Submitted by: Jean Sharp

A bio titled "If you don't watch out, Captain Benge will get you"
Chronology of Robert Benge, aka Chief Bench; copyrighted by Don Chesnut, 1997.

In it, to my surprise, I learned that Robert Benge, a half-breed Indian led the raid on the blockhouse where Robert Sharp was killed in 1792.
Robert Benge was born cira 1760, the son of John Benge and Wurteh, a Cherokee. Robert had a brother, Utana "the Tail" and Sequoyah was half-brother to them. Robert and his brother Utana led many raids on white settlers, killing, raiding and stealing horses.
"2 Oct. 1792, Robert and Utana Benge reached Black's Blockhouse at the head of Crooked Creek of Little River. This fort "was commanded by a sergeant from Captain Crawford's Company. The Benge brothers reached the fort about an hour after dark. Part of the garrison was sitting out of doors by a fire, with no thought of danger. Both brothers fired and, changing their position, quickly reloaded and fired again. This procedure was repeated, giving the impression that they were a much larger force. Two of the militia by the fire, George Moss and ROBERT SHARPE, were killed, and John Shankland was wounded. James Paul was killed inside the blockhouse. During the shooting three of the white's horses were killed, but Benge (Robert) and his brother were able to capture seven of the animals which they took back to the Lower towns with them."
(from Evans, 1976) REF: Chronology of Robert Benge, aka Chief Bench by Don Chesnut, 1997

History of Blount County reads as follows:
"On the 3rd of October, Black's Blockhouse on the head of Crooked Creek, a branch of Little River, there was a Sergeant's command. It was attacked by surprise just after dark by a party commanded by a Cherokee of Wills Town, called the "Tail". The party consisted of three other Cherokees and five Creeks. James Paul was killed inside the house, George Morse and ROBERT SHARP were killed at the fire on the outside; and John Shockland was wounded. Three horses were killed and seven taken."

*note: Wills Town was a Cherokee village (town) north of Fort Payne, Al and named for Redheaded Will, a Cherokee.

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