Bible Records

Presently on site you will find the following family Bible Records:

Atkins-Darr Family

transcribed by Jim Long

Brigham Family

transcribed by Stephen Moody

Byrd Family

Contributed by Ken Byrd

Darr-Brinton Family

transcribed by Jim Long

Dunning-Carney Family

transcribed by Debbie Rosenbloom

Earhart Family

transcribed by Kristi Morgan

Free Family

transcribed by Jim Long

Guinn Family

transcribed by Linda Guinn

Lancaster Family

transcribed by Debbie Rosenbloom

McGregor Family

on file at Tennessee State Library and Archives

James W. Smith Family

transcribed by Jim Long

Stavely-Largent Family

transcribed by Cristin Vandiver-Santiago

Daniel Vinson Family

transcribed by Jim Long

The Brigham Family Bible

transcribed and contributed by Stephen Moody

The Brigham Family Bible, bearing a publication date of 1831, is owned by Mrs. Evelene M. Riley, 7120 Christie Lane, Dallas, TX 75249. Mrs. Riley is a Brigham descendent, and a double second cousin of the transcriber. The first several of the birth entries appear to have been written in the same hand, later entries are obviously the work of several persons. The style of writing suggests that the first entries were made in the 1830's, with later entries added as they occurred, or shortly afterwards. Although the transcriber has done no research on the Brigham line, it is almost a certainty that the Thomas Brigham whose birth is the first entry was a son of the Revolutionary War soldier James Brigham who was among the earliest settlers of Stewart County, Tennessee. What follows is a verbatim transcription of the record. No attempt at correcting spelling, or any other discrepancies, has been made. Transcriber's comments are in parentheses ( ).


Thomas Brigham was born March 17th 1774
Mary Brigham was born March 8th 1775
Louisa Brigham was born September 3rd 1797
Albert Brigham was born February 10th 1800
Harriet Brigham was born April 3rd 1802
Elisabeth Brigham was born April 17th 1804
Lucinda Brigham was born June 8th 1806
Mary Brigham was born January 26th 1809
Caroline Brigham was born May 2nd 1811
James Brigham was born June 29th 1813
Minerva Brigham was born October 22nd 1815
HorseAnn Caroline Brigham daughter of Albert Brigham was born March 25th 1827
Mary Brigham was born January 27th 1828
Thomas L. Brigham was born October 11th 1829
Samisa Brigham was born December 19th 1830
Quintus Brigham was born February 4th 1832
Harriet A. Brigham was born March 25th 1834
James H. Brigham was born February 26th 1836
Albert Clausel Brigham was born February 1st 1838
Marion McDonald Brigham was born April 21st 1840
Manerva Jane Brigham was Born July the 29th 1842
Constentine Polk Brigham was born Septr. the 27th 1844
Arcantus Missouri Brigham was Born Aug the 17th day 1845
John Wesley Brigham was born March the 7th day one Thousand Eight Hundred and forty Eight
Elisabeth Tennessee Brigham bornd april The 15th 1851 (This is at bottom of page)
William Franklin Brigham was bornd December the 28. 1869 (Also at bottom of page)
Thomas H. Saunders was born September 2nd 1839
James Dallas Bailey was born in the Year of our lord July the 10th 1844
Marian McDonal Bailey was born in the year of our lord March the 16th 1846
Albert Lee Brigham was Bornd November the 18. 1871
francis Prentis (?) Byrd june the 3 1834 (Second word almost illegible)
Lucy Elizabeth Spiceland was born December 10th 1833


Mary Brigham died August 22 1840
Constentino=P=Brigham Died Octr. the 24 1844
Thomas L. Brigham departed this life on the 19th day of Septr. 1845
Thomas Brigham died September the 14th in the year of our Lord 1849
Manirva Sanders died December the 30th 1840
Quintus C. Brigham died april the 8th 1860
Albert Brigham died November 30th 1875
Mary Brigham wife of Albert Brigham died August 17th 1892
Harriet Brigham died April the 11th 1897
Albert Clausel Brigham died May 26-1911
James H. Brigham Died May 4th 1920
Betty Brigham died March 15th 1923


J. U. Brigham and Mollie Jones was maried December the 25. 1887
Nellie Uegenie Brigham was Born April the 11. 1889

(The entry above, which is the last entry in this Bible, appears in the section headed "Marriages")


Note: A copy of this transcription has been placed on file with the Stewart County Historical Society at the Stewart County Public Library, Dover, Tennessee. This transcription was prepared from photostatic copies furnished by the owner of the Bible.

Earhart Family Bible


John C. Earhart and M.C. Andrews were married Oct. 26. 1884.
John C. Earhart and Eliza McCarty were married June 15, 1892.


John Calvin Earhart born Apr 12. 1858.
M. C. Andrews born Oct. 26. 1862.
Eliza McCarty born May 8. 1866.
John Calvin Earhart, son of John Calvin Earhart and Eliza Earhart, his wife, born May 29th 1893.
James David Earhart born Sept 29. 1894.
Catherine C.. Earhart born Feb. 21. 1896.
Benjamin F. Earhart Sept. 6. 1900
Perry Abraham Earhart Feb. 1 1903.
William Steger Earhart born Mar. 19. 1905.
Henry Wesley Earhart born Jan. 23. 1908.


Mrs John C. Earhart died June 2. 1891.
E.D. Earhart departed this life June 4th 1903..
Mrs. Caroline Earhart departed this life Mar. 19. 1905.
William Steger Earhart died Jan. 3. 1906.
Henry Wesley Earhart died Nov. 10. 1908.
John Calvin Earhart Jr. departed this life March the 3rd-1927.
John Calvin Earhart Sr. departed this life April the 12th 1938.
Eliza Earhart departed March 18, 1953
James David Earhart died Aug 12. 1974
Katherine Earhart Downs died Jan 12 1975
Perry Abraham Earhart died June 24 1987
Ella Samantha Earhart died Aug. 17 1993

This has been transcribed exactly as it appears in the Bible. Note Benjamin (Franklin) Earhart's birth year of 1900. This appears to have been added at a much later date. Papa Frank always said he was born in 1899. Submitted by Kristi Morgan

Free Family Bible

"I have a copy of the family records from the William Free family Bible.  Back about the same time (1980), my mother borrowed the Bible which was then in possession of Bernice (Wyatt) Shelby, great-granddaughter of William Free.  Indeed, William's first wife was Martha Phillips (they married in Montgomery County), and Eliza Ann (Free) Cherry was their daughter.  Here's the text from the William Free Bible (printed 1867), verbatim, with margin notes in a different handwriting." Contributed by Jim Long.


William Free was born December the 6th 1814
Martha, first wife of Wm. Free was born Oct. the 27 1820
Sarah, 2nd wife of Wm. Free was born the eighth Sept. 1821
Johnathan, first son of Wm. & Martha Free was born December 8, 1838
Nancy E. Free, 1st daughter of Wm. & M. Free was born Oct the 28th 1841
Susan, 2nd daugther of Wm. & Martha Free was born March the 2nd 1844
Eliza Ann, 3rd daughter of Wm. & Martha Free was born Octo 4th 1846
Sarah R., 1st daug. of Wm. & Sarah Free was born July 1st 1848
William J. 1st son of Wm. & Sarah Free was born Oct 10, 1850
Joseph M. 2nd son of Wm. & Sarah Free was born June 21 1852
Mary Par, 2nd daug. of Wm. & Sarah Free was born Aug. 8, 1854
Martha E., 3rd daug. of Wm. & Sarah Free was born March 5, 1856
Joseph Irvin Wyatt was borned Oct. 11th, 1899
Geneva Bernice Wyatt was borned in Calloway Co., Ky March 31, 1901
Herschel Read Wyatt was Born the Jan 11, 1903
Edgar M., 3rd son of Wm. & Sarah Free was born March 22nd 1858
Emmer, 4th daughter of Wm. & Sarah Free was born Dec. 25th 1859
Tabitha, 5th daug. of Wm. & Sarah Free was born October 27, 1861
Harriet F., 6th daug. of Wm. & Sarah Free was born Nov. 10th 1865
Joseph Oscar Free, first son of Joseph M. and Lucy L. Free was born November the 29th, 1877.
Lucy Lela Free was born April the 4,1881.
Sally R. Free, 3 daughter of E. M. was born March 9, 1896.
Joseph M. Free, 2nd son of Wm. and Sarah Free was born June the 24, 1852.
Lucy L. Free, wife of J. M. Free was born March the 31st, 1862.
William Albert Free, 2ond son of Joseph M. and Lucy L. Free, was born February the 20th, 1879.
Lucy Lela Free was born April the 4th, 1881.
Mary Laurine Wyatt was borned Feb. 19, 1905


Nov. 27, 1898  Lela Wyatt
William Free was married to Martha Philips February 14, 1839
William Free & Sarah Morgan was married 5th of Sept., 1847
Emma Free married to Jim Knott
W. R. Wyatt was married to Lela Free November 27th, 1898
W. A. Free was married to Stella Bibb Sep. 12, 1898.
Mattie Free was married to Pink Luton
Mary Free was married to Willie Pace
Willie Free was married to Mariah Elliott
W. R. Wyatt was married to Lela L. Free Nov. 27, 1898.


Martha Free, first wife of Wm. Free, departed this life Nov. 19th, 1846
William Free Senior Died November the 20th 1870.
Oscar J. Free Died July the 9th 1882.
Joseph M. Free Died February 28th 1883.
Lucy L. Free died Oct. 25 1884.
Emma L. Free Died ----- 1892.
Oscar J. Free Died July the 9, 1882.
Joseph M. Free Died February the 28th, 1883.
Lucy L. Free Died Oct 25, the 1884
Lucy L. Free Died Oct. 25th, 1884
Joseph Oscar Free Died July 9th, 1882
Joseph Marion Free Died February 28th, 1883.

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Stavely-Largent Family Bible

This is taken from the Stavely family bible as written by my grandfather Seth Stavely.
Cristin Vandiver-Santiago,

Ellinor Tomlinson Stavely(D/O THOMAS ELLIOT TOMLINSON-LANEY CATHEY)born Nov 23, 1823.
was born to A.C. & Ellinor


WILLIAM HENRY STAVELY  was born May 1847
Margaret Richards Bell was born April 19, 1855
William Henry & Margaret Stavely - 9 born to this union was 6 boys and two girls
William Seth Stavely Dec13 1873
Sarah Elen Stavely May 2, 1875
Arthur Pinkny Stavely Feb 24 1877
Harshel Lee Stavely Feb 7 1879
Albert Deutan(?) Stavely May 30, 1881
Thomas Comer Stavely March 19 1883
?alrahah? nuicl? Stavely March 19 1883
John Bell Stavely March 4, 1887
d.w. ? August 14, 1890

page 3

Minie Lilian Stavley Johnson and a Galbert? Johnson
Calven Neal Johnson
Cale L. Johnson
Jeral Lee Johnson
Robert Lynn Johnson
Reginia Rose Johnson

page 4

Elgil D. Stavely and ?Stewart J. W. Stavely
Max E. L. Stavely
Laskil Jene Stavely
Rachel May Stavely
Marth L. Stavely
This is the record of the Largent Family
Z. H. Largent Aug. 16, 1845
Sarah Jane Stavely Largent born Feb 20, 1857
C? Largent Nov. 3, 1874
J. R. Largent Dec. 4, 1876
M. E. Largen Jan. 26, 1874
H. W. Largent Oct. 18, 1881
Orpha V. Largent-Effa D. Largent June 7th 1884 (twins) married brothers and cousins.
A. H. Largent Dec 28, 1886
V. D. Largent Oct. 30, 1889


Margaret Richards Bell Stavely Feb. 3, 1898
?? Stavely died May 2, 1899 (Cariah? uice?)
Harshel Lee Stavely Sept. 7, 1904
William Henry Stavely died Oct. 19, 1905
Effie D. Stavely d. March 17, 1906
John Bell Stavely
Sa??? Gibbs
Sarah Jane Stavely Largent
Margaret Jane Stavely Largent
Z or G Largent
Thomas Deutan Stavely

page 7

Rosie Bell Stavely Jarett - Claud Jarett
born to this was
Betty J. Jarrett. was dec 21 1937

page 8

born to Henry Lee Stavely and Effie Largent
Robert Wiley Stavely Nov 12 1901
M.J. Stavely Feb 15 1903


Robert Stavely and Julia Stavely was born to this union
Robert Michael Stavely
Christina Ann

page 10

Henry Frank Stavely and Ethel Settle
Irene Stavely
Aubrey Lee Stavely(my grandpa)
Gilbert Roy Stavely
Frank was married to Ila Mae Newman
and four children was born to this union..
Glenn Edward Stavely
Elmer Lynn Stavley
Judy and Richard(all live in Visalia California) I dont know their birthdays....


William Seth Stavley and Orpha Largent stavely
William D. Stavely Oct 28 1902
Minie Liliam Stavely May 5 1905
Henry Frank Stavely May 13 1906
Elgil D. Stavely Feb 13 1908
Robert E. Lee Stavely May 7th 1910
Rosie Bell Stavely April 18 1912
George Charles Stavley Sept 18 1914
Thomas Deuten Stavely August 17 1917


William d. Stavley R. Johnson was born to this union
Marthie Louise stavely
James Earl stavely
A.J. stavely
Jerry Roy Stavely


James Robert Largent died Oct 16th 1897
Perlina c.(Martin) Stavely March 11, 1935
Andrew? Harshel Largent died Jan 30 1939
V. D. Largent died Feb 24th 1936
Orpha V. Largent Stavely died May 7 1952

page 14...

Ethel Largent b. Feb 28th 1892
William Cherry Largent Sept 21 1897
George M. Largent b. Oct 7 1900

Lancaster Family Bible

Trimble Thomas Lancaster ,August 30, 1859 - March 16, 1926 (Lives on the Tyler Farm) Married December 23, 1880          Julice Jackson Flood,  August 9, 1862  -  March 10, 1926

Luther S. Lancaster, October 16, 1881 - April 23, 1892

Mary J. Lancaster, October 16, 1884    ( I am not sure if Luther and Mary are twins, as the birth year for Luther is crossed over and could be 1881 or 1884-Debbie Rosenbloom)

John Skaggs Lancaster, June 6, 1887 - June 13, 1887

Lilly Agness Lancaster, August 29, 1889

Mattie Armintie Lancaster, July 23, 1892 - January 12, 1893

Maybell Lancaster, July 23, 1895 - August 5, 195?

Garive Jefferson Lancaster, September 6, 1901

Troy H. Hendricks, June 24, 1899

Troy Jr., September 3, 1933 - September 15, 1933

Issue of Troy H. Hendricks and Garvie Jefferson Lancaster.

margaret Jackson Hendricks, February 20, 1937 - February 27, 1937

Mary Ann Hendricks, date not included, may be that of a living individual

Kay Lancaster Hendricks, date not included, may be that of a living individual

Dunning-Carney Family Bible

Transcribed by >Debbie Rosenbloom


Bible of Levi Dunning: in the possession of Mrs. Cordelius Bridges, Cadiz, KY 1960


Levi Dunning and Jennet Carney his wife were married February, 1817

Icy T. M. Dunning (oldest) daughter of Levi and Hennet Dunning and Harvey Kenady were married May 1841


Levi Dunning was born the 3rd day of October 1797

Jennet Moore Carney Dunning wife of Levi Dunning was born on the 24th day of November, 1803

Icy T. Dunning daughter of Levi and Jennet Carney Dunning was born on the 24th day of November, 1821

Alexander Dunning son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 24th day of July 1824----Died April 21, 1862

Carney F. Dunning son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 15th day March 1826---Died June, 1872

_________ Dunning was born on the 16th day of January 1830. Died in June 1873

Elizabeth E. Dunning daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 17th day of December 1831----Died Nov. 1862

Tabitha K. Dunning daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 11th day of October 1833

William L. Dunning son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born the 22nd day of December, 1834?

FareElender Dunning daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 23 day of December, 1836---Died Oct. 28, 1933

John J. Dunning son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born the 17th day of June 1838

Levi Sholar Dunning Jr. son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born Nov. 29th 1839

Joseph Tanner Dunning son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born 2nd day of Feb. 1844

Rosana Dunning daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born 25th December 1817----Died Sept. 1818

Jinnet A. Dunning was born on the 4th day January, 1842

Gabereler H. Dunning daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 3rd day of April 1846

Rufus H. Dunning was born Nov. 14th 1847

Tabitha K. Dunning died Aug. 1834

John J. Dunning died January 1839

Levi Dunning died April 16, 1853

Jennet M. Dunning died April 3rd, 1877

Notes in Levi Dunning Bible

Wm. L. Dunning m. Laura Coy, went to Texas

Fare Ellander Dunning m. A. J. (Tom) Martin

Levi Dunning Jr. m Henri Shelton (music watcher) (da of Dr. Shelton of La Fayette and Paducah, KY)

Atkins-Darr Family Bible

On file at the Stewart County Public Library, and at the Tennessee State Library & Archives, in the Darr family file.

Contributed by Jim Long

(Left side of page 1 of 4)

Nancy S. Atkins was born August the 24th 1815
James J. Atkins was born August the 11th 1816
Elizabeth S. Atkins was born January the 13th 1818
Henry G. Atkins??? was
born June the 27th 1819
Lewis G. Atkins was born April the 7th 1821
John B. Atkins was born October 29th 1822
Lucy Atkins was (born) August the 25th 1826
The above are the children of W.S. & Lucy Atkins
This 30th January 185?

(Right side of page 1 of 4)

G. H. Atkins was born Sep 28th 1848
Laura J. Atkins was born ______
Ada L. Atkins daughter of G. H. and Laura Atkins was born Aug 2nd 1877
W. A. Atkins was born July 25th 1847
Susan D. Atkins was born Dec 10th 1850
Ellen Rachel Watkins was born September 13 1870
Franklin Belfield Watkins was born Jan 17th 1872
Elizabeth Agnes Watkins was born Oct 23rd 1874
Mary Alexis Watkins was born May 30th 1876
James Richard Watkins was born Nov 25 1878
James Richard Watkins was borned
November 25 1878
(Note: Last entry appears to have been entered later to possibly clarify entry for James Richard Watkins)

(Left side of page 2 of 4)

G. W. Darr was born January the 15th A.D. 1830
Susan A. Darr, wife of G.W. Darr, was born October the 9th A.D. 1824
William S. Atkins was born July 5, 1794 and died October 10 1871

(Right side of page 2 of 4)

W.D.G.W. Darr, son of G.W. and Susan Darr was born November the 22nd A.D. 1851.

(Writing at bottom right of page cannot be deciphered.)

(page 3 of 4)

G. W. Darr and Susan his wife were married January the 12th day, A. D. 1851
G. W. Darr and Cordelia
his wife was married September the 6 day 1885

(page 4 of 4)

W. D. G. W. Darr, son of G. W. & Susan A. Darr, died August the 31st, A. D. 1852
Susan A. Darr, wife of G. W. Darr, departed this life the 10th day of November, 1884, aged 60 years, one month and 8 days.
William Atkins, father of Susan A. Darr, departed this life October 10th 1871

Darr-Brinton Family Bible

On file at the Stewart County Public Library, and at the Tennessee State Library & Archives, in the Darr family file.

Contributed by Jim Long.

(Left side of page 1 of 3)

Tessie Frances Darr was born December 10th 1886
Neely Ann Darr was born February the 5th 1889
Daniel George Washington Darr was born August 28 1891
Joseph Henry Darr was born June 2nd 1894
Mattie Isabell
Darr was born July 24th 1897
Ozeler May Darr was born May the 20th 1900

(Right side of page 1 of 3)

G. W. Darr was born January 15 1830
Ann Brinton, wife of G. W. Darr, was born July 7th 1866
Ned Wilkerson Brinton was born June 2nd 1869
Hart Brinton was borned August the 4th 1871
Daniel Bishop Darr, son of Daniel Darr, was born August 12, 1920

(page 2 of 3)

G. W. Darr and Cordelia Ann Brinton was married Sept. 6th 1885
D. B. Darr and Etta Guinn was married June 1 1919

(Left side of page 3 of 3)

Lucinda Jane Brinton died July 27th 1875
Brinton died October 8th 1875
Winne Brinton died March the 21st 1867
Martha Summers died October 2nd 1870
Parde Brinton died January 16 1872
W. G. Brinton died March 28 1875
Sarah Jane Summers died November the 16th 1870

(Right side of page 3 of 3)

Ozeler May Darr died August 28 1901
G. W. Darr died April 28 1903
Nellie Darr died Aug 5 1916
Daniel Darr died April 29 1922
Joseph Henry Darr died Oct 1967, Nashville, TN

James W. Smith Family Bible

On file at Tennessee State Library & Archives, Microfilm #483 (TN Bible Records, Roll 4)

Contributed by Jim Long.

Bible donated to TSLA by Rebecca Smith (Mrs. Owen) Lee, Lexington, KY

See: Biography of James Washington Smith, M.D., 1818-1901, native of Stewart County, in Goodspeed's History of Tennessee for Stewart Co., pp. 1318-19.

Dr. James Washington Smith (2-3-1818 to 6-17-1901), son of Joseph and Sally (Swor) Smith, both natives of N. C. Joseph Smith settled in Stewart County about 1800.
Native of Stewart County, where he practiced medicine from 1848 to about 1890. Commissioned surgeon in CSA but imprisoned by Federals after the fall of Fort Donelson - he helped Forrest and his men to escape surrender.
Maried Rebecca Atkins Lewis on 7-17-1845, by whom he had eight children, the youngest being Frank Bunch Smith (1-13-1860 to 8-18-1938).

Joseph Smith and Sally his wife was married Sept. 22, 1802
J. W. Smith and Rebecca A. his wife was married on the 17th day of July 1845

Letitia Levine Smith married to Louis Edward Walter January 1869
Thelis Eunice Smith married Robert Evans
Ida Viola Smith married Thomas R. Martin
Joseph Bryant Smith married to Sally Stone Sept. 1877
John Oneal Smith married Margaret Weaks and later in life married Donna Overstreet
Sarah Elizabeth Smith married William Bernard Walter
Frank Bunch Smith married Carolyn Weaks
James Washington Smith married to Martha Lewis Tomlinson, widow, and sister of Rebecca A. Lewis Smith, about 1886
James W. Smith married to Eliza (Lindsay) Bell, widow, about 1889

J. W. Smith was born on the 23 day of February 1818
Rebecca A. Smith was born on the 9th of March 1822
Joseph B. Smith was born Jany. the 5 1852
John Oneal Smith was born on the 19th day of Feby. 1854
James Henry Smith was born Decr. the 3rd 1856
Frank B. Smith was born Sept. the 13th day 1860
Letitia L. Smith was born on July the 5th 1846
Thetis Eunice Smith was born March 14th 1848
Ida V. Smith was born on the 8th day of Jany. 1850
Sarah E. Smith was born the 13th day of Mch. 1858

Joseph Bryan Smith departed this life the 26th day of Feby. 1880
James Henry Smith departed this life the 20th day of Mch. 1857
James Washington Smith died June 17, 1901
John Oneal Smith died Dec. 11, 1928
Rebecca A. Smith departed this life Oct. 27th 1881
Thetis Eunice Smith departed this life the 20th day of Novr. 1881
Sarah Elizabeth Smith Walter died Sept. 15 1884
Ida Viola Smith Martin died July 26, 1887.
Martha Lewis Smith died Feb. 3, 1888
Margaret Weaks Smith died ---------
Jessie Smith died May 1887
Letitia Levine (Smith) Walter died Oct. 12, 1920

Guinn Family Bible

Contributed by Linda Guinn


G. A. Guinn and R. H. Rogers married Sept 2 1859
Mary Lela Guinn was married to George Smith November 22, 1881
William Walter Guinn was married to Bettie Duncan December 6, 1881
Matthew Guinn was married to Onie
Lewis December 24, 1890
John Guinn was married to Macie Fuller December 24, 1899
Belle Guinn was married to Luther Edwards January 30, 1901
Stephen Guinn was married to Ida Stimson February 20, 1901
Mattie Guinn was married to Minor Rogers November 8, 1905
Belle Guinn was married to S. R. Averitt March 22, 1914 (Silas)
George Rogers and Erlene Joiner married January 11, 1925 (listed in Birth section/Mattie & Minor Rogersí son)


George Allen Guinn was born Jan 18th 1839
Rebecca Henrietta Rogers was born December 28th 1840
Cora Bell Guinn daughter of G. A. Guinn and R. H. Guinn was born June 19, 1860
Charlie Bascom Guinn was born July 7, 1861
William Walter Guinn was born March 18, 1863
Mary Lela? Guinn was born July 31, 1864
Matthew Rogers Guinn was born April 28, 1866
Stephen Allen Guinn was born Oct 27, 1864
John Louis Guinn was born Jan 6, 1870
Henrietta Bell Guinn was born September ?, 1871
Mattie Jane Guinn was born March 14, 1879
George Allen Guinn was born Feb 16, 1902 (Stephen & Ida Guinnís son)
Stella Maud Smith was born November 2, 1882 (Mary & George Smithís daughter)
Thomas Manson Guinn was born October 5, 1882 (William & Bettie Guinnís son)
Theresa Henrietta Smith was born September 6,188? (Mary & George Smithís daughter)
Charley Lester Smith April ??
, 1887 (Mary & George Smithís son)
William Allen Bascom Guinn was born March ??, 1888 (William & Bettie Guinnís son)
Bessie L Smith was born August 13, 1894? (Mary & George Smithís daughter)
George M. Rogers born August 29, 1906 (Mattie & Minor Rogersí son)
Emily R. Rogers born September 29, 1909 (Mattie & Minor Rogersí daughter)
Henrietta Rogers born September 9, 1913 (Mattie & Minor Rogersí daughter)


Cora Bell Guinn departed this life August 9, 1860
Charlie Bascom Guinn departed this life April 4, 1888
G. A. Guinn departed this life June 27, 1915 (George Allen)
Mattie Rogers died September 30, 1922
Henrietta Guinn departed this life May 3, 1930 (Rebecca Henrietta Guinn)
Henrietta Bell Guinn died December 24, 1955
S.R. Averett
departed this life April 20, 1932 (Silas)
J.L. Guinn died July 27, 1957 (John Louis)
Macie Guinn died Aug 5, 195?
Matthew Rogers Guinn died May 12, 1951
Onie Guinn died May 4, 1931
Hattie Mae Guinn Dickerson died 1987(Matthew & Onie Guinnís daughter)
Willie M. Guinn died January 1986 (Matthew & Onie Guinnís son)
Mary Henrietta Guinn Darr died Oct 8, 1988 (Matthew & Onie Guinnís daughter)

Inside cover of Bible:
Bought of L. B. Davidson
1867 four dollar 50 cents

The Bible is in the possession of a descendant from William Walter Guinn.
Information in ( ) is from my research.
Transcribed by Linda Guinn.
(Married to a descendant of Stephen Allen Guinn)

William Bartlett McGregor Family Bible

on file at Tennessee State Library and Archives (McGregor file)

donated in 1976 by descendants Elizabeth Harper Calhoun and Cleo Harper Parkes


W. B. McGregor and R. E. Shrader was united in the bonds of wedlock by the Rev. John Mallory October the 9th day in the year of our Lord 1856


W. B. McGregor born September 20, 1832 in the County of Stewart and state of Tennessee

Ruth E McGregor born August 4, 1839 in the County of Henry and state of Kentucky

Lenora Isabella McGregor was born August 14, 1857

Charles Franklin McGregor was born February 4, 1860

William Emmett McGregor born October 14, 1861

Clarence Pinkney McGregor born December 21, 1863

Washington McGregor born January 14, 1865

Elmer Elizabeth McGregor born September 3, 1867

Noah Lee McGregor born August 18, 1869

Hiram Chase McGregor born October 25, 1871

Albert Leslie McGregor born January 3, 1874

Tilden Plummer McGregor born March 25, 1876

Florence Ellen McGregor born January 29, 1878

Clayton H. McGregor born January 29, 1881

Cordie A. McGregor born April 18, 1884


Lenora Isabella McGregor died May 30, 1859

Washington McGregor died February 27, 1866

Elmer Elizabeth McGregor died August 9, 1868

Cordie Allen McGregor died November 15, 1887

N. L. McGregor died November 29, 1890

W.B. McGregor died May 23, 1903

Ruth Ellen Schrader McGregor died October 10, 1918

Hiram Chase McGregor died April 3, 1925

William Emmett McGregor died December 7, 1928

Charlie Franklin McGregor October 24, 1931

Albert Leslie McGregor died September 16, 1933

Clarence P McGregor September 9, 1956

T. P. McGregor September 20, 1957

Florence Ellen Harper 1952

Clayton H. McGregor March 26, 1962

Daniel Vinson Family Bible

from Bible Records of Calloway County and Adjoining Counties, Calloway Co. Genealogical Society, 1971, page 384

Daniel Vinson b. Sept. 25, 1809, d. Nov. 2, 1889
David Vinson d. Sept 2., 1831, father of David
Polly Vinson ______, mother of David

Daniel Vinson mar. Marthy Outland Oct. 1829
Elizabeth Vinson b. Jan. 28, 1831, dau. of above, mar. Arthur Griffin

Daniel Vinson mar. Nancy Martin Aug. 1834 and had:
Josephus Vinson b. Feb. 22, 1838, mar. Mary Champion
William L. Vinson b. June 2, 1839
Sally Ann Vinson b. Sept. 2, 1841
Marthy Vinson b. Sept. 12, 1836

Nancy Martin Vinson d. Nov. 27, 1842

Daniel Vinson mar. (3) Elizabeth White Haley May 8, 1843. She d. Oct. 26, 1872
Mary Etta Vinson b. ____, mar. (1) ____ Downs, (2) R. H. Dilday
Starky David Vinson b. ____, mar. Wm. Alice Manning
Amy V. F. Vinson b. ______
Aaron Peerson Vinson b. _____
Ann Eliza

Daniel Vinson mar. (4) Nancy Lassiter Jan. 3, 1873. She d. Sept. 9, 1883

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