By Mary N. Bowen, Route 2, Box 213A, Linden, TN 37096
Lisa Dublin Bowen, 1200 Dry Hollow Rd., McEwen, TN 37101




RILEY (CARTER-RILEY) CEMETERY Located on top of a hill over-looking the lower part of Little Possum. Creek and the Elvis Riley Estate house site at Flatwoods, Tn. The cemetery was established prior to



the mid part of the 19th century. There are several graves with markers and many more that are not marked or only marked with a fieldstone. Take Possum Creek road to the left just before the Methodist Church in Flatwoods off Hwy 13. Go .5 miles on this paved road, then turn left on a chert road. Follow this to the old Riley house (still standing in 1994). The cemetery is on top of a steep hill just north of house. There is no longer a road direct to it. A logging road must be taken which goes up an adjoining hill, across a ridge, and back to the cemetery.

Al   SHARP, Goldie Whitehead. (Goldie was raised by Edney
        Whitehead and married Willis Sharp. Dates are unknown,
        an estimate would be that she was born in 1930 and died
        about 1960. She requested that she be buried at this
        location as a friend to the Rileys.)

B1   RILEY, Helen E (Mary Helen Eply) 1919-
        Willie C. 10 April 1920-15 September 1976 (Elvis &
        Izorah Riley's son). Footstone: Willie Clay Riley GM 2
        US Coast Guard WW II April 10, 1920-Sept 15, 1976

2    RILEY, Elvis Calvin Pvt US Army WW I Jan 15, 1897-Nov 23,
3    RILEY, Izorah Oct 13, 1898-May 1 1952
        (dau. of Theodore & Mary Jane Ary Grinder)
4    RILEY, Joe Lee 26 June 1930-June 10 1931 (son of Elvis & Izorah)
5    RILEY, Myrtle Sept 15, 1885-July 20 1916
6    RILEY, Cicily July 23 1879-Oct 16 1910
7    PHILLIPS, Ben Infant 1900 Myrtle 2 mo old
8    RILEY, Adeline (Adeline L. Warren) Feb 15, 1859-March 14, 1946
9    RILEY, William Calvin husb of A.L. May 29 1854-Mar 16 1897
        Age 42yr Bmo l7da.
        "Farewell, my wife, and children all, from you a
        father, Christ doth call, Moarn not for me, it is
        vain to call me to your sight again"
10   TYREE, Nora d Aug 8, 1865 Age 7yr 22da
        Lizzy E Oct 8, 1864 Age ilyr 4mo Sda

Cl   5 fieldstone marked graves
6    CARTER, Jas. W. husb of Virginia W. Jan 2 1848-May 3 1873
     2 fieldstone marked graves

Dl   CHAPPELL, Ida L dau of W.B & Bettie D. June 26 1863-July 6


RODGERS-HINSON CEMETERY This land was reported to be settled in 1858 by man named Hinson near the head of Short Creek. Mr. Hinson's daughter is reported to have married a man named



Rodgers. The man, his wife, and one child died in an epidemic and are buried in the yard on land now belonging to Joe Rainey. There are no grave markers.


SANDERS Cemetery. Berryman and Naomi Sanders family cemetery, located in pasture west of old Beardstown road across Pinhook Creek on property belonging to Joe Sweeney.

Double marker:
North side: B. Sanders d Dec 22 1884 Aged 69yr 7mo 2lda
West side: Father & Mother "Gone but not forgotten"
Southside: N.T. Sanders Sept 11 1887 Aged 62yr 7mo 2lda
        (Naomi Williams)

Berry's young sons markers are broken
W.E. Sanders d Aug 22 1864 Aged 4 years
        "Budded on earth, to bloom in heaven"
        footstone: WES
T.R. Sanders d July 19 1873 Aged about 17 years
        "Weep not, he is at rest" -

One footstone was found with UDS on it. Maybe for a granddaughter who was named Eudora (U-dora)

Other children of Berry buried here without markers:
1.   G.W. "Gil" Sanders
2.   S.E. Sanders (Saphronia Elizabeth)
3.   C.G. "Pete" Sanders (Carroll Green)


SHARP Cemetery. Located in Sharp Hollow. Turn south (right) on chert road at the east end of Buffalo River bridge on Hwy 50. Go 1.8 miles, through a pasture gate on left of road, then up a steep hill on the west. Follow ridge north to next hill. Cemetery is in a grove of trees.

West 2 fieldstones
Al.  Sharp, Ona D. dau of MH & JD Aug 8 1878-Oct 24 1883
        Age 5yr 2mo l6da
2.   Sharp, Auston son of MH & JD Aug 17 1882-Jan 21 1883
        Age 5mo 4 da
3.   Sharp, J.D. husb of MN Nov 19 1851-June 27 1883 Age 31-7-8
4.   Fieldstone

B    3fieldstones
1.   Barham, Ritta Dec 27 1837-April 7 1891
        Balam Feb 1 1838-Oct 18 1917
        (son of Josiah and Pheba Stokes Barham)



C    5 fieldstones (Will & Harriet Sharp Barham believed buried

D    (Will's daughter, Maggie who married Jack Russell. He died
        in 1923 and she died in 1940's)

El.  Barham, Joe 5. 1867-1931 (another son of Balam) & Dellar
        Johnson Barham 1877-1946
2.   Stone marked RB (Joe had a dau, and this is probably her)

Fl.  Duncan, Martha Loudine Oct 13 1937 Age 6mo l9da
        (Mother Vera Barham. Married Buford Duncan, Mary
        Elizabeth, another daughter was buried here)

Note: 2 other children died with Rocky Mountain Spotted fever in 1948, Jo Taylor Duncan July 18 1948 Age 6yr 11mo 8da and Ola.


SEED-TICK CEMETERY. Located just off Red Bank Road a short distance from the Humphreys County line on land formerly owned by Bud O'Bryan. Area is overgrown. Graves are in a grove of trees which contain two of the largest oak trees in Perry County. Marrs Lumber Company located across road from cemetery.

At north edge of grove, a wire fence encloses two graves:

1.   CLARK, Cynthia Eva dau of I.H. & Ida 18 Sept 1902
        Age 10mo 5da.

2.   CLARK, Ila B. Cayce dau of I.H. & Ida 15 Aug 1904-
        25 July 1913 "Darling, we miss thee"

DAILY, W.D. 27 Jan 1894-31 Dec 1926 (Woodmen of World stone)
        "Twas hard to give thee up but thy will, 0 God, be done."

2 overturned stones.

HOOTEN, Mattie E dau of J.N. & E.J. Hooten 23 Dec 1884-
        27 Dec 1884

PHEBUS, Louis W. husb of Sally 8 Oct 1809-13 Jan 1892
        Age 85yr 3mo 5da. 3 Footstones: GTP, LWP, SP

STEWART, Mary E. 15 Oct 1851-6 Oct 1921 "A tender mother and a
        faithful friend"

Note: The 1860 census lists a L.R. Phebus Sr. (59) wife Sarah
        (38) James (11) George (8) John (6) Sarah (5) and
        ROSS, Jane (68)

Note: The 1910 census lists a Henry Clark (36) wife Ida (33)
        Gussie (14) Mary (11) Cayce (5) Jesse (2)

PHEBUS, Sarah wife of L.W. Phebus 12 Feb 1821-10 Dec 1898
        "They both lie buried here but not forgotten."



PHEBUS, George T. 22 Jan 1850-19 Jan 1885
        Writing illegible

HOOTON, Lucy S. 19 May 1824-5 Dec 1882

Note: Two large stones overturned, close to William Dailey,
        could not be read after they were turned up.


SHARP CEMETERY #3. On Sinking Creek Road located 10.1 miles from intersection of Old Hwy 13 and Sugar Hill Road. There is only one marker located in yard of Mr & Mrs John Fish. This person was originally buried in back of the log cabin where the family lived. The body was reported moved when the family moved. The husband remarried & later moved without taking his 1st wife. Mary Etta was dau of John Sharp & Margaret Jane Whiteside.

SHARP, Mary Etta born May 5 1848
        Married to J.T. Sisco Jan 25 1866
        Died Dec 3 @ 2;30 pm 1908
        Was baptised into the Church of Christ by
        Bro. R.M. Norwood in Buffalo River July 25 1887.


SHARP CEMETERY. Sinking Creek. From Linden, at Hwy 13 and Mill Street intersection, take south Mill St, which is old Hwy 13. Go 4.1 miles, turn left at top of hill onto Sugar Hill Road. Go 6 miles, turn right at bridge crossing Sinking Creek. Cemetery is on top of a hill behind the George Tatum house. This property belongs to S.B. Tatum now George's son. The turn off is 1.4 miles past the Farmers Valley Church (old building). A white house is on the left of the road at turn off.

There are several unmarked (sunken) graves, some just rocks for markers. There are two with markers-hand made stones.

1)   Jennie Sharp April 9, 1905-Oct 20 1920
2)   Mollie, dau of J.W. & Cord Garner 1892-1894 "At Rest" The
        footstone-M. G.

Mollie was the daughter of John Will Garner and Cordelia "Cord" Grinder Garner.

The Sharps are relatives of Roy Sharp, the Church of Christ preacher. He teaches at Freed-Hardeman University at Henderson, TN. He preaches some in Perry County-Beardstown & Chestnut Grove Churches.

Part of the cemetery has been fenced in, Jennie Sharp is in this area. It is overgrown with several trees. The area is used for pasture. Mollie's grave is near a tree in the unfenced area.



Contributed by Mary Dotson.


SHELTON CEMETERY. No longer in existance. Indexed by the WPA in the 1930's as follows:

DABBS, Dewey Meeks, son of Dr J.P. and S.L. Dabbs 19 Sept 1898-26 Feb 1906

LOMAX, Louis L. son of Sam and M.M. Lomax 16 July 1904-28 Feb 1906

SHELTON, O.G. husb of S.J. Shelton 29 July 1830-July 1905 Age 75 SHELTON, O.G. Co. G, 6 Tenn Cay.

BROADWAY, Cora A. 24 Dec 1891-11 Jan 1919

This cemetery was listed as located in Linden on the A.B. Hickerson lot. The bodies were moved, Cora Broadway to the Broadway Cemetery on Cedar Creek and the others to the Kirk Cemetery.


SHEPARD-EDWARDS CEMETERY. Located off Hwy 50E approx 1 mile east of Hwy 13. On north side of highway, through driveway of house, then through field.

Al   BLACKWELL, George Wilson 27 Jan 1914-7 Aug 1915
2    EDWARDS, Mabel wife of G.D. Blackwell 24 Feb 1882-2 Jan 1919
        Age 36-10-8

B1   CUDE, Martha L Donia wife of WJ 5 Aug 1865-2 July 1904

Cl   CUDE, Samuel E. 5 Apr 1864-23 Jan 1899
2    Fieldstone
3    CUDE, Nora Vivian dau of SF & NM 25 Nov 1886-26 Mar 1902
4    DYER, Alva wife of DL 1 Mar 1895-19 Aug 1918
5    DYER, Daniel L. 10 Dec 1887-25 Apr 1933
6    DYER, Winne Eva 24 Apr 1897-16 Sept 1938
7    SHEPARD, Byron M. 15 Aug 1905-26 Sept 1963
        William H. 12 Mar 1893-29 Aug 1947

Dl   EDWARDS, Elbert son of SJ & JT d 26 Sept 1893 Age 1-3-29
2    EDWARDS, Pearl dau of JT & SJ 13 Sept 1899-15 Oct 1901
3    EDWARDS, John Thomas husb of Sallie 7 July 1857-2 Aug 1919
4    EDWARDS, Sallie J. Shepard wife of John Thomas
        13 Nov 1860-17 Aug 1926
     4 Fieldstones
5    SHEPARD, Bula May 1886-1914
6    Fieldstone
7    LOCKE, Infant dau of GG & MA 21 Feb 1895-27 Feb 1895



El   SHEPARD, R.C. son of JB & NJ d 29 Jan 1902 10mo-l3da
2    SHEPARD, Mattie dau of JB & NJ d 30 June 1876(?) Age 7da
3    SHEPARD, Infant son of JB & NJ 6 Aug 1879-18 Oct 1884 Age 5-2-
4    SHEPARD, Jane Edwards 11 Aug 1855-24 Mar 1936
        Josiah Baker 10 Oct 1855-8 Nov 1928
5    SHEPARD, Gilbert J. 1890-1957
        Addie A 1893-1972 m-27 Nov 1910
6    SHEPARD, Naomah wife of EH 27 Nov 1827-17 Sept 1878
7    SHEPARD, Egbert H. 12 Oct 1825-19 Mar 1904 Age 78-5-7
8    SHEPARD-KING Hartie Shepard 1883-1959
        Bertha S. King 1885-1978
        Amon King 1895-1960 Tn Pvt Inf WWI 5 Nov 1895-6 Jan 1960

Fl   SHEPARD, J.W. 8 Oct 1849-22 Jan 1911
2    SHEPARD, S.C. wife of JW 29 May 1850-19 Sept 1896
        m-14 Oct 1879
3    SHEPARD, Lillian 17 June 1898-13 Aug 1898


TAYLOR CEMETERY. Located on Old Hwy 13 approx. 2 miles north of Linden on east side of road, a few yards off road. Area fenced but not well kept.

1.   TAYLOR, Jesse husb of M.A. d 28 Feb 1895 Age 76-11-18
        Masonic Emblem.
2.   Undertakers marker, unable to read
3.   TAYLOR, R.M. 1902-14 May 1966
4.   TAYLOR, J.W. 30 Dec 1896-20 Sept 1946
        Lorene B. 29 Dec 1903-14 Dec 1932
5.   TAYLOR, Anna L. 5 Sept 1865-5 Apr 1941
6.   TAYLOR, John W. 1 Jan 1842-25 Feb 1920 Age 78-1-25
        Masonic Emblem.
7.   SLOAN, Maud Taylor 23 July 1881-12 Jan 1941

(John W. Taylor was married on 11 Dec 1869 to Pricilla Norton)
(John W. Taylor was married on 16 Sept 1880 to Anna L. Gregory)


THOMAS. This cemetery is no longer in existence. When the WPA indexed the cemeteries in the 1930's, they listed the following:



James V. son of Robert M. and Nancy A Thomas 19 Aug 1859-22 Aug 1875

Robert M, husband of Nancy A. Thomas 1 Feb 1816-15 Oct 1867

Nancy A. wife of Robert M. Thomas 14 Feb 1820-3 June 1869

This cemetery was in Linden, on the premises of Mr. John Beasley. The Beasley house is now owned by Buddy and Josie Combs. The grave sites were between the house and the present Perry County Jail. The area has been bull-dozed. These graves were said to be the first in Linden.


TOLL HOLLOW. Located on Sinking Creek. This information was sent to me and I have been unable to verify it.

1.   James Arnett. James had a Cherokee Indian wife and both
        are buried in crypts in Toll Hollow.
2.   Jonathan Toll married Arnett's daughter, Frances, also both
        buried in crypts in Toll Hollow.


TUCKER CEMETERY. Located in a pasture north of Hwy 412 just east of the Buffalo River bridge at Linden. Area fenced with stone bench.

Al   "Unknown Loved One"
A2   TUCKER, George W. 30 June 1844-28 May 1927
        Fannie 18 Jan 186_-30 July 1945
        (Fannie Tatum m-28 Sept 1878)
A3   WESTBROOKS, Mary E wife of BL d 22 Oct 1901 Age 90-5-24
A4   WESTBROOKS, B.L. Co E, 2nd Tn Mtd mt.


TUCKER CEMETERY #2. Located just off Hwy 412 approx. 5.3 miles west of Linden on hillside in woods back of John Greenway's home.

1)   TUCKER, John d 24 Feb 1883 Age Slyr limo 29da Masonic Emblem.
2)   TUCKER, Sally Ann 4 June 1828-3 Aug 1883

Sally Ann was a Tucker who married William Wright. They had 2 sons. Following his death, she married John Tucker, a Civil War veteran. Her death was from snake bite.




TWILLA-DUFF CEMETERY. Located on top of a steep hill south of Mud Springs Hollow Road overlooking Hwy 13 south of Lobelville. The area is overgrown and there is no road to the cemetery. There are many umnarked graves and the remaining stones are broken.

Al   TWILLA, J.W. Oct 22, 1862-Jan 14, 1889
        "Gone but not Forgotten"
A2   TWILLA, T.B. Dec 13 1832-Feb 27 1892
        Aged 59yr 2mo l4da
A3   TWILLA, Sara E. Dec 16 1837-May 29 1911
A4   TWILLA, Annie Elizabeth dau of TA & Emma (Lancaster) Twilla
        Born & Died Aug 27 1905
A5   TWILLA, Ida P. dau of Thos. B. & Sara E Twilla Mar 13, 1877-
        Aug 1 1894
        "Faithful until Death, She now wears the Crown of Life"

B    Fieldstones

Cl    DUFF, Ova dau of J.H. & l.A. Duff Nov 8 1890-July 27 1904
        "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest,
        God called Thee home, he thought it best"
      DUFF, l.A. wife of J.H. Duff May 16 1868-Feb 3 1901
        "A loving wife, a mother dear lies buried here"

D    Stone very pitted and deteriorated. Unable to read
        M.A. ___ Dec __ 18_8-Oct 21 ___

Note: John H. Duff married Ida Styles on 18 Jan 1883


WARREN CEMETERY. Located in Mossy Hollow Branch of Lost Creek some distance east of road in pasture and trees. There are several graves marked with fieldstones and sunken areas that are probably graves.

1.   WARREN, M.L. dau of WE & WE Feb 1900-June 1901
2.   JONES, M.M. wife of JD Oct 6 1869-Oct 6 1895
3.   JONES, M.M. dau of MM & JD Aug 1895-Aug 1897


WHITWELL CEMETERY Located on land belonging to Charles Petty. Take Old Hwy 13 just south of Linden, turn left on Old State Hwy 20 for 1.9 miles, left on Hurricane Creek Road (chert) for 1.9 miles. Located north of road in pasture, fenced but overgrown.



1.   STARBUCK, Inf ant son of DM & Lydia b&d Sept 10 1898
2.   WHITWELL, P. July 29 1803-Dec 20 1875 Age 72-4-21
        Minister of the Primitive Baptist Church
3.   WHITWELL, Melissa C. wife of Thomas Nov 2 1828-Oct 6 1890
        Age 61-11-1
4.   WHITWELL, Egbert M ___ __ 1857-Oct 7 1898
5.   HUFSTEDLER, Mahulda wife of JK Nov 1851-Feb 28 1871
        Mother of Cora E. Westbrooks. (John Kendrick Hufstedler
        June 6 1848-Apr 19 1919, son of Pinkney, Mahulda listed
        in 1860 census as Hulda, dau of T.B. Whitwell & wife
6.   DABBS, Charlie P. son of Dr J.P. & S.L. d Sept 9 1885
        Age 7-2-3


WILBURN #2. This cemetery consist of a single grave stone located on Cane Creek Road on property of Henry Clark Stark. Stone in broken. Area in pasture, a few feet from road.

WILBURN, NAOMA 1813-1903 Age 90 years


WILBURN CEMETERY. Located 5.3 miles north of the 4-way stop in Linden on Hwy 13. It is directly across the highway from the George Cotton home, thru a pasture in a grove of trees. It is not fenced and the cattle have knocked over and broken most of the stones.

1.   ADAMS, Eddie Adopted son of JW & Ann June 11 1890-1 Mar 1898
2.   ADAMS, James W. Feb 1 1854-June 2 1909
3.   CRAIG, Kate wife of BF Feb 22 1876-May 30 1920
4.   WILBURN, Mary wife of Josiah Mar 19 1835-Oct 15 1906
        Josiah Sept 15 ____-Dec 25 ____ (overturned & partially
5.   STANLEY, Mollie d Nov 1983
6.   STANLEY, Dr. John H. d Oct 1913
7.   BYRD, Susan wife of HL Sept 10 1814-Apr 24 1902 Age 87-7-14
8.   DEASON, Annie Laury Jan 22 1879-Mar 28 1905
        m-July 11 1895 to R.T. Shepard
9.   SHEPARD, Susan ____1806-Dec 20 1879

There are many graves marked by fieldstones and one large crypt.


YOUNG, JOHN FAMILY CEMETERY Located on Pineview-Linden Hwy approx. 1 mile south of Lighthouse.Church on east side of highway in



the woods. No marked stones, four shallow areas that are reported to be a child of John Young and three Wheat children.


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