Colorado Lowrys Meet Benton County Lowrys

By Clara Nell Morisette
Camden, Tenn.

Colorado Lowry Visit Benton County
Pictured left to right are LeJune and Marie Berry, Clara Nell
Morisette, and Tanky Lowry of Colorado at the Lowry Cemetery
in Henry Co., Tenn.

Tanky Lowry of Colorado City, Colorado, was on the internet about four months ago, trying to find Lowry relatives in Benton County. F.B. Cain picked this up and ran it in his column "The Upper End." Diane Holland was the first one to contact Tanky.

Tanky was here in July 16, 2000, for the unveiling of the new monument at the Edward Lindsey Cemetery. We each told our name, where we were from, and our connection with Edward Lindsey. After Tanky said "Lowry," I went to talk to him, and found out we came down the same line. I asked him for a date. We, along with Ike, Floy and W.I. Gregson, Artie and Brenda Griffith, and Doris M. Hightower met at Lillie Dee's in Big Sandy. There he found lots about the Lowrys.

The Lowry Reunion was held August 20, 2000, and Tanky and his wife Dee Dee pulled their camper into Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park Campground for a few days to attend the reunion.

While here they were shown the old homeplace of his great great grandparents, John Jefferson and Martha Brewer Lowry, and the Lowry Cemetery on Sulphur Creek.

On the 21st, Tanky and Dee De picked me up, and we went to LeLune and Marie Lowry Berry's, looked at pictures, had lunch, then the five of us were off to the woods in Henry County to the abandoned Lowry Cemetery on Copper Spring Road. Tanky's Marie's and my great great great grandparents Elijah and Susannah are buried there. After there it was on to Paris to the two funeral homes, the library, and then to Bonanza for dinner.

The next day, August 22, found us on the go again. Tanky made the statement, "I never knew I had so many relatives, and everyone has been so friendly and helpful."

They left on August 23 for home, with a "we will be seeing you again and maybe sooner than you think."


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