberson's fence... stake in said Julins home tract... mouth of Grays hollow, 78 aces. 2 Aug 1871. s/s John B. Fox. Attest: Jefferson Johnson, Josiah Brown

TRUST DEED: W. C. Young to George H. Morgan in trust, 35 acres of corn growing on land of Kelly & Beck near where Ben Dennis now lives, and a colt. Am indebted to W. H. Gailbreath for $40 and Geo H. Morgan is my Security. 6 Sept 1879. s/s W. D. Young

INDENTURE: L. R. Dyer & wife to William F. Flat, land Dist 12, on the ridge road from Granville to Cookeville...begin at stake in land between Elmore Julian & John M. Flat with road to Simon Pippin's land... north to Mansel land. 50 acres more or less. [Signed] Logan R. Dyer; America [her x mark] Dyer

TO COURT OF JACKSON CO: Undersigned Commissioners appointed July term 1842 to purchase a site for the poor house... purchased land in 2nd District from R. P. Brooks for $300. About 12 acres cleared & under cultivation, a good hughed [hewed] log house, good kitchen, smoke house, 2 stables, 2 tobacco barns... all improvements nearly new. About 100 acres. R. P. Brooks agrees to take back at end of 3 years if Court becomes dissatisfied. Brooks said if he gets the bid to keep paupers, he will pay to said court $30 a year for use of premises. s/s Lawrence M. Anderson, Richard P. Brooks, Commissioners.

DEED: We, Joshua Chapman & Geo W. Chapman for $700 sold Henry H. Loftis, all residents of Jackson Co., yoke of oxen, yoke rings & staples, log wagons, loading chains. 7 March 1881. s/s Josh Chapman, G. W. Chapman

DEED: Heirs of Abner Chaffin, deceased, transfer to our mother Elizabeth Chaffin, widow of Abner during her life and no longer our interest in home tract our father died seized & possessed in Dist. 9, Jackson Co. on Roaring River, tract formerly owned by Michael Henry & tract formerly owned by Nimrod Johnson, 200 acres, where Elizabeth Chaffin now resides. [blank] Oct 1869. s/s J. L. Chaffin, F. M. Chaffin, T. L. Loftis, W. J. Chaffin, G. F. [X] Loftis, Louisan [her X mark] Loftis, Martha [her X mark] Chaffin, Sally [her X mark] Loftis, B. B. Chaffin, J. R. Chaffin [Note: Some of these names dim, difficult to read, should check reel - mlj].

DEED: Henry Adcock to Larkin Presley for $80, estimated 50 acres below Somers Spring, waters of Flynns Creek... north across Gainesboro road. 30 December 1853. Henry [X] Adkock Wit: A. W. Somers

LAST WILL OF JAMES WRIGHT: James Wright dec'd Will; Recorded December 22, 1816. The 26 day of March 1816, I James Wright of the County of Davidson, Weaver, being sick & weak in body, but of perfect memory...In the first place I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Patty my three negroes, to wit, Hannah, Lucy & Bob & their increase so long as she does remain single & afterwards to be equally divided amongst my daughters Jenny, Betsey, Sally & Patty & their surviving heirs of their body. I also give to Patty my beloved wife the use of my land & the improvements thereon, together with any stock of all sorts & my house hold & kitchen & farming utensils so long as she does remain single, after which time the land & property that does remain after raising & schooling my small children to be equally divided amongst my sons George Wright, Joseph Wright, Beverly Wright, John Wright, James Wright & Jackson Wright if living, & if not, nor leaving issue, such parts to be equally divided among the surviving heirs, excepting & reserving to my self the power to give my grand children Diocles[smear] Weatherby Wright [?or/and] Shaharazed Wright any proportion she may choose so as not to excede an equal share of my other children in case they are then either or both living. I do hereby constitute, make & ordain my wife Patty & my son George Wright my only & sold Executors of this my last will & estament & I do hereby disannul, disallow & revoke all & every other form or Wills & Testaments & Legacies, bequests & Executors, by me in any way before this time & named willed & bequeathed, ratifying & confirming this & no other to be my last will & testament. In witness whereof I have hereinto set my hand & seal this day & year above written.

Wit: John Buchannon, Jesse Fly s/s James Wright

State of Tennessee, Davidson County Courts October Sessions 1816... James Wright dec'd [proven].

I, F. R. Cheatham, Clerk of the [Davidson] County Courts... true copy... 10 May 1852.

DEED: Benjamin C. White, atty in fact for William Mahany of Gasconade Co, MO have this day bargained, sold to Polly Smith of Jackson Co, TN for $12.50 tract in Jackson County, Roaring River, Dist 9... near the road in what is called Gentry cabin... southern course to what is called the rhaspberry field... south side of ridge to the east head of the field by estimate 100 acres. 12 April 1849. s/s Benjamin White, Atty in Fact for William Mahany. Wit: H. Denton, John M. Gipson

DEED: David ?Cunnin to Thornton Stacy for $320 [on notes] land in Dist 2, 100 acres... including house Spring and improvements formerly occupied by Edward Gaines... north side of Cumberland River and on the lick fork of Cub Creek granted by State of Tenn to Thomas Sisco, Grant No. 7209, 20 July 1852. [Signed] David Cunning Test: T. H. Butler, Thomas Bailey

[Note: Checked 1850 census index, no Cunning/variation, no David Cumming listed in Jackson Co. - mlj].

LAST WILL OF YANCEY GREENWOOD: I, Yancey Greenwood... to:

My son George Andrew Greenwood... real estate, personal property, at my wife's death on following condition... said George Greenwood takes care of Yancey Greenwood and wife Delila during natural life and bury them decently and nice. If Delila Greenwood at her death sees cause to give Huldy Edmons if she is still living some of her clothing, she has a perfect right to do so. 6 Feb 1894. Yancey [his X mark] Greenwood

Witnessed: Jesse [his X mark] Losson, s/s Gale Berry.

Last will of Yancy Greenwood produced in court, oaths of Jessie Lawson & Gail Berry... was of sound mind. 6 August 1894.

DEED: Henry Sadler to G. D. Sadler for $1350, land Dist 5, bounded by Prior Grissom & Amon Manear on west & Bettsy Holleman on north, A. Maddox & Booker Myers colered, [sic] and W. B. Lewis on the east & Robert Maddux south, 250 acres. 9 Sept 1878, Registered Book B, p 573. s/s Henry Sadler

MEMORANDUM AT REQUEST OF G. W. McKINLY as to distribution of his real & personal property on August 15, 1872, in the presences of undersigned witnesses that his wife Susan McKinly retain possession of real and personal property during her natural life... year's support out of same be supplied. If any debts remain unpaid, asks that his boys work out and pay remainder and in final distribution they may be made whole, or paid back, whatever they may pay out on said debts. Desires that his entire property be divided amond his children including his daughter Mrs. Allie Ledbetter. Land bounded on north by Tittle & Hargis, east by Wm Lambert, south by George Tittle, Manier, west by Tx Cooper. s/s G. W. McKinly Wit: W. ?. Cooper, A. H. Minnear, A. S. Cooper, J. N. Simpson, M. C. McKinly

LAST WILL OF ISAAC FLAT, sen of Jackson Co., TN: I, Isaac Flat, sen., farmer in said County and State... bury me at place set apart for that purpose on opposite side of creek from where I now life, also my wife when she departs this life.

Wife retain possession of the farm for remainder of her natural life and at her death divided among my 10 children as follows:

Son William H. Flatt $5 and that is all;

Son Jones H. Flatt $10... he being dead my Executor pay to his widow Miriam and his heirs to wit Tennessee Julin, Milly Maberry, Sarah Brown, Pairlee Maberry, B. A. Flat, Josee Lane, Alsa Lane, Ficy Lane & Isaac Flat, jr. heirs at law of Jones H. Flatt & they can divide the $10 among themselves in the way that best soots [sic] them.

My will and desire... my other 8 children - John M. Flatt, George W. Flat, Isaac C. Flatt jr., Elizabeth Pairle Dorrity, Amandy Jane Brown, Mary Margret Brown, Thomas M. Flat & Alsa Sara Lock - share equal.

Son Isaac Flat, Executor.

Is my belief farm can be divided into four divisions, has just been so divided by 3 disinterested free holders, A. D. Maberry, W. A. Ragland & John H. Davidson.

Lot 1, where I now live... begin G. W. Flatt's line, 104 acres, valued $1000 to son John M. Flatt... will pay to other heirs sum to make equal.

Lot 2 to Alsa Sarah Lock ... and pay to other heirs sum to make equal.

Lot 3 to Son Geo W. Flatt... and pay to other heirs sum to make equal.

Lot 4 to son Isaac C. Flatt, pay heirs sum to make equal.

14 April 1896. Isaac C. [his X mark] Flatt sen. Ack: E. L. Jackson, W. C. Lock

LAST WILL OF URIAH STAFFORD: I, Uriah Stafford... buried in family graveyard of Esq. Mounce Gores. Wife Patsy all real and personal property during her natural life. After her death, Mat Heady $50. Eliza Gipson Walker Heady, the daughter of William Heady, my Tick lands in 16th District, Jackson Co.

William Heady & his Bodaly [bodily] heirs, land where I now live including the Brown field.

Samuel Johnson, friend & neighbor...Executor. 8 June 1874. Uriah [X] Stafford Witnesses: Wm E. Pickett, Wm Gore.

Probated 2 July 1883.

INDENTURE: John Parkes [or Parker], County of State of Tennessee [sic] to Jesse Gentry and Thomas Gentry, land being 10 acres of said warrant, survey bearing date of 25 July 1816 in Jackson Co., Tenn, 1st District, Tally's Hollow, includes small improvement purchased of Peter Piles. Oct [blank] 1817. s/s John Parkes [?Parker] Witnesses: Jacob [X] Polyar [?Colyar], William [X] Polyar/Colyar, James Gray

DEED: Reece V. Morrell to Henry Crowder for $2700, land Dist 8, Jackson Co., begin upper corner William Wilson's 250 tract... banks of Cumberland River 104 1/2 acres. Also tract on bank of said Cumberland River granted to Aron Lambert Senr, patent No. 1269. 10 Sept 1840. s/s Reece V. Morrell Wit: Henry Hall, Scott S. McGlasson, Perry Mahaney, G. M. McWherter

DEED: Meredith A. Basham to William H. Botts, $1.00 and other valuable... two tracts, total 300 acres. (1) land on Roaring River including place I now live, west side of Ft. Blount Rd. being part of the 640 acre tract conveyed by Jacob Bowerman to Stephen Roberts. (2) 50 acres on Roaring River. Deed conditioned as follows - I am indebted to Joel W. Settle, Russell M. Kinnaird & Thomas Bransford, doing business in style of Joel W. Settle & Co. 1 Mar 1849, $136.66; also to Sam E. Stone & Leroy B. Suttle. 6 August 1851. s/s Meredith A. Basham

INDENTURE: Thomas M. Carver & Susan Carver, County of Bell, State of Texas have for $175 sold to J. H. Bryant of Jackson Co., our undivided interest in the Elizabeth Carver Tract of land in Dist. 3, Jackson Co., being 1/5 part. Bounded south by Mary Price, east by Mary Price & north and west by F. M. Price, being 75 acres.

LAST WILL OF MARGARET STOUT: I Margaret Stout, of Jackson Co., TN... to my son Daniel Bigs $10.

Daughter America Jones land, goods, stock during her lifetime and then to her heirs [not named]. Executor James R. Spurlock. 3 Aug 1885. Margaret [her X mark] Stout Witnesses: J. M. Johnson, A. Cornwell

DEED: Josiah Brown, of Putnam Co., TN, transfer to James Goolsby land in Dist 12 for $400 ... James Mancel's line... near Steakley big spring, Carington's north boundary line... widow Goolsby's north bounday line, east with Dock Clinton's conditional line with James Goolsby... west with Claton R. Scantlen line, excluding deeded land of Thomas Johnson... 75 acres. 10 Jan 1879. s/s Josiah Brown, Wits: W. W. Brown, A. J. Brown.

DEED: Josiah Brown of Putnam Co, TN, to James Goolsby for $75, land in Jackson Co. bounded by M. J. Julin [rest of description uses tree marks]... 75 acres. s/s Josiah Brown Wit: W. F. Talley & James Mchenry

DEED: T. J. Wilson & wife Martha Wilson, land to R. V. Brooks [tree marks]. 15 November 1873. s/s T. J. Wilson; Martha [X] Wilson

INDENTURE: David K. Fink recovered against James Draper 16 Nov 1866, writ issued levying on 5000 acres on waters of Jennings Creek & Hensley's Creek, Grant No. 6858; also 5000 acres on south side of Cumberland River, waters of Flynn's Creek & Doe Creek, Grant 6955. 29 May 1874. s/s J. M. Smallwood, Sheriff

DEED: Joshua Haile of Jackson Co, for $400 [terms] to Albert M. Meadows, land in 11th Dist bounded north by James Jones, west by George M. Darwin, south by George W. Bro[can't read - mlj], east by land conveyed to William M. Maddux, 50 acres. 2 Nov 1895. s/s Joshua Haile

LAST WILL OF ORPHA VANHOOSER: I, Orpha Vanhooser of Jackson Co., TN, planter... body interred at Family Grave Yard at my father's old residents. Debts and funeral expenses paid. All of estate to Beloved son Moore Vanhooser. My brother Newton Moore, Executor. 4 June 1889. Orpha [her X mark] Vanhooser Witnesses: C. C. Combest, James Lok

DEED: L. W. Stafford, in consideration of settling lawsuit of Mary Stafford vs L. W. Stafford for divorce & alimony, do transfer part of land in original attachment, District 1, Jackson Co.... to Dudney's Hill school house. 25 acres more or less. 8 August 1894. Leroy W. [X] Stafford

DEED: Tennessee Carter vs J. M. C. Carter, November term 1887, p 370 & 371, Minute Book F, for the sum of $2.00 transfer to Tennessee Carter land in 11th District, Buffalo hollow, Jackson Co., TN. 8 May 1895.

DEED: John Dun and Jane Dun to Richard Finn, land in 1st District, on Roaring River, 1 July 1893. John Dun; Jane Dun

QUIT CLAIM DEED: Sarah E. Dun to Richard Finn, land in 1st District on Roaring River [No date; note "Nill Debit... didn't promise".

DOCUMENT LAYING OFF ROADS: Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, dated 1901, lists many farm owners, no relationships. Apparently property where roads would be put through or near, farms.

LAST WILL OF MARY A. ANDERSON: My youngest son Walter T. Anderson my entire estate of every kind [no other children's names]. Dated 24 April 1904. Proven August 6, 1906. Wits: J. H. L. Brown, H. C. Brown Mary [X] A. Anderson

INDENTURE: W. E. Smith to Rubin Johnson, land Dist 9, Morrison Creek. Begin Johnson's water gap. 10 Feb 1892. s/s W. E. Smith, wife Lucinda [X] Smith

DEED: I, Squire Woods to Barbary Johnson & her heirs, $150, land Smith Co. Dist. 10, 70 acres. Begin Elisha Dillard's line... ridge east side of William Ballard's fence. 26 June 1848. Wit: Isaac [X] A. Lege, s/s William Ballard s/s Squire Woods Certified true copy, June 1857, recorded Smith Co. Book T p 91-2

DEED: We, Sarah F. Lane, Will T. Sherman Lane and his wife Josie for $300 sell... to U. S. Maxwell his wife Belle Maxwell, land in 9th Dist... corner of Will Lane & Robertis Buroughs, line of Jake Meadows... Kirk Steward's line... stake in [?init] H. Burougs north boundary line... Noah Steward's line. 65 acres. 1 Dec 1906. Sarah [X] F. Lane, W. T. [X] Lane, s/s J. E. Lane

NOTES PAYABLE: Several notes mortgaging growing crops to secure J. M. Johnson & son store charge accounts, 1909 & 1910. Give no relationships.

LAST WILL OF J. W. LANGFORD: ...poor health, sound mind... to Emily Jane Magee... long and loving service to me and my mother, and Charlie W. Kirkpatrick my adopted son... I have no direct heirs... after my mother Mary Roberts death should she outlive me... money to Mary for her to live on. Mother Mary Roberts named Executor and have control of Charlie W. Kirkpatrick until he reaches 21. s/s J. W. Langford Wits: D. B. Plumlee, B. S. Hall 18 May 1906

LAST WILL OF MARY ROBERTS: It is the will of my son J. W. Langford, deceased and my will... money on hand about $4000 to my adopted son Charlie Kirkpatrick... my love for him... and to my old friend and serving woman, Emily McGee to have personal property after paying debts. 12 October 1906. Witnesses: D. B. Plumlee, W. H. Hicks Mary [her X mark] Roberts

LAST WILL OF R. P. MADDOX: Dated this 14 May 1910. My two sons Homer G. Maddux and William F. Maddux to have farm in 5th Dist on which I now live, conveyed to me by S. P. Burton & wife, worth $10,000. They to pay my other two children John H. & Ruby A. Maddux $5000 each. To my daughter Ruby A. Maddux or to her guardian if she is still a minor $500 for education and support, not to be a charge against her part. Homer G. Maddux to be her guardian. s/s R. P. Maddux, Wits: F. A. Kelly, E. M. Kelly, W. W. Draper. Will proven 6 June 1910.

LAST WILL OF JAMES HOPKINS & WIFE MARENDY HOPKINS: ...dispose of our worldly goods and say how they shall be divided. James B. Childers and Minnie Spurlock, children we have raised from childhood to have real estate... decend [sic] to their bodily heirs at their death. Two minor children of Orba Fox, decd, [namely] Magnola Fox and Marendy Volar Fox shall have household goods. Dated this October 16, 1905. Wit: B. J. Franklin, J. P. Fox. J. R. [X] Hopkins, Marendy [X] Hopkins Probated Jan term 1907.

WILL PROVEN: John I. Pippin, last will dated 8 July 1911, M. V. Johnson and T. K. Mansell, witnesses, J. H. Pippin Executor, proven 1912 [Will not on this reel - mlj].

WILL PROBATED: W. W. McDearman, probated Jackson Co. [no date]. Witnesses: J. C. and H. L. McDearman. Wife sold beneficiary, named Executrix.

LAST WILL: I, Willis W. McDearman... beloved wife Minnie to have real and personal property. 30 Sept 1901.

CODICIL: W. W. McDearman... sold real estate to McDearman & Bros, Flynn's Lick, on terms. 8 Oct 1901. Recorded Will Inventories Book D, pages 78 & 79.

LAST WILL OF JAMES A. WILLIAMS: Wife Kibbie Executrix, to have home in Gainesboro where we now live and land in 1st Dist, Roaring River, except place known as the Burris farm, and land north of it about 50 acres during her life, and afterwards our daughter Tennie Roddy, free of control of spouse. My three sons J. A. Williams, Jr., T. K. Williams and W. Miles Williams. 27 Dec 1911. s/s J. A. Williams

LAST WILL OF E. L. JACKSON: Wife Della Jackson remainder after bills paid... is my will and desire that she makes no difference between my children... pets or helps one to exclusion of the other, she forfeits any right to what I might have. At wife's death, balance equally divided between children except $24.00 I paid for Hick P. Loftis that must be deducted out of Louisina my daughter's part... and further ... any of my heirs is not satisfied with this will... threaten to bring truble [sic] by fileing bill in court... rest of my heirs pay him or her one dollar and that is all I intend him or her to have of my estate. 3 Sept 1904. Wit: J. K. Fox, R. S. Fox, A. L. Pippin [Signed] E. L. Jackson Proven 20 Dec 1912.

DEED: P. H. Harris & Nancy E. Harris to M. M. Davenport for $95, land in 3rd Dist... ridge between Wartrace & Jennings Creek. 35 acres. Also all our interest in the widow Harris tract adjoining above tract. 18 Jan 1901. P. H. [X] Harris, Nancy E. [X] Harris

DEED: We, A. R. Monday & M. Z. [or J.] Monday sell Bransford Carnahan land in 4th Dist. 30 April 1913.

DEED: J. M. Birdwell & wife [no name or signature of wife - mlj], land in 1st District beginning John Petty's line, cross Cub hollow... Jim Johnson line. 40 acres. 7 Feb 1905. s/s J. M. Birdwell [Co. clerk's receipt reads J. M. Birdwell, Jr. - mlj]

LAST WILL OF JESSIE LAWSON: Beloved wife Polly, Executrix. All property to Polly. 25 July 1899. Jessie [his X mark] Lawson

LAST WILL OF W. R. HIX: ... of Whitleyville, Tennessee. My son in law Bedford Cisto $10.00. Remainder to Martha Hix, wife of W. R. Hix. Wife Marths is Executor. 5 August 1905. Proven 2 October 1905.

LAST WILL OF WILLIAM & SUSAN BIRDWELL: ...good health, sound mind. Desire to be buried at the family grave yard at the foot of Fox Hill. Our nephew James Daten Aytes, the boy we have raised from infancy, real & personal property... give to my brothers one dollar each. Wit: W. L. Pippin, Lee Jackson. Dated 1 October 1906. [Signed] William Birdwell; Susan [her X mark] Birdwell

CERTIFIED TRUE COPY: Lee Jackson makes oath... now a resident citizen of State of Oklahoma... was in Jackson Co., TN at residence of Logan Jackson in 12 Dist... Logan Jackson signed her [Susan Birdwell's] name, she [Susan] making a mark. W. L. Pippin, now dead, was witness. William and Susan left property to one James Dayton Aytes. 24 August 1917. s/s Lee Jackson

WILL PROVEN: August 1917, J. D. Aytes produced will in open court, proven. Affidavit of W. B. Pippin says he saw his brother, W. L. Pippin, now dead, witness will. 8 August 1917.

LAST WILL OF JOSEPH JOHNSON: Wife Elizabeth to have farm I now live on and money... raise our children and educate, give children as they marry of such amounts as I have given my children that has married off heretofore, or at age 21. Children that has left has had a good bridle and saddle. My children that are married: Marion, Nancy that married Morgan, Dony that married Loftis, and Johny. Children with me: Etter, Clarry, Cora, Washington, Luther, Oliver & ?Comer [or Conner]. Wit: J. M. Johnson, J. D. Whitaker. 19 Jany 1906. s/s Joseph Johnson

LAST WILL OF DUKE YOUNG: Wife Malissa, son J. W. Young Executors. [Left each sufficient money so that each would equal out $100 when added to sums, if any, given previously - mlj].

Manerva Wheeler [Did not specify "my daughter" but total $100 - mlj].

Winney Hale, my daughter.

Nancy L. Hopkins, my daughter.

Helen Birdwell, my daughter.

Mary L. Jackson, my daughter.

Rhoda V. Birdwell [Did not specify "my daughter", but total $100 - mlj]. 6 Nov 1901 Wits: E. L. Jackson, A. T. McBroom s/s Duke Young

LAST WILL OF ALMOND [ALMON] WEST: Wife Perlina, land both in Overton and Jackson Co. during lifetime. Mentions older married children, and children who are still minors, one by name. 3 July 1902. Wits: J. H. Loftis, W. H. Loftis s/s Almon West

LAST WILL OF LIZZIE CARTER: To my husband J. N. [or U.] Carter, land which I own... at his death, land to six youngest children, Monroe _ _ _ _ia, Frank Bought, Tennessee, Birthy and Lee Carter. [part of this is missing; difficult to read]. 4 December 1914, proven 3 April 1911. Wits: T. M. Gailbreath, R. N. Apple s/s Lizzie Carter

LAST WILL OF CHARLES HOPKINS: Wife Sallie bequeathed real and personal property during her lifetime, provided said wife Sallie "take care of my afflicted daughter Alice Hopkins". Named son A. D. Hopkins, no bequest, he to care for Alice should Sallie predecease her. Sallie named Executrix. 6 April 1903. Proven May 23, 1914. [Signed] Charles Hopkins

LAST WILL OF BARBARA J. G. LYNN: My three sons, Bedford, J. Radford & Joseph B. to have land in 9th District on Roaring River on Blackburn's fork. My son Joseph B. lives on farm with me, cares for me, chores, etc. will not be charged rent. Remainder divided between children Thomas, Rufus, and George Allen, Sallie Barlow and Bedford, Radford & Joseph B. 5 January 1908. Barbara J. G. [her X mark] Lynn

DEED: G. E. Dudney to John B. Dudney for $100, my undivided 1/8 interest, subject to life estate of Ollie Sadler.

Tract 1: Land Dist 1, Jackson Co., known as Free State, where W. H. Dudney deceased formerly lived, being same assigned to Ollie B. Dudney, widow of W. H. Dudney, as homestead.

Tract 2: Adjoining above...begin J. B. Dudney's corner, same assigned Ollie B. Dudney, widow of W. H. Dudney as dower, case of Ollie B. Dudney against W. H. Dudney, et al, Minute Book E p 284 & 285. Dated 11 Oct 1915. s/s G. E. Dudney

LAST WILL OF SARAH REACE: All to my brother Ellis Reese. 21 August 1913. Wits: W. C. Birdwell, J. C. Duke s/s Sarah Reace

LAST WILL OF THOMAS J. RASH: Real and personal property to wife Nancy Rash during her lifetime. After her death, real property to John W. Fox, he having purchased same. Executor John W. Fox. Personal property after wife Nancy's death to be divided:

S. R. Rash (brother).

Ellie Chaffin, wife of H. L. Chaffin.

Polly Fox, wife of Thomas P. Fox, brother of my wife.

Relations of my wife who are to share in personal property:

Frank P. Fox, her brother.

Elizabeth Flatt, her sister.

Parzetti Chaffin, sister and deceased (her share to her children) John W. Chaffin, Thomas Chaffin, Owen Chaffin, Barbara Flatt, Fatimy ?Neatherton and the heirs of Peggy Birdwell deceased to receive such part as she would had received if living.

Letha Fox (sister) deceased, be divided equally between Thomas Fox (her son) and Polly Ann Fox her daughter, both unmarried and living with their father Meredith Fox.

I, Thomas Rash, having no children living. John W. Fox appointed Administrator [Executor - mlj]. 9 July 1915. Wit: B. M. Billingsley, J. W. Birdwell s/s T. J. Rash

DEED: J. A. Williams conveyed to M. J. Dixon, W. A. Overton & J. H. Smith, Jail Committee, for $500 in two County warrants, land in Gainesboro running from Public Square to Flynn's Lick Rd; bounded west by street running north and south between property owned by J. L. Reeves & B. L. Quarles; south by street running east and west by lots owned by L. B. Anderson; east by lots owned by Jackson Co. where jail now stands & the lot owned by H. G. Young. 10 March 1914. s/s J. A. Williams

DEED: E. J. Carnahan & wife H. E. Carnahan sell tract to M. A. Bilbry, 4th Dist. for $300. Begin SW corner of 500 tract belonging to E. C. Gaines, conveyed by Mounce Gore, decd... crossing Spring branch... public road leading from Gainesboro known as North fork road... stake in the north boundary line of Jackson Co., Tennessee and south boundary of Clay Co., Tennessee, being same land purchased by A. G. Keith & John Draper from Hyram Crabtree and conveyed by John Draper to A. G. Keith. Dated this 15 Nov 1902. [Receipt for recordation at Whitleyville, Tennessee on 15 November 1902]. s/s E. F. Carnahan, s/s H. E. Carnahan.

WILL PROVEN OF ELIZABETH LAMBERT: Bettie Holmes produced in court, McKenly & D. B. Johnson sworn they witnessed. John H[?arris] named as Executor, refused to accept. Court ordered Letters of Administration issued to L. W. Lynch [No date, no will - mlj].

LAST WILL OF LUCY JANE CRAIGHEAD: Buried, debts paid, my son J. W. Craighead receive personal effects. 5 May 1902. Wit: J. A. Craighead, E. A. Craighead. Lucy Jane [her X mark] Craighead

LAST WILL PROVEN: H. H. Dillard was citizen of Jackson Co., living at residence of H. B. Smith near Granville, that he died [blank] Sept 1904. Among valuable papers was will [inserted is "Here copy will" - mlj]: ...to my brother C. C. Dillard of Putnam Co., tract about 4 miles north of Cookeville known as Lans Pearson land on which said brother now lives...during his lifetime and at death to his children but if he leaves widow surviving him, she is to have homestead during her life and raise and take care of children. Also sum of $150.

Hugh B. Smith to have household goods, weaving apparel, etc. and $150 to assist him in completing his medical education and for books.

My niece Carrie Dillard $150.

My niece Lura Vantrese $100 to assist in repairing her house or in building a new one.

My niece Fannie Smith $100.

Cancel all debts owed me by H. B. Smith.

I have numerous other relatives for whom I have love and affection... subdivide what little I have... would do no benefit. If not enough to pay bequests, my Executor will pay prorata.

If means left after paying bequests, wish J. L. Dillard, my nephew, the youngest boy, to be paid up to $50 to buy watch as keepsake. Anything left divided among my 5 first named.

Reserve sufficient amount to build fence enclosing my and my father's grave as I wish to be buried at foot of his grave. Plain, cheap burial, plain marble stone similar to my sister Mit's grave and others there. My Executor H. B. Smith named Executor, no bond. 2 January 1904. s/s H. B. Dillard

Codicil: $100 of $150 above mentioned bequest to C. C. Smith shall be in trust to pay the taxes on land, my good friend J. Small, Trustee. Wits: H. B. Young, W. W. Draper s/s H. B. Dillard

LAST WILL OF ALVIN WHEELER: ...sound mind... to beloved wife Amanda real and personal property. Personal hers absolutely... full control of farm in 11th Dist on Big branch, being part of the farm I got after a division between myself and A. W. Reynolds of the farm he and I purchased from Frank Williamson. After wife's death, farm to my nephew A. W. Reynolds, on condition he pay my two nieces Maggie Hargis, wife of Shelby Hargis and Hassie Wheeler, wife of Bud Wheeler sum of $100. Also conditioned A. W. Reynolds is to care for my wife after my death. A. W. Reynolds to be Executor. 27 March 1912. Wit: S. L. Pate, W. M. Gailbreath. s/s Alvin C. Wheeler

LAST WILL OF GABEREL SMITH: My 3 children, Albert Smith, Emma Smith and Lee Smith... divide personal property, cash. Guardian to be appointed for my daughter Emma, her share to her guardian, paid as necessary. Real estate to my sister Susan Campbell as homestead during her life... to be sold after her death and money to my three children, except daughter Emma's to her guardian. 2 Oct 1900. Wit: John Cale, F. L. Burton, Noah B. Campbell, Charlie [Can't read - mlj]. Gaberel [X] Smith

LAST WILL OF DUDLEY B. HAILE: Have given some of my children more than others... bequests to make equal. Sons J. A. Haile, D. B. Haile Jr. and G. F. Haile.

Daughter Jane Fox, to her children Henry Lewis Fox & Mary Louisa Fox, she [Jane] being dead and they being her only heirs.

My daughter Sarah Campbell.

My daugher Allie Boles, to her heirs, 3 children by her first husband Thomas Brown to wit Eldridge Brown, Tomie Lillie Young & Minnie Isa Brown and to her 3 children by her last husband, to wit Maggie Boles, Gerttie Boles & Osro Boles.

My daughter Maggie Johnson.

My daughter Lizzie Murray.

Property and effects, small tract about 60 acres, notes, household goods to be divided between my living children and Jane Fox's children. Exclude from this last bequest my son J. D. Haile and Alsie Boles' three children by Jeff Boles. 18 Jany 1894. Wits: T. C. and G. C. Gailbreath. Proven 9 June 1905. s/s Dudley B. Haile

LAST WILL OF THOMAS G. SMITH: Buried Cookville Cemetery in Cookeville, Tennessee. Land where I now live to my 5 children, share and share alike, to wit: Otha C. Smith, Oren B. Smith, Onen W. Smith, Ora A. Smith, Odesie J. Smith. Wife Alta C. Smith to have sustenance & support from land so long as she remains my widow. Sons Oren B. and Onen W. Smith to have note on Jona, G. A. Dudney & Jno B. Dudney.

My daughter G. O. Smith to have free access to home, barn and out houses so long as she desires to remain with the family. Sons E. O. and J. O. Smith named Executors. 22 Jan 1912. Wit: M. B. Smith, G. L. Lawless. [Filed 7-6-32 - mlj]. s/s T. G. Smith

DEED: J. W. Kent, L. B. Kent, J. C. Kent & Sally Kent Thomas (wife of Syd Thomas) for $806 sell and convey right, title to W. T., A. J. and E. F. King all our right, title and interest, being 5/6 of whole tract, and above L. W. Kent and J. W. Kent conveys the 1/6 interest of their brother Levi Kent, they having purchased same... land in 5th District, north bank of Cumberland River, bounded by F. M. Maggart, west by river, north by land of Duke & Barnett, south by Spivy & Woodard, 50 acres, being the old home place of J. J. Kent. Dated 14 June, 1912. [All signed] J. W. Kent, L. B. Kent, J. C. Kent, S. M. Thomas, Sallie Kent Thomas

LAST WILL OF JOHN I. PIPPIN: First, bills paid. Second, property real and personal to my wife Patient Malvina Pippin during life time.

Third, after wife dies or is married, property to be sold and divided between my children, Mackfarland Pippin's heirs, Margaret, Frances, Jackson, J. H. Pippin, John I. [or J.] Pippin, J. M. Pippin, Parazetta Allen, Rhoda Lovie Dyer and W. R. Pippin except the heirs of Mack Farland who have already received $100 at the hands of Joe H. Pippin, which amount is to be paid back to the said Joe H. Pippin out of the allotment of Mack Farland Pippin's heirs - besides this, all to share equal.

Should wife Patient Malvina Pippin marry, shall have personal property "except real estate which shall be disposed of according to the third provision of this will.

Fourth, I hereby appoint and empower Joe H. Pippin as Executor. Dated 8 July 1911. [Signed] John I. Pippin Wit: M. V. Johnson, J. R. Mansell. Filed 7-1-1912.


AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: Adam T. Wilson, Thomas M. Wilson, Polly Ann Pursell, the two last minors by their next friend Adam T. Wilson, Hillard Price & wife Elvira of Jackson Co., Illinois; John H. Davis and his wife Sarah Ann, Harrison M. Pursell and Gray L. Pursell, the last two minors by their next friend Adam T. Wilson and Nancy Carpenter of Perry County, Illinois, Complainants, against

William Roddy, Mary Roddy, Henry Smith and his wife Lydia, Eliza Roddy, Nancy Roddy, Zachaariah Roddy, Sarah Roddy, Robert Roddy and Emily Roddy of Jackson County, Tennessee.

27 January 1859, they filed bill of Complaint at Gainesboro against Joseph Roddy, Allen W. DeWhit of Jackson Co. and Russel M. Kinnaird of Davidson Co., TN. Since filing the bill, Joseph Roddy has departed this life. William Roddy, Mary Roddy, Lydia Roddy, who is married to Henry Smith, Eliza Roddy, Nancy Roddy, Zachariah Roddy, Sarah Roddy, Robert Roddy, the last five of whom are minors, are children and heirs of said Joseph Roddy, decd. Said Emily is the widow, and all reside in Jackson Co., TN.

Complainants are heirs at law of Gray L. Purcel except Nancy Carpenter. Said Nancy Carpenter is widow of said Gray L. Purcel, and as such is entitled to dower.

ANSWER: Russell Kinnaird states true Gray L. Pursell died intestate in Jackson Co., TN, owning real estate on Jennings Creek.

James T. Pursell was appointed Admr with Merlin Young & Tandy K. Witcher as securities. Respondent believes securities were insolvent at appointment, and is sure they were before expiration of two years' allotted by law to settle estate. Supposes there was money in hands of Administrator, but he left the county leaving business of said estate unsettled. The $74.28 left in hands of Admr was trifle compared with estate debts. Said Administrator J. T. Pursel left the county about [blank] 18[blank]. October 1851, A. W. DeWhitt appointed, were no personal assets to pay debt. Respondent and Thomas L. Bransford had debts against estate. Land was ordered sold by court, and was sold 5 Nov 1851. Whole of land sold, including widow's dower, she consenting... she received in lieu of dower a balance of debts of $92.37. Dated 21 October 1859.

ANSWER: Defendants Roddy, etal [see signatures] substantially same as that of Russel Kinnaird, but add statute of limitations of seven years applies. Respondents who have answered are all over 14 years; respondent Wm B. Roddy, Mary Roddy, Eliza Roddy, Henry T. Smith & his wife Lydia Smith & Emily Roddy are adults. Dated 27 March 1860. s/s William B. Roddy, s/s Henry T. Smith, liddie [her X mark] Smith, s/s Zachriah Roddy, s/s Mary M. Roddy, s/s Nancy Roddy, Elisa [her X mark] Roddy, Emily [her X mark] Roddy

COPY OF DEEDS: William Scanland for $100 to Gray L. Purcell, land on north side of Cumberland River on Pine lick fork. 19 May 1832. Wit: David Griffith, David Cox [Signed] William Scanland

James J. Purcell to Gray L. Purcell for $240, land in Dist. 4, Jackson Co., TN, estimated 94 acres, beginning Gray L. Purcell's east boundary line. 1 June 1842. Witnesses: Reuben [X] Carter, s/s James Martin s/s James J. Purcell


TEMPORARY INJUNCTION: Hester Wilson against James C. Walker, guardian of Mary E. Wilson. Petitioner is widow with no children... anyone to care for her. He wants to evict her before peaches get ripe... her only means of living... will be on charity. 21 July 1885.

ANSWER: Jas C. Walker, guardian of Mary E. Wilson. Sidney T. Wilson purchased the land, title not issued. J. B. Wilson and his wife signed deed after Sidney T. paid purchase money, knows nothing of Sid T. Wilson selling land on Hunting Creek. Sid T. Wilson died as stated, left as his only issue Mary E. Wilson, Walker's ward. Denies Sid T. Wilson acknowledged land was Complainant's. Complt lived on land, Sid T. supported her as he ought to have done - she was his mother. 6 Aug 1885. s/s J. C. Walker

DECREE: Sid T. Wilson in his lifetime purchased land with money belonging to Complainant with understanding he would take title to land. 18 April 1885, J. C. Walker caused deed to be executed from J. B. Wilson & wife Mary C. Wilson to Mary E. Wilson, the ward of defendant. Every dollar were funds of Hester Wilson, who has been living on land since purchase from Johnathan B. Wilson in 1879, claiming as her own...adverse possession. Title to be vested out of Mary E. Wilson and into Hester Wilson, subject to lien for attorney fee. J. C. Walker to pay cost. [No date].

Following testimony taken 29 December 1885:

WITNESS: A. Monday, about 38, know parties. Has been about 6 years since land purchase. Sid T. Wilson was single. s/s A. Monday

WITNESS: Riley Hudson 44, about 9 years ago Sid T. Wilson brought his mother's mare to my stable to breed to my stallion. Johnathan B. Wilson paid the season of the mare for the widow. $2.50 for a widow woman. Sid T. later came by and asked if it had been paid. s/s Riley Hudson

WITNESS: A. G. Keith age 52, am Deputy Sheriff, Jackson Co. s/s A. G. Keith

WITNESS: David H. Clark, age 42. I was collecting officer. s/s David H. Clark

WITNESS: Shelton Craighead age 57, know Hester and Sid Wilson. Bought land from Hester Wilson on Hunting Creek, was dower left by her husband. It has been about 9 years ago. Am no blood relation to Complainant. Sid and my wife are 2nd cousins. Shelton [X] Craighead

WITNESS: W. F. Sneed age 30. Knew Sid, know Hester. I moved Sid Wilson from his home place to my father's... his mother remarked "Son, why leave your own land and go out there?" He said he though would be better taken care of, that he was not able to get his own wood. My father was the father in law of Sid Wilson. Sid and his wife Eliza composed family of Sid T. He got so low that he could not help himself... died at my father's house. My father's boys lived a short distance. Died about 2 months after moving to my father's, had child born after he moved named Mary Elizabeth, his only child. Sid T. Wilson's wife since died. J. C. Walker married my sister. The child is my niece. W. F. [X] Sneed

WITNESS: J. B. Wilson, age 57, know land. Sold to Sidney Wilson for about $80. Lived about one-half mile from them. Complainant is cousin by marriage to me. [Signed] Jonathan B. Wilson

COPY OF DEED: We Jonathan B. Wilson & wife Mary C. Wilson sold Sid T. Wilson 50 acres, Dist. 4 [No date]. s/s Jonathan B. Wilson

PROSECUTION BOND: To James C. Walker, guardian of Mary E. Wilson. Principal: Hester [X] Wilson, Securities: s/s Jonathan B. Wilson, Thomas J. Wilson

WITNESS: John L. Sneed, was a brother in law of S. T. Wilson, lived with Sid T. the year before his death. 14 October 1886. s/s John L. Sneed

WITNESS: George Adge 30, knew parties. 14 October 1886. s/s George Adge

Nest testimony taken at residence of Jonathan B. Wilson in Jackson Co. 3 Dec 1886:

WITNESS: Hester Wilson about age 45. I am Complainant. Sid T. Wilson was my son. Hester [her X mark] Wilson

WITNESS: Jonathan B. Wilson age 57, Mary C. Wilson 52 [Nothing new; he signed, she X'd - mlj].

WITNESS: William [X] Spiva 46; s/s Peter T. Clark [Character testimony - mlj].

WILSON, J. B. & WIFE SARAH F. against

Hester Jones; Adeline Lee and husband Pryor Lee; the unknown children of Marshall Brooks, deceased of the State of Illinois; Lon Brooks & Jackson Brooks of Smith Co., Tennessee; Hal Brooks and Jane Jones and her husband Wm Jones of Macon Co, TN; Henry Brooks a non resident of Tennessee and of parts unknown; Elvira Seagrams and her husband [blank] Seagrams of Texas. The unknown children and heirs at law of James Brooks deceased supposed to be citizens of Macon County Tenn. Sarah Brooks and Abbey Brooks Seymour Long, Henrietta ["Long" marked through] Murphy & her husband V. D. Murphy, Marshal Long, Rufus Long, Rosie Long, Brant Wilson and Sidney Wilson and John Brooks of Jackson County Tennessee.

...many years ago William Brooks departed this life intestate in Jackson Co, TN, leaving Margaret Brooks his widow and Martha Long, Wm H. Brooks, Sid Brooks, Marshal Brooks, Hester Jones, Jane Jones wife of Wm Jones, Adeline Lee wife of Prior Lee, Lon Brooks, Jackson Brooks, Hal Brooks and John Brooks together with complainant Sarah F. Wilson his only children and heirs at law.

Shortly after his death, real estate of said deceased sold for payment of debts, except that of widow Margaret as a dower. Dowress Margaret Brooks departed life July 1888... land fee simple of William Brooks, decd lying 2nd District, Jackson Co. Bounded east by prong of Bullard's Creek, south by Allen Jones, west by Hal Jones and James Bohannon, J. B. Wilson and John Hix and east by land formerly owned by Matthew Wheeler now occupied by his wife [blank] Wheeler, containing estimated 150 acres.

Martha Long is dead. Defendants Brant Wilson, Sidney Wilson, Semour Long, Henrietta Murphy and husband V. D. Murphy, Marshal Long, Rufus Long, Rosie Long are her only children; last five are minors.

Marshall Brooks is also dead, leaving children unknown.

Wm H. Brooks is also dead and defendants Sarah Brooks and Abbey Brooks his only children & heirs at law.

Sid Brooks is also dead, leaving defendants Henry Brooks & Elvira Seagrams, wife of defendant [blank] Seagrams, and one James Brooks as his only children.

Said James Brooks is also dead, leaving 3 children, names and residence unknown, supposed to be residents of Macon Co. All minors without general guardian.


J. B. WILSON is guardian of Martha Long's heirs: Rufus Long, Semore Long, Marshall Long, Rosie Long [Several guardian settlements on film]


ANSWER: Polly Cornwell, formerly Polly Christian to Bill of Complaint. True she married Silas C. Cornwell. Signature to Exhibit A is hers, but not for purpose charged in bill. Nathaniel Coons, Esq came to Respondent and stated Ephraim & Jefferson S. Wilson had sent tobacco to New Orleans. [NOTE: Difficult to read/interpret, but appears Polly Cornwell agreed to participate in profit for advancing money. Case hinged on whether Polly Christian Cornwell had agreed to be security for Nathaniel Coons. No relationships given - mlj].

[Below depositions taken on/about 23 May 1846]:

DEPOSITION: John M. Carter 22, said Miss Christian wouldn't agree to note. [Signed] John M. Carter. [NOTE: Later called "Mrs." Christian in this case; there is another case on a reel, don't recall which, but involved dispute over old road near ferry, gives more information on her - mlj]

DEPOSITION: John F. Griffith, age 35. Thos G. Wilson was security for Nathaniel Coons. s/s John F. Griffith

DEPOSITION: Nathaniel Coons, age 49. s/s N. Coons

DEPOSITION: Ephraim S. Wilson, no age. s/s Ephraim S. Wilson

DEPOSITION: Jefferson Wilson, about 39... me and my brother Ephraim. s/s

DEPOSITION: William Hudson, 57, mention of Levi Wilson. s/s

DEPOSITION: George Teel, age about 53. s/s

DEPOSITION: William D. Hutcheson, age about 46. s/s

DEPOSITION: Montgomery Clark, age about 28. s/s

DEPOSITION: Levi Wilson, age ?38 or ?58.


PETITION: Thomas M. Wilson of Jackson Co. against

William B. Wilson of State of Missouri, Jefferson Wilson & Thomas Jenkins of Jackson Co, TN. Some years ago, entry was made for land in name of William Wilson on Wartrace Creek. Entry abandoned, given to Orator. Wants title cleared. Dated 16 Jan 1854. Thomas M. [X] Wilson


Albert Huff of Jackson Co, TN is husband of Dollie Belle Huff, married 5 Feby 1905. Wife is daughter of defendant W. M. Wilson. She is more than 16 but under 21. Wife owns land Dist. 5, bounded by Robert Hargis, Jones [or James] Hargis, S. P. Burton, perhaps others, 105 acres. Also considerable personal estate now in hands of Dr. [blank] Tyler, non resident of state, who has been acting as guardian for a number of years by appointment of the Court, Todd Co., KY. Petitioner wants self appointed as guardian to wife.


ANSWER: Respondent Wm Smith states account not true, paid off. Reference made to deed of his father J. C. Smith to Wm Smith & others, registered Jackson Co, TN, Land Deed Book C, pages 357 & 358. Respondents brother David C. Smith. s/s Wm Smith

POWER OF ATTORNEY: Authorizes D. H. Morgan of Jackson Co. to sign names of Jacob M. Shelton, M. D. & James B. Hicks of Overton Co. to prosecution and attachment bonds for Complainant R. S. Windle, Jr. Windle charged Wm Smith conveyed property to avoid paying debt.

DEPOSITION: R. S. Windle, Jr., resident of Monroe, Overton Co., TN, states Wm Smith charged goods, wares, merchandise, partly to sell in Pickett Co. and rest from time to time from my store at Monroe, Tennessee.

DEPOSITION: W. L. Wisener, lawful age. Wm Smith is my brother in law & R. S. Windle is my uncle. 19 Feb 1896. s/s W. S. Wisner

DEPOSITION: F. H. Wisener, lawful age. Am brother in law to R. S. Windle and father in law to Wm Smith. s/s F. H. Wisener

DEPOSITION: James C. Goggin, am brother in law to both family [sic - to Complainant and Defendant]. Let defendant Smith have goods for 6 years when I was clerking for Windle. s/s J. C. Goggins


30 May 1859, intermarried with Wm Witcher... cruel, went off day after marriage, got drunk, came home, abused. He had no property but clothing. Compt had household goods, stock, by own industry and that of her former deceased husband James Hufhines. She has 5 children, the oldest child about 12 a girl and youngest about 3, all issue of former deceast [sic] husband. Asks name be changed back to Hufhines.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: M. K. Witcher [blank] 1887. He and wife Racheal being weak & infirm, unable to work, owned land, conveyed to Elizabeth Carver for care remainder of lives. [blank] January 1888 wife died, leaving him widower. Elizabeth Carver drove him off because he protested her immoral conduct... breached her contract. He is now over 80 years old. Land in 3rd Dist, headwaters of east fork of Wartrace Creek, bounded south by land of Larkin Minchey decd, east by land of Wm Huff heirs & John M. Clark, north by Jack Davenport & John M. Clark, west by Jack Davenport and Larkin Minchey's heirs, being 70 acres.

ANSWER: Elizabeth Carver states M. K. Witcher and Rachel quite old and infirm, made deed to her. Respondent had lived with and worked for them about 23 years. Rachel is her grandmother. Complainant married respondent's grandmother, had no children by her. 15 of 23 years she had almost entire charge of their affairs.

COPY OF DEED AS EXHIBIT: We, M. K. Witcher & wife Rachel for love & affection toward Miss Elizabeth Carver... M. K. [X] Witcher, Rachel [X] Witcher

RESUME TESTIMONY: Before her grandmother's death, his animal propensities would overcome... propose immoral acts to her... she and grandmother shed many a tear. There is a house on her place other than where she lives, has proposed he stay there, but he needs to behave...

End Reel #126.

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