Benton County Tennessee


Benton County Tennessee

Note: The following Paris, Henry County, FHC Library Catalog was provided courtesy of Brenda Wyatt and Linda Dunlop. Updates to this Catalog will be made as they are received.

Last Update - October, 2000
Notice: 01/29/005
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          Benton County Tennessee Blacks, MI-1429845-6
          Black Americans in The Military 1639-1886, MRC-6087718-1
          East Arkansas 1850 Slave Schedules, MRC-6038047-2
          Barbour County Marriages 1860-1869, MI-0962981-9
          Lawrence County Life & Legends, BO-AL1001
          Marshall County 1850 Census, MRC-6099947-5
          Wills Index 1808-1880, MI-0128969-8
          Fairbanks Obituaries, MI-0908732-15
          Churches & Religious Organizations, GRC-6051298-2
          Pima County Mortuary Records 1897-1912, MI-1750734-22
          Chicot County 1850Census, MRC-6038047-2
          Crittendon County 1850 Census, MRC-6038047-2
          Desha County 1850 Census, MRC-6038047-2
          Greene County 1850 Census, MRC-6038047-2
          Mississippi Co, Blytheville McHaney Cemetery Records, MRC-6075948-5
          Mississippi County 1850 Census, MRC-6038047-2
          Monroe County 1850 Census, MRC-6038047-2
          Phillips County 1850 Census, MRC-6038047-2
          Poinsett County 1850 Census, MRC-6038047-2
          St Francis County 1850 Census, MRC-6038047-2
          Surname Directory, BO-AR9001
          Chinese General Catalog, MI-1148276
          Chinese Locality Catalog, MI-1148277, MI-1148278, MI-1148279, MI-1148280, MI-1148281
          Chinese Subject Catalog, MI-1208852, MI-1208853, MI-1208854, MI-1208855, MI-1208857
          Chinese Surname Catalog, MI-1208868
          Japanese Locality Catalog, MI-1208856, MI-1208858, MI-1208859, MI-1208872
          Japanese Surname Catalog, MI-1208860, MI-1208861, MI-1208862, MI-1208871
          Korean Locality Catalog, MI-1208865, MI-1208866, MI-1208867, MI-1208869
          Korean Surname Catalog, MI-1208863, MI-1208864, MI-1208870
          Official Standard Names, GRC-6053536-5
          1891 Census of Tavistock (Devon), MRC-6096858-4
          Genealogical Records & Documentary Sources, MRC-6089234-26
          Imigration to America, MRC-6020300-1
          National Inventory of Documentary Sources, MRC-6025876-16
          Survey Gazetteer, GRC-6010015-6
          Three Centuries of Emigration, MRC-6039307-1
          Vital Records Index of Births & Christenings, CD-ROM-5
          Vital Records Index of Marriages, CD-ROM-1
          Historical Atlas, GRC-6054102-3
          Los Angeles County 1890 Postal Register Index, MI-1750734-24
          Nevada County Cemetery Inscriptions, MI-0874298-10
          Pioneer Register & Index 1542-1848, GRC-6051337-5
          San Francisco County Jewish Genealogical Newsletter, MI-1598122-7/8
          Siskyou County Marriages 1852-1910, MI-1750734-1
          Alberta Research Outline, MRC-6105297-1
          Alberta, Kneehill History, MI-1036687-5
          British North American Gazetteer, GRC-6010015-6
          Canadians in the American Revolution, Index, GRC-6046783-6
          Dictionnaire Genealogique Des Familles Canadiennes, GRC-6046783-6
          Dominion Directory 1871, GRC-6046766-47
          Manitoba Research Outline, MRC-6105299-1
          Ontario, Simco County Pioneers, MI-1036687-1
          Ontario, The Loyalists, GRC-6046758-5
          Quebec, New Brunswick Research Outline, MRC-6105300-1
          Quebec, New Brunswick, La Vallee de La Matapedia, MI-1036618-3
          Quebec, The Colonization, MI-1036618-11
          Recensements Du Quebec, GRC-6046792-19
          Research Outline, MRC-6105296-1
          Saskatchewan Research Outline, MRC-6105308-1
          Un Portage Le Detour Notre-Dame-Du-Lac, MI-1036618-12
          White Rock British Columbia, MI-1036618-5
          World War I Records, MI-1698244-11
          Index of Place Names 1841-1891, GRC-6024509-5
          Administratives Gemeindelexikon, GRC-6000787-19
          Church Records, GRC-6051300-3
          Revolutionary, 1812 & Mexican Wars Soldiers, GRC-6046698-12
          Churches & Religious Organizations, GRC-6019975-4
          General George Washington, MI-0924109-13
          New Castle County Archives, MRC-6051279-4
          Ship Passenger Lists 1641-1825, MRC-6048670-4
          Wilmington-Great Valley Turnpike, MRC-6101049-2
          Danish Genealogical Word List, MRC-6105239-1
          Danish Research & Paleography, GRC-6030017-1
          Kongeriget, GRC-6054053-61
          Landsarkivet for Norrejylland 1842-1857, MRC-6109508-7
          Landsarkivet for Norrejylland 1857-1876, MRC-6109508-8
          Landsarkivet For Norrjeylland 1813-1892, MRC-6109508-6
          Major Genealogial Record Sources, GRC-6030005-1
          Postal Guide, 1960, GRC-6030021-6
          Research Papers on Danish Paleography, GRC-6030017-1
          1841 Census, GRC-6026393-9
          1851 Census Index, GRC-6054465-49
          1871 Census, GRC-6054446-60
          1881 Census Index, GRC-6026715-44
          Ayrshire County History 1700-1975, MI-1033912-9
          Bedfordshire Historical Records, MRC-6072631-2
          Discovering England, 86 min, VI-9004
          Emigrants to America 1600-1700, GRC-6051413-7
          Emigrants To America 1773-1776, MI-0106007-E
          English Crown Grants in St Matthews Parish Georgia, MI-1320573-12
          Imperial Gazetteer, GRC-6020308-29
          Isle of Wight Parish & Other Records, Early-1771, MI-1470907-1
          Liverpool, Emigrants to America 1697-1707, MI-0106007-D
          Place Names Index 1841-1891, GRC-6024509-5
          Register of Towns 1841-1881 Censuses, GRC-6026692-2
          Topographical Dictionary, 1831, GRC-6340019-16
          Your English Ancestry, 60 min, VI-9003
          1607-1789 Colonial Census Records, CD-310
          1790 Federal Census, CD-311
          1800 Federal Census, CD-312
          1820 Federal Census, CD-314
          1830 Federal Census, CD-315
          1840 Federal Census, CD-316
          1850 Federal Census, CD-317
          1860 Federal Census, CD-318
          1870 Federal Census, CD-319
          1880 Federal Census, CD-320
          Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, CD-119
          Family Finder Index Vol 1, A-K, CD-FTM 5.0
          Family Finder Index Vol 2, L-Z, CD-FTM 5.0
          Family History: Connecticut Genealogies #1, CD-179
          Family History: New Jersey Genealogies #1, CD-182
          Family History: Pennsylvania Genealogies #1, CD-163
          Family History: Rhode Island Genealogies #1, CD-180
          Family History: Virginia Genealogies #1, CD-162
          Family Pedigrees V.1-3, CD-014-1/3
          Family Queries 1640-1990 V.01, CD-018
          Marriage Index, AL,GA,SC 1641-1944, CD-03
          Marriage Index, AR,CA,IA,LA,MN,MO,OR,TX 1728-1850, CD-227
          Marriage Index, AR,MO,MS,TX 1766-1981, CD-05
          Marriage Index, Arkansas 1779-1992, CD-06
          Marriage Index, AZ,CA,ID,NV 1850-1951, CD-225
          Marriage Index, Georgia 1754-1850, CD-226
          Marriage Index, IL,IN 1790-1850, CD-228
          Marriage Index, IL,IN,KY,OH,TN, 1720-1926, CD-02
          Marriage Index, KY,NC,TN,VA,WV 1728-1850, CD-229
          Marriage Index, Louisiana 1718-1925, CD-01
          Marriage Index, MD,NC,VA 1624-1915, CD-04
          Marriage Index, Ohio 1789-1850, CD-400
          Social Security Death Index V.1 A-L 1937-1995, CD-110
          Social Security Death Index V.2 M-Z 1937-1995, CD-110
          World Family Tree Genealogies V.1-24, CD-701/724
          Hillsborough County, Tampa Methodist Church Records, MI-1697547-12
          Playground of the Nation, GRC-6046880-6
          Public Vital Statistics, GRC-6019962-1
          Religious Organizations, GRC-6019561-2
          Dictionnaire General Des Communes, Metro Francaise, GRC-6053519-10
          Dictionnaire, General Des Coe
          Discovering France 78 min, VI-9007
          French Claims in North Carolina, MI-0934858-1
          French Genealogical Word List, MRC-6105236-1
          French Postal Code, GRC-6000824-4
          Genealogical Standards Manual, BO-GE1010
          Accredited Genealogists, U S, Canadian & International
          Baptist Ministers of Virginia, MRC-6046629-6
          Bible Records, MI-1036555-1
          Blood Kin and In-Laws, Handbook of Nomenclatures, BO-GE1001
          Compendium of Historical Sources, BO-GE9001
          Flags Through the Ages, BO-GE1002
          Foreign Language Letter Writing Guides
          Genealogical History Books in Print V.4, BO-GE9002
          Genealogical History Books in Print V.5, BO-GE9003
          Genealogical Research, Chaos or Confusion, BO-GE9005
          Genealogical Seminar Transcripts, BO-GE9004
          Geographical Resource Guide, BO-GE1005
          Great World Atlas, BO-GE1007
          Handy Book For Genealogists, BO-GE1003
          How to Use the Family History Labrary Catalog, 24 min, VI-1001
          How to Use the U S Census, 15 min, VI-1002
          International Research Outlines
          Map Guide to The Federal Censuses 1790-1920, BO-GE1004
          Military Index, Death Records of Korean/VietNam Soldiers, CD-ROM
          North American Gazetteer, 1797, GRC-6010048-7
          Periodical Source Index, 1847-1985 V.1-16, GRC-6016683-40
          Periodical Source Index, 1986-1990 Annuals, GRC-6016684-15
          Seventh-Day Baptist Memorial Records V.1-3, MI-1036446-2
          Ship Passenger Lists, New York & New Jersey 1600-1825, MRC-6048671-4
          Ship's Passenger Lists, GRC-6010001-2, MI-0080990-D
          Surnames, What's In A Name?, BO-GE1009
          Tracing Immigrant Origins, Research Outline
          U S, Canadian research Outlines
          Unpuzzling Your Past, BO-GE1006
          Using A Family History Center, 15 min, VI-1002
          Where to Write For Vital Records, BO-GE1008
          1820 Census Index, MI-0128969-4
          37,000 Early Marriages, GRC-6046751-4
          40,000 Early Marriages, GRC-6051217-5
          Barrow County Wills, Bk 1, 1915-1935, MI-0928046-3
          Early Tax Digests, 1790-1818, GRC-6046883-2
          Fannin County 1860 Census, BO-GA1001
          Fannin County Founders, MI-0874298-4
          Fannin County History, BO-GA9001
          Fannin County Marriages, BO-GA9002
          Genealogical Magazine, Periodical
          Gilmer County History, BO-GA9004
          Gilmer County, Upper Georgia, BO-GA9003
          Green County DAR Historical Collections V.5, MI-0128969-2
          Land Grants of the Revolutionary War, MI-0028577-7
          Land Lottery of 1827, GRC-6019971-4
          Landholders Claims 1733-1755, MI-1425223-13
          Oglethorpe County DAR Historical Collections V.3, MI-0128969-3
          St Matthews Parish English Crown Grants, MI-1320573-12
          Sumter, Andersonville CSA Prisoners of War, MI-1035730-8
          Washington County Tombstone Inscriptions, MI-0874287-3
          Wills, GRC-6046882-6
          Die Alteren Personenstandsregister Schlesiens, GRC-6053530-4
          Die Kirchenbucher In Baden, GRC-6000833-4
          Die Protestantischen Kirchenbucher, GRC-6000835-3
          Einfuhrung In Die Deutsche Sippenforschung, GRC-6053531-4
          Einwohnerbuch Der Margrafschaft, Baden-Durlach 1707, MI-1320573-14
          Emigration, Germany to Russia 1763-1862, GRC-6000829-12(2)
          German Genealogical Word List, MRC-6068527-1
          Germans to Maryland, MRC-6048035-6
          Grosses Deutsches Gemeinde Lexicon, 1958, GRC-6000343-12
          Handbook of German Research, GRC-6000366-3
          Jenseits Der Oder-Neisse, GRC-6000340-3
          Kirchenbucher Hessen, GRC-6053529-3
          Kirchenbucher Rheinprovinz, GRC-6053535-1
          Kirchenbucher Thuringens, GRC-6053525-1
          Kirchenbucher Wurttemburg, GRC-6053528-4
          Lexicon Des Deutschen Reighs-1912, GRC-6000001-29
          Mecklenburgs Familiengeschiliche, GRC-6000834-2
          Magyarorszag Helysegneviara, 1877, GRC-6000840-19
          Cassia County, Jackson Cemetery Records, MI-1033849-6
          Churches & Religious Organizations, GRC-6046931-3
          Alexander County Obituaries, MRC-6087838-1
          Bounty Lands, War of 1812, GRC-6051272-8
          Clair County Directory of Genealogies, MI-1033912-13
          Cumberland County Cemeteries, MI-0874287-1
          Gazetteer, GRC-6010063-5
          Hamilton County Cemetery Inscriptions, MRC-6050225-1
          Hancock County Old Mormon Cemetery, MRC-6088852-1
          Indians, MRC-6087719-2(2)
          Inventory of The State Archives, GRC-6046721-9
          Macon County 1816-1860, MI-0924109-11
          Monroe County Directory of Genealogies, MI-1033912-13
          Ogle County Cemetery Records, MI-1750734-2
          Place Names, GRC-6051287-4
          Public Vital Statistics Records, GRC-6051164-1
          1820 Census, MI-0128969-6
          Abstracts of Quaker Records, GRC-6051381-34
          Claims in North Carolina, MI-0934858-1
          Gazetteer, GRC-6051129-5
          Greene County Cemeteries, MRC-6087838-1
          Indians, MRC-6087719-2
          Kosciusko County Cemetery Records, MI-1320573-2
          Land Entries, GRC-6046718-7
          Miami County Cemeteries, MRC-6087838-1
          Monroe County Cemeteries, MRC-6087838-1
          Montgomery County History of Churches, 1821-1975, MI-0928046-19
          Morgan County Cemeteries, MRC-6087838-1
          North Carolina Claims, MI-0934858-1
          Orange County Cemeteries, MRC-6087838-1
          Posey County History, GRC-6087714-5
          Posey County, New Harmony History, MI-0924106-5
          Public Vital Statistics Records, GRC-6051202-7
          Revolutionary Soldiers from Maryland, MRC-6049774-1
          Warrick County Family Records, MI-1451814-1
          Washington County Cemeteries, MRC-6087838-1
          Wayne County Genealogical Resources, MI-1750734-9
          Alpha-List of Post Offices 1830-1970, GRC-6051285-2
          Black Hawk County Early Wills 1851-1881, MI-0928046-13
          Boone County Cemetery Records, MI-1697289-1/2
          Jefferson County Newspaper Obituaries 1847-1872, MI-1697289-3
          Mills County Marriages 1880-1885, MI-1035730-1/3
          Quaker Meeting Records, Index, GRC-6051154-19
          Soldiers in the War of The Rebellion, Index, GRC-6051153-8
          Story County Cemeteries, MI-0962326-7, MI-1035730-1/3
          Union County Cemetery Records, MRC-6031588-1
          1871 Census, Index to Towns, GRC-6020345-9
          Discovering Ireland, 85 min, VI-9006
          Imigration to America, MRC-6020300-1
          Immigration of Quakers to Pennsylvania, MI-1036555-2
          Irish Roots, BO-EU9003
          Irish Surnames, BO-EU9004
          Parliamentary Gazetteer, 1844, GRC-6020325-25
          Quaker Immigrants in Pennsylvania 1682-1750, MI-1036555-2/43
          Scotch-Irish, BO-EU9002
          Scottish Highland Papers V.4, BO-EU9002
          Ulster to America, MI-1036618-10
          Your Irish Ancestry, 60 min, VI-9005
          Early County Records, MI-1470907-1
          Latin Genealogical Word List, MRC-6105238-1
          Marion County 1860 Census, MRC-6048474-1
          Montgomery County Funeral Records, MI-1750734-11
          1800 Census, MRC-6051421-4
          1850 State-wide Census Index, BO-KY1012
          Adair County 1810 Census, MRC-6111394-1
          Adair County 1870, 1880 Census Indexes, MRC-6101797-1
          Adair County Abstracts of Deeds, MI-0908999-11
          Allen County 1820 Census, MRC-6088593-1
          Ballard County 1860 Census, MRC-6117668-2
          Barren County 1799-1816 Tax Lists, MRC-6038010-2
          Calendar of Warrants For Land Grants, GRC-6019959-1
          Calloway & Adjoining Counties Records Pt.1, BO-KY9001
          Calloway & Adjoining Counties Records Pt.2, BO-KY9002
          Calloway County 1830 Census, MRC-6117109-2
          Calloway County 1840 Census, MRC-6111397-1
          Calloway County 1860 Census, MRC-6117068-2
          Calloway County Cemetery Records, MI-0873852-3
          Casey County Cemeteries, MI-0962326-8
          Casey County Land Grants, GRC-6051189-6
          Christian County 1810 Census, MRC-6117257-1
          Civil War 1890 Veterans & Widows Schedules, MI-0074584
          Clinton County 1840-1850 Census, MI-1425223-10
          Clinton County 1860 Census, MI-1425223-11
          Clinton County 1870 Census, MI-1425223-12
          Daviess County Marriages, MRC-6048276-3
          Early Entries & Deeds, GRC-6051260-7
          Edmonson County Family Histories, BO-KY9004
          Estill County Cemetery Records, MRC-6110941-1
          Explorer, Periodical
          Fayette County, Lexington History, MI-1033912-12
          Federal Archives, GRC-6051195-3
          Franklin County Birth Records V.2, BO-KY9003
          Fulton County 1870 Census, MRC-6110742-4
          Fulton County Bible Records, MRC-6087549-6
          Graves County 1830 Census, MRC-6117109-2
          Graves County 1850 Census, MRC-6117069-3
          Graves County Cemetery Records, MI-0873852-3
          Hardin County 1830 Census & Genealogical Records, MRC-6100259-10
          Hart County 1850 Census, MI-0442972-1
          Henderson County 1850 Census, BO-KY1016, MI-0442972-2
          Henderson County Genealogical Records, MRC-6048276-3(2), MRC-6104360-1
          Henry County 1850 Census, MI-0442972-3
          Hickman County 1830 Census, MRC-6117109-2
          Hickman County 1840 Census, MRC-6111393-1
          Hickman County 1860 Census, MRC-6117279-2(2)
          Historical Society Microfilm Catalog V.4, BO-KY9005
          Knox County Soldiers from Maryland, MRC-6049774-1
          Land Between The Lakes Cemetery Records 1814-1973, MI-0962326-4
          Liberty County Cemeteries, MI-0962326-8
          Lincoln County 1850 Census & Vital Records, MRC-6051030-2
          Lincoln County Land Grant Surveys, GRC-6051189-6
          Livingston County Tax Lists 1800-1802, BO-KY1018
          Longhunter Ancestors Index, Periodical
          McCracken County 1830 Census, MRC-6117109-2
          McCracken County 1840 Census, MI-0962981-7
          McCracken County 1850 Census, MRC-6111143-2
          Miscellaneous County Records, BO-KY9001
          Montgomery County Indian Wars Pension Records, MI-0928046-1
          Montgomery County Revolutionary War Pension Records, MI-0928146-1
          Montgomery County War of 1812 Pension Records, MI-0928146-1
          Nelson County Atlas & Survey of 1882, MI-0924106-1
          Nicholas County Birth, Marriage & Death Records 1852-1910, MI-0022525-1
          Ohio County 1810 Census Including Index, BO-KY1013
          Ohio County 1820 Census Including Index, BO-KY1013
          Ohio County 1830 Census Including Index, BO-KY1013
          Ohio County 1840 Census Index, BO-KY1013
          Ohio County 1850 Census, BO-KY1015
          Ohio County 1850 Census Index, BO-KY1014
          Ohio County 1860 Census Index Abstracts, BO-KY1007
          Ohio County 1870 Census Abstracts, BO-KY1008
          Ohio County Birth, Marriage & Death Records 1852-1910, MI-0022525-2
          Ohio County Early Settlers 1799-1840, BO-KY1009
          Ohio County In The Olden Days, MRC-6048083-3
          Ohio County Marriages, Early-1840, BO-KY1017
          Ohio County Records V.1-2, BO-KY1010
          Oldham County Birth, Marriage & Death Records 1852-1910, MI-0022525-3
          Owen County Birth, Marriage & Death Records 1852-1910, MI-0022525-4
          Register of The Historical Society, Periodical
          Revolutionary & 1812 War Settlers from Maryland, MRC-6049774-1
          Simpson County 1820, 1830 Censuses, MRC-6101701-6
          Spencer County Atlas & Survey, 1882, MI-0924106-1
          Tax Lists Index, BO-KY9007
          Todd County 1830 Census, MRC-6111389-1
          Todd County 1840 Census, MRC-6111421-1
          Trigg County 1850 Census, MRC-6117264-2
          Trigg County 1860 Census, MRC-6117256-3
          Trigg County 1870 Census, MRC-6117752-3
          Union County Marriages, MRC-6048276-3
          Warren County 1860 Census, MRC-6110688-3
          Washington County Cemeteries, MRC-6088379-6
          Camp of Israel Burials, MRC-6031588-1
          Early Latter Day Saint Burial Grounds, MRC-6019028-1
          Encyclopedic History of the LDS Church, GRC-6051304-3, GRC-6053258-12
          LDS Bishop's Reports 1852-1853, GRC-6051208-21
          LDS Church Archives, GRC-6046577-3
          LDS Early Church Information File
          LDS Membership, 1830-1848
          Old Mormon Cemetery, Nauvoo, Illinois, MRC-6088852-1
          Salt Lake County Genealogical Records, MI-1750734-38
          Bible Records, GRC-6051103-12
          Church Archives Records, GRC-6051101-5
          LaFourche Parish, Galliano Township History, MI-1697896-14
          Library Resources, GRC-6019941-4
          Public Vital Statistics, GRC-6046989-2
          Gazetteer, GRC-6046702-8
          Genealogical & Family History, GRC-6051259-36
          Genealogical Dictionary & History, GRC-6046621-10
          Public Records Repositories, GRC-6046621-10
          Wills 1640-1760, GRC-6046701-11
          Anne Arundel County Wills 1766-1847, MI-1321122-2
          Anne Arundel County Wills 1797-1821, MI-1321122-1
          Calendar of State Papers, MRC-6050087-4
          Calendar of Wills, GRC-6046924-33
          Cecil County Marriages 1777-1840, BO-MD1001
          Colonial & Revolutionary Records, MI-1033832-1, MRC-6046943-14
          Colonial Court Records, MRC-6117897-2
          Colonial, Revolutionary & Church Records, GRC-6046943-14
          Early Colonial Records, Indexed 1516-1763, MI-0013157
          Frederick County Cemetery Records, MRC-6101218-1
          Genealogical Encyclopedia, GRC-6046929-11
          Genealogies, MRC-6047986-2
          Germans, MRC-6048035-6
          Marriage Records, V.1 & 2, Indexed 1777-1801, MI-1033832-1
          Military Land Grants to Tennessee, MRC-6049774-1
          Prince George County Church Records 1711-1771, MRC-6901015-1
          Revolutionary War Records, BO-MD1002
          St Mary County Cemetery Inscriptions, MI-0908999-7
          State Records, MRC-6054101-6
          Custody & Other Public Records, GRC-6046869-5
          Early Marriages, MRC-6051393-9
          Gazetteer, GRC-6046886-7
          Middlesex County Early Family Genealogies, MRC-6087713-5
          Pioneers, GRC-6046669-7
          Lancaster County Pennsylvania Conference, MI-1697289-8
          Gazetteer, GRC-6051130-5
          Iosco County History, MI-1035730-13
          Osceola County Telephone Directory, 1911, MI-1750734-7
          NSDAR Collections, GRC-6051204-4
          Vital Statistics Records, GRC-6051211-12
          Attala County History, BO-MS9004
          Attala County Pioneers, BO-MS9005
          Boone County Cemetery Records V.5, MI-0924096-5
          Choctaw County Abstracts, BO-MS9007
          Confederate Graves, A-L, BO-MS9009
          Confederate Graves, M-Z, BO-MS9010
          Confederate Pension Applications, P-Z, BO-MS9006
          Marion County 1880 Census, MI-0115183-1
          Marshall County 1840 Census Index & History, BO-MS1002
          Marshall County 1880 Census, MI-0115183-1
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          Place Names, GRC-6051307-3
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          Dutch Genealogical Word List, MRC-6068526-1
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      NEW YORK
          Abstracts of Wills, New York City, GRC-6046298-94
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          Western Genealogical & Family Histories, GRC-6046620-23
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          Vital Records Index of Births and Christenings, CD-ROM-1
          Vital Records Index of Marriages, CD-ROM-7
          1780-1790 Census of The Cumberland Settlements, BO-TN1035
          A History 1730-1913, MI-0934858-1
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          Buncombe County History V.2, MI-0934858-3
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          Southwest Quarterly, Periodical
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          War of 1812, MRC-6101028-1
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          Western, A History, 1730-1913, MI-0934858-1
          Wills, MI-0860339-2
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          Discovering Norway, 56 min, VI-9008
          Genealogical Guidebook & Atlas, GRC-6030098-1
          Norwegian Genealogical Word List, MRC-6068528-1
          Norwegian Research & Paleography, GRC-6030017-1
          Postal Guide, 1901, GRC-6030038-12
          Research Papers on Norwegian Paleography, GRC-6030017-1
          Gairloch Pictou County, MI-13204, MI-1320573-15
          American Quaker Genealogy, GRC-6051377-42
          Ashland County Pioneers, MI-1033912-3
          Belmont County Historical Collection, MI-0962326-3
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          County & Municipal Records, GRC-6051197-3
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          Jefferson County Historical Collection, MI-0962326-3
          Lake County Marriages 1805-1816, MI-0962326-1
          Pickaway County Cemetery Records, MI-0874298-11
          Putnam County History 1873-1973, MI-1033912-11
          Statewide County Genealogies, GRC-6046719-3
          Vinton County History, MI-0028577-6
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          Churches & Religious Organizations, GRC-6046945-4
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          Comanche County Cemetery Records V.2, MI-0873852-2
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          Cemetery Directory, MI-1036752-9
          Churches & Religious Organizations, GRC-6051178-4
          Dominion Land Claims, GRC-6051271-3
          Donation Land Claims, GRC-6051173-13
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          Berks County Funeral Home Records, MI-1697547-8
          Berks County Genealogical Findings, MI-1750734-53
          Berks County Genealogies, MI-1750734-69
          Big Spring Presbyterian Church, BO-PA9002
          Encyclopedia of The State, MI-1697289-9
          Gazetteer, 1832, GRC-6053251-8
          Indian Paths, BO-NA1006
          Irish Quaker Immigrants 1682-1750, MI-1036555-2/43
          Irish Quaker Immigrants to Pennsylvania 1682-1750, MI-1036555-44
          Lancaster County Families, MI-1697547-6
          Lancaster County Mennonite Conference, MI-1697289-8
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          Marriages, Early-1790, MI-0128969-9
          Middle Spring Presbyterian Church, BO-PA9001
          Mining Records of 1884, MI-1597916-1
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          Philadelphia County Genealogies, GRC-6046613-2
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          Quaker Genealogies, GRC-6051375-13
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          Somerset County Genealogies, MRC-6049396-4
          Blount County, Tennessee Journal
          Genealogical Bulletin
          Genealogical Helper
          Genealogical Journal
          Georgia Genealogical Magazine
          Hardin County, Tennessee Historical Quarterly
          Heritage Quest
          Kentucky Explorer
          Longhunter Ancestors Index For Kentucky
          Maury County, Tennessee Historical Society
          North Carolina Hanging Dog Ancestors
          Old Buncombe County North Carolina Journal
          Register of The Kentucky Historical Society
          Southern Queries
          Southwest North Carolina Quarterly
          Tennessee Historical Quarterly
          Tennessee Holston Pathfinder
          Virginia Holston Pathfinder
          Gazetteer, GRC-6000369-15
          Polish Genealogical Word List, MRC-6068529-1
          Portuguese Genealogical Word List, MRC-6105237-1
          Research Outland, MRC-6105304-1
          Gazetteer, GRC-6053521-2
          West Gazetteer, GRC-6053523-4
          Abstracts of Quaker Records in Indiana, GRC-6051381-34
          American Quaker Genealogies, GRC-6051372-29
          American Quaker Genealogies Supplement, GRC-6051371-1
          Genealogy in New York, GRC-6051376-7*
          Genealogy in Ohio, GRC-6051377-42
          Genealogy in Virginia, GRC-6051379-12
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          Quaker Meeting Records in Iowa, Index, GRC-6051154-19
          Virginia Genealogies, GRC-6051379-12
          Public Records, GRC-6046673-4
          Vital Records 1636-1850, GRC-6046912-185
          Emigration, Germany to Russia 1763-1862, GRC-6000829-12(2)
          Geographisches Lexikon Der Schweiz, GRC-6053505-65
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          Gazetteer, GRC-6026374-11
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          Old Parish Records, OPR
          Ordnance Gazetteer, 1882, GRC-6020391-21
          Scotch-Irish, BO-EU9002
          Your Scottish Ancestors, 60 min, VI-9009
          Abstracts of Wills & Bonds, GRC-6051264-8
          Chancery Court Records 1671-1779, GRC-6051256-8
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          County Wills Index V.2 1815-1839, MI-0128969-1
          County Wills Index V.3 1839-1855, MI-0128969-1
          Early Colonial Land & Court Records, MRC-6117897-2
          Entries to Indentures, GRC-6046914-35
          Marriages Index 1732-1801, MI-0128969-7
          Revolutionary War Applications from Maryland, MRC-6049774-1
          Claims in North Carolina, MI-0934858-1(2)
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          Les Noms De Famille Suisses, GRC-6053507-11
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          1830 Census-Middle Tennessee, BO-TN1045
          1830 Census-West Tennessee, BO-TN1044
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          Bedford County 1880 Census, MRC-6048897-7
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          Benton County 1840 Tax List Abstract, MI-1036752-12
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          Campbell County 1910 Census, MI-1375505-1
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          Carter County 1910 Census, MI-1375505-3
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          Cherokee Families Near Chattanooga, MI-1750734-30
          Cherokee Historical Records in Tennessee, MI-1728882-2
          Chester County History & Biographies, BO-TN1056
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     Henry Co Admins, Execs and Guardian Bks Vol J, Sep 1871-Aug 1876, MI-46/0575012-1
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          Spotsylvania County Will Book G 1804-1810, MI-0034058-2
          Spotsylvania County Wills Index 1722-1747, MI-0034055-1
          Surveys & Grants Index 1774-1791, BO-VA9011
          Tazewell County History 1748-1920, MI-0138254-1
          Valentine Genealogical Papers, GRC-6051221-33
          Virginia in The 1700's, BO-VA9003
          Washington County Will Book 1777-1792, BO-VA9009
          Wythe County History 1745-1800 V.1, MRC-6087270-6
          Wythe County History 1745-1800 V.2, MRC-6087271-7
          1841 Census, GRC-6026393-9
          1841-1891 Census, GRC-6024509-5
          1871 Census, GRC-6054446-60
          Imperial Gazetteer, GRC-6020308-29
          Place Names Index 1841-1891, GRC-6024509-5
          Topographical Dictionary, GRC-6026723-10
          Welsh Territorial Units, GRC-6026396-4
          Your Welsh Ancestry, 60 min, VI-9011
          Church  & Public Vital Statistics, GRC-6051172-2
          Historical Records, GRC-6051177-9*
          Skagit County Obituaries, MI-1598122-5
          Stevens County Cemetery Records Index, MI-1036752-11
          1860 Pocohontas County Census, MRC-6111113-1
          Calhoun County 1860 Census, MI-1033912-10
          Confederate Burials, MRC-6110630-1(2)
          Doddridge County 1850 Census, MI-1033912-10
          Gilmer County 1850 Census, MI-1033912-10
          Kanawha County Pioneers, BO-WV9001
          Pocahontas County 1860 Census, MRC-6111113-1
          Ritchie County 1850 Census, MI-1033912-10
          Biographical Dictionary, GRC-6051214-10*
          Biographical Records, GRC-6051213-11*
          Churches & Religious Organizations, GRC-6051265-1*
          Gazetteer, GRC-6051150-3*
          Imenik Mesia U Jugoslaviji, GRC-6053513-6*

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