Revolutionary War
Johnsons (Johnstons)
of Early Tennessee
Compiled by C. Hammett, 2001
for TNGenWeb (TNGenNet) and the Combs &c. Research Group

Abner JOHNSON, Private, North Carolina Militia, $36.66 Annual Allowance $109.98 Amount Received April 16 1833 Pension Started Age 75, Maury County, Tennessee. (1835 Tn Pension Roll) Abner JOHNSON, Private, 39th Regiment U S Infantry, $96.00 Annual Allowance $542.13 Amount Received September 5 1816 Pension Started, $24.00 Annual Allowance, $336.00 Amount Received, March 4 1820 Pension Started, Maury County, Tennessee (1835 Tn Pension Roll). Abner JOHNSON (Pension R5649) served in the NC Line, applied 22 Sep 1832 Maury Co, TN, aged 73, had lived in Guilford Co, NC at enlistment. His widow, Nancy, applied 11 Oct 1852 in Maury Co, TN, declaring that they had married 14 Mar 1783, and that he had died 22 Oct 1850. One Sarah JOHNSON, widow of William JOHNSON, a bro of Abner JOHNSON, was of Maury Co, TN, aged 77 in 1832. See also Gideon JOHNSON of Davidson Co, TN.

BARNABAS JOHNSON (Rev War Pension No. S4448), served in the North Carolina line, was b in 1753 in Edgecomb Co VA [NC?], lived in Cumberland Co NC at enl & he lived there a "few yrs" after the Rev then moved to Johnston Co NC for several yrs then returned to Cumberland Co NC & in 1827 he moved to TN & he appl 8th Oct 1832 Warren Co TN. See Revolutionary Soldiers of Warren County, Tennessee for additional.

Benjamin JOHNSON, Private, North Carolina Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance $140.26 Amount Received June 7 1819 Pension Started Age 60, Overton County, Tennessee (1835 Tn Pension Roll) Benjamin JOHNSON OR JOHNSTON (Pension W13, BLW #44545-160-55) served in the NC Line, applied 19 Sep 1818, Overton Co, TN, aged 58, and his widow Charity applied there 7 Jun 1842, aged 78. He and Charity had married 12 Feb 1779, and he died 28 Jun 1827. He had lived in Granville Co, NC at enlistment. His widow applied for BLW 8 May 1855. The "State Census of NC, 1784-1787," Register, pp. 44-56, Granville Co, NC, includes "A List of the Number of Souls in Nutbush District for the Year 1786... 04 Benjamin JOHNSTONE 2-1-2-0-0," and "A list of souls in Epping Forest District for the year 1786 taken by Charles P. EATON, Granville Co., Pg. 2, 08 John Larrance, 09 Deborah Larrance, 10 Benjamin Johnston 1-3-1-0-0-5, 12 William Roberts, 13 Henry Fuller, Senr, 14 William Bobbit 1-5-3-0-0-9, 15 William Cook; 16 John Edwards, 17 Benjamin Hayes, 18 Joseph JOHNSTON 3-7-7-0-0-17, 19 John Finch, Senr., 29 John Dickerson." A Charity JOHNSON was of White TN in 1830, a Charity JOHNSON was at the estate sale of James JOHNSON abt 1814 in Wilson TN and a Charity JOHNSON was on the 1806 Bent Creek Baptist Church list in Hawkins TN. One Benjamin JOHNSON and Charity BOBBITT married in Granville NC, 29 Jan 1781.

Benjamin JOHNSON served in the Virginia Line, died in 1826 leaving a widow, Phebe, who d 1 Feb 1847 leaving children; Dudley JOHNSON, Polley M. TAYLOR, Cynthia S. BAKER, Wm. I. JOHNSON and Cicero M. JOHNSON. Son Dudley JOHNSON, age 64, made an affidavit dated 37 Jul 1854, and son Cicero M. JOHNSON made an affidavit dated 5 Sep 1853, both in Franklin Co, TN (Rev War Pension File)

David JOHNSTON OR JOHNSON (Pension S13587) served in the NC Line, in the Mecklenburg Co, NC Militia and lost his left arm in the battle of Tiger River in SC in 1780, and received a disability pension from 4 Mar 1789 at which time he lived in Ashe Co [then Wilkes Co], NC, and in May 1829 was living at Franklin [Williamson County?] TN. He died 18 Feb 1828 [1829?]

ELISHA EDWARDS JOHNSON, private, South Carolina Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance $00.00 Amount Received March 31 1819 Pension Started Age 72 Suspended May 1 1820 (1835 Tn Pension Roll) ELISHA EDWARDS JOHNSON (Pension S38885) served in the SC Line, applied 20 Jun 1818 in Maury Co, TN, a resident of Giles Co, TN, aged 70, had lived in SC until 1800, then moved to NC for 1 year, then moved to TN (Extracted by C. H ammett from Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files). No Elisha Edwards Johnson appears on the SC 1790 tax list; however, an Edward Johnston is listed in Edgefield Co, 96th Dist, SC on the 1790 Census (GPC) immediately below an Elijah WARREN. Other surnames include BURAM, HIGDON; TACKETT, LEWIS; and HITTSON. See Revolutionary War Soldiers of Giles Co, TNGenWeb.

ENOS JOHNSON, private in the Virginia line, $80.00 Annual Allowance $240.00 Amount Received July 31 1833 Pension Stated Age 81, Hawkins County, Tennessee (1835 Tn Pension Roll) Enos JOHNSON served in the VA Line, applied 31 Aug 1832, Hawkins Co, TN, aged 79, enlisted in Montgomery Co, VA. His widow, Levinia, applied 5 Jun 1854 Hawkins Co, TN, aged 67; they had married 29 Jul 1806, and he died 4 Jun 1836. Children shown were: Susannah born 27 Dec 1781, Mary born 24 Jan 1783, Ann born 7 Sep 1784, Rebecker born 1 Mar 1786, Rachel born 1 Oct 1787, Rhoda born 7 Jun 1789, 2 sons whose names were too dim to read were born in 1792 and 1794 also a child born in 1793. These children were by his 1st wife, Sary. Children by his 2nd wife, Levinia, were: (the 1st 2 or 3 children's births were too dim to read, one of which was born in 1810), Levena born 4 Oct 1812, Hester born 14 Oct 1814, Plila B[?], born 14 Oct 1816, (2 children whose data was too dim to read), Anna born 4 Mar 1823, and Noble Washington, born 13 Jul 1825. See National Archives Series M804 roll #1421 for a copy of the entire file and perhaps a better microcopy (Extracted from Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files)

"Enos JOHNSON entered service in 1777 from Montgomery Co., Va.; pensioned in Hawkins Co., Tn. at age 77 and died there 6/4/36. Married (1) Sarah - Their children's births: Susannah JOHNSON 12/27/1781, Mary JOHNSON 1/24/83, Ann JOHNSON 9/1/1784, Rebecker JOHNSON 3/1/86, Rachel JOHNSON 10/10/87, Rhoda JOHNSON 6/27/89, Kinsey JOHNSON 12/--/92, William JOHNSON 10/11/03, Ellet JOHNSON 11/17/95, James JOHNSON 6/8/1800, Johney JOHNSON 1802, John JOHNSON 1806, md. (2) 7/20/1806, Levina HUTTON, Jefferson Co., Tn. Their children: Betty JOHNSON 7/11/1807, Lucy JOHNSON 11/22/1808, Pleasant Miller JOHNSON 22/21/10, Levina JOHNSON 10/4/12, Hester JOHNSON 10/14/14, Wila B. JOHNSON 10/14/16, Jane Ceney 12/4/18, Dicey JOHNSON 12/28/20, Anner JOHNSON 3/4/23, Noble Washington JOHNSON 7/13/25. Widow pensioned age 67, Hawkins Co., Tn. 1854. Granted bounty land warrant 26160 there in 1857. Pension restored there in 1856, aged 84. ( F-W11959 R1421) (Pension W11959, BLW #26160-160-55) (VIRGINIA/WEST VIRGINIA GENEALOGICAL DATA FROM REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION AND BOUNTY LAND WARRANT RECORDS: VOL. 3 - IAMS THROUGH MYRES, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell)

Enos' first wife, Sarah, may have been nee WEATHERS: McKay vs. Rout and Barton - O.S. 49; N.S. 17. Bill filed 20th September 1794. Many years ago William WEATHERS, then of Frederick, was possessed of land in Frederick. During war of Revolution he was reported killed by Indians and his sisters took possession as heirs, viz: Susanna BARTON, wife of Henry BARTON; Jane HURST, wife of Jacob HURST; and Sarah JOHNSTON, wife of Enos JOHNSTON. Henry BARTON lives in Botetourt. Bill says William WEATHERS has returned. (CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH-IRISH SETTLEMENT IN Virginia by Lyman Chalkley. Vol. 2 p. 89, "Circuit Court Causes Ended")

In 1830, Enos JOHNSON was on line 15 of p. 66 of the Hawkins County, TN Census with one male in household, 80-90, 1 male, 0-5, 1 male 10-15; 1 female 40-50, 2 females, 5-10 and 3 females, 15-20. He is said to have been (I do not know the source for this) the son of Seth JOHNSON by his first wife, Monica BIRCH. Seth JOHNSON married 2nd(?) Sarah SMALLWOOD, daughter of John SMALLWOOD of Charles County, Maryland, who died testate 1768-1770, naming grandson "Kensey JOHNSON, son of Sarah and Seth JOHNSON if ever Kensey should return to Maryland..." (Maryland Wills 38:123) See Kinza (Kinsey) JOHNSON below). Seth JOHNSON is found on the 1758 Upper Trinity Parish, Charles County, MD Tax List. See Kinsey Johnson below and see also James JOHNSON below re Pleasant Miller.

George JOHNSON (Pension R5612). His widow, Frances, lived in TN, papers were sent to the 3rd Auditor and never returned

Does anyone know more about this soldier and his family? Could he be the George JOHNSON mentioned in the following pension record?

MARTIN JOHNSTON or JOHNSON, Rev War Pension File W436, served in the VA Line, was a son of William & Sarah JOHNSTON & was born l Feb 1758 in VA. He lived in Culpeper County, Virginia when he enlisted, and married there to Nancy WRIGHT on 7 Mar 1779 (she was born 27 Mar 1762). He applied for his pension on 20 Jun 1818 in Clark Co KY, where he died on 3 Jul 1820. His widow applied there on 25 Nov 1839, and declared that they had three children: (1) William b 11 Sep 1780 & m 22 Dec 1800, Elizabeth LAURENCE, who was born on 2 Nov 1781; in 1840 they lived in Clark Co KY & she (the widow) had lived with them since 1820. William and Elizabeth had children Matilda b 2 Oct 1801 and Martin b 2 Jun 1803 who had married 28 Mar 1822, Lucy SANDERS, Henry b 9 Mar 1805, Nancy b 29 May 1806, Betsey b 28 Feb 1808, William b 11 Mar 1810, Frances b 8 Feb 1812, George H. b 19 Nov 1813, Cinthy b 4 Oct 1815 & John Roberts JOHNSTON, b 17 Feb 1818. (2) Frances "Fanny" b 3 Jun 1783, married 4 Feb 1802 John JOHNSON who was b 25 Dec 1774 & had died prior to 1840. (3) George W. b 31 Jul 1793, married 5 Sep 1820, Murtila MURPHEY, and in 1840 George W. and Murtila lived in TN. Also shown were; Laurance JOHNSTON b 7 Oct 1821, Cornelius SPRY b 6 Jan 1801, and Asa S. WRIGHT who had married Matilda JOHNSTON on 9 Sep 1819. Martin JOHNSON'S brother, George JOHNSTON, was age 84 in 1840 [b abt 1756] when he made affidavit in Maury Co TN. It was also stated in 1840 that Nancy WRIGHT Johnson's brother, William WRIGHT, was dec'd. (ibid.)

If anyone has more on George JOHNSON, please submit your information to Records of Tennesseans of the Revolutionary War and it will be added here.

Gideon JOHNSON, Private, $50.00 Annual Allowance $150.00 Amount Received August 20 1833 Pension Started Age 8 [sic], Williamson Co, TN, Line Not Given (1835 Pension Roll) GIDEON JOHNSON or JOHNSTON, born 7 Nov 1754 in Amelia County, Virginia, served in the Revolution under Captain John Armstrong of Surry County, North Carolina, and Lieutenant Tate from Guilford County, North Carolina. He then resided in Guilford County. Captain Armstrong's company joined the 2nd regiment, North Carolina, Continental troops. When the County of Rockingham was taken from Guilford County his home was in that section of North Carolina, and he resided there until 1819 when he moved to Davidson Co, Tennessee, and in 1826 to Williamson Co, Tennessee where he applied on 2 Oct 1832. He filed a second declaration in 1840 stating that he was then a resident of Davidson County, Tennessee. In 1832 an Abner JOHNSON aged 74 a res of Maury Co, Tennessee had served with Gideon JOHNSON and in 1833 a JOHNSON was JP for Williamson Co, TN but their relationship to soldier wasn't stated (Rev War Pension File S4456)

ISAAC JOHNSON Private, Virginia Militia, $26.66 Annual Allowance $79.98 Amount Received February 19 1834 Pension Started Age 71, Carroll County, Tennessee (1835 Tn Pension Roll) ISAAC JOHNSON (Pension S27326) served in the VA Line, was born in Charles City Co, VA and moved with his father to Northampton Co, NC for 7 yr, then moved to Brunswick Co, VA, and lived there at enlistment, and for 13 to 14 yrs after the War. He then moved to Montgomery Co, NC for 30 yrs, then in Dec 1826, moved to Carroll Co, TN where he applied for his pension on 19 Apr 1833, aged about 70.

ISAAC JOHNSON (Rev War Pension No. S5645), served in the North Carolina Line and as a Privateer, was born 14 Apr 1761 in Craven County, North Carolina, lived in Onslow Co NC at enlistment, and in 1800 moved to Davidson County, TN where he appl for his pension on 25 Oct 1832. In 1832, he mentioned a brother, Charles JOHNSON, who lived in Onslow Co NC and in 1832 his sisters, Rachel JOHNSON aged about 76, and Hannah ROACH, aged about 80, both lived in Davidson Co TN.

Isaac JOHNSON, born 14 Apr 1761, Craven County, North Carolina, m ca 1779, Onslow County, North Carolina, Mary BOYD. Isaac died 18 June 1839, was buried Cane Ridge Cemetery.* Bronze Marker placed by Stones River Daughters of the American Revolution on June 18, 1972: "ISAAC JOHNSON North Carolina Pvt. Continental Line Revolutionary War April 14 1761 June 18 1839." Isaac JOHNSON was appointed Captain of the Cumberland College Regiment of the Tennessee Militia by Govenor John Sevier May 7, 1810. He is listed in tax records of District 6, Davidson county 1816. Source: "Historic Cane Ridge and Its Families" By Mrs. Lillian Brown Johnson. page 171. (Submitted by Joyce A. Luna)

Joyce adds: The Cane Ridge Cumberland Presybterian Cemetery is on Old Hickory Blvd., in Davidson County. There is a Bronze marker placed by the Stones River DAR. Landmarks would be where Cane Ridge Road enters Old Hickory Blvd., the Church is slightly on a hill, cemetery in front close to the road, a driveway going toward the Church and the cemetery is on left of driveway. There is the old Cane Ridge School house on the corner of Cane Ridge Road and Old Hickory Blvd., it is now a Community center.

ISAAC JOHNSON, Wilson County, Tennessee, Private, North Carolina Line, $23.33 Annual Allowance $69.99 Amount Received December 27 1833 Pension Started Age 73 (1835 Pension Roll) This pension file not yet located. If anyone knows more about this soldier or his family, please submit your information to Records of Tennesseans of the Revolutionary War and it will be added here.

JAMES JOHNSON (Pension R5607) served in the NC Line, was born 10 May 1759 "about 8 miles from Murfreesborough" [Hertford Co? ] NC near the VA line and at age of 14 [abt 1773] moved to Caswell Co, NC and lived there 3 or 4 yrs after the War, then to Lawrence Co, "Laurens" SC for 10 yrs, then to Pendleton Co, SC for 9 yrs, then to Buncombe Co, NC for 7 yrs, then to what is now Fentress Co, TN and he applied there 28 Jan 1833. He died 30 Mar 1838, and his widow, Delilah, applied 24 Oct 1838 Roane Co, TN. She was born 21 Jul 1767 in Bute Co, NC, and they had married about the middle of Jan 1783 in Granville Co, NC and she stated she lived near the Granville and Caswell Co, lines for 6 yrs prior to her marriage with sol. He died in Roane Co, TN, and his youngest child was James JOHNSON who made an affidavit 24 Oct 1838 in Roane Co, TN, age 29 on 4 Apr 1838, and stated he had married 23 Apr 1829 and also that he was James Sr.'s 9th child.

The "State Census of NC, 1784-1787," Register, pp. 44-56, Granville Co. shows: "A list of number of Inhabitants in Abraham Plain's District, taken by Samuel Smith, J.P., Aug. 7, 1786." Pg. 1, 05 Jacob MITCHELL; 07 William OWEN, Junr; 12 William ALEN; 16 William FRAISYIER; 17 John RAVEN; 18 James JOHNSON 1-4-4-5-10.

See also Rejected-Suspended Pensions, Section III, which states that the application of Delilah Johnson, widow of James JOHNSON, was rejected as she was not a widow under the Act

JAMES JOHNSON (Pension S16891) served in the VA Line, was born in 1759 in Louisa Co, VA and was raised in Bedford Co, VA, and was living with a bro (not named) in Amherst Co, VA at enlistment. After the War, he lived for two years in that part of Campbell County, Virginia which was formerly a part of Bedford Co, VA, then moved to South Carolina for 6 yrs, then moved to Sullivan Co, Tennessee for 33 yrs, then to Wayne Co, KY, then to Washington Co, Missouri where he applied for his pension on 5 Feb 1833, In 1833 his brother, John JOHNSON, was of Washington Co, Missouri, and in 1833, a James J. JOHNSON was a JP for Washington Co, MO, but no relationship to soldier was stated.

The above was extracted from Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files but is partially incorrect; i.e., the original affidavit shows that he lived in Sullivan County, Tennessee for 6 years and in Wayne Co, KY for 33 years. James and John JOHNSON and their brother, William, were sons of Benjamin and Mary MOORMAN Johnson (Miller) of Bedford/Campbell Co, VA, and apparently elder half-brothers of Pleasant Moorman Miller* who removed to Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1796 from Lynchburg, Campbell County, Virginia, to Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1796, and to Knox County in 1800.

See TNGenWeb Biography of Pleasant Moorman Miller

JAMES JOHNSON, private, North Carolina Militia, $30.00 Annual Allowance $90.00 Amount Received December 5 1832 Pension Started Age 78, Knox County, Tennessee (1835 Pension Roll)

JAMES JOHNSON, private, North Carolina Militia, $36.66 Annual Allowance $91.65 Amount Received August 2 1833 Pension Started Age 74, Morgan County, Tennessee (1835 Pension Roll)

Note: I have found no further information on either of the above James JOHNSONS, including their pension applications. If anyone knows more of these soldiers, please submit your information to Records of Tennesseans of the Revolutionary War and it will be added here.

Jesse JOHNSON, Private, North Carolina Continental Line. $96.00 Annual Allowance $954.66 Amount Received July 27 1824 Pension Started Age 71, Wilson County, Tennessee (1835 Tn Pension Roll) Jesse JOHNSON (Pension S38884) served in the Continental and NC Lines, applied 26 Mar 1824, Wilson Co, TN, aged 61, and referred to a wife aged 55. Children at home were: Rebecca 27, William 18, John 15 and Jonathan aged 13. He died 22 Aug 1834 [5]

JETER JOHNSON, Private, Virginia Continental Line. $96.00 Annual Allowance $1523.20 Amount Received March 22 1819 Pension Started Age 76, Anderson County, Tennessee (1835 Tn Pension Roll) See Peter JOHNSON below and see also Snyder E. Roberts' Revolutionary War Soldiers of Anderson County Tennessee, Anderson County, TNGenWeb

This pension file not yet located. If anyone knows more about this soldier or his family, please submit your information to Records of Tennesseans of the Revolutionary War and it will be added here.

JOHN JOHNSTON, served in the North Carolina Continental Line (NC) and SC Line, was b in 1763, sol lived in Bladen Co NC during the latter part of the Revolution and after the Revolution, he moved to Tennessee (location not stated), then to KY, then to Hamilton County, Illinois where he applied for his pension on 27 Nov 1834. He died 9 Jul 1853, location not stated. Children were mentioned in 1847 (no names). An Isaac JOHNSON of Hamilton Co, Illinois stated in 1834 that he knew sol well & one Jacob BRADEN of Hamilton Co, Illinois stated in 1854 that he was "directly interested" in the sol's claim for pension, but no relationship was stated.

JOHN JOHNSON (Rev War Pension file No. S30512), served in the NC Line, was born in 1760, lived in Burke Co NC at enlistment, applied on 2 Jun 1834 in Pike Co KY, having moved there from Tennessee (county and year not stated)

JOHN JOHNSTON, Private, Virginia Militia, $20.00 Annual Allowance $50.00 Amount Received April 20 1833 Pension Started Age 82, Smith County, Tennessee (1835 Pension Roll) John JOHNSTON was born 30 Aug 1752, lived in Cumberland Co, VA at enlistment. He enlisted in January in the "year that Cornwallis was taken" in Cumberland County, Virginia. He served in Captain Joseph Carrington's Virginia Company and served three months when he enlisted in Captain William Meredith's Virginia company in which he served three months. applied 28 Aug 1832 in Smith County. In 1836, his address was Dixon Springs, Sumner Co, TN as was that of his nephew H.H. JOHNSTON (signature: H.H. JOHNSON). He died 15 Feb 1837. (Rev War Pension File S7958)

JOHN JOHNSON served in the North Carolina Line, having enlisted in Rowan County (where he resided at the time). He applied for his pension on 27 Apr 1836 at Pickens County, Alabama, aged 74, stating that he had moved to Rutherford Co TN about 1817, then moved to Lauderdale County, Alabama and about 1830 to Pickens County, Alabama. He stated he was born 2 Jan 1762 in Halifax County, North Carolina. (Extracted from Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files, which states that no Pension File No. was on the file's jacket, but the #30782 was on the card)

JOHN JOHNSTON served in the South Carolina Line, lived in York District, SC when he enlisted. He had married Martha (surname not given) in Baltimore, Maryland (year not given). She was born in 1758 in Nottingham(??) County, Maryland, and soon after they were married, in the summer of 1774 in Baltimore, Maryland, they moved to York District,South Carolina, where they resided until after the close of the Revolution. She stated that her husband was in the battles of Hanging Rock and King's Mountain and that he died October 5, 1818. She stated that after the close of the Revolution she and her husband and their children moved to Davidson County, Tennessee, and from there to Maury County, Tennessee, where she resided from 1807. After the Revolution, they moved to Davidson County, Tennessee, then to Maury County, Tennessee, where he died on 5 Oct 1818. His widow, Martha,age 83, applied on 13 Jan 1841 in Maury County, at which time children were mentioned, but not named; i.e., their oldest child was a daughter who was born about 1 yr after their marriage, and was aged 62 in 1841, and their youngest child was aged 47 in 1841. In 1841 one John A. JOHNSTON was aged 71, a resident of Maury Co TN but no relationship was stated. She was a member of the Methodist Church. (Revolutionary War Pension File)

John M. or Moses JOHNSTON died on 8 Feb 1848 (where not stated). His widow applied on 30 Dec 1856 in Hancock County, AL, aged about 88, and declared that her late husband had enlisted in Greene County, North Carolina (now Tennessee), that they (her name Tabitha MASSEY) had married in Jan 1786 in Lincoln County, North Carolina (Abstracted from Rev War Pension file R5666) The 1805 Greene County, Tennessee assessor's returns include "A copy of the List of free taxable Inhabitants of Greene County in the Year 1805, as returned by James Patterson, Sheriff of Said County." The list is in non-alpha order, and a Moses JOHNSON appears between Robert GRAY and Thomas HUNTER and near Harrison, Jesse, Joseph and Jacob JOHNSTON. ("Early East Tennessee Taxpayers," by Pollyanna Creekmore, Publications, East Tennessee Historical Society, Knoxville, TN, No. 23 et seq, 1951)

KINZA (KINSEY) JOHNSON, born bef 1769, d 1844, Anderson County, Tennessee, married Sarah, b 1772, d 1864, was a Revolutionary War soldier, and buried in or near Johnson's graveyard in Dutch Valley of Anderson County, according to Penelope Johnson Allen's "Tennessee Soldiers in the Revolution." (I have not yet seen this source so documentation for service still unknown to me). Kinza JOHNSON was one of the Commissioners appointed to fix the county seat of Anderson in 1801 (Anderson Court Minutes, December 16, 1801, Laws of the State of Tennessee, compiled by George Roulstone, Knoxville, 1801, p. 275). See also Enos JOHNSON above and Snyder E. Roberts' Revolutionary War Soldiers of Anderson County Tennessee, Anderson County, TNGenWeb.

Moses JOHNSON applied for his pension on 5 Sep 1833 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, and declared that he lived in Surry County, North Carolina when he enlisted and had married there to Nancy (surname not given) in 1779 at the home of John BRANDEN (relationship not stated). he further declared that soon after the Revolution, he moved to Tennessee (county not stated). He died in Hawkins County on 9 Apr 1834, and his widow applied 11 Mar 1842 in Hawkins Co TN, aged 84 (in Feb 1839, she gave her age as 92). In 1839, a daughter, Judith LIFORD or LEFORD, of Hawkins County was aged 52 & referred to an older sister (not named). A Jacob LIFORD or LEFORD also lived in Hawkins at that time, and in 1841 an Elizabeth BELCHER of Hawkins County, Tennessee and Sarah STAPELTON, aged 79, both of Hawkins, made affidavits, but their relationship to Moses' family wasn't stated (Abstracted from Rev War Pension File W153). According to the 1835 Hawkins Co, TN Pension Rolls, Moses was a Private with the North Carolina line: $80.00 Annual Allowance $240.00 Amount Received December 26 1833 Pension Started Age 94, Hawkins County (1835 Rolls)

On 5 Sep 1791, one John LEE deeded land in Hawkins on "the north side of Caney Creek... to COILES line... to COILS spring... to Moses JOHNSTON (Hawkins DB1:130) It is not known which Moses JOHNSTON these were since another Moses JOHNSON, with wife, Sarah, is found in the records of the Bent Creek Baptist church (then in Hawkins) on the third Saturday of August in 1787, when the church minutes state: "The church met at Thomas MURRELS and after divine service proceeded to receive Mary MURREL by experience. 2nd Miciah BUNCH and Lydia his wife by letter 3rd. Jeffrey MURREL and Margaret his wife by recommendation. 4th Received Moses JOHNSON and Sarah his wife by letter and Thomas TONECANLEY by experience and baptism given up for constitution Thomas MURREL, Benjamin MURREL, and Mary his wife, and Jeffry MURREL and Martha his wife, Bartlett SIMS and Elizabeth his wife, Negroe Sal, Agnes JOHNSON, Elisha WALLEN, Micahah BUNCH, Lydia BUNCH, Moses JOHNSON, Sarah JOHNSON, Mary DOTSON, Elisha DEBUSK and Mary Williams." (Bent Creek, Journey into Century Three, by Glenn Alfred Toomey, 1988, Church minutes, p. 43).

The Rev. Thomas MURRELL had married Elizabeth, widow of James JOHNSON, but it is not known if a relationship existed (See Combs-JOHNSON-Murrell Families)

On 14 Jun 1809, Phillip TACKET of Hawkins deeded to a Moses JOHNSON of same land on ??ky south side of Creek, Clinch River" in Hawkins. Wits: Isaac BRISCOE and Archibald? EVANS (Hawkins DB6:155, acreage not extracted), and in 1810, the Hawkins Co, TN tax list of Capt. LOONEY included Moses JOHNSON with no tithe, but with 100 acres of land. He was listed immediately adjacent to George, Jas, & Thomas JOHNSON, probably the same Moses JOHNSON who was on the 1811 Hawkins County, TN tax list of Capt. NICHOLS, still with no white poll and still with 100 acres of land. On 22 April 1812, a Moses JOHNSON deeded land on Turkey Creek near the mouth of the Clinch River to James Lynch; wits: Robert RYLE; Obediah GOODMAN, Edmund GOODMAN (Hawkins Deed Book 6-418, acreage not extracted)

Nathaniel JOHNSON, private, Infantry and Cavalry North Carolina Militia, $48.33 Annual Allowance $96.66 Amount Received February 28 1833 Pension Started Age 78, Bedford County, Tennessee (1835 Tn Pension Roll) Nathaniel JOHNSON OR JOHNSTON (Pension S1841) served in the NC Line, applied 10 Aug 1832, Bedford Co, TN, was born in 1756 in Rowan Co, North Carolina, and in 1823 moved to Bedford Co, TN (Extracted from Virgil D. White's Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files by C. H ammett)

PETER JOHNSON (Pension S38886, BLW #2042-100 and BLB #52-60-55) served in the Contintental Line of New Jersey, applied 14 Apr 1834, Anderson Co, TN, and had previously applied 30 May 1818 in Knox Co, TN, aged 58. He also applied for BLW on 27 Mar 1855 in Anderson Co, TN, and in 1820, had a wife aged 63 and 3 children; 1 boy aged 15, Nancy 17 and Peggy aged 20 (Extracted from Virgil D. White's Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files by C. H ammett) Not found on 1835 Rolls. Is this the same as Jeter JOHNSON? See also Snyder E. Roberts' Revolutionary War Soldiers of Anderson County Tennessee, Anderson County, TNGenWeb.

Richard JOHNSON, Private, Virginia Militia, $68.80 Annual Allowance $206.40 Amount Received October 29 1832 Pension Started Age 74, Sumner County, Tennessee (1835 Tn Pension Roll) Richard JOHNSON (Pension S2664) served in the VA Line, lived in Hanover Co, VA at enlistment, applied 15 Aug 1832 Sumner Co, TN, aged 72 [born abt 1760]

The Revolutionary War pension file of a John JOHNSON (S32345 and BLW #26351-160-55), included his affidavit that he served in the Virginia line, and that he was born on 14 May 1762 in Hanover Co VA, where he lived when he enlisted, and where he lived for 10 yrs after the Rev, then moving to KY for 8 yrs (county not stated), then to Marion County, IN with his children (not named). He applied for his pension in Marion County on 6 Oct 1835 and in 1855 was living at Rochester in Fulton County, IN. In 1857 a son-in-law (not named) was aged 62. John JOHNSON'S brother, Richard JOHNSON was age 75 in 1835 and a minister of the gospel in Sumner County, TN (ibid.)

Robert JOHNSTON, Private, Virginia Militia, $20.00 Annual Allowance $60.00 Amount Received February 11 1833 Pension Started Age 75 (1835 Tn Pension Roll) Robert JOHNSON [sic] (Pension S7838) served in the VA Line, was born 17 Apr 1759 in Albemarle Co, VA, and lived in Bedford County, Vrginia at enlistment. In 1787 he moved to Knox Co, TN and applied for his pension there on 13 Aug 1832

Robert JOHNSON or JOHNSTON served in the North Carolina Line. His widow, Elizabeth, applied on 2 Feb 1844 in Knox Co TN, aged 69, and declared that she and Robert had married on 1 Apr 1791 (location not stated) and that he died on 20 Apr 1840. He had applied for his pension on 6 Sep 1834 in Hawkins Co TN, at age 74, declaring that he had lived in Randolph County, North Carolina when he enlisted in Revolutionary War Service. He declared further that he was born in Pennsylania. His widow was born 19 Apr 1775, and their children shown were Mary, b 19 Mar 1792, Sarah, b 17 Jul 1794 and Jane b 5 Jun 1796. (Rev War Pension File)

Solomon JOHNSON (Rejected Pension) served in the NC Line, lived in Caswell Co, NC at enlistment, applied 3 Sep 1832, Smith Co, TN aged 74. It was stated soldier lived in VA but enlisted in NC. He was still living 15 Apr 1843

Solomon JOHNSON was not on the 1830 Smith County census as a head of household, but there were two John JOHNSONS in Smith County, with elderly males in the household. Also note that one Solomon JOHNSON was of Sevierville, Sevier County, Tennessee when his pension was last rejected pending "further proof and specification" (See Rejected or Suspended Applications for Revolutionary War Pensions, Section II), and may have been the Solomon who follows. Whether these were (a) two Solomon JOHNSONS, both with rejected pensions, (b) two Solomon JOHNSONS whose records were confused; or (c) one Solomon JOHNSON, has not been researched by the compiler.

Solomon JOHNSON (Pension R5664) served in the VA Line, was born in 1759 in Accomac Co, VA, lived there at enlistment and lived there for some time after the War, and about 1814 he moved to Sevier Co, TN where he applied on 6 May 1844

TERESHA OR TERISHA JOHNSON (Pension R5667) served in the VA Line, lived in Mecklenburg Co, VA at enlistment, applied 16 Aug 1832 Henderson Co, TN, aged about 70, wife, Hannah, aged 47 and a son Stephen Van Rensselaer JOHNSON, aged 7

Thomas JOHNSTON or JOHNSTON lived in Pittsylvania County, Virginia at the time of his enlistment, applied 20 Sep 1832 in St. Clair County, Alabama, aged 73, where he died on 29 Dec 1832. He had married Rachel MULLEN in Apr 1785 in Washington County, Virginia, and she applied 2 Jun 1845, McMinn County, TN, aged 75, and still resided there in 1849. In 1846, a Thomas JOHNSTON of St Clair County, AL was aged 48, but his relationship to the family was not stated.

William JOHNSON served as a private in the Virginia Continental line according to the 1835 Hawkins Co, TN Pension Rolls, which showed: $96.00 Annual Allowance $1484.53 Amount Received October 26 1819 Pension Started Age 73, and that he died 16 Nov 1833. According to his pension application, William JOHNSON (Pension W24) served in the VA Line, enlisted in Caroline Co, VA, applied 27 May 1818, Hawkins Co, TN, married 30 Sep or 1 Oct 1790 or 1791 to Nancy BRIANT in Northampton Co, NC. He died 16 or 17 Nov 1833 in Grainger Co, TN and his widow applied there 27 Sep 1844, aged 71. In 1848, she was living in Campbell Co, TN and in 1856 in Union Co, TN. She died 22 Apr 1862 or 20 May 1862. Children shown were: Patsy 1st child, aged about 55 in 1845 [b 1790 abt], Betsy 2nd child was 2 yrs younger [abt 1792], Reuben 1st son was 2 yrs younger than Betsy [abt 1794], Julia 4th child married Daniel widow S and in 1820 was living in NC, William no data, James aged about 67 in 1869 [b 1802 abt] was a res of Union Co, TN, Ann the youngest child was aged 17 in 1820 [1803 abt] and she married Wm. DAUGHTRY and they were living in Grainger Co, TN in 1845 and they had married in Hawkins Co, TN soon after 1820 and in 1845 the said Wm. DAUGHTRY was aged about 64; the son James JOHNSON lived in Union Co, TN in 1815 [sic] and stated he was sol's only surviving child; a grandson (not named) was mentioned in 1856, in 1869 one Jesse DAUGHTRY was of Union Co, TN and in 1844 James JOHNSON was of Grainger Co, TN

Zopher JOHNSON, (Rev War Pension File S1840), appl 24 Oct 1832 Greene Co TN aged 70, sol was b at the forks of the Delaware River in PA [?], he lived in Frederick Cunty, Virginia at enlistment & about 1792 he moved to Greene County, Tennessee. Private, Virginia Militia, Zapher [sic] JOHNSON, $20.00 Annual Allowance $40.00 Amount Received February 18 1833 Pension Started Age 72 (1835 Tn Pension Roll)

Note: The name Zopher (a.k.a. Xofer) was sometimes a nickname for Christopher (See Combs &c. Glossary, X-Z).

Bibliography (partial)

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White, Virgil, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files, National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboro, 1990

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