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This information has been brought to you by to the hard work of volunteers: Mike, Rita, and Don. Indexing was done by Kirsten. Thanks for your hard work!

Index of Surnames in the 1830 Census

The 1830 Census

The 1830 Census is a 2 page census. The first page lists the name of the head of household and the number of white males and white females in the home. The second page lists the number of male and female slaves, the number of male and female free "color ed", and the total number in the household.

The ONLINE version includes all the family information that is on the census. There are approximately 65 pages of the census for Blount County, TN. We do not guarantee that there are no errors in the data or transcription. It is always best to check the original records yourself. Please let us know if you find any errors.

Index Pages
Western Division 249-254 255-262
263-270 271-277
Eastern Division 282-290 291-298
299-306 307-313

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