The Start Of The Lowry Cemetery

By Nell Morisette
Camden, Tenn.

Mother Rachel Lindsey's tombstone

Daughter Rachel Lowry's tombstone

Granddaughter Rachel Nobles Melton's tombstone

A beautiful good morning to you wherever you may be. We do have our sorrows and worries, I know this from personal experience, but then I still give thanks to God for everything I have to be thankful for.

Last week I wrote an article on the Edward Lindsey Cemetery and how it received its name. This week I will continue with more information regarding the cemetery and the Lindsey Family.

The cemetery began with the death of Rachel Lindsey giving birth to a daughter who was also named Rachel. Rachel Lindsey, daughter of Edward and Rachel Lindsey, married John Jefferson Lowry on November 27, 1845. She was fifteen years old. John was the son of James Adam and Nellie Ellender Lowry.

To this union were seven surviving children: Mary Jane, Sarah Ann, James Ernest, Rachel Cordelia (note: another Rachel), Margret Madaline, Martha Bertie, John Harvey Lee, and the last child was a boy who died at birth and was buried without a name. Margaret Madaline, the fifth child, died at about the age of three.

This family's home was on a hill in the Sulphur Creek Community . The death of this child was the start of the Lowry Cemetery. Rachel, her mother, walked from the house to the next hill and chose the burial place for her child.

The son that died at birth and was not named was born and died on April 11, 1867. Rachel died May 6, 1867 of complications from this birth. Both of them are buried in the Lowry Cemetery.

The first child of John Jefferson and Rachel Lowry was Mary Jane. She married James Nobles, son of John and Millie Cherry Nobles.

Children of James and Mary Ann Nobles were: Rachel Ida (Note: another Rachel), John Lee, Millie Ada, Logan, Jim Bare, Charlie, and Mary Rose.

Rachel Ida Nobles married Etheldred (Dred) Melton. He was the son of William Hargrove (Pony) and Mary Ann Melton Melton. There children were: Nellie Rose, Mary Otress, James William (Willie), Martha Lillian, George Washington, and Etheldred (E.)

James William married Nellie Fay Pafford, daughter of Charles and Mary Myers Pafford. They had three children: Howard Wayne, Clara Nell and David Harley. This makes me (Clara Nell) the 6th generation. Down from me there are three more.

E. Melton married Faylene Hollingsworth, daughter of David McKizzie (Mack) and Velia Vick Hollingsworth.

Doris Melton Hightower is the daughter of Faylene Melton and is the 7th generation. Her children are the 8th generation.

Thought for the Week:

Just beyond the dark door of death the Christian is greeted by the "sun" of righteousness.


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