This cemetery list may not be a full listing of cemeteries in Hickman County. If you know about a cemetery not listed here please send the information to Darlene.

1st Column - Name of cemetery
2nd Column - Location of cemetery

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Allen Littlelot
Anderson Sunrise
Anderson Sunrise
Anglin Craigfield
Arnold Centerville
Ayers Pleasantville
Baird Lyle
Baker Greenfield Bend
Baker Greenfield Bend
Baker Primm Springs
Baker Texas Hollow
Bartley Lyles
Bates Beaverdam Springs
Beale Littlelot
Beech Grove Pleasantville
Bethel Pleasantville
Bingham Greenfield Bend
Blackwell Coble
Blackwell Coble
Blackwell Coble
Booker Texas Hollow
Breece Beaverdam Springs
Brooks Primm Springs
Brown Lyles
Brown Texas Hollow
Brown Texas Hollow
Bruce Texas Hollow
Bryant Williamsport
Byers Beaverdam Springs
Cagle Coble
Campbell Beaverdam Springs
Campground Sunrise
Canady Centerville
Carothers Whitfield
Carothers Coble
Cedar Hill Lyles
Center Star Greenfield Bend
Chandler Beaverdam Springs
Chappell Texas Hollow
Cheairs Littlelot
Chessor Pleasantville
Christian Texas Hollow
Church Family Greenfield Bend
Clark Texas Hollow
Coates Centerville
Cochran Lyles
Coleman Spot
Cooper Lyles
Darden Littlelot
Davis Sunrise
Davis Craigfield
Dodd Whitfield
Dodd Texas Hollow
Dudley Texas Hollow
Dunlan Greenfield Bend
Dunnagan Lyles
Dunnagan Lyles
Eason Centerville
Edwards Pleasantville
Elkins Pleasantville
Elkins Whitfield
Field Whitfield
Flowers Coble
Fort Cooper Littlelot
Fowlkes Whitfield
Frazier Whitfield
Frazier Whitfield
Givens Centerville
Gossett Centerville
Gossett Lyles
Gossett Lyles
Graham Texas Hollow
Grays Bend Centerville
Green Centerville
Green Lyles
Griner Centerville
Grove Lyles
Gunter Coble
Hanes Primm Springs
Harrington Centerville
Harvill Littlelot
Hassell Whitfield
Hedge Whitfield
Hickman Whitfield
Hood Lyles
Horner Beaverdam Springs
Huddleston Whitfield
Huddleston Centerville
Huddleston Centerville
Hudgins Lyles
Humble Texas Hollow
Jenkins Whitfield
Jenkins Spot
Jenkins Lyles
Johnson Primm Springs
Jones Littlelot
Jones Littlelot
Jones Valley Primm Springs
Kellough Littlelot
King Coble
Lancaster Whitfield
Leathers Bucksnort
Little Rock Lyles
Litton Littlelot
Lowe Bend Whitfield
Lowe Coble
Lyles Lyles
Lynn Coble
Malugin Whitfield
Martin Littlelot
Martin Craigfield
Martin Lyles
Mayberry Primm Springs
McClanahan Bucksnort
McCollum Whitfield
McCord Lyles
McCord Lyles
McCord Lyles
McCord, see Moss Cemetery Craigfield
McFarland Littlelot
Meacham Texas Hollow
Milam Beaverdam Springs
Mobley Greenfield Bend
Monk Texas Hollow
Morris Sunrise
Morrison Beaverdam Springs
Moss Craigfield
Mount Pillar Whitfield
Mount Pleasant Littlelot
Murphree Coble
Murphy Whitfield
New Hope Lyles
Nicks Whitfield
Oakmont Whitfield
Old Harder Gordonsburg
Old Well Greenfield Bend
Overbey Lyles
Overbey Lyles
Petty Texas Hollow
Petty Texas Hollow
Petty Texas Hollow
Pickard Whitfield
Plunkett Centerville
Potter Bucksnort
Potter Texas Hollow
Potter Spot
Potts Lyles
Primm Littlelot
Primm Littlelot
Pruett Bucksnort
Rainey Lyles
Redden Texas Hollow
Reeves Texas Hollow
Russell Coble
Russell Texas Hollow
Shanes Coble
Shipp Centerville
Shipp Centerville
Shipp Texas Hollow
Shouse Whitfield
Shouse Littlelot
Smith Greenfield Bend
Smith Texas Hollow
Sparks Coble
Spot Spot
Springer Beaverdam Springs
Stanfill Centerville
Steele Spot
Stewart Centerville
Taylor Lyles
Temple Texas Hollow
Thornton Lyles
Thornton Spot
Tidwell Spot
Tidwell Craigfield
Totty Centerville
Turner Spot
Vaughn Craigfield
Wade Beaverdam Springs
Walker Coble
Warf Primm Springs
Watson Sunrise
Weatherspoon Whitfield
Weems Lyles
Well Greenfield Bend
Wells Texas Hollow
Wheat Sunrise
Whiteside Sunrise
Whitson Whitfield
Wilkens Spot
Williams Pleasantville
Williams Littlelot
Willow Spring Lyles
Wilson Primm Springs
Wolf Creek Coble
Woody Primm Springs
Worley Littlelot
Yates Lyles

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