Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #110
Richmond - Ross

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] RICHMOND, FRANK, Admr Richmond, M. L. deceased County 1883

SETTLEMENT 7 March 1893 with Frank Richmond, Administrator of M. L. Richmond, deceased. Inventory recorded Wills, Inventory & Adm Book B p. 562.

Two notes on Frank Richmond 8 May 1899 $40 & 19 Feb 1889, $61.42

Note on N. A. Robberts 9 Nov 1880, $200

Note on F. Cooper 3 Jan 1891, $146.29

Note on J. H. Jones 22 Dec 1890, $50

Credit Due Frank Richmond against Estate of Margaret Richmond April 6, 1891

Paid E. L. Cooper as her distributive share of estate 11 July 1891, $45

Paid Ann M. Holleman as her distributive share of estate 20 May 1891, $50

Paid Abbie Haile as her distributive share of estate 3 Oct 1891, $45

Paid W. T. Cooper for Hannah Cooper as her distributive share of estate, 6 April 1891, $49.18

Paid M. J. Coleman for Tomb stones 16 Jan 1893, $23

Paid to Gentry for freight for Tomb stones 6 March 1893, $1.35

Paid E. L. Cooper as her distributive share of estate 6 March 1893, $10

G. R. Maddux in full of Maggie Maddux distributive share 7 March 1893, $48.67

M. D. Haile in full of Abbie Hailes distributive share 7 March 1893, $30.67

Paid Ann M. Holleman in full as her distributive share of estate 7 March 1893, $43.67

Paid E. L. Cooper in full as her distributive share of estate, 7 March 1893, $38.67

Amount retained by Admr in full his distributive share of estate, $93.67

NOTICE to Maggie Maddox wife of G. R. Maddox, Abbie Haile wife of M. D. Haile, Ann Holleman. Settlement with Frank Richmond, Administrator of M. L. Richmond on Tuesday March 7, 1893. Dated 7 February 1893.

BURK vs RICHMOND 1840-1844

DEPOSITION 29 Sept 1843:

William Gipson age 58.

Ques: How long had you know John Richmond deceased before his last sickness and what was his state of mind?

Ans: 30 years... was at his house during his last sickness and at that time I did not think he was in his right mind nor I dont yet think so. A day or so after I was there I understood he made his wile... at the time I was there I heard nothing about a will. Had right smart dealings with him... lived within four miles.

Ques: Did you hear John Richmond ever say how he intended to dispose of his property... emancipate his negroes.

Ans: I heard him say he never intended to give Burkes any of his property I mean Burke his sunninlaw [son-in-law]. Never heard him say he was going to let any of his negroes free.

Ques: Say how much Henry Richmond was worth before the old man's death... whether the requests made of said Henry in his will are reasonable... if you were acquainted with John Richmond's property.

Ans: I don't think he was worth exceeden [sic] $500. I was tolerably well acquainted with

his property. I think the request made of Henry was unreasonable.

Ques: What is the general character of Sophia one of the complainants.

Ans: I think very bad.

Ques: State whether when you visited his fever was... very high.

Ans: I dont think I examined him.

Ques: Was Henry trading in [live] stock before his fathers death.

Ans: I think several years before his death he tuck [sic] a drove of horses south with John N. Walker.

Ques: What was the report of the neighborhood concerning wo [sic] ws the father of the negro girl.

Ans: I have heard it reported... the old man was the father.

Ques: Have you heard... that Sopha and Mr. Eatons family had some difficults and she was driven off to Mr. Youngs on account of her stealing from them.

Ans: Yes I have heard such reports.

/s/ William Gipson

DEPOSITION 3 Nov 1843, taken Tomkinsville [sic], Monroe Co., Kentucky:

Mark Murray age about 39. Acquainted with John Richmond of Tennessee about 18 months. Was a practicing physician at the time of his last sickness, attended him in the four [fore] part of his sickness... gave him medicine until about the time he made his will. Was present when he made his will. Subscribing witnesses were myself and Sampson W. Cassetty. I dont think he was of sound mind and disposing memory. He was in a dull and stupid condition of mind.

Ques: Did you find any marks of insanity...

Ans: I thought he was in his present senses as well as a man could be in his cituation [sic]. Mr. Cassetty wrote the will... Mr. Richmond formed the will on the 4th day he was taken and died on the 8th day after he made it. I think he sat at the table and eat some dinner the same day after he made his will. It was read over to him and he signed it.

CROSS-EXAMINATION by Defendant Henry Richmond:

Ques: What was John Richmonds condition before he was taken with the disease that terminated his life.

Ans: I considered him... labouring under... dispeptic [sic] consumption.

Ques: State if he would have to be asked what to put down next.

Ans: He did. He was at a loss what to do with one of the children and Sofa spoke and told him what he said he intended to do.

Ques: State what is the cistem [system] practice of medicine that you practice.

Ans: The Thompsonian practice.

Ques: Do you think the will was premeditated... or occured to him at the time?

Ans: ... as it ackerd [sic] to him... some of the requests [not put in the will] were out of the power of man to perform.

He died with congestive fever.

/s/ Mark Murray

DEPOSITIONS 1 November 1843: Taken by George McWhirter C & M with Joseph Eaton, next friend of Complainants:

Travis Draper age 65. Was acquainted with the general character of Rebecca Ray. Four or five years back she lived in sight of my house. Don't think I could give her credit in court in a case where she was interested. It was generally reported that she was a thief and a whore.

/s/ Travis Draper

Joshua Draper age 39. Could not give Rebecca Ray credit on oath in a matter where she was interested nor a particular friend.

Ques: Did Rebecca Ray purchase one of the negroes... of the Estate of John Richmond.

Ans: Heard from both parties she did.

Not acquainted with the character of Eliza Jones.

/s/ Joshua Draper

James W. Draper age 34. Could not give Rebecca Ray credit if sworn on oath in a case in which she was interested... if not interested, dont know if I could dispute her testimony. She did buy a negro belonging to the estate.

/s/ James W. Draper

DEPOSITIONS 14 October 1843.

Robert Richmond... age 55. I am brother of John Richmond he was about 5 or 6 years older... both raised by the same parents in the same house until I was 18 years of age I then married and both of us lived in the same neighborhood not further than 1 1/2 mile apart except one year when he moved to high wassee [Hiwassee] and lived about a year and also a few months when I lived on doe creek not five miles from here.

I was at his house about the time the second item of his will was written and staid [sic] there until it was closed and some few hours after... opinion was he was sicker than I ever saw him... do not think of sound mind and disposing memory... there the next day was Friday... went back Sunday he was worse...

Ques: Say who interrupted... during writing the will...

Ans: No one interfered until the last negro he was then setting on the side of the bed... said he forgot one... and Sophia spoke and said Master you always said if you died shortly you would give it to Juley... he said If I said it to let it be so and give it to Juley.

Ques: State if he made any unreasonable requests...

Ans: He said John... was not equal with the rest and wanted me to see he was made equal... left nothing in my hands to make it equal.

Ques: Say if John Richmond talked about selling the negroes before he made his will.

Ans: He said he had sold Cate for $700 to a negro trader and the money did not please him and he did not let her go.

Ques: Say whether Henry Richmond was able to buy and pay for property... as requested in will.

Ans: At the time Henry was not able...

Ques: State whether he ever spoke of letting any of his negroes free.

Ans: Not until he made his will [Signature and possibly part of deposition missing - mlj].

Sampson W. Cassetty age 36. Wrote and witnessed John Richmonds will... proper mind or as much as could be expected... believing the disease would terminate in his death. I understood his directions. Best of recollection, the will was written 5 or 6 days before his death.

Ques: Are you acquainted with a yellow girl Mary Ann daughter of Sophia?

Ans: I am.

Ques: Is she reputed to be the daughter of John Richmond, the Testate.

Ans: It is my understanding from hearsay.

Ques: Is she not sufficiently white to be the child of a white man?

Ans: If Sofiah be her mother she is.

Ques: State how long you knew John Richmond...

Ans: About nine years, lived about 2 1/2 miles... very good friends.

Ques: How far did Murray the other subscribing witness live?

Ans: Understand Tompkinsville, Kentucky about 28 miles.

Ques: Was John Richmond stupid and drowsy while you were writing?

Ans: I would often have to ask what to wright [sic] next. They was some parts of the will vague and I might ___ ____ mistaken as to the soundness of his mind.

/s/ S. W. Cassetty

DEPOSITIONS 20 October 1843:

Pinckney McCarver about age 34. About 1834 or 1835 John Richmond agreed to sell a negro woman called Ginney I think two of her children, and a negro woman called Cate at $700 and I was trading for another man and thought her too high. The person I was trading for was a negro trader... I sent him to see Richmond to see for himself. I later saw Richmond and asked why they didn't trade. He said they did but when he came to pay he only had $250 or $300 U. S. money and the balance was Tennessee paper and he was fearful of the Bank. I never knew of Richmond owning but the one negro named Kate.

/s/ Pinckney McCarver

Hiram J. Nettles age 35.

Ques: Say if you heard John Richmond deceased talk of selling negroes...

Ans [Verbatim]: "Some time in the Spring after John Richmond died in the fall I was at Henry Richmonds and heard him say to Richmonds wife why she did not work here head of for I am says she gos Richmonds wife he said he was offerd a good for Cate and blamer he wished he had sold her."

/s/ H. J. Nettles

James Draper age 53. Am somewhat acquainted with Eliza Jones could not give full credit from circumstances of her having abandoned herself to lewdness and from the circumstances of her having executed her bond for the man to name her bastard child before me as Justice of the Peace and afterwards came before me in order to swear on some one.

Ques: Say whether she was ever discredited... Court of Justice.

Ans: I dont know that she ever was.

Ques: Say was it the desire to swear her bastard child that you would not give her credit.

Ans: No it was not from the mere desire to swear the child but the manner in which she transacted the business. She came before me in company with a certain individual and in a friendly manner and entered into bond as above stated afterwards came to my house complaining of having been treated bad appeared to be in a passion said some people had got too smart and she would swear the child.

Ques: What is her general character for chastity and honesty.

Ans: ... bad indeed she keeps a house with other bad women for lewdness. I have heard a good many complaints bout her honesty.

Ques: Are you acquainted with the general character of John Ragland senr... would you give him credit?

Ans: From what I have heard could not... Do not know of own knowledge... I was informed that on his evidence a man was bound to court by a J.P... the solicitor dismissed the case on account of the doubtful character of Raglin. Also heard that before a J. P. his oath was set aside.

/s/ James Draper

Henry W. Kirby age about 46? [crease in paper; not sure of last digit - mlj]. Acquainted with Eliza Jones - don't hardly think I would give her full credit on oath. Not much acquainted with Minerva Ragland for the last 5 or 6 years... would not give her full credit... too many doubts. I might be wrong about her. John Ragland... some acquainted not very intimate... not as much credit as some... not full credit in a court of justice.

Ques: Are you acquainted with Sophia one of the complainants?

Ans: Was well acquainted with her while she lived with the old man Richmond. Believe she was roguish and sassy... consealed [sic] for the rest of the negroes in the neighborhood stolen plunder. Lived 1 3/4 miles from John Richmond before his death.

/s/ Henry W. Kirby

William Craig about 74. Acquainted with Eliza Jones character, would not give her credit... court of justice. Acquainted with her 22 years.

Known John Ragland 20 years, could not give him full credit...

William [his X] Craig

Nathan Montgomery about 45. Have read Dr. Kinners deposition... said John Richmond labouring under conjestive fever...

Ques: What effect would the steam or Thompsonian practice have on John Richmonds mind?

Ans: The steam practice or any other diffusible stimuli would make the excitement higher and at the time he was taking the medicine I would not think he could have complete command of his mind.

I am a practicing physician.

After the stimuli... in a taxed condition. Gongestion is formed most generally on the liver... but affects the system generally.

Ques: Was there a difference of opinion of the doctors about the disease of Mr. Richmond?

Ans: Doct Ragg visited Mr. Richmond but at what stage... do not know... There was a difference of opinion.

/s/ Nathan Montgomery

Richard P. Brooks age 33. Was at the house of John Richmond on Sunday a week before his death.

/s/ R. P. Brooks


I, John Richmond, Planter of Jackson and State of Tennessee, Planter, do make and publish this my last will and testament... void all former wills... Boddy decently interred... debts and Funeral expenses paid...

Secondly my son Henry Richmond... $5.00 with the land I have given him.

Thirdly heirs of Thaxton Carter and Jane Carter the sum of $10.00 and if Thackston Carter will not live on that peace of land on Flynns Creek then the land must be sold and that money I request shall be loned [sic] out for the bennefit of the heirs of Thaxton and Jane Carter which I give and Bequeath the Heirs of Jane and Thaxton... and if Henry Richmond will not give $1500 for the land it must be rented out for the Heirs and not sold.

Fourthly the land that my son John Richmond cultivates Apart of that land must be sold to pay my debts say the Hill field the ballance of that tract I give and bequeath to my son John. And if he should die without an Hiere then the land is to bee equally divided between the Ballance of my Hires that I name in my will.

Fifthly I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Dianah and William C. Burke Two Black girls Amy and Carline.

Sixthly I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Margaret and George C. Darwin Jr. Two Black girls Harriet and Emaline.

Seventh I give and Bequeath to my son James Richmond and my daughter Julyan Richmond my tract of land that I now live on House Hold and kitchen furniture and the land to be equally divided between my son James Richmond and daughter Julyan allso the House Hold an kitchen furniture to Bee equally divided Between Julyan and James. I allso give and Bequeath to my son James Richmond one Black Boy Bill and I will and Bequeath to my daughter Julyan one black girl Mary and if either Julyan or James should die without an Heire there Estate shall be Equally divided between my lawful Heirs and I request that my Executors shall Give my son John such of my Cattle as they think is necessary For his part and then sell of such as necessary so as to leave James and Julyan a sufficient portion of stock suitable to their convenience and wants. Allso Requested to sell such Portion of the crop as is necessary for the purpose of Paying my debts and the Ballance of my Black Family is to stay and live on the plantation with James and Julyan for Two years and then my Executors is to sell my Black Boy Shepherd I also give and Bequeath to my daughter Julyan one other black girl Lucindy and I also Request if Henry Richmond will take my Black Boy Alferd and give as High a price for him as any other one of the Heirs to do so and keep him and the Boy Alferd should wish to live with my son Henry to take him at all events and give a fare price For him. I allso Request that my Black girls Sofa Catharine Maryan and Martha to be liberated and not Bound with the or theirs as slaves But to live with my children whichever they choose to do and not to bee Sold and if my son Henry will give as much as any other Person for my Black Boy Shepherd I want him to buy him. The Rent Corn that is coming to me on Flynns Creek I want the Hoggs to be fattnd out of it

it is my desire that Margaret Darwin and Dianah Burk should have one girl apiece at this time Before the two years is out which time is allowed for James and Julyan to keep the negroes.

Lastly I do hereby make and appoint my esteemed brother Robert Richmond and my beloved son Henry Richmond Executors... In witness whereof... 10 September Eighteen Hundred and Fourty...

/s/ John Richmond

Signed and Sealed... presence of Testator and each other

s/s/ Sampson W. Cassetty, s/s/ Mark Murray

PROSECUTION BOND: William C. Burk, Merlin Young, Nathan Pharris and John Scanland to Henry and Robert Richmond, Admrs of John Richmond deceased... $2500... Condition is that William C. Burke and wife Hannah Burke together with John W. Richmond, James M. Richmond, George C. Darwin and Margaret his wife, Dudley B. Hale and Julie Ann his wife, Thackston Carter and Jane Carter his wife have filed a Bill of Complaint this day... prosecute to effect this void...

/s/ William C. Burk, Merlin Young, Nathan Phares, John Scanland. 30 October 1843.


Lydia Hamilton age 56 or 57. Knew John Richmond 7 or 8 years before his death... he told me that he calculated Complainant Sophia to be free but she was to live on his plantation with the children... didn't say about the others.

Lydia [her X] Hamilton

Andrew Dudney age 34. Lived in the same neighborhood as Eliza Jones 20 years, would give her as much credit as anybody. Known Lydia Hamilton 10 - 12 years, lived within six miles, would give credit.

I am acquainted with James Wheeler. I am a neighbor... would give credit.

Ques: Is it not reported Eliza Jones and Lydia Hamilton hore... bad women?

Ans: I have heard... reports.

Ques: What relation are you to Joseph Eaton?

Ans: I am a brother to his wife.

Andrew [his X] Dudney

Mary Cornwell age 55. I live in the same neighborhood with Lydia Hamilton... about ten years. With Lydia some speak friendly, others not. In the dealing I have had with her I found her honorable... don't think she ever told me a lie.

Known Eliza Jones over 25 years, close neighbor 15, but for two years past know nothing. She was like other children, sometimes right sometimes wrong. She has had two illegitimate children I know of and I think I heard of a third one.

Known Henry W. Kirby over ten years... after I became acquainted, never thought him sound principled but you must ask the men.

Acquainted with John Richmond 30 years. Saw him less than a year before his death... met him in the road some three years before his death... told him I heard he was sick and expressed surprise at seeing him out. He mentioned something about a will - that he had made one but Diana his daughter had married against his will, that he had intended the complainant Ann for her but in consequence of treatment of Burke... quarrel... told the family to let Ann go free. Said it was to spite Burke and Diana... intended to cut them off with as little as possible... I spoke in favor of his daughter and he seemed to get out of the notion of disinheriting her.

Ques: Was it reported in the neighborhood complainant Ann was the child of John Richmond?

Ans: ... whispered about...

/s/ Mary Cornwell

James W. Hancock age 62.... character of Eliza Jones... not sure...

/s/ J. W. Hancock

Alexander McCalay age 42... character of Eliza Jones... dont know. Some say she has one or two illegitimate children.

/s/ A. McCawley

Thomas Davidson age 28. Probably would give Eliza Jones credit, not sure about James Draper.

Heard that since Eliza Jones was a widow woman some man or other has kept her - heard she is a loose bad woman, heard nothing against her honesty until after the deposition of Henry W. Kirby... then heard he had accused her of trading with his negroes... believed his negroes had stolen from him and let her have it.

I live about six miles from Eliza... have lived three miles.

Mrs. [or Mr.] Draper issued some writs against ?parcel/passel of fellows on the creek... one me... got some old woman to sign her name. I told him I'd think better of him if he had signed his own name.

/s/ Thomas Davidson

Joseph Birdwell age 40. Eliza Jones is a prostitute but would give her credit on oath.

Saw John Richmond 2 - 3 days before he died. He said he was so sick he couldn't talk to me if he was out of his mind I couldn't tell it.

Don't know Minerva Ragland.

Would give Henry W. Kirby credit on oath.

s/s Joseph Birdwell

Benjamin E. Williams age 41. Don't know Eliza Jones. Would give Lydia Hamilton credit.

Benj. E. [his X] Williams

John Scanland age 28. Known Eliza Jones 20 years, would give credit on oath. Never a question of character except want of chastity. Would give more credit if she was chaste and virtuous. James Draper and Henry W. Kirby I would give credit on oath. Lydia Hamilton - same credit as Eliza Jones. Sophia the complainant, when she lived in the neighborhood, could not give full credit.

/s/ John Scanland

William Putty age 28. Would give Eliza Jones credit. James Draper I dont know - have heard a good deal said about him. Would give Lydia Hamilton credit. Question Eliza Jones chastity, but she would swear the truth as quick as any.

DEPOSITIONS 31 October 1843:

Benjamin McCawlay age 39. /s/ B. E. McCawley

Abslum Johnson age about 40. Eliza Jones not entitled to credit... not from personal knowledge. Minerva Ragland... do not remember her well enough. I live at Flynns Creek and Eliza lives somewhere in the neighborhood sometimes one place and sometimes another. Sophia's character of the worst order... not personal knowledge.

/s/ A _ _ _ _ Johnson

James Wheeler age about 31. From her general character could not give Eliza Jones credit, no personal knowledge. John Ragland I would not... he swore a lie against me.

/s/ James Wheeler

Rebecca Ray about age 50. Minerva Ragland I would not give credit. She has told me things that knowed was lyes. She would not tell the truth when she lived with me she told lyes in the fun to make mischief. I have seen her talking with marryed men more than I thought prudent for a single woman. It has been about 6 or 7 years since she lived with me.

I lived one half mile from John Richmond, was there three times during his last sickness. He didn't say anything about freeing slaves.

When Diana married he said he'd lost his housekeeper said he'd be obliged to marry or get a housekeeper.

When anything was missing they thought Sophia knew the going of it. I know nothing personally.

Rebecca [her X] Ray

DEPOSITIONS 18 October 1843:

Nancy Tolbert age 41. Acquainted with John Richmond 20-25 years. Saw him three times in his last illness. First time was very sick, never heard him speak. Last time I thought he was dieing.

Nancy [her X] Tolbert

Eliza Jones age 34. Well acquainted with John Richmond, am a neighbor, lived within one mile five years. Heard him say one year or so before he died that he intended to set Sopha and Ann and another ?crippled one free.

Ques: Say which of the negroes was the favorite of the family...was permitted to trade for the family.

Ans: Sopha was the ____. She was permitted to trade for the family. He gave her permission... in my presents.

Eliza [her X] Jones

BILL OF COSTS: Nancy Tolbert & Eliza Jones received $1.00; John H. Tolbert, Commissioner received $2.00.

DEPOSITIONS 28 September 1843:

S. W. Cassetty about 35. I wrote John Richmond's will... he was sick... I wrote it I handed it to Mr. Richmond and Richmond handed it to Sofa. Henry Richmond came in to town first county court after his fathers death to prove the will. All of the heirs wanted to have it set aside because of its vagueness.

I have seen her [Sophia] come to town and buy goods and have them charged to said Richmond.

/s/ S. W. Cassetty

Thomas Murray age 54. Saw Mr. Richmond twice during his sickness... once the day before he died. First time I was there thought he was in his senses. Last time he was not. Lived within one mile of John Richmond since 1816, eight years preceding his death within sight of him.

Acquainted with Sophia and her general character is not good. I was with Richmond when he sold his land over the river and when he bought land on this side [Gainesboro] of the river.

Ques: Say if you know of any circumstances that would justify you in giving Sofa a bad character.

Ans: I dont no that of my own knowledge.

/s/ Thomas Murray

William R. Kinner about 36. Visited John Richmond several times in his last illness... conjestive fever... nature of the disease - he would arouse a few minutes then slip into a slumber or letargy [sic]. I have heard it rumored in the neighborhood by some that the girl Ann was the daughter of John Richmond.

Ques: Are you a practicing physician?

Ans: I am.

I was acquainted with Richmond ever since I lived in the county ______ 1828.

Sophia is a very smart shrewd negro... Forbid her to come on my premises but she has been there several times since without my consent.

/s/ W. R. Kinner

John H. Tolbert age 41. Visited John Richmond twice perhaps three times after he was taken sick. The first time Dr. Murray was there he was taking medison [sic]. Wednesday night before he died one of his negroes came after me about dusk. When I got there he said he thought he was dying... very sick, high fever... part of the time he was in his senses. Before midnight he ast [sic] to be hope [sic; helped] out of the bed a while he ast us to lay him back easy. I wated [sic] on him a part of the night and left there next morning very soon.

I was a neighbor to him in his lifetime lived less than 1 1/2 mile 5 - 6 years before his death.

/s/ John H. Tolbert

DEPOSITIONS 25 October 1843.

Minerva Ragland age 22. Acquainted with John Richmond about six years. Lived in his house a part of the time and in the settlement part of the time.

I heard him say he intended to free Sophia and Ann and the one ?next to her. Was some seven or eight years ago.

[General character of Sofa for truth and honesty] was good.

Ques: Say who was said to be the father of Ann.

Ans: They did say that Mr. Richmond was.

Ques: Who was the favourite negro.

Ans: Sophia and her children.

Manerva [her X] Ragland

CAUSE HEARD... John Richmond at the time the same [will] was executed was of unsound mind... complainants have been in the possession of said Eaton since the filing of this bill November term 1842... deliver them up to defendants immediately... charging Eaton with reasonable hire from the time they came in his possession...

ANSWER of Robert Richmond and Henry Richmond to Bill of Complaint by Sophia, Ann, Kate and Martha persons of color by their next friend Joseph Eaton.

John Richmond departed life in Jackson County 1840... signed a paper purporting to be his Last Will & Testament... do not admit he was of sound mind and disposing memory. Robert [Richmond] was present when he signed denies he was of sound mind. Henry [Richmond] was not present. 15 April 1843.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Sophia, Ann, Kate and Martha persons of color by their next friend Joseph Eaton a citizen of Jackson County, Tennessee against Henry Richmond and Robert Richmond, Executors of John Richmond deceased of Jackson County.

John Richmond departed life in Jackson County having made his Last Will & Testament. Defendants Henry Richmond and Robert Richmond his Executors took in their possession said will... fraudulently refused to have the same proven... suppressed the same... in violation of their duty qualified as Administrators... the express provisions of said will, complainants Sophia Kate Ann Martha were emancipated. 7 November 1842. Wm C. Morris, Complainants Solicitor

/s/ Joseph Eaton

INVENTORY of John Richmond, deceased, 23 & 24 October 1845 [From p. 4 of 6 - mlj]:

1 Boy Bill 10.25

1 Girl Emeline 4.12 1/2

1 Girl Maryan 1.50

1 Girl Mary 1.62 1/2

1 Girl Harriet 1.37 1/2

1 Girl Anny 1.00

1 woman Catherine 10.00

1 woman Sophie & 3 children at $5.00 the lowest bidder to keep them.

/s/ Henry Richmond senr

The Master further reports that there are seven distributees of said estate to wit:

Thackston Carter & wife, William C. Burke & wife, John M. Richmond, James M. Richmond, George C. Darwin jr & wife and Dudley Haile & wife.

AFFIDAVIT of James M. Richmond... deposed and say that some time in the spring 1839 John Richmond and Henry Richmond were making a settlement and he said Henry Richmond pay John some money... about $500... in consequence of the said John Richmond letting Henry have one-third of the Graham Tract of land and that John Richmond departed life about September 1840.

/s/ James M. Richmond

BILL OF COMPLAINT of John W. Richmond, James M. Richmond, William C. Burke and wife Hanah Burke formerly Hanah D. Richmond, George C. Darwin who has intermarried with Margaret Richmond, Dudley B. Haile who intermarried with Julian Richmond and Thackston Carter and his wife Jane Richmond, citizens of Jackson County against Henry Richmond and Robert Richmond of Jackson County.

John Richmond departed life intestate more than two years ago leaving complainants and defendant Henry Richmond his only heirs at law... October 1840 defendants Henry and Robert Richmond were appointed Administrators.

William C. Burke purchased at sale of slaves two negroes at the price of $1057 and executed his note to Administrators... judgment has been rendered... when William C. Burkes distributive share is paid, it will greatly exceed amount of judgment. 8 November 1842.

/s/ William C. Burke

[NEW] RICHARDSON, M. A. et al vs DEAN, JEFF et al Chancery 1907

DEPOSITIONS 20 January 1908:

Jerre Ray age 68, live War trace near Highland, am a farmer. Knew Jerre Richardson in his life, were boys together, knew him up to his death and lived within one mile at the time. Saw him about every week.

Ques: Was he sound or unsound mind on or about 11 May 1901... capable of making a valid conveyance of land.

Ans: He was mighty week [sic] minded and I dont think he had any education at all. I dont think he could tell a five dollar bill from a ten... easily persuaded to do anything... that way all the time I knew him. I think he was near 70 years old when he died... think he died June 1907. He lived at old Joel Richardsons residence Wm Stephens and his wife lived with him they lived there together... cant tell you how long he was confined. I was sick at the same time and the same Dr. treated us both... from the Dr. he was confined about a month - that is to his bed that long.

Ques: Did you know Joel Richardson in his lifetime... draw a deed conveying to Jerre Richardson Tobe Richardson and Sarah Richardson land 3rd District of Jackson County... begin upper corner of the Joel Richardson Orchard... McCarver line.

Ans: I knew Joel in his lifetime... drew the deed... said he wanted Tobe to have the lower end... Jerre to have the old residence where he then lived. Tobe was living in an old log house on the lower end and he Tobe to have access to the Orchard which was used as a garden.

I would think $200 would be a fair minimum price for that occupied by Jerry and Sarah.

Ques: Did Jerry Richardson do his own trading.

Ans: He did in the store. I sold him goods for several years... buy on credit and then come and pay for them.

I think he bought a tract of land from L. H. McCarver... farmed and raised tobacco.

Ques: What was his political faith.

Ans: The wust [sic] Democrat I ever saw. He wouldn't vote for a Republican under no circumstances.

[When he bought goods] I had to count the money... he would just lay it out on the counter and tell me to take out my pay.

/s/ Jeremiah Ray

J. W. Carver age 62, live 3rd District. Knew Jerry Richardson, were boys together, growed up together, lived 1 1/2 - 2 miles from him... one occasion he owned me a little debt and his brother Ben Richardson sold his [Jerry's] horse and paid the debt... Jerry... seemed wrought up about it... didn't seem to know the value of property... easily persuaded.

Ques: Who looked after his trading and business.

Ans: ... his father did while he lived and after he died his brothers - first one and another and his brother in law... after the death of his father his brothers and brother in law came to me and requested I be appointed his guardian... consulted several lawyers but decided to have no guardian but to let me act as his agent... would cost less that way.

Ques: Do you know about Jerrys buying a part of the McCarver land.

Ans: That was away back in old man Joels time when his father was attending to his business. I understood from old man Joel that he had bought the land for Jerry.. had saved up some money for Jerry and wanted to put it in land for him.

Ques: Who asked you to act as his agent?

Ans: Marion and Tobe and Sarah and Bill Stephens and himself.

/s/ J. W. Carver

S. H. Carver age 55, farmer, live 3rd District near Dycus P.O. Knew Jerry about 25 years, lived about three miles... dont think he had mental capacity.

/s/ S. H. Carver

DEPOSITIONS about 28 May 1908:

Ol West age 41, live 2nd District, farmer. Knew Jerre Richardson 25 years, worked with him. We all lived there together and worked together often... neighbors about ten years.

Ques: Who disposed of Jerres produce... did his trading...

Ans: His father Joel Richardson. Tobe and Marion Richardson proposed to after his death. Dont know if they succeeded.

/s/ O. B. West

J. L. McCarver age 42, live Dycus, Tennessee, am a farmer. Known Jerry Richardson since he was a small boy. I filled his tickets at elections... never had any business with him.

10 October 1906... he came to my house with his brother in law William Stephens and his sister Mrs. Stephens... Jerry said Francis Cornwell had told him his brother Ben Richardson had a deed to his land and that Ben had transferred the deed to Jeff Dean... that he had never given Ben a deed... he said he had went his brother in law Stephens security to John Howell for a horse... that John Howell was going to collect the money out of his land... gave Ben some sort of a title to keep Howell from making the debt off him... said Ben never did pay him anything...

I talked to Jeff Dean - said hed paid about $40 on debts for Ben and said hed have to have that amount, paid Tom Huffines about $50... would have to look at his books.

/s/ J. L. McCarver

W. W. Witcher [No age].

Ques: What is your relationship to Jerry Richardson and did [Jeff] Dean know the relationship?

Ans: He is my own cousin - I suppose Dean knew... we lived in the same neighborhood.

Ques: How long did you know Jere before his death...

Ans: All my life except 6 or 7 years when I was in Illinois.

Ques: If Joel Richardson, Jerres father sid anything to you before his death... say what he said.

Ans: I was over there a few nights before the old man died sitting up with him... said he had given to Tobe who was his baby [land] where Tobe lived up to a draw and had given him a deed and from there on he he had given to Jerry and Mrs. Stephens so that no body could take it from them.

Ques: Where were you when you had a conversation with J. M. Dean... told him the deed from Jerry Richardson to Ben Richardson was bogus.

Ans: At the store...

Ques: Who was Dean's partner at the time.

Ans: Mr. Williamson I recon.

Ques: Do you know how Marion got his property... did you hear his father Joel Richardson say...

Ans: He (Marion) has worked and got a great deal of his property. He [Joel] told me about deeding Tobe and Jerry and Mrs. Stephens some land... said I have sold Marion the right hand side and he has paid me $70 and a quart of whiskey.

/s/ W. W. Witcher

ADJOURNED to June 1, 1908:

Jeff M. Dean, lawful age. Acted in good faith. Considered in buying the land was about $100 he owed Williamson & Dean and paying other debts for him [Ben Richardson]. It was understood Jerry was to remain in possession while he lived.


Albert Dean had taken a mortgage from Jerry Richardson I understand on this 80 acre tract and about the time Albert went out of business down there somewhere in 1900 or 1901 I think the amount was $50 or $55. When Albert left and went to Lafayett he left these papers with me for collection, and Ben Richardson came and paid me some and paid it off.

/s/ J. M. Dean

J. W. Carver [No age]. Known Ben Richardson since a little boy... character bad, at least not good...

Ques: Is Ben Richardson a brother to the Complainants Tobe and Marion Richardson?

Ans: Yes Sir that is the way I understand it.

There were several judgments [against Ben] on my docket. Ben backed down and didn't carry out his bankruptcy is the way I understand.

I have known J. M. Dean about 25 years. His character is good.

One of the rumors was that Ben was mighty mean to his first wife. She died and he married aain and she didnt stay with him long.

As Jerrys agent I had a lawsuit to dispossess him [Ben] of his brother Jerrys land.

Ques: Say if Ben swore falsely... bankrupt petition... in order to avoid prosecution by Albert Dean brother of defendant Jeff Dean...


Floors [sic; ?Flowers] Sutton [No age]. Known Ben Richardson 15 years. Character mixed.

/s/ F. M. Sutton

G. M. Holland. Known Ben a right smart while. Rather not say anything about the fellos. Knew Jerre 15 - 20 years, lived about two miles.

/s/ G. M. Holland

B. D. Ramsey age 37, am farmer and constable. Knew Jerre Richardson about ten years. Had two executions against him - one in favor of Jim Porterfield and the other Beverly Flatt. Whole amount about $20. Levied on a bay horse as property of Jerre... carried the horse home and advertised him. Ben or Jerre or both sold the horse for $40 to W. W. Witcher... Witcher paid $20 to Esqr Pate to settle the debts and Ben got the other $20.

/s/ B. D. Ramsey

M. H. Draper age 54, lived 3rd District, Jackson County. Known Jerre Richardson since I was a boy. Sold him goods from about 1875 to 81... tolerably undereducation.

/s/ M. H. Draper

M. A. Richardson. Am Administrator, estate of Jerre Richardson. He was close to 60 - maybe 61 or 62 when he died the 27th of last June... [Last sickness] he was confined at his own home four months, not able to do much... confined to bed about a week... his brother in law Stephens and wife lived there with him.

Reasonably good health all along he had phthysic [phthisis; tuberculosis - mlj].

/s/ M. A. Richardson

Tobe Richardson [No age]:

Ques: Are you a brother of Jerry Richardson and were you raised with him?

Ans: Yes Sir.

/s/ Tobe Richardson

POWER OF ATTORNEY: State of Alabama, Jefferson County} We A. L. Barnes and wife Etta Richardson Barnes of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, appoint Mrion Richardson of Gainesboro, Jackson County, Tennessee our... attorney to receive and receipt money... estate of Jerry Richardson. 20 April 1910.

/s/ A. L. Barnes, s/s Etta Richardson Barnes

CAUSE HEARD 19 September 1907. Jerry Richardson on 15 April 1905 executed a deed to defendants Williamson & Dean... alleged consideration $139.11, land 3rd District, Jackson County, Tennessee. Although it was an absolute deed on the face, it was intended as a mortgage... interest was paid, still a balance due of $142.00... sell and pay.

REPORT OF SALE 19 October 1907. W. H. Richardson became purchaser at $1,000.00... 10% cash down, balance on notes.

ANSWER of Helen Richardson, Katie Richardson, John Henry Pate and Ambrose Richardson, minor defendants by guardian B. C. Butler.

Death of Jerry Richardson and appointment of Marion Richardson is admitted. Is admitted land not susceptible to partition between the heirs. 4 September 1907.


Ben Richardson age 52, now live in Smith County, am a farmer. I knew Jerry Richardson I was a brother of his.

Ques: Are you a son of Joel Richardson, deceased.

Yes Sir. Jerry was older by a right smart. He was in sixty [when he died]. He was the oldest boy.

Joel Richardson died 12 - 13 - 14 years ago.

Ques: How many children did your father have.

Ans: Eleven children and two twin children that didn't live long.

Ques: Were the eleven children living at the time of his death.

Ans: One of my sisters married and died leaving one child and it died since my father and one boy died before my father without issue.

/s/ B. M. Richardson

Drury Richardson age 31. Live Difficult, Smith County, Tennessee, am a farmer. Ben Richardson is my father.

/s/ Drury Richardson

Charley Huffines age 33. Live Bagdad, Tennessee, am a farmer. Knew Jerry Richardson, bought some timber from him. I paid him. He said he wanted some wire and we went to Highland and Charles Herrod a hardware drummer was there and we ordered $6.00 of wire from him. That was what the timber came to.

/s/ C. H. Huffines

James Majors age 52, live Smith County. Went to Tobe about renting Jerrys land. Went to Highland with Charley Huffines, got two rolls of barbed wire...

Jas H. [his X] Majors

G. W. Dixon age 65, live 14th District. Knew Jerry. We were boys raised together.

/s/ G. W. Dixon

John Cole [or Cale] age 69. Live near Granville, am a farmer. Am a Notary Public, acknowledged the deed.

/s/ John Cale

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