Benton County, Tennessee Genealogical Society
Committee on Restoration and Identification
of Neglected and Abandoned Cemeteries

Abandoned cemeteries located in Benton County
that may be candidates for marking and cleaning

Number Cemetery Location and Condition of Cemetery

Completed 03/04/2000

Descendants of son of James White, one of the earliest settlers in South Benton Co. Located in North side of Eagle Creek. Very badly overgrown. Not a big cemetery possibly 10-20 graves located near a blacktop road if cleared off would be visible from public road. Land owner unknown. Large amount of briars and underbrush needs to be removed and sign mounted by roadside. MARCH 4th, 2000
2. TIPPITT Descendents of Ezekile Tippitt, one of the first settlers buried here. Located just off Rockport road on Harold Cox land. Not been cleaned in many years. Approximately 500 yards of highway with no road leading to it. Not a lot of underbrush to be moved. Sign located at cemetery and Rock Port road would mark the cemetery.
3. HATLEY-HARRISON Located approx. 3/4 mile South of Sorghum road. No activity or cleaning in over 25 years. Possibly 25-30 graves. The Harrisons and Hatleys were among the first settlers in the region. Contains Hatleys, Harrisons, Walkers. Considerable amount of underbrush. Sign needs to be placed at cemetery and at road leading off Sorghum road.
4. ANDERSON This cemetery located about 1/2 mile east of old Center Hill School in Bill Henry land is completely abandoned. No markers but possibly as many as 100 graves scattered through woods. Old records indicate possibly 7 Confederate veterans buried here in unmarked graves. Possibly a small amount of underbrush cleared and markers erected would suffice.
5. BRADLEY Located on South side of Morgans Creek on Wildlife land. Only one rock placed by T.V.A. Possibly 25-30 graves scattered through woods. Not a big chore to clean possibly a marker would suffice.
6. EZEKIEL TIPPITT Located in woods north of Toot Morris home. Possibly 30-40 graves in woods. The remains of Ezekiel Tippitt original pre-1840 settler of Morgans creed area is thought to be here. Not a big undertaking to clean.
7. LANGLEY Located on North side of Eagle Creek on private land. this cemetery is almost lost. Only a few know of it's location. T.V. A. maps show locations of 20-25 graves. Not a big job but needs to be sign. Sits on road bank.
8. WILLIS NOWELL Located about 3/4 north of Old Union Road behind Jerry Inman house. This cemetery is almost completely lost. 6-8 graves. Some with markers. A difficult situation because of it's surroundings.
9. NORDEN Located on Simmons Road, (old Kirk Trail) on bank of road. Not a big undertaking as it is not badly overgrown but marker would help. A family cemetery with few is any descendants to look after it.
10. LUPER Located 3/4 mile off the North Coxburg road. No activity in several years and beginning to get in bad shape. Possibly as many as 40-50 graves. Needs a sign at cemetery and at Coxburg road.
11. BABER Located on Bennie Inman land S.W. of Holladay. It is about 50 yards off the main road. Possibly as many as 50-75 graves. Large trees have grown in it but some work was done in the last few years. Could use a sign at road and at cemetery. Not a lot of work cleaning but one large stone has fallen on it's face and needs to be erected.
12. MARK HATLEY Located about 3/4 mile east of Hwy. 641 on old Hendrix farm. Now Keith Arnolds and is presently being clear cut. Old cemetery with no cleaning done in many years. No roads lead to it. Big mess because of clear cutting. Recommend waiting on this one until timber co. is done.
13. BIRD Located north of Eagle Creed on wildlife land. T.V.A. placed a single stone marker. Possibly 25-30 graves. T.V.A. map list some of those buried here. No road leads to it. Must walk almost a mile.
14. RICHARD ODLE Located on Dry Branch on Toot Morris land. It is comp0letely overgrown. It was cleaned about 12 years ago, but is very badly overgrown. Will require a lot of work. Descendants of Ezekiel Tippitt buried here. About 100 yards off the road in a field in sight of the road.
15. MORGANS CREEK PRIMITIVE BAPTIST Located on Morgans creek behind the old Cantrells Chapel Church on top of hill. No road lead to it and it has been abandoned for many years. Contains possibly 30-40 graves of some of the descendants of early settlers. heavily wooded and not a big task to clear off. Will need a sign at road as well as the cemetery. Located about 100 yards off the road. Landowner unknown but can find out.
16. JAMES ARNOLD Located on Naomi Bridges property. About 4 1/2 mile from court square on Beaverdam R. Take right on Utley Rd. As you turn on Utley Rd, there is a gate. Go through it and go to top of hill. Beware of a well that is close by.
17. NAN ARNOLD Go almost to Beaverdam Lodge, turn right on Arnold Cemetery Rd. Turn right on Smokie Lane. Dead ends, cemetery on left.
18. BENTON COUNTY FARM Located 2.01 miles on Eva Rd. on left at Country Club. Drive up the road and cemetery is to the far left in woods at a tree.

Completed 04/01/00

Take Eva Rd., about 2.03 miles from court square, turn right on Sales Landing Rd. about 4.07 miles, turn left at entrance of Hallshire Estates. Not too far down on left.

Completed 04/01/00

Go down Eva Rd. to Chalk Hill Rd. on right. Pass the Church, go to a big curve in road, drive straight at curve. Cemetery is on left.
22. COLE (BELL YARD) Located 2.3 miles on Eva Rd. from court square, right on Sales Landing Rd. from court square, right on Sales Landing Rd. Go about 3.02 miles on right. This cemetery in back in the woods.
23. DURDIN Well kept by owner but has no sign.
24. FARMER/LASHLEE (Sometime called OLD FUSSELL) Located 1 mile on Eva Rd. from court square. 911 marker 254 right side of road. Property owned by Gary Farmer.
25. FORD Located about 1 mile north of Birdsong Creek, and east of Camden-Birdsong Rd.
26. IRISH  
27. GREER  
28. SION MELTON FAMILY Located on Harmon's Creek

Completed 05/21/00

Located on Spence Rd. 1/2 mile through the woods, believed to be on T.V.A. property. Also known as the Old Brick Yard Cemetery.
30. JAMES ARNOLD Located on Spence Rd. off Eva Rd. Take a right on Beaverdan Rd. take first right on Utley Rd. 1/4 mile on Utley Rd. on left hand side. Not visible from road, about 500 yards off road.
32. ALSTON/CAPLINGER Located at intersection of Ballard Rd. and Bethel Church Rd. Only needs a sign.
33. WYNN {Cemetery at Faxon} Just needs a sign
34. GEORGE Located on Kennon Rd. Needs sign and a REV. War. monument erected for Brittain George.
35. ANCIENT Located in Beaverdam on Harold Nunnery property. Clean up and sign and also a REV. WAR monument erected for a John Sarrett.. Also known as the Old Beaverdam Camp Cemetery.
36. ADAMS/BROWN Located in Chalk Level community.

Completed 04/15/00

Clean up and sign. Refer to January 1998 meeting notes of Benton County Genealogical Society. It was voted to erect a fence around cemetery. Family will erect a monument.
38. BARKER 641 South
39. VICK/HOLLINGSWORTH Located on Log Cabin Rd. off Davis Rd. Needs Clean up and a sign.
40. FORREST Located around Faxon.
41. BENTON Located 1 mile west of the Farmer Cemetery on Harmon's creek. Around Hall's Valley Rd. This is where David Benton is buried, from whom the county of Benton was named. Wife Phoebe Melton is also buried there.
42. WHEATLEY Located in Rushings Creek Community
43. UNKNOWN Gary D. Kee sent information February 17, 2000. About 2 miles south of Sawyers Mill in the old 4th district, 100 yds. north of the intersection where Depriest Rd. runs into Sawyers Mill Rd. Located on the West side of Depriest Rd. Mrs. Maudine Higdon possible owns land.
44. OLD FARMER located on TN Wildlife Refuge in Harmons Creek area. March 18, 2000

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