Confederate Civil War Companies Organized
in Polk County, Tennessee

The following information is taken from Confederate History of Polk County, Tenn. 1860-1866, written by Private A. J. Williams, former County Chairman, County Court Clerk and Clerk and Master, Benton, Tenn., published by McQuiddy Printing Company, Nashville, Tenn,1923. Thanks to Marian Presswood (again!) for making this available to me!

And, thank you Benny Ball for the additional information you provided on the Polk County Civil War Regiments! The updated information came from the J. D. Clemmer Scrapbook; article from 1954 "Polk County News" written by Dr. Ben Harris McClary, as published in the Polk County Heritage Book 1997. The roster is from Company C, Tennessee Confederate Volunteers of 1861, made up of Polk Countians and surrounding areas. The update includes the name, rank and if known, the area of Polk County that the soldier was from.

Company C Third Tennessee Regiment, CSA
The first company was organized April 28, 1861 by the election of the following officers, and left Polk County for Knoxville May 13, 1861.
Officers: John F. Hannah, Captain; David C. Haskins, First Lieutenant;
William M. Bain, Second Lieutenant; P. L. Bible, Third Lieutenant
Noncommission Officers: William L. Harbison, First Sergeant;
J. W. Rymer, Second Sergeant; Paul Parks, Third Sergeant.
Descriptive Roll:
E. P. Douglass, Captain T. N. Lawson, 2nd Sergeant B. G. Holland, 2nd Corporal
J. S. Hodge, 1st Lieutenant G. W. Clemmer, 3rd Sergeant S. H. Smith, 3rd Corporal
R.W. Haney, 2nd Lieutenant F. M. Longley, 4th Sergeant S. S. Matlock, 4th Corporal
A. D. Donaldson, 3rd Lieutenant J. B. Sloan, 1st Corporal ****

This is no one complete official listing that contains all members of Company C, Tennessee Third Regiment, CSA. Click here, though, for list compiled by Mr. Ball from the sources named above.

The second company was organized May 16, 1861, by the election of the following officers:
E. P. Douglass, Captain
J. S. Hodge, 1st Lieutenant
R.W. Haney, 2nd Lieutenant
A. D. Donaldson, 3rd Lieutenant
J. W. Fender, 1st Sergeant
T. N. Lawson, 2nd Sergeant
G. W. Clemmer, 3rd Sergeant
F. M. Longley, 4th Sergeant
W. G. Morris, 5th Sergeant* [See below]

These two Polk companies, along with eight companies from Knox/Jefferson County, Monroe County, Blount County, McMinn County, Meigs County and Sullivan County, were mustered into service of the State of Tennessee on May 29, 1861.

*[W. G. Morris is William Gideon Morris. He is buried at Ocoee (Four Mile) Cemetery in Benton, TN (Polk County). Contact me if you would like to correspond with a descendant.]

Nineteenth Infantry Company

The third Polk County company was composed citizens from the Ducktown area. It was organized on June 1, 1861 when the following commissioned officers were elected:
J. H. Hannah, Captain
P. C. Gaston, 1st Lieutenant
Dr. Holmes, 2nd Lieutenant
J. M. Sims, 3rd Lieutenant
J. H. Cummins, Colonel
F. M. Walker, Lieutenant Colonel
Abe Fulkersom, Major
V. Q. Johnson, Adjutant
H. M. Doak, Sergeant Major
Dr. Joe E. Dulaney, Surgeon
A. V. Taylor, Quartermaster
Rev. D. Sullins, Chaplain

Fourth Confederate Polk County Company was organized at Benton in 1861.

Officers: M. H. Hancock, Captain; William A. Bible, First Lieutenant; J. N. Reid, Second Lieutenant;
Mike Barnett, Third Lieutenant
Noncommissioned Officers: Jarvis Williams, First Sargeant; A. Chable, Second Sergeant

This company was organized into the Twenty-Nineth Tennessee Infantry as Company B of said rigement:
Sam Powers, Colonel; Rube Arnold, Lieutenant Colonel; _____ Rice, Major; _____ Jackson, Adjutant.
Surviving members of this company at the surrender of Johnston's army in North Carolina: R. M. O'Neal, A. J. O'Neal, D. B. Goforth,, Zach Pierce, Erb Pierce, Felix Arthur, Barney Arthur, Bill Davis, Arnette Shields, John R. Davis, Joe Deal, Reubin Ramsey, and J. L. Morgan. Harrison ledford and Jim Ledford.

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