Friendship C.M.E. Church Cemetery is a small cemetery established in 1981. It is located on Manley Chapel Road in the McIllwain Community in southern Benton County. There is one unmarked grave. David Donahue recorded Friendship C.M.E. Church Cemetery on July 21, 2004. Jonathan K. T. Smith recorded Friendship C.M.E. Church Cemetery in January 1995 and revisited the cemetery in December 1997. His record of the cemetery is included in his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Benton County, Tennessee.

Fletcher, Harold E., July 17, 1947-Oct. 10, 1999, military marker "A1C US Air Force Vietnam"

Jennings, Birdie M., May 15, 1905-Feb. 7, 1981, "Mom" footstone
Jennings, Theodore R., Feb. 6, 1902-Oct. 2, 1979, "Dad" footstone

Jennings, James F., July 7, 1929-____, unplaced "Husband" footstone
Jennings, Vernie M., Dec.18, 1906-Sept .13, 1992, "Wife" footstone
[23 year difference in birth dates is correct]

Menzies, Lorraine J., May 4, 1932-____
Menzies, Tommie H., Jan. 28, 1912-Apr. 10, 1997, military marker as footstone "Tommie Harris Menzies" "Tec 5 US Army World War II"; "Wed May 13, 1952"

            Jonathan Smith noted: "The cornerstone of this block church states that the building was completed in July 1989.Officials: James Jennings, Vernie Jennings, Lorraine Menzies, Rev. J. E. Robinson, Elder Louis T. Purham, Bishop John M. Exum, Ernest Menzies, Anthony Menzies, Harris Menzies, Rev. Geneva Cherry, Elder James E. Brown, Bishop William H. Graves. This, in conjunction with Masonry Highland Lodge 269."

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