Hardin County, Tennessee

Inventory Book D

Last updated 29 May 2008


Page 268 - Inventory of Elizabeth Garner, dec.

Page 268 - Inventory of Elizabeth Garner, dec. 
Mary McConnelll _- Hooks & Shawl -----$.25 Mary McConnell to SundryArticles------ .15 W. H. McConnelll one Coffee Mill ------.25 Mary McConnell knives forks & spoons --.65 John F. Garner Sundry Articles --------.40 Frances Kincannon sundry Articles -----.35 James Garner 1 lot Articles -----------.01 Mary McConnell Sundry Articles --------.10 James Garner one Axe ------------------.05 J. H. McConnell two Soap & Stand-------.15 Joshua Garner yards of material -----$2.80 Mary McConnell to Clothing-----------$2.00 Mary McConnell One Bonnet -----------$2.00 James McCasland one bedstead & card ---.50 J. H. McConnell one bed & Furniture--$7.75 Mary McConnell one bed & Furniture --$7.00 John Kenp? One Wheel & cards --------$3.05 John F. Garner One set of plates-------.40 George Bain One Lot hogs ------------$3.12 ˝ Frances Kincannon One Lot Sheep -----$4.15 John Turner One Yearling ------------$2.37 ˝ David Hannah One Cow & Calf ---------$9.30 John Kemp one horn -----------------$25.55 Jonathan Boroughs –Cotton -----------$1.30 Jonathan Boroughs –wool ---------------.75 John F. Garner spun thread------------.69 John D. Reynolds One pair Bitts -------.25 Samuel B. Hagman(?) One Saddle -----$11.81 ------------------------------------$87.?? J. H. McConnell Administrator.
Submitted by Donnie Pickard

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