By Mary N. Bowen, Route 2, Box 213A, Linden, TN 37096
Lisa Dublin Bowen, 1200 Dry Hollow Rd., McEwen, TN 37101

[Note: Only the cemetery records are reproduced here as web pages.]



            This second volume of Cemetery Records contains fifty four new cemeteries and six additions to the cemeteries listed in Volume I of the Perry County Cemetery Records. This is not all the cemeteries in the county. Many cemeteries have been abounded and forgotten. Some are located by hunters and reported but all records are lost

            The first section of the book starts with an alphabetical listing of the cemeteries with their creek" location. A full-name index follows the indexed cemeteries. The second section of the book contains a transcription of the birth and, death records of 1908-1912. These are the first vital records kept in the county and are different from our present day records. The mother's maiden name was seldom listed. The records were not recorded in any order suggesting that they may have been made days, months, or even years after the event. It is uncertain who was responsible for the reporting as many births and deaths occurred without doctors or midwives. The records are alphabetized.

            The last section of the book contains maps showing the approx. location of all the reported cemeteries in Perry County. The county map is divided into four sections and the cemeteries located by numbers in each section.

            I wish to express my thanks to the many people who have contributed to this book and who have continued to offer encouragement in Perry County research. Again, I would encourage all serious researchers to verify the Information contained in this book by going to the original source.



1. Arnold
2. Bates
3. Beardstown
4. Bee Creek #2
5. Bromley

Cane Creek Road
Hwy 412
Old Hwy 13 at Beardstown
Bee Creek

6. W. R. Bunch
7. Campbell #2
8. Catron
9. Chappel
10. Choat

Cedar Creek
Short Creek
Duncan Camp Road
Cypress Creek

11. Choate
12. Clayborne
13. Conder
14. Cotham
15. Craig

Lick Creek
Toms Creek
Mousetail Landing State Park
Hwy 13 North of Lobelville
Lick Creek

16. Craig-Berry
17, Cude
18. Davidson
19. Davidson-Hester
20. Deaumonette

Hwy 412E
Old Hwy 13N
Crooked Creek at TN River
Hwy 50 W

21. Dudley
22. Fluty
23. Gray
24. Harris
25. Hester (Addition)

Lost Creek
Clifton Road
Hwy 13 North of Lobelville
Hwy 13
Hwy 13 North of Lobelville

28. Hickerson
27. Hinson
28, Hufstedler
29. Hunt
30. Hunt Hill (Addition)

Sinking Creek
Head of Coon Creek
Cane Creek Road
Hwy 50 East
Spring Creek

31. Indian Mound
32. Jackson
33. Johnson
34. Kelly #2
35. Kirk (Additions)

Sugar Hill
Coon Creek
Hwy 13 East of DePriest Bend
Cypress Creek (Hwy 412)
Old State Hwy Road

36. Lower Brush Creek (Additions)
37. Mount Olive (Additions)
38. Muller
39. Niece
40. Pinevlew (Additions)

Lower Brush Creek
Old Hwy 13 North of Flatwoods
Crooked Creek
Toad Hollow
Toms Creek

41. Randel\Randle
42. Riley
43. Rodgers-Hinson
44. Sanders
45. Sharp #2

Flowers Branch of Cedar Creek
Possom Hollow north of Flatwoods
Head of Short Creek
Old Hwy 13 near Beardstown
Sinking Creek

48. Sharp #3
47. Sharp #4
48. Seedtick
49. Shelton
50. Shepard-Edwards

Sinking Creek
Sharp Hollow
Red Bank Road
Hwy 50 near mouth of Cane Creek

51. Taylor
52. Thomas
53. Tucker #2
54. Tucker #3
55. Twilla-Duff

Old Hwy 13 north of Linden
Hwy 412 east of Linden
Cypress Creek
Hwy 13 south of Lobelville

56. Warren
57. Whitwell
58. Wilburn #1
59. Wilburn #2
60. Young

Mossy Hollow
Hurricane Creek
Hwy 13
Cane Creek
Lick Creek Road


Odds & Ends, Additions & Corrections to Vol I, Cemetery Records

Addition (not indexed) Harder Rockhouse Creek


Cemetery Locations (Maps)
            Section I, Northwest
            Section II, Northeast
            Section III, Southwest
            Section IV, Southeast


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