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Probate Court Records

Samuel Alsup

PROBATE COURT RECORDS, BENTON CO. TN Vol. 1 (Sep 1855-Oct 1916) page 21

{State of Tennessee}
{County of Benton} November 5, 1855
Whereas it appears to the Court that Samuel Alsup died intestate and applications being made by Joseph Alsup to have letters of administration granted to him on the estate of the said Samuel Alsup, deceased, he having being been qualified and given bond and security as by law in such case is required required, the court therefore orders that he have letters accordingly. These are therefore to authorize and empower you the said Joseph Alsup to enter into and upon all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credit of the said Samuel Alsup, decd., and the same into your possession take wheresoever to be found in this state a true and perfect inventory thereof make and return into our insuing County Court an oath and all the just debts of the intestate pay so far as the said intestate amount or extend the reason thereof deliver to those who have a right to them to by law herein paid out. Witness: Wm. McAuly, Clerk of our said court at office this first day Monday in November, 1855

Wm. McAuly, Clerk


PROBATE COURT RECORDS, BENTON CO. TN Vol. 1 (Sep 1855-Oct 1916) page 47

A list of the sale of property of Samuel Alsup was held on November 29, 1855


PROBATE COURT RECORDS, BENTON CO. TN Vol. 1 (Sep 1855-Oct 1916) page 170-171

On October 22, 1857 a list of debts collected by Joseph Alsup, Administrator


PROBATE COURT RECORDS, BENTON CO. TN Vol. 1 (Sep 1855-Oct 1916) page 331

{State of Tennessee}
{County of Benton}
This day being the 24th day of February 1860, Joseph Alsup, admin. of the estate of Samuel Alsup, decd. Made applications to make settlement with me Wm. McAuley, Clerk of said County court, agreeable to an act of the General Assembly in such case, made and approved which settlement I find as follows: I find in his hands from a former settlement the sum of $123.26

Vouchers as follows:

Recpt. from David Alsup $15.05
Recpt. from D. G. Buckhanon and wife $15.05
Recpt. from R. M. Graham, guardian $15.05
Recpt. from Hugh Alsup $15.05
Recpt. from Susan Alsup (widow) $15.05
Recpt. from E. Alsup $15.05
Clerk for making and recording this settlement $ 1.50
Recpt. from James Alsup $15.05
Allotted the Admin. for trouble $ 1.36 1/2
108.21 1/2 TOTAL

Which shows that the Admin. has paid out all in his hands, as such Admin. being heir, retains in his hands $15.05, his share, all of which is respectfully submitted. Wm. McAuley Clerk

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