This index covers the years 1879-1894, Surnames A-Z

This is all the information I have at the moment. The index was transcribed from the index on microfilm that I purchased from The Tennessee State Archives. I haven't figured out what all the columns mean so the year may not be exact (give or take a year or two) but the index is a great starting point if you are looking for your ancestors in Hancock County, TN.

Hancock County Deed Index

It is alphabetized by Grantor (seller).

The Grantee is buyer and the Grantor is seller.


1890 Coleman, H.F   Rains, R.M
1890 Fugate, Tipton   Ramsey, A
1886 Parkey, William   Ramsey, Barby
1879 Livesay, Peter   Ramsey, Henry
1894 Park, P.G   Ramsey, J
1886 Woodson, George   Ramsey, Josiah etal
1890 Seal, Enoch   Ramsey, Josiah etal
1886 Thomas, James   Ramsey, Josiah etux
1886 Buttry, M R   Ramsey, Josiah S H deed
1886 Dodson, Joshua   Ramsey, Nicholas & Jarvis
1894 Ramsey, Jesse   Ramsey, WM
1886 Coleman, H F trustee Rasnick, WM. L & Jacob
1886 William, Sampson   Reed, Drewer etux
1890 William, Sampson   Reed, Drowery?
1886 Carson, S L   Reed, Jackson
1886 Carson, S L   Reed, John etux
1883 Clark, John   Reed, Preston
1886 Methodist Episcopol Church Reed, Preston
1879 Green, S P   Rhea, Geo W
1879 Gray, John F   Rhea, James N
1886 Fairchild, Joel   Rhea, John
1894 Mobe, WM   Rhea, L
1879 Davison, James   Rhea, Samuel
1886 Brewer, Joab M   Rhea, Sterling
1886 Bray, McHenry   Rhea, Sterling
1890 Mullins, Reubin   Rhea, W H etux
1879 Rogers, Thos H   Ribinett, Isaac
1883 Trent, Abija   Richard, Trent Indexed by first name
1883 Kesterman, Sarah   Richie, Robt.
1894 Bishop, W P   Richie, T.?
1879 Louthen, J M   ?, J B etux
1886 Tyler, A J   Riley, Jones
1894 Mahan, Jacob   Riley, H K
1879 Fugate, Hinly etal   Riley, Obadiah etal
1883 Yeary, W N   R.D. Green Clerk index by first name
1883 Young, Wm N   R.D. Green Clerk index by first name
1890 Pridemore, G W   Roberts, A J
1886 Johnson, Enos   Roberts, Henry
1890 Campbell, Harrison & CO Roberts, Henry etux
1886 Testerman, J W & W T Roberts, Henry lien
1886 Givens, Joshua W   Roberts, John
1886 Roberts, Lucinda   Roberts, John
1886 Campbell, Benjamin   Roberts, John
1894 Givens, Wm J   Roberts, Lucinda
1894 Roberts, John T   Roberts, Margaret
1886 Tyler, A J   Roberts, Nancy
1894 Wilbourn, Martha   Roberts, Nancy
1886 Shaw, John etal   Robinett, Charles W
1894 Williams, John   Robinett, Chas etux
1894 Bledsaw, Eliza   Robinett, WM
1879 Margraves, Sallie A   Robinson, J R
1879 Margraves, S A   Robinson,N
1879 Margraves, S A   Robinson, R R
1883 Margraves, S A   Robers, A L
1890 Green, John J etux   Robers,A L etux
1886 Hobbs, J A etux   Rogers, Lucinda
1890 Johnson, C H   Rogers, Thomas 
1894 Church, Thos   Rogers, Thos 
1879 Hatfield, Geo   Rogers, Thos H
1886 Vanoy, Oliver   Rogers, Thurman etux
1890 Rogers, M C   Rogers, Thurman, etux
1890 Percell, M V   Rogers, W C etux
1886 Vanoy, Oliver   Roller, James
1886 Stafford, Emauel & Anna Rose, E E 
1883 Bray, Mc H   Rose, T W
1886 Harrison, George W   Rose, Wm S
1886 McConnell WM G   Ross, Benjamin
1894 Edds, R A   Ross, E E
1883 Winklers, Geo W   Ross, McH
1886 Winkler, John   Ross, McH
1894 Jarvis, L C   Ross, McH
1894 Davis, John D   Ross, McH
1886 Clark, John   Rosy, James
1879 Davis, Brownlw   Royston, Robt
1879 Epperson, Elizabeth   Row, Wiley
1890 Williams, Calloway etux Rower, Moab
1894 Alden, Lewis   Royston, R A
1886 Johnson, Pleasant & Ally Royston, R A etux
1894 Gibson, Geo   Russell, Geo
1890 Trent, Louis   Russell, William etal





1883 Turmere, Maxey   Sam, Turmare indexed by first name
1883 Winkler, Geo   Samps, William index by first name
1879 Turnmire, John   Scarce, Henry 
1886 Hall, Wm & CO   Scott, A J
1894 Louis, E.?   Scott, H
1879 McNeil, J F   Seal, A J
1879 Coleman,  H F   Seal, A J
1894 Campbell, Eliza   Seal, A J
1894 Mitchell, John D   Seal, Alford
1894 Seal, Jas    Seal, Alford
1894 Green, Jesse P   Seal, Alford etal, etux
1894 Seal, Jas    Seal, Alfred
1890 Carter, Geo W etal   Seal, Darcus
1894 Seal, Landon   Seal, Darcus
1894 Robinett, Wm   Seal, Davis
1883 Seal, Alford   Seal, Eden
1883 Jaynes, Joseph   Seal, Elias
1886 Tyler, A J trustee   Seal, Enoch etal
1894 Drinnon, Geo   Seal, Fredrick
1886 ?   Seal, G W
1894 Mullins, John etal   Seal, G, SS report
1894 Jaynes, Wilson   Seal, Helen
1886 Seal, Alfred etux   Seal, James, Jaynes, James
1883 Seal, Alford   Seal, Jas
1886 Burchett, John   Seal, Jas, Anderson, A B etux
1879 Lawson, W J K   Seal, J
1883 Amys, Wm N   Seal, John
1894 Burch, Chas   Seal, John
1894 Williams, Samps   Seal, Landon
1886 Smith, James   Seal, Neal
1879 Seal, WM   Seal, N 
1879 Drinnon, J   Seal, Orval
1894 Cantwell, David   Seal, Orval
1879 Brewer, Geo   Seal, Pleas
1883 Murcell, J A   Seal, Pleas
1894 Drinnon, Geo   Seal, Pleasant
1894 Rhea, M J   Seal, Pleasant
1879 Seal, David   Seal, Richard
1894 Davis, John W   Seal, Samuel
1890 Seal, Samuel   Seal, Samuel A
1890 Seal, Samuel Jr   Seal, Samuel SR
1894 Fergerson, Wesley   Seal, S W
1883 Cantwell, David   Seal, W B
1886 Williams, Sampson   Seal, WCH, etux
1879 Drinnon, D J   Seal, W G
1879 Miser, Peter   Seal, W G
1890 Lemon, J H   Seal, W G
1890 Seal, T H    Seal, W G
1890 Mullins, Reubin   Seal, W G
1890 Jayne, John Jr   Seal, W G
1890 Leman, J H   Seal,  W G
1890 Maloney, John   Seal, W G
1890 Gree, Howell   Seal, W G
1879 Metlock, WM   Seal, W G etal
1890 Campbell, L G   Seal, WH
1890 Greene, D A    Seal, W H
1894 Seal, G W   Seal, W H
1879 Campbell, Robt   Seal,  W H etux
1886 Jarvis, G W etux   Seal, W H etux
1886 Coleman, H F   Seal, W N
1894 Buttry, Joab   Seal, WM etal
1886 Southern, J M etux   Seal, Wm H
1886 Horner, Wm B etux   Seal, WM H
1886 Cope, R K   Seals, Fredric & Kitty
1886 Buttry, Joab   Seals, Fredrick
1886 Brewer, Joab H   Seals, James 
1886 Turner, J L & F M   Seals, Matilda etal
1890 Mullins, Henderson   Seals, Orval
1886 Greene, Jesse B   Seals, Pleasant etux, etal
1886 Greene, Hamilton    Sebent, Greene indexed by first name
1886 Pridemore, William   Sergeant, S G etux
1883 Maness, Howard   Sergent, S G
1886 Campbell, I W & Son   Sergent,  S G
1886 Gibson, Wm T   Sexton, Baley etux etal
1894 Maxey, Frank   Sexton, John C
1890 Williams, John   Shares, John
1886 Barnes, Wm C   Shaw, James etux
1894 Cloud, Wm   Shaw, John
1886 Robinett, Charles W   Shaw, John etal
1886 Hatfield, George   Shaw, John etux
1886 Brewer, Alexander   Shaw, Robt etux
1894 Wilson, Williams?   Shell, Alfred
1883 McCoy, Daniel   Shields, Jas & Co
1890 Leman, J C   Shifflet, Robt
1886 Owens, James B   Shiffley, Granville
1890 Shiffly, Milton   Shiffley, Granville
1886 Stanaford, John H etux Short, Benjamin G
1886 Munday, Jacob   Short, G B
1886 Cambell, I W & son   Short, I M R
1890 Baker, Walden W   Short, I M R
1886 Tyler, A J trustee   Short, I M R etux
1886 Tyler, A J trustee   Short, I M R etux
1886 Debord, Thomas   Short, I M R etux
1886 Cope, Woodson   Short, John & Jane
1886 Ellenburg, Ancil   Simpson, Levi M
1886 Testerman, L A   Sizemore,  E D
1886 Testerman, L A   Sizemore,  E D
1894 Lawson, L L   Sizemore, Jesse
1886 Thompson, M H   S.B Thompson indexed by first name
1886 Yeary, L F   S.B Thompson indexed by first name
1886 Wolfe, Gideon   Smith, C C 
1890 Rogers, J F   Smith, Henry
1894 Pridemore, G W   Smith, Henry
1894 Brooks, John W   Smith, Henry
1890 Martin, J M   Smith, Pleasant
1886 Short, John etux   Smith, William H
1883 Wallen, R B   Snapp, C A
1886 Gilliam, Jacob   Snapp, C A
1879 Combs, William   Snapp, E D
1886 Snapp, E D etux   Snapp, WM A
1879 Snavely, Adam etal   Snasley?, James
1879 Yeary, Adam C   Snavly, Adam 
1879 Snavley, Adam Y   Snavly, John
1879 Martin, Jackson   Snowly?, Adam
1894 Catron, E G   Sommers, WM
1883 Church, George   ?, James
1883 Southern, J B   Southern, J M
1890 Hopkins, Arthur   Southern, J B
1890 Overton, J C etal   Spear, J E etux
1886 Rose, E E    Stafford, Emanuel & Anna
1890 Park, Samuel   Stafford, Emanuel
1879 Rogers, Thos H   Stamper, John
1886 Rogers, Thomas F    Stamper, John
1894 Carter, Pheoba   Stanifer, Isaac
1879 Williams, Sampson   Stanifer, Jackson
1886 Vaughn, C A    Stapleton, John B etux
1886 Vaughn, C A    Stapleton, John B etux
1890 Westin, WM R   Strong, John Atty
1886 Herd, Hiram   Sumner, W  J
1886 Miller, P J trustee   Sumner, Wm Etux
1879 Sumpter, T    Sumpter, Chas
1890 Sumpter, Louisanna   Sumpter, Mary
1894 Clarkson, W H   Sumpter, Temperance
1894 Minor, G W   Surgener, S S 
1883 Pridemore, Geo W   Surgener, S S 
1890 Nicholas, Josiah   Surgner, John etux
1879 Anderson, A J   Surgner, S S
1890 Williams, John   Sutton, Darcus
1894 Sutton, J H   Sutton, Darcus
1886 Goins, Zacariah etux   Sutton, Darcus
1894 Sutton, Tilda   Sutton, Darcus
1883 Leedy, Joseph   Sutton, Henly
1894 Sutton, Heirs   Sutton, Isham
1879 Conditional line   Sutton, Isham etal
1886 Seals, Geo W etux   Sutton, Mc H
1886 Sutton, Peter Etux   Sutton, Mc H
1886 Sutton, ?   Sutton, Mc H
1890 Sutton, McH   Sutton, Noah etux etal
1883 Baker, john   Sweeptuse, Lucy

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