Hardin County, Tennessee

Will Book B

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Page 77-93 - Extra Inventory of Henry Garner’s Estate

Page 77 - Extra Inventory of Henry Garner’s Estate 
James Hall 1 pad lock pc. --------$0.18 ¾ Henry Garner one Compass pc.------$0.26 Henry Garner one square pc. ------$0.25 Henry Garner one square --------- $0.14 ½ James hall one plane ------------$0.12 ½ Henry Garner one foot edge pc ----$0.72 James Hall one gang of Hogs ----$12.62 ½ $14.13 Page 78 ~~Continued Amt. Brought from page 77 ------ $14.13 Sale of the above property 22nd April 1837 of Henry Garner deceased – Also one note on carry all ----$12.00 Henry Garner for twenty Seven dollars payable One day after date Dated 17th May 1823. All of which I return as additional inventory of the estate of Henry Garner deceased this 4th Dec. 1837 George Johnson, Admr. Elizabeth Garner, Admr. Page 85 ~~State of Tennessee – Hardin County} We the undersigned commissioners who was appointed by the County Court of Hardin County to settle with George Johnson Administrator and Elizabeth Garner Administrator of Henry Garner Dec’d and make report to The February Term 1838 Do find as follows To Wit~~ The said administrator chargeable with this amount as per return on inventories into the Clerks office of the county Clerk of said County ----------------------------------$853.11 Said administrators produced voucher which was by as received for monies by them disbursed Amounts to -------------------------------------------------------$477.23 Carried to page 86------------------------------------------------$375.88 Page 86~~ Amount brought forward from page 85 as Debit $375.88 This amount allowed the administrator George Johnson for settling up said Estate----------------------------------------$30.00 This amount yet in the hands of sadi administrator--------------- $345.85 There is also a note not under seal against John F. Garner for $195.36 dated in 1821-----------------------------------------$196.36 Also one on John F. Garner under seal dated 1821 & now in Suit of ----------------------------------------------------------$250.00 And Martin of Kentucky’s Receipt for------------------------------$943.54 ¾ Leaving total of ------------------------------------------------$1419.54 ¾ Administrators have at present no control of all of which is Respectfully submitted to the Worshipful County court of Hardin County February 3rd 1838. Reuben Day & Alexander Doran} Commissioners Page 87~~ Hardin Co., TN Settlement with George Johnson Administrator of Henry G. Garner deceased. In pursuance with an act of the late general assembly of the State of Tennessee authorizing the clerk of the County Court to make a Settlement with Administrators of Estate. I Joseph W. Ellis, clerk of Hardin county Court have this day met with George Johnson administrator of the Estate of Henry G. Garner Senr Decd. And after Examination had find the same to as follows to wit~ to this amount remaining in said administrators hand on the 3rd day of February 1838 as appears from the Settlement made with G. Johnson Adm. by R. Day & A. Doren Esq. Commissioners appointed by the County Court of Hardin County the sum of $ $ __*_ said administrators produced proper voucher legally authorizing which was by me rec. amounting in all to $_*_ leaving in the hands of said Admr. at this date the sum of $_*_ the share of one of the legatees which the said administrator has now in his possession and ready to pay over so soon as a proper receipt is produced. (*can’t read money amount) Page 88~~ George Johnson Admr. of Henry G. Garner Sr. Dec. Settlement all of which is respectfully submitted to the Worshipful County Court of Hardin County May 31st 1838. J. W. Ellis Page 93 ~~ Oct. 1838 Daniel B. Beasley Guardian Return Oct. 1st from the first Monday of October 1837 to the first Monday of October 1838 – received Eighty three Dollars 46 ½ cts interest and all for Joshua and James Garner whom I am guardian for.
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