Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #123
Vantrease - Washburn

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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McKINLEY, J. V. and McKINLEY, J. D. et als

BILL OF COMPLAINT: A. J. Vantrease of Jackson Co, TN against James D. McKinley, wife F. M. McKinley, M. G. Butler as Trustee of W. H. Ragland, Thos C. McKinley and R. A. Cox of Jackson Co, TN and C. F. Burton of Putnam Co, TN.

James D. McKinley owes A. J. Vantrease for judgment against J. D. McKinley and A. Stanton as principals and W. R. Stanton and G. B. Thompson as securities, which T. J. Lee and C. W. Sadler, Administrator of Estate of Mathew Anderson deceased transferred to him. Judgment recorded 4 July 1877 of $118.46 plus interest. Also a small judgment which your Orator recovered against J. D. McKinley for $6.00 plus $1.00 costs. Orator in effect loaned J. D. McKinley said sum. Admrs of Mathew Anderson estate were pressing J. D. McKinley for balance. G. B. Thompson and others had the judgment stayed [signed bond that it would be paid].

G. B. Thompson is a brother in law of J. D. McKinley. Said Thompson's wife, in a trial in Putnam Co, alleged her husband was insane, and that he was insane when he authorized his name entered as Stayor.

Afterward, J. D. McKinley conveyed real estate to M. G. Butler as trustee in the 5th or District on Martin's Creek adjoining the M. C. McKinley estate lands and lands of Robt Ga_ _ _ and others, being the same tract where J. D. McKinley and his wife S. F. McKinley now live. J. D. McKinley also transferred all profits and crops, only monetary consideration being that many years previous J. D McKinley received $600-$800 of wife's money which came from wife's deceased father's estate. Orator states that the transfer of land and crops was made to defeat just creditors.

One [?]P. C. Tinsley was in partnership trading with J. D. McKinley. McKinley told Tinsley the land was his own, bought with his own money before the marriage to his wife.

A. Stanton is insolvent and W. R. Stanton had been discharged by Bankrupt court. Orator would not have accepted transfer of judgment had he not been made to believe the debt was secured by G. B. Thompson, a man of wealth. Wants land transfer of James D. McKinley to wife Sarah F. McKinley set aside and land sold to pay debts.

14 July 1883, defendants J. D. McKinley and R. A. Cox filed a bill, pending in Jackson Co against defendants Jas D. McKinley, S. F. Kinley, M. G. Butler as trustee of W. H. Ragland, T. C. McKinley and C. F. Burton. Orator refers your honor to said case for content. [Signed] R. A. Cox & Bro for Complainant Dated 24 May 1884, [Signed] A. J. Vantrease

WITNESS: J. A. Pruett, knows land, looked at it Jan 1885 or 1885 after J. D. McKinley had built his new house on it. Was asking $2500, worth about $1800; without new building $1500. Believe deed said 165-175 acres, but McKinley said was 190 acres. Near Granville, good water and steam mill. Live about 5 miles by public road, 3 1/2 miles through the hills. [Signed] J. A. Pruett

DEPOSITION: J. C. Bockman at his residence in Putnam Co. 4 Sept 1886. Was debt sheriff, A. J. Vantrease asked me to certify judgment and execute against J. D. McKinley and G. B. Thompson. Think it was Matt Anderson, Deceased estate. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: J. P. [or T] Kent, 7 October 1866 at his residence in Smith Co. Know defendant. J. D. McKinley said if creditors pressed him he would convey his property to his wife. [Signed] J. T. Kent

DEPOSITION: Roland Terry, 16 Aug 1886. Know parties & land, knew 1879, worth about $2000-$2500 then. Live one-half mile for 13 years, adjoins my land. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: G. W. McKinley, will be 57 next March. Moved on land in 1847, partly raised on it, some subject to overflow. Am brother of J. D. McKinley. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: A. J. Vantrease stated Berry Thompson [G.B. Thompson] was Stayor. [Signed] A. J. Vantrease

COPY OF INDENTURE: I, Jas D. McKinley of one part and M. G. Butler of the other part, both of Jackson Co...for $800 heretofore paid to me by my wife Sarah F. McKinley, being money from the estate of her father, transfer to M. G. Butler as trustee for Sarah F. McKinley land on the north bank of Martin's creek at Goolsby's line up the dry branch to George Tittle's line, west to Webb Smith tract, south to Roland Terry's line, east to Robert Goolsby's line, together with issues and profits. 18 March 1879. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: G. W. Tittle, live two miles from land, before that lived adjacent from 1866 except a year. Went to McKinley, offered $3000. He said he had been offered that by Mr. Pruett. McKinley said it was handy to schools and churches, had concluded not to sell. This was some two years ago. I afterwards bought land from Henry Sadler. I am an heir of Peter Tittle, deceased. Bill filed by Admrs of Tittle estate to collect a debt due the estate owed by J. D. McKinley. Suit had not been filed when I went to see McKinley about buying his property. [Signed] G. W. Tittle

WRIT OF ATTACHMENT: N. B. Myers and John Tittle, Admrs of Peter Tittle deceased against J. D. McKinley and wife S. F. McKinley. McKinley owes Tittle estate $14.00, conveyed property to wife to avoid debt, bounded by Darthula McKinley, Roland Terry and others where J. D. McKinley now lives.

DEPOSITION: Henry Sadler, knows land worth $1500-$1600 cash in March 1879, worth $1800-$2000 now. 25 Aug 1886. [Signed] Henry Sadler

DEPOSITION: T. J. Lee, was Admr of Matt Anderson deceased, recovered judgment against J. D. McKinley which was transferred to A. J. Vantrease for note he held on estate of Mat Anderson for about $27.00 plus 10% interest. [Signed] T. J. Lee

DEPOSITION: Was Admr of Thomas Maddox, deceased. S. F. McKinley, wife of J. D. McKinley was an heir. Her share in personal property was $96-$100 and I paid to J. D. McKinley about eight years ago. Land in controversy worth about $10 per acre. I bought land 3 1/2 miles from it. J. D. McKinley is my brother in law. [Signed] R. F. Maddox

DEPOSITION: S. F. McKinley states she was a daughter of T. J. Maddox, deceased and an heir of her brother Thomas Maddox, deceased. Proceeds of both estates were turned over to J. D. McKinley. Only realized $3.00 on it. My father died November 1871. My brother Thomas Maddox died 12 years ago this coming October. I married J. D. McKinley in June 1862. Joshua Kent filed a bill to collect money J. D. McKinley owed. Dated 25 August 1886. [Signed] F. D. McKindly [sic]

DEPOSITION: F. M. Amonett, was an Administrator with Snoden Maddox of T. J. Maddox, deceased. J. D. McKinley drew from S. F. McKinley's share as heir about $1200-$1500. Estate settled 1878 or 1879. Some value in [live] stock. Took 6-7 years.

T. J. Maddox died in the fall of 1871. I was appointed administrator 1875 or 1876. I am a brother in law of J. D. McKinley.

Question: Did J. D. McKinley get his wife's interest out of the Trawick lands belonging to said estate and out of the home lands outside of the dower before you became administrator on said estate?

Answer: My understanding he did from the Maddox boys [2 or 3 words can't read] 1872 or 1873. [Signed] F. M. Amonett

DEPOSITION: H. B. Maddox, purchased interest of S. F. McKinley in the landed estate of her father T. J. Maddox - that is, me and my two brothers did. Paid $225 to J. D. McKinley in 1872, paid in stock. Also her interest in the dower, it being 165 acres. Paid $200 in money to J. D. McKinley, don't remember what year. [Signed] H. B. Maddox

DEPOSITION: J. D. McKinley states Snoden Maddox was appointed Admr of T. J. Maddox. Believe I got $1200. I was to deed land bought from my father in 1867. Married Sarah in June 1862. [Signed] J. D. McKinly [sic]

BILL OF COMPLAINT: John Tittle & N. B. Myers, Admr of Peter Tittle against J. D. McKinley, wife S. F. McKinley, M. G. Butler trustee of Jackson Co; J. P. Kent of Smith Co; and C. F. Burton of Putnam; W. H. Ragland and T. C. McKinley and A. J. Vantrease and R. A. Cox of Jackson Co.

Peter Tittle died intestate in Jackson Co, TN 31 October 1885. Orators appointed Admrs. Case of B. J. Farrar, Admr vs T. C. McKinley etal is pending. Land of M. C. McKinley decreed to be sold to pay debts - one in favor of J. D. McKinley about $600-$700. Peter Tittle who was then living became purchaser of M. C. McKinley lands at $4535. Peter Tittle paid for land largely by paying creditors. J. P. Kent and R. A. Cox had debts against J. D. McKinley and had attached his land...compromised by J. P. Kent by transferring indebtedness, allege this to be fraudulent.

In cause B. J. Farrar vs T. C. McKinley, decree was rendered against him in favor of Darthula McKinley and others. J. D. McKinley owns land where he lives adjacent Roland Terry and the dower tract of Darthula McKinley [Note: Farrar vs McKinley may be on Reel #71, Ewing-Ferrill, L. Does not say on Reel #123 Darthula was widow of M. C. McKinley]. Father of James D. McKinley was M. D. McKinley. dated 7 Sept 1886 [Signed] N. B. Myers, Admr.


Stated Matt McKinley, son of J. D. McKinley is only one who testified other than depositions read.

J. D. McKinley is head of household, entitled to $1,000 homestead exemption.

N. B. Myers testified 25 Aug 1886 land worth $3000, bought 25 acres across river $1200 and a 100 acre tract north of river for $1500.



Decree of Divorce, Lula Vantrease to receive one-half of property, real and personal as alimony. She is a minor under age 21. Her solicitor T. L. Denny appointed trustee. Defendants Clay Reeves, W. J. Vantreace and T. J. Vantreace enjoyed from paying out money except as hereinafter ordered. Dated 9 October 1891.




DEPOSITION: J. M. Williamson states knew A. J. Vantreece 30 years, lived one-half mile for 10-12 years. Had conversation in fall before he taken sick and died, in the road between Gainesboro and Flynn's Lick, his mind was not right. He said he wanted them to thresh his wheat and put it and the chaff up together. He said the malaria had him...don't know if he was under the influence of malarial trouble or not, but something was wrong with his kidneys and his privates some way, all swelled up. The school at Liberty got water out of a cave or Spring on his land, he said he wasn't going to let them get water out of the well. I always heard it said that malaria was some poisonous substance in the air that caused sickness, fevers, etc. His son was Tom Vantreece. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: James Hargis 54, known 30 odd years. About a year before he died he got all right again. Six weeks to two months before he died, he knew me but don't think cognizant. The two youngest, those by his second wife, were about 10 and 12 years old. Older set of children were of age and grown except two, about 14, or 16 or 17 years old when he died. Several years older than the children by last wife. More affectionate with second wife's children. Regarded as a close and stingy man. [Signed] J. W. Hargis

DEPOSITION: Carter Harris age 59, knew 24 years. 20 years lived within three-fourths mile. About the last of March before he died in the summer, fire was out on the ridge and burning through his fence. I went down and found him hoeing in the garden - I told him the fence was on fire, he didn't pay much attention. About that time, the Black man Byrd came down, said he would see about the fence. I went to see him once, and he asked if I could see the malaria out through the window - said the house was full of it, that he could see it in the air. Carter [his X mark] Harris

DEPOSITION: J. T. Harris age 33. Knew the old man 20 years. About the first of April in the year he died, his younger two children were about ages 8 and 11. Youngest child of older set was 16 or 17 when he died. [Signed]

AFFIDAVIT: R. B. Watts states A. J. Vantrease did, on 21 December 1882, willfully and maliciously attempt to commit murder upon R. B. Watts. [Signed] R. B. Watts

REPORT OF SALE: Advertised in DeKalb Co., TN. DeKalb land sold March term 1891 near village of Alexandria bounded north by Wm Robinson, east by Fautch, south by J. M. Vantreace, west by Morris Smith, being 166 acres. Purchasers J. W. Vantrease and Sam Vantreace, price of $2600.00.


T. H. & J. W. Vantrease, 5 April 1895, Cora Persley, minor.

A. M. Vantreace, 21 June 1902, Robert Vantreace, minor.

A. M. Vantreace, 4 Nov 1898, Lillie and Robert Vantreace, minors.

Mariah Vantreace, 31 October 1898, guardian of Lillie & Robert Vantreace, minors.

A. M. Vantreace, 11 June 1900, Guardian of Robert Vantreace, minor.

Mrs. Mariah Vantreace, 2 July 1891, Lillie & R. L. Vantreace, minors.

WILLS & ADMINISTRATIONS, Book B p 481 & 482, 19 Jan 1892, settlement.

[About two pages of notes owed to A. J. Vantrease deemed uncollectable included one on Byram Meadows, dead].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: T. H. Vantrease of Jackson Co. and J. W. Vantrease of Wilson Co., Administrators of A. J. Vantrease, deceased against A. M. Vantrease and William Goolsby, both of Jackson Co. A. J. Vantrease died 14 June 1889. At death had $2,000 cash. A. M. Vantrease is brother in law of William Goolsby. M. G. Butler, Solicitor

ANSWER: A. J. Vantrease before his death sent for Wm Goolsby, told him to buy the Burton house and lot in Granville for his wife and two children in Frank Goolsby's name, that he was afraid for her to live at the home place in the country. Asked that the deed made to his wife by Frank Goolsby, as though coming from or donated by Frank Goolsby - that the truth was if his older children knew of it they would law him. Also gave him $800 for this purpose, told him to buy it as cheap as he could. Another time A. J. Vantrease gave Wm Goolsby a roll of money to send Frank Goolsby in Nashville, who was the uncle of Wm Goolsby and A. M. Vantrease. It was for the benefit of A. M. Vantrease and her two children. Wm Goolsby said he did not count it, nor did A. J. Vantrease tell him the amount. He gave it to D. J. Shepherd to be conveyed to Frank Goolsby in Nashville. Said if it was in a will, his older children would law, and the older children were grown and able to care for themselves, others not educated yet.

William Goolsby said he told William Vantrease, one of the Administrators, that A. J. Vantrease's money paid for the house and lot. The widow was induced to part with the house and town lot as homestead of $800. 26 Nov 1890.

[Signed] A. M. Vantrease [Signed] W. F. Goolsby

DEPOSITION: D. J. Shepherd, age 46, live Granville, occupation farmer and trader. Known A. J. Vantrease since 1871. Took $730.00 to Frank Goolsby in Nashville to be loaned out with interest for benefit of A. M. Vantrease and her two children. A. J. Vantrease told me the money had gone where he wanted it to. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: Terrel Byrne age 65, known A. J. Vantrease 30 years, live within 1 1/2 mile. Daughter Lillie by his second wife. He had bought her a piano and had her come in and play while I was there.

DEPOSITION: W. F. Goolsby age 53, occupation miller. Co-defendant A. M. Vantrease is my sister in law and my first cousin. F. M. Goolsby had been helping other family members, and A. J. Vantrease wanted it to appear as though the house came from him...kept secret from other children. F. M. Goolsby, a man of considerable means, would not come personally, too old and feeble. House was bought and deeded to A. M. Vantrease and the heirs of her body.

I told everyone that Frank Goolsby had authorized me to buy it for A. M. Vantrease and her children - didn't say his money had paid for it. When Will Vantrease asked directly who paid for it, I told him his father's money. He is one of the Admrs of A. J. Vantrease.

My mother Miss Ruda Carter went to Tom Vantreace and asked him to visit his father.

[Signed] W. J. Goolsby

LETTER: Clay Reeves, Clerk, Jackson Co., TN, 14 October 1891, Alexandria, TN:

Land in DeKalb County sold for two-thirds of its value of $4,000. Purchasers have been offered big profits, won't sell. A. J. Vantrease filed his bill against Wm Robinson to open an old road, got an order.

A. J. Vantrease died, then William and Sam Vantrease refused to let me execute the order. The property was landlocked, so no one bid. William and Sam Vantrease bought it cheap, road opened. A resale has been requested.

[Signed] A. J. Vantrease, by his Solicitor, J. J. Ford

NOTICE TO APPEAR: Published Cookeville Press for 5 weeks prior to 7 November 1889. Anderson Lambert and his [wife] Julia who are non-residents of the State of Tennessee have not answered, therefore all allegations...true. A. J. Vantrease is dead. Complainants J. W. and T. H. Vantrease are administrators. A. M. Vantrease is his widow and entitled to homestead and dower...compromised. Said A. M. Vantrease agrees to take a house and lot in Granville, furnished during the last sickness of deceased by his means, and in addition $1500. Parties agreed.

REPORT OF SALE: J. W. Vantrease and T. H. Vantrease, Administrators of A. J. Vantrease, Sam Vantrease, Buck F. Ferguson & wife Mary Ferguson, T. H. Vantrease and John Vantrease, James Thomas & wife Ida Thomas, Mat Clark & wife Amanda Clark, Jack Carter & wife Darthuly Carter & A. M. Vantrease against

Jack Vantrease, Lilly and Robert Vantrease, Frank Vantrease, Cora Pursley, Anderson Lambert & wife Julia Lambert.

Land to be divested out of all the parties, complainants and defendants, and divested in the purchasers:

John Vantrease, Julia A. Lambert, J. B. Ferguson, T. H. Vantrease, Sam Vantrease, A. J. Carter, Mat Clark, James Thomas and J. W. Vantrease and their heirs, assigns forever, subject alone to the unpaid purchase money, land described as follows:

Land in 5th District of Jackson County, Tennessee on which A. J. Vantrease resided, being 537 acres on the Dry Fork of Martin's Creek...Wm F. Lewis' line on top of ridge, north of the Dry Fork...near the Liberty meeting house...with said Lewis' line to north boundary of Mahaly Pharris tract...steep hill in west boundary of tract formerly belonging to Richard Carter a portion of which once belonged to one Nathan Huff...north with meanders of Huff line to James A. Manear's line to a beech on Peters point, Manears & Burgess corner...north with marker crossing the Gainesboro road below James Burgess' shop...on to the Pharris road...to Lumpkins branch...to Mathew Mathews line, being same conveyed to A. J. Vantrease by deed 25 October 1854.

DEPOSITION: S. B. Addamson, acquainted with land, not susceptible to partition. Jackson Co. lands could be divided into four parts and DeKalb about seven parts. Understand would be 14 shares. DeKalb about $15.00 per acre, understand 166 acres. Don't know value of Jackson Co. property. S. B. [his X mark] Addamson

DEPOSITION: C. A. Williamson, acquainted with Jackson Co. land. Widow getting Granville house and lot plus $1500.00 would be fair. Jackson Co land not susceptible to partition, 14 shares. Jackson Co. land worth $4500-$5000 on credit, one and two years terms, 10% cash on day of sale. [Signed] C. A. Williamson

DEPOSITION: J. M. Williamson, age 45, concurs with C. A. Williamson. [Signed]

FINAL SETTLEMENT: 22 November 1892, filed 6 December 1892:

J. W. Vantrease $ 209.03 [14 ch + widow, each receive $209.03]

T. H. Vantrease

Julia Lambert

John Vantrease

Sam Vantrease

Ida Thomas

Darthula Carter

Frank Vantrease

Robert Vantrease

Lilly Vantrease

A. M. Vantrease [widow A. Mariah Vantrease]

Jack Vantrease (J. J. Ford) [Note letter from J. J. Ford, atty for A. J. Vantrease]

Amanda Clark (F. A. Kelly) [Purchased her share]

Cora Pursley

Mary Furgason

T. H. & J. W. Vantrease vs John Vantrease

John Vantrease agrees to account to the heirs and Administrators, agreed on compromise. All money due now and later for rents, etc. cannot be ascertained at this time...shall be held by Court until final settlement. January [?] 2 1890. [Signed] John Vantrease


J. W. Vantrease of Wilson Co., TN.

Sam Vantrease of DeKalb Co, TN.

Buck F. Furguson & Mary Furguson of Overton Co., TN.

T. H. Vantrease, James Thomas & wife Ida Thomas, Matt Clark & wife Amanda Clark, Jack Carter & wife Darthula Carter, and A. M. Vantrease, all of Jackson Co.

Frank Vantrease of DeCalb [sic] Co, TN.

Cora Persley of Davidson Co, TN.

Lilly & Robert Vantrease of Jackson Co., TN, last four being minors.

["Anderson" marked through] Julia Lambert of the State of Illinois

A. J. Vantrease departed life 14 July 1889. T. H. and J. W. Vantrease appointed Admrs. John Vantrease took charge of and disposed of personal property...appropriated proceeds to his own use, owes rent for real property. Defendant John Vantrease is insolvent other than tract belonging to his father A. J. Vantrease.

POWER OF ATTORNEY: M. G. Butler, atty in fact for J. F. Pursley, Guardian for Cora Pursley, is authorized to receive funds belonging to said Cora, one of the minor defendants herein, with the letters of guardianship of J. F. Pursley from the County Court of Marion Co, TN.



Ollie Vaughn of Jackson Co, TN, Thomas J. Vaughn of parts unknown, a non-resident of Tennessee. Were married in Kentucky August 1900, together until September 1907 when defendant abandoned her, went to Texas with a lewd woman Alice Garrett, stayed about six months, returned for about three months, again left, remains gone. Last time he left, said was never returning. Some two weeks before he left the last time, he received a letter from a woman in Kentucky name of Laura Spears asking him to come immediately...sold everything except a few household goods and left, stating he was going to this woman. Four children: May age 9, Sam age 7, William age 5 and Dibbrell 16 months.



BILL OF COMPLAINT: Robartus Vick against Hiram Harley, both of Jackson Co. About 1850, Complainant had a valuable Jennet ["Jinney - female donkey] worth about $100. In consideration for said Jennet, said defendant Hiram Harley agreed to let your Orator have his Bounty Land claim under act passed 28 September 1850 for about six months' service, for which he was entitled to a warrant for 80 acres, and was also entitled to extra pay of $32.00. Defendant since made application and received warrant for only 40 acres, no extra pay. Land warrant worth only about $30 after cost of procuring same.

SUMMONSED [No relationships given, limited to conversations they had with Complainant or Defendant, whether service of HiramHarley guaranteed 40 or 80 acres, etc.]: William R. Hutchinson, James Swearingain about age 20, Henry Bullington about age 52, Samuel Swearingin age 17, James B. Stafford about age 30, George "Burton" Howard age 25, Wiley Fry about age 40, Willie Night, John Smith, Merrenda Swearingin, to appear 17 September 1853.



Married [blank] August 1865, together one month, she deserted, refused to return, moved off all her property [No children mentioned]. 23 June 1866. Cox & DeWhitt, Sol.

James Vinson [his X mark]

James Vinson states he intermarried 1 September 1865 with Melissa Vinson, then Melissa Keith. Abandoned him, went to her mother's which is about 1 1/2 miles from where he lives. More than two whole years since she abandoned him [Don't know law, but other cases specify "two whole years" since abandoned, probably reason for refiling - mlj]. 21 October 1867. James [his X mark] Vinson


VINSON, S. H. et al
DONOHO, A. O., Administrator of MARTHA BORDEN

ESTATE INVENTORY: Filed by Administrator 4 July 1887, recorded W.B. "B", pages 386 & 387, includes:

Bearal [sic] Good furnished deceased, invoiced June 2, 1887 of $4.22.

Coffin May 28, 1887, $5.00.

Administrator and wife for Boarding deceased March 7 1886 to March 13, 1887, $25 [marked through].

Amount due Administrator A. O. Donoho, wife Nellie Donaho for his trouble $5.00.

Amount retained by Nellie Donaho for her distributive share of estate, $3.75.

[This next page had missing pieces on left edge, water spots on right - mlj].

ESTATE SETTLEMENT TO HEIRS OF MARTHA BORDEN [each share received $3.75, paid 28 August 1893:

[1] Mary J. Wilson

[2] Elizabeth Leonard

[3] Sarah A. Hudson

[4] Nellie Donaho [$3.75 retained above]

[5] Clabe Borden heirs: J. W. Borden, Alex Borden, [torn] _ _nid Borden and Nannie Reeves.

[6] Wm Borden's heirs: Wesley Borden, Smith Borden, Walter Borden

[7] Nathan Borden's heirs: Mary Borden, Dora Borden

[8] Geneva Hudson's heirs: S. E. Wilson & wife Ida Wilson, F. C. Hudson, J. P. Hudson, [Torn] _ _ anley Hudson, Lily Hudson.

DEPOSITION: John Bean age 41, live Clay Co., know J. N. Vinson, S. H. Vinson and A. O. Donoho; known 30 years. Was at sale of Marthy Borden. J. N. Vinson wanted me to make [?write] a note for him.

DEPOSITION: Nellie Donoho, age 54, wife of A. O. Donoho. States she asked J. N. Vinson about his lawsuit. He said it was not decided. Bedford Stone or Sam Hance had that cost to pay, and he wasn't going to pay it.

DEPOSITION: S. H. Hance, will be 40 on 11 Nov 1893, live Clay Co, TN. He told Squire A. Clark he would stay the debt for J. N. Vinson. J. N. Vinson owed Martha "Patsy" Borden's estate $14.00. "I authorized uncle Alex to put my name as Stayor" [Note: Other cases indicate someone could sign a bond and agree to pay if debtor didn't; would keep personal or real property from being attached and sold for debt - mlj]. Was heading to old Long Franklin's and Seth Carver's, stopped on the way.

DEPOSITION: A. O. Donoho, age 50 or 56, live Jackson Co. Fate Montgomery was Principal. Did not try to collect from him as he was not in this country, did not confess judgment. Quade Hudson was also on note as Surety. Quade Hudson was dead. Fate Montgomery was gone to Putnam Co. or somewhere. A. O. [his X mark] Donoho

BILL OF COMPLAINT: S. H. Vinson of Clay County and J. N. Vinson of Jackson Co. against A. O. Donoho, Administrator of Martha Borders, deceased. 12 May 1888, A. O. Donoho recovered judgment against J. N. Vinson for $14.96; interest added brought to about $17.00. Vinson paid a little over $2.00.

DEPOSITION: J. N. Vinson, age 46. Known A. O. Donoho 20 years. Bedford Stone took off a yoke of steers when I was not home. [This is somewhat unclear, but it appears Bedford Stone was a debt sheriff, levied on a yoke of oxen for another debt, but the oxen had already been sold to someone else - mlj]. J. N. [his X mark] Vinson



ORDER TO ATTACH: Lands of James Vitetoe of which William Vitetoe Sr. died seized and possessed on Spring fork of Martin's creek adjacent Juble Anderson and others, being land where widow of said William Vitetoe & others now live.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Orator Eveline Vitetoe of Jackson County about 17 August 1841 married James Vitetoe. He cursed, drank, failed to provide, loose women, violence, have little children.

James Vitetoe left the country in company with one Rachael Vitetoe, a loose woman, and absconded. Now living in Grayson Co, KY with Mary Coy. Orator has six children by James Vitetoe.

William Vitetoe, the father of her husband, lately died intestate leaving following his heirs [other than James Vitetoe]:

Polley Vitetoe, the widow.

William Vitetoe.

Delila Vitetoe married A. J. Ferguson.

Maria Vitetoe married Enoch C. Carter.

Polley Ann Vitetoe married Peter Polk [Paulk].

Nancy Vitetoe married Solomon Polk, live in Missouri.

Sarah Vitetoe married William Daws. Sarah is deceased, left following children: William Daws Jr., James Daws, Savage Daws & Martha Daws, minors with no guardian.

Peter Polk, the Administrator of said William Vitetoe said no division of the property has been made except widow's dower.

Dated 11 Jany 1867. Eviline [her X mark] Vitetoe [Signed] Draper, Sol.

ANSWER TO BILL OF COMPLAINT: A. W. DeWitt, Guardian of William Daws Jr., James Daws, Savage Daws & Martha Daws, minor heirs of Sarah Daws, deceased. Children of Sarah and William Daws are grandchildren of William Vitetoe, decd, are entitled to their mother's share.

DEPOSITION: James Pharris, age 66. Eight shares, land not susceptible to partition. James [his X mark] Pharris.

William [his X mark] Lambert, ditto James Pharris.



PETITION: Letha Vititoe of Jackson Co, TN against Chapman Vititoe of Missouri. Petitioner and defendant were born and raised in Tennessee. Married 16 June 1874 in Jackson Co. May 1875 he abandoned her and went to Missouri. Failed to provide, depends on charity of her mother. One child William nine months old born since separation. Dated 6 March 1876. Letha [her X mark] Vititoe


PAULK, PETER and others

ANSWER & CROSS-BILL OF WILLIAM DAWES: William Vititoe departed this life 4 July 1865. Peter Paulk Administrator. Respondent states he on the [blank] day of [blank] 1849 or 1850 married Sarah Vititoe, daughter of William Vititoe, deceased, that she survived her father. During the marriage, they had the following children still living: William Thomas, James Washington, John Savage and Martha Daws, the first at his majority, the others still minors. All minors still live with Respondent. William Vitetoe died July 1865 and Sarah died 12 November 1865. William Vitetoe Sr. placed Respondent and wife on a parcel of land, to live as long as they liked...made improvements, etc.

Respondent [William Dawes] avers lands are susceptible to partition among those entitled, William Vitetoe now owning five of eight shares. Respondent avers he is entitled to a life estate by courtesy [curtesy - husband's equivalent of dower; right to wife's real estate] in the share that descended to his then living wife Sarah at the death of William Vitetoe, Sr. Under laws of Tennessee each head of a family entitled to hold and occupy $1000 worth of their real estate as a homestead for use of such head of family and minor children. Has been head from time first went on land and is now.

Respondent prays this answer be made a cross bill and defendants, to wit: William Vitetoe, Peter Paulk & wife Polly Ann, William Dawes Jr., James Dawes, John S. Dawes, Joseph Burgess & wife Elizabeth, Enoch C. Carter and wife Mariah, Polly Vitetoe, all of Jackson Co. except E. C. Carter; that a guardian ad litem be appointed for minor defendants to wit: James Washington, John Savage & Martha Dawes minor children of Respondent and Sarah Dawes deceased. Butler & DeWitt, Sols. for Respt.

William [his X mark] Dawes

ORDER TO LAY OFF AND PARTITION LAND: Issued April, 1874. William Vitetoe allotted 224 acres [included shares he purchased]; Enoch Carter and wife Mariah W. Carter 125 acres; William Dawes 50 acres. [Map on microfilm].


[Separated related lawsuits combined in one file by file clerk and/or TSLA]


ANSWER TO BILL OF COMPLAINT: Napoleon B. Young, Guardian ad litem for Bedford Brown, Mary Brown, Thomas Brown, Uriah Brown, M. Herring & Lena Herring, minor defendants.

Jimmerson Brown departed life in Jackson County, TN a number of years ago, leaving several heirs.

Respondent denies allegations in Complainant's bill and that his co-defendant James H. Anderson and R. P. Brooks in his lifetime confederated together and fraudulently conveyed land to James H. Anderson, or that James H. Anderson re-conveyed land to Jimmerson Brown. A deed was made by Jimmerson Brown to R. P. Brooks on 2 December 1857.

The case of P. H. Leslie against Jimmerson Brown and R. P. Brooks determined in your honor's court 27 Dec 1877, there was not intended to be a mortgage. R. P. Brooks paid Jimmerson Brown $1200, which is probably more than property worth at that time. Brooks occupied until he sold to James H. Anderson - clear of all fraud. Cites answer of Jimmerson Brown filed 8 April 1870 and deposition 1 Oct 1872 in the case of P. H. Leslie vs Jimmerson Brown and R. P. Brooks, said bill filed to set aside deed of Brown to Brooks, pps 355-365 of Enrollment Docket No. 4.

Original files of Preston H. Leslie against Jimmerson Brown and R. P. Brooks lost, Clerk & Master having made diligent search. Documents found in R. P. Brooks papers, set out here.


Many years ago, prior to 2 Dec 1857, Joshua Haile executed a note to the Bank of Tennessee. Endorsers were Jimmerson Brown, William R. Kinner, Preston H. Leslie. Haile could not pay. Supreme Court of Tennessee ruled in favor of Bank of Tennessee 15 Dec 1859 for $592.50 plus costs. Property was levied on, Orator [Respondent] paid judgment. Said Joshua Haile, Jimmerson Brown and William R. Kenner were insolvent; Haile a non-resident of Tennessee.

Uriah T. Brown, the son of defendant Jamerson Brown, was the son in law of defendant Richard P. Brooks. 25 June 1870.


COPY OF DEED: 2 December 1857, I Jamerson Brown to R. P. Brooks, land District 11 being about 100 acres on Dry fork of Flynn's creek & Raglands Branch in a stone quary [sic] ...to A. B. Haile's east boundary line...north to D. B. Haile's line...east to Wm A. Fox. Witnesses: U. T. Brown, S. W. Cassety, Z. VanHooser. [Signed] Jamerson Brown


DEPOSITION: Jimerson Brown age 66, states Joshua Haile had land, slaves, horses, cattle in 1861, war made insolvent. Owned negro man Jerry, a blacksmith, between 1857 and 1861. I gave the land up to Brooks in 1857, left the land, and he rented it out for three years. I now live on the land. My recollection is Uriah T. Brown as the agent of R. P. Brooks, put me on the land in 1861. I don't pay rent - don't know why, guess kindness of R. P. Brooks. Had a conversation with R. P. Brooks, said he wasn't going to put me off or charge rent, that my son married his daughter and they had all had friendly relations. He spoke of work and improvements I had made on his farm while living with Uriah T. Brown.

Brooks owns the farm where I live; the farm where Wm E. Jones lives; the Jenkins farm [3 other farms, no names].

U. T. Brown and J. Haywood Lee are both sons in law of R. P. Brooks. Brooks said he bought the Anderson tract and deeded it to Angelina Lee, the widow of Haywood. I lived on U. T. Brown's place about 3 1/2 years. 20 June 1887 [from Leslie suit].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: [Note: The "begats" with no punctuation are confusing to me. Someone more familiar with this line should probably check the microfilm - mlj].

Wade Downey and wife Amanda Downey, William A. Jones and wife Elizabeth Jones, Mary J. Brown, Tandy Brown, U. T. Brown, Maggie West and husband Lee West, all of Jackson Co, TN against

James Anderson, R. P. Brooks and wife Mary, Alexander Crawford & wife Mary J. Crawford, J. N. Hicks and wife Carry Hicks, Bedford Brown, Thomas Brown, Wamon Hawkins and wife Jane Hawkins, William [or Milton] Brown, Susan Brown, Lucy Whitaker, M. Herron, Lucy [Lena] Herron, William Pharris and wife [blank] Pharris, Johnathan Smith and wife Eva Smith, Uriah Brown, all citizens of Jackson County Tenn except J. N. Hix & wife Cary Hix of the State of Texas, Uriah Brown of Illinois, M. Herron and Lucy Herron of the State of Texas.

Your orators and oratrixes most respectfully represent to your honor that Jimmerson Brown departed this life intestate in Jackson county Tennessee leaving the following heirs viz the children of his son U. T. Brown, defendants Mary J. Crawford, Carry Hicks his U. T. Brown's daughter Angie married [blank] Herron and died leaving only the defendants M Herron and Lucy [Lena] Herron surviving her they are her only heirs.

Thomas J. Brown son of U. T. Brown is dead his widow since his death has married R. V. Brooks defendant. Bedford Brown and Thomas Brown are his only children.

Complainant Maggie Brown is the daughter of U. T. Brown.

Leroy Brown son of Jimerson Brown is dead his heirs are as follows: Jane Hawkins wife of Wamon Hawkins, William Brown, Susa Brown his daughter Cansada married [blank] Whitaker and died leaving Lucy Whitaker her only child surviving her [blank] Pharris wife of [blank] Pharris, Eva Smith wife of [blank] Smith and a daughter of Lucy Brown deceased. Defendant Uriah Brown is a son of said deceased Leroy Brown

Complainanats Amanda Wade, Mary J. Brown, Elizabeth Jones, Tandy Brown, U. T. Brown Jr. are children and heirs of Jimerson Brown deceased.

Complainant Maggie Brown is the daughter of U. T. Brown Sr. deceased who was a son of Jimerson Brown deceased.

Mrs. Crawford [and] Hicks the heirs of Thomas Brown son of U. T. Brown Sr. viz Bedford Brown, Thomas Brown are the only heirs of U. T. Brown.

Jimerson Brown departed this life intestate on the [date blank] and thereafter to wit on the 5th of March 1877 James H. Anderson was appointed administrator of his estate. R. P. Brooks and W. W. Brown, securities. More than seven years expired since administrator appointed, no creditors intervened.

PROSECUTION BOND: We, William A. Jones and his wife Lizzie Jones, Downy Wade and his wife Mandy, Tandy Brown, Uriah Brown, Mary Jane Brown ["Roy Brown heirs to wit" marked through, "Wayman Hawkins and wife Jane Hawkins, Wm Brown, Susie Brown, Lucy Whitaker" marked through] and the heirs of Uriah Brown deceased to wit ["Uriah Brown, Mary J. Crawford, Carrie Hix, Lee West and wife Maggie West" marked through] as principals and

A. M. Denson, C. Hopkins and J. H. Stafford, Securities, sum of $250 to James H. Anderson, R. V. Brooks and others. Dated 6 May 1889.

DEPOSITION: Alexander Neville age [possibly - not clear] 71 [age 67 on 1880 USC]. R. P. Brooks paid off note owed me by Jimmerson Brown and Dudley Brown, executed before the War, paid after the War $300. 27 Nov 1890. [Signed] Alexander Neville

ANSWER: J. T. Anderson, guardian ad litem of Bedford Brown, Mary Thomas Brown, Martha Killmon, Virgil Killmon & Melinda Jane Moton to Bill of Complaint filed 5 July 1889 by Downey Wade & others. Knows nothing, requires proof. [Signed]

ANSWER: R. V. Brooks denies all allegations, been too long, statute of limitations expired, many parties deceased. James H. Anderson one of the administrators for Jimmerson Brown, died about 187[?]. James H. Anderson appointed Administrator, final settlement made 11 August 1881, estate insolvent, owed Administrator $2.07. Nothing to pay debts, denies fraud.

Respondent R. V. Brooks and wife Mary Brooks say they are not proper parties to suit. Mary Brooks was wife of Thomas Brown, a grand son of Jamerson Brown. He [Thomas] died 1884 leaving infant Bedford Brown and Mary Thomas Brown who was born after his death. They are both still minors of tender years.

Defendants Uriah Brown, M. Heron and Lena Heron are also minors.

Respondents admit heirs of Jimerson Brown are correct except Lucy Herron named is Lena Herron. Decr 3rd 1889. [Signed] Cox & Anderson, R. V. Brooks

ANSWER: A. M. Denson, Charles Hopkins and John H. Stafford, security on bond, are insolvent. 2 Sept 1890. [Signed] R. V. Brooks

PROSECUTION BOND: Securities replacing above are T. W. Brown, W. A. Jones, D. Wade, J. A. Lee. 4 Sept 1890.

ESTATE INVENTORY & SALE: Personal property of Jimmerson Brown, 2 July 1877.

DEPOSITION: James H. Anderson, am same person as defendant. Bought land from R. P. Brooks...first bought the old Tomy [sic] Brown home place, and afterwards land in controversy. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: Littleton McKnabb states Jimmerson Brown told me he only owned two acres, and if the sheriff could find it, he could have it. Said R. P. Brooks owned land where he lived.

DEPOSITION: Milton Brown. I am a nephew of Jimmerson Brown. Anderson Graveyard on Thomas Brown's tract. Jimmerson said he owned two acres next to Spurlock's. This was 1874.

DEPOSITION: Jimmerson Brown died about 1875. Bedford Brown, Mary Thomas Brown, U. T. Brown, M. Herron & Lena Herron, M. J. Killman, Virgill Killman, M. J. Moton are all minors.

R. P. Brooks died May 4, 1881. I am his son & Admr of his estate. Uriah T. Brown, son of Jimmerson Brown, died 28 March 1870. 22 Aug 1890. [Signed] R. P. Brooks

DEPOSITION: J. T. Anderson, age 41. I am an attorney and defendant. Am guardian for Martha Killmon, Virgil Killmon, M. J. Moton and Bedford Brown & Mary Thomas Brown. Believe Jimmerson Brown died 1877 or 1878. 22 Aug 1890.

DEPOSITION: Nathan W. Cox, age about 45, no new information. 22 Aug 1890.

DEPOSITION: John J. Birdwell about age 50. Lived on Jamerson Brown land in 1865, rented portion from him. Uncle Jamison said he wanted a place for his daughter Mary Jane to live after he died, moved a little house onto the land for her.

Maj. R. P. Brooks staid [sic] there with Aunt Rachel Brooks an old negro woman and her family [not clear if Aunt Rachel Brooks was the woman, or ???]. I staid a night or two with him. Uncle Dick [Brooks] said he had made a plan to befriend Uncle Jimison.

DEPOSITION: J. H. Anderson states has deed from Jemison Brown to R. P. Brooks, filed Exhibit A. When R. P. Brooks sold land to me, Downy Wade and Jemison Brown's children lived there as I now remember. Downy Wade was married to one of Jemison Brown's daughters. [Signed]

Adjourned to 3 April 1890.

DEPOSITION: A. B. Holleman age 59 live Granville, occ farmer, knew Jemison Brown & R. P. Brooks. The old Thomas Brown place was on the west side of the creek. Brown said land sold for bank debt, Brooks bid & bought it, think Brown said he had been paying him back. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: T. W. Brown, will soon be age 28, live Jackson County, farmer. Am son of Jamison Brown. Had conversation with J. H. Anderson today in J. A. Williams' store, Anderson said he still had the obligation to reconvey land to my father. Jamison Brown's old tract had 80 acres cultivated, 120 not. My father purchased the land at Thos Brown sale. Land grandfather Thomas Brown gave him was 101 acres. [Signed]

TRANSCRIPT OF FINAL DECREE: [Made part of this case].

Robert Wade and wife vs Tipton [?] Settle etals in 1858 agreed to compromise settlement. One-half land be divested out of Complainants and into heirs of Leroy B. Settle deceased. One-half land be divested out of Defendants and into Complainants.

Lien to remain on both parcels for attorney fee: Settle hired Washburn & Morgan, Gardenhire & McMillan; Wade hired John P. Murray, G. Murray & R. P. Brooks

DEPOSITION: Terrell Byrne for Cpt, know parties, land of James Pharris decd. Tract where George Stout lives belongs to estate. Big Branch land where L. C. Collier lives belongs to estate. Pharris estate very much involved in litigation, 13 or 14 Distributees, shares of real estate only worth about $115 for one share, 960 acres. Think suit of William Woodfork either $180 or $380 claim against it at the time Dudley Brown bought an interest, other suits pending, not enough personal property to pay debts including Woodford claim. 10 June 1859. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: Thomas [T. or F.] Jones for Pltff age 33. George Stout lives on Pharris estate land called Big Orchard Place. James Pharris, decd lived on Big Branch place at death. L. C. Collier lives on part. 23 June 1859.

ANSWER of Dudley Brown to Bill of Complaint of Hannah Wade by next friend Robert Wade. The father of complainant [Hannah Wade] is James Pharris, deceased. James Draper appointed Pharris' Administrator. Complainant married Robert Wade. Some heirs filed suit against Admr of James Draper for settlement, accounting and distribution of estate, now pending in Chancery at Gainesboro. Dudley Brown purchased Complt's and her husband's share in the estate. Respondent denies misrepresenting.

Compt and husband proposed to sell interest for $115, respondent agreed. Traded for a mare rated at $75, note of $25 and agreed to pay Wade's indebtedness to estate of James Pharris of $15...not paid because Admr has been enjoined from collecting. Ready, willing and has been to pay Compt and husband. Admits mare was lame, disclosed it. Cpt has been offered $100 for mare and refused to take it. 9 Feb 1859.

[Signed] Denton & Washburn, Sol., Dudley Brown

INJUNCTION: Robert Wade against Margery Settle, G. B. Murry, W. E. Jones and others. Complainant charges he is owner of tract District 11, Jackson Co. Margery Settle through her attorney levied for debt, writ of attachment on land of Robert Wade & Thomas Wade, T. A. Wade & Thomas Brown for $25. Compt says debt fraudulent. Defts Murray & Jones hereby enjoined from collecting until further order. Cause to be heard 1st Monday in Sept 1889. Dated 1st Monday in Feby 1889.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Robert Wade against Margery Settle of Wilson Co. States is in possession of land deeded by James Pharris to my wife Hannah Wade, and has been for some 50 years...District 11 bounded by Matt Burgis on south, [can't read], Charles Hopkins on the north [can't read]. Margery Settled sued Orator and wife, compromised. Deed was lost, now found. Compromise gives your Orator half the land and purports to give Margery Settle the other half. Land has never been divided. W. E. Jones is claiming a portion in his own write [sic] and is in possession of it. G. B. Mury procured attachments...harass your orator for years. [?] Feby 1889.

[Signed] T. B. Upchurch, E. L. Gardenhire Sol., Robert [his X mark] Wade

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Hannah Wade by next friend Robert A. Cox of Jackson Co. against Dudley Brown and Robt Wade of Jackson Co, TN. Her father James Pharris departed life 185[blank] intestate. James Draper appointed Admr. She intermarried defendant Robert Wade. On [blank] 1858 she and husband assigned their interest in estate to Dudley Brown, induced by false representation for $115, he saying at the time he feared he would never get any thing from said Estate but he would risk that...probably some time might get a little corner that would be a home for his son John. Traded disordered mare, $25 cash and agreed to pay Admr $15 for things bought at sale of James Pharris' personal property. Said husband was at time of deed to their interest to Dudley Brown an intemperate and improvident man. Draper & Cox, Sol.

DEPOSITION: Knight Huff age 45. Know lands, right smart of lawing, still involved in law. Don't know how many heirs to James Pharris' estate...never heard Hahhah Wade or Sally Gittings say anything about it. Knight [his X mark] Huff

DEPOSITION: Milly Brown age 19, don't know much about the mare. [No relationships stated]. Milly [her X mark] Brown

DEPOSITION: [Robert Wade age 43, Sally Gittings selected yoke of oxen to move her family to Missouri. Dudley Brown paid me $50, told Mrs. Gittings they were part pay for her share in her father James Pharris' estate.

Question: Did Gittings force his wife to sell her interest?

Answer: Never heard them quarrel about it. If Gettings forced her I don't know it.

Taken for Sally Ann Gittings vs Dudley Brown and Alex Gittings, apparently included as part of Wade Downey vs Anderson & Brooks].

COPY OF DEED: Alexander Gettings and Sally Ann Gettings for $115, selling right to James Pharris landed estate. Land south side of Cumberland River on Big Branch, Dist. 11, bounded by Isom Pharris and David G. Shepherd on the north; and the heirs of Caleb Anderson decst, Huston Fox and Thomas Brown on east; and Joseph Spurlock, Terrel Burns on south; [Can't read], Dick Willoby and a tract formerly owned by William Keath on the west, excluding place where James Pharris lived at death, about 800 acres.

Also tracts on waters of Martin's Creek in Districts 12 and 15 bounded by William Vitetoe and Thomas King on south; land formerly owned by James Vinson on east; Hugh Thomas, William Carter and John Pharris on north; and Henry Carter and tract known as the Cannon tract on the west.

Them two tracts lies joining known as Big Orchard tract on the ridge, the two contain by estimate 162 acres.

Also tract in White Co. on Cumberland Mountain known as Cox tract. 15 May 1858.

Sally An [her X mark] Gettings, Alexander [his X mark] Gettings. Witnesses: J. H. L. Brown, William H. Fox

[Separate privy examination by Jackson Co. clerks]

DEPOSITION: James M. Wolf about 38. I am a son in law of James Pharris. My wife is called Fanny. She is an heir, sold interest in estate to Isham Pharris, bill pending to set aside. My wife is sister of Hannah Wade. 24 Jun3 1859. James [his X mark] M. Wolf

DEPOSITION: Hampton Wade age 47. My wife is a sister of Hannah Wade, both daughters of James Pharris. I went to Hannah before she sold to Brown and offered her $100.00 for her share. Hampton [his X mark] Wade

DEPOSITION: Matthew Matthews age 47, could tell mare lame when she galloped, worked well, sound otherwise, worth $75. She brought one pretty good colt by a sorry horse. Hannah Wade said mare not worth $50, were cheated. I said I would give $50, and if she brought a colt $100. Would not sell her. 19 Jan 1860 [Signed]

DEPOSITION: James Lemons states lived with [Robert] Wade the summer after the trade, mare was good work nag, I plowed her. Hannah Wade said Brown told her the mare had been lame about two years. She said she would not have brought suit against Brown if it had not been for her husband. Said she would not have made the trade if not for her husband. Said Robert Wade persuaded her to sell and she would see no peace til she did...no threats. 19 Jan 1860. James [his X mark] Lemons

DEPOSITION: Wm H. Fox states witnessed deed of Wade interest to Brown, saw Alexander and Sally Gittings sign, both voluntary. Gittings and his wife have left the state. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: John H. L. Brown, age 22. Witnessed deed, Wade signatures were voluntary. I am a son of Dudley Brown. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: Henry Richmond age 47, was Commr and took privy exam of Hannah Wade & Sally Gettings. Wade voluntary, said had been offered $100, Brown offered $115, said she figured she was just selling a lawsuit. Robert Wade is a drinking man and bad manager. Alexander Gettings drinking man, bad manager, was kind of trifling when he lived here. Sally seemed a little hesitant. [Signed]



August term 1881: J. W. Wade, guardian of Martha Wade, Finace E. Wade, Le Ann Wade, Sidney Wade, Margaret Wade, Isam Wade, minor heirs of J. W. Wade

August term 1879: J. W. Wade, guardian of Martha A. Wade, Finis E. Wade, Lean Wade, Isham Wade, Sidney Wade and Margaret Wade, minor children of J. W. Wade and Rachel Wade, the latter now deceased.

Amount received of James Hargis on ward interest in land sold by decree in Chancery Court recorded [?]14 May 1878.

28 July 1879: I, J. W. Wade, guardian of Martha A. Wade, Finis E. Wade, Lean Wade, Isham Wade, Sidney Wade and Margaret Wade, minor children of J. W. Wade...received from James Harigis who purchased their interest in estate of their grandfather Henderson Williamson, deceased. Amount received of James Hargis on ward's interest in land sold by decree Chancery Court records [?]14 May 1878, $84.00. [Signed] J. W. Wade


JONES, W. E. etals

ANSWER TO BILL OF COMPLAINT: W. E. Jones denies Hannah Wade died owning land in controversy, and that he, Jones, is in possession. 2 Decr 1881 he entered land and procured a grant from State of Tennessee on 2 Dec 1884. Land south side of Cumberland River...Dowell's & Ward's Corner, west with Charles Hopkins. Has held adversely more than seven years before commencement of suit.

Robt Wade and wife Hannah Wade filed bill against Tipton C. Settle in 187[blank]. 21 March 1876, compromised with heirs of Leroy B. Settle. Said Robert and Hannah, then being husband & wife. May 8, 1893. [Signed] W. E. Jones, J. M. Burgess, J. Haile, Sol.

L. C. Wade makes oath he had original deed Spring 1872 when running lines, carried to house & put away, can't find; certified copy in register's office. 19 Sept 1893.

INJUNCTION: Littleton C. Wade, Alexander Wade, Cora Upchurch & Valley Upchurch, latter two by next friend...injunction against William E. Jones, Wm Matthews & Ed Matthews & Mat Burgess in Chancery...11th Dist, Big Branch & Beverly Branch, bounded west by John Collins, north by Gentry & Shoemake & Charles Hopkins, east by Dowell & Burgess, south by Mat Burgess, being 50 acres. Wm E. Jones pretends to own part. Wm & Ed Matthews are plowing. 3rd Mon in Mar, 1893.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William C. Wade, Alexander Wade, Cora Upchurch & Valley Upchurch, the latter two minors by their next friend J. M. Upchurch against William E. Jones, William Matthews, Ed Matthews & Mat Burgess, all Jackson Co, TN. William and Ed Matthews & Mat Burgess were plowing inside complainant' property at direction of William E. Jones. Requests injunction until property lines may be determined. Complainants rented land to Cicero & Melville Spurlock for 1893 and make themselves complainants to protect their rights. 25 March 1893. Gardenhire & Anderson, Sols.

COMPROMISE DECREE: Cause heard at court house in Celina, TN. Motion to dissolve injunction granted. Defendants entered into bond of $5.00 to Complainant to indemnify him against tresspass. 16 May 1893.

INDENTURE [DEED]: Between W. D. Dowell & James M. Burgess for $115, land in Dist 11 on Big Branch of Cumberland River. 18 May 1885. [Signed] W. D. Dowell



BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sarah Wade and Robert Wade, a minor who brings this bill by his mother and next friend against Melville Spurlock, Littleton Wade, Alexander Wade, John Upchurch, Shaw Spurlock, Uriah Spurlock, Frank Williamson, Robert Wade, Cicero Spurlock all of Jackson Co.

Robert Wade Sr departed life intestate, no one has or can be procured to administer estate. Oratrix is widow and relict, having been legally married on [blank] 188[blank]. Orator Robert Wade is his son and Oratrix Sarah his widow. Robert Wade Jr was born March 1890, the only child of Sarah and Robert Wade.

Robert Wade's first wife Hannah died June 1882 and had following children: Defendant Littleton Wade, Alexander Wade. Defendant John Upchurch married a daughter of Robert Wade and Hannah Wade. Said daughter died on the [blank], leaving only heirs Cora & Vallie Upchurch. Robert Wade died seized and possessed of a tract in District 11 on Big branch bounded west by John Collins, north by John Collins, east by Charles Hopkins and W. E. Jones, and west by J. M. Burgess and W. E. Jones being 50 acres. Robert owned land in fee simple at death, in possession more than 20 years.

Orator and Oratrix claim by dower & homestead, been in possession uninterrupted until 22 Jany 1893 when "Melville Spurlock, Shaw Spurlock, Uriah Spurlock, Littleton Wade, Alexander Wade, Frank Williamson, (Robt Wade son of Littleton Wade), Hugh Keith, Thos Wade, Cicero Spurlock" came forcibly, wickedly...threatened...took possession of a house in less than 100 yards of where she lives and say they intend to use all cultivatable land. Asks injunction until cause can be heard. Your Orator Robt Wade Jr, the children of John Upchurch viz Cora & Vallie Upchurch, Littleton Wade and Alexander Wade own the land after termination of homestead and dower of Orator and Oratrix. 28 Jan 1893. [Signed] Butler & Dixon, Murray & Son, Solrs. Saray [her X mark] Wade

COPY OF DEED: James Pharris to Hannah Wade, parcel known as B[can't read] Butler or Job Meadows place, being 50 acres in Dist. 11, Jackson Co, TN 3 February 1843. [Signed] James Pharris Witnesses: Nathan Huff, Nathan Pharris

COMPROMISE: Heirs of Hannah Wade vs Sarah Wade is compromised by Sarah Wade giving up possession...place on which Robert Wade, decd lived before he died by heirs paying cost of suit and rents of said land and house for the year of 1892. Sarah Wade agrees not to claim or law said heirs any more...and let them have control and dispose... 14 Jan 1893 Sarah [her X mark] Wade

DEPOSITION: Skelton Meadows, age going on 85. Recollection good, hearing bad. Know Bob Waid land 70 years. I bought it about 60 years ago from Bev Butler and Bev Butler bough from Roy Settles who lived in Gainesboro at that time. 23 Feb 1894.

DEPOSITION: Thomas Upchurch states Robert Wade's wife Hannah asked me to come over and read a suit T. C. Settles filed against them. Robt Wade said he had no title and he got me to write to the clerk of the Mountain District at Sparta for a certified copy of Job Meaders and Beverly entry. Bob Wade asked me to write a deed in presence of his wife and use the grants for legal description. Was about the time of the Margret G. Settle case, about 1873. Bob Wade got possession from T. C. Settles, agent of Margret G. Sittles by 1873 by renting from Settle. Had possession before he moved away from here. 23 Feb 1894.

DEPOSITION: John Collins age about 75, known land 17 years, knew Bob Wade in lifetime. Bob said he had no deed, that he sent to Sparta for copies of grants so he could run lines, never got them. Been about 9-10 years ago. John [his X mark] Collins

DEPOSITION: Mary Collins, age about 60, knew Bob Wade in his lifetime, about 15-16 years. 24 Feb 1894. Mary [her X mark] Collins

ANSWER: Leroy Rouseau, Lovell Rouseau and Joseph Rouseau to cross bill of Sarah Wade. State they are owners of undivided one-half interest in land, Sarah Wade entitled to other one-half.

DEPOSITION: Thomas Burgis, age 52 April last, live Granville District, Jackson Co, TN. Knew lands, Bob and Hannah Wade, who lived on the land in controversy when they died. Wade said he was lawing Settle under a compromise Jim Pharris made with L. B. Settle. Bob Wade lived there twice; moved away because he was renting and it was Settle's and Settle rented it to W. G. Dowell. Wade was away five or six years, moved back when he rented from Tip Settles.

I rented from Tip Settles and Bob wanted to move in with me so he would be in possession when I moved out. I didn't let him. He rented from Settles. He said if he was in possession he could law for it the rest of his life. This was in the presence of his wife Hannah. He lived at the Pigeon Roost tract of James Pharris; that's a different place than the Butler tract. 24 July 1894. Thomas [his X mark] Burgis

DEPOSITION: Mary Pharris about 62 or 63. James Pharris was my husband, don't know when he died. Jim said all his land belonged to Settles. Grundy Dowel & Thos Burgis lived on the land. Bob Wade died. He lived at Pigeon Roost or the old still house place. 24 July, 1894. Mary [her X mark] Pharris

ANSWER: Sarah Wade to cross-bill, claims deed of James Pharris to Hannah Wade dated 3rd day of [blank] 1843 was forgery. Compromise with Robert and Hannah Wade was signed under duress. Afraid not to sign, was terrorized, one of the party Mr. James Brown weighs 200 pounds. Refers to litigation James Pharris vs Leroy B. Settles. Dated 2 March 1893. Sarah [her X mark] Wade

DEPOSITION: H. R. Wade [crease in page, can't read few words, possibly date of deposition]. Knows land, knew Robert and Hannah Wade. She was a daughter of James and Sarah Pharris. James Pharris was my father-in-law. Robt Wade and I are brothers and brothers-in-law.

Was at James Pharris' house one day, Hanner Wade, Robert Wade's first wife came there. James told Hannah he was giving her the Butler place because Robert Wade was doing no good and she was in hard times. James Pharris had been claiming and controlling the land since I married into the family, which was 1834. James Pharris' first wife died I believe in 1846. I remember because from the record of my son Downey who was borned January 1846 and she died the June following. H. R. [his X mark] Wade

ANSWER: Melville Spurlock, Littleton Wade, Alexander Wade, John Upchurch, Shaw Spurlock, Uriah Spurlock, Frank Williamson, Robert Wade, Hugh Keith, Cicero Spurlock.

Robert Wade Junior was born March 1890, child of Robert and Sarah Wade. Another child of theirs died in infancy. Hannah Wade died about 3 Jun3 1887. Robt and Hannah Wade had the following children:

Littleton Wade, Susan Wade married John Upchurch, Alexander Wade. Susan Upchurch nee Wade died 22 August 1885, left living Cora and Vallie Upchurch.

Robert Wade held no more than a life estate. At Robert's death, title passed to heirs of Hannah and Robert Wade.

Did not threaten Sarah Wade. Heirs filed suit for possession, to be tried on Monday. On Saturday before, she sent for them to come see her and compromise. They allowed her to keep possession for eight days. About 14 January 1893 Melville Spurlock, his wife and children commenced to move into a vacant house on premises. Sarah came out screaming and picked up some rocks and motioned as if to throw. Melville said if you throw that rock into my wagon among my wife and children, I will get out and "Stomp" you. That is the great fracas in her bill. Feby 7, 1893.



BILL OF COMPLAINT: Married 10 July 1873 in Jackson County. 12 August 1875, defendant abandoned her, said he was leaving and taking Grace A. Nation, a lewd woman. James Cherry is indebted to Samuel Walker for $11.00. No living children. Wants name changed from Mary Ann Walker to Mary Ann Johnson. 14 Aug 1875.

DECREE: Mary Ann Walker against Samuel Walker, both of Jackson Co. Asks injunction to keep him from selling personal property, same as alimony including debts owed to Samuel Walker. Samuel Walker summonsed for second Monday in September 1875, did not appear. Allegations deemed true, granted. Mary Ann [her X mark] Walker



BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sarah Ann Walker against A. J. B. Walker, John L. Maxey, A. P. Green, all of Jackson Co, TN. Married 10 July 1862 in Jackson Co. Oratrix was born Oct 1846, not yet 16 at marriage. Her mother died when Oratrix age nine. Bereft of maternal guidance, youthful. Defendant about 32 when they married, was a widower and father of three sons of first marriage. Alleges cruel and inhuman treatment. Autumn 1867 in house they occupied in Celina, he grabbed her hair, yanked, attempted to choke, was in advanced pregnancy, gave birth to their youngest child in January. She separated and went to house of defendant John L. Maxey and afterward to her uncle's, James J. Amonett. Went back to husband, stayed two weeks. Went to store to get articles her father had sent her, he accused of infidelity, etc.

They have three children of their marriage, John about 6, Samuel about 4, and Luke F. age 2 January next. Defendant has threatened if she filed for divorce, he would take the children to Kentucky or even the Rocky Mountains. After last separation he took the youngest child October 1-12, refused to let her see him, had to get Sheriff to get it back. Personal property includes household goods at house of John L. Maxey, including items given her by her father. Crop growing on land of A. P. Green. Asks writ of attachment, divorce, custody of her children.

DEPOSITIONS given April & May 1870:

Harriet McGlosson, witnessed violence, heard him tell Billy, a child by his first wife, to curse her. Harriet [her X mark] McGlosson

Permelia Langford stated about two years before her marriage, Complt lived with her about five months, good disposition, kind. [Signed] Pamelia Langford

B. Gist age 52, good woman, wife [Signed]

Joseph Bowman 45, stayed there five months. Never saw him strike her, heard him curse and abuse her. Jo [his X mark] Bowman

John L. Maxey 46, heard him abuse her. Lived in same house with them about three weeks. [Signed] John L. Maxey

Fannie Maxey age 41, similar testimony. [Signed] Fannie Maxey

A. J. Maxey age 30, states went to A. J. B. Walker's, she was in the cook house crying, said "Jack had hurt her, pulled her hair...". Didn't see it happen. Mrs. P. Walker and W. [?M/N/H] Savage was present, Sarah afraid to stay there. We told her to go to Mrs. Walker's and stay. [Signed] A. J. Maxey


WALKER, T. B. etal

SYNOPSIS: Andrew J. Way died intestate 3 February 1887, his widow Mary was appointed Administratrix. Hiram Pharris, a Minister of the Gospel said he at first was helping Mary settle the estate. A. J. and Mary had a daughter Susan Bush predecease them, leaving widower M. S. Bush and minor children who had not been given notice it was necessary to sell the property to pay debts. Even had they been notified, since there were minor children involved, a court order would have been necessary to sell land as there was no will authorizing the widow to do what she thought best, or leaving all his property to her.

ANSWER: Ban Way ["Beverly Way" marked through] by his guardian ad litem L. M. Gaillsbreath to Bill of Thomas Walker and wife filed 1896. Asks Mary Way, Admx of A. J. Way, to give settlement of estate.

Mary Way, Admrx of A. J. Way, deceased and in her own right, Thomas Mayberry and wife Darinda Way, S. S. Way, Wade Burris and wife Martha, Canzada Bowman and husband Levi Bowman, Dorie Bowman and husband Dillard, Ban Way and William Way and Hezekiah Way, M. S. Bush and the children of his deceased wife Susan Bush.

Mary Way is the Administratrix and widow of A. J. Way, deceased. His children and heirs are as alleged. A. J. Way died intestate in Jackson Co, TN 3 Feby 1887. Mary Way appointed Admrx 12 February 1887.

DEPOSITION: T. B. Walker, am same as Complainant in cause of Mary Way vs M. S. Bush filed about 1888. Signed my and my wife's names, by wife's direction to order to dismiss. Order to Dismiss signed by:

Mary [her X mark] Way, S. S. [his X mark] Way, Thomas [his X mark] Maberry, [Signed] Dorrinda Maberry, [Sined] T. B. Walker and his wife Sallie Walker

DEPOSITION: Sallie Haney, wife of Elijah Haney who died 4th of last November was two years ago. Bought land from A. J. Way for $700, gave him notes. Paid to Hyram Pharris for Mary Way, and to Mary Way, Admx. 15 Feby 1897. Sallie [her X] Haney

DEPOSITION: Sallie Walker states "Andy Way was my father and Mary Way my mother". I have been married to Thomas B. Walker ten years, married April 3, 1887. Ban Way is 17 or 18 years old now.

REPORT: B. A. Butler, Commissioner, states land is not susceptible to partition. About 100 acres in house place and 70-80 acres in Heady place.

DEPOSITION: M. S. Bush, age 52, am the son in law of Mary Way. Wife was Susan Bush died 27 Dec 1890. When she died, oldest child going on 13, next about 9, next 7, next 6, Mattie the fifth about 4 years old, Gertrude the youngest about 16 months. Not served with process, Mary Way versus self and minor children. Lived Putnam Co.

Mary Way held notes on Elijah Haney for part of the Jesse Heady tract that A. J. Way sold during his lifetime, about $600, never accounted for. She said it was money from her father's estate. Mary Way got the trust set up for another part of Heady land. She got of her father's estate $250.00. A. J. Way paid $1500 for Heady tract and sold his part to Elijah Haney. Mary Way was very old, about 53, at death of A. J. Way. His estate was managed badly. [Continued to March 12, 1901] [Signed] M. S. Bush

REPORT OF SALE: 22 June 1904, T. B. Walker purchased for $691.00 the place where A. J. Way died and his widow lives now, bounded south by Heady tract and the Mock Allen lands, east by Heady and T. D. Young, north and west by Wm Way and Joe Lewis lands and T. D. Young.

2nd Tract, being tract that A. J. Way purchased from Jessie Heady bounded south by land since owned by Mock Allen, east by Elijah Haney lands, north and west by the home tract where A. J. Way lived and died.

DEPOSITION: Hyram Pharris age 52, occupation farmer and Minister of the Gospel, live 1st District. Helped Mary Way administer estate of A. J. Way who died Feby 1887. [Signed] Hiram Pharris

T. B. WALKER, lawful age. Mary Way is my mother in law. [Signed]

DEPOSITION: Thos Maberry states "I am a son in law of Mrs. Way. She is 63 or 64 years old". Tract Wm Way bought of A. J. Way's estate is worth $350 or $400. Think he gave $40. Tract G. B. Murry bought worth about $125. Heard G. B. Murry bid $50 and some-odd dollars for it.

Estate was managed badly. [?]Bau Murray was one of her lawyers and John P. Murray and E. L. Gardenhire helped her some after they brought suit against Mary.

M. S. Bush, his wife and children lived in Putnam Co during the suit. Mary cannot read or write. I assisted her in the estate for a while, paid some of the bills. Hiram Pharris did. Tom [his X mark} Maberry

ANSWER: Hyram Pharris to Bill of Complaint of -

Andrew Bush, Samantha Bush, Mary A. Bush, Mattie D. Bush, Malina G. Bush, Bau Way by next friend M. S. Bush and M. S. Bush in his own right, Sabrina E. Bush and her husband Leonard Shoemake, Samantha D. Bush and her husband Henry Campbell, Dovie Bowman and her husband J. D. Bowman, Canzada Bowman, W. C. Burris and his wife Martha Burris, Thos Maberry and his wife Doranda Maberry, all of Jackson Co, TN


T. B. Walker and wife Sallie Walker, Mary Way, Hesekiah Way and wife Canzada, S. S. Way, R. V. Brooks, Administrator of John P. Murray deceased, G. B. Murray, Hyram Pharris, all of Jackson Co, TN except Hesikiah Way lives in the State of Kansas.

7 April 1888, Mary Way as Administratrix and Thos Walker and wife Sallie, S. S. Way and others filed bills against M. S. Bush and his wife Susan Bush and the other complainants except Doranda Maberry and husband Thomas Maberry and the Bush heirs, whose mother Susan was then living, and was made a party [as a defendant]. Susan Bush died on the 29th day of December 1890, leaving your complainants, all of whom were minors:

Sabrina E. Bush, Samantha D. Bush, Mary A. Bush, Andrew A. Bush, Mattie D. Bush, Melvina G. Bush as heirs at law, who were grandchildren of A. J. Way and Mary Way.

A. J. Way died 3 Feb 1887 in Jackson Co., leaving children and heirs Doranda Maberry, Sallie Walker, S. S. Way, Martha Burris, Susan Bush, Wm Way, Hesikiah Way, Canzada Way, Dovie Way and Ban Way, the only children and heirs at law of A. J. Way, deceased. 28 December 1896. [Signed Dixon & Stafford, Sols

OATH OF POVERTY: State of Tennessee, Jackson Co, comes Joanie Way, owing to poverty, unable to pay, is entitled to redress. Said Joanna Way as next friend to her minor child Beverly M. Way, has no money and has nothing unless he can get it out of his grandfather A. J. Way's estate. 28 Sept, 1896. [Signed] J. A. Way

OATH OF POVERTY: T. B. Walker 26 Sept, 1896; M. S. Bush 8 March 1899; J. D. Bowman 17 Mar 1899; W. D. Burris, Leonard Shoemake, Sabrina Shoemake, Thomas Mayberry 18 March 1899.

CLERK & MASTER'S REPORT: Case to be determined 22 June 1904. Elijah Haney states Mary Way received means due her from her mother's estate, loaned to husband A. J. Way to buy Jesse Heady tract. In exchange, he would convey her sufficient land to repay. A. J. Way soon after took sick and died before conveyance made. Payments had been made to A. J. Way of $263, another to [?]D. M. Young about $300, another to Jesse Heady Estate of $50, total about $613. Depositions of Elijah & Sallie Haney confirmed.

DEPOSITION: Elijah Haney age 47. Mary Way's mother Perlitha Loftis, received money from her estate.

ADMINISTRATOR'S BOND: Sum of $5,000. Principal Mary [X] Way. Securities S. S. [X] Way, Hyram Pharris, Elijah [X] Haney, G. B. Murray, John P. Murray, H. H. Loftis. Dated 12 Feby 1887.

ESTATE INVENTORY: [Signed] Henry P. Loftis, Dep Clerk & Master, Mary [X] Way.

DEPOSITION: Wade Burris states is son in law to Mrs. Way and brother in law to Cpt Tom Walker. Tom Walker, son in law of Mary Way helped me manage personal estate. [Signed] W. C. Burris


WALLING, J. N. & others

SYNOPSIS: Problems possibly began when Wilson C. Young and wife Aletha Young contracted to deliver mail from Gainesboro to Monroeville. A complicated contract with J. T. Anderson involved their carrying the mail in exchange for notes being paid on a farm they were buying from C. E. Reeves in 1st Dist, Jackson Co, bounded north by public road from Gainesboro to Flynn's Lick; east by John H. Dennis, south by William Reeves, west by Fate Meadows and wife where Lethia E. Young now lives.

Mentioned another case involving forgery. W. C. Young signed a mortgage at the Bank of Sparta, his securities signed, then W. C. Young rubbed out his name and was subsequently sentenced for forgery in the State penitentiary at Nashville for three years. According to his wife Aletha he was subsequently pardoned.

W. C. "Sonny" Young signed both his name and that of his wife's on a note to Samuel M. Tinsley which was a lien on the property. Following W. C. Young's conviction and imprisonment, Letha divorced him, and the farm was given her, ordered by the court to be divested out of W. C. Young and into "Letha and children". [It was not clear to me what the complainant J. N. Walling had to do with it - mlj.



A. C. Washburn against Annie Washubrn, B. P. Washburn, B. A. Butler and wife Fannie Butler, Cyntha Washburn, all of Jackson Co except B. P. Washburn, citizen of Van Buren Co, TN. M. A. Washburn died in Jackson Co, TN March 1894, owning about one-half acre in the 1st District, bounded north by Mrs. N. J. Cox, east by N. J. Cox, south by road from Gainesboro to Brooks ferry, west by Joshua Haile. Heir of M. A. Washburn was a minor, only child of deceased son [of M. A. Washburn].

Lot is joint property of those named in bill, value about $50.

REPORT OF SALE: A. C. Washburn purchased for $51.00.


1 Nov 1874: B. B. Washburn, guardian Henry Burke, minor heir of Diannah Burke, deceased, lists "To amt rcvd from James L. Burke dcd, [about $26].

1st Monday in Nov 1874: B. B. Washburn, guardian of James L. Burke, minor heir of Diannah Burke, deceased. Said James L. Burke, minor aforesaid, died April 1873.

Received of J. M. Richmond, Admr of Estate of Diannah Burke, deceased. 8 Jan 1868. James L. Burke and Henry Burke, minor heirs. November 1874.


WASHBURN, B. B. Admr Estate of Albert Green, deceased

PROSECUTION BOND: B. B. Washburn, Admr Albert Green decd & L. H. Butler are bound to D. A. Rawley and John V. Minor, sum of $1,000. 7 March 1867.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: A. Green departed life somewhere in State of Virginia 1863, soldier in the rebel army, resided in Gainesboro, Jackson Co, TN. Estate insolvent, not sufficient to pay widow [not named] year's allowance ordered by Commissioners. A. Green and David A. Rawley had been in business as merchants, alleges Rawley has been using firm's assets to pay personal bills, asks he make an accounting from 1 July 1861 to present. John V. Minor owed money to firm of Rawley and Green, asks he be enjoined from paying it and Rawley be enjoined from collecting.



BILL OF COMPLAINT: B. B. Washburn for sum of $700 sold Serelda Richardson land on east fork of Wartrace creek, Jackson Co, bounded north by Richard Minchy, east by William Michy, south by Earl Cook's heirs, west by Mary [?]Sweed, being 100 acres in Dist 3 on 15 June 1863. She paid in confederate notes, illegal money...

ANSWER: She did purchase on date stated, paid $300 cash, note for $450, has paid debt, asks case be dismissed.

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