Campbell County Military
World War I

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World War I Veterans
Listed on the 
Veterans Memorial

George W. Ayers
Millard Baird
Samuel F. Bennett
Clemente Boccia
Forrest L. Bradley
Robert F. Broyles
Charles E. Cooper
Clinton F. Delius
Frank Harden
Harve Hatmaker
Joseph L. Housley
Loyd Houts
James T. Huddleston
James Layne
James Marcum
Sidney S. McDonald
Milbern Milton
Ernest Mozingo
George Myers
John F. Myers
William E. Nunnally
Sawyer Patterson
James Paul
Cary G. Peterson
Bertice Roberts
Travis Robinson
John T. Sharp
Andy Siler
Ben H. Singleton
Robert Vitatoe
Tilman T. Voyle
Luther Ward
Henery S. Wilson
Albert H. Wynn

World War I Veterans

Reprinted with permission from Dr. Miller McDonald's book 
Campbell County Tennessee USA: A History of Places, Faces, 
Happenings, Traditions, and Things 

The following list of veterans who made the ultimate 
sacrifice for their county.

Conley F. Adams
John Anderson
Millard Baird
Samuel F. Bennett
Clements Boccia
Forest L. Bradley
Frank Britton
Robert F. Broyles
Earnest C. Carpenter
Charles E. Cooper
Clinton F. Delius
Frank Hardin
Harve Hatmaker
Joseph L. Housely
Lloyd Houts
James T. Huddleston
James H. Layne
Sidney S. McDonald
James Marcum
Milburn Melton
Earnest Mozingo
George Myers
John F. Myers
Claude Newly
Sawyer Patterson
James Paul
Carey F. Peterson
Bertice Roberts
Travis Robinson
John T. Sharo
Lafayette Sharp
Andy Siler
Ben F. Singleton
Robert Vitatoe
Tilman T. Voyles
Luther Ward
Henry S. Wilson
John B. Wilson
Albert H. Wynn

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Veterans of the War
Submitted by Descendants

Namon Levi Adkins

Rank: Tec4
Unit: US Army
Additional Info:
Submitter: Namon Lewis Adkins II

Lewis Claude Angel

Submitter: WAYNE B. ANGEL

Jose Arbona

Submitter: Helen Muguire
His Rank: soldier
His Unit:
Additional Info: He was born in Cuba, he was the first Cuban to volunteer in WWI

Guy L Bainter

His Unit: Co M 4 Infantry ONG (Co M 166
Additional Info: Co M 4 Infantry ONG (Co M 166 Infantry) to 26 Jan 1919; Machine Gun Company 340 Infantry to Discharge Private Champagne-Marne; Aisne-Marne; Defensive Sector. Wounded In Action slightly 29 July 1918. Also Wounded In Action 23 Sept 1918. American Expeditionary Forces 29 Oct 1917 to 2 Apr 1919. Honorable discharge 26 Apr 1919.

Noah Albert Baird

Submitter: Phyllis Pagel
His Rank: Private
His Unit:
Additional Info: Born Jan.11,1894 - Died April 17,1975

Roscoe E Baird

Submitter: Jim Scott
His Rank: CPL
His Unit: MTC
Additional Info: The above information is from Roscoe Ernest Baird Grave Stone in the Woodlawn Cemetery Back Hillside Section in La Follette, TN. Roscoe was born Aug 12,1895 and died in Feb 12, 1950.

Elmer Escho Ballard

Submitter: Joe C Mc Neeley
His Rank:
His Unit:
Additional Info: born Campbell Co. 21 Aug 1895 died Springfield, Baca Co. CO 8 Sept 1953

William Bell

Submitter: Ron Barwell
His Rank: Corporal
His Unit:
Additional Info: He came from Library, PA

Clemente Boccia

Submitter: Sharon Boccia
His Rank: Private
His Unit: not sure
Additional Info: This man was my great-grandfather. Clemente, his wife Ollie, and children lived in La Follette, TN. He died of pneumonia while fighting in World War 1.

Preston Taylor Broyles

Son of George David Broyles Newcomb,Tenn
Military Unit: Pvt. in World War 1 served in France in 1918
Died: Nov.1990 in W. VA
Married: Married Mayreese Queener from Newcomb 1919
Submitter: Martha Ann Broyles Snyder

John S Carroll

Military Unit: Private 1st Class with Co. B 105th Engineers U.S Army
Died: In La Follette, TN in 1976
Submitter: Don Carroll

Thomas Henderson Chadwell

Submitter: Thomas Chadwell
His Rank: PVT
His Unit: Co. E 309th Inf. 78th Div.
Additional Info: Served in France from 1918 to 1919

Rev. Elmer M. Cox

Submitter: Helen L. Smith Hoke
His Rank:
His Unit:
Additional Info: b. 10/22/1891
d. 1/21/1958
Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Maynard Cummings

Submitter: Phyllis Hatfield
His Rank: private
His Unit: 79 division
Additional Info: served in france.

Hobert Davis

Submitter: Eugene Davis
His Rank: private
His Unit: ?
Additional Info: He was wounded by a tractor pulling a caison while marching to ship to go to war. he was in the Walter Reed hospital. He was my daddy

Robert Debinder

Submitter: Logan Debinder

Lewis A. Foley (Folli)

Submitter: Bob Foley
His Rank: unknown
His Unit: unknown
Additional Info:

Byrd Dewey Ford

Submitter: Belinda Burden
His Unit: F2 US Navy

Harrison T. Ford

Submitter: Belinda Burden & Marion D. Ford
Rank: Corporal
Unit: Co E 166 Infantry, Co.E rainbow division
Additional Info: died dec.29 1960,lafollette tenn

W. E . Gibson

Submitter: James E Gibon
His Rank: capt
His Unit: 17th, us field artilltery
Additional Info: died 1918 born Gibson Station Va.

Benjamin Franklin Holman

Submitter: Karen Robertson
His Rank: Sergeant
His Unit: 17th Field Artillery
Additional Info: Ben was born 18 Dec 1893 in Wooldridge, Campbell Co., TN. He married my grandmother, Bessie Hartley on 26 Jul 1923. Together, they had six children: Henry Furman, Willie Iris (my mother), Bessie Marie, Jennie Hartley, John Eller and Florence Loretta. Ben died on 30 Jul 1961 in Fort Bragg, Cumberland Co., NC; Bessie died on 16 May 1973. They are buried at the LaFayette Memorial Cemetery in Fayetteville, Cumberland Co., NC. He was a very special man.

Hobart G Hoskins

Submitter: Hobart G Hoskins III
His Rank: Private
His Unit: 2nd Tenn National Guard
Additional Info: Joined July 25 1917...also in 55th Depot Bgde and the 120th Infantry...served in Belgium and France...discharged April 14 1919...

Joseph Lee Housley

Submitter: Floyd L. Owsley
His Rank: PFC
His Unit: Co. M, 117th Inf., 30th Div.
Additional Info: Joseph Lee Housley, son of Joseph Housley and Martha Cates,was born March 1887 in Tennessee. He was killed in action in France on October 8, 1918. He was buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee.

John W. Jennings

Submitter: Helen L. Smith Hoke
His Rank:
His Unit:
Additional Info: 6/19/1892-8/29/1969
Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery

Wilford King

Submitter: Dennis W. King
His Rank: private
His Unit: US Army
Additional Info: Born in Wooldridge, Campbell County, TN in 1894, son of Joel King and Emily Davis King. He died in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1935 .

Thomas Rosco Kirkland

Submitter: Tom Petitt
His Rank:
His Unit: unknown
Additional Info: He fought in the trenches and was a victim of mustard gas. Spent a year in the hospital when all his skin peeled off. The other 7 men in his trench did not have their gas mask and they died.

James Henry Lawson

Submitter: J.H. Lawson
His Rank: Private
His Unit: 314th Infantry, 79th Division
Additional Info: Served from 4-26-1918 to 6-4-1919. Fought at Montfaucon in the Meuse- Argonne offensive as a machinegunner. Wounded by gas in 1919 and lost the use of one eye and one lung. Earned 2 PHDs in later life and passed away 5-28-1953 in Pennsylvania after raising 4 sons and 2 daughters.

Elmer George McNeil

Submitter: Carolyn Mc Neil Brantley
His Rank: Pvt.
His Unit: Co.C
Additional Info: Elmer Mc Neil was son of Martha(Obedia)Owens&William Ashby Mc Neil. He Married Laura Miller,and they had 6 children,E.George,died at birth,Helen lois,Patricia ann, William Earl,Walter Benny&carolyn Dale

Henderson L Miller

Submitter: Marvin H Miller
His Rank: Corporal
His Unit: Troop A, 6th Calvary
Additional Info: Born 24 Sep 1915 in Campbell Co, TN. enlisted 17 Oct 1940. Sharpshooter w/ carbine and rifle. Armored Car Driver. EAME Theater (Europe)Ribbon w/ 5 Bronze Stars - Battles at Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe and Ardennes. Arrived back in USA 3 July, 1945. Date of Seperation 8 July, 1945.

Sterling Miller

Rank: Unknown
Unit: US Army, 6-cement mills co.asc
Additional Info: my address is 340 butter/egg rd. Jacksboro,Tn. Sterling was my uncle,son of Lewis Miller, brother of John Henry Miller
Submitter: J.C. Miller

Joseph Mynatt Nelson

Rank: Corporal
Unit: US Army
Additional Info:
Submitter: Suzanne M. Pratt

Isaac Romines

Name: Debra Rookard
His Rank: Private
His Unit: Co C, 47h Infantry
Additional Info: Enlisted; RA Camp Green, NC Feb 15 1918
Born; La Follette, Tenn
Age; 25 7/12 years
Organization; Co C 47 Inf to June 26 1918
Cas Camp #1 Camp Green, NC to
Dec 24 1918; 3 Co Dev Bn #1 to
Discharged. Pvt
Hon Disc M; Jan 18, 1918

Henry Martin Rookard

Name: Debra Rookard
His Rank: Corporal
His Unit: Co L, 6th Infantry
Additional Info: He is the son of William Franklin ROOKARD and Catherine
Louisa Elizabeth HOLMAN, b 24 Jul 1897 Woolridge, CCT.

He married Martha Mamie Justice, 3 Nov 1923, McDowell Co, WV. Mamie died 18 Oct 1935. They had 5 children. [What he never knew was that he married the gg g'daughter of the Fifer that was immortalized in the painting, "The Spirit of 1776".]

My grandfather died in his sleep at the home of my parents; Elk Neck, Elkton, Cecil County, MD  on 8 Jul 1975.

He is buried in Gilpin Manor Memorial Park along with my father.

William K. Rose

Name: Debra Rookard
His Rank: Sgt.
His Unit: Hq Co. 3 AS Mec Regt
Additional Info: La Follette, Tenn
Enlisted; RA Ft Thomas, KY Dec 12 1917
Born; La Follette, Tenn
Age; 27 11/12 years
Org; Hq Co 3 AS Mec Regt to disch.
Sgt Apr 28 1918
OS; July 9 1918 to Feb 9 1918
Hon Disch; Feb 21, 1919

William M. Rose

Name: Debra Rookard
His Rank: Private
His Unit: Co M co. 137-11
Additional Info: RFD 1 Jellico, Tenn
Enlisted; RA Ft Oglethorpe, Ga. June 5 1918
Born; Jellico, Tenn
Age; 21 11/12 years.
Org; M co 137-11C Sn Tn to discharge.
OS; Sept 25 1918 to Apr 27 1919
Hon Discharge; May 13 1919

Dave H. (D.H.) Rosier

Submitter: Dreighton Rosier & Debra Rookard
His Rank: Private
His Unit: Battery F 319 FA
Additional Info: Born 1896 in Newcomb.  Fought in the Battle of the Ardenne Wood.  I believe Dad said he was with the Big Red One.  After the war, he travelled a bit with the Red ? Chappaqua.
Newcomb, Tenn
Enrolled; Jacksboro, Tenn
Sept 20 1917
Born; Newcomb, Tenn
Adm; 21 5/12 years.
Organization; Btry F 319 FA to Oct 14 1917; MD 115 VA to disch. Pvt
OS; June 4 1918 to Mch 28 1919
Hon Disch; Apr 14 1919

Joseph Cecil Rosier

Submitter: Dreighton Rosier & Debra Rookard
His Rank: Unknown
His Unit: CAC Ft. Momal VA.
Additional Info: Born 1902 in Newcomb.  Dan entered the Army at age 14.  He probably wanted to follow his brother Dave, who was 6 years older.  Dad was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone.
Enrolled; RA Ft Oglethorpe, Ga. Apr 2 1917
Born; Newcomb, Tenn.
Age; 16 10/12 years.
Org; CAC Ft. Momal, Va. To _ _ S Co CAC Ballow Ft Amador CZ
to discharge.
F; Hon Disch; Feb 151 1918 SOD
Was reported 3 1/8 percent disabled on date of discharge in view of occupation.

Thomas Rosser

Name: Debra Rookard
His Rank: Private 1st Class
His Unit: Battery D 18 CAC
Additional Info: La Follette, Tenn
RA Colombus Bkn. OH Oct 28 1914
Born; Scott Co, Tenn
Age; 21 years
Org; 17 Co CAC Ft Washington MD
to Jan 8 1919; 4 Co CAC Ft Mills to
Aug 17 1917; 10 Co CAC Manila Bay
to Nov 14 1918; Btry D 18 CAC to discharge
Pvt 1 cl Nov 19 1917; Corp July 1 1919;
Pvt Sept 9 1918;
Pvt 1 cl Dec 1 1918
Hon Disch; June 4 1920 abolishment Of RA Reserves

Marion Rown

Name: Debra Rookard
His Rank: Private 1st Class
His Unit: MD to discharge (possibly guartineed because of flu epidemic of 1918)
Additional Info: Morley, Tenn
Enl; RA Ft Thomas, Ky
May 17 1918
Born; Whitley Co, Ky
Age; 18 10/12 years.
Org; MD to disch.
Pvt 1 cl Feb 1 1919
Hon Disch; Sept 8 1919

Henry Milton Russell

Submitter: Vicky Sue Russell
His Rank: Pvt
His Unit: Co.D 53rd pioneer infantry
Additional Info: died June 16,1960 at Mtn. home

Walter Rose Russell

Name: Darryl L. Chapman
Rank: Private First Class
Unit: Co. K 34th Eng
Additional Info: He entered the army on May 27, 1918 and was discharged on July 9, 1919. He re-enlisted in Dec 1920 and was assigned to the 125th CAC, Hickman Field. He service ended December 1923.

Hiram Shearer

Name: Betty Baird-Weiss
Additional Info:  My grandfather and his brothers were Veterans from WWI. Visit my web site to see photos of them in uniform.
Tribute to Men In Uniform

Thomas H Smith

Submitter: Tommy Rutherford
His Rank:
His Unit:
Additional Info: Father of Jean Rutherford

Prentice Taylor

Submitter: Belinda Heartwell
His Rank: E5
His Unit:
Additional Info: Fort Amador 1960

John Estes Thompson

Submitter: U.S.Thompson
His Rank: PVT.
His Unit: Co. G , 7th Infantry, 3rd Div.
Additional Info: Buried in The Woodlawn Cemetery,LaFollette. Unknown Living Soldier.See Tribute in Historical Society Musuem

George W. Vincent

Submitter: Ruth Martin
His Rank: Private
His Unit: unsure
Additional Info: George Vincent was born in 1894, lived in Jacksboro, Tenn. He was the son of Will and Alice Vincent. He served in WW1 and is buried in Mt Zion Meth Church, Jacksboro, Tn

David White

Submitter: Michael White
His Rank:
His Unit: Co. H 323 Inf
Additional Info: RFD 3 Jacksboro, Tn Ind; Jacksboro, Tn 10/2/1917, Born in Campbell Co. Tn Age 23 years Org; Co H 323 Inf to 1/15/1918 QMC to 1/17/1918 Co H 323 Inf to disch. Ck 6/18/18 Os; 7/31/1918 to 6/13/1919 Hon Disch; 6/20/1919 Born; Campbell Co. Tn Age; 23 years Org; Co H 323 Inf to 1/15/1918 q

Samson Dewey Wilburn

Rank: pvt.
Unit: infantry-D & R DEPOT-FRANCE
Submitter: m.j. bryant

Troy Williams

Submitter: Keith Scott Williams
His Rank: Pvt
Additional Info: My grandfather Troy Williams Buried in Campbell Cty. Mem. Gardens, father of my dad Adwell Dewey Williams and his brothers Clyde and Earl.


Submitter: SEAN WILSON
His Rank: PRVT.
Additional Info:

Albert H. Winn

Name: Julie Wilson
His Rank: Corporal
His Unit: Battery C,6th Field Artillery,
Additional Info: Albert was wounded at the Battle of the Argonne in October of 1918.He later died on November 11,1918.He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.His grave is located in section 18 grave H 2056

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