Hardin County, Tennessee

Survey Book Vol. 3 (Nov 1839 May 1843)

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Page 166 (594) Entry 632, Gabriel Eads

Page 166 (594) Entry 632, Gabriel Eads
Surveyed 9th Sept 1840 by Benjamin Lidden? and A. D. Riddle}
State of Tennessee Hardin County By Virtue of Entry No 632 founded on the Occupant Law of 1840 I have surveyed 145 acres of Land for Gabriel Eads on the waters of Smith fork of Indian Creek Range 12- & Section #10 Beginning at a small Elm and laying In the Southwest corner of Entry No. 227 in the name of James Hardin for 160 acres Running thence South 203 poles to a Black oak & small white oak thence West 113 1/3 poles to a Stake & a pine pointers thence north 203 poles to a stake the southwest corner of Gabriel Eads Land thence East 113 1/3 poles to the Beginning Signed 23rd of January 1841.

Signed G. M. Milligan

Henry J. Eads
Abraham Branch.

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

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