Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #102
Morrison - Nettles and
"M" Divorces
[Also case not listed as being part of this reel: Nevil, A.].

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] MORRISON, JOHN O. vs EAKLE, MARY Chancery 1859

BILL OF COMPLAINT of John O. Morrison of Macon Co., TN against Mary Eakle of Jackson Co., TN. He and defendant married 22 August 1850, lived together as husband and wife until about 27 June 1857, had three children born, S. S. and C. H. Morrison and Margarett An the last a girl about three years. About [Blank] February 1858, said Mary filed a bill at Lafayette, Macon County, Tennessee for divorce and custody.

Complainant [John O. Morrison] was awarded custody of the two oldest and said Mary to have custody of the youngest, Margaret. Complainant to have visitation rights and Margaret be able to visit the boy children.

Complainant has not been able to see Margarett for thirteen months. The said Mary lives with her father Christian Eakle who is mad and malicious with Complainant... not permitted about the house. He has a farm, can better raise and educate all three. He is informed and believes said Mary and her father's family is almost ready to remove to the State of California. Mary has frequently visited S. S. and C. H. Morrison at his house, has always been treated kindly.

Asks that Margaret Ann Morrison be attached by the Sheriff and placed in possession of Complainant... Complainant and Mary to furnish security bond of $1,000 each to appear the 1st Wednesday after the 2nd Monday in July next for court hearing. 1 March 1859. /s/ John O. Morrison

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Attach Margarett Ann Morrison, place in custody of John O. Morrison. Dated 1st Wednesday after 1st Monday in February 1859.

[Note: Dates/names are as written. Part of case may be missing. It puzzled me how the order to attach was obtained before the Bill of Complaint was filed - mlj].

[NEW] MORTON, WILLIAM et al vs HARE, SAMUEL E. Chancery 1854

[Note: File folder shows defendant as Samuel E. "Have" - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of William Moreton and Joseph Moreton by his next friend William Moreton and James Draper, admr of Nancy More [sic; Moreton/Morton] deceased, against

Sam'l E. Hare and Richard P. Brooks and others, all of Jackson Co.

William and Joseph Moreton on 9 November 1853 filed their original bill of complaint, here adopt and refer to same.

Defendant Brooks on 31 July 1854 filed his answer... admits he has the two negroes in his possession but states he did not purchase them of his co-defendant Hare but of Philip and Johnathan Ray... admits they did belong to the estate of Dan'l Ramsey.

Complainants believe Hare to be the administrator of the estate of Nancy Moreton, deceased. The only defense Hare makes is he was neither Administrator or Executor of Nancy Moreton.

William and Joseph Moreton were advised they could recover their distributive portion of the estate of Dan'l Ramsey, deceased as heirs of their mother Nancy Moreton, deceased.

PROSECUTION BOND: William Morton and James Draper to Sam E. Hare, Richard P. Brooks, John Ramsey, Marshal Graves, Canzada Graves, Martha Graves, Pleasant Graves and Margaret Graves. /s/ James Draper

ANSWER of Samuel E. Hare to Bill of Complaint. In the year 1840 Daniel Ramsey, father of Nancy Morton, departed life intestate. Afterwards Nancy Morton departed life. Nancy was the wife of Thomas Morton. Thomas Morton on 6 September 1841 sold to Samuel Hare for $600 his right to his wife's share in the estate of her father. 10 February 1855.

ANSWER of Richard P. Brooks to amended bill of complaint. Richard P. Brooks denies he knew slaves Ridley and Martin were unlawfully held and claimed... thought they were property of Phillip Ray and Jonathan Ray. The other negroes were sent to Nashville by a man named Nettles where they were sold to a man named John James. Respondent did not attend the sale, but merely accompanied Nettles to Nashville. [John] James lived in the South but Respondent does not know exactly where.

Respondent has heard the man and woman are both dead, but is not sure. Neither does he know the whereabouts of the other, a small girl, or if there was other increase. Asks case be dismissed. [No date].

ANSWER of Richard P. Brooks. Daniel Ramsey died in Jackson County about the time mentioned. Samuel E. Hare was his Administrator. Heirs are correct, Ramsey left no widow. Does not admit Hare was administrator or executor of Nancy Morton deceased. He did purchase two slaves Martin and Ridley from Phillip and Jonathan Ray that had belonged to the estate of Dan'l Ramsey and has them in his possession.


ANSWER of Daniel H. Huffines to Bill of Andrew Moseley. True he sold a tract of 100 acres to Moseley and James M. Draper held the mortgage on it. Mosely knew this and was not to have the deed recorded until the mortgage was paid and released.

PROSECUTION BOND: Andrew Mosely and M. B. Mosely to Daniel H. Huffines. Both signed.

DEED OF TRUST: For the sum of $1.00... I, Daniel H. Hufhines to Harvey H. Draper, land in Dist. 2 of Jackson Co. on Hanner Branch adjacent land of Andrew Mosely on the north, Samuel Sloan on the east, Andrew Cowan on the South, Thomas Bryant and others on the west.

I am indebted to James M. Draper... following notes [all endorsed to J. M. Draper]:

2 Jan 1861, $134.26 to A. S. Hufhines

8 August 1859, $94.05 to Jincy Hifhines

1 March 1859, $8.00 to Nancy Sloan

18 July 1860, $9.62 to S. H. White

Deed to be void if I should pay... 4 September 1865 /s/ Daniel H. Hufhines

DEPOSITIONS 12 April 1869:

Andrew Mosely age 33. I bought the land from Hufhines, gave him a note on George W. Moseley which he turned over to Draper. He told me about the Draper debt, but not that the land was encumbered by a lawsuit. Found out from William Draper about six months after the purchase that it was encumbered by a lawsuit of Jane White against Riley W. Hufhines and others in Chancery, Jackson County.

Present when the trade was closed were Dr. Ferguson, Josiah Reese, Polk Carver and two of Daniel Hufhines' sons, think William and Frank. /s/ Andrew Mosely

A. M. Fergusson age 50. Daniel H. Hufhines and Andrew Mosely came to my house, asked me to write a deed and note, and I did. I didn't go to Andrew Mosely's father's. /s/ A. M. Fergusson

William Mosely age 60. [Nothing new]. William [his X] Mosely

DEPOSITION 16 June 1869:

James M. Draper age 58. The Bill of Complaint of Jane White and husband Charles White by next friend Amos Rogers was against Riley W. Hufhines, Thomas Hufhines, Adam S. Hufhines, Thomas Hufhines, Lewis Hix, Daniel H. Hufhines and myself, it attached the property of Daniel H. Hufhines. Hufhines was always willing to pay debts, but he wanted the notes settled first. /s/ James M. Draper

[NEW] MOSELY, EUGENIA, Widow of MOSELY, G. W. County 1894

PETITION of Eugenia Mosely for homestead and dower. Husband G. W. Mosely died in Jackson County [Blank] 1884, leaving her the widow who was and is living on the land owned by deceased in the 2nd District of Jackson County bounded north by Draper, east by Forkum, south by Gaines, west by Draper, being 125 acres more or less worth $1100. /s/ Eugenia Mosely

[Signature appears to have been signed by W. H. Brooks, Clerk of Court. Added at bottom of page under signatures, as written]:

The heirs of G. W. Mosely living in Jackson County, Tennessee are [No commas - mlj]

Sarah Mosely [Blank] Mosely Van Crowder Van Mosely Zack Mosely and wife A. B. Mosely Hugh Clark and wife Nettie Clark Lou Mosely Bedford Mosely Van Mosely Wm A. Mosely Robt L. Mosely Laura B. Mosely Clay Mosely

INVENTORY of Eugenia Mosely, Administrator of G. W. Mosely, deceased. 2 September 1895 [Lists, nothing genealogically helpful]. Eugenia [her X] Mosely

NOTICE TO APPEAR 4 March 1895. Dower and Homestead to be assigned to Eugenia Mosely, widow of G. W. Mosely [sent to following]:

Clay Mosely, Zack Mosely, Van Mosely and William Mosely, A. B. Mosely wife of Zack Mosely, R. L. Mosely, Laura B. Mosely, Sarah Brown and her husband Carel Brown, Geo Mosely, Nan Crowder and husband Wm Crowder, Auston Mosely, Van Mosely, Zack Mosely and wife A. B. Mosely, Wm Mosely, Hugh Clark and wife Nettie Clark, Lou Mosely, Bedford Mosely, Wm A. Mosely, Robert L. Mosely, Laura B. Mosely, Dassie Mosely heirs at law of G. W. Mosely is hereby notified that Monday April 1, 1895 will appoint commissioners to lay off homestead and dower to Eugenia, widow of G. W. Mosely. /s/ Eugenia Mosely

[Under above]:

Minor heirs Bedford Mosely, Daisy Mosely, Lou Mosely, children of Andrew Mosely.

Robt L. Mosely, Laura B. Mosely, Will Mosely heirs. Bill Mosely heirs, don't know whether they are minors or not.

RECAP LIST [Probably best list, without duplications, has notations how related to G. W. Mosely. There were "~" marks possibly indicating "ditto above" which would not copy/paste well to a website, so I have typed what I thought were proper relationships out. Unsure? Order reel. - mlj].

Eugenia Mosely widow

Sarah Brown (a neice) & daughter of Andy Mosely (a Bro.) & her husband Carroll Brown

Geo Mosely a nephew & a son of Andy

Austin Mosely a nephew and son of Andy

Nan Crowder a neice and daughter of Andy & her husband Wm Crowder

A. B. Mosely a neice and daughter of Andy

Wm Mosely a nephew and son of Andy

Nettie Clark a neice and daughter of Andy & her husband Hugh Clark

a minor Lou Moseley a son of Andy

a minor Bedford Mosely a son of Andy

a minor Daisy Mosely a daughter of Andy

Zack Mosely son of John Mosely his wife being A. B. Mosely

Clay Mosely a son of John Mosely

a minor Robt L. Mosely son of Milt Mosely

Wm A. Mosely son of Milt Mosely

Van Mosley a son of Milt Mosely

a minor Laura B. Mosely daughter of Milt Mosely all of Jackson Co., Tennessee

Wm Long and wife [blank] Long a daughter of Andy Mosely of Clay County

Gill Long and wife [blank] Long a daughter of Andy Mosely of Clay County

Children and heirs at law of William Mosely Sr. whose names are unknown lives out of the State some of whom are minors without general guardian.

Gla[?ss] Huffeins and wife of Kentucky (daughter of Andy).

FINAL SETTLEMENT September 10, 1920 with Laura Belle Mosely Lancaster, she having attained age 21...

REPORT TO COURT: Cause of Jno L. McCoin et al vs Eugenia Mosely, et al... since filing of case, Eugenia Mosely has intermarried with Wm Mosely... [No date].


COMPROMISE AGREEMENT: Defendant is to return following property to Complainant at her father's house: feather bed, quilts, saddle, cow & calf, and defendant pay complainant $50 and attorney fee and costs.

PETITION: Married Jackson Co., TN October 1904. Defendant became cruel and inhumane, kept it up, encouraged his mother to abuse her. Forced to withdraw and go to her father for protection.

Lists property, including one-half of tobacco on Zack Mosely's place and a small crop of corn on Joel Forkum's place, wheat and bacon at Clay Mosely's, asks it be attached.

Asks name be changed to Pearly Bohanon, her maiden name. No children mentioned.

Owing to poverty, not able to bear expenses... 9 August 1905. /s/ Pearlie Mosely

BOND: For release of mule from attachment signed by Bascom Mosely as principal; signed as security are Z. H. Mosely, W. C. Mosely, John J. Gore, W. W. Draper.

[NEW] MOSELY, Z. H. and T. J. vs LONG, WILL & SAM Chancery 1905

Judgment proconfesso, July rules 1905. Notice served, failed to appear 3 July 1905.

EJECTMENT BILL: Z. H. and T. J. Mosely against Will and Sam Long. Complainants own land, T. J. Mosely has homestead and dower interest and Z. H. Mosely owns the reversionary interest... in 2nd District, Jackson Co. on Indian Creek... adjoining John Draper... bounded by place where John Brooks once lived... Andrew Cowen once lived... tract purchased by H. H. Draper of A. M. Scantlin now owned by Dick Forcum... to a conditional line made by William Mosely and Andrew Cowan on Jany 17, 1872... southwest corner of William Mosely old tract now owned by complainants... to conditional line by Andrew Mosely and G. H. Carver being same tract described in a deed of John R. Brooks and wife to William Draper and John F. Mosely registered Book C, page 463.

Complainants' father and husband John F. Mosely owned said tract at his death about 21 years ago. Defendants have taken possession or attempted to take... a portion... tore down fence, planted tobacco, cut trees. 18 May 1905. /s/ Z. H. Mosely

[NEW] MOSS, JAMES, Guardian of MOSS, MARY County 1873

SETTLEMENT: With Mary A. Moss, minor heir of L. B. Moss deceased, 1st Monday in September 1873.

Interest from February, 1872...

Amount received from Pensions agent 6 April 1872, $48.00 [*].

Amount received from Pensions agent 28 September 1872, $48.00 [*].

[*Note: Possibly USA Civil War pension, payable to orphans who were under age sixteen at the death of fathers who were killed/died in USA service - mlj].

Receipt of Joel Moore for slate & book.

Receipt of J. W. Grace for tuition.

Receipt of Jefferson Moore for merchandise for Mary An

[NEW] MOSS, LAFAYETTE vs COX, W. G. et al Chancery 1883

ANSWER of G. W. Cox to petition of Lafayette Moss and wife Sallie against W. G. Cox, A. M. Cox and others.

True Lafayette and Sallie Moss filed bill.

Admits that they in said bill falsely and fraudulently claimed that Peter G. Cox and Sallie Cox died seized of certain personal property and two tracts of land.

Peter G. Cox and Sallie Cox had a life estate in land by deed of gift from Respondent... no other interest.

True that a portion of said land once belonged to Peter G. Cox, but was sold at court-ordered sale and respondent bought it.

Sallie Cox did die seized and possessed of a tract in 9th District of Jackson Co., not worth $50.00.

Untrue that Lafayette Moss and wife were entitled to one-third of personal and real property. Peter G. Cox and Sallie Cox were largely indebted.

The $50 he paid to Complainants was a gratuity... bought his peace.

It is true that Moss and wife are hopelessly insolvent and Moss is a married woman. 12 November 1883.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Lafayette and Sallie Moss of Jackson Co. against William G. Cox of Putnam County, TN, A. M. Cox of Jackson County, TN and Peter Cox of Missouri.

Peter G. Cox departed life [blank] in Jackson Co. leaving widow Sallie who is now dead and defendants W. G. Cox and A. M. Cox. Peter Cox and complainant Sallie Moss is his only heirs.

Defendant W. G. Cox is a son of said deceased. Defendants A. M. Cox and Peter Cox are sons of a deceased son of deceased.

Sallie Moss is the daughter of a deceased daughter of deceased and entitled to one-third.

Peter G. Cox died owning land in 1st District on both sides of Doe Creek, bounded by A. J. Stafford and others whereon intestate lived and died...

A. M. Cox resides on land in 9th District bounded by [?]N. E. Smith, J. J. Paine, Joseph Abbot and perhaps others.

Sallie Cox, the widow of Peter G. Cox departed life in Jackson County [blank] 1882. Dated [blank] April 1883. J. L. [his X] Moss, Sallie [her X] Moss


BILL OF COMPLAINT of Narcissa Moten against William Moten. Married in Jackson Co., TN about ten years ago... anything but happy... vain hope he would reform. A few months after they married, he dragged her across the floor by her hair, jabed [sic] her head against the hearth. Oratrix states since their marriage he has not been content to beat her - beats her children with his fist.

Before her marriage with defendant she had been married to one William [?] Chranby when he died leaving her a widow with four orphan children the oldest being only age four. [Note: I checked Sistler's 1880 printed census of Jackson Co., could not find a surname resembling "Chranby". Did not check 1870 - mlj].

Soon thereafter she married defendant, a widower with five children.

He falsely charged her with adultery with one Brant Carnahan and Kirkpatrick [?] Dayley who is her brother in law having married her sister.

By her marriage with defendant she has had four children: Dock Moton age ten, Alta Moton age 9, Celia M. age 7, Dutch age 6. Defendant is not a proper person to have custody.

Lists personal property "most of which property came by your Oratrix", asks it be attached for alimony. May 5, 1894. Narcissa [her X] Moton

COURT REPORT: It appearing to court that Complainant and defendant are now living together as husband and wife, bill is dismissed, defendant pay costs. [No date].

[Note: 1880 USC, from Sistler's printed index, Jackson Co., TN, p. 273:

MOTEN, Wm H. 49, Partheny E. 44, John T. 12, ?Esier 10 (m), Mary B. 5, Harde 3 (m), Eugena 5/12 - mlj].

[NEW] MOTON, WM vs BROOKS, R. V. et al Chancery 1884

DEPOSITION 16 June 1884:

R. V. Brooks [No age]. I am the same R. V. Brooks who was administrator of R. P. Brooks, with will annexed. A deed came to my hands from R. P. Brooks to Elvira Kilman in trust, believe in 1868 which conveyed six parts out of seven in tract of land known as Jesse Jenkins tract in District 2, Jackson Co., Cumberland River of Cub Creek.

R. P. Brooks was indebted to Mary H. Brooks for money he had used of hers... made deeds to his children in 1868, one to me dated 29 February 1868, also to his daughter Cyprissa's heirs and to A. A. Lee. I held and claimed said Jenkins tract for my sister Elvira Kilman under the lost deed of 1868.

My father R. P. Brooks died May 4, 1881. My mother Mary H. Brooks died Feby 26, 1881.

Ques: Was not Mary H. Brooks the person mentioned in Complainant's bill filed in this case as the mother of Elvira Moton the wife of R. P. Brooks at her death?

Ans: She was.

I was present in 1881 when William Moten and Law came to see Father about renting land. Father made the contract. I lived at my father's house in 1868. /s/ R. V. Brooks

R. A. Cox [No age].

Ques: State what you know about the lost deed and the marriage contract of Elvira Killman and W. H. Moten.

Ans: I saw the deed at one time. I prepared a marriage contract form between complainant Moton and Elvira W. Brooks a short time before their marriage. They signed one prepared by R. V. Brooks by making alterations. The rent and profit from the land to go to her during her lifetime then to heirs of her body. Elvira's first husband had long previously left her.

The deed dated 30 November 1870 from R. P. Brooks to R. Vance Brooks in trust for Elvira Killman was the wife of David Killman who abandoned her. After the death of R. V. Brooks she divorced him and her name changed back to Elvira W. Brooks. She afterwards intermarried complainant W. H. Moton. /s/ R. A. Cox

CAUSE HEARD 12 March 1885. Marriage contract excluded W. H. Moton beyond the life of the wife Elvira... therefore it is decreed by Court that Complainant's bill be dismissed.

[NEW] MULLINAX, H. C. Admr of J. W. PORTERFIELD Chancery 1885

[Note: "Poterfield" on file folder - mlj].

FINAL SETTLEMENT 20 August 1887, all the heirs having been notified [Not listed - mlj].

RECEIPTS, both dated 25 August 1885 from A. R. Dean, Burial Expenses, $14.20 and from A. K. Williamson, Coffin, $7.50.

SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY 2 October 1885. Purchasers were S. A. Smith, David Wheeler, Thomas Bell, John Shores, F. A. Cornwel, Nathan Shores, Henry Shores, Calvin Harris, Samuel Givings, Warn Ramsey, H. L. C. Pearson, J. W. Denis, William Birdwell, N. C. Williams, John Haris, Morgan Porterfield, Jasper Sircy, James Woods, Wash Brown, Henry Cook. Items sold included household furniture, livestock, farm tools, etc. Total from sale was $104.41 less total expenses including unpaid rent of farm was $77.08. Balance due Estate of $132.78.

[NEW] MURPHY, AMBROSE et al vs LEE, JOHN Chancery 1915

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT of Ambrose Murphy, M. E. Bilbrey, Willis Murphy, Leslie Murphy, L. D. Bilbrey, Pearly Philips, Wheeler Murphy and Vena Murphy, the last two being minors who sue by their next friend Willis Murphy all of Overton County and Allie Taylor of the State of Missouri against

John Lee of Jackson Co., TN.

Complainants filed original bill 21 July 1915 seeking to recover lands... described in deed from James Terry to Elizabeth Murphy dated 11 November 1874. Elizabeth Murphy died 25 July 1914 leaving above complainants her only heirs.

Defendant claims Elizabeth Murphy and Polly Anne Murphy on 24 January 1881 conveyed land to Martin Philpot and 22 September 1884 Martin Philpot and wife Emeline conveyed to Josh Mayberry whose heirs of said Mayberry conveyed it to defendant.

The deed from James Terry to William Terry was registered, destroyed when court house burned. Respondent has been in peaceful possession more than 20 years, claims statute of limitations.

ANSWER OF John Lee. Prior to the date of deed from James Terry to Elizabeth Murphy and her daughter Polly Ann Terry, James Terry conveyed part of the land to William Terry and thereby parted with his title. Thereby James Terry had no title to convey to Elizabeth Murphy and Polly Anne Terry.

COPY OF DEED: Book A, p 303-04, 11 November 1874, James Terry to Elizabeth Murphy during her natural life with remainder of 2/3 to Polly Ann Terry, her only child by a former husband... begin Edwin Terry's corner in the school house hollow... near the devil's hollow... to the hollow that leads down from William Terry's old homestead... to a survey in the name of James D. Hawkins... line made between Edwin Terry and myself...

RECAP [Probably done by Clerk of the Court, lists various deeds and a condensed version of depositions, not the actual depositions of G. W. Murphy, Sid Bilbrey and M. E. Bilbrey. Typed verbatim as written - mlj]:

G. W. Murphy - 56 - Knew Polly Anne Murphy - She was daughter of Wm Terry. Knew Eliz. M. She was my step mother & mother in law - She married my father Tom M.

Eliz - had 3 children -

Polly Ann Terry

Ambrose Murphy } by 2nd

M E Murphy } hus.

Married Polly Ann - She is dead -

Ambrose living - M. E. Bilbrey living - Dead about 13 yr.

1. Willie M.

2. Leslie "

3. Wheeler "

4. Delia Bilbrey

5. Allie Tyler

6. Pearlie Phillips

7. Ida "

8. Vena Murphy

Married to Polly Ann - Dec 22, 1880. Lived together till her death. Never knew of her making a deed to this land.

XEx - [Cross-examination - mlj]

Polly Ann was 21 one day & married next.

Sid Bilbrey 42 - Hus- of M.E.B. - She was a Murphy - Half sister to Polly Ann

M E Bilbrey - 1/2 sister to Polly Ann T.

[NEW] MURPHY, VIRGINIA F. vs MURPHY, W. J. Chancery 1878

TO SHERIFF: Virginia Murphy filed against William J. Murphy for divorce and alimony... abandoning her and taking up with Mattie Balue of Smith Co... attach land north side of Salt Lick Creek in Dist. 14 whereon Virginia Murphy now lives... about 80 acres and personal property. 4th Monday in September 1878.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Virginia F. Murphy. Married William J. Murphy 9 September 1858 in Jackson Co., TN. Three living children, eldest a daughter Mary about 13, boy Vasco about 10, boy John L. about 4... adultery with Mattie Boulue alias Martha... traveled with said Mattie Boulue with a market wagon to Nashville several times, passing her as his wife. Has been taking care of said Mattie the past twelve months. He is not a fit person to have custody. 15 November 1878. /s/ V. F. Murphy

[NEW] MURPHY, V. D. et al vs LONG, SEMORE Chancery 1889

ORDER TO DISMISS: January 25, 1890 ... That suit in Chancery Court where I am complainant vs Longs heirs for sale of land and injunction on J. B. Wilson guardian I hereby authorise you allow it taken out of court on the satisfaction of the cost of same.

/s/ V. D. Murphy

[Following was written below order to dismiss - mlj]:

Vasco Murphey pleas [sic] sign the above order. /s/ R. P. Brooks

BILL OF COMPLAINT of V. D. Murphrey & Henrietta Murphrey of Jackson Co. against

Semore Long, Marshall Long, Rufus Long and J. B. Wilson, all of Jackson Co.

Henrietta Murphy, Semore Long, Marshall Long, Rufus Long and Rosa Long are the only children and heirs at law of John Long deceased. Defendants Long are all minors and J. B. Wilson is guardian. He was also guardian of Henrietta Long who has since married V. D. Long.

John Long died in Jackson County, Tennessee about five years ago. Owned land in the 2nd District bounded north by land of Martha Wilson, east by J. H. Jones, west by J. M. McCauley, south by J. H. Jones, approximately 150 acres. Best to sell lands for distribution among heirs. 11 November 1889.

[NEW] MURPHY, W. C. & S. O., Exrs of Murphy, J. G. vs STACY, H. M. Co 1893

BILL OF COMPLAINT of O. C. Murphy of Overton Co., TN and S. O. Murphy of Jackson County against H. M. Stacy of Jackson Co.

Complainants were made Executors of the will of J. G. Murphy who died [blank] 1891. He died a resident of Jackson County.

During the lifetime of deceased on 1 October 1888 he sold defendant the following land in Jackson Co., 6th Dist, 50 acres more or less bounded north by L. A. Hooton, south by S. O. Murphy, west by the Duncan lands, east by Mat Masters, deed never registered.


1st Being of sound mind and memory... my soul to God.

2nd After bills and funeral expenses are paid, I desire to dispose of the residue... as follows:

My son S. O. Murphy the home place.

... to my daughter S. C. Wright my Bransford place.

The balance of my real estate, 110 acres joining the home place... also 115 acres near Hilham 3rd District in Overton County, together with personal property... sold and the proceeds distributed as follows -

My sons T. W. and Wheeler Murphey, my daughters Perilla Bilbrey and M. G. Bilbrey and Josephine Bowls to have 2/5 of the proceeds of real estate to be equally divided and the remaining 3/5 divided equally among children who have not yet shared in this will who are J. L. Murphey, J. B. Murphey, W. C. Murphey, A. J. Murphey, J. M. Murphey, J. W. Murphey ["J. W. Murphey" inserted above line], and S. A. Livingston.

W. C. and S. O. Murphey are appointed Executors. 16 July 1890. s/s J. G. Murphey Witness: A. J. Bilyeu, S. D. Burton

NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SETTLEMENT 26 September 1893 to: Thomas Murphy, Malinda Bilbrey, Josephine Bowls, J. W. Murphy, D. L. Murphy, J. B. Murphy, S. A. Livingston, Elizabeth Cantrell, Branson Bilbrey.

[NEW] MURRAY, D. J. vs MITCHELL, G. JABES Chancery 1859

BILL OF COMPLAINT of David J. Murray of Jackson Co. against Jabes G. Mitchell of Warren County, Tennessee, George Dibrell and Waman Leftwick, merchants of White Co., TN and William H. Botts and Stewart F. Murray of Jackson Co., TN.

Orator arrived at full age [blank] June 1859. On 11 Feby 1859 defendants Leftwick & Dibrell obtained a decree against William H. Botts, C & M of Jackson Co. and Stewart F. Murray, who was then Orator's guardian of $99.92. Same day and same suit Jabes G. Mitchell obtained a degree against orator, William H. Botts and Stewart Murray as guardians aforesaid for $104.41. Said Botts as C & M then and now has Orator's funds of about $200. Defendant Stewart F. Murray had decreed to him against Thos B. Murray and T. J. Gailbreath, Executors of Thomas Murray deceased and others their securities upward of $400... case of Thomas B. Murray and Thos J. Gailbreath Executors &c against G. C. Darwin as guardian of Orator and G. C. Darwin guardian &c against said Murray, Gailbreath and others by bill and cross-bill determined on 11 Feby 1859.

The decree in favor of Leftwick & Dibrell was unjust... an account for merchandise not necessary for him to have... he was furnished by his brother Thos B. Murray... in truth he is informed Leftwick & Dibrell were told not to sell him goods... account made while he was a minor. Judgment was obtained without notice to him or guardian. 13 July 1859. /s/ D. J. Murray

ANSWER of George D. Dibrell and Waymon Leftwick & Co. and Jabez G. Mitchell to Bill of Complaint of David J. Murray.

The decree of Jabez G. Mitchell was for board and lodging of Complainant whilst going to school at Sparta. The decree of Leftwick & Dibrell for clothing and other necessary articles at the same time. Complainant had full notice... decree justly obtained.

[NEW] MURRAY, G. B. vs BROOKS, R. V. & others Chancery 1891

BILL OF COMPLAINT of G. B. Murray of Jackson Co. against

R. V. Brooks, Lucinda Birdwell, widow & relict of Geo W. Birdwell, deceased, J. A. M. Birdwell, Margaret Clark & husband F. D. Clark of Jackson Co., Amanda Williams and husband Lycurgus Williams of Jackson Co., W. W. Birdwell of Texas, Syrena Young and John Young of Illinois, Joel W. Settle & R. M. Kinnard, merchants of the City of Nashville, a firm doing business under the style of Settle & Kinnard, and J. T. Anderson of Jackson Co.

Geo W. Birdwell Sr. departed life intestate in Jackson Co. about three years ago, seized and possessed of land in the 2nd District on the north side of the Cumberland River bounded south by lands of Bethrage Sadler, east by Nancy D. or Cicero Hall, west by Martha R. or N. B. Richmond, north by R. V. Brooks. Orator is owner of two entire shares... not susceptible to partition... necessary to divide into five shares, asks it be sold.

R. V. Brooks claims indebtedness entitled him to be paid from sale if there was not sufficient personalty in hands of J. A. M. Birdwell, administer of deceased estate.

R. V. Brooks filed against J. A. M. Birdwell and others to which he refers... Enrollment Docket No. 6, page 401... payment of debts of Geo W. Birdwell, deceased.

There was a decree directing land be sold... no reports... decree illegal. Bill filed by Brooks was sought to pay debts, no debts were set out... Complainant takes a decree set out in Minute Docket L page 532 to sell land for distribution of proceeds.

Orator is the owner of shares of W. W. Birdwell and J. A. M. Birdwell. Lucinda Birdwell is the widow and relict of said Geo W. Birdwell, is entitled to Homestead & Dower.

J. A. M. Birdwell, Margaret Clark & husband F. D. Clark, Amanda Williams and husband Lycurgus Williams, W. W. Birdwell, Sirena Young and [husband] John Young are the only children and heirs at law except husbands of married women.

Joel W. Settle and R. M. Kinnard were former owners of the J. A. M. Birdwell interest in the land. J. T. Anderson afterwards purchased their interest, afterwards Orator owned by redemption being a creditor of W. W. Birdwell and J. A. M. Birdwell.

R. V. Brooks purchased the land at sale illegally, also claims to own Sirena Young's interest. Sirena is the wife of John Young

In the proceedings, case of R. V. Brooks vs J. A. M. Birdwell recorded page 532 Minute Docket L, no minimum value was set so the sale is null and void. 27 January 1891.

/s/ G. B. Murray

ANSWER to Bill of Complaint of R. V. Brooks, J. T. Young, John Young, Sirena Young, L. C. Williams, A. F. Williams, Margaret E. Clark, J. A. M. Birdwell, Administrator. [No new information].

Names /s/ as written except: F. D. [his X] Clark; Sigel Clark witnessed his mark.

[NEW] MURRAY, JOHN P. vs HUGHES, WIRT et al Chancery 1885

BILL OF COMPLAINT of John P. Murray of Jackson Co, Tennessee and T. E. Dyson of Davidson Co., TN against D. W. Paschall and wife Ella Paschall of Davidson Co., Tennessee.

Prior to 26 March 1883, defendant purchased land in 5th District, Jackson Co, on both sides of Murrays branch, east side of Martin's Creek bounded east and north by land of G. W. McKinley, south by land formerly owned by Holleman and Hogan and west by Martin's Creek, 125 acres more or less known as the Abisha Cannon place.

Land sold to defendants in case of John Hughes vs Sallie Cannon and others... title divested 26 March 1883, Minute Book J pps 419, 420, 421. Legal fee of $50 to John P. Murray was to remain a lien on the property.

Complainant T. E. Dyson recovered judgment against defendant Wirt Hughes 28 Feby 1884 in Jackson Co., levied on undivided one-half interest of Wirt Hughes in said tract of land 22 Sept 1884. Land was condemned and order of sale issued, was sold 6 December 1884. Complainant T. E. Dyson became purchaser.


and vs NATHAN McCOIN, et al


ORDER TO LAY OFF YEAR'S SUPPORT to Sallie Murray, widow of John P. Murray, who died intestate in Jackson Co. 21 December 1895. J. W. Draper, W. M. Gailbreath and W. N. Pharris appointed commissioners Monday January 13. [List of items allotted on film - mlj]. Monday, January 13, 1895.

EXCEPTIONS TO REPORT... year's support to Sallie Murray. Comes G. B. Murray, John P. Murray Jr., Y. W. Williams and wife Fannie Williams, A. W. Crabtree and wife Eva Crabtree, John Donelson & wife Pauline Donelson and S. H. Cunningham and wife Nannie Cunningham. Alleges commissioners were overly generous in allotting provisions [corn, hogs, etc. - mlj], do allot more household items, state bedstead and bedclothes standing in the parlor are the property of John P. Murray, Jr., state the note on N. M. McCoin belonged to the partnership of John P. Murray & son which is not yet wound up.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of John P. Murray Jr. a minor under twenty-one by Y. W Williams, next friend against Sallie Murray, B. Johnson, James R. Darwin and Joshua Haile, of Jackson Co.

John P. Murray died intestate in Jackson Co. 21 December, small personal estate [Itemizes]. The said Sallie Murray, D. B. Johnson, J. R. Darwin and Joshua Haile are assuming... taking into their possession the aforesaid property.

John P. Murray [Jr.] was born 1 October 1876 therefore a minor entitled to joint interest with the said Sally Murray; also to homestead. He was living with his father at his father's death and was a member of his family... believe that Sallie Murray and her henchmen said Darwin, Johnson and Haile... [attempting to cut him out of his share - mlj], regrets circumstances forced him to resort to this method... is informed Sally Murray intends to sell... remove herself from the country.

DECREE 3 June 1897. On 16 March 1891 John P. Murray sold land to Nathan McCoin, took note... land both sides of the road leading from Gainesboro to Cookeville, bounded by 50 acre tract where S. A. Chaffin now lives... Arch Stafford corner... near the road leading down to A. L. Wheeler's to the Gainesboro road southwest of Gainesboro and Sparta road, north to the original 100 acre tract... to a point opposite the Spring...

11 December 1894 John P. Murray filed against Nathan McCoin to collect... on 20 September 1895 John P. Murray obtained a decree.

21 December 1895 John P. Murray died intestate leaving complainant Sallie Murray his widow and the following his heirs, to wit: G. B. Murray, Nannie Cunningham and husband Samuel Cunningham, Pauline Donelson and husband John Donelson, Tennie Williams and husband Y. W. Williams, Eva Crabtree and husband A. W. Crabtree and John P. Murray Jr.

2 March 1897 Nathan McCoin paid, title to be divested back to him.

PETITION: Cause of Sallie Murray vs Joshua Haile and D. B. Johnson. Petitioner asks that her sale of dower interest in estate of John P. Murray to Haile and Johnson be set aside. 20 October 1897.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Sallie Murray against John P. Murray, Jr. On 21 December 1895 John P. Murray died intestate. Left Oratrix his widow and G. B. Murray, Paulen [sic] Donelson, Nanie Cunningham, Tennie Williams, Eva Crabtree and John P. Murray, Jr. Left personal property... Bills of complaint, answers, cross-bills were filed.

John P. Murray's [Jr.] conduct to her cruel and inhuman... he may be under 21, but he is over 15...not safe to reside in same household with him... ask he be restrained from controling exempted property... broken barn locks... they all agreed to arbitrate... dismiss complaints. Complainant states defendant has been mad at her ever since she married in the family. [Blank] May 1896. /s/ Sallie Murray

ANSWER of Sallie Murray to Bill of Complaint of Y. W. Williams as next friend of John P. Murray, Jr. Her late husband was twice married, that she on 10 September 1893 was married to said John P. Murray until his death 21 December 1895. During John P. Murray's first marriage was born children G. B. Murray, Nannie Cunningham, Pauleen Donelson, Eva Crabtree, Tennie Williams and John P. Murray, Jr.

Immediately after marriage, said John P. Murray, G. B. Murray and Tennie Williams became cruel to her and her husband. John P. Murray Jr. during her husband's last sickness tried to drive her away, said she would never get anything of his father's estate. 28 January 1896.

PETITION of Sallie Murray against G. B. Murray, John P. Murray, Tennie Williams and husband Y. W. Williams, Wade Crabtree and wife Eva Crabtree, John Donelson and wife Pauleen Donelson and Sam Cunningham and wife Nanie Cunningham, R. V. Brooks, David Loftis, Ellison Loftis, Brock Elkins, Sam Tinsley, Boon Hunter.

Orator filed her bill against heirs for homestead and dower.

Defendants Brock Elkins, Sam Tinsley, David Loftis and G. B. Murray as tenants of John P. Murray claim some kind of an interest... Orator believes not valid... threatening to mow clover. 6 June 1896.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Sallie Murray of Jackson Co. against John P. Murray Jr. of Jackson Co., A. W. Crabtree and wife Eva Crabtree of Clay Co., Y. W. Williams and wife Tennie Williams of Putnam Co., Samuel Cunningham and wife Nannie of Davidson Co., John Donelson and wife Pauleen of White Co., R. V. Brooks and David Loftis of Jackson Co.

John P. Murray died seized and possessed of several tracts of land.

1. Adjoining town of Gainesboro - land he purchased of W. H. Botts on Doe Creek.

2. Tract in 1st District purchased from Botts, being 103 acres.

3. Land in 1st District purchased from Botts, being 62 acres.

4. Land in 1st District bound by Stone, Reeves and Gipson about 200 acres and twelve town lots in the town of Gainesboro.

5. Land in Bloomington, Putnam County, bounded north and east by W. M. Draper, west by James Richmond, lots south of the hotel property known during deceased life as his summer resort at Bloomington Springs.

6. One other tract in Putnam County Dist. 18 bounded north by W. F. Tilley, west by Gentry lands, south by Pet Jaret [sic] land and east by Bloomington and Walton road.

Believes he owned other land - that a few days after his death G. B. Murray came to the house and took possession of papers.

Complainant rented a portion of land to David Loftis.

TESTIMONY 25 February 1897 - all as to value of land and dower [No signatures]:

William Wheeler. My profession is a minister and school teacher.

W. H. Brooks. I rent the land assigned as dower.

T. C. Gailbreath. I am cousin of T. M. Gailbreath who gave evidence.

Wash Farris... land value

L. K. Smith. Am Deputy C & M, Jackson Co. I rented out land as such.

DEPOSITION 2 February 1898:

Manda Carver (col.). I was at John P. Murray's before he died. John P. Jr. was preventing Nannie Smith who was staying there, got in a scuffle to keep her from getting bread out of the oven for Miss Sallie Murray, she told her to get her own bread.

He got in a scuffle with Miss Sallie, had scissors, jabbed Sallie's neck. I saw the red spot.

Sallie Murray age 24. I am the complainant, widow of John P. Murray, deceased, live Bloomington. Was married to John P. Murray between two and three years when he died.

The defendant came to our house and lived there five or six weeks just before the death of Col. Murray. He lived with Col. Murray before we married, had not lived there until his last sickness. The servant Nannie Smith (col.)... [Repeats scissors incident].

At the death of Col. Murray, had been told John P. Murray would be 20 his birthday, but did not know when it was. /s/ Sallie Murray


2 February 1898 will take depositions of Manda McCarver col., Bob Neemore, James Campbell col.

27 February at store house of A. W. Crabtree at Clemmons Ville Tennessee... depositions of A. W. and Eva Crabtree.

1 March 1898 at residence of J. R. Darwin near Green Hill, Kentucky will take depositions of J. R. and Sam Darwin.

25 February 1898 at residence of Sallie Murray in Bloomington, Tennessee, will take her deposition.


W. H. Botts of Kentucky and John P. Murray of Jackson Co. against James A. Montgomery, Executor of James Draper, deceased of Jackson Co.

James Draper departed life having made a Last Will & Testament. Orator charges James Draper owed him on a note... interest from 15 ?November 1860. [Claim against estate, no relationships - mlj].

[NEW] MURRAY, LIZZIE A. vs TERRY, Z. T. et al Chancery 1883

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Lizzie Murray a married woman and wife of G. F. Murray and also a minor under age twenty-one sues by her next friend D. B. Haile, both of Jackson Co., TN against

Z. T. Terry, M. B. Chilcutt, Charles Hopkins, J. A. Preutt, L. H. McCarver and G. F. Murray, all of Jackson County.

Oratrix is the daughter of E. B. Haile, Sr. About July 1879 she intermarried with defendant G. F. Murray, is still a minor and she will be 20 years old 13 May next.

Her husband owned no real estate and no personal property except a crop of corn grown during the year they married.

Her father D. B. Haile Sr. is a man of considerable estate... as they married he advanced each of his children land or a home valued at $400 - $500. Some few months after her marriage, her father gave her land in District 11, south of Cumberland River... bounded by land conveyed by D. B. Haile Sr. to his daughter Sarah Campbell and G. W. Campbell her husband... crossing Flynn's Creek at Ft. Blunt Road... now Charles Hopkins' northeast corner... to said Sarah and G. W. Campbell tract now owned by M. R. Chilcutt, estimated 70 acres more or less.

D. B. Haile did not make deed to land until 2 January 1882. The deed, written by one Frank Cooper, starts off: I Dudley B. Haile... do hereby bequeath transfer and convey... was confused between bequest by will and deed of conveyance, mixed the terms. It was a gift of advancement by her father with no consideration except love and affection... was her house... husband had no right of title.

In the fall of 1880 her husband G. F. Murray contracted to sell land to Z. T. Terry and executed a title bond, she signed same under his dominion, not of her free will... has never been privily examined... was a minor at the time.

Said Terry contracted to sell the land to Charles Hopkins and M. R. Chilcutt and divided the land between them... they are now in possession.

L. H. McCarver holds and claims by purchase a note of her husband G. F. Murray executed by Z. T. Terry for $240 balance of the purchase money.

Land is her sole and separate property, husband had no rights... wants restored. 27 April 1883.

[NEW] MURRAY, NANCY P. vs MURRAY, S. F. et al Chancery 1879

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Nancy P. Murray against S. F. Murray both of Jackson Co. and W. H. Botts of Barren Co., Kentucky.

She and defendant S. F. Murray were married in Jackson Co., TN 19 March 1877. Complainant was a widow... since marriage has been one constant round of misery. Defendant prior to marriage was addicted to occasional use of intoxicating liquor... promised to abstain... instead use became more frequent... going away for days, returning drunk, is a habitual drunkard, cruel... said he would run her out of the town of Granville. Has never provided... she kept body and soul together with the help of her children by a former marriage.

He has been guilty of adultery with divers lewd women whose names are unknown to her. Recently he left his family poorly provided for and his daughter sick at home, stayed several days at a house of ill fame... she has not cohabited with him since.

Lists personal property which he removed to Smith County... other personal property including a buggy worth about $75 in the shope [sic] of the Tennessee carriage factory at Gallatin in Sumner Co., TN in the possession of E. O. Buchanan.

Believes there is due to S. F. Murray a sum in suit pending... Riley Hudson Administrator vs John Frazier & others and S. F. Murray against Riley Hudson.

Defendant W. H. Botts owes S. F. Murray by note...

Asks divorce, rights of single woman, name be changed from Nancy Murray to Nancy Dodd, her name before marriage with defendant. 6 May 1879. /s/ Nancy P. Murray

ORDER TO ATTACH PROPERTY: To Sheriffs of Smith, Jackson and Sumner County. 6 May 1879.

DECREE 10 March 1880.

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT of Nancy P. Murray of Jackson Co. vs S. F. Murray of Barren Co., Kentucky filed 22 November 1879 [Basically same as above except for place of residence of defendant - mlj].

[NEW] MYERS, CALVIN E., Guardian of COOK, EARL J. heirs County 1860

[Note: Title on this folder is Myers, Calvin E. vs COOK, Wm. Begins c1895 - mlj].

PETITION of Guardian to William A. Cook, George W. Cook & Matilda Cook, heirs of Earl J. Cook, deceased.

Wards are part owners of a tract of about 31 acres in Jackson Co., TN, Dist. 3 on waters of War Trace Creek bounded by land of Oliver C. Johnston on the south, Leonidas Cassety and Mary Sneed on the west and Wm L. Stubblefield on the north and William Minchy on the east being same conveyed to said wards William A. Cook, George W. Cook and Matilda Cook by deed dated [Blank] 1846. Land not susceptible to partition, asks it be sold for purpose of distribution of funds. /s/ Denton & Washburn, Solr for Petr

DEPOSITIONS: Wm L. Stubblefield and A. M. Ferguson, both state that land not susceptible to partition, manifest interest of minor heirs of Earl J. Cook, deceased to sell. /s/ A. M. Fergusson, Wm L. Stubblefield

CAUSE HEARD 1 May 1854. Property to be advertised at Court House at Gainesboro, Scanland's Mill and at Highland for 40 days, bid off at court house.

INDENTURE [DEED] 6 April 1846. I, James Young of Jackson County... for the sum of One hundred dollars... grant, bargain and sell unto William A. Cook, George W. Cook and Matilda C. Cook minor heirs of Earl J. Cook land in Jackson Co. 3rd District on the waters of the east fork of War Trace creek... begin at extreme top of ridge between where Elijah A. Webb lives and Campbell Johnson... run west... then southeastwardly to the beginning... including where the widow of Earl J. Cook now lives, being 31 1/2 acres more or less. /s/ James Young. Witness [signed]: H. Denton, James Dycus

LETTER from James Young to Calvin E. Myers:

Bagdad [Tennessee]

29 September 1859

... You know that Eliza gained the suit and that would make us have the costs to pay. And she has got possession of her land [Suggested they stop the suits, itemized attorneys fees and costs at $78.45]. /s/ James Young

ANSWER of James Young... suit wherein Eliza Cook widow of Earl J. Cook deceased is complainant against Calvin Myers, guardian of William Cook, George Cook and Matilda Cook, heirs of Earl J. Cook deceased and Lyth Stubblefield and James Young, defendants.

Respondent believes he was informed by Leighton F. Myers in his lifetime that he [Leighton] held in his hands $100 of Earls money and that he had let Earl have the land in place of the money...

Respondent denies Leighton had no bond on him for title and believes Earl had no bond on Leighton for title.

Respondent says he didn't combine with Calvin Myers to cheat her out of a dower, but did execute a deed to Earl's children... Calvin was not guardian at the time the deed was executed.

Respondent alleges Earl J. Cook died in the year 1845, and this suit is the first application within his knowledge for a dower. Asks it be dismissed. 12 July 1855 /s/ James Young

DOWER LAID OFF 3 December 1856 to Eliza Cook, widow of Earl J. Cook... top of a ridge between Webbs and Johnson [plat map filmed] including the Spring and Whereon dwelling house formerly stood including one-third of deceased's tract by estimation.

DEPOSITIONS 16 June 1856 in presence of both parties C. E. Myers and Eliza Cook:

Elizabeth McGuire age 59. Heard Layton Myers say on his deathbed that he held $100 of Cook's money which helped to improve his other land and that he wanted James Young to make a deed to Cook's heirs. He had some mental derangement before his death ...not at the time of conversation. Elizabeth D. [her X] McGuire

Oliver Johnston about 63. Heard [Layton] Myers say he had bargained the land to Cook. I heard Earl Cook say he had bargained for the land... that Myers had promised to make the deed to his two sons William and George Cook. I heard Myers say after Cook's death he would put Eliza off the land as she was never intended to benefit of it. I think the conversation when Myers offered to sell the land was 1844 or 1845. I heard Myers speak of putting Eliza off in 1845 or 46 a few days before he was taken sick... Never recovered. /s/ O. C. Johnstone

Susanah Hunter age 50. There was a little cabin on the property worth about $25, was burned during the time the complainant was out of possession... think she was out about two years. Susannah [her X mark] Hunter

William Hunter age 22. [Nothing new]. William [his X] Hunter

William Linder age 44. Knew place before and after Eliza was turned out of possession. Believe she was damaged by about $40 by having to move. /s/ William Linder

William Cornwell age 31. Not much acquainted with the place. /s/ Willis Cornwell

James H. Carver age 37. [Nothing new]. /s/ James H. Carver

Robert Craighead age 50. Think Linder is correct. /s/ Robert Craighead


Daniel Huffines, age about 70.

Earl J. Cook lived on the land two or three years before he died and think his widow Eliza lived on it some six or eight years after his death until she was dispossessed in the year 1855. Daniel [his X] Hufhines

John Ray age 54. I heard Oliver C. Johnson say Leyton Myers told him he had $100 of his [Earl J. Cook's] money and he was going to let him have the land for it. I think Cook went on the land in 1844 or 1845 and Eliza lived on it ever since until the spring 1855. /s/ John Ray

Riley W. Huffines age 31. I think Eliza left the land sometime in the fall or winter 1854. /s/ Riley W. Hufhines

DEPOSITIONS 29 June 1858:

John Ray age 55. /s/ John Ray

John Minchy age 30. While Eliza Cook was out of possession, [Wm] Stubblefield had it. John B. [his X] Minchy

Denton Moore age 60. /s/ Denton Moore

Thomas M. Stubblefield age 35. /s/ Thos M. Stubblefield

DEPOSITIONS 14 June 1856:

Question: Say what you know of Eliza Cook and how she treated her husband Earl J. Cook.

Ans: When he went deranged I went and got him and brought him to Mother's and took care of him until he could tend to business. His wife never saw him but once. He stayed some considerable time. Mother and Leighton furnished his family with provisions for them all until he died. I didn't see Eliza furnish anything.

Ques: Say whether or not he was often up to his death out of his right mind... afflicted in body too... whether it is probable that the child born first after his death could have been his.

Ans: I never saw him any more after I took him back to his house. I don't know whether he was deranged any more or not. He has always been afflicted in body.

Ques: Say if you know how many children she [Eliza] has had after the death of her husband.

Ans: Reports says she has had three. She is still a widow. /s/ White Myers

Logan H. McCarver age 45. /s/ L. H. McCarver

M. G. B. Stubblefield [No age]. /s/ M. G. B. Stubblefield


James Young age 68. Layton Myers told me he had $100 of Earl Cook's money and had let him have the land. Leighton Myers was my son in law and I gave him the land. I made the deed several years after Leighton's death, I believe at the suggestion of one of Leighton's brothers, believe Patrick H. and think I delivered the deed to him.

Earl Cook died about the year 1845 and the complainant has remained a widow. I have heard no knowledge of a marriage... do not know of my own knowledge how many children she had after Earl's death... seen several at her house she claimed as hers.

Ques: Say how Leighton came to have $100 of Earl's money.

Ans: At the time Leighton let Earl have the land, Earl had been a free man [In this context, it may mean freeholder/landowner, or possibly had been indentured - mlj] about two years when he came of age he hired about ten negroes and had spent the whole of them and at the winding up Leighton become his manager and Earl's reason had commenced leaving him as well as his property. He had become insolvent and I believe there was some small portion Leighton had kept from the sale of the last of his property and some that was left to Earl by his mother.

Earl was a cripple before his marriage and was unable to work for his support.

Leighton let Earl have the land in 1843, only about two years before Earl died. Leighton was a half brother to Earl and this place was near where Leighton then lived. Leighton was kind and good to Earl - if Leighton had given him the money or made a title, it would have been spent like the negroes. /s/ James Young

Thomas Bryant age 48. /s/ Thomas Bryant

James Clark age 31. I moved on the land the day the Complainant was turned off. The cabin was not there when Mrs. Cook was restored to possession. James [his X] Clark

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Eliza Cook, widow of Earl J. Cook against Calvin Myres, guardian of William Cook, George Cook and Matilda Cook, heirs of Earl J. Cook, decd.

I was married to Earl J. Cook now deceased, by him had three children his heirs at law the above named. Cook before his death purchased a tract of land from Leighton Myres where Oratrix lately lived and her husband lived in his lifetime. He became deranged in mind, weak in body... she had to support him. Calvin Myres and James Young combined to cheat her out of her dower, and June 1854 they procured the land be sold... she moved out in January 1855. 9 Feby 1855. /s/ Eliza Cook

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Calvin E. Myers of Overton Co. against William A. Cook, Matilda C. Cook, George W. Cook and William L. Stubblefield of Jackson County, TN.

Orator is guardian of minors, defendants and children of Earl J. Cook who departed life in Jackson Co. intestate. His wife Eliza Cook has been endowed of said land. Defendants are owners of said land and the only lawful heirs.

[NEW] MYERS, H. C., Administrator of MYERS, DAVID County 1881

NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT TO: Abe Myers, Thomas R. [or a fancy "P" - mlj] Myers, S. S. Myers, W. T. Hall and his wife Polly Hall, James Hall and his wife Margaret Hall, Elizabeth Myers, heirs at law of David Myers, deceased. Settlement with heirs will be 6 July 1881... H. C. Myers, Administrator of David Myers, deceased.

REPORT OF COURT: 4 April 1859 Mssrs Kinnard & Cook recovered judgment against David Myers. Said Myers has since died and Henry Collyer is Administrator... said Henry Collyer failed to show why said judgment should not be revived against the estate. 24 July 1876.

[NEW] MYERS, JAMES vs HALL, L. C. et al Circuit 1872

[Note: This concerns the estate of Allen Forkum who died intestate in 1866. Believe there are cases on other reels. Lists of Forkum's children appear contradictory, but the child mentioned as "Lycurgus" with "Kirk" inserted above may also be Robert K. Best to order the reel. Confusing to me also - mlj].

MOTION FOR JUDGMENT: William Draper, Administrator of H. H. Draper, deceased and William S. Long against L. C. Hall and Harison Craighead.

Cause heard against the defendants of Allen Forkum, deceased based upon a judgment which J. H. Young for the use of James Myers recovered against Plaintiff William Draper, administrator of H. H. Draper, deceased and William S. Long as security of Allen Forkum, deceased the defendant's intestate.

On 1 January 1862 Allen Forkum then living executed a note to J. H. Young. H. H. Draper and William Long were his security.

15 March 1872 plaintiff J. H. Young for the use of James Myers brought suit against L. C. Hall and H. Craighead, administrators of Allen Forkum deceased and securities H. H. Draper and William S. Long, which resulted in a judgment.

Pending the appeal, H. H. Draper died intestate and William Draper was appointed his Administrator.

The cause was tried May 1877... plea of statute of limitations of two years and six months.

Hall and Craighead have no personal assets as Administrators of Allen Forkum to pay debts.

Property belonging to the estate of Allen Forkum to be sold. The only heirs at law of Allen Forkum are Cicero Forkum, George K. Forkum, Sarah Forkum, Malissa J. Forkum, W. H. Forkum, Lycurgus or Kirk Forkum and Josephine Forkum. [No date].

ANSWER of J. F. Haile, Guardian of minors George A. Forkum, Sarah Forkum, A. Josephine Forkum, Robert K. Forkum and William Forkum. Respondent is informed that the estate of Allen Forkum has been exhausted in payment of debts. 15 September 1877.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: It appeared to Court that Cicero Forkum, George K. Forkum, Sarah Forkum, Melissa J. Forkum, W. H. Forkum and Josephine Forkum are the only children and heirs of Allen Forkum, deceased. 2 May 1877.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Samuel Sloan of Jackson Co., TN against L. C. Hall and Harrison Craighead both of Jackson Co.

4 December 1866, Hall & Craighead as Administrators of Allen Forkum, deceased filed their Bill of Complaint stating Orator executed a note to Forkum on 9 Jnuary 1863 for $340... land as security. Orator went to solicitors Botts & Leslie who said they would handle the matter. Orator is illiterate... didn't know a decree had been brought against him.

Orator belonged [January 1st 1863] to the Rebel army... needed a horse to ride in said service.... told Forkum that $340 was too much for a horse, saddle and bridle. Forkum said the horse would be an excellent cavalry animal, that he would get his money back in wages the first year... Orator states he didn't know he was signing a deed of trust. 13 January 1868. Samuel [his X] Sloan

DEPOSITION 11 January 1870, Davidson Co., TN:

Joel W. Settle age 50. on 8 November 1860, I was called on by Allen Forkum and Samuel Slone to write a deed of trust or mortgage. I can't swear that I read it to them, but I always do so probably did that time. /s/ Joel W. Settle

BILL OF COMPLAINT of L. C. Hall and Harrison Craighead against Samuel Sloan, all of Jackson Co., TN. Allen Forkum died intestate in March 1866, orators were appointed and qualified as Administrators April term 1866.

Defendant signed on 9 January 1863 signed note and mortgage.


John M. Long age 45. I was employed by L. C. Hall and Harrison Craighead to prise tobacco purchased by Alen Forkum and Thos Hufhines in the Spring of 1866. Commenced prizing in April and finished about the first of June. I have been engaged in raising tobacco a good many years.

I was present when every draft was weighed and Charles L. Long or Harrison Craighead was present. Don't know who did it [took 500 lbs of tobacco]. Soldiers were there, but usually they'd just take it by the hands. Some was very dry, not worth as much. 3000 pounds were very good. About 500 lbs were taken off one end of the bulk. 3000 lbs was too dry. Some was owned individually and some in partnership. 1800 or 2000 was owned individually.

/s/ John M. Long

Charles L. Long age 38. Adopt John M. Long's statement. /s/ Charles L. Long

George W. Birdwell age 58. Been a tobacco grower pretty much all my life.

Small pox was at Forkum's and on the creek where Forkum lived and at his landing. I was not at Forkum's house while the small pox was there... afraid to go there. I am satisfied he had the small pox... saw the marks on him. I do not know if that was the reason tobacco was not shipped Spring of 1865. /s/ George W. Birdwell

DECREE: 7 September 1875, Bill of Complaint of Hall & Craighead and Martha Wilson, et al. Pro confesso judgment against all adult defendants and answer of minor defendants by their guardian ad litem Mounce G. Butler... necessary to sell land to pay debts.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of L. C.Hall & Harrison Craighead of Jackson Co. against Martha Wilson, Cicero M. Forkum, George Forkum, Sarah A. Forkum, Robert K. Forkum, Malissa J. Forkum, William H. Forkum and Adna [or Anna] Josephine Forkum of Jackson Co.

Allen Forkum died at his home in Jackson Co. intestate early in the year 1866. Owned land in District 2 on the north side of the Cumberland River bounded north by Bullards Creek, south by Hall Brooks [No commas; ?Hall & Brooks - mlj] and others east by John Hix south by Peggy Brooks and Hall Jones [No commas; ?Hall & Jones - mlj] west by land of William Draper and others.

Allen Forkum at his death left defendant Martha who after his death intermarried with John Wilson who is now dead and also defendants Cicero M. Forkum, Robert K. Forkum, Malissa J. Forkum, William H. Forkum, Ann Josephine Forkum. Martha Wilson is general guardian.

COPY OF NOTE: We promise to pay to J. H. Young, guardian of L. F. & J. M. Myers $110.00 for the hire of a negro boy named Doc for the year 1862. [Spelled Dock in similar note]. Jany 1, 1862. /s/ Allen Forkum. Sec: /s/ H. H. Draper, William Long

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Littleton C. Hall & Harrison Craighead against Adam Hufhines, Thomas Hufhines, Clay Hufhines, Logan McCarver of Jackson Co. and William Young of Smith Co.

Allen Forkum departed life intestate in Jackson Co. in spring 1866 [Case concerned debt on purchase of land; no more genealogical data - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of State of Tennessee against Patsy Wilson alias Patsy Forkum [Bill to enforce lien to sell land for back taxes, years 1866, 1867 and 1884 - mlj].

[NEW] MYERS, THOMAS P. vs BUTLER, THOMAS H., Admr S.S. Gray Ch 1878

DEPOSITIONS 29 July 1885:

Elizabeth Myers age 80, live Jackson Co., am widow of David Myers, late of Jackson Co., was his lawful wife at his death. Was not a party to suit of Thos H. Butler, Admr of S. S. Gray against Henry C. Myers, Admr of David Myers, et al.

Thos P., Henry C. and S. S. Myers have been living on the land in controversy since 9 Sept 1870 when deed of David Myers and wife was executed to them. Dower was not laid off to me. I have been living on the land with my son Henry C. Myers. Husband David lived with Henry C. Myers during the last days of his life, gave the land to our said sons Thos P., Henry C. and S. S. Myers.

David Myers executed a note think in 1863 for hire of Negroes of the S. S. Gray estate. Their names were Frank and John old woman Feebee [sic].

S. S. Myers age 42. Lived on the land since deed executed by David and Elizabeth Myers. Put up a dwelling house and fenced. Portion I live on is worth $800 - $1000. Thomas P. and Henry C. are joint owners... undivided one-third, live on the land. We agreed to pay certain specific debts as consideration for the land... did not agree to pay debt to Thos Butler as Admr of S. S. Gray.

Robert Alex [later depositions state R. A. Cox] was an attorney practicing in Gainesboro... we employed him to make defense on the bill. He was sick and did not attend when it was called for trial. He was healthy when we employed him. Several compromises were offered by Gray's attorneys. We agreed to pay $5000 for the land. $3000 paid on debts, $2000 paid to heirs of David Myers. /s/ S. S. Myers

Thomas P. Myers about 45. /s/ T. P. Myers

Henry C. Myers about 46. /s/ H. C. Myers

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Thomas P., Henry C., Samuel S. and Elizabeth Myers against Thomas H. Butler as Administrator Cum Testamento Anexo [Administrator with will attached] of the Estate of S. S. Gray, deceased. [Note: Several cases concerning William Gray and his son from a second marriage, Samuel S. Gray, may be found on other reels. Both left wills, took about 40 years to settle, proves about four generations - mlj].

1 January 1863 David Myers executed note for hire of Negro slaves belonging to estate of S. S. Gray.

David Myers conveyed to H. C., Thos P. and S. S. Myers the following land on Jennings Creek, 13th Dist, Jackson Co., about 400 acres bounded by land of V. C. Lee on south, William Ray on north, land formerly belonging to Henderson Dodson on east, Cumberland River on west.

As consideration, they were to pay:

Judgment in favor of Joel W. Settle against David Myers.

Note of James Draper on David Myers.

Note of Denton Moore on David Myers.

Note of Sallie Myers on David Myers.

Note of Dr. S. F. Murry on David Myers.

Note of T. B. Quarles on David Myers.

$2000 to other heirs of David Myers.

13 July 1877 Thomas H. Butler, Admr of estate of S. S. Gray recovered judgment against H. C. Myers, Admr of estate of David Myers, deceased for $341.43 and costs. Complainant states he had no notice of the time and place of trial.

David Myers departed life intestate 7 June 1875. Dated 16 April 1884.

/s/ Thos P. Myers, H. C. Myers, S. S. Myers Elizabeth [her X] Myers

DEPOSITIONS 30 April 1887:

S. S. Myers. Land was sold to pay judgment of Joel W. Settle. We redeemed it, paid other debts.

Think David Myers died about 24 December 1873.

Did not know about the decree in favor of T. H. Butler, Admr until I happened to be in Gainesboro one day and heard them selling the land at public outcry.

Mother Elizabeth Myers is living. /s/ S. S. Myers

H. C. Myers. Was not served with notice of suit as Administrator of David Myers. Mother Elizabeth Myers is living. David Myers died about 24 December 1872 or 1873. /s/ H. C. Myers

Thomas P. Myers. David Myers died about 24 December 1873. Mother Elizabeth Myers is living. /s/ T. P. Myers

C & M REPORT: Employed a surveyor to divide land. Sold 18 May 1878...

Tract 1, $952.45, north side of Roaring River known as Homestead, 307 1/4 acres... stake in Burris east boundary line, north bank of Roaring River... path leading from Gray's to Wm Stafford's old place... Wm Stafford's 50 acre survey... dividing ridge between the Long branch tract and the said Home tract... Roaring River near the mouth of Long branch. J. T. West, Asa and J. W. Anderson became purchasers... notes with Jno S. Quarles and M. L. Gore as security.

Tract 2, $738, known as the Long Branch... 320 acres purchased by Mounce L. and Samuel G. Gore... John Johnson's boundary line now belonging to Olive [or Oliver] A. Hall... note with Geo. H. Morgan, security.

Tract 3, $400, Mill Tract, 50 acres, on both sides of Roaring River, purchased by R. W. Allen... Stafford line... meanders of the river... northwest corner of Gore's 360 acre tract... east side of a steep hill. Dr. W. T. Bennatt, security.

Tract 4, $2724, south side of Roaring River known as the Garrett tract... 340 acres bid off by John Chapman.... bounded by bank of Roaring River... Rhoda Stafford's line... north side of Rutherford branch... 100 acre survey of Nicholas Haile Jr... north with the east boundary of the survey of Nicholas Haile Sr... ridge in Buckner's south boundary line... south boundary line of J. M. Burris... up Roaring River with its meanders... W. C. Minor, M. Kirkpatrick and H. H. Loftis as security.

Tract 5, $1192.95, known as the 99 acre tract bid off by Andy Chapman... north of a patch leading from where Jesse Beck now lives to F. K. Kelly's farm... near Stafford's west boundary line... north bank of a branch... crossing the ridge, excluding one acre known as the Gibbs tract. Security is John Chapman, W. C. Minor and H. H. Loftis.

Tract 6, $379.60, known as Talley's Hollow and Aron's branch tract, 139 1/2 acres bid by A. J. Way. Begin with boundary line of 50 acre tract of T. D. Young once owned by L. [or S.] B. Young... A. J. Way's corner... George Gentry's line... LeRoy Stafford's line... Security Wm Loftis and M. C. McCue

September Term 1878.

AFFIDAVIT of Henry C. and S. S. Myers. Elizabeth Myers is old, infirm, feeble, unable to travel... need testimony before Defendant supplies his last answer. 24 Jany 1887.


Laban Loftis and R. P. Brooks. Both state they know land, both signed.

COMPROMISE AGREEMENT: 3 September 1890. H. H. Cason, Admr of S. S. Gray to recover $250 of Vina Ragland and husband W. H. Ragland and S. S. Myers $290.30 and T. P. Myers $350.30.

DEPOSITION about August 3, 1888 [Date depositions resumed with R. A. Cox deposition - mlj]:

J. M. Morgan [First part missing - mlj]. Capt R. A. Cox was at the trial of Butler vs Myers... slept in his chair, paid little attention... use of excessive ardent spirits made him unfit to tend to business in September 1878.

Acquainted with Myers boys 20 - 25 years, perhaps Tom and Henry 30 years.

I have read a deed made by David and Elizabeth Myers to T. P., H. C. and S. S. Myers. They all lived on the land all their lives.

The sum claimed by Elizabeth Myers as a bequest by her father William Gray... it was claimed that Sam Gray had used that in his lifetime. Draper and Morgan were acting as administrators pendente lite. /s/ J. M. Morgan

R. A. Cox [No age]. Was sick at the time of the trial... did not appear... may have made an appearance or two... not there the whole time.

I had been for some time previous to the setting of the Court at that time on a prolonged spree and when Court came on I endeavored to quit. This prostrated me and I did not attend to any business... indistinct recollection of being in Court... had other business in the court... the Bar very kindly continued... my condition... no detriment except Myers boys and myself. /s/ R. A. Cox

[NEW] MYERS, MAUD vs MYERS, ANTNEY [sic*] Chancery 1908

[*Note: Sometimes looks like Autry, name on folder Artry, most often Antney; possibly Anthony - mlj].

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT for divorce. After writ of attachment, Antney Myers fraudulently disposed of property... sold corn to Tom Maddux.

ANSWER of Antney Myers to Bill of Complaint of Maud Myers. Charges are false and untrue... charges made for the purpose of obtaining alimony... treated her like a baby... she abandoned him... did not know about it until a day or two after she left home. Asks care of their boy Charley & divorce and alimony not be granted. Antny [his X] Myers

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Maud Myers. Married something like over four years ago in Jackson County... cruel... whipped, struck with fist... hit her over the head with a heavy shoe and made his brags that no one saw it and she couldn't prove it. [Lists personal property].

Have one son Charley and defendant a vulgar profane man... not fit to raise him. 23 November 1908. Maud [her X] Myers

[NEW] MYERS, WHITE et al vs HOLLEMAN, ELIZABETH et al Chancery 1853

BILL OF COMPLAINT of John Apple and wife Amanda Apple of Smith Co., TN Alex Graves, Robert Page and wife Pattie Page of Wilson Co., TN, Wm Taylor and wife Bettie of Wilson Co., TN, C. C. Graves of State of Missouri, Joseph Cunningham, Lizzie Ferguson and husband [blank] Ferguson of State of Illinois, Tillman Brooks and wife Sallie Brooks of State of Missouri against

M. B. Holleman, T. J. Holleman, N. B. Myers, L. P. Goolsby and wife Bettie Goolsby, W. T. Tittle and wife Aletha Tittle, W. P. Pruett and wife Susan Pruett all of Jackson Co. except T. J. Holleman of Smith Co., TN, Samuel Duke, Sampson Duke, Pearlie Duke, Benton M. Duke, Sallie Duke, Eugenie Duke of Smith Co. TN the last five minors Samuel Duke being their regular guardian, Rowland Terry of Jackson Co. and H. T. Lee of Putnam Co., TN.

On [Blank] 1889 Susan Holleman died intestate in Jackson Co. leaving Complainants and Elisabeth Holleman as her heirs at law.

[Blank] April 1892 Elisabeth Holleman died intestate leaving Complainants as her heirs at law. There may be other heirs... names not known to Complainants... if so, they will be made complainants when discovered.

Said Susan and Elisabeth Holleman died without issue, no father or mother, left nephews and nieces... many years since complainants have heard from some of them... non residents... don't know if living.

All the brothers and sisters of said Susan Holleman died before her except Elisabeth and Elisabeth left no brothers or sisters.

On 26 November 1851 Lewis M. Holleman made a deed of gift conveying to Susan and Elisabeth a large quantity of real estate subject to the life estate of himself:

1. Tract, about 31 acres Dist 5 Jackson Co., in Granville bounded north by Line street, West by Bluff street and the road to Chestnut Mound, south by land of N. T. Neely and heirs of W. L. Holleman, east by said heirs and Alex B. Holleman.

2. A town lot in Granville, about two acres... J. J. Kelly's corner... D. H. Armstead's and D. McCarver's corner... W. R. Stanton's house.

Brothers and sisters who died before them are:

One sister married Rice Graves and died leaving complainants Alex Graves, Patty Page and Bettie Taylor her only children.

Another sister married James Graves and died leaving complainant C. C. Graves her heir, issue of said marriage.

A brother W. H. Holleman died leaving complainant E. J. Holleman as his heir, being a lawful marriage.

Another sister Polly married Jubal Anderson and died leaving complainants Amanda Apple, O. H. Anderson and Sallie Brooks her only children.

Another sister married James Cunningham and died leaving complainant Joseph Cunningham and Lizzie Ferguson wife of [blank] Ferguson her lawful issue.

Each of said sets of nephews and nieces are entitled to one-fifth of the estate of Elizabeth and Susan Holleman under the law.

Susan was about 90 when she died and Elisabeth about 82 [?87 - mlj] at her death..

Complainants believe 12 August 1885 defendants Terry and Lee and Elijah B. Holleman and A. Stanton fraudulently took advantage of Susan and Elisabeth... procured them to make a deed of gift of land to said E. B. Holleman who was their cousin and to defendants Terry and Lee... represented they were going to be sued and made them believe they should convey away their land.

Both women were very old, very illiterate, ignorant of business matters.

Susan was mainly a mental imbecile.

Elisabeth's mind had given way to advancing years.

... One Mrs. Hogan had a debt against Albert Stanton with T. J. Lee, a brother of H. T. Lee, as surety.

Said E. B. Holleman died intestate in Jackson Co., TN before the death of Elisabeth Holleman, leaving defendants M. B. and T. J. Holleman, Bettie Goolsby, Aletha Tittle, Susan Pruett, said minor Duke children and Angelina Pate his heirs.

Said Angelina Pate has sold her supposed interest to N. B. Myers and is not made a party to this suit.

COPY OF DEED: ... to Susan Holleman and Elizabeth D. Holleman for One dollar paid by Elizabeth D. Holleman I Lewis M. Holleman hereby transfer and convey to them jointly a tract in Jackson Co., TN Dist 15 that I purchased from James Holleman deeded 3 June 1834, Book D page 578... estimated 65 acres except 34 acre tract that I deeded to Mark Holliman dated Twenty Ninth [No month - mlj] 1846, registered Book G page 197.

Also approximately 100 acres deeded by Mark Holleman to me dated the 27th [No month - mlj] 1846 Book G page 195.

Also 75 acres granted by State of Tennessee to me on Murray's branch, Dist. 15.

State of Tennessee No. 7747 December 9, 1839, 170 acres, to me.

Also State of Tennessee to me, 5000 acres, No. 8717, Jany 29, 1842.

State of Tennessee to me, No. 7486, 86 acres, November 11, 1839.

Also State of Tennessee Febry 7, 1841, No. 8115, 200 acres.

Also State of Tennessee to me Jany 30, 1836, No. 4400, 100 acres.

Lots in Granville to me by John Shepherd.

Another adjacent lot to above.

My interest in a mill on Martin's Creek owned jointly with Rollins Hogan...

... title at my death and not before... to said Elisabeth D. Holleman and Susannah Holleman daughters of Wm Holloman, deceased. This 26 November 1851.

s/s Lewis M. Holloman Wits: John Hughes, Alexander E. Hogan


I, Louis M. Holloman to Elisabeth D. Holloman... land in Jackson Co., TN District 15 joining land of Louis M. Holloman on the south... part of the land James Holloman, deceased bought of Alexander Buckhanon and his wife Mary... one acre... toward Indian Creek. 27 January 1851.

s/s Louis M. Holloman

Wits: Elijah B. Holloman, Samuel S. Holloman

ANSWER of Elizabeth D. Holeman and Susan Holeman to Bill of Complaint by White Myers and wife and others against Respondent and others.

Lewis M. Holeman died intestate in Jackson Co. about 28 June 1855, defendant Susan is his widow, no children born in wedlock, the only child by Susan having died in infancy long before his death.

William T. Hughes and Elizabeth D. Holeman were Administrators of his estate.

As far as they know, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews are correctly set out.

Elizabeth D. Holeman is sister of her co-respondent Susan Holeman and for about sixteen years lived in the house as one of the family... deny she lived on his bounty. Elizabeth is a tailoress and did a great deal of work, made a great deal of money, loaned money to Lewis M. Holleman, paid debts for him.

He died seized and possessed of a negro and some town property and some land of not much worth.

Nearly all the estate owned at and previous to his death came from his father Mark Holleman... was purchased by and with the money of said Mark Holleman.

Admits that some time before his death, Lewis M. Holleman was embarrassed by pecuniary matters... respondent Elizabeth D. Holleman was security for stay of execution...

Lewis M. Holleman drank spirituous liquors, often intoxicated, deny he was demented or of unsound mind when he executed the deed to respondents.

Complainants say Julia wife of White Myers, Louisa wife of John Shirley, Benjamin G. Holleman, Samuel Holleman, John W. and Penelope Holleman are children of the second wife of Mark Holleman, and only half brothers and sisters of said Lewis M. Holleman, deceased. Lewis M. Holleman did not entertain for them friendly feeling... opposed to them inheriting his property.

None of his brothers and sisters of the whole blood except two sisters are complainants and respondents believe [Blank] Matthews and his wife Nancy Matthews are made complainants without their knowledge.

Respondents say that Elizabeth D. Holleman is sister to the widow of Lewis M. Holleman and that she was his first cousin, their fathers being brothers...

Elizabeth D. Holleman having done important worked for him, lived as family, Lewis M. Holleman preferred her as the object of his bounty... particularly those of half blood.

The family of Lewis M. Holleman consisted of his wife, respondent Elizabeth Holleman and the mother of respondents... no male except himself... respondents are over 45 and the mother is 80 and all of infirm health...

As for whether the paper is a deed of conveyance or a will is a matter for the courts to decide. 19 February 1857. s/s Elizabeth D. Holleman, Susan [her X] Holleman

BILL OF COMPLAINT [Verbatim; difficult to read - mlj] of White Myers and wife Julia Myers John M. Shirley and wife Louisa Shirley Benjamin G. Holleman Samuel Holleman John W. Holleman Penelope Holleman Robert Gilliland and wife Sarah Gilliland (who are citizens of Jackson County Alabama) William H. Roberts guardian for William Roberts and Jane Roberts Milton Young and wife Martha Young all the first down to Gilliland are citizens of Smith County, Tennessee [Blank] Masters and wife Nancy of Cannon County Tennessee except whose residence is not mentioned except and brothers and sisters of the deceased except William and Jane Roberts and Milton Young and wife who are nephews and neices of the deceased Lewis M. Holleman

against Jefferson A. Thomas and wife [smear - mlj] Elijah B. Holleman Oliver Richardson and wife Mary ____ ____ Carter ____ Moore ____ [Overwrite, smear]

wife Eliza Carter ["William Carter" marked through - mlj] Elizabeth D. Holleman Cicero Holleman ["Susan Holleman" marked through - mlj] An Eliza Shoemaker of Louisiana James G Holleman of Arkansas Albert H Ross and wife Susan Ross Oliver Richard and wife [blank] Ross and wife of Smith County Tennessee Carter and wife of Louisiana and Moore of Texas all the rest of Jackson County Tennessee all the above defendants are brothers and sisters of Lewis M Holleman deceased ?Anna L [or S] Moore William Carter and wife Eliza Analiza Shoemaker who are nephews and neices of the deceased Lewis M Holleman

[End verbatim; remainder abstract - mlj]

Lewis M. Holleman died intestate not having made Last Will & Testament... heirs are complainants and defendant. Lewis M. Holleman left a widow who is made defendant - that defendant William Q. Hughes was appointed Administrator... Lewis M. Holleman died owning land that came by or was purchased with funds of their father and grandfather Mark Holleman. Before his death Lewis M. Holleman was somewhat embarrassed in his pecuniary matters... many years before he died Lewis M. Holleman was demented and of unsound mind... addicted to intoxication of the intense character.

BOND of $100, Elizabeth D. Holleman, Susan Holleman and D. G. Shephard as security to White Myers 13 March 1857. s/s E. D. Holleman, S. Holleman, D. G. Shephard, Sec.

DEPOSITIONS 18 June 1858:

James Hargis age 22 [Questioned as to whether he left a notice for White Myers - mlj]. Dr. John M. Sherly lives in Granville, Ben Holleman about one mile from Granville and the others [Penelope Holleman and John W. Holleman about 2 1/2 mile from Granville.

DEPOSITIONS 19 January 1859:

Robert Beasley age 54. Acquainted with Lewis M. Holleman... capable of transacting business. He told me he was going to make Betsy Holleman equal to his wife... deed property. He told me that his good friends and twin brothers and his Jakes should never have a red cent. Elizabeth Holleman was very industrious... said he didn't know how he would get along without her.

Ques: State whether Luke Holleman was a strong or weak-minded man... military ideas... replete with wisdom.

Ans: He was a man of common sense... Col. Holleman was a dram drinking man... right smart of liquor. I and my son keep a grocery here in 50 or 60 yards of his house. He was a good customer. /s/ Robert Beasley

Thomas Roberts about 32. Told me he intended to give his property to his wife and Elizabeth... borrowed from Elizabeth. /s/ Thomas Roberts

Robert Montgomery about 54 [or 64; writeover - mlj].

Ques: State if he was a Colonel of militia.

A: He had been colonel of the regiment here... was fond of talking about military matters. /s/ Robert Montgomery

Allen Manear about 54. Gave my deposition May last, adopt same. /s/ Allen Minear

Stanton A. Carter about 34. Gave my deposition. He drank, don't know about impairment. /s/ S. A. Carter

John Hughes about age 50.

Ques: Say which of Complainanats in the bill are of the half blood [to Lewis Holleman].

Ans: Julia Myers, Louisa Sherley, Ben G., Sam'l G., John W. and Penelope Holleman these are half brothers and sisters to Lewis M. Holleman.

Lewis M. Holleman... said he intended to give his property to his wife and his sister in law Elizabeth D. Holleman she Elizabeth D. had lived at the said Lewis M. Holleman house since 1837.8. or 9.

David G. Shephard age 54... drank a good deal, vain about his knowledge of military affairs. /s/ D. G. Shephard

Rollins Hogan age 58. Was present when he and John L. Beveridge met to discuss the military. Holleman had on a sort of uniform dress with flags on each shoulder... After they got through speaking Millet made out like he had got mad and drew a pistol and made out like he was trying to shoot Holleman. Holleman darted about the crowd and lit out toward home. Holleman had been drinking, don't know about Millet and Beverage. /s/ Raulins Hogan

Franklin W. Butler about 41 [Nothing new]. /s/ F. W. Butler

CAUSE HEARD 1 November 1858: William Q. Hughes, Administrator of Lewis M. Holleman, deceased vs

Susan Holleman, Elizabeth D. Holleman and the heirs of Mark Holleman deceased to wit Julia Myers, White Myers, Louisa Shirley, John M. Shirley, Benjamin G. Holliman, Samuel Holliman, Sarah Gilleland, Robert Gilliland, William H. Roberts guardian [of William Roberts and Jane Roberts] William Roberts, Jane Roberts, Milton Young, Martha Young, Nancy Matthews and husband [blank] Matthews, Jefferson A. Thomas, Rebecca Thomas, Eligah B. Holliman, Oliver Richardson, Mary Richardson, Amos Moore, Eliza Carter, Eliza Shumaker, James E. Holliman, Albert H. Ross and Susan Ross.

William Q. Hughes appointed Special Commissioner to sell lands... advertised publicly in Gainesboro and Granville, published Cookeville Times. Sold 21 August 1858, Susan Holleman became purchaser of one acre lot in the town of Granville, same where Susan Holleman now lives, $600.00 note, Elizabeth D. Holleman security. Confirmed 10 Feby 1859.

DEPOSITIONS 29 January 1858.

Sidney L. Settle age 27 [or 29]. Nothing new. /s/ S. L. Settle

L. G. Settle age 26 [or 28]. Holleman, Beverage and Millet got up a debate, talked military law... for sport more than anything else. Holleman dressed up in a uniform. I told Beverage and Millet they ought not. /s/ L. G. Settle

COPY OF LAND ENTRY No. 2415 made 28 September 1836 to Lewis M. Holleman.

ANSWER of Elizabeth D. Holleman to Bill of Complaint dated 28 June 1855 by White Myers and wife.

Lewis M. Holleman departed life 28 June 1855 in Jackson Co. William Q. Hughes appointed administrator. Deceased's only child born in wedlock died in infancy. Places of residences correct. Moore's Christian name is Amos and Jane Roberts is married to William Kirby. Respondents are sisters and respondent Susan Holleman is widow of Lewis M. Holleman and dower has not been assigned to her.

Lewis M. Holleman died seized and possessed of a town lot in Granville he purchased at a clerk's sale of James A. Manear, deceased... same lot Manear bought of Isham Pharris... plan of said town, Lot No. 10, was not purchased for himself but in trust for Elizabeth D. Holleman and is now occupied by her tenant LeRoy S. Carter... files this as cross-bill.

Alleges in pursuance of a decree in Jackson County Court September term 1853, case of James A. Spurlock and Allen Manear administrators of James A. Manear deceased against Maria Manear, Allen Manear Jr., Jane Manear, James P. Manear, Thomas J. Manear, Alamina Manear, Leah Manear and Elizabeth Manear defendants that County Court sold lands of said James Manear and Lewis M. Holleman purchased same on 11 August 1860. /s/ Elizabeth D. Holleman, Susan [her X] Holleman

BILL OF COMPLAINT [Probably best list; at least easiest to read - mlj] of

White Myers and wife Julia Myers

John M. Sherley and wife Louisa Sherley

Benjamin G. Holleman

Samuel S. Holleman

John W. Holleman

Penelope Holleman

Eligah B. Holleman, all of Jackson County, Tennessee and

Jefferson A. Thomas and wife Rebecca Thomas all of Putnam County, Complainants


Robert Gilleland and wife Sarah Gilleland of the State of Alabama

Oliver Richardson and wife Mary Richardson

Albert H. Ross and wife Susan Ross

Milton Young and wife Martha Young

William Roberts

Jane Roberts

William H. Roberts guardian of Wm and Jane Roberts all of Smith County, Tennessee

Nathan Mathias [Matthews/Masters - mlj] and wife Nancy Mathias of Cannon Co, Tenn

Ann Eliza Shoemaker of Louisiana

James G. Holleman of the State of Arkansas

[Amos - mlj] Moore of the State of Texas

Susan Holleman and Elizabeth D. Holleman of Jackson County, Tennessee

William Q. Hughes, Administrator of Putnam County, Tennessee

DEPOSITIONS 27 January 1858:

Alexander E. Hogan age 30. Known Lewis M. Holliman since I was a small boy. Drank. /s/ A. E. Hogin

Buchanan W. Roberts age 39. [Nothing new - mlj]. /s/ B. W. Roberts

Mathew C. McKinley age 55. [Nothing new - mlj]. /s/ M. C. McKinley

[NEW] MYERS, WHITE, Admr of HOLEMAN, JOEL, deceased
vs SHEPHERD, DAVID G. & others Chancery 1861-1875

DECREE: White Myers, Administrator of Joel P. Holoman, deceased, against David G. Shephard and the widow and heirs of Joel P. Holoman deceased and others.

The death of defendant David G. Shephard was suggested and proved. Solicitors of Shephard are also the solicitors of the heirs at law of said D. G. Shepherd... cause revived against them, to wit:

Elizabeth R. Oldham, J. L. Oldham, Ellen M. Loving, George B. Loving, Laura E. Langford, S. P. Langford, David J. Shepherd, B. A. Shepherd, Martha B. Shepherd, Thomas Shepherd, Mary L. Farrar, Garland Farrar, Nancy Perkins, Joseph Perkins, Henry Shepherd, David S. Baker, Robert Baker, Mildred M. Baker, Mary E. Mansfield, Edward Mansfield, Sarah Ann Loving and her husband [Blank] Loving, Joseph N. Baker, Fred A. Shepherd, Kate J. Bennett and her husband [Blank] Bennett, Henry Shepherd, B. A. Shepherd, Joseph H. Shepherd, Ann S. Simmons, Julian E. Simmons[*], B. J. Farrar, Samuel E. Moore, Virgil A. Moore, Kate Shepherd, Charles Fredrick Shepherd and Stonewall Jackson Shepherd the latter three minors by guardian B. J. Farrar... Land be divested out of Joel P. Holoman and in the heirs at law of David G. Shephard.

[*Male "Julian" was not common in this era/area, but spelling of female Julie Ann or Julianne as Julian was - mlj].

INDENTURE [Deed]: 2 March 1858, I Wm W. Woodfolk of Nashville to Joel P. Holleman of Jackson Co., TN for $250... land on the first island in Cumberland River above the mouth of Martin's Creek... 25 acres granted to said Woodfolk 20 July 1837, No. 5406. /s/ Wm W. Woodfolk

Wits: /s/ William Woodfolk, Henry Ramsey, Thomas ______

DOWER ASSIGNED: Set out to Nancy Holeman widow of Joel Holeman, 103 acres being one-third the value, land on west side of Cumberland River, District 15. 25 September 1866.

ANSWER of Allen W. DeWitt guardian of minor heirs of Joel P. Hollaman deceased to Bill of Complaint by White Myers, Administrator of Joel P. Holleman against

David G. Shepperd, Nancy Holleman, Thomas K. Holleman, William L. Holleman, Juble Burton and wife Milley Burton, Nicholas Holleman, Mahaly Holleman, Joel P. Holleman, Jr. John Holleman, Nancy Holleman the last four minors.

Joel P. Holleman died as stated, estate indebted. Dated 13 August 186[smear].

REPORT OF SALE: On 26 October 1867 sold Joel P. Holoman Home Tract to defendant David G. Shepherd, 15th District, Jackson Co. Feby term 1868.

DEPOSITION 13 February 1861:

D. G. Shepherd. Knew Joel P. Holliman since I came to the place where I now live in the Spring 1828. He was not grown when I first saw him. He has been dead near twelve months. /s/ D. G. Shepherd

C & M REPORT: David G. Shepherd and James M. Shepherd, firm D. G. Shepherd & Co. about 1851 purchased land from Thomas Huddleston and same date 1st September 1851 sold to Joel P. Holoman, took his note... balance unpaid, they remain creditors.

ANSWER of David G. Shepherd... Joel P. Holleman died intestate in Jackson Co., Tennessee about February 1860. Complainant is Administrator. Joel P. Holleman held title bond on James M. Shepherd.

[NEW] MISCELLANEOUS "M" DIVORCES [Two were not listed on folder]:


Cause Heard:: Defendant failed to appear, allegations taken as confirmed. Complainant and defendant married in Jackson Co., TN March 1893, defendant abandoned, failed to provide. Bonds of matrimony dissolved. Maiden name restored to Jackson.

Bill of Complaint of Cynthia Matthews. Married March 1893, together not two weeks. Defendant abandoned her, refuses to speak to her. She has made her own living. Asks maiden name of Jackson be restored. 31 January 1895. /s/ Sitha B. Mathus


Bill of Complaint of Henry Mathews. Married in Jackson County, Tennessee March 1900. Alleges adultery with Bud Lynch on or about 17 March 1901 out in the woods between Flynn's Lick and Gainesboro, other acts with Lynch; also with Dud York some time in December in the woods in Jackson County and with Bob Meadows about the same time and place. Asks divorce, no mention of children. Complainant affirmed as true April 6, 1901. /s/ Henry Mathews Security for costs: /s/ W. E. Jones


Bill of Complaint of Veda Maxwell against Elvin Maxwell. Married in Jackson County, Tennessee 25 February 1903, together until some time in March, abandoned her, fails to provide, cursed, abused. Asks maiden name of Veta Richardson be restored. Complainant affirmed as true 4 March 1907. /s/ Vetter Maxwell


Bill of Complaint of Evaline Mayfield against John Mayfield. Married 14 September 1879. Three children; girl Mary 9, girl Nannie 4 months, boy Tom Jo. age 2. Abandoned, fails to provide, habitual drunkard, cruel and abusive. Lists personal property including corn crop on land of John P. Murray where complainant now lives. Asks property be attached as alimony, divorce, custody of children. Poverty Oath and Oath of Affirmation 20 August 1889. /s/ Evlien Mayfield


Bill of Complaint of Alice Meadows against Robert Meadows. Married Jackson County, Tennessee September 1898. About October 1898 they were living near Anderson's Mill, 11th District, complainant turned her out of doors, refuses to provide, she is compelled to hire out for support. Defendant committed adultery with Ella Pardue on or about October 1899 at the house of Pleas Graves in the 11th District, believes repeated acts with others. Asks rights of single woman be restored, maiden name [not given] be restored. Affirmed 14 March 1900. /s/ Alice Meadows

MEADOWS, W. T. vs MEADOWS, M. B. 1901

Bill of Complaint of W. T. Meadows against M. B. Meadows, both of Jackson Co. Married Jackson County, Tennessee 18?94. Adultery with Frank Jones year 18?95, also with B. Jones. She is in fact lud [sic; lewd] woman... she is now pregnant and in the poor house in Jackson County, Tennessee. /s/ T. B. Upchurch for Compt

Complainant affirmed 11 October 1901. /s/ W. T. Medders

Bond: W. T. Meadows, Principal and Gab Meadows, Security.

/s/ W. T. Medders, G. P. Medders


Bill of Complaint of August Mercer. Both of Jackson Co. Married in ?January 1877 in Sumner Co., TN. Is informed defendant guilty of adultery with Dave Cornwell, ______ Harrison, perhaps others. Defendant is contentious, quarrelsome and indolent. Repeatedly told him she had intercourse with Dave Cornwell and others. Asks rights of single man be restored. Affirms 7 July 1877. August [his X] Mercer

Cause Heard September term 1877, Process served, she failed to answer, affirmed as true. Bonds of matrimony dissolved.


Order to Attach: Personal property of defendant including corn growing on Bedford Rogers farm 8th District, Jackson Co. to be attached. 3rd Monday in April 1912.

Bill of Complaint of Parilee Mercer against J. J. Mercer. Married in Jackson County, Tenn 1884. Abusive language, threatened to _____ complainant's neck and their son told him he should not do it... indignities, condition intolerable, abandoned her, refuses to provide, lauters [sic; ?loiters] around, won't work, won't let his son use their team to work. Lists personal property including mule purchased of Bill Cherry, corn on Bedford Rogers farm in 8th Dist. [No children mentioned by name - mlj]. Oath of affirmation & poverty, 26 May 1912. Parale [her x] Mercer


[His initial most often "V"; possibly is ?VanBuren. Date 1866 shown on folder, papers look like 1861.]

Injunction against John B. Minor from interfering with Plaintiff and her infant child William or disturbing in any way. 4 March 1861.

Bill of Complaint of John V. Minor and Hiram Minor. Married John V. Minor [blank] 18[blank]. Not lived happily. He is now and has been for some time a habitual drunkard... disagreeable when drunk and is never sober. Cursed, abused, hit with fist. One child William two years old of said marriage, defendant is unfit for custody. Defendant has a house and small lot of land where he now lives in Columbus, Jackson Co., TN purchased from his father defendant Hiram Minor and has paid him the purchase price... has no deed. Also lists personal property, asks real and personal property be attached and awarded to her as alimony. 21 Februry 1861.


Bill of Complaint of William C. Minor against Mary E. Minor. Married Jackson County, Tennessee 1869. Lived happily in Jackson and Clay Counties, Tennessee.

Some year or so ago a despoiler entered his happy home... won the affection of his wife, his name is George B. Bilbrey with whom she eloped... informed she is in the State of KY.... repeated acts of adultery, elopement 20 December 1879.

Issue of said marriage, three children, all in his care, youngest being age four. Their names are Hiram B., Edly [sic] P. and John Gipson Minor. She is not a fit person for custody. 18 March 1880. /s/ Wm C. Minor


Decree: Sarah Montgomery willfully and maliciously abandoned complainant for nine years... bonds dissolved [No date].

Demurrer of defendant Sarah Montgomery.

States facts in bill not sufficient.

Statement even if true not sufficient.

Sufficient grounds for divorce not stated.

Petition does not aver he asked her to return and live with him.

Does not state abandonment continued more than two years.

Petitioner does not aver her abandonment was without sufficient cause.

Bill is not properly sworn to. [No date - mlj]

Summons Sarah Montgomery to appear 2nd Monday in January 1880.

Bill of Complaint of A. H. Montgomery. Married in Jackson Co. September 1869. She abandoned August 1870. Poverty oath 28 November 1879. /s/ A. H. Montgomery


[Note: This divorce was not on "Miscellaneous Divorces "M" folder - mlj].

Final Decree 7 March 1896. Married in Jackson County 1881. August 1893 more than two years before complainant filed his bill, defendant abandoned and deserted without cause... she ever since remained away, refused to return to him. They are each restored to rights of single person and on application of defendant her name be restored to maiden name of Margaret H. Holmes [or possibly ?Holleman - mlj]. Question of alimony settled out of court. The complainant and J. T. Anderson, security will pay costs.


Note: This divorce not listed on "Miscellaneous Divorces "M" folder - mlj].

Bill of Complaint of M. A. Morgan against Henery Morgan, both of Jackson County, TN. Married 19 April 1888 in Jackson Co. Defendant owned or claimed to own one sorrel mare, several head of hogs, one dark colored mule, since marriage bought a hog... fraudulently disposed of same to William Morgan his father in order to defeat alimony. Believes he owns corn and tobacco.

His conduct has been cruel, unhuman, unsafe to cohabit with him. Turned her out of doors, refused to provide. 23 October 1888. M. A. [her X] Morgan


Bill of Complaint of A. C. Morgan of Jackson County against Nancy Morgan of parts unknown. Married Jackson Co, TN 11 June 1888, Petitioner has lived here since. 8 January 1892 defendant committed adultery with John Bailey in said county, divers other times he is informed and believes. 8 January 1892 defendant left his house and went off with John Bailey, supposes to KY. 4 July 1892. A. C. [his X] Morgan


Notice to Sheriff: Attach personal property of James Moss, bill of complaint filed this day for divorce by Fannie Moss. 3rd Monday in April 1914.

Bill of Complaint of Fannie Moss. Married in Jackson County about fourteen years ago. He had spells of being abusive, has gotten worse. She was forced to withdraw, he refuses to provide, she is forced to hire out. Lists personal property.

We also have two children and complainant is forced to work and feed them [names not given]. Oath of poverty Septr 24, 1914. Fannie [her X] Moss


Bill of Complaint of Matilda Moss against William Moss, both of Jackson County. Married Jackson County 17 January 1911, parted 18 January 1911. Cruel, inhuman, unsafe to cohabit, bad names, telling her she was like Fannie Moss, accusing her of being too intimate with one Ben Dean. Fannie Moss the woman with whom he compared her is a lewd... woman considered a common prostitute. Oath of poverty, affirmed as true 22 February 1911. /s/ Matildy Moss


Order to Sheriff: Attach personal property of Lafayette Moss. Sallie Moss filed bill for divorce this day... cow, about fifty hens, chickens, four shoats, household and kitchen furniture. 22 February 1894. [No bill of complaint - mlj].


Bill of Complaint of Savannah Moss of Jackson County, Tennessee against Lewis Moss, supposed to be in State of Arkansas. Married in Jackson County about 25 August 1867, lived together three years happily. On 12 March 1870 abandoned her without cause... two small children, son Clark near two years of age and daughter Miley [sic] near three months old at the time defendant left, the issue of said marriage. Lists personal property. He never returned since he left. Receved [sic] a leter [sic] from a woman that clames [sic] to be the wife of defendant stating that she is maried [sic] to Lewis Moss... Asks care, custody and control of children, maiden name of Willson [Wilson] be restored.

7 September 1876. Savanah [her X] Moss


Summons to Dennis Murphy to appear and answer bill for divorce of America Murphy 1st Tuesday after 2nd Monday in May next. Dated 1st Tuesday after 2nd Monday in January 1882.

Order to attach: Whereas this day America Murphy has filed... against Dennis Murphy attach personal property... [Lists]. Issued 27 April 1882.

Bill of Complaint of America Murphy against Dennis Murphy. Married in Jackson County 25 December 1880. Charges abuse, cruel, threatens violence, struck on arm with axe handle, beat her with a boot because she carried a small bottle of syrup out of a five gallon bucket and gave it to her sister who is thought to be afflicted with consumption... Threatened to bring women of bad reputation... purpose of prostitution into their home, said if she didn't like it she could leave.

She had been talking about going to her father's to see her sick sister... he said if she came back bring force enough to protect her. [Lists personal property, gave no maiden name, no mention of children - mlj]. 27 April 1882. America [her X] Murphy

McBROOM, JOHN vs McBROOM, M. D. 1878

Bill of Complaint of John McBroom col. against M. D. McBroom col. Married in Jackson County [Blank] 1869. Lived together two years, she deserted... adultery with Henry Hargis and Berry Ferril in Jackson County both before and since separation... living with Henry Hargis and Berry Ferril by one of whom she has had a boy child.

He and defendant had one girl the issue of said marriage now about age five called Minie [sic] in the care and custody of Orator. Orator lived all his life in the State of Tennessee. 21 December 1878. John [his X] McBroom


Bill of Complaint of Mary McCullough against John McCullough, both of Jackson Co. Married September 1871. January 1880 defendant was tried and convicted of Petite Larceny, sentenced to one year, taken to prison and served his time. Returned to Putnam Co. where complainant then resided, endeavored to live with her again, she refused to live and cohabit with him... since his Felony conviction... She was raised by honest parents to live an honest life.

Five children, Robert V. 9, America E. J. 7, James F. 5, Loranzo D. 3, Ephraim S. [or G.] about sixteen months, which she has provided for since their father's conviction. Defendant not suitable for custody.

Repeatedly beat and abused her before his conviction... bore on account of children... on top of that he turned out to be a petty thief... cannot longer bear. Affirmed true 31 August 1881. /s/ Mary Catharine McCullough

[NEW] NASH, SARAH E. vs NASH, EDMOND I. Chancery 1902

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Sarah E. Nash against Edmond I. Nash, both of Jackson County. Married Putnam Co., TN 24 November 1898, married two weeks, began abuse... fits of violence. Threatens complainant with his children by a former wife saying they would tear her up if she did not mind...does not make them respect her. Many other acts of cruelty... unsafe to cohabit.

Auther Nash the issue of their marriage, a minor of tender years... defendant not a suitable person to have care and custody. [Lists personal property]... real estate in 10th District of Jackson Co. bounded north by J. S. Burris, south by George Shultz, east by _____ McGee, west by James Lawley being 100 acres more or less. Asks personal property as alimony and real estate be sold and she be allowed a reasonable amount from sale. Asks former name of Sarah E. Jackson be restored.

[NEW] NEELEY, JAMES vs STONE, TEMPERANCE, et al Chancery 1850

BILL OF COMPLAINT of James Neely of Jackson County against

Temperance Stone, Penelope Stone, Francis M. Stone, William J. Stone, Pheriba Stone, George P. Stone, and Sarah A. Stone of the State of Mississippi and Christopher Clemmons of Jackson County, Tennessee and Barton W. Stone of Shelby County, Tennessee.

Defendant Temperance Stone is indebted to him by account of $91.90. Since she became indebted she has removed herself and family together with the most of her personal effects beyond the jurisdiction of Tennessee. Said she intended to move to the town of Memphis, instead moved to Mississippi, believes she intended to thwart indebtedness.

Temperance has right of Dower to several tracts of land owned by her husband Francis A. Stone, deceased. He died seized and possessed of land in Districts 4 and 16 on waters of Jennings Creek, same which Leroy B. Settle conveyed by deed to Francis A. Stone 1 June 1846, registered Book G page 274.5.6 and 7. Also adjacent tracts of 50 acres, 8 acres, 225 acres, 70 acres.

Temperance is widow of said Francis A. Stone, deceased. Defendants Barton W., Penelope, Francis M., William J., Pheriba, George P. and Sarah A. Stone are children and minor heirs of Francis A. Stone. Defendant Christopher Clemmons is their guardian.

ORDER TO ATTACH: Corn, plough and other personalty of Temperance Stone and real estate... 1st Wednesday after 4th Monday in January 1850.

TO SHERIFF OF PUTNAM COUNTY: Whereas Andrew J. Clements filed his bill of complaint against Temperance Stone, Edward C. Gaines, Penelope Gaines, Jasper Stone, George Stone, Barton Stone, Monroe Stone, Vergil Lovelady, Phereby Lovelady and Sarah Stone praying for attachment and injunction... Temperance Stone's dower interest in land of Asbery Stone deceased, in Jackson County on Jennings Creek bounded by lands of David Griffith, Henry Swezea, Asa Lovelady... also another tract she bought on the south fork of Jennings Creek bounded by Asbury Stone land, Ezekiel Carnahan and Asa Lovelady... note on Andrew J. Clements she purchased of Jasper Stone. 1st Wednesday after 2nd Monday in July 1850.

[NEW] NETTLES, NANCY by next friend vs GORE, WM & NETTLES, G. Ch 1849

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Nancy Nettles by her next friend William R. Kinner. Nancy's father John Stafford departed life in said county having made a Last Will & Testament.

Bequeathed to daughter Adaline after death of his wife and after Polly made choice of a negro boy bequeathed to her three negroes.

Bequeathed to widow Anna during her life negroes Harry, Tilly, George, Jerry and Milly.

Property left after death of wife was to be sold, equally divided between his six children - John Stafford, oratrix Nancy Nettles, Henry J. Stafford, Polly Butler now Anderson, James Stafford and Adaline Stafford.

Baily Butler and Mounce Gore were named executors. Mounce Gore declined, but Baily Butler qualified.

Adaline departed life without issue never having married during the lifetime and widowhood of her mother the said Anna. Anna also died intestate about 1848. Previous to her death Bailey Butler departed life and William Gore was appointed administrator of Anna Stafford. Gore was appointed administrator debonis non [To distribute remainder of estate - mlj] with will annexed of John Stafford, deceased.

William Gore taken possession of negroes and other property except:

Harry, bequeathed to Thomas J. Stafford and James Stafford.

Milly of whom Polly Butler now Anderson made choice.

Since the death of John Stafford the negro property bequeathed to Anna during her lifetime has increased, to wit born since Testator's [John Stafford] death -

Houston, Andy, Joseph and Sall.

Oratrix is married to Zebulon M. Nettles of Jackson Co., TN who is an improvident man... addicted to intoxicated spirits... if anything from her father's estate should come into his hands she and children would receive no benefit. Asks that a trustee be appointed and funds be settled on her for maintenance of her and children. 9 March 1849. Nancy [her X] Nettles


In the name of God amen I John Stafford of the County of Jackson and State of Tennessee tho weak of Body but in perfect mind and memory thanks be to the almighty god for the same and calling to mind the mortallity of my boddy and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and renounce my Soul in to the hands of almighty god that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors and as touching such worly estate as it hath pleased good to bless me with in this life I give and devise and dispose of the same in the following manner towit

first of all I give and bequeath after my death unto my dear wife Anny Stafford the following property during her lifetime or her widowhood the kitchen and household furniture the farm and farming utensils belonging thereto also much of the stock of all discriptions as will be sufficient to support on and what ever property can be spared of the surpelis to be sold on a twelve months credit and the proceeds of said property to be appropriated to paying of my just debts and that my son Thomas J Stafford and my son James Stafford & my Daughter Adaline Stafford be supported out of the proceeds of said farm during my wifes lifetime or widowhood

2nd after my death and the crop is laid by in the fall I give and bequeath unto my son John Stafford the following property (towit) to have choice. Gim or Jack provided Gim should choose to live with John if not John is to have Jack also he is to have a certin of two hundred dollars executed from William Lock after all just credits is given on said note

3rd I give and bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Harriet Nettles after the death of my wife Anny Stafford or her widdowhood the following property (towit) a certin negro boy child of Tills not named also a certin gray filley the said Harriet is to have after my death

4th after my death I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Nancy Nettles ten dollars also I give unto Zebulon Nettles ten dollars

5th I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Polly Butler after my death the following property (towit) a certin negro girl named Gin also a certin negro Boy caled George that is living at William Staffords also the said Polly Butler is to have one more negro after the death of my wife or her widowhood the said Polly Butler is to take her choice of the negroes that will be left

6th after my deth and the deth of my wife or her widowhood I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas J Stafford and my son James Stafford the following property towit all the Lands which I now hold and the appurtenances belonging thereto also a certin negro man named Harry to be the property of Thomas J Stafford and James Stafford also the property that I have left to the before named two boys is not to be disposed of by the said boys unless it is by the consent of a Guardian which is my desire and wish that the court will appoint Baily Butler as a Guardian for said boys if he will except of said appointment if not appoint some other good man

7th if John Stafford should make choice of Gim and he the said Gim is not willing to live with him he is not to take the said Gim but is to take Jack Gim is to have a chance of finding or chosing his master if his choice will give a fare price for him if not he is to be sold or if Gim should choose to go to John Jack is to be sold after my death and the money or as much of it as will pay my just debts

8th what money and property is left after the death or widowhood of my wife is to be sold on a twelve months credit and the money equally divided between my 6 children to(wit) John Stafford Nancy Nettles Thomas J Stafford Polly Butler James Stafford Adaline Stafford

9th I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Adaline Stafford after my death and the death of my wife or her widowhood the following property (to wit) after the above named Polly Butler takes choice of the negro left her then the said Adaline is to have three Negroes she is to take her choice out of what are left

Harry Till George Jerry & Milly is to be my wife Anny Staffords property during her lifetime or widowhood to support her and her children that is with her &c. given under my hand and seal this 23rd day of May 1831. s/s John Stafford {Seal}

I put here Bailey Butler &

Mounce Gore as Executors

Attest: Mounce Gore, Joseph Stafford, William Gipson, Nicholas (his X mark) Hail

Certified full and perfect transcript 15 Jany 1849. /s/ S. W. Cassetty Clerk

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Samuel E. Hare of Jackson County, Tennessee against Nancy Nettles, Zebulon M. Nettles and William Gore. 11 March 1849 Nancy Nettles by next friend Wm H. Kinner filed against Zebulon M. Nettles and William Gore. She was the daughter of John and Anna Stafford deceased, entitled to an estate in the hands of William Gore - she is the wife of Zebulon Nettles and Zebulon Nettles is dissipated, indebted. She asks estate for her and children's use. Zebulon M. Nettles is indebted to divers persons [Hare wants money - mlj]. 26 July 1849.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of James H. Henry and Lennorah Henry against Zebulon Nettles and wife Nancy Nettles, Harriet Nettles and Henry C. Nettles the last a minor all of Jackson County, Tennessee defendants and William R. Kinner...

Nancy Nettles was possessed of a life estate in a negro boy named Tom and Harriet and Henry C. Nettles were entitled to remainder after Nancy died they being her children. Orator having intermarried with Oratrix Lenora who is one of said heirs - the defendant Nancy and her husband Zebulon being desirous of selling said negro to procure funds for the purpose to move to Missouri agreed with Orator and Oratrix if they would consent to the sale and join in conveying their remainder interest in order to give good title they would divide proceeds.

The negro sold to William R. Kinner for $700, note for $200 due in two years and balance in cash. They paid debts, bought a yoke of oxen and wagon... refuse to pay Orator and Oratrix. 18 October 1856.

DECREE: Nancy Nettles is legatee of John Stafford. William R. Kinner is appointed trustee to receive funds from estate for her separate use.

[NEW] NEVIL, ALEXANDER vs WOLF, FANNY et al Chancery 1866

[Note: This was not listed as being on the reel, but it's there - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Alexander Nevil of Jackson County, Tennessee against Fanny Wolf, Jeff Wolf, Elizabeth Wolf, James Wolf and Buck Wolf. Last named [blank] are minors with no regular guardian, and Wm H. Botts of Barren Co., KY and Thomas J. Jones of the State of California, defendants.

30 August 1859 defendant T. J. Jones sold to James M. Wolf a tract of fifty acres in Jackson Co. on Peyton's branch... where Fanny Wolf now lives for $220, with $39.05 paid, notes for balance.

Defendant executed bond to make warranty when the balance was paid. Jones transferred and sold land notes to Orator. At the time of transfer Jones was insolvent. Jones conveyed deed of trust or mortgage to Wm H. Botts on the same land he sold to James M. Wolf. About [blank] 186[blank] James M. Wolf departed life, left Fanny Wolf his widow and other defendants except Botts and Jones his children.

Since the death of James M. Wolf on 22 June 1861, Orator recovered judgments, asks guardian be appointed for minor children, land be sold to pay debts.

ANSWER to Bill of Complaint of Nevil Alexander by Respondents James Wolf, Buck Wolf, Martha Wolf and Jefferson Wolf, minors by guardian. Admit purchase of land, mortgage should be paid. 10 August 1867.


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