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Rayborn Family Bible


The son of S.B. Casie was born August 1, 1915
Mrs. Delia Ann Rayborn Casie was born Jun 14, 1886
Minnie Aileen Gurrin was born August 10, 1923
Lucy Irine Gurrin was born August 10, 1923
George W. Wright was born April 21, 1891
Mary G. Rayborn Wright was born February 1, 1897
Ruth Elvira Wright was born December 24, 1916
Ruby Ester Wright was born August 29, 1919
James Ray Wright was born August 5, 1924
Mr. Aquilla Byrd born August 28, 1897
Miss Tennessee Ellen Rayborn born November 24, 1900
Ruth Katherine Byrd was born May 16, 1918
Blonie May Rayborn was born April 10, 1922

Virginia Lee Rayborn was born August 5, 1924
Mr. George W. Gearin was born June 28, 1891
Mrs. Sophia Rayborn Gearin was born October 9, 1898
Ellen Francis Gearin was born June 27, 1920
Henry Ray Gearin was born October 1921
John Bailey Gurrien was born June 6, 1884
Ida Bell Gurrien was born June 15, 1894
Lee Otis Gurrien was born September 1, 1912
Addie Beatrice Gurrien was born May 23, 1914
Dorthia Louise Gurrien was born September 24, 1920
Osco Douglass was born March 19, 1881
Ava May Rayborn born July 24, 1888
L.L. Rayborn born September 18, 1889
Sarah Caroline Rayborn February 15, 1892
John Theodore Rayborn was born May 31, 1902
William H. Rayborn was born June 17, 1863
Mary Catherine Spence Rayborn was born May 11, 1861
Ethel Hollingsworth was born September 10, 1909
John Bailey Gearin was born June 6, 1884
W. D. Hollingsworth was born February 1, 1884
J. H. Casey was born Jan 12, 1938
Mary Elizabeth Hollingsworth was born February 11, 1912
Clara May Hollingsworth was born March 18, 1914
Atlas Odell Hollingsworth was born August 24, 1916
Otis Ray Hollingsworth was born September 14, 1918
James Verdell Hollingsworth was born August 31, 1920
Samuel Hardy Hollingsworth was born April 12, 1923
Mirtie Spence was born January 24, 1901
Lizzie Spence was born July 28, 1903
Wyby Spence was born November 12, 1904
Jessie Spence was born was born March 11, 1906
John H. Spence was born November 1, 1876
Cassie Douglass Spence was born September 15, 1877
Ollia Spence was born September 17, 1908
Lonnie Jane Spence was born February 6, 1910
Jake Casey was born November 30, 1914


The son of Ida Gurrin (Gearin) Lee Otis Gurrin died October 19, 1912
Minnie Aileen Gurrin died August 20, 1923
Lucy Irine Gurrin died August 25, 1923
Maudie Madrey died November 3, 1915
Nancy Casey died January 29, 1927
William H. Rayborn died June 24, 1925
Osco Douglass died August 18, 1883
Ava May Rayborn died August 19, 1888
L. L. Rayborn died November 18, 1889
John Theodore Rayborn died October 15, 1902
Mr. S. B. Casey died October 16, 1938 on Sunday at 8 o'clock PM
Myrtie Spence died December 20, 1911
Mrs. Delia Casey died June 30, 1947 at 11:55 AM
Mrs. Mary Rayborn died September 30, 1921 on Thursday nite at 2:00
William H. Rayborn died June 24, 1925 about 2 o'clock in the afternoon


Jake Casey and Rubye Gross married November 24, 1936
Tennie Rayborn and Clayton Strong was married October 21, 1925 by Will Burns
William H. Rayborn and Mary C. Spence married July 26, 1885 by Esquire Dick Hicks
S.B. Casey and Delia Rayborn was married October 23, 1904
Dass Hollingsworth and Sarah Rayborn was married March 15, 1908
John Bailey Gurrien and Ida Rayborn was married September 10, 1911
George W. Wright and Mary G. Rayborn married March 31, 1914 by the Rev. G. W. Florence
Virginia Lee Rayborn and John Foch Parnell were married Sept. 14, 1940 at 3:15 PM at Hickman, Kentucky courthouse by Judge Claude L. Walker
Mr. Aquilla Byrd and Miss Tennie Rayborn married July 15, 1917 married by G.B. Bain
George W. Gurrien and Sophia Victoria Rayborn was married Dec 26, 1917 by J.L.Wright J.P.


Submitted by Joy Stone




William Wheeler "Billy" Smothers Family Bible Record


AND Martha Jane Hatley of Benton County, Tennessee on the 29th day of August 1867 by Edward Hatley, J.P.
Witnesses:  Dr. White and John Bracken



Nancy C. Smothers was married to D. W. Hatley on 30th December 1894
Thomas G. Smothers was married to Malisa A. Barnes on 3rd Nov. 1898
Martha J. Smothers was married to I. D. Ellis on the 
William Wheeler Smothers was married to Myrtle Oxford 21st August 1898
William Wheeler Smothers was married to Lula Kee on the
Sarah E. Smothers was married to Aaron L. Barnes on the 31st July 1904
John F. Smothers was married to Susie Jordan on August 17th, 1909



Francis J. Smothers was forn the 7th August 1846
Martha J. Smothers was born the 9th November 1846
Nancy C. Smothers was born the 2nd June 1868
Thomas G. Smothers was born the 24th December 1871
Martha J. Smothers was born the 16th September 1874
William W. Smothers was born the 25th September 1876

Sarah E. Smothers was born the 16th July 1879
John F. Smothers was born the 9th January 1889
Benjamon W. Smothers son of John Smothers was born the 17th Dec. 1915
William Otis Smothers son of John Smothers was born the 25th July 1925
Frank Smothers was born December 6th, 1878

Eulon Lee Smothers son of William W. Smothers was born 9th January 1905


Francis J. Smothers Died January 1929
Martha J. Smothers Died January 1929
Sarah E. Barnes Died April 10, 1942

Malisa A. Smothers Died March 5, 1942
Thomas G. Smothers Died May 1946
I. D. Ellis Died September 22, 1948
Martha J. Ellis Died January 18, 1964
William Wheeler Smothers Died July 17, 1964

John F. Smothers Died October 21, 1964
Eula Mae Kee Smothers Died September 10, 1968
Susie Smothers Died December 1, 1969
Eulon Lee Smothers Died December 1, 1969 (Son of William Wheeler Smothers and Myrtle Oxford Smothers)

 [Note:  William Wheeler "Billy" Smothers (1876-1964) lived in District 2, Pleasant Hill Baptist Community, Benton County, TN.

Submitted by Ronnie Smothers



William D. and Alice E. Johnson Family Bible Record


Charlie Oatsvall born Nov.27, 1825
Delina Lewis Oatsvall born Feb.14,1828 (parents of Alice Elizabeth Oatsvall Johnson)
Una Ethel Johnson born July 5,1897
Beulah Johnson born Jan.9,1900
Eulah Baxter Johnson born Dec.11,1902
Hazel Raye Johnson born August 11,1905
William Lawrence Johnson born March 19,1908
William Daniel Johnson born Nov.12,1873
Alice Elizabeth Oatsvall born March 14,1874


William Daniel Johnson and Alice Elizabeth Oatsvall,Dec. 16,1894 , at Coxburg, TN
William Johnson and Gladys Jordan , October 8,1926
Una E. Johnson and Eli Estes Horton ,Dec.18,1926
Hazel R. Johnson and Clarence Medlin ,Dec.24,1927
Eulah B. Johnson and Ladie Byrd Horton,in April 1928


Eulah B. Horton died April 6,1943
Daniel Johnson died Dec.16,1963
Alice E. Johnson died March 3,1974


Submitted by Lauren Medlin




Barnes Family Bible

This certifies that Henry B. Barnes and Sarah F. Cooper were united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at W. R. Pearce on the 25 day of February in the year of our Lord 1863.
In the presence of signed               W. R. Pearce jp.


Henry Brinet Barnes ws born the 4 of August 1836.
Sarah Frances, wife of Henery Brint Barnes was borned the 2 of September 1835.
Mary Ann Barnes was born the 18 of December 1863.
Sarah Elizabeth Barnes was born the 4 of October 1865. Henry Alice Barnes was born the 13 of October 1867. James A. Barnes was borned the 10 of February 1872.
Rosa Lee (Clement) Barnes was born Dec. 5, 1872 and died July 12, 1957.


J. A. Barnes and Rosa Clement married April 27, 1893.


Joseph Eler Barnes was born the 4 of May 1873.
Mary A. Barnes departed this life January 30, 1866.
Joseph Eler Barnes departed this life September the 3, 1878.
Henry Brint Barnes departed this life the 6 of November 1883. Arte Barnes died Sept 1903.
J. A. Barnes was born Feb. 10, 1872 and died April 27, 1944.
Rosa Barnes, wife of J. A. Barnes was borned Dec 5 1873 and died July 12, 1957.


Granville Barnes was borned March 1, 1894.
Ernie and Artie Barnes was borned February 27, 1898. Artie died Sept. 1903 and Ernie died June 27, 1975.
Mirley Barnes was borned Oct 5, 1900, died Nov 18, 1957. Opal Barnes was borned March 29, 1907.

The Family Bible is: Both Versions of The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, A. D. 1881. Text of the revised version conformable to that of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.


Submitted by Diana Allison


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