This index covers the years 1879-1894, Surnames A-Z

This is all the information I have at the moment. The index was transcribed from the index on microfilm that I purchased from The Tennessee State Archives. I haven't figured out what all the columns mean so the year may not be exact (give or take a year or two) but the index is a great starting point if you are looking for your ancestors in Hancock County, TN.

Hancock County Deed Index

It is alphabetized by Grantor (seller).

The Grantee is buyer and the Grantor is seller.


1883 Wolfe, Hannogan   Jackson, Gray
1883 Yeary, H.C   Jackson, Marten
1883 Sutton, Henly   Jacob, Winkler
*indexed by first name    
1883 Wolfe, Elijah   James, Bartley
1886 Bishop, Elizabeth Janes, Mary Etal
1886 Jorden, James   Jarnakin, A etux
1886 Seal, G W etux   Jarvis, G W etux
1886 Campbell, A A    Jarvis, G W etux
1894 Rogers, H S   Jarvis, Grant
1879 Hobbs, J A   Jarvis, H C
1883 Coleman, H F   Jarvis, H C
1886 Collins, Howard   Jarvis, H C
1886 Williams, B H   Jarvis, H C
1886 Mullins, John SR   Jarvis, H C
1886 Collins, Baty   Jarvis, H C
1890 Collins, Jacob   Jarvis, H C
1879 Campbell, A B   Jarvis, J D
1879 Wilburn,  G J   Jarvis, John D
1886 Campbell, A B   Jarvis, John D
1886 Trent, Camel   Jarvis, John D etal
1886 Wilbourn, George   Jarvis, Landon etux
1879   Jarvis, H C & L C Jarvis L M
1879   Brewer, Francis Jarvis L M
1879   Nicholas, Jesse P Jarvis L M
1883   Jarvis, H C & L C Jarvis L M
1883   Goodman, Caloway Jarvis L M
1886   Hobbs, John A Jarvis L M
1886   Gibson, Kelly & Pierman Jarvis L M
1886   Gibson, Alexander Jarvis L M
1886   Gibson, Richard Jarvis L M
1894   Drinnon, Mollie Jarvis L M
1879   Gibram?, Z Jarvis, L M etal
1883   Goins, John Jarvis, L M etal
1886   Myer, Wilson Jarvis, L M etal
1886   Keeton, Jefferson Jarvis, L M etal
1886   Brewer, Isham Jarvis, L M etal
1890   Simpson, L M Jarvis, L M etal
1890   Wilbourn, George J Jarvis,L M etux
1890   Rhea, Lafayette Jarvis, William etux
1890   Rogers, Joseph Jarvis, W D
1886   Mullins, Ruben Jarvis, Wm D
1894   Drinnon, B J Jarvis, L C Trustee
1894   Cantwell, Wiley Jaynes, James 
1894   Cantwell, Wiley Jaynes, Wilson
1883   Trent, Lewis Jesse Goodman 
*indexed by first name  
1883   Young, Jerry J, Carr
*indexed by first name  
1883   Thomas, Jasper J. Martin
*indexed by first name  
1883   Seal, R R J. A Hobbs
*indexed by first name  
1883   Trent, Isaac J A Trent etal
*indexed by first name  
1883   Wallen, alfrod J.C Wallen
*indexed by first name  
1883   Winkler, J W  J D Winkler
*indexed by first name  
1883   Tyler, Henry J F McNeil
*indexed by first name  
1883   Southern, J B J.M Southern
*indexed by first name  
1883   Testerman, Wm P John Barett
*indexed by first name  
1883   Winkler, J N John D Winkler
*indexed by first name  
1883   Williams, Jas S John Gilbert
*indexed by first name  
1883   Wolfe, David John Jones
*indexed by first name  
1883   Tyler, Eugene? John Maxey
*indexed by first name  
1883   Winkler, Jacob N John Myers
*indexed by first name  
1890   Johns, Henry Johns, Rial Etal
1890   Maners, Edmon John, Rila
1879   Green, A J Johns, Rile
1894   Hick, N R Johns, Rile
1894   Johnson, Pleasant John, Riley
1894   Marion, John John, Z P
1886   Campbell, I W & son Johnson, Aaron
1894   Lawson, Isham Johnson, Addy
1886   Johnson, Richard Johnson, A J etux
1886   Trent, James A Johnson, E
1890   Bostic, H J Johnson, George
1886   Greer, J M & Co Johnson, I C
1886   Trent, David A Johnson, James etux
1879   Johnson, Moses Johnson, J
1886   Rogers, Eliza & Erastus Johnson, Johnithan etal
1890   Burchett, Thomas Johnson, Lee
1894   Alder, Jas Johnson, Levy
1886   Fairchild, Wayne Johnson, Lewis
1886   Greer, J M & Co Johnson, Mitchell
1886   Dingus, James W Johnson, Moses
1894   Drinnon, Geo. Johnson, N W
1883   Gray, Jackson Johnson, O B
1890   Arnold, William D Johnson, O B etux
1890   Green, Wm H Johnson, P m
1894   Johnson, Allie Johnson, P M
1894   Hick, M R Johnson, P M
1886   Murrell, Franklin Johnson, Pleasant
1886   Yount, Henry Johnson, Pleasant
1886   Davis, Brownlow Johnson, Pleasant etux & heirs
1886   Trent, James A Johnson, rufus
1890   Hick N R Johnson, V M etux
1886   Jarvis, Grant Trustee Johnson, W M
1894   Johnson, P M Johnson, WM
1886   Trent, Lewis Johnson, WM J
1883   Baptist Church Jones, Calvin
1894   Johnson & Combs Jones C C
1894   Lucus, W L Jones, C F
1886   Gillenwaters, W H Jones, Geo J
1894   Jones T T Jones, Geo T
1879   Jarvis, May Jones, I G
1886   Jones, G W Jones, Jas etux
1883   Gillenwaters, J C Jones, J J
1879   Green, D J Jones, John
1879   Cope, Taylor Jones, John
1879   Cope, Taylor Jones, John
1879   Green, David Jones, John
1879   Cope, Taylor Jones, John
1886   Trent, John W Jones, John Etux
1886   Moneyhun, N M Jones, Joseph etux
1894   Hall, J F  Jones, L D
1890   Heck, robt Jones, Lyda
1886   Barnard, H P Jones, Rily etal
1890   Mullins, reubin Jones, Shelby
1879   Coleman, H F Jones, S E
1894   Fugate, L T Jones, T W
1890   Lucus, Wiliam Jones, Warren Etal
1886   Greene, A J & Susan Jones, William Etux
1883   Janes, Elizabeth Jones, Wm H
1886   Livesay, Andrew J Jordan, James
1886   Click, WM Etux Jordan, James & Thomas
1886   Case, M L Jordan, James & Thomas
1894   Allen, WM Jorden, Ewel
1890   Mills, Noah Jorden, James & Thomas
1883   Tyler, Henry Joseph, Brook
*indexed by first name  
1883   Tyler, A J Joseph, Brooks
*indexed by first name  
1883   Seal, James  Joseph, Campbell
*indexed by first name  
1883   Wolfe, Wily Joseph, Campbell
*indexed by first name  
1883   Winkler, John Joshua, Davis 
*indexed by first name  


1886   Givens, John Etux   Keaton, Jefferson etux
1894   Keaton, G T   Keaton,Sampson
1879   Keaton, J.W.L   Keaton,Samson
1879   Keaton, S.Y, D R   Keaton,Samson
1879   Givens, Mary A M   Keaton,Samson
1879   Givens, John   Keaton,Samson
1894   Brower, J E   Keeton,Jefferson
1886   William, Sampson   Keeton,Jeffersonetux
1894   Moles, Lucinda   Keeton, S
1886   Huffmaster, A D   Kenner, W d
1883   Debord, Rufus   Kilgore, W A
1886   Debord, R T   Kilgore,WAetux
1883   Debord, Rufus   Kilgore,WMA
1890   Davis, J L   Kilgore,WmAetux
1894   Davis, J R M   Kinsler, A J
1883   Livesay, WM   Kyle, Hugh G
1890   willis, Leonard Etux   Kyle,JamesAetux
1886   Baker, John S   Kyle, J A
1886   Willis, William   Kyle, J A 
1890   Miller, P J   Kyle,  T R
1894   Miller, P J   Kyle, T R
1894   Anderson, Sterlin   Kyle,  T R
1886   Tignor, J H   Kyle, W C
1886   Percell, J L   Kyle, Wm C





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